Kris Humphries wants a separation and annulment, and he might be gay too

Do you think Kris Humphries is gay? I don’t. I might buy “bi-curious” but not flat-out gay. But that’s Star Mag’s claim this week. So, at this point, the Kardashians are just throwing whatever they can at Kris. He’s verbally abusive! He’s lazy! He hates fatties! HE’S TOTES GAY.

Anyway, the big Kris Humphries news today is that Kris might be counter-filing some legal documents in response to Kim’s divorce filing. According to People Magazine, Kris will be filing paperwork to seek a legal separation from Kim “within days.” People’s sources say that Kris’s “ultimate intent” is to annul the 72-day marriage. Us Weekly actually managed to confirm this with Kris’s rep:

What’s better than a divorce? An annulment.

Kris Humphries plans to respond to Kim Kardashian’s Oct. 31 divorce filing with a counterstrike of his own. A rep for the NBA star, 26, confirms to Us Weekly that Humphries will seek a legal separation from Kardashian, 31 — ultimately leading, he hopes, to an annulment of their 72-day union.

If Humphries gets his way, the couple will avoid divorce proceedings altogether.
Kardashian and Humphries tied the knot Aug. 20 in Montecito, Calif.; an ironclad prenuptial agreement guarantees that the reality starlet will hold onto all moneys earned during their marriage.

Humphries, whose prospects have opened once again now that the NBA lockout has ended, recently signed an endorsement deal with Sector watches worth $150,000.

Pals told Us that Humphries freeloaded off of his wife and could be downright cruel during their short-lived union.”He belittled her in front of people,” one insider said. “He’d call her stupid. It was truly sickening.”

“He tried to control Kim by bringing her down…He would say truly terrible things. One time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

Worst of all? Humphries even called the star “fat ass.”

[From Us Weekly]

I don’t really understand the legal and financial implications of an annulment-versus-divorce in this case. Would Kris be able to get more money out of the Kardashians with an annulment, because the prenup isn’t an issue anymore? Or is the annulment just an intellectual “clean slate” so Kris doesn’t have to refer to Kim as his “ex-wife” forever? I don’t get it. I also don’t think an annulment can happen given that they “consummated” the marriage, correct? Or is that where the whole “HE’S TOTES GAY” thing comes in?

Oh, and Radar has a really boring story about Kim’s jealousy of Kris’s relationship with his sister. A source told Radar, “Kris and Kaela have always been extremely close. They talk daily, exchange text messages, their parents are extremely proud that their children are so close. However, Kim was jealous of Kris’ relationship with Kaela. Kris holds his sister in very high regard, and takes her advice very seriously. Kim would often try and get Kris off the phone with Kaela by making suggestive comments, or telling him he needed to pick up after his dogs. Kim wanted the full attention on her at all times and saw Kris’ sister as competition. For his part, Kris thought his family were being treated like second class citizens and that was no more apparent than at the wedding.” And when Kim couldn’t pull Kris’s attention away, she would just beat him. You can read more about Kim’s mistreatment of Kris’s sister here.

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  1. David says:

    WOW her PR team is out for blood

    • WillyNilly says:

      I see it more as her PR team being so pathetic that it’s laughable. Desparate much?

      • atorontogal says:

        My thoughts exactly, the K Klan is out to trash him and make him look like the villian. However the general public with an iota of smarts knows the truth…don’t we people?!?!!!

    • Estella says:

      If it can be proven that Kim said this, Kris can sue her for defamation of character. Or he can sue Star for libel. That is a huge headline and I would think it could cause Kris a lot of grief in the NBA.

    • MsDeb says:

      I may be wrong, but didn’t Kenny Chesney and Renee’ Zellweger get an anullment, based on “deception”? He might be able to prove that the whole marriage/wedding that he supposedly believed in, was orchestrated for television.

  2. Wendy Scott says:

    Ha ha, she is a fat-ass. She’s proud of it normally, now she cares? OMG, I feel so bad for Kris. Kim is a man-eater, media-whore. I hope he successfully sues her for slander.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, I thought she liked being tubby? If not why did she get an ass implant to make her already sizeable ass look even fatter and why is she always shoving it in our faces? And now Kris calling her ‘fat’ is supposed to be grounds for divorce?

