Taylor Swift’s new hair & red Oscar de la Renta dress: lovely or busted?

A few days ago, Taylor Swift debuted her new bangsy haircut on her Twitter page, tweeting a photo of herself right after a fluffy blowout. She looked awesome in that photo, but I suspect that Swifty’s hair might be similar to mine – you can use all of the product you want, you can get the best blowout ever, and 30 minutes later, our hair is still going to be limp. These are photos of Swifty outside of the Billboard Music Awards, where she was named the Artist of the Year. As you can see, the bangsy cut is real, it’s not just a new wig. But as you can also see, her hair looks pretty flat. I still like it better than the old, fried mall hair, but I feel for Swifty and her hair issues. She discussed the situation with Stylelist:

Stylelist: How did you decide to cut your hair?
I was on a photoshoot and they wanted to do, like, clip-in bangs and straighten my hair. I just said, ‘Why don’t you just cut them?’ They did.

Is it hard to have bangs with curly hair?
It’s actually not. I think I can figure out a way to incorporate them, I was playing around with it in my hotel room and I think that it might work both ways, but we’ll see. It’s just fun to play around with your hair and change it up. I never change it up, so this is nice.

What inspired your transformation?
I wanted to change my look a little bit and I’ve loved the way that bangs look on other people. I always seem to want to straighten my hair in the winter. And I think I just decided to go a step further this time.

How does your style routine generally change in the winter?
I usually wear more jeans. Spring and summer, I’m usually all dresses and skirts, so winter is like jeans, leggings, tights, dresses, dark colors and straight hair.

Are there any pieces in particular you’ve invested in for winter?
I’ve gotten a lot of Rugby and Ralph Lauren stuff because I think it looks very winter-y and Christmas-y, so that’s been stuff I really liked getting.

What’s your go-to New Year’s Eve outfit, hair and makeup?
It would probably be some sort of sparkly dress and straight hair and maybe a bold smoky eye and a nude lip.

[From Stylelist]

“…Some sort of sparkly dress and straight hair and maybe a bold smoky eye and a nude lip…” – that’s her basic look for red carpets too. That’s her red carpet uniform, pretty much, although I like that she mixed it up a little bit with this bold and pretty red Oscar de la Renta – it’s princessy, but it’s more grown up than the stuff she usually wears.

But let’s get back to her hair – is she using a straightened on her hair? Because that might be why it looks kind of limp. What would it look like if she just let it air-dry straight out of the shower? Curly-haired girls, tell me! What happens if you let your hair air-dry and then just brush it out? It would look like Nicki Minaj’s wig, wouldn’t it? That reminds me, I’m also adding some photos of Nicki Minaj and her Swifty wiglet, and including the closeup of her latest nose. Yes, it’s man-made. No, I don’t know how many noses Nicki has had in the past two years.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. FreeLoveForAll says:

    Kaiser – I am a curly haired girl and I can NEVER brush my hair. Just makes a big mess of it really. I strictly use a comb. Actually, after my shower I put in some defrizz creme, comb and go. Drying just like that it has more ringlets and I get the most compliments like that. I might not comb it again all day. Even combing it again will set it off for the frizz factor. Everyone seems to love my hair and I actually prefer my look with the curls.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree curly/wavy hair is best left to its own devices. I also let my hair go naturaly grey 3 years ago. Its pixie cut length and I just wash, towel dry and go. It is great. My sister uses a flat iron and colors her hair blond (from brown). I have never understood that girl.

      On the topic, I really like Taylor’s new hairstyle. A grown up haircut for a grown up girl, I say.

  2. Hautie says:

    As a girl with a massive head of natural curls… you never ever brush out your curls. (after your hair has dried) If you do… your hair looks like a pulled apart cotton ball. Frizz. It just doesn’t fall into soft waves. EVER.

    I have to use spray on gel. (Aveda) Comb it through. And give it a good ten hours to dry. Which means I do my hair every night. There is no such thing, for me, as wash and go hair with it being naturally curly.

    And Taylor Swift’s hair, was once wonderful. But she kept on cutting on it. To the point she needed this new cut. As least she no longer has that big finger wave, side swept bang.

    • L says:

      Seriously-it’s like the gold standard of curly hair. Don’t touch it once it is dry.

      I usually use a cocktail of hair product for frizz and curl definition and then like @hautie-I let that stuff air dry. I’m lucky that my curls air dry really well and that’s when they look their best, although it takes FOREVER. If I’m feeling up for it I’ll use the diffuser, but even that takes a while. And it tends to frizz in hotter weather that way.

