Britney Spears’ bf Jason Trawick is about to propose, will her conservatorship end?

Is a holiday proposal more romantic? I think it is. Christmas is kind of romantic anyway, so whenever that time of year rolls around there will be small reminders of that special moment. People Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears’ longterm boyfriend, talent agent Jason Trawick, is about to propose to her. We’ve heard this story many times before, and Britney has been wearing what looks like an engagement ring, off and on, for ages. Given that this story is in People, I think we can assume it’s the official sanctioned version from Britney’s camp. Does this mean that she will finally be let out out of her conservatorship now that she’s entering her third marriage? (Does that first one even count?) I do think Britney and Jason are the real deal, but this also sounds like somewhat of a business arrangement to me. Like now Britney is ready to have another team take over her business, and they’re rolling it out along with a marriage because legally that’s the easiest way to do it. I know that’s cynical, but that’s just my read on it. Here’s more, from People:

Britney Spears is getting ready for her 30th birthday on Friday and will finish up a successful world tour next week – but that’s not all she’s gearing up for.

A source close to the singer tells PEOPLE that an engagement is imminent for the pop star and longtime boyfriend Jason Trawick, 39, who sources say has picked out a ring.

“They’ve been talking about marriage for a long time,” says the source. “It would be surprising if they are not engaged by the end of the year.”

Adds the source: “Britney is really looking forward to turning 30. She is having one of the best times of her life.”

[From People]

Well congratulations to Britney and Jason. We’ve heard that they’ve had problems in the past, but they’ve stayed together for a few years, they’ve known each other longer than that, and they do seem solid to me. Plus Jason is close with her boys and that counts for a lot.

In related news about Britney, she recently called Jennifer Lopez her “idol.” She said “She’s so beautiful and even though she’s gotten older, she hasn’t aged at all. She looks more amazing than ever and I really admire and respect that.” Is this Britney’s way of forgiving J.Lo for maybe copying her act at the AMAs?

Also, Britney is going to do a free open air concert in Mexico City this Sunday as part of the city’s holiday festivities. A Mexican government official Tweeted the news, so it’s probably accurate. Maybe she’ll get engaged in Mexico!

Britney and Jason are shown out in London on 11/1 (red shirt) and out in London again on 9/16 (green and black dress). Credit: Fame and WENN

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  1. DesertRose says:

    I hope it’s not business and that Brit is happy. She looks happy, albeit not stylish, in those green dress pics. I am a die-hard Brit fan, her music will always be in my exercise rotation. But all I really want for Christmas is the old Brit back. Not the thick, average, dull performer she is now. Although she’s probably on psych meds so who knows if the skinny, bubbly girl will ever emerge again.

  2. spinner says:

    Jason looks really skeevy to me. He has been her ‘handler’ for quite a while now. He seems highly suspect…of what…I’m not quite sure.

  3. retyah says:

    Watch out he’s a shape shifter.

    Sam Merlot doppelganger.

    • Artisan says:

      In a Robert Patrick T-1000 type of way? Yeah, I kinda see it.

    • BabyCakes says:

      Very hard to believe that this comment stayed up here. When I posted a link about the Illuminati and Britney Spears, namely mind controlled slaves, it was taken down. I 100% agree with you.

  4. Kelly says:

    I think he’s kinda cute – except for the hair, ugh. Why do guys do that? But I also think she’s the absolute worst dresser. And although her hair has gotten better, it’s still gross, as in the picture with the red turtleneck and the ill-fitting polka dot (??) shorts (?? – whatever they are, they’re horrible).

  5. Roxy750 says:

    Um, how can you have a relationship with someone that has been on the edge of becoming sybil for years? Kinda seems he is using her…and that he is more of a zookeeper than anything.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      Thank you. I too want to know what a normal man would want with a woman who can’t even take care of herself. Pretty sketchy to me.

  6. Dani says:

    I can’t believe this girl is still in her 20s. Anyway, I really applaud Trawick for sticking by her and not using her (from what I know). He’s kind of like her knight in shining armor.

    • Snowflake says:

      He seems like a really nice guy. If her dad had any concerns, Jason would be gone by now.