  3. Happy21 says:

    He should sue Star magazine because I’m pretty sure he’s not gay and I’m pretty sure the headline is sue-worthy.

    Isn’t an annulment what is required to marry in a catholic church? Like if you were divorced after being married, you can’t get married again in the catholic church without first having an annulment? I am not sure and hope that someone can enlighten me.

    • luci says:

      That’s true according to the Catholic Church. It’s very hard to get. I do wish him luck.

      • MBGB says:

        Actually, annulments are not all that difficult to obtain, just time consuming. You can get them years after the fact if you can prove one of many things, such as immaturity of one of the parties (which would have made them unable to understand the commitment) or one party reneging on the requirement that children be raised as Catholics (which you agree to when you are married in the Church).

        Many people who would qualify don’t bother because it requires that the other party agree to it, and that they agree to be interviewed as part of the process. But it is possible, even decades after a marriage.

        Maybe he just wants an annulment because he never felt that they were truly married. Not a hard case to make, in my opinion. Seems pretty clear to me that she took the vows without appreciating the commitment (she’s as much as said so) and then took off to NYC and treated him like an accessory, and a crappy one at that. I say he’s got a good case.

    • txvxf says:

      An annulment in the Church is not the same as a legal annulment. The Church isn’t going to recognize a legal annulment for the purposes of remarrying within the Church unless the Church annuls the marriage too, and that happens in an entirely separate process. There are similar requirements, such as proving that the marriage wasn’t entered into in good faith on the parts of one or both of the parties, but the Church has different requirements on determining that a valid marriage didn’t exist. You can’t really buy an annulment through the Church (or at least that’s the impression I’ve gotten from friends who have tried to get one – one of my friends has been trying to get his marriage from 30 years ago annulled, the process has been ongoing for a couple of years now, and he’s socially and politically connected enough that if there were any strings to pull he could have done it).

      And, you can get a legal divorce and still get an annulment within the Church. This is actually pretty common (as far as this sort of thing goes, anyway) because people don’t necessarily care legally whether they’re divorced or have their marriage annulled (it has no effect on the ability to remarry), but you just can’t get remarried in the Church unless your marriage was annulled. Or unless your spouse dies. Which I’m sure has crossed his mind at least once.

      • Agnes says:

        Agree. A legal annulment could occur if one of the parties entered the marriage under false pretenses and/or in bad faith. Check and check, Kim? Haha. Both parties would wipe the slate clean, as if the marriage never took place. It would save them a lot of time and money, clearly. This is just in general, I’m not familiar with CA family law.

      • womanfromthenorth says:

        HE’S TOTES GAY. Ok… wtf?

        and bingo on the “Like it Never happened”! Hope he gets it!

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Annulment in a Catholic Church isn’t that hard to get. My ex got one in a snap after 13 yrs, because I was fighting ovarian cancer. Used the couldn’t have kids clause ….. But his loss was my gain.. I lived, and happily married 17 yrs to a wonderful man who saw me thru my second round of OV cancer yrs later and bladder cancer. The Lord works in mysterious ways;).

        As for Kris…go for it, think the hrs of Kardashian footage E has is enough to show he deserves that annulment… Looks like people getting ready for hours of Kardashian publicity, not months (days) leading to a loving couple exchanging vows.

  4. autumndaze says:

    Those Kardashians are doing themselves no favors by attacking Kris Humphries.
    They come off as vile and manipulative as ever.
    I hope that the annulment is granted and he can go after his fair share of what they made during the 72 day marriage. You can bet that he was shut out of the money by greedy Kim and her prenup attorneys.
    Team Humphries!

    • Happy21 says:

      I am also Team Humphries! So sick of this horrible excuse for a family. Its time they went DOWN!!

  5. MellaYella says:

    Who knows if he is gay or not but Kim is doing everything she can to make him look like a scammer when they both are.. she is the one spent 10 million dollars, than divorced after 72 days. It was obviously for money.. I think Kris needed money and was in on the scam. Kim is just money hungry woman. Overall bad person. I can’t believe I use to be a fan of this woman lol! What was I thinking? BTW :that weave on the cover looks obvious and ridiculous

    • Kasey says:

      First of all, Kaiser, this wins the funniest post of the day!!!

