Nicole Richie is still partying and fainting

Nicole Richie is said to have collapsed at exclusive nightclub Hyde early on Sunday morning. They must have let her in because she doesn’t take up much space.

Her friends told staff not to call an ambulance and carted her off themselves. You know if they took her to the hospital we would have heard about it:

Sources tell TMZ that Nicole Richie passed out at Hyde nightclub early Sunday morning in Hollywood.

We’re told it occurred just before 2 a.m., when Richie passed out and fell to the floor. An employee approached Richie and her friends and said he was calling 911. Sources say they told the employee not to make the call and that they would take Richie to a hospital. The friends then carried Richie out of the club through the back door. TMZ does not know if Richie went to the hospital.

Before Richie collapsed, we’re told she hung out for awhile with Lindsay Lohan inside the club.

If Richie is indeed getting treatment for not gaining weight as she claims then it must be outpatient just like Mel Gibson’s rehab. Her health is not going to improve until she gets therapy and changes her lifestyle for good.

I made some T-Shirts this weekend, and wanted to have one that said “I borrowed this shirt from Nicole Richie,” suitable for baby wear, dog shirts, and XXL sweatshirts. I did a trademark search and Richie never trademarked her name, just the dumb phrase “Loves It.” Cafe Press, the service that distributes and sells the shirts for me, said it violated her right to publicity or something and that I couldn’t use that phrase. My “I am the father of Anna Nicole’s baby” shirt was also denied.

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  1. nadine says:

    Of course she collapsed… toothpicks can only hold ya for so long…

  2. DogRunner says:

    Could you just use the phrase “I borrowed this shirt from Nicole”? Love the idea….hilarious!

  3. Elisha says:

    Maybe she should check herself for tapeworm.