Angelina Jolie covers Marie Claire: “I could get pregnant again”

We don’t have access to the new photos of Angelina Jolie at last night’s screening for In the Land of Blood and Honeyyou can see them here. Jolie wore a black velvet(y) suit that wasn’t very flattering or anything. But! We do have new photos of Jolie in a spectacular white coat, just out and about in NYC, and I’ve also included a preview of Jolie’s Marie Claire cover shoot for January. Plus, there are about twenty million new stories about Angelina too. It’s ANGELINA WEEK. Here are some highlights:

*Two nights ago, after the premiere of ITLOBAH, Brangelina, Julian Schnabel, Jason Lee and Brad’s parents all partied at the Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room. Page Six claims: “Angelina kept it in the family and hung with Pitt and his mom, Jane Pitt, and dad, Bill Pitt, until about 1 a.m… Jolie was overheard joking that the family should ‘take their holiday photo’ from the spot [on the hotel roof], with its sweeping views of the city.”

*Angelina told People Magazine that she adores Brad’s parents and “It means everything… I couldn’t be standing here without them.” The Pitts told People that they were “very proud” of Jolie and they admired her ability to do everything well, especially “being a really good mom.”

*BABIES. Note the cover line on Marie Claire - “I could get pregnant again.” Hmmmm? Will Jolie get knocked up again? Will she adopt again? When asked if she would consider adopting a Bosnian baby, Angelina apparently stuttered out, “There’s, I, you know, it’s not something that’s, uh, that I’ve thought of.” But the NYDN notes, “she did say she was working with SOS Children’s Villages to help support a Bosnian child through sales of the film’s soundtrack, ‘and in other ways.’”

*Angelina commented about the lawsuit against her filed by Croat journalist James Braddock, who claims that he basically owns the concept of women being raped in POW camps. When asked, Angelina said: “It’s par for the course. It happens on almost every film.” Angelina did say that “There are many books and documentaries that I did pull from. It’s a combination of many people’s stories. But that particular book I’ve never seen”.

*Angelina might work with director Luc Besson, and it might come sooner rather than later. Deadline reports:

Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in an untitled big-scale movie written and directed by Luc Besson. Besson currently has The Lady in the Oscar mix, but this film sounds like a closer cousin to early Besson efforts like The Professional, La Femme Nikita and The Fifth Element.

I’m told that there are serious talks going on for Jolie to star next spring in a dramatic thriller that is rooted in true scientific elements. Besson’s EuropaCorp developed it and will co-finance, and negotiations are already underway with a studio for domestic distribution. The Besson film would be Jolie’s next as an actress, and it would come before she teams with director Ridley Scott on a historical epic about Gertrude Bell that The Constant Gardener scribe Jeffrey Caine is currently rewriting. I’m told there’s a high likelihood that both films will land at the same studio.

The latter film is an epic adventure about a British aristocrat who helped define the current Middle East and the borders of Iraq after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. She became a seminal figure in Middle East politics during the run-up to WWI, acting in roles that ranged from archaeologist to diplomat, photographer and spy. Jolie is also moving quickly on Maleficent, the Linda Woolverton-scripted revisionist take on the Sleeping Beauty tale for Walt Disney Pictures, and she is getting closer to playing medical examiner Kay Scarpetta in the Fox 2000 drama based on the Patricia Cornwell novel series. Kario Salem has turned in a script he wrote in close collaboration with the author, based on her bestselling novel series.

[From Deadline]

Angelina working with Luc Besson? That could be interesting and weird and maybe even great. Why is it that she’ll sign on to this weird action/sci-fi, but when she was offered a bajillion dollars to make Gravity, she was all “NO!”? I still don’t understand that.

Photos courtesy of Fame & The Fashion Spot.

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  1. sosuzy says:

    Wow, if she gets pregnant, she will have to eat again!!!

  2. theaPie says:

    Haha! Love the silly faces! I’ve never seen a photo shoot where she does that, and it’s endearing.

  3. Eve says:

    The white coat is fantastic!