      • Ladytron2000 says:

        Hi Ladies!

        Long time lurker, 1st time poster. In regards to curly hair drying time:

        If your hair is taking a really LONG time to air dry, the LONG drying time is a sign of the low porosity (it means the moisture levels are low.) Your hair is holding the water because it’s thirsty! Use a deep conditioner and moisturize your hair to help it air dry faster.

        The site that is the BIBLE to every curly girl http://www.naturallycurly.com

    • Sara says:

      I agree! Never, ever brush it! EVER!

      I find my curly hair is lower maintenance if I straighten it because it stays straight until I wash it. If I wear it curly I have to wash it everyday because the curls get messed up while I sleep. My hair is pretty long, so washing everyday strips it.

      • Intercontinental says:

        Agreed! Wash, condition, towel dry lightly, spray & go!

        Brush = frizzy bush, with a possible, but distinct electrocuted twist!

        Comb = frizzy curly, maybe frizzy wringlets, incorporating a definitely wavy bush, sometimes with the added bonus of the electrocuted look! :-(

  3. lucy says:

    Taylor’s hair and dress look nice.
    WTF kind of nose does that other girl have!? So weird, obviously surgery and then weird makeup.

  4. spinner says:

    I like Taylors’ hair like this. It’s very soft & feminine. I have stick straight hair & can really relate to this style as it is doable for me. I have always wanted curls but alas…none for me.

  5. Silk Spectre says:

    Whoever did Nicki Minajs’ make-up needs to be shot!

  6. midnightmoon says:

    I think Taylor looks oddly flatheaded & a bit hunched over-esp in the photos with her back showing. She can be lovely, but rabbity faced. I like her best when her hair is Marcelled. She has an old-Hollywood glamour that not many can pull off. I don’t know of anyone who does it better, actually. The straight hair to me is meh. I’ll wait til she lets it get back to curly before passing judgement. Also, very very tired of that orange-red lip on her. She is much better off with a darker red or pink, IMHO.

  7. midnightmoon says:

    I think Taylor looks oddly flatheaded & a bit hunched over-esp in the photos with her back showing. She can be lovely, but rabbity faced. I like her best when her hair is Marcelled. She has an old-Hollywood glamour that not many can pull off. I don’t know of anyone who does it better, actually. The straight hair to me is meh. I’ll wait til she lets it get back to curly before passing judgement. Also, very very tired of that orange-red lip on her. She is much better off with a darker red or pink, IMHO. Icky shoe color, too! I really do not like nude or brown shoes, unless the outfit calls for it specifically. Why not wear a cool color?

  8. I.want.shoes says:

    Taylor looks much better. At least she is not doing the sweet, darling, princess-y thing. Even the dress is nice, although it isn’t a huge departure from what she usually does.

    Nicki Minaj… has anyone ever seen her without 3-inches of crap makeup on and fun wigs? Who knows, she might actually be pretty.

  9. Schnauzers!!! says:

    Wow, Nicki Minaj’s stylist did a terrible job trying to reduce the size of her nose. That streak of light concealer down her nose is WAAAY too light and Waaay under blended. Makes for an odd effect.

  10. okeydokey says:

    curlyhead here, too. I wash, throw in a leave in conditioner, comb that through with a wide tooth comb, folow up with some anti frizz serum and let air dry. Brushing it makes me look like a dark version of dandelion fluff.

  11. Amy says:

    I have thick, wavy hair (not curly) and the same applies to me. I never brush my hair when it’s dry, only when it’s wet. I also don’t let my hair air dry down-it looks frizzy and just awful. I always put it up in a bun or a ponytail–I get the best waves that way. However just because I’m lazy, I hardly ever wear my hair down day to day. I do use the Garnier curl styling gel if I plan to wear it down. But yeah it seems like the general rule is you don’t touch your hair once it’s dry! (if you have wavy hair, Idk about naturally curly haired girls)

  12. Cathy says:

    Nickis nose looks flat on top, it looks like it could be used for a ski jump.

  13. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I think Taylor looks fantastic – very mature look for her. Hope she does not revert back to her former styling ways.

  14. anemoneblue says:

    Taylor Switft looks so pretty and polished! I love the bangs and straight hair on her.

  15. RocketMerry says:

    I don’t know why, I always find her to be one of those generic blondes. You know, those very beautiful and very bland blondes?

  16. Danziger says:

    That is some majorly ugly contouring done on Nicki’s already busted nose.

  17. Veronica says:

    Both of their appearances are appearances are unpleasant to me in these pictures.

