Angelina Jolie hates Stacy Keibler, and George Clooney hates Angelina

This is definitely my favorite story of the week. As the awards season kicked off last week, everything quickly fell into place for Clooney Knows Best – George Clooney began picking up Best Actor awards, and he proceeded to tell all of us what we should be thinking, because obviously, we’re all just dumb ladies who need to be told our opinions on important matters. Clooney’s winning streak is made more interesting because he’s up for all of the same awards as Brad Pitt, his friend and frequent costar. Brad and George are bros. They adore each other. But how do their respective ladies feel about each other? Turns out, according to Us Weekly’s sources, La Jolie hates Stacy Keibler. TEAM JOLIE.

Unfriendly skies! George Clooney, 50, and Stacy Keibler, 32, hitched a ride on a private jet with brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie from LA to the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California on January 7 – but the flight was anything but smooth.

“Angelina refused to acknowledge that Stacy was even on the plane,” a source tells Hot Stuff of Clooney’s bubbly girlfriend of six months. “Angelina went out of her way to ignore her, from takeoff to landing. She would not even look Stacy’s way. She was NOT having it!”

A second source isn’t at all surprised that Keibler got iced by Jolie: “Angie is really not a girlie girl.” Still, Keibler should not be too concerned. Turns out her beau doesn’t like Jolie much either. Says a source close to Clooney, “He thinks Angelina is boring and not good company at all. He does not like to spend time with her.”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

“He thinks Angelina is boring and not good company at all. He does not like to spend time with her.” Talk about burying the lead! Look, I know some of you will be all “Team Clooney, Angelina is the worst! Blah Blah ANISTON.” But here’s my particular problem: George has crappy taste in women. He loves vapid party girls, hostesses, escorts, and barely employable models/actresses. I believe that in George’s mind, you don’t keep a woman around for conversation. In George’s mind, a woman will never be an equal partner in a relationship. THAT is why he doesn’t like to spend time with Angelina. Because she’s not like the vapid hookers he usually spends time with. I mean, really, he could spend two years with Elisabetta Canalis and yet he’s “bored” by a conversation with Angelina? So much for Clooney trying to get his feminist street-cred.

As for the Stacy-Angelina situation – well, how many girlfriends has George gone through since Angelina and Brad have been together? Like, a half-dozen? Angelina is probably at the point where she just doesn’t want to even learn Clooney’s latest piece’s name. I wonder if Cindy Crawford ever feels the same way? Oooh, Gossip Cop has a denial from Stacy’s rep too – interesting. Stacy has a rep?

PS… I know I just bitched about Clooney, but there is evidence to suggest that he and Angelina get along just fine – they did a Newsweek roundtable together in 2008, and George was perfectly nice to her – go here to read the old piece.

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  1. Luise says:

    What a complete bitch of Angie not to even acknowledge Stacy. It costs nothing to be nice and polite.

    • Lois says:

      Well Angie is a much better person than Stacy.
      How many lives has Stacy saved through humanitarian efforts? 0.
      Angie on the other hand through her efforts has saved millions by educating the masses about their plights.
      If I was Angie I wouldnt give Stacy the time of day either.

      • Bbyboo says:

        With that argument- I’m a piece of shit too because I have never saved lives through my humanitarian efforts- I’m just a stay at home mom who looks at gossip when I {finally} have some down time. I guess everyone else can look down on me too…

      • Lois says:

        We are all shit compared to Angie.

      • Wendy says:

        So that makes it ok to be a rude b*tch? Would it make it ok for her to be that way with salespeople, waiters and so on too then?

      • Lois says:

        Of course it would be fine.
        Angie is the top of the pecking order. She has done many great things and thus deserves to treat others that are beneath her with contempt.

      • Canada Guy says:

        Lois you sound like a fart catcher for snobs.
        Its the self haters like you that make these forums fun for us “normal” people and make us feel better about ourselves.
        Jolie is a world class bitch snob, its no secret. Thats why everyone except you hates her.
        The ONLY reason she is tolerated is because of her humanitarian efforts, which I will give her credit for.
        But that doesn’t give her carte blanche to treat others badly.
        Compassion is something she should have learned long ago in the third world countries that she visits.
        Oh, by the way, Keibler had a 3.7 grade average in COLLEGE and Jolie was a self-cutter @ Beverly Hills High, so lets not make her a saint quite yet, ok?

      • Embee says:

        You’re joking, right? The Dalai Lama takes time to speak with janitorial service staff, with kindness and genuine interest.

      • Wendy says:

        @Lois: Please tell me that was served with a large heaping dose of sarcasm, pretty funny if it was.

        Otherwise, you’re a nutjob. Lol

      • for real? says:

        LMAO unless we lall have a million dollars to donate to some charity we are all deserve to be ignored… in real life its the little things that count and the little people. so what if she is Georges 75th girl friend thats not staceys fault. She is still a person and she did nothing to deserve to be treated that way.. Angie needs to grow up, a true humanitarian at heart would never act like this!!! she just lost some major cool points!!

      • Mel says:


      • Sarah says:

        Angie can treat you with contempt as you wish, because you are an idiot Lois.

