Kelsey Grammer admits romancing new wife 6 months before dumping Camille

Kelsey Grammer has repeatedly shown himself to be a petty vindictive jerk by throwing his mistress, now fourth wife, in his ex wife’s face at every turn. On the first season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw Kelsey invite then-wife of 13 years, Camille, to New York to be his date at the Tony Awards in 2010. Only Kelsey had already been seeing his mistress at that point, and she had been living with him while his wife and two kids were away in LA. Kelsey then proceeded to dump Camille after making her play the role of wife one last time, for his career. He even made an obnoxious veiled reference to his mistress in a toast shown on RHOBH. He actually toasted “to love” in front of Camille’s friends and said “I’m particularly thrilled with the love I’m getting from the British people.”

Well on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel, Kelsey established the timeline for his romance with his now fourth wife, a British flight attendant 27 years younger than he is. He admitted that he first met her in December, 2009, around Christmastime, which was a full six months away from the June 13th 2010 Tony Awards, when he finally broke the news to Camille.

On meeting Kayte
We actually met in the air on a plane to England. It was very romantic, she was working on the plane. We went out for coffee several days later and had this magical night in the snow in London around Christmastime. It was two years ago, so…

On what friends and family say about his marriage
Most of them say ‘it’s about time, because you’re a marrying kind of guy.’

On what he got Kayte for Christmas
Several things, mostly jewelry.

Later, Kelsey showed a present that Kayte gave him, some kind of vintage poster for the movie Viva Las Vegas. He also said that her pet name for him was “Pop,” and not for obvious reasons but because he likes to make popcorn. At least she doesn’t call him “daddy.”

Kelsey has admitted setting up Camille to do Real Housewives as a “parting gift,” even though it took him months to reveal the nature of that gift. So I’m not surprised to hear that he had something going with Kayte a full six months before he told Camille they were over.

This led me to wonder if Kelsey possibly booked his gig in New York doing La Cage Aux Faux after he claims to have met Kayte. Kelsey was announced as the lead in early December, 2009, which means he lined up a much younger girlfriend/new wife right around the time he decided to leave his family for “work.” He made sure to test the waters with his jump off before severing ties with the wife who stood by him for over a decade. I can’t feel too bad for Camille, though. All the financial details aren’t worked out in her divorce yet, but she’ll probably get at least $50 million.

Kelsey talks about romancing Kayte around 2:30

Kelsey and Kayte are shown out on 11-2 and 11-8-11. What’s wrong with her eye? Look at her right hand. Credit: Fameflynet

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  1. mln76 says:

    What a delusional pig.

    • Marjalane says:

      My first thought as well. I hope the new cookie takes whatever he has left.

    • Rachael says:

      HAHA, I was sitting here trying to think of what would be the appropriate description of this idiot, and then I saw your comment. “Delusional pig” is it.

  2. Lucy says:

    Wow that dress/caftan/moo-moo is ugly and while I think what he did is SO wrong; Camille just seems like the poster girl for gold diggers of America and this girl probably is too just a less flashy version that probably takes a lot more crap than she does (for now) SHe looks like a cross between Cythia Nixon & Calista Flockhart.

  3. dorothy says:


  4. wtf says:


  5. reeda redneck says:

    cannot STAND this scum. his show sucked hard balls, and he is ugly as hell to boot. He has to still love Camille or he would not be trying to shove his new fug ginger in her face so brazenly after all this time.

  6. atorontogal says:

    This doesn’t change my opinion of him. I love him and always will for the many many laughs he has given me over the years. Camille is a C U Next Tuesday anyway. Yes he could’ve handled things much much differently but he didn’t and it’s done so move on everyone, not much to see here!

  7. Maya says:

    He is really f#$%ked up isn’t he?

    • Willworkforfood says:

      The timeline is not news to anyone, so not sure why he would bring it up. Public confirmation (again), could just bring pain to the children. I think Camille could care less. She seems totally different now, in a very good way. Used to really dislike her, and think she was nuts. Easy to see why, with a husband that lied and had a double life for 6 months.

      • DesertRose says:

        This season of RHOBH has done wonders for my perceptions of Camille. Well that and Kelsey’s public douchebaggery. She is likable and in the end, it’s their poor children that are going to have to deal with their parent’s problems being public.

      • MB says:

        Agreed. I have no idea why he would bring up the timeline other than he is clearly psychotic.

        Im shocked at the level of ass-hattery here.