    She looks beautiful in these pictures — particularly the one where she’s bitting her lip…so sexy! (take that, Kristen Stewart!).

  4. Bite me says:

    The marie Claire article was a great read… Apparently zahara is taking horseback rIding lessons

  5. lisa says:

    Damn that cover is Amazing. Beautiful.

    I love how her covers are always about her face. never those stupid outfits they put others in (especially when we see the same outfit worn over and over again).. the pictures are stunning. But she does great shoots and shows you can be sexy and relaxed without getting naked.

    I like her comment regarding the lawsuit. don’t give it much focus. And she is right it happens all the time on almost every film.

    Just a couple of fan notes. Brad was on Charlie Rose last night, and Angie also taped a segment that is where she is going in the pics. She is wearing a sleeveless dress she wore at an earlier event. I’m sure some super fan will have it up on youtube soon. Jonah Hill was on Jon Stewart last night. Talked a lot about Brad. He stayed in Brad/Angie’s home in NOLA while he shot 21 Jump Street.. funny how the insiders never know these kinds of details.

    and the reviews or pre-reviews of her film have all been VERY VERY POSITIVE.. so “no need for anyone to be concerned or worried” that the film didn’t turn out well. There are loads of tweets saying how blown away they are.. How she blew their minds..

    Clapping for our (fans) girl.

  6. Aria says:

    Looks adorable in that photoshoot! Love her!

  7. mln76 says:

    I think these photos are the best of her I’ve ever seen (and that really says something). Good job Marie Claire!!!

  8. Maya says:

    I love the pajama pictures where she’s making goofy faces. After two months of seeing Katie Holmes and Kim Kardashian on the cover of one of my favorite magazines, it’s good to see someone like Angelina there!

  9. ella says:

    Her lips looks horrible in the first picture…..and definitely needs to eat

  10. Bananarama says:

    Jennifer (Aniston), Angelina stopped taking drugs years ago, and shes never been a drinker. Unlike someone else…

  11. TXCinderella says:

    She is strikingly beautiful and a good Mom too? Brad is one lucky dude.

  12. Suze says:

    Yesterday, in the red carpet shots, I said she looked ill. But she is drop-dead stunning in these pics.

  13. Sara says:

    She is no doubt one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, but just so frail. Could you imagine what she would look like 15 lbs. heavier? She would look ten years younger for sure!

  14. islandgirl says:

    She is so beautiful and so amazing and inspiring. Love my girl crush Angie

  15. DarkEmpress says:

    I love the cover. Simply beautiful. I love her beige and White outfit. She looks much better in neutrals than she does in black. She looks better when the fit is tailored. I think she tries to wear looser clothing because she has pouty lips and a large bust so she doesn’t want to appear overly sexual.

  16. lin234 says:

    Wow that cover picture is so stunning. She’s one of the few people out there that needs very little photoshop. Her skin is amazing.

    She may not have much style but she always brings it when it comes to coats.

  17. islandgirl says:

    Just ignore the haters. They came here looking for attention.

  18. Ari says:

    This shoot is wonderful! I love it.

    I think Besson and her would be a great match. He is one of the best!

  19. olivia says:

    1)”I had the flu,” Jolie says of how she came to write the script. “I had to be quarantined from the children for two days. I was in the attic of a house in France. I was isolated, pacing. I don’t watch TV and I wasn’t reading anything. So I started writing. I went from the beginning to the end. I didn’t know any other way.” She says she then let Brad take the script to read on a trip: “He called and said, ‘You know, honey, it’s not that bad.’” … ial-debut/

    2)Angelina revealed she started writing the script during Shiloh’s art class, “and spent most of my time on my little notepads.” … z1fpUutkYr

    if you have any other versions of how she wrote the script, go ahead :)

    • lisa says:


      you really are sad.

      Why does it bother you so much that she and her family are happy and she is successful.

      Has she done something to you on a personal note. Because your hate is beyond not liking a certain celebrity. It seems to go too deep. I get not liking her.. but you have kind of gone over an edge and may need to check yourself.

