Anne Hathaway to Jessica Biel: Stop comparing our careers and STFU

Every week, I read almost all of the tabloids, but it’s a rare occasion when I read one tabloid story that makes me sit up and scream “YES!” This is one of those occasions – and this might be one of my favorite stories of the year. First, some backstory. Jessica Biel was the cover girl for the December issue of Elle Magazine, and her Elle cover profile and interview was ROUGH. Personally, I thought she sounded delusional and pathetic – the entire interview was about all of these films that Biel auditions for and never gets, and while I admired her “nothing ventured, nothing gained” mentality, at some point, Biel becomes a joke. You should really just go read my post on it – I was one of the few people that excerpted big chunks of the interview anyway. Here are the two quotes that are relevant to the story:

Biel on auditioning for Catwoman in the new Batman film: “Another one that got away. I was gutted. I mean, to work with Christopher Nolan in that kind of role?”

Biel on the last time she felt terrified: “I felt terrified when I was auditioning for Les Miserables, the movie that Tom Hooper is doing. I was terrified to sing in front of him. I auditioned for Fantine, and I sang “I Dreamed a Dream.” I didn’t get it. I would have loved it.”

[Via Elle Magazine]

Biel doesn’t name-check Anne Hathaway specifically, but those are two parts that went to Anne, and obviously, Jessica Biel thinks she’s on the same “level,” career-wise, with Anne. Do I even have to explain the “BITCH PLEASE” of that? Even for those people who don’t care for Anne as a person, please admit that Anne is one of the better actresses of her generation, and at the very least, Anne is a far superior actress than Jessica Biel. Anyway, this Enquirer story is all about Anne being super-pissed at Biel’s Elle interview, and Anne allegedly calling Biel out in private:

Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel are embroiled in a bitter catfight – over who’s a better actress! Jessica was reportedly resentful after losing out on Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, as well as a role in Les Miserables – both roles that went to Anne Hathaway. In a recent interview, Jessica insinuated that she and Anne were in competition for the same choice parts.

The comparison infuriated Anne, and she got word back to Jessica to “quit complaining” and accept that she’s “not in the same league when it comes to acting,” divulged an insider.

“In truth, Anne feels she’s a true leading lady who has been nominated for Academy Awards and Golden Globes, while Jessica’s movie career doesn’t even compare,” the insider explained. “In her opinion, Jessica is known for her TV role on 7th Heaven and blockbuster-type movies like The A-Team that show a limited acting range. And not only does Anne feel she’s superior on-screen, she also believes that Jessica showed a lack of professionalism by even making the comparison in the first place!”

“Anne thinks Jessica had an ulterior motive by making it seem like she was stealing roles right out from under her,” added the insider. “She sees Jessica’s move as premeditated, designed to make casting directors place them on the same level – and possibly to coax them into hiring her over Anne, who makes more per film and is in greater demand. Now Anne’s ready to take this fight to the next level. Anne let Jessica know that if she does another interview with a writing, casting director or director equating the two, she wants a face-to-face meeting. And everyone’s waiting for more fur to fly.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

“She sees Jessica’s move as premeditated, designed to make casting directors place them on the same level – and possibly to coax them into hiring her over Anne…” I could see that. I think that in Biel’s mind, if she keeps telling people in interview after interview that she’s auditioning for all of these great parts and that she’ll do ANYTHING for a great role, that maybe, someday, she’ll get her chance. But if Anne is even deigning to shove a “bitch, please” in Biel’s face, that’s also a win for Biel. Anne acknowledged her – Anne must be threatened! VICTORY. The only way Anne could really win is if she’s asked about Biel and she replied, “Who?”

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  1. Jenna says:

    Jessica Biel couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag. She is delusional if she thinks she is even close to being in the same category as Anne Hathaway. Hasn’t she previously said her “beauty” has cost her roles? She needs to get over herself and take some intensive acting classes.

  2. LB says:

    I wish this were true but I don’t buy it. Anne wouldn’t give a damn about what Biel said because Anne’s the one getting the parts.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, I don’t think Anne would get that bothered by Biel.

    • Sweetpea says:

      Agreed. There are millions of bitches out there who would love to have Anne’s career, I doubt she’d be worried about any of them.
      By the way, if it IS true, Anne comes off as an incredibly childish, petty excuse for a professional actress. I mean, throwing a fit over how someone may have suggested she would have liked to play some of the roles you did? Sad.

      • sluggo says:

        Sad, yes, but at the same time it’s not something Anne could have just let slide … I wouldn’t have, either.

        So Jessica is “auditioning for all of these great parts and that she’ll do ANYTHING for a great role”? Considering what’s she’s probably had to do ALREADY just to get “famous” … that ANYTHING would have to include, I dunno, working with trained animals, or standing on her head with a mouthful of ice cubes (and animals), or something along those lines.