      Second, I’m with ya on this one, MellaYella. I used to root for her and saw her as someone who made a mistake and was trying to put it and that behavior in the past (and at this point I wouldn’t put it past her to have leaked her own tape). This entire relationship (courtship, engagement, “marriage”, separation) has shown me her true colors. She’s a superficial, self-absorbed individual who capitalized on her indiscretions to make money and in doing do she has now shed her cocoon and showed us that what was inside turned out to be not do beautiful but we can’t seem to catch it to get rid of it or make it go away because it keeps obnoxiously flying in our faces, thinking it is so fabulous and pleasant and we should all be graced with the pleasure and opportunity of adoring and marveling at its splendor. And I agree with Brin below, money or no money, I assume an annulment might be cheaper while also erasing record of his tragic and shameful lapse in judgement (be it as an accomplice or naive and unassuming participant).

      • MellaYella says:

        @Kasey Says
        Its funny because I use to defend her and tell people they were nothing but jealous blah.. blah.. blah.. Times do/can change.

    • MBGB says:

      Um, one partner being gay and not telling the other one is about as basic a grounds for annulment as you can get. If that’s her position, then she just strengthened his case for annulment.

  6. neelyo says:

    And here I thought this whole mess couldn’t get any more distasteful.

  7. TG says:

    Wasn’t there a blind item before they got married on Lainey or somewhere I think about that? I think anything bad about the Humphs is coming from Kamp Momma Kris so I wouldn’t believe anything about him.

  8. brin says:

    Can’t blame him for wanting an annulment, I would want no record of that “marriage” either.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all planned out by all the subjects of the incessant articles – in advance. It keeps them all front and center and their ‘brands’ can get stronger and rake in more cash off the little girls who emulate these vapid creatures. Who can blame any of them? It’s all gonna come cascading down soon and the money grubbers will have cash to insulate them and the participants in giving these folks attention can have an escape to their dismal, hopeless lives that they are destined to have due to the ‘1%’s greed and shortsightedness.

  10. Cherry Rose says:

    I really shouldn’t be surprised at how low Kim and her mother will go to be painted in the best light and to protect their “brand”.

    I hope that Kris Humphries fights this as best as he can and makes life miserable for Kim and her greedy mother during this whole divorce thing. Kim and her pimp mother Kris really need to be taken down a few pegs.

    Frankly, I think Kim is just making herself look worse with all these allegations against Kris. If she knew all this about him, then why the hell did she marry him? Oh that’s right, for the money to be made off the marriage.

  11. Sim says:

    An annulment can be granted on several grounds in CA. Only one of the routes is lack of consummation, the others are: mistake, fraud, and unsound mind.

    I’m sure he’ll argue fraud and that Kim never intended to be married and only did so for the tv show/ratings/publicity.

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    Nope, I’ve been saying “annulment” all along. “Fraud” (or mis-representation, or something along those lines) can also be cited as a reason for annulment.

    And there is no bigger fraud than that publicity (and money) driven sham of wedding AND the bride.

    If the Kartrashians think this is the way to “win back the hearts and minds of their fans” they are way off base. I’ve never been a fan (I value my heart and mind more than money) and they are just exhibiting their true colours.

    • anne_000 says:

      You’re right. Renée Zellweger got an annulment based on fraud. She was married from May to September, which is almost the same short amount of time Kim/Kris was married.
      Also weird how Kris’ sister also has a K-name. I wonder if they thought that because everybody had a K-name, it was meant to be?

    • womanfromthenorth says:

      I was at sears the other day and I saw this cute little bag on a display table. I went to pick it up and you would have thought it was pooo or a giant spider the way I backed up.. and I am sure my face said it all… Kartrashians!

  13. Kaboom says:

    Calling her stupid in public isn’t really belittling considering it’s true …

  14. bubba says:

    Just because he wouldn’t touch her does not mean he’s gay I wouldn’t touch her.

  15. tapioca says:

    So we are to believe that the wonderful guy she married “for love” turned into an abusive, homosexual(!) bully the moment they said their vows? Err, OK.

    “One time, he said she had no talent.”

    He’s more perceptive than he looks…

  16. Criss says:

    If they get an annulment than he won’t have to live with the big D word. That would be so much better. He’s still gross to me, I just can’t get over him burping in Kim’s face, farting in Kourtney’s face, and dude get your feet off of the coffee table. He acts so innocent,like he’s the only one in the world that didn’t look up Kim on the internet before he married her. Give me a break. He used her for fame, period, and got a little a long the way. Now he’s getting endorsements that never would have come his way. He’s not the type that would except any alternative lifestyle, he seems so rude. He insults Kim all day, and then tells he he’s sorry and loves her, she’s an idiot to have married him.