      She doesn’t know you or me. But you seem to follow so much of what she says and does. Maybe too much time on your hands. Perhaps you should devote that extra time to your family or the celebs you like. Angie is too much under your skin.

      just a bit scared for you.

    • lisa says:

      and your research shows that she did the outline in a few days.. then wrote the script over time.

    • dede says:

      Hey guys..Olivia is from FemaleFirst this is the same stuff they wrote on their site..FF thinks Jolie is in the CIA did voodoo to get Brad and was never pregnant..anyways Oivia if you read the actual full interview you would see Jolie says she wrote the story over the course of ONE next time read the full thing not just excerpts

      • Eve says:

        Dede, we already know that. I’m an Angelina Jolie fan, but I kinda like Olivia — she’s like our mascot :) .

      • I hope our *mascot* doesn’t have a heart attack before Christmas…

      • Emma says:

        Dede, you left out the Female First theory about how ‘teenaged’ Angelina Jolie went after married Mick Jagger (with her mother’s encouragement), had an affair with him, got pregnant, and gave the child (a boy) to (then wife) Jerry Hall to raise. LOL!! They are obsessed with comparisons of one of Jagger’s son’s to Jolie’s look.

        I find that the big difference between Female First and Ian (Halperin) Undercover (IUC) and their hatred of all things Angelina Jolie and/or Jolie-Pitt is this: At Female First, they hate Angelina Jolie with the passion of a million suns and the Jolie-Pitt Brand to a slightly lesser degree.

        Whereas at Ian Undercover, they hate Angelina Jolie with the passion of a hundred-thousand suns for bewitching poor, stupid Brad Pitt and using sex magic–and all those children–to trick him into leaving his beloved Jennifer Aniston, the most perfect and naturally beautiful woman alive, who ‘might’ just take him back after he suffers first for leaving her for the Evil one, Angelina Jolie, and writes “I will not be mean to my angle Jennifer Aniston” a thousand times.

        These two sites give new meaning to the term ‘Interactive Fan Fiction,’ and have taken it to another level.

  20. Celebasshat says:

    Angie 2 me is a very stunning woman but i dnt worship d ground she walks on cus she is no saint unlike kaiser and other commenters here.

  21. NotaBitterBetty says:

    That cover is just fabulous. Wow.

  22. Bananarama says:

    Bite me, I sincerely hope you are being sarcastic, but that rubbish is what the homewreckerAnistonlovers truly believe. They’re unhinged.

  23. Bananarama says:

    “She is saint and clean as angels tears.”
    Sums up exactly how the loonistons see Aniston. They DO believe she poops rainbows.

  24. paranormalgirl says:

    I love her hair in the pajama shots.

  25. mln76 says:

    Just like lisa I feel really bad for the obsessed Angie stalkers that have enslaved themselves to finding the craziest and worst things to believe about her. Sadly they can’t admit to themselves how much of their lives are focused on Angie so they have to call their fans loons. Call me a loonie but at least I don’t spend every waking hour concentrating on someone I hate.

  26. Amanda says:

    Why do her eyes look blue? I always thought she had green eyes.

  27. casey says:

    omg, i thought the newsweek cover is best cover but i think this one is better.she is stunning.what a beautiful face.she is PERFECTION.i could stare on that face all day.can’t wait for my copies of newsweek and mc, but since i am from europe i have to wait a week or two.i have all angie’s ,except the tabs, mag covers since 2005 plus all her dvd’s.they are a lot because i bought 2 copies each..wish i can see her someday to have her sign even 2 of those collections.i really love her.never admired hollywood stars before.she is my only favorite.don’t care about the others.

  28. Pat says:

    Well there is nothing wrong with promoting a film as a director – but um I think that this is over kill. She is everywhere and no one cares really. Her stories can not even make it to the top five on people magazine. Have you ever see a director in multiple magazines, multiple talk shows, etc. I realize that she loves to talk about her peronsonal life – but what about the actors. If she was a true director she would be talking them up more and tring to put them in the front not herself. Poorly played Angie – I know you like attention – but enough already.