  7. LeeLoo says:

    My theory: I would not be surprised if this was a sort of business arrangement between Jamie Spears and Jason. Jason sounds more like a caregiver than a boyfriend. So I am betting the deal is Dad lets her out of the conservatorship if she marries Jason and allows Jason to manage her personal life and keep her out of trouble. The thing is I think Britney actually has more feelings for him than he does for her. I think this will be successful. As long as Jason plays along he has nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Don’t get me wrong, I think he cares for Britney but I think it is in an extremely bonded caregiving kind of way only he can occasionally have sex with his patient.

  8. Wildone says:

    Does anybody know if he has a job? I know he used to work for Britney but not anymore.

    • MB says:

      I thought he was and still is her Agent from CAA. Perhaps he has stopped being her agent since they started dating. Regardless, he looks pretty gross to me. Quite old and crusty in some pictures and just creepy in the rest.

  9. stephanie says:

    she is looking very well in that green dress. I don’t like the dress, but she is definitely shaping up and looks like way less of a hot mess than usual.

  10. danielle says:

    I do wonder about the nature of their relationship. If he was/is a talent agent – well, he probably has his act together. How did he fall for Britney? She seems like a tranqued up mess.

  11. ... says:

    When I see these two I cannot help but wonder what the attraction is. Yes, he probably smells like rope but how can he live with that poor, poor little nutcase? You know his time is spent following her with a swifter, sucking up cheeto dust. Trying to corral her into the tub so he can clean her hooves. Deciphering hill billy baby-talk and picking up starbucks on the hour. Watching her pick her underwear out of her ass publicly whilst maintaining a perfectly straight face….

  12. lee says:

    yeah, agreed that there’s something off-putting about their relationship. I just can’t quite wrap my head around a mature adult relationship being truly possible for a woman who, to this day, is legally deemed incapable of making her own choices. hopefully she’s a lot healthier than her continued conservatorship would imply and has been for a long time.

    on a different note, the fact that she admires and respects J.Lo for not ageing is a bit unfortunate. no mention whatsoever of her career or talent? i mean, i don’t personally think she has much of either, but still…

    • autumndaze says:

      I agree on both points.

      It is revealing and saddening that she admires Jennifer’s appearance; Britney hasn’t grown beyond the teen poptart phase, seemingly.
      I would guess that their relationship is a business deal (unbeknownst to her) with Jason pulling an impressive salary for keeping her on her meds and out of trouble.

    • Alejandro says:

      Jennifer’s image and looks are the best qualities she has, honestly. Everything else including the music isn’t that great. Seems like a smart answer to me.

  13. heather says:

    No idea what the deal on their relationship is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s skeevy. Also I really think alot of her troubles may be eased once her father is slightly more out of her life, I suspect he’s always been a VERY heavy weight on her shoulders since he borrowed money off her when she was young. Major Britney fan, wish her all the best 😀

  14. seri says:

    Wow. People are really hard on these two. What gives? I think they have genuine chemistry, and he is obviously protective of her, as evidenced through alot of body language in all the pics they’re in.
    I think he sees the person inside all this mess, and I mean, come on. So she’s not the brightest, but she is a sweet girl, and probably funny in her own way. She’s trying to live with a mental illness that’s being maintained with meds, and she’s doing a good job at it.
    Her crap music aside, she’s still a human being, a woman, a mom with kids, and she’s not perfect, but she’s allowed to have love in her life. Right??

    • tmbg says:

      I don’t understand it. She’s rallied back from what appeared to be a crippling mental illness and is doing well now, so I’m really happy for her. I don’t know why people think this guy is so awful. He doesn’t appear to be a leech like Federline.

  15. Wresa says:

    I must be in the minority, but I really like this couple and have since they got together. Just because she has had problems doesn’t mean she is unlovable, even to a stable guy! They are really cute and he seems like a stabilizing influence. It’s funny that people think he is a minder because I feel like he is authentic and in love with her for HER! I guess perception is in the eye of the beholder. I hope you guys keep covering them, I quite like reading about them whenever small tidbits come in.

  16. Cherry Rose says:

    I think he’s hot. Good for her.

    I’m really not too sure about what exactly their relationship is, but I do think Jason is a calming presence for Britney and he does care for her.