    • Dawn says:

      Wow you really bought into this! Too bad for you that he is the least rude of all the Kardtrashians put together! I guess leaving a skid mark on someone’s bed isn’t as rude a burp, throwing laundry on the floor, not as rude a fart, faking love to get married and collect money not as rude as saying one has no talent. And because YEE-HAWS believe as you do, this trash laughs all the way to bank. Too sick and sad for words.

    • leetruth says:

      Is that you Kim? Stuffs and nonesense!

  17. telesma says:

    Twelve stories on the front page and four of them are about Kardashians. They REALLY are not that interesting. When will it end???

  18. the.princess.leia says:

    1. So she’s jealous of how close he is with his sister? (Pot.Kettle.Black)

    2. Forget KK. I wanna know about the Celebrity Chef Scandals!

  19. Relli says:

    Ok this has officailly hit the ridiculous level. I don’t watch these shows and stopped watching E altogether when every other commercial became about them and thier manufactured drama. BUT COME ON, this is really low and so what is he is gay WE KNOW she was shopping for a husband is that far of a stretch to believe she was so desperate to be married by 30 that she would beard? No it is not, AND NOW that the focus needs to be off of her we are beign bombarded by the other and thier “realtionship” problems and more uneducated offspring… effing great. Dont get me wrong i click on the stories because this trash is hilarious but i am realy ready for a new famewhore to steal the spotlight.

    • Nanz says:

      Amen. I don’t watch the shows and I quit following e! on Twitter b/c all they do is re-tweet Kard. stuff. I’m embarrassed at how funny I find the gossip though. You don’t really need to watch the shows to keep up with the Kardashians. =) But now I’m even getting tired of the stories. It all needs to end. I was happier when they had an occasional one or two stories a day that I could read when I’m trying to avoid work.

  20. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I may be a little rusty on the details, and it may vary from state to state, but only certain situations qualify for an annulment. For example, fraud. (I considered requesting an annulment from my ex-husband on the basis of fraud because he stated before our marriage that he wanted children, and decided afterwards that he did not.) Renee Zelwegger received an annulment from Kenny Chesney for fraud (I don’t know the specifics, tho).

    I’m pretty sure that the pre-nup would be moot with an annulment because the court is saying that rather than a valid marriage ending (divorce) it’s saying that marriage never actually existed. So, if he gets an annulment he wouldn’t have to give/take any money, property, etc. Depending on California law, she may even have to return the engagement ring. Michigan law says that if the marriage doesn’t legally take place the promisory contract is no longer valid and the ring becomes the property of the purchaser.

  21. fabgrrl says:

    Hmm, an Annulment declares the marriage null and void. It “never happened”, it was invalid from the start. Whereas a divorce ends a valid marriage. In theory, a pre-nup wouldn’t matter at all if there were an annulment. Maybe this would be more damaging? If Kim got something out of being Mrs. Humphries, she would need to return it? Perhaps she will have to give back some of the cash “earned” for the wedding, since it never took place? Well played, Kris, well played. I like this guy more and more.

    • pwal says:

      I hope dude succeeds. Not only will it wipe the slate clean (although not really), not only would it seem like he cares about marriage a bit more than a 30-something already divorced, it would send a message to Kim that she will not count/inform his future. Because I do think that, deep down, she gets a perverse joy out of knowing that Reggie Bush is dating her lookalike.

      And if Kris dates/marries/have children with a different type i.e. college graduate, non-sex tape starring human piddle pad, then that’s an even bigger message.

    • anne_000 says:

      Good post. Never thought of that. That would be a great strategy.

  22. Talie says:

    I don’t feel bad for him, he came off like a huge ass during their wedding special. She knew the whole time, she just wanted to be married.

  23. says:

    It says a lot about the Kardashians if their biggest comeback is to call him gay.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Yes, it has come to grade-school name calling.

      Weren’t they trying to push “Kris is a homophobe” a week or so ago?

      Too much, too soon. The should play their cards closer to the vest and only slowly dribble out tidbits. This “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” strategy is so obvious, and desperate.