      • ol cranky says:

        based on that Jerry Sandusky is great person as all his philanthropy should overshadow abusing kids (and so is Joe Pa since his philanthropy and football greatness should matter more than the epic failure to act on the information Sandusky was abusing at least one kid because he had never been in that situation before)?

        Sorry humanitarian efforts and philanthropy don’t necessarily make you a good or kind person and her absolute refusal to show even a modicum of common courtesy (if true) would say as much about the type of person she is.

      • MyCatLoves TV says:

        @Bbyboo I don’t know if anybody has said it but in case they haven’t….THANK YOU! Being a Mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world and nobody should take anything away from that. I’ve known a lot of Moms and not a one of them has the advantages of Angie. If I were a millionaire star with loads of time on my hands, I might try to cure the world’s problems, too. I’d be working with The World Wildlife Fund or something like that. But I can’t. I’m just getting by like so many other Americans. But I try to stay nice to everybody because as was said…it costs nothing. Screw Angie for being a bitch. Life’s too short to be one or to be around one.

      • Vesper says:

        “The best index to a person’s character is: a) how he treats people who can’t do him any good…” – Abigail Van Buren

        Sarah, u must not be familiar with the concept of sarcasm. It is pretty obvious that was how Lois meant her comment to be taken.

        Embree, u seem to be missing the point. While the Dalai Lama likely doesn’t go out of his way to spend time with janitorial and service staff, u can be sure that when he does come into contact with them he treats them with kindness and respect.

    • brin says:

      Agreed. IF this is true (big if), that’s just rude, could also explain why Clooney wouldn’t like Jolie.

      • truthSF says:

        Oh please, this is just US Weekly’s way of getting Jolie back for dissing them after they wrote some made up crap about her AGAIN!

      • teri says:

        I thought it was funny when Angelina dissed US mag. bwahahaha, awww somebody’s feelings got hurt.

      • deltona lakes says:

        that was funny. Angie,” Where did you get your source from US weekly? you should read better papers”. ha ha ha. Yea, they are p**sed.
        The tabs should all be like Anna Wintour. When Aniston referred to Vogue as a tabloid she never got another cover. They rather create lies with their so-called inside source.

    • Rhea says:

      You know that the source is Us Weekly, right? VERY RELIABLE…LOL

    • ShazBot says:

      I doubt this is true…I can see her not wanting to get friendly with his string of girlfriends, but I seriously doubt she would flat out ignore her.

    • DG says:

      Lois–hahahaha! Wow, I weep for humanity (or whatever you are). You poor sadsack of a thing, you.

      • Erinn says:

        They’re trolling and it’s successful. They want people to give them attention, and they got it.

    • NotaBitterBetty says:

      Can’t belive people think this is a true story.

    • Original Chloe says:

      Hey Kaiser, dont’t you think it’s telling that US Weekly would print something like that a week after Jolie goes on record saying:

      “Reported? By US Weekly? You’ve got to read better newspapers”

      😀 😀 😀

    • Gigi says:

      Calm down. It’s an Us Weekly story so yeah, hardly ever reliable. I’m sure Angelina was friendly, even if it was killing her inside. Do you think George would’ve been bromancing with Brad as per usual if Angie was totally dissing Stacy? Where’s the common sense?

    • Molly says:

      If Angelina did shun Stacy, it was probably because Stacy said something racist.

    • Coucou says:

      Are you kidding me? If i were Stacy, i would expect nothing less than that, and if she did try to “fake” some sort of conversation, i’d be disappointed.

      Way to play it Angie! Love it!

      And MY GOD could this woman be any more PERFECT???

    • poppycock says:

      Oh boy, there are so many Angelina haters on here. Why are you taking a bit of gossip as truth? Looks like a ton of jealously to me.
      Ang is gorgeous, get over it.
      Brad and Jen are divorced, get over that too.
      Let me ask you this. How long does it take to fly from LA to PSP? Well now, since I wouldn’t want you to overextend yourselves in the pursuit of truth, it’s a very short trip, 20 minutes tops by private plane.
      Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. Bunch of ninnies.

    • Ailine says:

      Um..this is just gossip. This bit was not delivered to Moses by God while he spoke from a burning bush. They make up stuff about Angelina every other week. Grain of salt people. Grain of salt.

  2. Jenn says:

    Ha! Gotta love it. Team Jolie.

  3. outofafrica says:

    Team jolie too.. Stacy’ll soon be on her way out & the last thing i wanna hear her say is she & angie are buds..

    • Original Chloe says:

      What, you mean, like, the Jolie-Pitt children should not become friends with Auntie Stacey? I’m sure Auntie Elizabeth(a) was their dearest companion! The more the merrier, right?

  4. Akula says:

    eh team Jolie on this. To be perfectly frank why bother to make nice with George’s (probably) vapid, famewhore of the month? I wouldn’t have bothered if I was her either. Clooney has a penchant for skanks and this one doesn’t seem any different – just another contract girl.

    • Heather says:

      Because it’s polite?

      • DG says:

        Exactly. Unfortunately many people are just not brought up anymore with proper manners, it’s really low-class to be rude to others and shows a lack of social graces. Oh well!