    He’s probably seen all her ups and downs, and still has stuck through. Whether Jason’s stayed because of money or because he really cares is the real question. Personally, I think it’s a little of both.

    But Britney deserves to be happy after all she’s been through, so I hope this works out.

  17. CdnDutchGirl says:

    I think that the conservatorship may remain in place until the Sam Lufti suit is dismissed or settled. As long as she is under this, she can’t be deposed. But that’s just my theory, and I’m rooting for her either way.

    • Sassy says:

      Refresh my memory, please. Who is suing who? Sam Lufti suing Brit or vice versa?
      What is the lawsuit about?

      • CdnDutchGirl says:

        I believe that Sam Lufti is suing Brit’s parents for defamation. He’s requested all kinds of info for his case, including a deposition from Brit, but the judge denied his request because she’s under conservatorship.
        I think that’s the jist of it, but I may be off since my info comes from my memory of what was written in blogs. 🙂

    • anne_000 says:

      If that’s true, then good thing Britney has a smart lawyer who thought up that strategy.

  18. eto says:

    Something about this just seems so odd to me. They won’t let her manage her own money because she’s too mentally unstable but allow her to get married?


    • sapphire says:

      Nothing odd-she’s been sued since like 5 minutes after she got out of the hospital by creepy, Svengali former manager and pill pusher. One way to keep her away from ex-manger creep and kill off the lawsuit is to keep the conservatorship protection.

      You know, she’s seems like a sweet person, not tremendously bright and clearly unaware of how to care for herself-she never had to until she got rid of K-Fed and we all know what happened then. If she needs that and the guy makes her happy,why not?

  19. BabyCakes says:

    Why in the world are his eyes popped out of his head? Hitting the glass d**k are we?

  20. AngelMay says:

    Meth-faced. She was better off with stoner K-Fed.

  21. Callumna says:

    All about the appearance. She’s a nice if not swift girl. I hope she doesn’t do surgery but she already has for the boobs. She’s so out of touch she thinks everyone has fake hair. And her mom doesn’t look like a pop star.

    Her idols were Madge and Cher who’ve gone all plastic. I think a 40 year old Britney is going to be a lot nicer but far more frightening than La Lopez.

  22. whatevs says:

    i hope her career will be over after this album promoting is done. not only because she was never much talented. but also because she seems to be so over it and probably just wants to chill at home and eat cheetos all day.

    hell it probably is over already. this was the last on her contract. i’ve read this very insightful blogger write about her little stunts on the mtv awards show, they said her getting a lifetime achievement award at 29 is a sign that her career is over and the way she quickly represented beyoncé means that this is the end of the road for her. her rec company is no longer pushing it. i wonder why people get so much burnt out syndrome i mean look at madonna she is still so passionate about her job at her 52

  23. BitchyKaren says:

    I think they’re sweet and the author obviously picked the worst photos of them together to manipulate this article.

    FYI, Jason had the biggest crush on her since Day 1. He was apparently in love with her back when he was still chubby and Britney was the hottest girl in the world. He was her agent for years, she just never took notice of him until 2007 when she fell from grace.

    I think it’s a dream come true for Jason to actually win the girl of his dreams. He actually started working out and got buff to win Britney over. That’s dedication.

    She may not be the brightest or most stylish celebrity around. But she certainly is the sweetest. The girl’s got no ego for someone who happens to be the most successful female artist of the past decade. The 6th Best Selling Female Artist of all time, selling over 100 million records. Winning the VMAs Vanguard, the only other pop stars who won it were MJ, Madonna and Janet. She was so modest, she spent her acceptance speech to praise the next act of the show, Beyonce. And after all the madness she still scored Billboards Top 5 most successful artist of 2011. Beating Gaga and Beyonce.

    I’m rooting for her. She has that X-Factor thing about her. She’ll be around for years. She has that Michael Jackson tragedy thing about her.

  24. Kimberly says:

    in the pick of brit in the black skirt and red top, why does her bf have his boots all unzippered, so you can see his fancy socks???

  25. Missknownunknown says:

    Might as well marry her handler cause she’ll never be free again.
    Just a puppet for the industry, I actually feel sorry for her.

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