        Can’t see the big deal about either of these ladies, but Jessica is even less of a deal than Anne. Very blah.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, I doubt Anne cares. She’s got a very busy, successful career, and didn’t she just get engaged? I really doubt she’s fuming over some C-lister complaining she didn’t get a few movie roles.

    • JaneWonderfalls says:

      Yeah, I agree. Anne is probably thinking Jessica is making herself look bad by seeming like a bitter Betty over roles she’s actually unqualified for. I’m not really a big fan of either of these women but Jessica is certainly the weaker link in the category of better actress. I just don’t think Anne even cares to waste one thought on this regarding Jessica.

  3. Lama says:

    Eh. I can see this being true, but I also wonder if it’s just another case of manufactured girl drama. The tabloids seem to love pitting women against one another. Plus, I would think Anne would have a reaction more like your last suggestion – “you mean Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend wants my career? Of course she does.”

  4. Evie says:

    Anne is overrated!

    • Hautie says:

      I have to agree. Wayyyy over rated. And dare I say, she tends to over act.

      Not that Jessica Biel is some great actress. But in a comparison of the two of them… they are both in the same league.

      Hathaway has had a few hits on her resume’. But nothing that makes her superior actress by any means.

      And to be honest, I would rather watch Blake Lively over Hathaway or Biel. :)

      • Emma says:

        I agree that Anne is WAY overrated, but at the same time, I think Jessica Biel is way UNDER rated. Check out a 2008 film she made with Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas called “Easy Virtue” and then lets talk. I was surprised by Biel range in that film.

    • Bermuda Blues says:

      I came here to post the same thing!

      Anne is SO overrated. The last few movies that I’ve seen her in, she’s been the weak link (ex. Alice in Wonderland, Love & Other Drugs). And honestly, Anne should get over herself. Bride Wars? Jessica Biel could’ve easily been in that piece of art. They were both in Valentine’s Day, that pinnacle of cultural achievement.

      I seriously doubt she’s going to pull off Catwoman, and I doubt even more that she can hold a candle to Uma Thurman’s Fantine.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @bermuda, Yes to everything you said!

      • Girl says:

        I think Ann Hathaway is going to be an absolute joke as Catwoman. She may be a slightly better actress than Jessica Biel but I totally doubt she can pull off Catwoman.

      • padiddle says:

        Totally agree 100%! Anne’s acting is so affected and annoying, I would almost prefer wooden Biel over her.
        At least Biel was pretty good in the Illusionist. I have never liked Anne in anything, particularly Rachel Getting Married, which everyone raves about her in.

      • DarkEmpress says:

        I completely agree with you! OVERRATED!!! She ruined Alice in Wonderland for me! I think that if she is responding it is because many people have said that Jessica Beil would make a better catwoman. Maybe Anne can pull off the mousy part, before the catwoman transformation but no one thinks of her as a sexy villaness.

      • novaraen says:

        Agree agree agree!! :)

      • morgane says:

        I totally agree!
        I don’t like the way she acts and she’s annoying.
        and seriously, I just like her in the Princess Diaries movies and that’s it. overrated actress

      • Original Tiffany says:

        Hate both of them. Totally agree on Anne. So sick of her. Her sessy dance in bride wars killed it for me.

      • Lairen says:

        OMG, Bride Wars and Valentine’s Day…so, so awful. I was forced to suffer through them because my husband loves chick flicks. And they were SO. BAD. I keep seeing commercials now for New Year’s Eve and keep thinking “GOD NO!” because I know my husband’s going to want to watch that one too.

        Also, I am so pissed about Catwoman. How the hell did that happen? Why wasn’t there a comic book nerd revolt? All of us geeks should Occupy Hollywood because there is way too much crap going on with comic films lately. Blake Lively in the Green Lantern? Scarlett Johansson and Iron Man? WTF.

    • Blue says:

      Totally agree. I’m already sick to death of her and i don’t even go out to movies. Something about her is….off. I think it might be the overacting or trying too hard.

      • Amy says:

        Even if you’re not a fan of Hathaway’s acting, I think most would agree that she’s a lot more respected and famous. It’s not really the acting that’s in question here – that’s subjective and not really relevant. It’s the fact that Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend is insinuating she is on the same level of her, an actress who has been nominated for an Oscar and has been in a wide range of different genres of film. This is an actress who’s known more as someone’s girlfriend than her own career, which basically consists of TV and crappy action movies.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you’re just in tune with the whole universe and all of minds are united in a beautiful, perfect quantum singularity of reason and mutual understanding? I feel this way about this thread. Is there a chance that we’re ovulating simultaneously? This calendar year has really cemented it–she, she just annoys the snot out of my body nowadays.

