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6 Responses to “Tom Cruise to run UA studio, and uh, Tom’s hooker contacted me”

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  1. Anne says:

    I love these guys they are so sweet, you left out the best picture when Katie was hugging tom it looked so sweet.

  2. millie says:

    I don’t care what position he’s got.. he’s still gay, gay, gay… in fact, the more he works to convince me he’s a “family man”, the more transparent it looks.

  3. cujokay says:

    I just want him to go away. I do not want to see any of his movies, I don’t care at all about his soon-to-be child bride, nor do I care about his strange-looking spawn.

    Seriously, just go away.

  4. Alexi says:

    hmmm agreed. Freaky friday central. Katie married him to be an A lister correct? Pro shopper, tom kat, stepford wife…..number 3.

  5. sabine says:

    That Tom Cruise gay thing is just stupid anymore. Think Nicole Kidman would spend 10 yeard being married to a gay guy? Enough is enough! He might be weird with this scientology thing but he’s still looking HOT…how many guys in YOUR Life at that age look this hot??
    yeah, you know you got a bald fat guy on the couch…and he ain’t jumping..

  6. Action says:

    Tom Cruise is NOT hot…. maybe once in Top Gun, but hasn’t been since. Short and weird is what he is! YUCK. I’d take some bald fat (sane) guy on the couch over Scientlogy Tom anyday! (Well, not really bald and fat–but the normal Joe over Tom would win out any day!)