Clint Eastwood was dead set against reality show, but his wife insisted

A few weeks ago, a truly heartbreaking story broke about Clint Eastwood going over to the dark side. We learned that Clint and his family were filming a reality show, which would primarily star his wife, Dina Ruiz, and the two teenaged daughters of the house. I also discussed the horrible news in terms of Clint’s potential loss of mystique and assumption of dorkdom by allowing cameras into his house to watch him shuffle around in boxer shorts while scratching his balls. Again, nothing good can possibly come of this.

This week’s Enquirer doubles down on the story by confirming what we already knew — that Clint has agreed to make a few limited cameo appearances. However, an insider maintains that Clint was vehemently opposed to his family signing on the dotted line at all, and he only gave in after a lengthy campaign from the women of the house. Cue the drama:

Clint Eastwood may be one of Hollywood’s most famous tough guys, but he’s a real pushover in his own house!

The Dirty Harry actor’s wife Dina and two of his teenage daughters have strong-armed the star into agreeing to take part in a new reality show!

Although the 81-year-old screen icon hates the idea of letting cameras into the family home, he buckled under pressure from Dina, their daughter Morgan, 15, and Clint’s 18-year-od daughter Francesca, a friend of the family told The ENQUIRER.

“Clint’s an extremely private guy and hates the idea of having TV crews around the house, perring into their everyday lives,” said the friend. “After a lot of arm-twisting, Clint finally agreed. But he said he would only appear in a few cameos, at the very most.”

The source continued: “Clint’s wife and daughters begged him to do it, so what could he say? They wore him down. It’s clear who wears the pants in his family!”

According to the source, Francesca wanted her dad to do it to help with her budding acting career. And Dina, a 46-year-old TV news anchor, hopes a reality show will help launch a possible modeling career for Morgan.

Although the show is being produced by the same people responsible for the Kardashians’ shows, the last thing Dina wants is for her family to come off looking like that drama-filled clan.

“In fact, Dina is hoping that having the cameras around will provide LESS drama for Morgan,” noted the friend. “Dina’s hoping that having cameras around will make her settle down and concentrate on school, among other things.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, January 2, 2012]

So basically, Dina (who shall henceforth be known as The Other White Oprah) is hoping that a reality show will fix her family’s problems? If anything at all, having a spotlight will only amplify what’s already wrong in the house, and it sounds like the entire affair is already causing tension between her and Clint in their marriage. How awful to let something like famewhore aspirations taint a 15-year-marriage, but it’s not as if his wife and daughters just thought of wanting to do a reality show out of the blue.

Unfortunately and if this story is correct, Clint’s probably got a tendency to let his girls do whatever they want. Or at the very least, he’s becoming a pushover in his advanced age. The Man with No Name would be so utterly disappointed.

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  1. brin says:

    Don’t do it Clint….run for the hills (Cue the spaghetti western music!)!

    • Carolyn says:

      But he’s Dirty Harry. Surely no-one can make him do anything he doesn’t want to? Surely he said “go ahead make my day” at some point in the conversation (without the gun of course). This is such a baaad idea.

  2. Eleonor says:

    Everything I read about this is delusional. Clint’s wife comes out as a famewhore, and what it’s absurd is that she’s not Kris Jenners, or Dina Lohan, she doesn’t need to sell her soul to the devil, to be relevant!
    I understand having wife and daughters against you must be taugh (and Clint is 81) but for God’s sake Clint Eastwood in a reality show…if things go worst (as I think they’ll do) we could probably see a divorce in the future.

  3. Jackie says:

    really awful idea.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Should have stuck to your guns, Clint!

    Obviously, TOWO has never seen Cinema Verite. Or that one reality show featuring those trashy girls (I know, I know, they ALL feature trashy girls), one of whom was busted as part of that H-Wood theft ring and, later, heroin. Or any reality show, really.

    But I find it hard to believe a “news anchor” has never heard of head-shots and modelling agencies, and I’m sure they can afford a tutor.

