Kellan Lutz’s shaves his Kellan Lutzy hair into a Mohawk: sketchy or cute?

Last week, I almost wrote about some new Kellan Lutz photos that were especially Kellan Lutzy. He had darkened his hair and grown a goatee, and the effect was interesting. He almost looked normal, honestly. The darker hair made him look less like a serial killer and for a brief, shining moment, I thought to myself “Hey, this Kellan Lutz might be alright after all.”

Unfortunately, Kellan Lutz decided to mess with a perfectly good Kellan Lutzy thing. First he tweeted the photo below with the message, “Movember equals MoHawk month right, or was it Mustache? … Out with the old and in with the new, good bye dark hair it’s been fun.”

Kellan Lutz with a Kellan Lutzy Mohawk? NOOooooooo. Good thing that the ‘Hawk was just a temporary thing – Kellan later tweeted a new photo with this message, “Love swimming in the ocean here in Australia with my shaved head. Brings back a lot of Great Generation Kill memories! If only we could do a season 2! Jason Lilley out, Brah. Good times.”

So Kellan Lutz shaved his glorious Kellan Lutzy head. And now his serial killer look is back and in full effect. Kellan Lutz even gave some particularly awesome, Kellan Lutzy quotes to Us Weekly: “I can’t really sing, I can’t play the guitar, but God gave me a physique, which is nice. I’m very athletic and I enjoy playing any sport and every sport.” Yes, Kellan.

Photos courtesy of Kellan’s Twitter & WENN.

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41 Responses to “Kellan Lutz’s shaves his Kellan Lutzy hair into a Mohawk: sketchy or cute?”

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  1. brin says:

    How about vomit-inducing?

  2. Jacqu says:

    I want to have a list of serial killer looking stars. 1. Lutz 2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers 3. Cillian Murphy….

    Who else?

  3. normades says:

    Self absorbed try-hard douche. He is the male Ashley Greene/Olivia Munn.

  4. I Choose Me says:

    He’s growing on me. Gah!

  5. Anna says:

    I’ve never seen a man so disgusting

  6. Jackie says:

    beyond creepy.

  7. Mikamoo says:


  8. Silk Spectre says:

    I like it! He has the face to pull off a shaved head.

    • podzol says:

      I don’t mind it either (WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME). Maybe it’s because his stringy pubey hair looked like a raggedy mop that’s been sweeping the field after a Glastonbury weekend extragavanza, but he definitely looks better with the shaved head. Doesn’t take away from being a Putzy Lutzy, mind you 🙂

  9. Bonfire Beach says:

    The mohawk picture looks like a prison photo. Serial killer indeed!

  10. sarah says:

    Call me crazy, but I think he is SEXY. Damn.

  11. Quest says:

    He looks even more creepy…I didn’t even know that was possible

  12. magda says:

    girl on the first photo… LOL

  13. Elizabeth says:

    OK, I get that he has a hot bod and is in those Twihard movies. We all have to make a living, so I forgive him that. But other than that, why is he getting coverage? There are other muscle-y guys around and some of them can act AND say smart things when interviewed. Why aren’t they here instead? Just asking.

  14. Shanunya says:

    I’d lick that shaved nugget…on a dare.

  15. INeedANap says:

    Idk man, his interviews are hilarious, he’s great to his gay fans, and he’s a total goofball in a meathead sort of way. I am growing fond of him. I don’t want to let him play with my biscuits, but I think he’d be fun to hang out with.

  16. LindyLou says:

    Walking . Talking. Skeevy. Sketchbag.

  17. Danziger says:

    You know, Kellan, J. Lilley as a real life person is a lot more likable than you, douche.

  18. toto says:

    official goat ?

  19. littleFATme says:

    I do not do mohawks, but I actually liked his – OOOH I like him bald too!

  20. MJ says:

    That mohawk photo looks like Axl Rose when he was still dancing with “Mr. Brownstone.” SKETCHY!

  21. Incredulous says:

    Oh crap. In that last photo, he really looks like me except no glasses and a slightly thinner face.

    I’m not a douche, I swear. 🙁

  22. jex says:

    He was good in Generation Kill because he only had 5 lines in the entire thing.

  23. Jules says:

    He looks like Axl Rose a bit in the mohawk shot.

  24. Cerulean says:

    His nose job looks better at an angle. He screams prison bitch in every photo.

  25. jen says:

    I saw Immortals last weekend & giggled when he came on screen thinking about him being all Kellan Lutzy!

  26. Leah says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t help but like him! He seriously cracks me up.

  27. T.C. says:

    i just don’t understand why this guy is famous. he has a couple of lines in a few movies then he famewhores himself to the paps daily. that’s it otherwise no talent to speak of. he should marry Ashley Greene and be fake together.

  28. Kimbob says:

    There was a blind item about one of the Twilight stars that cut their image out of those large posters. The item said this Twilight star had several of these images of just themself cut out, & that they encouraged friends to do lines of coke on these cut-out images of theirself. It said they got a charge out of it….bet it’s Mr. Kellan Lutzy!!!

  29. Cherry Rose says:

    I hate to say this, but he actually looked hot with the mohawk. He also looked hot in Immortals too. >_>;

    But he’s back to looking serial killer-esque with his hair all shaved off.

  30. choc says:

    He looks like a skinhead

  31. Camille says:

    He looks like a convict/skinhead. Yuck.

  32. Ari says:

    The mohawk and bald head look way better than a full head of hair. He looks hot either way.

  33. Ranga says:

    He’s funny.. I like the shaved.

  34. Susette says:

    Yeek! As if he wasn’t creepy and didn’t give me the heebee jeebees before..