      • Coucou says:

        Oh y’all need to get over yourselves! Talking manners and shit, as if our idea of manners even matters, they are in another stratosphere. For example, when i was a first class flight attendant on AA, i had Meryl Streep on a flight, and do you think she talked to me while buttering her breakfast biscuit, hell no, and i am just fine with that. Angie is in another league and she has a right and a duty to keep shit straight – good on her! You may think that’s bad manners, but i think it’s what’s called “keeping it REAL.”

      • RobN says:

        @ Coucou, do you seriously not see the difference between a paid flight attendant and the girlfriend of one of your guy’s best friends? You don’t see the difference between a business setting and a social one? It’s an important distinction.

  5. Quest says:

    Cat claws are out!

  6. paola says:

    i see angelina as a stuck up bitch. I’m sure she is not fun to be with and one of the most boring persons ever.

    • Tapioca says:

      Well quite – which man wouldn’t rather have the bubbly good-time girl who doesn’t fret over the calories in dinner at the Ivy over a narcissistic anorexic with less of a sense of humour about herself than Madonna?

      Just look at the photos from the Golden Globes – Stacy looked thrilled to be there, AJ like she had a bad smell under her nose.

      • Bite me says:

        AJ wouldnt be caught dead at the Ivy that’s Stacy territory

      • paola says:

        One of the things i really dislike about her is the fact that she despises hollywood and all the things that include being an hollywood actress so much, but then there she is, always on a promotion tour of this crap movie or another wearing this haute couture gowns or those labeled shoes. you’re full of crap just like all the others, if you don’t like the hollywood system than stay out of it, i won’t miss you for sure.
        and for all the people who will say that she focuses the attention on real social problems, on war countries and stuff like that i think it’s all bullshit, because she was Mrs.Smith, Lara Croft and agent salt, and that wasn’t for making any good, apart from her own, the truth is she has bills to pay like everybody else but i find very annoying the fact that she wants to be so above the hollywood industry only when it suits her.

      • Original Chloe says:

        Oh, I’m sure the bubbly good-time girl was thrilled to be there. One of the several benefits of being George’s gf.

        His previous one even got to act in the movies! How thrilling will THAT be for Stacey!

    • Michelle says:

      paola: Damn straight! So exactly nailed it!

  7. helvetica says:

    Maybe she had a bad mood day, that’s all. I doubt Angie completely ignored her, she probably only said hi then went back to her seat.

    Or maybe she actually talked to her and got bored

  8. samira677 says:

    I don’t believe this story because if you hate somebody so much you wouldn’t spend 5 hours in an enclosed space together. These Angelina is evil stories are old and annoying. If she was so bad everybody would say such nice things about her.

    • Jaxx says:

      Finally, someone who actually uses their brain. Why extend any invite to people you don’t like? You don’t. More tabloid crap that people swallow like hungry trout after a fly.

  9. Eleonor says:

    Well George is like your boyfriend’s bestie who dates only irrelevant girls, who all looks the same. At a certain point you get tired and you don’t even want to know his latest piece, because she will be totally interchangeble with the last one, who was interchangeble with the one he used to date in 2002. It’s a waste of time.

    • whatthehell456 says:


    • Audrey says:

      Sure, you may not pursue a friendship with her but, being nice would be nice.

      • Eleonor says:

        I think Angie was cold and polite, not much more, because she is not interested in George’s latest piece.
        In my opinion the source of this is Stacy’s team. In some way Stacy now (like all the previous George’s girlfriends, or maybe more the girl seems ambitous) sees herself like a real A-List personality, with a career etc. and after the Valentino’s dresses, and the interviews she thought to hang out with real Alist actors and be buddy with them. So Angie’s coldness might have offended her. But the truth is in a couple of years she will be dumped for another c-list waitress, because this is how George menages his relationship, and it’s pathetic.

      • eileen says:

        I think if this story is true is hilarious considering she used to F her boyfriends in limos on the way to award shows, wear their blood around her neck and make out with her brother. She is NO better than any other vapid starlet. she does good NOW-but it wasn’t that long ago she chose crazy over a family army. She needs to get over herself IMO.

      • Maisie says:

        Eileen, Angelina did not ‘make out’ with her brother. A greeting kiss on closed lips is not ‘making out’. And she wore a locket with a tiny pinprick of blood glued in the center, not exactly ‘wearing blood’. Also if you think 10-15 years ago is ‘not long ago’ then I guess our definition is quite different. Considering you support Brandi who is far more sexually explicit and trashy in every way inc sex on her son’s bed and getting married in vegas to a friend as well as sleeping with a friends partner, then I think you’re a hypocrite. Btw if you think there is one single musician or actor who *hasn’t* banged in a limo, you are very naive. No doubt Brandi definitely has since she did on her son’s bed. Brandi is 38. Whats her excuse? Ergo, you have no room to criticize Angelina considering who you support.

    • Embee says:

      People are not interchangeable. Not refugees and not C-list actresses.

  10. Alaina says:

    Oh please. Who was the source on the plane? Brad Pitt?