    • Eleonor says:

      Exactly, if you are Clint Eastwood’s daughter you can have chances we common people can’t even dream of,but at a certain point you have to start to work. Having a reality show it’s easier. I think they must have discussed about this, and now we see the result.
      Apparently their mother is happy to raise two famewhores who’s career is promoting themself, congratulations.
      But Clint…why Clint? Take a horse and run away.

    • name says:


      That is NOT Frances Fisher with them in the DailyMail article. That woman is actually Dina’s mother (who would be Morgan’s grandmother and Clint’s mother-in-law). Clint is 35 years older than Dina, and Dina’s mother had her when she was 19. So Clint is 16 years older than his mother-in-law.

  5. ds says:

    Why Clint? Whyyyy?

  6. Agnes says:

    I second all of you. Why??? WHY??? WHY???

  7. Jayna says:

    This is what happens when you marry a much younger woman who gives up a career or never had a career. They hit 40s and are in a midlife crisis and kids are older. Look at Larry King six years ago or so out pimping trying to help his wife launch her country singing career. I felt embarrassed for him just like I do Clint.

    • She had a career. She was news anchor for a Monterey, CA tv station when Clint married her. Very small market. She was awful. Since then, she’s obviously had coaching; I’ve seen her host a few shows and she’s far more professional. But there’s nothing dumber than this idea, for sure.

  8. Hautie says:

    It is not that hard for any legit actor, with a little pull, to get his kids hired.

    Especially someone like Clint. Who has all kinds of pull with Warner Bro.’s.

    So I am more curious what the real deal is behind this show.

    There is more to it than helping the girls “get a career”. Clint has more than enough connections to get those girls the breaks they need to succeed.

    That is unless they are both lack any real talent. And fame whoring seems to their only answer.

    • ol cranky says:

      Aaah but while Clint’s daughter from his previous marriage was able to get gigs (I think she may direct now) she did not become the star her father is and Dina wants her children to become stars. I actually think the increase in public lunatic behavior by those with genuine acting/music careers is due to the fact they’re fighting with the reality show celebrities to get coverage and attention.

      The saddest thing is, they don’t care that this reality show undermines Clint’s reputation.

    • Reece says:

      Nah. Lack of talent doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be hired. Clint Eastwood is their father. End of discussion.

  9. JH says:

    F**ck me Bedhead!

    The first thing I read was “Clint Eastwood was dead…”

    Then my brain stopped reading as I thought what a crappy Christmas his family must’ve had.

    Thank heavens we still have Clint :)

  10. Bopa says:

    When has a reality show ever fixed a families problems. That would only make sense if her problem is trying to get Clint to agree to a divorce because that’s all I see coming from this.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I will never watch this show. I will cling to my memories of Clint in Hamburger Hill and Gran Torino. This reality show hell will never touch my psyche! Unite and ignore this show, Clint fans! OK, maybe I’m going a bit over the top – but you know what I mean.

  12. Walice says:

    Thanks for the warning, its on the mental agenda to NEVER tune in…. I want to keep Clint as he is, in my mind, and his movies….

  13. ella says:

    I still love him!

  14. Lilalis says:

    OMG I have so much respect for Eastwood and his work, why does he do this? Won’t watch and really hope that shit is not too embarassing for him.

  15. Victoria says:

    More like the Multiracial Christina (if you’re Latino, you get it1). I was praying that Dina wasn’t behind this and that one poster was right about how the ex-wife had talked her into doing it for his daughter from that marriage.

    People said that sounded skeevy, but I was just hoping because this chick was a journalist and has one of the most well respected guys on her arm, WHY would she want to do a low grade reality show?

    ¡Ay Dios! Estoy abato caca caliente en su cara, Dina!