    • Emma says:

      @Pat … if you haven’t bothered to watch or read any of her recent interviews (which you obviously haven’t, if you’re asking why she doesn’t promote her cast), judge her on what she hasn’t done? She isn’t getting any more coverage than any other actress or director does prior to the release of an anticipated film.

  29. dena says:

    I wish this famewhoring psycho would STFU. Every time she has something to promote she trots out her children, her vacant womb, and her sexual proclivities.

  30. lucy2 says:

    Definitely a good photo shoot. I agree she looks better with a few more lbs on her, but these are nice photos.

  31. bros says:

    you guys can check out what she looks like unphotshopped here

    still looks pretty damn good

  32. OK says:

    Thanks to professional photography and photoshop she looks presentable.

  33. casey says:

    some people her are really keep on attacking angie by bringing up her past becasuse there’s nothing you can attack her for than her past.this why i love angie more because she is not perfect and not trying to be.she may have a perfect face but she is not a perfect person.she have made a lot of mistakes in the past but turned her life around and do so many good things in the world which these judgemental people haven’t done.and who are you or am i to judge know what despite of her past and attack from the press, many people around the world love and admire her.those are people who doesn’t care about what negative is written in the internet.she is a good person , that is why she is being blessed.

  34. Toe says:

    OMG!!! That face, THAT FACE!!
    She’s sooo beautful

  35. sharylmj says:

    wow… so so so pretty.. those eyes are amazing!! I love her in these shots, her hair is gorgeous and she looks happy and relaxed. This is probably how she is at home. Except with no make up and kiddies all around :)

  36. toto says:

    stunning photoshoot and very good interview..

    people please be nice to FF women they r having a heart a attack not only baz of her stunning face but mostly about(what she said about Brad) in the interview…they hate they made it that far n have mercy on them .

    btw she said something about Shiloh made me really giggle …

  37. Lindy says:

    I have mostly stopped reading any of the AJ posts, because, YAWN. Who cares. But every now and then I come on, break out the popcorn and watch the AJ fans write love letters to their personal goddess (and the occasional JA fans dissenting–though it always seems to me that the AJ loonies are much more…vociferous). I love Celebitchy because it’s funny and well-written and not bland but also not totally hateful. I get the feeling that people who comment on these threads (either JA or AJ) are wayyyy over-invested in the lives of these celebrities. It can’t be healthy.

  38. ShanKat says:

    I liked it when she never spoke.

  39. Criss says:

    I’m jealous of her skinniness, beauty, husband, kids, money, acting career, contributions etc. 2 things I’m NOT jealous of: her dad and her cesareans.

  40. Sakyiwaa says:

    She’s looks AWESOME! and i know she’s gonna get bigger! She is… Once all of this is over, I think she’ll be more relaxed!

  41. Cali says:

    I love Angelina, but she is a bit frail, but still amazingly beautiful and these pics capture her fun side too. I LOVE it! It also baffles me how many of her “haters” are the first to comment on her post and attack those who like her. Look, if it bothers you to see someone who is happy, beautiful, loved and seems to have everything in life they want then do the world a favor and save yourself from your miserable existence, Angelina Jolie has nothing to do with your failures!

  42. donnamae54 says:

    One of the best photo’s of Jolie to date, but she looked like a scary witch in that black outfit, or boat neck dress at her premier! Most people talk abut her weight but fail to notice that most actresses today weighs no more than a size 0 to 2, news reporters on the major networks seem to be following in the starlette direction when it comes to weight, take a good look, they too are very skinny. Kelly for Regis and kelly just look at her size, the problem with Jolie is that she is tall and have very long legs. Jolie and Brad Pitt must be planning a baby farm when they retire to that chalis in Italy.

  43. Julia says:

    Beautiful, brainy, intelligent mature, well spoken, articulate young woman with very mature projects and mature diverse interests who rather take care of her brains than her body..

    No wonder a certain group of people FF who worship the antithesis of that type of woman, a true juvenile bimbo straight in line with the likes of younger jessica Simpson, a woman whose professional ambition is to become a Bond girl at 40+ and who finds it challenging not putting mascara on for a role are losing it.

