Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan banging the same 20 year-old guy

Lindsay Lohan was seen out and about this spring with 20 year-old British model and singer Jamie Burke, who also went out with Kate Moss briefly.

Lindsay had lunch with Burke, who looks like a 90s grunge verstion of Johnny Depp, at paparrazi hot spot The Ivy yesterday. She came in with a bunch of friends but then Jamie joined them, and Lindsay was all too willing to be photographed with him. It seems like The Ivy is Lindsay’s favorite way of announcing to the press that she’s banging an old boyfriend.

Burke was also recently photographed holding hands with 42 year-old Courteney Love! They went to another paparrazi-target restaurant, Mr. Chow, and it looked like they were out on a date:

Courtney and James had dinner on Oct. 22 at Beverly Hills eatery Mr. Chow and left hand-in-hand, kissing, an eyewitness tells

Despite the couple’s 22-year age difference, they made sparks fly!

“They definitely looked like they were on a date, and they seemed really into each other,” the eyewitness says.

This guy must have an album coming out or something he wants to promote, because he got rid of Lohan back in the spring and he can’t be dumb enough to get back with her. And Courtney Love? That’s got publicity stunt written all over it.

Here’s Lohan at the Hollywood Awards on 10/23. [via

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8 Responses to “Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan banging the same 20 year-old guy”

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  1. Farnsworth says:

    Let’s just hope he uses super-strong condoms 🙂

  2. Poor Boopie says:

    OMG! That guy better get to the VD clinic and get himself swabbed! Courtney Love is the petrie dish of venereal diseases!

  3. Alexi says:

    Thx Ms CB – love the post – always like to hear about rocker chick ms love…22 years you go girl!!!

  4. Viv says:

    “the petrie dish of venereal diseases” HAHAHA, Boopie, you summed it up quite appropriately.

  5. skip says:

    Yeah, she just like Althea the character she played in the people versus larry flynt, Junked out old mess full of pustual diseases.

  6. MIch says:

    What’s funny is why are they involved with same guy?

  7. Poor Boopie says:

    thanks Viv

  8. helen says:

    God he’s ugly,look at the only trash in Hollywood that will go out with him.