        However, I disagree that Camille could care less. I think Kelsey’s generally piggish and incredibly disrespectful “candor” about their marriage would hurt A LOT, and rightfully so.

        Also, I must be one of the only people that really likes her on RHOBH.

    • Tapioca says:

      From Wikipedia:

      “In 1968 his father, whom he had seen only twice since his parents’ divorce, was shot and killed. In 1975 his younger sister, Karen, was abducted, raped, and murdered. In 1980 his twin half-brothers died in a scuba diving accident – one was eaten by a shark, the other from an embolism from surfacing too quickly – and in 2001 David Angell, close friend and producer of Frasier, died in the 9/11 attacks.”

      All of which might warp your personality – he’s probably a “live in the moment, screw the consequences” kind of guy. And Camille got $50 million for 13 years “work”. Not bad!

      • Willworkforfood says:

        Wow, how horrible. No words.

      • MB says:

        Actually I do remember reading this a while ago and being horrified by the tragedy he has experienced. That doesnt excuse his behaviour though, sorry Kelsey.

      • jc126 says:

        I can’t fathom enduring that kind of loss. Although I still don’t care for him much.
        I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning if I suffered that, I think. Stephen Colbert was 11 when he lost his dad and two of his brothers in a plane crash; again, I think I’d be lost.

      • crtb says:

        Any person who has been through this kind of trauma, will never be able to have a healthly relationship with another person. Then add all of his money into the mix, just makes it more difficult. This man must have so many problems relating to people. It is probaly imposible for him to commit to any woman for fear of lost. Since he has lost every perosn in his life that he has loved.

  8. Lia says:

    Congratulations to the first wife! Not too bad walking away with 50 m.

    What´s up with all the red eyes in the first picture?

    • Lia says:

      Though 50m wouldn´t make up for having to spend 13 years with this person to me…
      So maybe it is too bad.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Camille was not the “first wife”. I think she was number three (or four)? Kelsey Grammer has quite the M.O.

    • Zozo says:

      I saw the red eyes too! My first thought was wow he must be high as fuck! hahah

  9. Maybe he is a jerk, but believe me…Camille was no prize either. She will get millions and has a hit show now. He has a younger wife and has turned into a cocktail party joke.

  10. MollyB says:

    Does anyone else wonder why she hasn’t gotten pregnant again? I assumed she would try to do that quickly after her miscarriage, you know, to seal her checks for the next 18 years when he leaves her for a younger piece. Maybe she has fertility problems? I guess I shouldn’t be nosy about the state of strange women’s uteri.

    • Pizzazz says:

      I figure it’s because they rarely have sex. He allegedly had sex with Camille less that 20 times in their entire marriage. There are also those herpes rumors. At any rate, I think he’s more concerned with constant adoration rather than physical affection. Makes it a real bummer for wife#4 trying to get her anchor kid.

      He appears to have an addictive personality and now he’s addicted to being ‘in love’. He barely knows this new one and claims that until he met her at 60 or whatever he is now he’d never known real love. He thought he loved Camille but he didn’t. He was just ‘rescuing’ her. He was the coke head with the health problems. Who did the rescuing? The more he opens his mouth, the more garbage he comes up with to justify leaving his last wife for not making him the center of her world. Pathetic. I hope she gets more than 50 million for putting up with all of his drama.

    • crtb says:

      When you have a miscarriage, the GYN tells you to wait from 6 months to a year before trying again. Otherwise you might mis-carry againAt least that is what I was told.

    • Funnylilou says:

      what the doubt about fertility issues is on her?
      The man is 60! and no men cannot reproduce for ever, that’s a false and very inaccurate belief that belongs to the 19th century,when men reach 50 their fertility ability decrease dramatically and no matter how young the woman they try to impregnate is it’s over! some got even earlier through andropause (actually men’s menopause)
      So maybe as nature as planned he is the one who has fertility issues

      Source: My biologist dad!

  11. mel says:

    I feel bad for camille…she spent a lot of time standing behind him and helping keeping him sober. This is no easy task…I came from a similar family situation and even though she is getting $50 still a huge slap in the face. I loved Frasier though….so I still have a soft spot for the old bastard.

  12. for real? says:

    ” whats wrong with her eye, look at her right hand” hmmmmm ( in my down south black mama hand on hip voice) that looks like that child got her self in a whole lotta trouble messin with that married man, god dont like ugly.. but hunnie i aint one to tell no stories! ( (i miss my grandma) 🙁

  13. Calli P says:

    He’s a coward for being so deceptive & manipulative. Being forthright when it is difficult is a display of strength- which he is clearly lacking.