        Biel’s out of her mind when it comes to self-pity and if she weren’t so lazy and defeatist she would go to school and become the talent she wants to be. What’s the difference if you’re never working, anyway? Use the time away from the screen to do something productive and beneficial, not bitching to everyone within earshot about nothing whining yourself out of the possibility of anyone even wanting to work with your half-cracked, overly-delicate little psyche. Get off the ground and grow up, kid.

        I guess Anne bugs me more right now because it takes more work to avoid her and she possesses that ‘too extra’ quality upon which I’ve referenced in previous threads (see Bundchen, Giselle). I remember a few months back, checking back on Conan to see if her segment had ended and was doing this unholy rap about the paparazzi and just thought, ‘Holy frijoles, Conan and Andy must have the patience of saints, I would’ve run a zamboni over her by that point.’

        Final analysis: Silly Jessica, Anne steals money from the elderly, not acting jobs from the non-infirm.


        ANOTHER LES MIS ADAPTATION? JUST READ THE DAMN BOOK! Hey, you know what they should do? A Jane Eyre film–that’d be a triumph for uncharted waters. Yes, Jane Eyre: Starring Pride And Prejudice. I’m coming, Hollywood! I forgive you!!

    • Cranky Old Batt says:

      I also agree. AH is mediocre. Not terrible, but not stellar either. I have no idea who the other chick is.

  5. Kate says:

    I don’t think Anne is that great an actress. Decent, not great. That said, I expect her thinking on Jessica Biel is “Who?” Because, seriously? Jessica Biel? Please. Not even on the same planet.

    This kind of reminds me of the time when Lohan was all pissy because ScarJo was getting “her” roles.

  6. Aria says:

    AH has done some pretty good work as actress such as DWP but she’s not the next Meryl Streep. JB is prettier and I saw her the other night in “Easy Virtue” and she was really good on it. I was surprised. So my guess is AH is nothing but a Hollywood trend.

  7. packic says:

    I do not think Beil is more attractive. I find her plain and boring.
    I aslo foung the worst part of the A-Team was beil. She is so blah.

  8. mln76 says:

    Anne has a grating personality and tries way too hard but she’s talented. Jessica just looks pretty and whines. She would have been better off as a model maybe a nighttime soap? Anyway there is no comparing these two. Anne is clearly in another league.

  9. toto says:

    AH is good but not special , i find biel not bad she does not ruin movies i do believe she has potential but not yet given a chance ..i adored her in the magician with Norton , even as female fatal she would be very good team A she had small screen but was the most believable even more than what supposed to be leading actors (they were disaster) so as the movie of blade.if i had to choose feme fatal among Alba ,Olivia wild , even scarlet or Ann Hathaway ..i would love to see biel more..she carries strong chartreuse in very good way

  10. Aria says:

    Wait! They work together in “Valentine’s Day”, dont’t they? That movie really sucked!

  11. hyena says:

    The movie dropping references in Biel’s interview are laughable and I really can’t see her in ay of those roles EXCEPT for Catwoman. I think anyone would be better than sexless Anne Hathaway. Jessica would have been hot and on par with Katie Holmes’s acting level and skill who I really liked in the first of Nolan’s Batmans. Biel is not the most attractive but she could have pulled it off- her jessica rabbit on snl was hot.

  12. tapioca says:

    Well Love and Other Drugs flopped, Bride Wars flopped, One Day flopped and she was awful in Alice in Wonderland, so when The Dark Knight Rises comes out and everyone realises that Anne Hathaway has the sex appeal of boiled celery and shouldn’t have been let anywhere near the part, they probably will be fighting for the same (B-list) roles.

    Go on – name ONE classic AH performance for the ages!

    • Kaiser says:

      Rachel Getting Married. Anne was amazing in that.

      • MJ says:

        I’m not a fan of AH (too whitebread, too boring) but I recently watched Rachel Getting Married and was very impressed. She was great in that, and it wasn’t an easy role. That movie hit close to home.

      • lucy2 says:

        Agree. I hated that pretentious movie with a fiery passion, but she really was fantastic in it.

    • Lama says:

      Rachel Getting Married? She was great in that. It doesn’t mean the others were any good, but she was great in that film.

      • tapioca says:

        Fair enough! (Although it’s not really a “classic” movie).

        And after all, one Oscar-winning perfomance in Monster’s Ball doesn’t make up for the rest of Halle Berry’s career.

    • S says:

      I didn’t see any of these movies, so I can’t say for sure, but I wanted to add that just because a movie flops doesn’t mean it’s bad. There could be lots of other reasons. I did read that she was pretty good in LAOD, but the movie itself was weak.

      (I did refuse to see One Day though because her casting of Emma made me so mad, I just refuse. Re-FUSE. There are so many British actresses that would have been stellar)

      • Sweetpea says:

        I loved her in Alice in Wonderland. I think she was the only good thing in that otherwise awful movie.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @tapioca, Agreed! Especially with the sex appeal of celery!