    I mean intellect versus bimbo, mature verus juvenile….i mean one whose project is supported by the likes of Amanpour while the other one is supported by the likes of Chelsea Handler.

    I rest my case…

  44. Bananarama says:

    Lindy, your passive-aggressive attack on AJ ‘loonies’ can equally, in fact moreso apply to the JA loonifers (which you tellingly call ‘fans’). 97% of the net are more vociferously loonifers and slam AJ and even call children names. Please, next time you pretend to be a casual observer, read a variety of gossip blogs on the net; you’ll find that the loonifers are dangerously unstable and no matter how staunch and impassioned the AJ fans are for the 3% of the net they make up, they can never be asseriously sick, dangerous and unhinged as the loonistons. Check out Female First if you don’t believe me.

  45. Bananarama says:

    lucy2, of course they don’t outright say those words, but its more than obvious when they call her perfect, sweet, America’s Sweetheart, I love her she can do no wrong, ‘I never will stop loving Jen’ (these are all things JA fans do actually say actual posts). They truly think she is an angel from heaven, that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Some are morally bankrupt in that they excuse Aniston’s homewrecking and cheating because to them society’s rules do not apply to thou great Jennifer Aniston. They do not hold JA up to the same standards they do AJ and they even do moral gymnastics to avoid accepting the reality that JA is a homewrecking skank, by blaming HEIDI for JA homewrecking Heidi and Justin’s relationsip. Some of them exhibit hypocrisy, duplicity and a lack or moral standards in this issue. They’ve pulled every trick in the book (ie they weren’t married, its Heidi’s fault, he wouldn’t marry her so its her fault, maybe she was a stalker which is why she wouldn’t move out of their *shared* home until the weekend JT and JA went public, or Heidi is just a b*tch etc), they’ve blamed Heidi; anything and everything to avoid applying the same moral standards to JA that they do to AJ. There is a great lack of moral standards and common moral decency on that side. Believe me, some of her fans are the most immoral people you could converse with and they truly believe Aniston sh*ts rainbows and pees sunrays.

    • Deltona lakes says:

      FF’s and IUC’s find JA boring too. That’s why they rag on angie. If their is an item about JA and her new boy toy 25% of comments will be about that and the other 75% will be about brad and Angie and I’m giving them benefit since I believe it’s more 10/90.

  46. Bananarama says:

    Further the site I mentioned above shows how truly lacking in all sense of human dencency and morals JA fans are. FF proves it, her fans see nothing wrong with supporting a dirty homewrecker. To them, if he isn’t married, he is fair game for JA to crack on to, even if he is another woman’s man. There is no girl code with them; they have no morals whatsoever and they cannot actually see this themselves. But its true, JA fans (especially FFers) have no sense of right from wrong. They have no morals.

  47. nan says:

    Love the silly faces. What a beautiful woman inside and out. I just adore this whole family.

  48. Helen R.S. says:

    “Jolie was overheard joking that the family should ‘take their holiday photo’ from the spot [on the hotel roof], with its sweeping views of the city.”
    …um….hilarious?? That Ang sure can tell a good “joke”

  49. Callumna says:

    It’s weird seeing her do the no-brain Zoolander model face in the top pic.

    Didn’t realize until now the model face pose truly is an empty headed deer in headlights thing.

  50. Raised Brow says:

    Brad captured the exact ‘silly face’ Angie’s making in the 2nd pajama pic in the ‘W’ Magazine 2008 spread. They were his personal pics of Ang and the kids at their French chateau. She knows how to be silly. Give the woman some credit for being a mom to 6 kids under the age of 11.

  51. spinner says:

    Now THAT’S a cover shot. WOW!! I would like to have a pair of those PJ’s.

  52. diane says:

    You know what? She certainly can afford to have a lot of children and the ones she has now seem loved and well adjusted. Go for it.

  53. laylajane says:

    She looks great in the photo shoot (due to photshop)the pictures in the white coat she looks like Jennifer Garner to me aka nothing special.

    She has some serious wrinkles coming. I see a facelift on the way any day now. Everyone will be saying how refreshed she looks.

