Kate Hudson still has not filed for divorce from Chris Robinson

There was a report last month that Kate Hudson was “about” to file for divorce from her husband of six years, scruffy Chris Robinson, but that turned out not to be true because no one has filed the paperwork yet.

Chris is currently touring with his band, The Black Crowes, and it is said that Kate is annoyed that he’s away from their two year-old son so often, which may have led to their breakup. It is also rumored that Chris wants to get back together with Kate and make the relationship work, and that Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn, is also pushing for a reconciliation.

Star has a story in their latest edition about how Kate “tamed” her new boyfriend, Owen Wilson, but their only evidence is Owen’s toned-up physique and the fact that he doesn’t hang out at the Playboy Mansion any more. Kate and Owen are set to spend some time apart while she films “Fool’s Gold” with Matthew McConaughey in Australia in November, and Kate may have postponed filming to spend more time with Owen.

Star also runs a shocking picture on their cover of Kate’s 20 year-old brother, Wyatt Russell, on a stretcher.It turns out that Wyatt only suffered a back spasm and shoulder injury while he was playing hockey.

Overall it seems like there’s not a lot of meat to this story.

Here’s Kate looking gorgeous while leaving a restaurant on 10/20. [via]

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8 Responses to “Kate Hudson still has not filed for divorce from Chris Robinson”

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  1. I think Kate’s taken out a relationship insurance policy by not filing for divorce just yet. I think she’s waiting to see how this Owen relationship fares while she’s abroad. Plus, Goldie is rumoured to be pushing her to work it out with Chris.

  2. Poor Boopie says:

    She needs to shit or get off the pot. All this confusion I’m sure is not good for her son.

  3. julie says:

    What are you talking about? There is no confusion. If they are split, they are split and a delay of papers doesn’t mean that they’re waffling. If she’s not looking to get married right away, there’s no point in rushing the divorce, especially when there is a young son to consider. It’s way better to take the time and finish things amicably.

  4. just me says:

    I love kate. I wish her the best of luck. By the way Poor Boopie, you don’t even know what the hell she is going through or what she is doing with her son in the privacy of her own home. Please stop talking out of your ass! Thanx:)

  5. jen says:

    Owen Wison not hanging out at the Playboy Mansion anymore? Did anyone else see the footage of him kissing a chick dressed like an angel at the Halloween party on 10/30/06, great decision leaving your husband for Owen Kate, already cheating on you in the first few months of your affair, this relationship will go far, NOT!!!

  6. Poor Boopie says:

    Yes, it’s really good for her son for Mom to go shag Owen Wilson every chance she gets before she even files for divorce. And no, I don’t know what goes on in her own home. However, NEITHER DO YOU. Who knows what that kid sees whenever he’s with Mom and Owen.
    I have a very sensible ass and will continue to talk out of it every chance I get. Thank you very much. (Bowing to the crowd).

  7. Action says:

    Boopie, I agree with you. Kids shouldn’t see their mom bringing home ‘boyfriend’ before dad and mom aren’t even finished yet. It’s confusing for kids to wonder where Daddy stands in that mess after seeing mom with another guy but not divorced from dad.

    And no, I’m not talking out of my ass etiher–I’ve dealt with kids who have had to go through this (and more).

  8. Liz says:

    They have shown pictures of her and Owen out but I haven’t seen her son with them. Chris is durty looking and Owen isn’t any better. I did hear that Chris has slept w/alot off those girls that show up to his performances. I thought Kate left Chris because she wanted him to stay home w/her and the baby to spend more QT and he wanted to tour instead? I really don’t think she’s the type to put her kid in that kind of situation.