  24. Cerulean says:

    I knew they would go there. What is this 1945? When is gay being used as an insult ok? Shame on them.
    They need to leave him alone. Geez. It only makes him look better.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Well, I think they are trying the “Kris is gay therefore Kim is divorcing him” angle. This gives her a good excuse for divorcing so fast. That isn’t the same as insulting someone for being gay.

  25. flo says:

    Boycott trashdashian gossips! Even the most ridiculous

  26. Julie says:

    Well of course….everyone is. Sigh!

  27. Marjalane says:

    What’s next- a photoshopped picture of Kris kicking puppies and lighting the American flag on fire?

  28. skuddles says:

    So Kris called her stupid? Now normally I’d NEVER condone a man treating a woman like that… but in this case, isn’t it kind of like saying “the sky is blue”???

  29. faye says:

    I totally buy Kim would be upset not getting someone’s full attn. I mean look at her. Complete and utter attention whore.

  30. melissa says:

    After reading all the comments I have two things to add:
    1. The show is EDITED BY E AND THE KARDASHIANS!!!! Of COURSE he came off like an ass during the wedding special, it was all pre divorce SET UP, PEOPLE!! They have played it all EXACTLY the way they wanted it. The only thing they didn’t count on was the public being perceptive enough to call FOUL when she called DIVORCE!!
    And 2. My God. He must rue the day he met her and that family.

  31. Lady of the Lake says:

    For all those who think Kris H did the grossest things…nothing could be as gross as Kourtney leaving a fecal stain on Kim & Kris’s bed after the oil enema she had. Good grief!

  32. G says:

    Isn’t asking for an annulment, like saying the wedding took place under fraudulent circumstances?

    The nitpicking about who said what to whom, not withstanding, it’s not hard to come to that conclusion.

  33. Quest says:

    Oh the big bad wolf that is Kris Humphries – according to the K Klan. Her PR team are really trying to hard.

    Exclusives about how Kim wanted kids and a perfect life, blah, blah, blah….even though there was an episode where Kris was lovingly toting around his dogs and Kim could not stand them in the house. I think Kris legal team may actually have valid grounds for annulment:

    -involve one party’s lack of capacity for marriage or some type of fraud.
    -one being forced or threatened into marriage, or marrying based on fraudulent statements or actions by the other party.

    Kris may not be as dumb as we think he is filing these proceedings in the state of California

  34. Alida says:

    For him to cite fraud as a reason for annulment would be awesome. GO KRIS!

    • G says:

      Not that hard, I think, to show that Kim made no real attempts to have a life with him or solve their differences. No attempt at working it out, no counselling and yet he’s on the show?

      • LAK says:

        it’s so easy to prove as well. Kimmy put out a statement on her blog justifying her divorce decision in which she stated that she only got married because of external obligations yadayadayada

  35. miss_bhaven says:

    K&K take New York had ratings that were thru the roof…..what a sad world we live in.

    • pwal says:

      True… but then again, Jon and Kate’s ratings skyrocketed for the first few episodes after they separated but then came the nosedive.

      Keep the faith.

      • Kasey says:

        I was unaware of that fact. Thanks for this, it was very encouraging.

        And I’ll also add fast and pray!

  36. Blue says:

    They are so stupid, I mean, how do they not realize that this mudslinging is making them look worse. Kris hasn’t really said anything and these idiots just keep in going. They are definitely not helping their image. There are people who were married a lot longer and had more dirt in each other and just divorced and kept it moving. Hell even Jlo stopped her campaign against Marc Anthony after she realized she looked like an idiot saying all that shit and he didn’t even respond.

    • Alida says:

      The Kardashians don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. I don’t think there is enough superglue in the world to keep their mouths from opening.

  37. Gypsy says:

    The Kardishian family couldn’t be more vile, couldn’t be more slimy.

    Why is Kris still playing the gentleman, when he’s dealing with these bottom-feeder???

  38. ladybert62 says:

    Gosh from the Kris comments quoted above, it seems to me he told the truth! Ha ha

    Go Kris! Hope he can take them to the Kleaners!!!