  11. Jayna says:

    I don’t know many things, but the one thing I believe George Clooney is a class act in many ways and he would never utter such words out loud to someone. Made-up, no source for this.

    • Eve says:

      Me too. I also highly doubt this story is true simply because I’ve never heard or read about Jolie being rude to anyone.

      • sharylmj says:

        This could be somewhat true, as in Angie probably didn’t “act” like her bestfriend. I’m sure she was polite.. She has to put up with George and his girlies because George and Brad are besties…

  12. Angelique says:

    I don’t believe in this. TEAM JOLIE haha

  13. Sue says:

    These stories crack me up!

  14. Intercontinental says:

    We’re thinking Ange is bored by GCs showmances just as much as everone else!

    Team Jolie on this one!!

  15. Snowflake says:

    I doubt she totally ignored her; she prob just wasn’t very friendly. the tabloids know how to make their fake stories jive with people’s perception of celebrities; for example, anniston desperate to get married.

  16. BoBo says:

    Say this was all true, why does Angie have to be polite or friendly to Stacy? Maybe she knows Stacy will be gone in a year and why strike up anything with a revolving door. Why does everybody have to be friendly with CLooney’s girlfriends. Is that part of a Hollywood rule?

  17. Toot says:

    I think this story is a big old load of s&%t. People who actually meet Angelina always say how nice she is, so I don’t see her ignoring Stacy on a 5 hours flight.

    George may not like Angelina because he likes flaky women and to me he doesn’t seem to think to highly of us in general, and she may not like him because of his view on women, but this story is straight crap.

    • ataylor says:

      FIVE hour flight? Um no. More like 25-30 minutes MAX. I don’t think anyone on that flight had enough time to establish deep conversation between sitting down for take-off and preparing for landing. lol. It’s about 35-45 min flight from L.A. to LAS VEGAS which is in another state. L.A. to Palm Springs is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of flight.

      Road traffic is usually a bitch though, at least 2 hrs which is why I guess they decided to fly in.

  18. Agnes says:

    I agree – whatever Angelina is, she’s not a vapid goldigging hooker. I bet Clooney has no idea how to deal with women like her (or doesn’t care to deal – whatever).

  19. Daphne says:

    Hahahah, a bunch of so-called “humanitarians” who don’t even bother to be nice to each other….

    • Tapioca says:

      … in a private jet. Who gives a sh*t about the people forced from their homes thanks to global warming if it means not being bothered by the peasants you get on commercial flights, right?

      If only a humanitarian representative for the refugees would make a stand against the displacement of people due to the West’s rampant carbon abuse!!

  20. Maritza says:

    I agree with Wendy on this, it costs nothing to be polite.

  21. Marjalane says:

    Maybe Stacy is shallow and transparent in her Barbie girlfriend personality, and Angelina doesn’t care for paid escorts?

  22. D says:

    To be fair to Angelina, maybe she was just trying to protect her tender heart.

    I mean, George’s girls come & go so fast! Does Angie really want to become BFFs with Cocktail Waitress #4 – have sleepovers, do each other’s hair, exchange friendship bracelets – only to be told one day that her friend has been replaced with Go-Go Cage Dancer #3? Can you imagine the heartbreak?

    Sarah Larson was around for a long time – I bet Angie got attached to her. After Sarah got dumped, Angie probably swore she’d never open her heart again.

    On that plane ride with George & his gf, I’m guessing Angie was thinking, “I bet Stacy Keibler could never braid my hair as well as Sarah could!” and wiping away her tears as she sadly remembered all the girls (Escort #6, Professional Jello Wrestler #2) that had come before.

  23. Zelda says:

    Ooh this matches a BLIND ITEM from a few weeks ago on…I can’t remember which site. It said somethig about the girlfriend of this A list actor trying to be all best friendsy with the girlfriend of one of his friends, an A-list director/actress. Apparently hounding her and acting much closer than they actually are. The Actress was very annoyed at the other woman’s constant attempts to do this because they barely knew each other.

    BUT…I can’t remember where I read it

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I saw that blind as well and everyone was guessing it was SK/GC/ Julia Roberts.

  24. ohdear says:

    What about two completely different women who hardly know each other share the same flight. They say hi to each other, have a short and polite chat and go back to their seats. This just because they don’t have that much in common and being two adults and not two 15yr old girls, they prefer to spend the rest of the trip apart instead of faking a friendship that doesn’t exist yet, who knows what will happen next. Or maybe they’re simply not in the mood to talk for 5 hours only to keep US Weekly from writing any cr@p about them. Does it sound too weird? Well anyways, team Jolie-Keibler, this story is so fake…

    • Fernanda says:

      Totally agree!

    • andoo says:

      I agree.

      This happens to ordinary people like us too, right? Why force a conversation with someone you feel you can’t connect with? I don’t think Angelina is being cold and impolite. They’re just not on the same wavelength so there’s nothing really much to talk about.

      People are just blowing things out of proportions. I can’t believe many are actually buying this story.