      THE only movie I recall Ann being pretty good is HAVOC.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      She was very decent in Becoming Jane and DWP. Though I will admit Bride Wars, One Day and Love and Other Drugs were all kinda blah.

      • Findley says:

        I’ll admit to liking AH in DWP (although Emily Blunt outshone her)–but she was AWFUL in Becoming Jane! If James McAvoy had had a decent actress to play off of, Becoming Jane might have been a great movie!* Perhaps Anna Maxwell Martin, who played her sister–or Emily Blunt!

        *Except for the little problem of having about four endings…

    • Carol says:

      She did suck in Alice in Wonderland.Every moment she was on the screen was brutal.

      • doublestandard says:

        But Johny Depp was AWFUL in that movie and can definitely be accused of overacting (see Pirates of the Caribbean- all of them) yet people act like he’s America’s answer to royalty… Not that I’m some flag-waving Hathaway fan but just saying.

  13. ShanKat says:

    Both of these untalented tramps deserve a kick in the bagina.

    If she actually spoke the word “gutted” out loud…she deserves 2 swift kicks.

  14. S says:

    Jessica Biel would probably be great on tv – but she probably thinks it’s beneath her

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      You’re right. But look at some of the actresses on TV right now: Zooey Deschanel, Ginnifer Goodwin…I mean, they are great, IMHO and now have success on TV.

  15. dirtyrich says:

    Jessica doesn’t get lead roles anymore, just the hot chick in a movie type of roles and they ALWAYS bomb. I think the Illusionist in 2006 was her last success and if it wasn’t for JT she wouldn’t even be considered for these roles, she gets the B-List treatment but she really is C-list actress who used to be on TV.

    • Bermuda Blues says:

      Disagree. Illusionist was 2006, before she started dating Timberlake. He does absolutely nothing for her career. She’s had no “boost” from him, she’s gotten no roles because of him, he’s actually pretty worthless career-wise for her. All he got her were a few invitations to Vogue events, and some pretty pictures.

  16. Micki says:

    Even if Biel gets some offers she STILL has to get the part…

  17. says:

    Anne is not a talented actress but is tons better than Biel, who is known for… actually, who knows why she is known? Having a nice ass? Dating (being a doormat for) JT?

    • norma says:

      anne “hathaway” (which isn’t her name, but sounds better than “biel” which is presumably jessica’s real name (would be an odd choice if not), went out with a conman of epic proportions for several years. he tried to defraud the vatican or some such outrageous stunt. he’s in gaol now. JT is a “douche” etc, but really, i can’t get excited about either of these birds. they’ve both got massive tweaked beaks and have too much saliva going on.

  18. normades says:

    “designed to make casting directors place them on the same level”

    This is exactly what I said in the Beil post. She refers to these lost parts to remind people that she was even allowed to audition.

    Now that there is a new batch of actresses (Stone, Kunis, Mulligan et al.) that she has to worry about, she won’t even be getting those auditions.

  19. Marjalane says:

    Hmmmmm. Gun to my head? Neither. Jessica Biel is pathetic, but Anne Hathaway is boring as hell.

  20. Sasha says:

    I don’t see AH being bothered in the slightest about this. A Z list actress saying she wanted your parts? Eh.. that’s just tragic. I think at this point in her career AH is just going to pity Biel. It doesn’t even warrant a ‘bitch please’ in my mind.. just a tissue and a hug.

  21. Jackie says:

    i always forget JB is an actress. i tend to think of her as a one time model who now dates JT. Not a fan of AH either…over acting 101.

  22. Missfit says:

    Anne needs to get over herself, she is in no certain league and isn’t that great of an actress. Jessica is annoying too.

  23. Gine says:

    Eh, don’t believe it. Biel isn’t anything even close to a threat to Anne, so I doubt she wastes any time worrying about her.

  24. Eileen says:

    I think Anne is gorgeous! And I like her movies-she’s unconventional looking and different. All these actresses are morphing into each other.

  25. Flan says:

    Biel is so pathetic. Clinger.

  26. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Anne is a much better actress. I think the last thing I saw biel in was in Blade and she couldn’t even act in that movie. So she needs to give it up. All she ever had going for her was a nice ass and a pretty face …

  27. Jessica says:

    I think both of them need to be knocked off their pedestal..

  28. Seagulls says:

    I find both Anne and Jessica tiresome to watch. You can hear the scenery crunching between their teeth. Ugh.

  29. LL says:

    Boiled celery. Lmao.