  39. Dawn says:

    If Kris Humphries was even close to gay believe me coming from MN he would have been outed by now. Minneapolis has a huge gay community and they are out and proud. And didn’t she at first say that she thought he was homophobic and she could not stand for that? See little Miss Pee on ME can’t keep her lies straight any more. Good for Kris, get an annulment, out that whole family for the pigs they are and move on with your life. The best revenge is to simply live well. I have a feeling he will. Find a good girl who is NOT a WHORE like Kim and have beautiful children. And she will continue to seek out younger and younger boys to do her because those who have any level of maturity will NOT want to touch the skank with a ten foot pole. May she have a very lonely life counting all the money she and her family scammed off of the public.

  40. Erinn says:

    Renee Zellweger got an annulment from Kenny Chesney… I don’t think the consummation part necessarily matters.

    • Lili says:

      That’s right Erinn. Not consumating a marriage is only one reason to get an annulment. Theres several reasons – if you married under the wrong pretense..(gay) or whatever…
      my aunt got her marriage annulled after 20 years and 4 kids!! And if I were Kris, I’d want one too, just to wipe the slate clean..then legally, he would not have one failed marriage under his belt.

  41. LeeLoo says:

    Honestly wouldn’t you go gay too if you had to sleep with that bitch? I hope he gets his annulment. I think he can get it granted on fraud grounds because he married a fraud. Annulment due to fraud just says that he married someone who misrepresented themselves. For example you can get an anullment if you marry someone who says the want kids before you marry but after you marry they say they do not. The idea is that you agreed to marry someone who fraudlently misrepresented themselves. As long as Kim agrees to the anullment it should be easy to get and I doubt she will fight it because that means the potential for him to fight and testify why he feels the marriage was fraudulent. He would do a lot of harm testifying about everything that happened during their marriage that constitutes an annulment.

  42. Jennmarie says:

    Maybe the gay thing comes from him asking Kim’s friend Johnathon if he is gay or not in an upcoming episode? (Yes I watch the show, don’t hate me please!)

    • LAK says:

      i don’t watch the show, so i will take your word for it.

      However, that comment was the justification for calling Kris H a homophobe last week.

      Seeing as that did not take with the public, this week the PR machine is doing a 180 and painting him as gay.

  43. Violet says:

    Wow, Kim’s as bad as Halle Berry. I hope Kris gets his annulment and escapes those vultures. (Incidentally, Kim’s former friend and publicist Jonathan is gay. He’s quite open about that, so describing him as gay is hardly offensive.)

  44. Snowpea says:


  45. natty says:

    you all are very stupid. Kim hasn’t come out to say anything about her marriage so why should you attack her. Anybody who watched the previous shows could see that the marriage was not going to last. Kris Humphries was always belittling that girl. As a woman, i can surely understand why she divorced him. After all is said and done, she is also a human being like all of us, and deserves to make decisions that are best for herself and not what people think is right

    • LeeLoo says:

      You are absolutely correct but she needs to do it without making money off of the public by deciving them and by famewhoring her way through life.

  46. Ck says:

    I could just imagine that uneducated Mrs. Jenner calling the Archdioses of Catholic Church to try to stop annulement..she is so completely stupid daughter Kourt…another illegit. Kid wtf..that guy clearly doesn’t love her. Bruce..get your kids out if you have any sense.

  47. Ck says:

    I could just imagine that uneducated Mrs. Jenner calling the Archdioses of Catholic Church to try to stop annulement..she is so completely stupid daughter Kourt…another illegit. Kid f..that guy clearly doesn’t love her. Bruce..get your kids out if you have any sense.

  48. layla says:

    Here’s my thing.

    Was there a gun pointed at his head?
    Or a sharp razor near his balls?

    So he too is all wrapped up in this AND as much to blame as they are.

    • LeeLoo says:

      True but since they have no kids and no property to divide he should be entitled to get an anullment. Plus I think Kim was very deceptive in her reasons for wanting to marry him.

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    The bottom line is KH should go for (and be granted) an annulment. I think that would negate whatever money they both made from fame-whoring their wedding, and Lardassian needs to RETURN those wedding gifts to SENDER of gifts. A lame-ass claim of donating that money to charity (what, did she return them all for cash?) is NOT the way to properly handle it.

    Lardassian is getting her come-uppance, and her (and her “team’s”) reaction shows just how nasty and unintelligent they are.