  25. mln76 says:

    As Angie said last week’ Us Weekly? You got to read better papers!’
    But let’s pretend it were true if I were Angie I’d ignore Stacy too except the minimum amount of cordiality. She’s hired help for award season who will be gone by next award season. Why encourage a friendship with someone who is a hanger on no matter how good natured she may be?
    I’ve always wondered if George and Angie actually like eachother or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some tension.

    • Wendy says:

      I get the distinct impression that Clooney and Jolie don’t like each other at all. You NEVER see pix of Clooney and Jolie looking chummy.

      And I’ve long thought that Jolie is the kind of woman who doesn’t like other women all that much. That’s likely the reason she hardly has any female friends.

      • Josephina says:

        Angelina is a BUSY woman! She does not have a reason to be mean with anyone because she is so content her life.

        I know many women like her ( not with six kids) and they don’t have the time to bullshite unless you are involved in the same things that they are involved. She has a few close friends–she does not need a farmhouse of hens cackling like the ones posting on this site.

        Besides, her main priority is her family- Brad and their children. Satisfaction with life can keep you glowing. And you see how happy he is! He ain’t going nowhere! After all, how do you think those bio kids got here, huh?

        This tablod has to make money, and Angie’s name in their paper, implying that she is “stuck up” will get the soccer moms and the minivan majority to call her mean, untouchable, and a beyotch. If I were a Angie hater I would deeply enjoy this article.

        I like Stacey. Given George’s record, however, she will not be around very long because he is not having it.

  26. Missa says:

    At one of these recent awards red carpets, George was asked if he and Stacy double dated with Brad and Angie. He said he hadn’t seen Brad in six months. How could that be true if they flew out together. Pretty sure this story is a complete fabrication from start to finish.

  27. melissa says:

    I agree with a previous comment. It costs nothing to be polite. No one said they had to be BFF’s. I cannot stand “humanitarians” that are only graceful people when the cameras are reporting it. It is what we do when no one is looking is what counts. I don’t think you are a wonderful person, if you are only selectively wonderful. That’s baloney.

  28. Maya says:

    At least Stacy doesn’t look like a Bobble Head and screw Aniston. To me, Angelina is all about Angelina and everything else is pure strategy.

  29. DG says:

    Edited. (Was supposed to be a response to someone but reply isn’t working?)

  30. Bamster says:

    Angelina Jolie – Bitch, Humanitarian, Mother, Goddess, Man-Stealer and so much more. Used to hate her, but now I respect and adore her and women should be inspired by her. George – overated.

  31. Ari says:

    I am sure Angelina said “Hello, how are you? Good, good.” And then turned back to her documents on a country she is trying to save.

  32. Dibba says:

    Awesome. Love it. So many theories so little time. Brad and George seem so into each other… so this strikes me as odd. How could Brad be so into someone who thinks so little of AJ? I don’t believe it. I wish it were all true, but somehow I doubt it. I can see Angie being cold towards George’s “flavor of the month”.

    • HadleyB says:

      The same way many husbands still marry their wives even though his mother / family hates her? It’s done all the time !!

      Sometimes you just don’t like a person. For whatever reason — it’s normal human nature. Who know if Angie was really rude OR Stacy is pissed because Angie doesn’t give her anything more than polite chit chat?

      I’m so sick of George. Retire and get some new teeth.

  33. Fi says:

    Not everyone who is “friend” of Brad is a friend of Angelina. This is normal and to be honest Brad and George seem to do very well but does not have a constant contact. George loves to talk about Brad kkkk … but he said he had one year that he did not see Brad. I think Clooney is very annoying and child. And with all these awards and the opportunity for a time with Brad makes it more annoying.
    And Angelina has never seemed like a party, even when she is in her wild phase, it was never going to be at parties “friend” of everyone …. she always seemed more isolated … I think Brad has more contact with other actors, producers, directors …… Angelina seems to be more closely linked to actors not so well known, people from other areas doctors, journalists, writers, politicians etc …

  34. islandgirl says:

    I am lmao at all the Angie haters on here lol. You people are so gullible. No wonder the tabs are still in business cause you all believe in them. So sad and pathetic

  35. toto says:

    i don’t trust a man with no respect for woman strength ..the way George get his women on yearly bases it shows clearly the way he sees women …if he does not want to get married is ok , but at least he can get a long term girlfriend.but i think he is too weak to handle a real woman.
    a side note: i think Stacey got new boobs shows clearly in the third picture or am i wrong?

  36. ladybert62 says:

    well I agree with Mr. Clooney about trampie Jolie. (Ducking as you throw sticks and stones at me! ^_^)

  37. Cherylr6 says:

    For me the fan fiction over at the Star is so much more riveting than US Weekly’s fan fiction.

    A woman being bitchy to her husband’s bff’s newest trophy girl friend? Where are the pathos?

    Jen’s empassioned hormonal telephone call to Brad where she begs him to take her back and he wrongly gives her hope? See that has plot. It has somewhere to go should the fan fictionista wish to make this a multi-chapter opus.

    Angie’s not liking George’s GF is a problem that will solve itself when he starts dating a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader or the former Miss Guam.

  38. sarah says:

    I think it’s hard not to be snob in the company of Stacy.
    Ignoring is not being unpolite. Sometimes it’s the only way to avoid bad blood.
    Better be honest and ingnore someone that pretend to be super-friendly.

