Helena Christiansen’s still got it as Agent Provocateur’s new model

Lingerie line Agent Provocateur has made some unusual choices for company models in the past. Kate Moss, Maggie Gyllenhall and Naomi Campbell have all served as models for various ad campaigns. This time around, the company recruited 39-year-old Helena Christiansen as the centerpiece for their sexy new “Pirates”-themed ad campaign. Christiansen looks great as the Pirate Queen, posing provocatively with a Viggo Mortensen lookalike while brandishing a pistol and a sword.

Danish supermodel Helena Christensen puts on a bold front as a pirate temptress in this provocative shot for a lingerie campaign.

The 39-year-old model makes a special guest appearance in a raunchy new campaign for the lingerie house, and promptly steals the show from model of the moment Alice Dellal.

Helena, who hits 40 on Christmas Day stars as as a voluptuous ‘Pirate Queen’ in the latest Agent Provocateur video…

The video is inspired by artist William Hogarth’s ‘A Rake’s Progress and ‘Strolling actresses in a Barn’.

Agent Provocateur founder Joe Corre said: ‘She fits the bill perfectly as our Pirate Queen.’

[From Daily Mail via Huffington Post]

Helena is still quite sexy and knows how to work it for the cameras. She may not be quite as amazing as she was circa “Wicked Game” video but she’s still got it. No wonder there’s a long list of hot Hollywood men who would still get in line to spend some time with her. I’m glad to see so many of the 90′s supermodels still finding work. Today’s models just aren’t as memorable – with a few exceptions, they’re a bunch of blank slates with no personality. I also love that Helena isn’t afraid to go out without her makeup once in a while. As for Agent Provocateur, I was just clicking around on the website and actually came across a small but very sexy collection of lingerie for pregnant and nursing women. Wow! If I had the extra $110 to spare, I’d totally splurge on that leopard print bra. But my money’s going toward a nursery.

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  1. Blue says:

    Nice lingerie, but I am sticking to underwhere Dita designs.

  2. xxx says:

    Yet another celeb that loses years as they get older. She’s in her 40′s. Just admit it already! I remember when she was dating Bono she was several years older than me. She looks fantastic.

  3. gracie says:

    Awwww….we should totally chip in and get MSat the leopard skin bra.

    It’s so important when you’re pregnant to have things that make you feel really womanly and sexy. Little indulgences.

  4. jennifer says:

    She’s my all-time favourite supermodel, hands down :)

  5. Anne says:

    The photo with the pistol and boots is the only one where she looks like herself. She’s been photoshopped beyond recognition in the other shots.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Nice pics.

    The backstory on the “Wicked Games” video is really funny – apparently, Chris Isaac was all over her for real, and she couldn’t stand the guy. :lol:

  7. jess says:

    she (and gisele) have always looked too manly for me…

  8. Anna says:

    Her face freaks me out, big time! I look at these pics and all I hear is Tyra Banks say: “watch your jawline” and “smile with your eyes, do that half-squint”!!

  9. Sickitten says:

    Her eyes are such a unique blend of colors. Blue, gray, green with a little amber thrown in. Gorgeous woman.

  10. jsan says:

    When did smiling become passe? Seems like all the models look like corpses these days.

  11. frewt says:

    Well she’s gorgeous and good on them for using someone who doesn’t look like she should be in school but the photos are so doctored and enhanced, I wonder why they bother using models at all anymore.

  12. Buttercup says:

    She looks great, but would have liked to see her smile a bit.