  50. truthful says:

    like Renee Zelwegger got an annulment due to fraud, so can Kris..if he can prove it.

    wipe the slate clean if you can Kris.
    I also don’t beleive that he is gay.

    they are a sad bunch, SAD and desperate.

  51. missymoo says:

    Everyone says how lazy he is….he is a Profesisonal NBA player people, I can’t imagine how much hard work, dedication, sacrifice that requires. It is such a feeding frenzy and yes @David their PR team is out for blood

  52. Paula Berry says:

    I highly doubt she’s claiming he’s gay! That would
    def give her grounds for an A not a D, the article
    did say he’s seeking an A not her. I’ve thought they should of had that in the 1st place butt then Kim would have to admit Some kind of fraud.
    Now kris filing for an A makes perfect sense I don’t think it has to do with $, more with people not thinking he was lying about his feelings and intentions. From where I stand it’s clear he thought it was real, did he make a huge mistake and get talked into marriage 2 soon? I’m sure but I think his intentions where good. Hers on the other hand seem like she wanted a man she could control and someone more materialistic like her & her family.
    I don’t think he’s an asshole. Maybe alittle slow and didn’t see this coming, yeah.

  53. Sue ya says:

    The PR team is certainly making sure that no guy will ever want to date her again. The money and a spot on a reality tv show may have appeared attractive but they are now showing the true cost of spending time with the family. What a lonely life she and her team is creating for her.

  54. dorothy says:

    You just know the Kardashians leaked the gay angle. I really detest these people. They will apparently do anything to spin it to their advantage..even hurting what appears to be a nice young man who has a future in basketball.

  55. Kim says:

    I watched the most recent episode of Kim & Kourt take NY last night and Im shocked she edits the final cut because she looked like a complete bitch while Kris looked like a nice guy who didnt know exactly what he signed up for. & tried to go along with it and I think did fall at least a little in love with her which she didnt love him even a tiny bit.

    Is she that stupid that she thought her editing would make him look bad? It doesnt – it makes her look like the money hungry uneducated moron she is. She really is not a smart girl.

    If your husband cant be honest with you who can? She is fat, untalented and her fame wont last.

    It was an arranged marriage. Kim didnt love him and was using him yet her friends and sisters think he was mean to her? They werent truly in love and had no respect for each other. Why would he be nice to a gold digger who arranged a marriage with him for money & fame.

  56. Kim says:

    Natty – you drank the punch. The whole marriage, show, their entire life is fake and planned for the cameras & money.

    She got her millions and tv special for her fake show, he got his fame elevated. They both got paid and are continuing to. They are both in on all these tabloid stories.

    You are a fool if you think this hasnt all been part of the plan since day 1. They both want this to go on and on because it keeps them in the limelight.

    They plant these stories themselves to extend their 15 mins & make money for interviews etc.

    Next expect Kim (and Kris) to do tv interviews on how sad they are and what went wrong – all for a paycheck. All part of the plan and its scary & shocking to me how many people have fallen for it.

  57. Mia says:

    I think he deserves an annulment. He thought she believed in marriage, she didn’t. She represented herself as someone that would be committed to him and she wasn’t. He deserves the clean slate.

  58. becky says:

    Wow. Kim looks so pretty in that photo.

    • bobby says:

      Kim hs had every possible plastic surgery procedure done that is possible. Face and body. She is as fake on the outside as she is inside.

  59. ZenB!tch says:

    Since he was hired to basically be a beard, why not a gay man? I mean no sane straight man would go there but a sane gay man might since no sex is implied. Kind of like marrying someone for a green card.

  60. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Just following the plan man….thats all he is doing…got recuited into the Big Wedding Con back when she was looking for a canidate last year tried out two other ball players before she found one that needed the money and the fame…then the show was on…..He is and always has been in on the whole scam…..all you had to do is to see them interact one time to see there was absolutley no attraction at all between the two , she literally gritted her teeth evey time she had to kiss him……Look this Kardashion Con machine doesn’t take a dunk without a plan…..Momma, Kim, Kloe and Kortney (another plan going into full production…if that little gay man is the father of her baby I’m Mrs Santa Clause……..or the first one….
    Like Danial Craig said what f****king idoits they are…..

  61. Christine says:

    The marriage was real and divorce is real but both are a planned sham and Kris Humphries is totally in on all of it. He was chosen for a part in show business aka a reality show.
    I believe the wedding of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed is a sham too.
    Please someone settle that one for me. LA Public Record is accessible by anyone for a search in person but I’m nowhere near LA.