  39. Jackie says:

    george likes his women dumb and vapid, i could see how angelina’s strong personality would annoy him.

    i am really starting to actively dislike this man.

  40. The Original Mia says:

    Team Jolie/Keibler. Stupid story.

  41. Katherine says:

    LOL! People responding as if they believe this story. You so funny.

  42. Riana says:

    Kiebler, can’t believe I know a Clooney hookup, is actually really nice and sweet. I’m sorry but as stunning as Jolie looked at the awards she also looks like someone who wouldn’t look in your direction if you weren’t important enough. It’s a shame, success and family don’t bring smiles apparently.

  43. Riana says:

    Also, just curious why are people so angry/resentful over Clooney’s dating habits? I don’t love it but I also don’t really care.

    I don’t presume to know for a fact what he thinks of women or that Jolie must scare him or etc.

    I imagine a lot of Hollywood types are like Clooney except they hide it better. Wasn’t Blake Lively being praised for her ‘game’ by one of the blog writers a few days ago?

    • D says:

      Regarding resentment over Clooney’s dating habits – I suspect some of it is due to it being a reminder that while a man’s talents, accomplishments, professional status, and social power often make him more attractive to women, the reverse is not always true.

      That is, for many men, including “men of substance”/”thinking men”, a woman’s youth & beauty are far more important than her intelligence, talents, or accomplishments; in fact, many men may prefer women who are less accomplished and powerful than they are. They don’t want an equal. Clooney is a high-profile example of this pattern.

      In other words, people don’t get really irritated over the non-criminal behavior of strangers unless it hits some personal sore point.

      (ETA: I personally don’t see any reason to assume Clooney is a “man of substance” but that is certainly the public’s perception of him)

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      “Also, just curious why are people so angry/resentful over Clooney’s dating habits? I don’t love it but I also don’t really care.”

      You and me both, Riana. I don’t understand the outrage at who he dates. I mean, yeah it’d be nice to see him with someone his own age but really-who cares?????

      • shawn says:

        People don’t like the fact that these FAKE relationships with trashy famewhores do harm to real actresses and to women everywhere. It’s not okay to make it look like the casting couch is the way to get ahead. For every role a Keibler or a Canalis gets, a talented actress who refuses to sell herself out in the same manner is denied work. Public figures like Clooney, like it or not, have an effect on the culture at large. He is perpetuating the sexist nature of Hollywood as well as sexism in general. If he were in a real relationship with someone he actually loved, such as Matt Damon and his wife, no one would have a problem with it. He doesn’t have to get married or even have a real girlfriend, just please stop promoting the biggest whores on earth who do anything and everything for fame and money.

      • Wendy says:

        @shawn: the fact of the matter is that if George “hires” a woman to pose as his girlfriend, it’s probably because he’s gay. So basically, the women he hires are being hired to “act” and I doubt very much that he’s actually sleeping with any of them.

        With this in mind, I actually give him credit in the sense that he’s not stringing woman after woman along that he’s going to settle down (or has settled down) with them. At the same time, it gives these women a chance to be noticed over the 28 bazillion other actresses in Hollywood, and if they’re smart, they’ll use the time to network, make contacts and friends that they may not have had access to before.

        At least that’s how I see it. In a way, he IS actually doing the Pygmalion thing.

  44. Julie says:

    I can see George being cordial afterall Brad is his friend. I can see him not caring for her not because she has substance but because she may lack an ability to loosen up and be any sort of fun in group situations. She looked uptight as hell at the GG. I think a big part of class if how you treat others and if it’s true how she treated Stacy, it’s classless. She didn’t have to be buddy buddy but a simple hello and acknowledgement was in order. Ok, start the BS hate…..lets here it.

  45. foozy says:

    george gave thumbs up when brad fell in love with angie. he was really happy about it…