  18. Quest says:

    Taylor looks nice. I am glad to see her do these colors, loving the change. Nicki, OMG contoured nose makeup is horrible.

  19. NotSoAnonymous says:

    I have very similar, naturally curly hair like Taylor. Mine is very thick and coarse though – hers looks more fine. I recently got a Brazilian blowout for the winter and it looks like this – super smooth with little to no wave and thinner than usual. If we don’t see her curls again for a couple months, then I’d expect she had a BKT/keratin treatment.

    • DeeVine says:

      I have had many curly haired friends go for the Brazilian blowout. It always looks great!

      I like Taylor’s hair this way. The curls made her look girlish not in a good way. She looks more sophisticated now.

    • Abby says:

      I have really curly hair too–way worse than Taylor and I’ve never been able to have bangs. Till I got a brazilian blowout. Now I’m rocking sideswept bangs for the first time in 27 years and I love it.

      I love this look on Taylor but it will be interesting to see how it looks when her hair is curly. I actually brought a magazine with photos of her with bangs to my hairstylist last year(I think it was Bazaar) and he said she had clip in bangs. So I think it’s funny that she said the stylist was originally going to do that!

  20. EmilyM. says:

    As a girl with major curls, I concur with the rest of the posters here: Once it’s dry, don’t touch it! I really don’t do much to my hair. I always air dry it. I don’t really comb it at all, even when it’s wet, because I like it a little wild, with a little bit of frizz. I only consistently put in product for frizz in the summer when I know if I don’t it’ll turn into a disaster. Curls really are better left to their own devices.
    BTW – I love my curly hair so much. It’s true, sometimes I don’t like that it’s hard to do certain hairstyles (although that’s more because I have SO MUCH hair), but I really think it’s my best asset, and I get complimented on it all the time. ;)

  21. Ari says:

    I have long, very curly hair. I drench it with water in the shower, shampoo then conditioner and comb it. I leave the conditioner in and this helps my curls immensely. I just let it air dry after that. If I want it long(er) I just run a flat iron over it quickly so its a big wavy and not completely straight (so much faster than blowing it out) I like Taylors hair here, Minaj is just a toon.

  22. ladybert62 says:

    I like Ms. Swift’s new haircut – she looks much more grown up.

  23. kimmy says:

    i grew up w/ a head of super thick, coarse, and curly hair. NEVER BRUSH IT. i bought a chi in college and thanks to that, my hair has calmed down to a more manageable kinky wave…ha! i usually air dry and then run a curling iron thru to touch up the waves.

    i wish tswift would just go natural. i can’t stand the perfectly sculpted, sideswept finger curls and this makes her look matronly. like kate hudson, circa almost famous. taylor could totally pull that off.

  24. G says:

    I like the change. The dress, though is too matronly, for me.

  25. Jackson says:

    I really like Taylor’s new hair. Now if she would only get out of that red lipstick. And LOL at that Nicki person. There’s contouring, and then there is what she did with what looks like orange finger paint. Why even bother putting on a semi-decent dress if you are going to have your face and hair look like that?

  26. theaPie says:

    I comb it in the shower with conditioner in it, and that’s it. Otherwise, it’s a disaster. I put product in it while it’s wet, scrunch it and let it totally air dry. Once it’s dry I scrunch out most of the crunch but that’s it.

  27. Reece says:

    So jealous of all you thick haired curly girls. Mine is fine, thin and spiraled. I do the same, wash, tiny bit of product and a wide tooth comb.
    It is always funny when people pull one of my curls and realize my hair 3x’s longer than it looks.

    Btw that’s red? It looks salmony pink. Definitely an improvement from her usual.

  28. Leen says:

    As a curly haired girl, I never brush my hair after the shower, that’s a recipe for disaster. it’s just frizz, kind of like Hermione’s hair from the first film. Anyway, I just let it air dry, I brush it when I’m in the shower, and I use some creme when it’s wet and I get alot more ringlets and curls like that.

  29. QQ says:

    You either style and straighten curly hair or leave it alone post shower detangling, period

    But for her I was over chola bangs princess angel curls so this is AMAZING IMPROVEMENT

    there is No talkibg of Nicky Minaj nose that shit looked a caved in squat mess last year’as vma when she performed with Will.i.am which I found terrifying and couldnt (and cant understand) why no one brought that surgery hell up

  30. gab says:

    Wow I am so jealous of all of you curly haired girls! I always joke that I have only 3 hairs on my head! I actually have more than that but my hair is also very fine and limp. Although in my early 50 s now, I still don’t know how or what to do with my hair! My daughters both have thick thick wavy hair that gets a bit curly in humid weather.
    Tswift seems too forced with her look. I wish she would relax a bit into herself.