  30. Rhiley says:

    I have a love/hate relationship for AH. I loved her in movies like Rachel Getting Married and Brokeback Mountain, but hated hated hated her in Love and Other Drugs. That movie was so embarassing and she was TERRIBLE! Honestly, somebody like JB would have been better for that movie. Anyway, if this is true, I think it does more damage to AH. I agree it makes her seem threatened and defensive and it would have been better if she had just left it alone. I also agree that JB seems like the female Kellan Lutz but still. Oh, didn’t Jennifer Garner tell JB to STFU and stop telling giving interviews saying they were besties? Poor JB.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Uuhhh. “Love and Other Drugs” was so cliché. It was just as lame when it was called “A Walk to Remember,” or “Sweet November.”

  31. jc126 says:

    I can’t stand old Fish Face Anne H., but I think I might dislike Jessica Biel even more. AH is a better actress, but not by THAT much; as I recall her skills were slammed in that recent movie where she played a British woman. And I don’t believe she was totally unaware of her ex-fiance’s character until he was under arrest, either.
    That being said, Jessica Biel just comes across absolutely pathetic and sad, talking about parts she didn’t get, and being a barnacle on Justin T, despite his past infidelities. Absolutely pathetic.
    She’s an example of why showing self-respect is so important. It’s pitiful to watch someone debase themselves for someone else.

  32. Julie says:

    Don’t care for Anne or her acting much at all. And don’t know if I buy this story either.

  33. weeble says:

    Yeah, I think the article went way overboard with this and the author is reaching. Anne is a better actor than Biel, but surely no one really believes Anne is spending time seething because Biel is mad….lol…

  34. Akula says:

    Yeah, I’m with all the people who are not buying this story. I just don’t think Anne would care about some silly comment that no one paid attention to anyway. I have to admit I like her, but even putting that aside, Jessica Biel would have made a TERRIBLE catwoman. I would have been mortified if they cast her! It would have been a mistake of Katie Holmes’ proportions.

  35. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Have any of the above poster seen Rachel Getting Married? Hathaway won me over in that movie. She’s pretty talented, not the BEST, mind you but certainly a million times better than Biel. Easy Virtue was on at the gym the other day and Biel’s perfomance was downright painful. She subscribes to the Rachel Bilson School of Acting-completely emotionless, no inflection whatsoever when delivering lines.

  36. retyah says:

    Hathaway is shushing Biel before she keeps making allusion to her. Good job.

    Anne quoted as saying *SHHH*

  37. Jane says:

    I don´t think Anne cares what Jessica Biel says or does, lol.

  38. Lisa says:

    I don’t like AH. I think she’s overrated. Plus I read somewhere that she was a diva.

  39. Shelly says:

    I seriously doubt that Anne is threatened by Jessica. *giggles*

  40. kieslowski says:

    Kaiser totally agree with your assesemnt on Anne vs Biel. I am not a fan of Anne as a person (the whole engagement photo op is just gag worthy and I believe now more than ever that the Bale affair happened), Biel is an atrocious actress she gets all this attention only because of Timberlake without him she would be long forgotten completely.

  41. bagladey says:

    I don’t think that Anne is “threatened” as much as she is irritated. For Anne to say nothing would possibly mean that Biel’s plan could be sucessful, and why would Anne want that? Quite honestly I don’t understand why any notable magazine would feature Jessica Biel, because I can’t think of who her fans are, apart from the Party of Five groupies. Jessica Biel has a fantastic body but she is extremely plain in the face and she is an actress with about the same degree of acting ability as Justin Timberlake, the singer(could anyone even imagine Jessica Biel in The Devil Wears Prada?).

  42. Reece says:

    IF (that’s a big if) this story were real, the best answer Anne could give if asked about JB is,
    “Umm that’s Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend right?”

    • Jordan says:

      Even better would be:

      “Is that the girl who is Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend this week, or was that last week’s girl I’m thinking of?”

  43. becky says:

    Anne Hathaway is a bad actress who made it made despite not being good-looking.
    Jessica Biel is a terrible actress who didn’t make it despite being extremely good-looking.
    Both lack sex appeal and taste in men.
    Both think they’re much more talented then they are, and sound smug in interviews.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      There’s something good in here. I’m not really up or down on the looks of either but AH looks a bit like a rabbit without some weight on, so I’m not sure why she resists it.

  44. Gigohead says:

    Snore..this doesn’t even rise to a kitten fight. Everyone auditions and there have been so many who audition for roles — but only one will win. who cares.

  45. The Original Mia says:

    Manufactured drama by Biel’s publicist because I can’t see Anne, who’s on top, caring about Biel, who’s struggling to get somewhere.

  46. Slim Charles says:

    Why is it called a catfight? Annoying. Can’t women disagree or call each other out without it being a catfight?

  47. Denise says:

    Anne is the superior actress; no drama here.

  48. Riana says:

    …are Biel’s quotes really what qualifies for ‘cattiness’ and ‘attempting to put herself on the same level as Anne’?