  54. Eve says:

    You guys (Jolie fans) should stop bringing FF and IUC up every time there’s a post about Jolie on Celebitchy. I know they lurk around here and that many times they post their nonsensical comments but let it be. It’s better to ignore them.

    It almost feels like you’re all conjuring them up. If you want to have an argument with these people that badly, just draw a pentagram on the floor of your living rooms, repeat the websites’s names five times and they’ll eventually show up IN PERSON to discuss the Jolie-Pitts with you.

  55. Bananarama1 says:

    Completely agree Julia.

  56. Eve says:

    You guys (Jolie fans) should stop bringing FF and IUC up every time there’s a post about Jolie on Celebitchy. I know they lurk around here and that many times they post their nonsensical comments but let it be. It’s better to ignore them.

    It almost feels like you’re all conjuring them up. If you want to have an argument with these people that badly, just draw a pentagram on the floor of your living rooms, repeat the websites’s names five times and they’ll eventually show up IN PERSON to discuss the Jolie-Pitts with you.

  57. Lili says:

    She is beyond gourgeous. I BET she smells great :)

  58. BELLA says:

    Its no wonder why Brad fell for her!She is beautiful,stunning in all aspects of her life!Cant say that about anyone else in Hollywood.

  59. NM9005 says:

    Love the coverphoto and the one where she lies down with the camera but the “silly” photos don’t suit her. It seems contrived, tense and out of character for her which is odd since she’s an actress after all. This is why she can’t do comedy. Even that joke is off.

    Skating over the comments and see things like FF come up. Even JP fans know that site! I visited that crazy site once (because ironically JP fans can’t shut up about it) and saw enough (calling the twins retards and trying to look for medical excuses to justify that crazy shit). Uh, yeah never again.
    Same old comparisons and theories when somebody doesn’t talk completely pro-JP. Good ‘ole JP thread!

  60. kimm says:

    God, this woman is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  61. Javagirl1 says:

    Wow as trashy as AJ used to be, today she’s classing up the sites. What with the Courtney Stodden, linnocent, Kim K posts ( not that I don’t love them,) AJ comes across as a breath of fresh air amongst the celebrity trash. Go Angie!

  62. Javagirl1 says:

    Wow as trashy as AJ used to be, today she’s classing up the celeb gossip sites. What with the Courtney Stodden, linnocent, Kim K posts ( not that I don’t love them,) AJ comes across as a breath of fresh air amongst a bunch ofcelebrity trash. Go Angie!

  63. Javagirl1 says:

    Oops doulble post. Wouldn’t take it the first time

  64. Moi says:

    She’s toting out big guns to promote this film.

  65. Bird says:

    That last picture is positively frightening. She looks like Amanda Lepore.

  66. hopeso says:

    I love the Joile-Pitt. As long as she gives the interview to the Mag. i buy. I bought Newsweek from the stand at my job this afternoon because the guy only had 2 left i couldn’t read it at work so i red it on the train good, good article by Ms. De Giovanni. I cant wait to get Marie Claire.

  67. sandy#1 says:

    whew!!!! the lady is beautiful, intelligent, photos are really great, loved all her interviews, very insightful.

  68. Isa says:

    Love the photos! And the coat! She is so beautiful.

  69. Nan says:

    Is it just me or she looking a bit waxy lately? Girl needs to eat a sandwich…she’s a pretty woman and the scarecrow look does her no favors.

  70. lisa says:

    I love the promotion for this movie.. Spot on. And yes that cover is just flawless.

    She has such a fun side that is not focused on. Watch her interviews promoting KFP2 or ones outside the US. The US media is always asking those same dumbass questions. But when you see the foreign media they go outside the box. Asking silly fun questions. Angie has a great sense of humor. Fans know this. and yes her smile is just so open.

    notice all the actual people who know her say this. It is only the media and others that like to paint her a certain way.

    FAN notes: Can’t wait for the premier tonight. And she is also on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter with Jennifer Yuh Nelson (KFP2). The buzz around ITLOBH as been very positive. So way to go Angie.

