Beyonce had an extra-special birthin’ weave made for the delivery of her baby

I really am surprised that Beyonce hasn’t given birth (“given birth”) this week. Of course, the day isn’t over, and she could totally pull a Perry-Brand and announce the miraculous birth late today, a Friday afternoon or evening. Is that Bey’s style though? No, she wants to dominate the news, and announcing something late on a Friday just doesn’t feel domination-worthy. I also have a theory that we haven’t heard anything about Bey this week because there’s only so much magic that can be done with pillows, you know? If Beyonce is seen, she needs to look ready to pop at any moment. And that ain’t happening.

In Touch has a great/hilarious/ridiculous story about Beyonce’s other preparations for the birth. She and Jay have apparently booked a special “luxury birthing suite” which includes a private kitchen. Which I think it gross. Why are you thinking about food when you’re supposed to be birthin’ a baby? Placenta and paella don’t mix. But the best part of the story is totally the bit about the birthin’ weave.

Leave it to Beyonce to put the glamour in giving birth. In preparation for the arrival of her first child, Beyonce and Jay-Z have booked a private luxury birthing suite at New York’s St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, complete with a flat-screen TV and a private kitchen where gourmet meals can be prepared for the picky pair.

According to an insider, Beyonce meticulously planned out every detail just as she would one of her onstage spectaculars – even having a hairpiece designed just for the delivery!

“She wanted to look spectacular for her biggest performance ever,” the insider says.

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Is it wrong that I totally believe that? Yes, I believe that Beyonce had a special weave made just for the birth of her child. She will wear this special weave when she picks the baby up from the surrogate, I guess. Anyway, I have my fingers crossed that Bey keeps her legs crossed (and the surrogate does the same) until Monday. Gift us with a baby during regular business hours, Oh Great and Powerful Beysus!

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  1. SolitaryAngel says:

    *eye–DAMMIT! (off to find my other eye)
    There isn’t a “bitch, please!!” big enough for this mess.

  2. Marjalane says:

    We’ll know for sure if she gushes about the magic and beauty of the birth. It hurts like hell even for a magical princess like Beyonce. Also- if she really was about to “give birth”, I’m sure she’s enough of a diva that she would have scheduled a C-section.

  3. Cat says:

    Why does she need to wear a weave in the first place?

  4. sm255 says:

    …is it just me or would being in a ‘luxury birthing suite’ make me extremely uneasy in giving birth in the first place?

    The weave part is just weird to me.

  5. says:

    The kitchen is so that she can have someone fix up a little snack for herself and Jay-Z while the surrogate pushes out the baby.

  6. Lilalis says:

    A kitchen?? You aren’t even allowed to eat in labor, are you? Well I wasn’t and I was starving. But maybe they have some snacks while the surrogate is pushing next door.

  7. Anaya says:

    Well according to MTO Beyonce is now in labor. The In Touch story is ridiculously hilarious! But, umm, yeah this is by far the strangest celebrity pregnancy.

    With Kelly Preston I didn’t care is she faked her pregnancy or not because I thought well she just lost her son so lay off and let her become a mom again however she chooses. If the rumors are true that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy for the sake of vanity then that is really despicable imo.

  8. Courtney says:

    @Marjalene some stars actually need caesareans for medical reasons like toximia and a hernia or a breech baby. Just ask Mariah Carey & Pink toximia can lead to seizures or strokes so the c section saves the life of the mother and the children in Mariah’s case. why would a perfectly healthy 30 year old have to use a surrogate that just doesn’t add up

    • mln76 says:

      Please don’t introduce logic into this thread it only makes the natives angry :)

      • Tapioca says:

        …or punctuation. :)

        Both Britney & Christina scheduled C-sections because they didn’t want to give birth naturally. A woman’s body is, of course, her own and she can give birth however she chooses, but let’s not pretend celebrities don’t elect for this procedure to fit around their schedules. In the UK only 6% of even “unplanned” caesareans (1% of total births) are genuine emergencies – the rest are forceps/ventouse avoidance and “Oh sod this, it’s been hours, just cut the damn thing out!”.

        Although it’s all academic seeing as it’s the surrogate giving birth.

      • mln76 says:

        tapioca we aren’t discussing Proust or Tolstoy but BEOYNCE!!! I am writing on an Iphone if there is a typo or a lack of punctuation you are either going to have to deal with it or skip over my post.