    That’s reaching. Secondly Anne, much as I love her, is on the same level as Biel in my book. If she does 10 movies, you’ll wince through 9 and adore the 10th. …with Biel I’d say it’s 50/50.

    I just think folks are coming down hard on Biel because she’s unliked for something really inoffensive.

    • Jordan says:

      Even so, Anne has the Oscar nom(s) and I’m not even sure Biel has ever been invited to attend the Oscars before.

  49. marie says:

    I’ve always thought Jessica Beil was whacked out. I remember her doing an interview and she complained (once again) “that it is so hard for her to get decent roles because she is (gasp) so Beautiful!” Take a look at yourself Ms. Beil beautiful you are NOT! That dress you are wearing is awful, too, by the way.

  50. Sigh. says:

    I don’t know…

    It’s comparing “meh” apples (Hathaway) to “blah” oranges (Biel) to me. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I wouldn’t miss either of their absence in any given movie I’ve seen them in so far.

    While the jury is still out on AH as Catwoman, I would NEVER say Biel would be a better one. She might LOOK better/closer to the ideal, but she really has no more sex appeal or intrigue than AH.

  51. Seal Team 6 says:

    The only thing Anne would do if told about Biel’s interview is give a snarky little laugh and a snarky, witty insult. She IS nominated for major acting awards, and is well respected, intelligent, professional, and a socially conscious woman. She would never see Biel as a threat.

    I think Jessica is the source!

    • Jordan says:

      I was thinking the same thing. It’s been said that Biel’s PR team plants stories and calls the paps, and this is perfect to suggest that AH might actually be worried about Jessica! Maybe her PR realized that her Elle interview made her sound pathetic so they tried to do damage control.

  52. Kimberly says:

    Biel has always wanted to be an A-list actress, the problem is she can’t act.

    I mean have you seen Easy Virtue? I watched that and was thinking, “who did she suck to get this part? really!”

    Her time is better spent on acting classes, and not trying to start a PR fight just to get the public and studios to think she’s anything special.

  53. Liz says:

    whoa it seems like 85% of people believe this story! Seriously? Do you really think Anne care or have even hard what Jessica said on an interview in ELLE! In this interview Jess answer questions and because she audionned for the same role that doesn’t mean she think she’s on the same league than Anne or better, she also mention other role she didn’t get. So only the top 20 of the best actresses should audionned and the others go back to home and cry. Nowadays, every actress dream to be the next Meryl Streep, why they can’t? isn’t it the purpose of dream to dream.

  54. carrie says:

    just the idea to have Jessica Biel in the new Batman movie is the clue Nolan has a pretty weird vision of Catwoman
    (Nolan has big trouble with female characters usually)

    i have nothing against Biel:she was well-casted in EASY VIRTUE but she’s known for her private life

  55. Rachel() says:

    While I’m probably going to boycott Anne Hathaway for the rest of her life(b/c she’s going to destroy Catwoman) I would have become physically ill for hours if Jessica Biel was given the part. Way to check her Anne. Why don’t you start checking yourself, hmm!?!

  56. Catherine says:

    Anne is too classy to comment or care what Jessica has to say.

  57. Marianne says:

    I am an Anne Hathaway fan, and believe she will do a good job as Catwoman and in Les Mis. And although I agree that her British accent wasn’t amazeballs, it wasn’t THAT bad. I also personally think she is really pretty. A classic beauty if you will. I think she always does really well even when she is starring in sub par films like Bride Wars. Whereas I can barely count Jessica Biel’s movies off my hand.

  58. sandy#1 says:

    i agree that Ann is totally overrated, never,ever saw, or see the appeal, she is bland. so is jb.

  59. Cerulean says:

    Jessica over worked her nose and cheekbones. Her face is too plastic to be a versatile actress. She’s unnatural looking. Her pathetic relationship has overshadowed any chance of a decent career. She can’t act but being a doormat for Timberlake doesn’t help.

    Anne. I liked her in Rachel GM. She’s a mixed bag.

  60. rainstarr says:

    Keira Knightley as Catwoman, YES!! (Another person suggested this, couldn’t reply to it for some reason) She could easily go from mouse-y to va-va-voom confident (she would need extra padding to at least fill out an A cup, though! Ha ha) And she looks cat-like already. How could they have overlooked her for the role?! For Anne, I do think she is a really good actress (if you haven’t seen Passengers you should) but only for “real” roles – I can’t imagine her being ‘mystical’, no wait she could play a waify, delicate, sad fairy creature. But not a strong role. And I have never seen a photo of her where she looked sexy, has anyone else?

  61. JuliaDomna says:

    Actings skills aside, Biel just doesn’t look like an actress to me. I don’t even know what that means. She just seems so out of place on screen.