  16. BerMan says:

    Dear Mr. Eastwood, please do not go ahead and do this t.v. show. My entire family of 123 does not want it either. If your daughter wants to act..then wtf tell her to work for it like a million other actors are there..perhaps she feels you’re not helping enough to get her she turns to the dark side and does a reality show for self promotion ala K clan inspite of you. Or she/mother wife wants the world to see the other side of you at home…mean, cold, abusive ala Taylor HWsBH.. . Shows like this always, ALWAYS some awful, mean, crap comes out, whether its a drinking or drug problem, marriage problems, money problems., we can go on and on.. Be prepare cause marriages are known to break down in the reality /real world. And certainly your private life Mr. Eastwood will NEVER be private again. Be prepare for paparazzi and mad media attention every where you and your family will go. No more peace, quiet and privacy that you Mr. Eastwood and your family had for so many years. All gone!! – All perhaps there’s something your ‘family’ wants us to see and know and expose on television? There’s always a secret(s) and (b.s) reality t.v. is a source for many other people who will profit of your pain, sorrow and demise. Mr. Eastwood please reconsider and put a stop to this.
    Sadly and respectfully,
    From my family.

  17. irishserra says:

    I’ve always been disappointed – make that disgusted – with what Hollywood has become. Entertainment with no value or substance. Hastily thrown together reality shows further numbing the catatonic minds of future generations.

    But I had at least maintained a shred of comfort by desperately clinging to the last threads of quality and substance in the manifestations of Eastwood and the like… and now that’s gone… all gone.

  18. iseepinkelefants says:

    I’m against it, especially when you’re a-list like Clint doing some bottom barrel reality tv, but if he loves them what does it matter if he’s a pushover? Clearly he wants to do this for them (even if it hurts his career).

    But then again maybe Clint is such an OG it won’t do anything to him. In fact people might like him more and he might get younger fans by letting them have a glimpse into this closed off world they could only ever dream of living in (I know that sounds so naff but these are the same people who watch E! so).

  19. Reece says:

    I guess contracts are signed and there’s nothing to be done about it now. Either way, I refuse to watch this. I don’t want Clint ruined in my mind. Hopefully it will be on a channel I don’t have to make it even easier.

  20. Kim says:

    His wife is obviously desperate for fame. Reality shows are the worst and anyone who would be on one is pathetic. Who watches reality shows anymore?

  21. Sakyiwaa says:

    Hey, i dont mind this at all. So long as the K-klan get knocked off their pedestal.

  22. kit kat club says:


  23. Hmm says:

    He is in his 80s and his wife is in his 40s? Holy crapoli

  24. NM9005 says:

    Where are Craig and Hill when you need them?! I would LOVE to see them sh-t on reality stars when THE Eastwood is in the room. Hah, how the mighty have fallen.

    If this is not a sign that legit celebs and reality celebs are slowly but surely converging into each other because society needs them than I don’t know what is.

  25. Cerulean says:

    She is multi racial including African American so not a white Oprah. She was adopted by a Latino family.

    I hope this does not go through. For Clint. He is too good for this.

  26. e.non says:

    good grief … as if being clint eastwood’s daughter wouldn’t already open those closed doors.

    ugh. so sorry to see this.

  27. lucy2 says:

    I just don’t get it – they have to already have connections to whatever part of the business they want to be in! The whole thing makes no sense.
    This sort of spectacle is never good for a family and certainly not good for a marriage, especially if the parties already disagree.

  28. valleymiss says:

    Yeah-major red flag that Clint didn’t want to do this and only agreed to placate his wife. She pushed him and guilted him, I’m sure, and he doesn’t want to say no. Ya know, before “The Osbournes,” Ozzy was highly respected in the music world. Being that he was in Black Sabbath, every musician looked up to him. (Sure, he wasn’t setting the world on fire, Cd sales-wise anymore, but his family was definitely set for life. Then that show started and showed what a sweet but doddering old man he was, and he became a laughingstock/sellout in the eyes of many heavy metal music fans. He totally messed with his image and legacy.

    This is a really a bad movie on Clint’s part. He’s destroying his legacy. The 60 years he spent building this legacy and it’s gonna be reduced to a soundbyte on a cable reality show. I’m not suggesting he’s a buffoon like Ozzy was exposed to be…but this will cheapen the Eastwood name and reputation.

  29. Maritza says:

    Bill Hader from SNL does a hilarious impersonation of Clint Eastwood.