  46. Bo says:

    Not that I’m convinced of the reliability of US Weekly, but I think this might be true. Before this came out, I noticed that in one interview when GC was talking about being on the the same plane as B&A the smile completely left SK’s face. I thought it odd even then. In another interview they were asking GC about playing pranks on BP and someone asked SK if she would play a prank on AJ and she said “I definitely would not do that” (emphasis on “not”). The manner she stated it seemed very strange. The timing of it being rumored that GC said AJ was mean and boring is interesting. Also of interest is that the first time I saw this story was on GossipCop. To my knowledge they have never had a story on GC (and there have been many “rumors” about him), but they ran two stories about him a few days after he gave them a shout out at one of the awards shows. Could he have already been doing damage control by schmoozing GossipCop, knowing the US Weekly article was pending? There’s no excuse for rudeness, but I definitely would not have been able to talk to SK for very long unless I was drunk. Maybe SK thought AJ was being rude to her because she’s become used to everyone fighting for her attention since she’s GC’s new piece.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I don’t believe the rude part of the story as far as AJ ignoring SK. What you mentioned noticing (in these interviews) is interesting though. I think SK’s reaction to the mention of BP/AJ could be looked at in a couple different ways. SK tweeted something about BP in March of 2011 (before GC) that it wouldn’t be bad waking up next to BP every morning (I’m paraphrasing) no big deal. Now obviously AJ I’m sure doesn’t know about that tweet and wouldn’t care if she did know. But, Stacey knows and she may care thus it may have been BPs name that made SK uncomfortable. Also, I believe SK is intimidated by AJ, not SKs fault not AJs fault it just happens. I mean when I think about it AJ being an accomplished actress, mother, humanitarian, etc. she probably personifies (in one way or another) what SK wants for herself. SK wants desperately to become a successful actress, it’s very obvious she likes the limelight, and is ambitious. So maybe the truth of the situation is that SK admires AJ, as she is a shameless ‘fan’, which is fine she doesn’t try to hide it. I feel that as a woman SK MAY look up to AJ for her success in acting, family and other things in her life, like Brad. I don’t think she actively has a crush on BP, but probably sees them as having both a very successful partnership, family and success in their respective careers, something she probably knows she will never have with George. I’m not saying she should feel this way, but I believe she does, and that’s not AJs fault, and if there is any awkwardness I believe it comes from Stacey. She is so out of her element, I’m sure she probably never thought she’d be dating George Clooney, and I’m sure she definitely never thought what it would be like being around all these stars, not just AJ&BP, all of them. I feel she is intimidated, and is doing her best to not show it, she seems like a nice girl, but I think she sees the writing on the wall. GC rocketed SK into some pretty powerful circles, and she’s doing her best, but I feel she knows she’s just this side of being a ‘fan’.

  47. Nikki says:

    Why is AJ being portrayed as a bitch with no proof but people saw Clare Danes snapping at the peons at after parties and nary a mention? Us weakly is just pissed they can’t run the AJ hates Obama throws wine at pitt stories in november.

    • NAMED source says:

      yes- Clare was definitely having issues that night. Here is a NAMED source saying how down-to-earth much bigger celebs were (Brad, Angie, George) and how awful Clare was- I like Homeland & think she’s good in it, but this isn’t good:

      BTW- There is not one NAMED source that had ever said anything other than how kind and professional Angelina is. Now George, there’s been a few reports of diva stuff over the years- not as many as Clare or Christian B, but still…well, George has excellent PR (same guy a Charlie S before meltdown).

  48. anonymous says:

    Jolie might still be friends with Clooney’s last girl friend Elizabetta, now Jolie doesn’t know what to do, to be friends with the new girl is like betrayal to someone who has probably become her good friend, remember Clooney’s last girfriend stayed for quite a while until she asked for marraige and a baby.

    • shawn says:

      “Jolie might still be friends with Clooney’s last girl friend Elizabetta”
      ROFL. Still be friends? They’d have to be friends to start off with, and they weren’t.

  49. kay says:

    I bet he was bored when talking with Angie. After all, she probably did not want to discuss HIM.

  50. ella says:

    At least I know I’m not the only one

  51. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I doubt that there is even a kernel of truth to this story but the whole “Let’s burn Stacy Kiebler at the stake” thing is really annoying. Sometimes I feel like celeb gossip is adult version of “Mean Girls”. Why do we hate this woman again? I’m genuinely curious. Does anyone have links to interviews where SK proves herself to be a “vapid party girl”? Or is it just because George Clooney is dating her? I don’t all seems like bitchiness to me. Anyway, I think Angelina is too classy to be rude to this woman, although if this article is true then they probably don’t have much in common so I can see how they may not be BFFs.

    • Pow! says:

      Exactly! Makes no sense. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • shawn says:

      See my reply to you further up for your answer. Keibler is not a nice person. She chose to whore herself out. Her choices, not my problem, and Clooney’s promotion of her is harming actresses who refuse to sell themselves out in the same manner.

  52. Bermuda Blues says:

    Clooney’s last girlfriend, Elisabetta, remember how she totally joined Team Jolie?? Elisabetta, with her broken English and Italian sensibilities went on Twitter and shit all over Aniston. Compared her wrinkled leathery skin and dead beach hair to Iggy Pop. Now that was a hilarious story.

    Clooney is certainly a gossip, but I bet the stories he tells are a heck of a lot naughtier than “Angelina is boring. Boo Hoo”

  53. k says:

    This piece of gossip seems like total BS. But, if it were true, I totally agree with Kaiser.

  54. Mia says:

    I feel like George Clooney just likes fun people. Most of his friends normally look like people that can kick back and enjoy themselves. I mean we just heard about Viola Davis being a friend and not just a coworker. She isn’t flighty or overly bubbly, but she looks like she enjoys herself. Jolie looks like she has a stick up her ass at all times.

    • taksi says:

      I agree. Clooney may date bimbos but I don’t think he disrespects women. He doesn’t want the trouble of a strong woman in a relationship (which is lame) but he’s capable of having good friendships with men and women. He likes to appear like he doesn’t take it too seriously, keep somewhat light and glib, whereas Jolie takes everything seriously and seems to need to be right.

  55. slyceej says:

    It’s “buring the lede”.