      • mln76 says:

        OH and Tapioca the UK rate may be low but the AMERICAN rate is around 30% so your stats aren’t really relevant.

      • Klaw says:

        “Don’t introduce logic because it makes the natives angry” LOL falling off chair laughing !! Thanks Min76

      • Kimble says:

        @min76 – the stats that Tapioca quoted are wholly relevant. Do you really believe that UK women can give birth vaginally but US women can’t for some physical reason?

        The big difference is midwives vs doctors. I have had babies in both countries and I had to fight HARD to get a midwife rather than OB delivery because I was convinced I would end up with a c-section otherwise …

        There is also the “Too posh to push factor” which I would assume Beyonce would invoke!

    • It is ME!! says:

      Toxemia. Not toximia.

      And we really don’t know if Beyonce has fertility issues or not. That’s something you can’t just look at someone and go, “yep, she’s infertile, etc.” So the use of a surrogate isn’t out of the question.

      Either way, how one starts a family is their personal business.

  9. dorothy says:

    I too had special hair preparations for the birth of my child. A HAIR BAND so I could put my hair in pony tail. See, I live in the world of the rich and famous as well….heheh

  10. Hautie says:

    If she wanted to kill all these crazy pillow rumors… Mrs. Carter ought to step out. And have one last paparazzi photo done to prove she is fat as hell right now.

    Cause without doing that, no one will ever believe she was actually pregnant.

    And not for one moment, do I doubt, that she got herself a new piece of hair for the birthing.

  11. Beatrix says:

    “She wanted to look spectacular for her biggest performance ever…” is probably the most ridiculous sentence I have ever read about a woman supposedly about to give birth; that sentence alone may prove that this is all a sham to me.

  12. grazi says:

    I kind of see her in a month sharing her secrets of how she got back to shape so fast…. lol

  13. DesertRose says:

    Beyond the whole pillow-baby conspiracy theory, why in the world do these women schedule C-sections? I’ve never had one, but all of the girls I know who have suffered for weeks after the surgery. I know labor hurts, and it’s work, but as soon as it’s over, it’s over. Maybe a couple stitches, but the body knows instinctively how to recover from childbirth. I don’t know, I had one with an epidural, one natural, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good luck to baby bey-bey =)

    • Blue says:

      Thank you! I’ve always wondered that. I had an epidural, needed 2 stitches but was up walking around later that day (gave birth at 5:21 am) The woman sharing the room with me had a c section, she had a catheter in and couldn’t do anything except lie there and pump her breasts. Seems like a whole lot of extra pain and annoyance for nothing. Being laid up for weeks, leaking from the incision. Ugh

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I was about to say the same thing. I don’t know where this idea that a c-section saves misery. I imagine they opt for it because they want to avoid the crazy stretch marks that come in the very last days, but my sister had a really major surgery for her fibroids last summer and she was on sick leave for seven weeks. Babysitting a child is one thing, but I was tending to someone who was 36 at the time.

  14. CreamSoda says:

    They forgot to mention the designer hospital gown she had made to go with the weave for the labor photo her team will conveniently leak to prove she gave birth. Grab a bowl of popcorn and sit back kiddies. This is “gonna” get good.

    • Deb says:

      I can totally picture it. They will wheel the surrogate out of the suite, and wheel in a fresh bed. Bey will put on her special gown, and she and her fabulous weave will get into the bed. They will hand her the baby all cleaned up and swaddled, and start snapping the “post labor” pics.

  15. dena says:

    This twat has been parading on stilts for the past several months and all of a sudden she’s gone bunker style “in preparation for the birth”? LOL

    This heifer should have ballooned by now. I don’t believe she’s actually prego. That blind item about some star taking Jerry Lewis meds to bloat up made total sense.

  16. really says:

    Miss PILLOWS is sooooooooooooooo boring, she is so alien with all she does. SO OVER HER, well always was. All of their bs labor list is just ghetto, and rather pathetic. Both reek of “center of attention”.

    And let us not forget this ridiculous twat has a fat thick thigh body naturally, so all she needs to do is eat like her greedy pig body looks (without lipo), she does not need a fat enhancer, please.