  30. Daniel says:

    Hey the wife’s career isn’t going anywhere obsciously and he’s going to die soon so she’s thinking about her families’ future. BUT nothing good can come out of this. Nothing. The clock has started ticking on when we will see nude photo or a sextape of that 18-year old girl now…the clock is ticking on their marriage (reality TV kills ALL marriages)…it will end badly.

  31. Fabgrrl says:

    Help launch a modeling career? These girls must be *really* unattractive and uncharismatic if “Hi, I’m Clint Eastwood’s daughter.” hasn’t opened enough doors for them already. It sounds like Dina Ruiz’s brain stopped maturing 30 years ago.

  32. holly hobby says:

    Francesca is not Dina’s daughter (what a coincidence – her name is Dina too!). Her mom is Frances Fisher. Clint was with Frances Fisher for years before he surprisingly married his current wife. Surprising because no one knew they were dating. He was, after all, still with Frances. Francesca used to live with her mom. I wonder what happened?

  33. Gigohead says:

    People are so hungry for fame its sad.

  34. Kelly A. Sheridan says:

    Why would someone as awesome as him marry suck a tacky person? Surely he could do better.

  35. dorothy says:

    Sounds like Ms. Eastwood is a fame-whore to me.

  36. skuddles says:

    Really Clint? The wife made you do this? Dude, what happened to your principles and those big brass balls you’re so famous for??? They must have shriveled with age.

  37. Sarah says:

    They sound like a trio of selfish, spoiled bitches who want to cash in on the hard won fame of their father/husband. Any talented person with a modecambe of integrity would run a mile from reality TV. Clint really needs to put his foot down and they should have some f–king respect.

  38. Mario Dominguez says:

    None of you have the SLIGHTEST clue as to what this show is about.
    As an “insider” to this situation, it surprises me the amount of misinformation that is written about this show.
    And,…all the media sources just “run” with what some other news source has written,….
    with out ever checking facts.
    Remember,..people told Clint not to do a movie with an aragutan too….
    That’s what makes Clint so legendary….his insight and choices in material.
    If he’s “letting” this show happen…there’s a good reason….And it’s not from “pressure” from his wife.
    Clint don’t do NOTHING he doesn’t feel like doing.
    Trust me on that one.

  39. weismonger says:

    Clint Eastwood is a scumbag and has gotten away with some really hideous behavior toward women. Eastwood left his first wife…when he had a 9 year old daughter. Both his daughter and his ex wife were devastated. Then he takes up with Sondra Locke…who waits on him hand and foot for 14 years. He gives her no warning when he changes the locks on her home and puts her clothes in storage. She faints on the set when she finds out what a nasty trick he pulled on her. Locke sues Eastwood and they settle out of court. The deal is that Locke will direct 30 movies for Eastwood’s company for which she was highly involved in anyway. But, not a single directing project is allowed to be produced by Eastwood’s company….she’s now poverty stricken, and has breast cancer. In 1990, she has a double mastectomy. Eastwood doesn’t even send her a “get well” card. Locke also has no children because Eastwood demanded that she get a tubal ligation and two abortions. What a nice guy…NOT. Locke sues Eastwood again for “fraud” and finally wins a $5 million dollar settlement. But, Eastwood has ruined her and her reputation from ever working in Hollywood or in film again. Locke has not worked in film for more than 15 years…all because of Clint Eastwood who is a class A Asshole and a Scumbag. I’m never, ever going to see any of his movies ever again.

    • kelly says:

      Clint’s a scumbag but you have a few facts wrong.

      He married his 1st wife before he became famous but they didn’t have kids for a looong time. They separated often and he cheated on her with many women. His 1st kid was born to one of his mistresses while he was married. This was kept a secret for decades. He eventually reconciled with his wife and finally had a child with her –this was in the early ’70s and she was about 40 when she gave birth. Then they quietly separated again, but didn’t actually divorce til way later. Meanwhile he moved in with Sondra Locke, who herself was married (but to a gay man–it’s a long story). She said he persuaded her to have abortions and get her tubes tied. He cheated on her and during the last 3 years of their long relationship, he had two secret love children with a flight attendant. This was also a secret for a long time and no one knew.