    • gg says:

      I have the same kind of hair and was recently forced to change my long silky hairdo (chemo) so it gave me a chance to try something radical. I find that cutting a collar-lengthy shag all the way around helps immensely with giving lift at the crown and a little poof in the front where my thinning area and bangs are. Use mousse when wet, dry with a round brush, palm the roots (mess up the roots with your damp fingers to tease it a little), and then hairspray it, let dry, and hairspray again. It’s more trouble than before but it’s a solution for thinning and limp hair for gals in their 50s.

  31. serena says:

    Oh I get it how difficult it might be for Swifty. But with long hair, curly or straight, she can try a lot of style. Anyway, you can’t brush your hair after washing it, it would be a lot forse of Nicki’s I swear.

  32. flutters says:

    Nude lip? I feel like Taylor’s perpetually in bright red lipstick and I’ve never been a fan of that for her.

    But, I LOVE this new hair for her. The way it frames her face makes her seem less squinty. It’s a much smarter and more sophisticated look for. This girl may be emotionally immature but I think she’s the savviest person in showbiz and this new look is in line with that.

  33. danielle says:

    I like. I think if a curly haired girl brushes and air drys it turns into a big frizzball.

  34. whatevs says:

    ok by the first pic she took with her new hair it really really looked like a wig. now i’m not so sure, it looks strange still but it might be her hair who knows. anyway i hate the way she always squints. probably thinks she looks sexy that way lol. still looks like a man girl irl. i really don’t believe her “oh i’m so innocent” act. and now ditching the white girlie ones for a red dress-is she going to act like every pop star and start slutting it up now?

  35. Happy21 says:

    I love Taylor Swift. Cannot even think of a reason to hate on someone who is so sweet. Her hair looks adorable and makes her look her age.

  36. Katie says:

    My naturally curly hair would be a puffy fro if I let it air dry and then brushed it out.

  37. gg says:

    GORGEOUS! I have been waiting a long time for her to do something to her hair. It needed straightening ages ago. She looks much more normal and pretty to me here.

    The weird wavy styles she had before looked like they were trying too hard for vintage marcelle waves retro do’s. I know her hair waves by itself, but the awful side-do’s were flat and bland. Now her hair can move and look sexy instead of pasted together.

  38. Amanda G says:

    I think this is the best Taylor has ever looked! Before this, I never thought she was attractive, but this new hairstyle/makeup has made her look pretty!

    On a side note, what is up with NM’s nose?

  39. coffeeisgood says:

    I don’t know if Nicki has had a nose job, but I can tell in this pic that her makeup artist did alot of highlighting and contouring to make her nose look like that. Nicki is a very pretty, but I wish she would lose the wigs and outfits. I could actually like her if she wasn’t constantly trying to pull a lady gaga to make people notice her.

  40. E Cross says:

    I think she looks beautiful…stunning even….too much picking apart people! She’s gorgeous. And love the new hair.

  41. Shona says:

    I think she look gorgeous. She finally looks like she is out of the 80′s. That curling did not do her justice. And bangs add a littlel glamour to her look. to me she looks awesome.

  42. SCREEEE says:

    Dlisted had the best comment on Nicki’s ‘contoured to hell’ nose. We DO have eyes, girl. That’s some clown makeup right there.

  43. Lotr Dork says:

    Niki Minaj would be SO pretty if she chose flattering styles

  44. Kosmos says:

    I liked Taylor’s hair a lot in the first pic, face on, but after that in the closeup, I could see that she doesn’t have the right forehead for bangs, sigh…I happen to LOVE bangs, but they don’t love me, and they don’t love Taylor enough either. It’s good to try new looks, but you can see from the side view that her forehead tapers off too much and the bangs look funky from the side view. She’s a darling girl. Her dress is great. I usually think she looks good in everything I’ve seen her in. She’s not annoying like some people in the spotlight and so far seems like she’s kept her sanity and her sense of politeness and authenticity, yay for her.

  45. namer gamet says:

    The real problem is not so much the haircut. The problem is she isn’t a good looking girl. Her massive veneers, goofy looking eyes, and slightly oversize nose makes her face very hard to work with. VERY. If you photoshop that hair on a cute face, it would be just fine. Basically, her face needs a big distracting hair do to draw your attention away from her face, the same way a very short and straight boy’ish haircut only works on women with a very cute face.

  46. sashavice says:

    Anyone know what shade of lipstick that is? Brand?