  17. S_____ says:

    Ha. We ordered a ton of Indian food (I had a craving) when I was in labour but by the time it got there my contractions were 5 minutes apart so I couldn’t eat. I was jealous of everyone else. (in my sweats and crazy hair btw)

  18. tinyour says:

    I had an elective c section and I recovered very quickly. I was up walking around that night. Just because a woman chooses not to go natural doesn’t mean she is a diva. But faking a pregnancy for the sake of not having to work out afterwards is rather diva like.

  19. Rianic says:

    Ok I’ve had two sections. One emergency, and later one planned for my twins (can’t vbac twins w my doc). I had easy breezy recovery bc I bound my incision (hubs is an Ob and approved). But I admit, I did get my hair cut and colored leading up to both deliveries. I knew these photos would be all over Facebook, emailed, sent to friends, and I didn’t want my roots showing.

  20. Quest says:

    U don’t need a luxury kitchen and an extra special weave to push out a pillow.

  21. Rob says:

    Video of Beyonce’s chorographer’s cell phone with date & time_Pregnancy fraud_Irrefutable evidence that will stand in any court of law

    Recently posted the behind the scenes video for “Dance for You”. In the video Beyonce is saying that it is so late she doesn’t even know what “time” it is so her chorographer raises up his cell phone to show the time, but the date was shown too Aug 4th 2011; check out the segment at around 2:04 for the proof that she was never pregnant. ON 11-28-2011 Bey posted a housing court like youtube video with a “show cause” gesture by holding up the NY Daily News paper proving & stating to everyone that she was six months pregnant while making the “Countdown” video on September 23rd 2011.
    How is that possible when her chorographer rose up his cell phone to show the time, and the date was Aug 4th 2011, thus from August 4th to September 23rd you became six months pregnant?? Or rather Beyonce was actually about 5 months pregnant while filming “Dance for You” strange that there is absolutely no baby bump. Remember she announced she was pregnant during the VMA awards on August 28th 2011 and as per the cell phone she filmed “Dance for You” on August 4th thus she became a showing pregnant woman in 24 days? Scroll down for web links and see the flat stomach

  22. Fran says:

    Just saw new pics of her on the Daily Mail and her feet look terribly swollen, she might actually being pregnant? Didn’t buy it until now though! :P

  23. DarkEmpress says:

    Wow. Well interesting how whatever InTouch writes is being taken as fact. Even if it were true it’s actually not that outrageous. If there is a kitchen her mom sister and husband may actually make use of it. Who knows how long she may be in labour. As for a birthing/ c-section wig, well there are girls in the hood doing the same damn thing. Personally if I had hips and stamina like Beyonce I would not be
    having a c-section but I don’t really think she would because she wouldn’t want a scar

  24. Ellen says:

    I’ve been to those birthing suites at Roosevelt and they are huge but not ‘luxurious’. Yes, there is a kitchen and a living room area in the adjoining room for the families but they mostly go unused. Also, while giving birth at the birthing center there can be planed and paid for its on a first come first served basis at that hospital. I’m curious to see how she pulls this off

  25. The Bobster says:

    Weave? Are we talking about a merkin here….to be used after she’s shaved?

  26. Hellen says:

    Gourmet kitchen = to be used for preparing the cocktail party that will be taking place while everyone waits for Pillow Baby to make an appearance.

  27. JD says:

    When I had both of my kids, I didn’t care what I looked like.
    Having a healthy baby was all that mattered.

  28. Firecracker says:

    It’s a good thing that there’s a kitchen available to them so they can snack while the surrogate gives birth. They can nibble and “perfect their performance at the same time!”

  29. Tia says:

    This is just to much, all these damn bey pregnancy stories.

  30. truthful says:

    smdh, sooo many folks are jealous of Bey, I guess it makes thm feel better about their lives.

    she was photographed w/her stomach showing at the beginning, why would she feel the need to prove anything to the public??

    J would not go for all of this supposed “fake stuff” that the media and you people claim…

    it sounds silly

    and trust me, Ms. Beyonce and her husband are still selling records and making money, honey.

    Her album was nominated for BEST album this year.

    don’t fool yourselves

    • JaneWonderfalls says:

      Just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean I’m jealous of her. Gosh you stans are so annoying. Everyone is not going to like a certain celebrity. If you idiot’s could look past her fakeness you could see what the rest of us see. That’s it bump this new year positive attitude people are annoying and just plain stupid!