  62. Bermuda Blues says:

    Just putting a theory out there – - Anne is actually pissed at Biel because Biel revealed the fact that all these actresses are still casting-couch auditioning for these roles. Nobody is calling and saying “I have to have Anne Hathaway!” They are calling and saying send me medium-priced brunette actresses between 25 and 35 years old. Anne doesn’t want the world to know that even though she got these coveted roles, she had to audition for them because she still has to prove herself. Also, if Biel is auditioning for the same parts and Anne, they ARE on the same level.

  63. Kim says:

    Yeah no comparison in their careers. Although Anne started with cheesy princess roles & certainly isnt an Oscar caliber catress, which i think she thinks she is, but she is a better caliber actress than Jessica Biel for sure. It would be like Jennifer Aniston comparing her career to Hilary Swank. Both have done silly rom-com’s BUT Hilary has also done good serious work and can actually act.

  64. samira677 says:

    I don’t believe this story. Anne doesn’t strike as a person who cares or would want to get into a fight with someone.

  65. black&lovely says:

    Jessica lost a role to Eva Mendas the film Last Night, sorry but both of them are on a long list of overrated “actresses”, Jessica alba, vanessa hudgens, etc all boring and untalented!

  66. Sasha says:

    Also – not particularly convinced that an A list director could be ‘conned’ by Biel’s so-called plot to align herself with AH and thereby trick them into thinking she is a good actress. Would directors *actually* buy that schtick? Doubtful…

  67. Genevieve says:

    The only role Anne Hathaway should have gotten in Batman was as the Joker. She is soooooooooooo not attractive enough to be Catwoman, and, well, she obviously has the Joker’s smile.

  68. JL says:

    I don’t see how any of this stuff could be some kind of drama. Biel was discussing parts she didn’t get. That’s kind of depressing but not really scandalous. (Obviously, why in the hell would her publicist allow that?) But, I doubt she had Anne in mind in any comparative way. As well, I can’t see Hathaway caring one way or the other since she got the role.

    The best comment here is from Bermuda Blues about how Hathaway still has to audition and isn’t just called. Biel inadvertently revealed that. I can see THAT pissing Hathaway off.

    Since they do audition for the same roles, no matter how their fans might see them, it’s pretty clear that much of Hollywood sees them on the same level.

  69. Chrissy says:

    They are both kind of crappy actresses. I don’t care much for Anne, but there are some parts she works ok in. She’s not as pretty as the magazines try to make her out to be. Jessica is a little more attractive, but they are both overated.

  70. doodle says:

    WTF? Look, Biel would have made a much better Catwoman than one-note Hathaway. Did anyone see the stills of Hathaway in costume? She looks ridiculous. Biel has the physicality and sexiness that Hathaway lacks.

  71. Jane says:

    I think AH is a terrible actress. She is so phony, I can’t stand watching her. She is the same in every part, and always makes the same faces. If she weren’t such a terrible actress, I wouldn’t mind that she is so funny looking, and wears way too much makeup. I like Jessica Biel, always have. She was awesome in 7th Heaven., and she’s really beautiful to look at. You know, maybe she really was just saying she would have loved those parts. Maybe she doesn’t give a hoot about AH. I sure don’t,

  72. Callumna says:

    Anne Hathaway is not appealing to me.

    She was so good as a princess young actress and I was sure she was going to grow up into a spectacular actress.

    Then she turned out like Julia Roberts on speed. Charming once but lost it to a horsey situation now. Quick drop.

    But yeah, Biel’s drop to sucky has been even quicker and below sea level. And she’s still dropping so the Marianas trench and magma are next.

  73. Riri says:

    Anne is NOT one of the better actresses of her generation.

    Just because she is not pretty, doesn’t automatically puts her a “good actress” box.

    Biel is not an actress. She can’t act, so there is no comparison.

    However, she does make a valid point that she (or for than matter, any woman who is sexy and/ or pretty) can be a better fit for catwoman.

    Nolan is absolutely wonderful but for some reason he never casts the right women for his movies.

    He made brilliant choices in casting each and every male actor for the right part, but then went off and cast Katie Holmes on the one hand, and Maggy Gillenhal (IDK how to spell her name) which were both horrible choices for different reasons.

    He should have someone else assist him with choosing the right women for his films.

  74. JulieM says:

    Even though I am the 50th person to say this, I will anyway. Anne Hathaway is a wildly overrated actress. She’s capable of good performances, but absolutely nothing extraordinary. Biel is dreadful, of course. But they really are comparable talent wise, with Anne having a slight edge.

    Agree with Bermuda Blues @62. Anne still has to audition for parts? If she’s so great, she wouldn’t have to.

    AH was good in Rachel Getting Married but the sister was much better and Deborah Winger was brilliant as her mother. The scene where mother and daughter confronted each other was owned by Winger.