      Then he had a long relationship with Frances Fisher which produced a child. After they broke up, he’s been married to Dina ever since.

  40. Lynn says:

    I am third generation Monterey, C.A. born in Carmel, C.A. most of my family settled in Monterey/Carmel in the very late 1800′s. Still there today a lot of relatives all over Monterey County.I finally moved away a few years ago because of all the over commercialization and the mere simple fact the whole county,Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside(east Monterey),Salinas and Prunedale have turned into over priced tourist traps.Not the place I grew up as a child that’s for sure. Even the Monterey Warf is out of control price wise except the Fisherman’s Grotto must admit Sabu Shake’s family still especially Chis Shake the best Clam Chowder ever.
    Dina Ruiz/Eastwood was originally a local T.V. News anchor at KSBW T.V. station in Salinas, CA. Ever since she married and transformed into Mrs. Eastwood she made it clear to all of us on the central coast of this fact. She portrays on this show that she is down to earth and that is far from the truth. I have seen her on several occasions in places around Monterey when someone didn’t know who she was she actually yelled at them or got very offended.One time in particular she called up a local business.I had a appt. that morning which I booked two weeks previous to get into.She couldn’t get in right away for an appt. I actually heard her screaming at the receptionist saying “Don’t you know this is Mrs. Eastwood and I want to come in now!” the receptionist put her on hold and said Mrs. Eastwood wants to make an entrance. The receptionist scrambled to find a spot for her and couldn’t Dina Ruiz yelled again and abruptly hung up after her auditory attack.Fame-whore would be a proper term. She and Mr.Eastwood dated in secret for a while I know from a few sources.Ms. Ruiz as I still think of her has failed at a few attempts for fame. She finally dreamed up a dozy. I don’t feel sorry for Clint, he has always had dubious intentions especially when he became mayor of Carmel, C.A.Clint is a CAD and many on central coast know what I mean and agree.What he did to Sondra Locke was just wrong she was in an interview one day on KGO810 A.M. radio on Ronn Owens show San Francisco she described what he did to her. Half way through the interview Sondra gets a snippy rude call from Monterey it was a woman. She had a huge axe to grind with Locke I have a feeling it was an inside call. My grandfather lived near him and was never a fan. I caught the show and I must say her daughter seems to be much like her mom. The other girl seems to a bit lost.Frances Fisher is her mother and that’s a double threat of intellect and talent however. Her daughter does speak in the manner of Paris Hilton I was surprised, but on the central coast a lot of valley lingo in speech especially Monterey/Salinas. Mr. Eastwood is a good actor/director,his current wife however a diva for sure but as for talent much to be desired even as a news anchor glad the prompter was there for her to read. Now reality T.V. At this rate Sondra Locke should get a show she has an abundance of more talent than Ruiz.

  41. Bev says:

    weismonger, kelly and lynn are spot on. The more I learn about this no-morals actor, the more appalled I become.

    ^married first wife, Maggie,in 1953 while a nobody (later an actor on Rawhide in 1959), children borne of this union in 1968 and 1972 respectively- 3rd and 4th children), ^first child in 1959 with another woman, ^second child with yet another woman in 1964, ^1975-1988 live-in Sondra Locke (several abortions), 1978 legally separated from Ms. Maggie, ^1984 divorce final, ^1986 and 1988 children #5 and #6 are borne to yet another woman (#4 including first wife), ^1989-1994 lover boy with Frances Fisher (mother of Francesca Ruth, child #7), borne in 1993), ^1993 met Dina.

    In the 50′s his career would have been irreparably damaged if it be known that he had children outside his marriage. It’s only decades later that he acknowledges his children. One wonders he spent time with them and helping their mothers with financial support.

    Read the AARP article where he is stated as saying he ‘likes’ his current wife. Huh? What were those women who carried his babies? Did he not think before he made those idiotic comments?

    Please read Sondra Locke’s book. It provides the real image behind the fake.
    Sondra Locke was the brains behind the relationship. If it be known how talented she really is, ole Clint would have mud in his face. And, indeed, he treats women poorly.

    Mrs. Eastwood & Co probably ploy to fix ole Clint’s rep.