      • truthful says:

        if YOU idiots could hear how stupid you sound w/your conspiracy theories!!!

        and no I am not a stan nor a fan but I think THIS sounds crazy SIMPLE!


        continue to FEED, its really sad.

        the craziness just keeps going on going, smdh.

        her swollen feet & ankles and back fat are steriods??

        right haters?? stupid as hell!!

        Hope it pushes your self worth up a few notches, smdh.

        Fakeness?? she’s a entertainer AND??

  31. dahlia says:

    I looked like a freakin zombie after my c section ( baby’s heart was too slow) and my hair was the least of my worries. What’s all this BS about ? She’s not the first one to get pregnant and not the last so she should stop acting like royalty.

  32. whatevs says:

    shes so ridic. and so over. she’ll be over at least for some good time, a la jlo between 2002-2010. because she represents wastefulness, showing off and is overexposed and in this economy too. i think this is why her album has bombed

  33. sam says:

    I have friends who cared about their appearance at birth and ones who didn’t. Friends who popped their child out in 2 mins and friends who took 24 hours. I didnt judge them and I wont judge this woman over this story about her birthing facilities.

    I even had a friend who tried to give herself a a bikini wax once she went into labour. True story

  34. suhon12 says:

    I heard that Beyonce was just plain afraid to be pregnant a few years ago!! I would hope she would conquer those fears and just become pregnant! I think she really is pregnant. Plus the fancy birthing room, they have been around for years at my local hospital, but no kitchen facilities. You could have a baby in a queen hospital bed, have your husband sleep on a cot near you and the baby. Our hospital since went back to the birthing room and shared hospital rooms due to cost and opening of another medical wing. She’ll probably be taken care of in the hospital for 3-4 days anyway.

  35. NM9005 says:

    As somebody wrote earlier:

    If it’s true than maybe it’s going to be a 07.01.2012. The lucky number + the numbers together would add up as 4 (I think somebody on this site mentioned it too).

  36. santacruz says:

    Women generally carry weight on their faces also, when pregnant. Beyonce still looks the same. Mmmmmm.

    • mojoman says:

      I have to disagree with you here. I was pregnant with both my sons and I NEVER had swollen face/nose/ankles etc except my belly. Not to defend Beyonce since I cant stand her superficial a$$ either, but I just need to clarify this particular comment.

  37. Courtney says:

    dumb assess some celebs that have c-sections actually need them for medical reasons like pregnancy induced high blood preasure a breeh baby or one that has the chord wrapped around it’s neck among other things

  38. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I’m going to turn over a new leaf and say Congrats to Beyonce and her child. I still think she is using a surrogate but no matter, I hope her life with her new baby will be delightful….that was hard to say but I am trying to be nice.

  39. lisa says:

    I don’t know if she is pregnant. I think yes. But do you think all this fake baby delivery is to get more interest going. I mean there really is not a high level of interest about the baby. Jessica Simpson has just as much media coverage about her pregnancy as Bey. I think of when other celebrities of big name recognition were expecting. There was a frenzy like nothing else. Bey and Jay are the cream of the crop in the Music industry. They are at the top. But there is not the crazy around this baby. I just think Bey being who she is and the status she has would expect there to be more coverage. I just wonder if all the talk is to get them in the media. There is not talk of a biding war for baby pictures. Although I don’t see her selling them; but the demand is not there. And I don’t see her wanting anyone to say that pictures of her children were not as wanted as those of others. I see her doing a Ebony interview and spread. I don’t think she will do People. Mainly because again the comparison of price or interest.

    It is very interesting to me all the talk and speculation around this pregnancy. I cant’ wait for her to have the baby. I want to see who it looks like.

  40. Anna says:

    Looks like the surrogate gave birth. I guess the curtain will open soon.

  41. Kosmos says:

    All the fuss over B and her birth is getting to me…so what. Millions give birth every day. She is a pop singer WTF. Why does this make her birth so important? This item is just overexposed, I’d say…

  42. Qui says:

    She ‘had’ a girl..still don’t believe she was preggers, my opinion!

  43. e.non says:

    ugh … and now endless days on the only birth that has ever happened.

  44. Diane says:

    Honestly, society, do we want her raising a child?? This whole ‘pregnancy’ game she’s been playing (as if any of us would criticize her if she used a surrogate) is worrying. A sign of potential mental illness. Like those women who feign pregnancy and then steal babies…only Beyonce’s got plenty of money to buy one. And her husband being her enabler isn’t doing her any favors. If I were him, I’d be worried about leaving her alone with the child.