Amazing celebrity Halloween costumes

Celeb’s Halloween costumes are always so much better than the rest of ours. Their nearly limitless budgets make it hard for the rest of us to compare in our $30 ill-fitting, glued together costumes. Parties have been going on all week on both coasts, with some pretty impressive (and not-so-occasionally skanky) costumes. Kim Kardashian made a perfect Wonder Woman, while Lance Bass had (what Websters is my Bitch pointed out) the laziest costume ever.

As great as everyone looked, absolutely no one compared to the cast of the Today Show. Their costumes were insane. They showed a commitment to costumed entertainment not seen since… well ever. I seriously doubt they got any newsworthy work done, because I doubt there’s any news fattest than Matt Lauer as the biggest Humpty Dumpty ever.

In what has become an annual tradition, the Today show hosts (and newsreader–of all four hours!) dressed in elaborate Halloween costumes. This year, the theme was a storybook Halloween: Matt Lauer was Humpty Dumpty, Al Roker was the Gingerbread Man (with a suggestively placed… decoration), Meredith Vieira was Pinocchio (she said was “high” from the glue on her nose prosthetic), Ann Curry was Cinderella (“an ethnic J-Lo Cinderella”), Kathie Lee Gifford was the Big Bad Wolf, Hoda Kotb was Little Red Riding Hood, and Amy Robach was Rapunzel.

And why a storybook theme? Well, Today’s parent company–NBC Universal–has the animated film, The Tale of Despereaux, coming out this fall. Hello, corporate synergies!

[From Gothamist]

I don’t care why they did it, those costumes are awesome. Meredith Vieira’s Pinocchio looks so good that it almost appears painful. Being made out of wood can’t be comfortable for the joints. Though it was one of the more subtle costumes, my favorite was Natalie Morales and her baby. She was dressed as Princess Leia, but the best part was the baby was wearing a little tiny Yoda hat.

I don’t even want to imagine what the costume budget was for this thing. But if you see the reporters writing on white boards on Monday, you’ll know why.

Amy Robach, Hoda Kotb, Ann Curry, Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Kathie Lee Gifford, Al Roker and Jill Rappaport at NBC’s Today Annual Halloween Show at Rockefeller Plaza today. Also shown are Kim Kardashian with mom Kris Jenner and Cheryl Burke, Lance Bass, Kris Jenner and Lara Spencer, Kim Johnson, Derek Hough, at PAMA’S Halloween Masquerade at Stone Rose in L.A. last night. Photographer: Jody Cortes. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Allie says:

    Amazing costumes for the “Today” cast. Kathie Lee Gifford’s, Wolf was especially good!

  2. Best of British says:

    I just dont get these costumes at all.. Its Halloween for goodness sake – the whole point of the festival is to dress up like a ghost, or a devil, or a witch or something nasty to ward off evil spirits from the otherworld by emulating them. What’s scary about Wonder Woman, or a little fairy, or Princess Leia for eff sake??!!

  3. Kerri says:

    And when was the last time you saw Wonder Woman wearing black tights? Gimme a break. If you’re going to go through the effort of finding a great costume, you don’t muck it up by wearing one totally unrealistic accessory. They do make flesh-colored tights that would have kept her warm, if that was the purpose of the black tights.

  4. geronimo says:

    “Celeb’s Halloween costumes are always so much better than the rest of ours. Their nearly limitless budgets make it hard for the rest of us to compare in our $30 ill-fitting, glued together costumes.”

    Ha! Speak for yourself! All celebs need is money, the rest of us use our imagination with limited budgets to create much more original and creative costumes than this lot. Best and most original costumes I’ve ever seen, my own included with no modesty whatsoever, have been homemade. Us ordinary plebs aren’t dependant on money to be clever and creative.

    And, as Best of B says, none of the above are even remotely related to Halloween. Better my ass. 🙄

  5. Ahem says:

    The purpose of black, opaque tights–as every gal knows–is to hide cellulite, unwanted hair stubble, and other leg flaws.

  6. Kristin says:

    What is Lance graduating from? High school?

  7. Oh dear!
    this photo needs to be cropped. . .not a good angle for Al.
    Anyway, they all look adorable.
    Happy Halloween!

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  9. Alexa B says:

    Wow! These costumes are extreme! I’m glad I found this article. I love to see what other people choose to be on Halloween! Feel free to visit my site as well.

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