  75. Kaleena says:

    So we’re quoting The Enquirer now, like it’s a credible news source??

    And I don’t see the big deal at all. I don’t care for either of them….Anne chews scenery like she hasn’t eaten in years, and Jessica might as well be a cardboard cutout, but in her interview all she’s doing is saying the truth. She auditioned for roles, and she didn’t get them. Not once does she mention Anne, and I don’t really see how she’s comparing herself to her either.

    This story is ridiculous.

  76. mew says:

    Haven’t yet figured out what’s such a big thing on Anne Hathaway. She seems like a nice girl but that’s all. She’s not really pretty pretty and she has no more acting talents than Biel. Her role in Alice in Wonderland was the only one utterly horrible and her other roles have been meh. Oh well…

  77. whatevs says:

    they’re both annoying.

  78. Cerulean says:

    It’s about levels of career. Whether or not Anne is a better actress or not isn’t really the point. She is perceived as such, has a much better career and will always get the roles Biel can’t. They aren’t anywhere near the same level on the Hollywood food chain. So it’s absurd for Biel to moan and groan about what she can’t get because she’s never been a serious contender in the first place.
    Jessica is more like Megan Fox or Jessica Alba. C list. Anne is A no matter if her acting is always solid or not.

  79. imabrat says:

    Biel comparing herself to Hathaway is similar to Lohan comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe. Not even in the same league, dearie.

  80. MissVJJ says:

    Anne is for the girls, Jessica is for the boys. Now how Anne got the Catwoman role beats the hell outta me..

  81. Dirty Martini says:

    1. Jessica Biehl is not in the same league as A as an actress.
    2. Anne H is over rated. (So what does that say about Jessica, hhhhmm?)
    3. I truly doubt Anne H sits around worried about JBs mental comparisons to her, and worries it will somehow negatively impact or derail her career.
    4. If I’m wrong about #3, then I put Anne H in the same category as Jessica B: dumb and pathetic.

  82. Lady_Luck says:

    I agree with all the comments that describe Anne H. as being totally over-rated and having the sex appeal of boiled celery.

    Anne stars in very boring chic flicks, and her acting motions are both wooden and unconvincing. She clearly rates herself pretty highly (much higher than she deserves) and if she did react to Biel’s comments in such a manner, it proves she’s also a bit of a defensive, and insecure bitch!

    Both of them annoy me, both of them are not great actresses, but Biel is slightly more feminine and prettier. Neither of them would be good as catwoman.Penelope Cruz or Kiera Knightly (as one suggested), would be a good choices. Anne Hathaway as catwoman? oh, the eyes would bleed…it’s just not right. Putting an unsexy,bland woman as catwoman is a frightful atrocity. She won’t pull it off, because she doesn’t have sex appeal. You can’t change a pineapple into an apple.

  83. iseepinkelefants says:

    If Anne is the actress of our (20 yos) generation, than fuck our generation is lacking. Hathaway is a sh-t actress. Casting her as Catwoman was just laughable. Jessica Biel wouldn’t be any better but at least Jessica can be percieved as sexy. Anne is not sexy, AT ALL. Even that movie with Jake-y, I mean nude and she still can’t pull it off. Whoever mentioed “whitebread” is right. But even then you can dress up whitebread, Zoe could put Anne in the prettiest most expensive frocks and she’s still Bland Hathaway.

  84. Ranga says:

    I don’t beleive the story, I think it’s totally made up. Great comments though! :D

  85. Snowpea says:

    I find it interesting that whomever wrote this article chose really ugly photos of Jessica to prove their point.

    I mean both of them are seriously annoying but still. You can at least lay off the not-so-subtle propaganda.

  86. pt says:

    Any actress that can completely kick ass on SNL twice , give the best performance with a group of A-list actors in Valentine’s Day, and any actress that can do a wonderful live acting , song & dance routine at the Oscars with Hugh Jackman- has to be incredibly talented. People will always hate, but I will never say Hathaway is not talented. She is one of the few triple threat talents in Hollywood.

  87. hannah smith says:

    i like both the actresses (anne a bit more though)
    but i think that beil should get over herself if she thinks her good looks are losing her role, she really pretty but so anne but she still get the roles …
    i was talking to my dad the other day about celebrities and how much they get paid and he said something that made me agree, he said “why should people who dress up and act as doctors and firemen make more money then the ones who actually save the lifes”
    it really annoys me when celebrities complain that the dont get paid enough

  88. Helen says:

    I just watched Batman…I hated Anne’s performance, don’t know much about her as a person but don’t appreciate her much as an actress. She wasn’t the worst part part though. I love Marion Cotillard, but her acting was very bad at points. I was very disappointed as I expected much more from her..As for Biel, I’ve only seen her in the illusionist and I must say she was quite good.