  62. Cher says:

    Kardashian’s PR team are on overtime. I wonder what other accusations and lies will they make up as time goes by? I doubt if this will work, people are fed up with this superficial, money hungry, famewhoring & no class, no morals family.

    Maybe Kris H. has skeletons in the closet, all of us do but Im pretty sure he’s better than the Kardashians all combined.

  63. JB says:

    she is vapid and gross. that is all.

  64. Callumna says:

    He should sue. This creature is just out to embarrass and destroy this guy because everyone finds her marriage for cash as gross as her sex tape.

    I can’t watch E now either.

    The only thing lower is that the Biography channel now does serial killers. Other than that, E’s on my refuse to endure list until every Kartrash is off.

  65. Callumna says:

    How stupid would the next person have to be to marry one of these monsters?

    This may stop the madness for the next gen.

  66. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    These folks are rakin in the attention and the $$$ to go with it.

  67. jwoolman says:

    About the gay idea: Does this mean we are supposed to believe Kim never had sex with the guy before the honeymoon (which amazingly included a film crew)?
    About the idea that Kris H. was in on the scam: What makes me doubtful is the fact that his pastor and his sister were brought into the wedding ceremony. I think he would have avoided doing that. I also thought from the beginning that an annulment was best – something he said soon after Kim dropped her divorce bombshell makes me think he doesn’t believe in divorce, he was talking about the covenant and right away talked about working things out. I think he really thought he had married the future mother of his children, and he really does want a family and he really does want his kids raised back home away from the cameras. She must have misled him big time about many things, whether due to shallowness or malice.

  68. Boxy Lady says:

    This webpage lists the legalities of pbtaining an annulment in the state of CA. One of the points mentioned is that the person that perpetuated the “fraud” cannot apply for the annulment using “fraud” as the reason; therefore Kris had to be the one to file for the annulment as Kim legally could not (one can definitely say Kris is boorish but I doubt many would say he seems inauthentic). Kim is the one who said she couldn’t wait to change her name and she would move wherever he went and then she reneged on both of those. Plus, as several of you have already mentioned, she wrote on her website that she didn’t want to marry him but did it because she “didn’t want to let anyone down.” In short, I’m sure Kris will easily obtain that annulment.

  69. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say. Wow.

  70. Green_Eyes says:

    @ MGMB- The Catholic Church no longer requires BOTH Parties agreeing in order to obtain an annulment. I sure didn’t agree to mine… To me that was saying I lived in sin w/ a man for 13 yrs in the eyes of the Church. considering he got it quickly w/ no problems even though I contested..( they granted it, as I was fighting OV Cancer and for my life….they granted it on the grounds I was not able to have children..which WE knew going into the marriage), I would say they are EASY to get anymore, and mine was 18 yrs ago). No my ex wasn’t rich so it wasn’t money..I supported him. Guess it depends on what day of the week it is or how hypercritical the Church feels on a certain day.. (yes, a born and raised know how strict the Church was, but it’s not in some ways anymore.. Ex’s entire Siblings all ran to the Church for Annullments every time they decided on a divorce to marry whomever they were leaving their spouse for…. ).

  71. Judy says:

    Unless you get the marriage annulled in the church you cannot get married again period. I got a divorce and was told that unless I got an annullment that I could not remarry and if I did I could not receive the sacrements. It took 2 years for the anullment to go thru and then I was able to get married again by a priest . My ex and I both wanted an anullment so it made it easier, Some people have this notion that if you have your marriage annulled thru the church it makes your children illegitimate. It does not. I have never heard of anyone being allowed more then one annullment within the church and I too was born and raised a Roman Catholic and was educated at RC schools, so that comment is untrue that they all ran and got annulments every time they got a divorce. Even the Kennedys couldn’t pull that off. It also is not true that both parties have to agree. My husbands first wife would not agree to the annullment and since he was never told about the mental illness in her family background and since she was judged mentally ill twice and was commited aBout 5 times in a 10 year marriage he got the annullment. There is a lot of misinformation being said in here and unless you have lived it you have no idea just how easy and sometimes incredibly hard to get an anullment.Much of it depends on the priest that you went to ,to get it started.

  72. StyleLiving says:

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