  71. osariemen says:

    Jeez! So many of you AJ loonies and haters need to get busy. This is not healthy.

  72. osariemen says:

    Jeez! All you Anjelina loonies and haters need to get a life. This can not be healthy.

  73. lisa says:

    aww perfect name for you. or was that the point.

  74. Kelly says:

    Interesting. So you have documentation of how much she drinks, and what types of “drugs” she takes, LOL? I sincerely doubt that she could do everything she does if she had any kind of substance abuse problem. Because substance abuse requires a serious time commitment!

  75. laurielou2 says:

    Lisa: That was the PERFECT reply! Well played.

  76. Bite me says:

    I read in star magazine that she use voodoo to get Brad ! Also Johnny lee Miller is Shiloh bio dad… And she only carried one of the twins… And she still uses heroin on yeah she a HOMEWREcker… Now did i miss anything :) oh yeAh brad and her are so over after award season

  77. Bananarama says:

    Jennifer (Aniston), she never wore blood. A tiny pinprick of blood in the center of a locket, is not exactly vials of blood. Oh, and please get your facts straight. She gave her brother a greeting kiss ON the lips – closed mouth. No tongue. You are inventing your own fantasy to defend your narrowmindedness.

  78. Bananarama says:

    Celebasshat, I have never in my time on various boards ever, once, EVER, seen any fan of Angelina’s who has ever referred to her as a saint, or even hinted that they see her as a saint. The only people who ever refer to her as a saint, as those that dislike/hate her. On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston fans, now they truly see Aniston as next in line to be canonized a saint and honestly believe she is faultless, perfect in every way, is never responsible for her own actions and that she is a snowglobe princess who sh8ts rainbows.

  79. lucy2 says:

    LOL, I’ve never seen an Aniston fan say that either. I think you might be reaching with that one.
    In my opinion, the super-fans and super-haters of each of these women both go a little overboard sometimes. But to each their own, I guess!

  80. Kelly says:

    LMAO! You forgot to say that she’s anorexic and lives on 3 gummi bears a day. And a quart of vodka!

  81. Emma says:

    Hmmmm … I’ve never seen any of that in “Star” magazine, but I ‘have’ seen the ‘One of the twins is Johnny Lee Miller’s child’ theory (you got that one wrong) at the Female First site.

  82. Camille says:

    @ Bite Me:

    You forgot to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how she is ‘sooooooo skinny’ and that she is ‘a bag of bones’ . :roll:

  83. Raven Sparrow says:

    Sorry, the reply button doesn’t seem to be working..


    I don’t really think it was just a pinprick.Her own words around 2:23 :

  84. Bananarama says:

    Spinner, I said some fans. But when it comes to FF, they definitely are, and sorry to say, its far from ‘sweeping generalizations’.

  85. G says:

    @raven sparrow re the video…

    I think a lot of young artists and philosophy majors can relate to how Angelina felt about the world. It’s clear that she’s young,authentic and struggling to find meaning beyond pat platitudes.

    I certainly can’t find anything here to hate her for. I really can see how she’s come to terms with her existential lonliness to become an adoptive mother an evolving artist and a philanthropist.

  86. NM9005 says:

    I don’t find the blood that morbid and her writing in blood was sincere but she was mentally out of it in that period and she admits herself that she led a dangerous life with drugs so I don’t see how philosphy majors can relate to that.It’s not artistic to be depressed/mentally ill. More like psychology majors imo.

    I think she’s more philosophical now with all the horrors she sees on her travels. I think now she can now put her own life and problems in perspective when she encounters and studies global issues. When she was in her craycray period, she seemed very egotistical and world-weary (she only had one note and that was trying to shock) and Tomb Raider opened her eyes to another world.

    But check out 0:50, I love BBT as an actor and he’s a smart man but that was such a dumb answer. Something Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants would say :D .

  87. Raven Sparrow says:

    I’m not trying to make any point here except responding to “pinprick of blood in a locket” and getting facts straight.

    We were all young , we all did our own wild things.We all grew up. I have no problem with Angelina and actually like her alot.