    Wonder how long he’ll be with the jump-off before he steps out on her, as well?

  14. DesertRose says:

    He really doesn’t seem like a nice guy. Camille seems alright. Maybe she has a better PR person. Dunno. But either way, Camille is rich as all get out, and while I definitely think she married up, I’m not so sure after 13 years of helping him with his sobriety that she should be called a gold digger. She was funny the other night, Bravo was nice enough to show Camille sucking in her tummy something fierce while she was laying next to Brandi by the pool. Good times. I really do like Camille, 90’s dancing and all =)

  15. Linda says:

    He is divisive and a coward. I suspect he is the character he plays his show Boss.

    He did something similar to his other wives.

  16. Franny says:

    they looksed smoked out of their skulls in that first picture

  17. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    FUGLY. Who cares if Fraiser made people laugh? Who cares if she was bitch? UNLESS she became wife number three the same way this wonky eyed homewrecker did, she was still his wife and stood by him through all the bad shit. She had hia children and slept with his crusty ass. Goldigger or no, she seemingly did right by him and despite the big payout that shit was humiliating. To get played like that and then be replaced with someone who hit every fucking ugly branch on the way out of the womb, is just wrong. CAMILLE, brush that shit off though right to the bank. And se was smart enough to get on the Grammet pay roll so she’ll get checks for that too.

    MAJOR douche, he is for acting like he threw her a crumb with Rhobh. I hope his balls shrivel up.

    • TXCinderella says:

      LMAO!!! I agree with everything TheOriginalVictoria says. Kayte too will become a victim of Kelsey’s wandering eye. If she thinks she will be the exception, she is really stupid.

  18. Shelly says:

    I didn’t like Camille much during the first season of RHOBH. However, she seems pretty cool this season and I’ve grown to like her. And whatever plastic surgery she’s had, she still looks WAY hotter than Kelsey’s new wife. Camille’s body is sick, fake boobs and all.

  19. Justaposter says:

    Did anyone else notice that he was drunk/stoned or something else last night? That man was TOASTED!

  20. Delleah says:

    I don’t like Camille, I think she’s a gold digger and insufferable. But that does not excuse Kelsey’s behavior. If he was that miserable in his marriage he should have divorced her then gone and found a jump-off. I lost any and all respect I had for Kelsey after this whole ordeal. I think Kelsey has some alcohol and drug issues, whenever you see a new picture of him these days he just looks high or drunk.

  21. Guest says:

    I think he has a big ego and he is a little creepy. Good Luck to the new wife, she will need it.

  22. the other mel says:

    This isn’t exactly fresh news. He said as much when he was on Piers Morgan last month.

  23. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Kayte’s body language and smile grimace reminds me of Princess Charlene and a little Katiebot, hope he is making her happy.

  24. Violet says:

    “Most of them say ‘it’s about time, because you’re a marrying kind of guy.’”

    His so-called friends are clearly as delusional as he is. What a douche.

  25. Just Me says:

    I know it is weird and I’m not living in reality, but nothing Frasier does is wrong. Because of my undying love for the show Frasier, nothing can stop my undying love for the actor who played the lead character in the best sitcom ever.

  26. Camille says:

    Disgusting pig.

  27. Rachel says:

    Gross. I don’t know why you would want to share that you’re a cheating pile of crud; it’s not exactly something to be proud of. I don’t care if your spouse is the devil himself, you break it off with them pursuing a new relationship!

  28. Peg says:

    I’m glad. I think Camille is the much more interesting of the two, and I like her better without him.

  29. kazoo says:

    Isn’t he gay? And that’s one of the reasons he never has his wives (beards) sign pre-nups?

  30. cassiecass says:

    What an asshole!

  31. Agnes says:

    this girl must have a strong stomach…

  32. crtb says:

    I’m so surprised!!!

  33. Lucy says:

    Camille wins!! She gets rid of this piece of crap and gets $50 million….

  34. original sandy says:

    Frasier, Kelsey has issues, he needs help, it’s not an excuse for his behavior, his addiction are historic, his love ones need to do an intervention before anyone else gets hurt.

  35. Hm says:

    He’s a very good actor to be so much more likable onscreen. I get the feeling the new wife will be very subservient to him, but maybe that works for her.