  56. Kimlee says:

    Here what to people who have meet Angelina had to say about her 

    Andie Macdowel said that Angelina gave her daughter great advice

    Here the video she says it at the 0:38 mark.

    Here another non famous person who meet her at the GG and here what he had to say about her and Brad.  

    Talks about it at the 1:54 mark

    Keep watch the video after he talks about Brad and Angelina he has some great inside info on Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton at the GG after party.

  57. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    George Clooney and Angelina have one thing in common – they are both over rated actors. Chris Cooper kicks butt over Clooney and Angelina is like aniston, playing herself in the movies. Also I wonder if Angelina has ever met Nazanin Afshin-Jam who is also a humanitarian and very well spoken.

  58. Turd Fergussen says:

    Jesus. Just one more reason I can’t stand Angelina. Of course she’s an icy bitch. She’s also a homewrecker and a famewhore. I have no use for her, her “humanitarian” efforts or her greasy partner Brad. If I never heard another word about them, it would be fine by me.

  59. Original Chloe says:

    If this develops into “Jolie hurts another AMERICAN DARLING” that girlfriend of George might actually land a B-class romcom pretty soon.

    Women love to empathize with those sweet American darlings mistreated by evil Jolie.

  60. dena says:

    Angelina Jolie is just garbage covered in glitter.

    And a private jet from LA to PS? Seriously? What an example of total and utter hypocrisy.

    Go away, AJ and BP.

  61. cal says:

    What is this matter anyways, George is Brad Pal not Angies and stacey is not Angie’s friend neither Brad’s. I bet this doesn’t matter to any of them.

    • islandgirl says:

      Its only matters to the haters. The only way they can feel good about themselves is too hate on Angelina. It turns them on lol

  62. Guest says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Stacy’s PR people planted the story and then retracted it later just to keep the gossip up. Stacy is everywhere now. I was channel surfing the other day and every entertainment show had something on her. How Stacy puts on her make-up or Stacy getting ready for the red carpet or how Stacy works out. Really stop it.

  63. mymy says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the tension between George and Angie. But then again I don’t adore her the way some people do. I don’t have that required tunnel vision.
    As far as Angie being a better person than Stacy. I seriously doubt that. For many reasons.
    Seeing as Jolie is never seen with other beautiful woman. I would say she might have given Stacey the cold shoulder.

  64. Happy21 says:

    I’m not buying it. I like Angelina Jolie but think that she is the type of person who would have no problem faking it when it comes to being nice to someone. I would think this would be the type of attitude she would have had with Stacy. I’m sure she doesn’t like her – why would she? – George Clooney’s taste in women sucks – but I do think that she would have just faked it during the flight even if she didn’t like her.

  65. shawn says:

    Interesting that KEIBLER’s rep denied the story, as if that means anything. LOL. Besides, I’m sure Jolie knows full well that Keibler is merely another contracted publicity escort and is not actually Clooney’s girlfriend.

  66. moopsie says:

    There is a bitch in all of us. If Angie is a snobby bitch, I’d still love her for her work. If Stacy Keibler is a hooker, then I’d still lover her for uh …

  67. jane says:

    Sure you always “catch a ride” with ppl you can’t stand – like he can’t get his own plane, this article is just bs and speculation. Angie is seen with Gwen who is way more beautiful than Stacy. Hey stacy is pretty too but thi is just a bunch of crap

  68. andu says:

    maybe angelina does not mind being friendly with george the girlfriend of, because she knows that comes with maturity.
    entoces because she is going to be friends with one person for one year
    I had heard that angie and canalis got along very well.

  69. whatevs says:

    brad and george need to declare their undying love for one another… though they kinda did at the ggs.

  70. Cathy says:

    The whole story seems like garbage. But hey, they have to sell ragazines and nasty,bitchy, juicy gossip sells better

  71. truthful says:

    I am NO Angie fan BUT I think she loathes the whole BEARD scene that Clooney plays out and she knows its no use getting cozy w/these chicks..they won’t ever get to stick around.

    GC is gay, sorry, sexy and fine but gay and he has to continue to play this game and it probably pisses Angie off.

    PLUS Stacey seems like the type to give intimate info to the tabs INCOGNITO.

    • Coucou says:

      Georgie boy is not a Boy George, i just don’t see it, can’t even imagine him eating a hot dog, much less kissing a bloke. If i were a gay man, which i kind feel like i am on the inside, i would so NOT have the hots for him. Look at his lips! Too thin, i doubt they can barely hold onto a cigar.

    • Mirror says:

      George Clooney is not gay.
      He is a feminine man but NOT gay.

  72. Brenda says:

    Anyone else find it odd that they FLEW from LA to Palm Springs, on a private jett no less? It’s about a 100 mile drive. That doesn’t really jive with the selfless ,humanitarian image Ms. Jolie portrays.

    • ataylor says:

      Traffic is usually a bitch during the festival. Its usually a 2hr drive without traffic from L.A. to Palm Springs. I can see why they chose to fly.

      It’s about 25-30 min flight from the Burbank Airport (near to where both couples live) to Palm Springs.

      They can be in and out of that festival red carpet/screening that very same evening and spend only 3-4 1/2 hours max getting everything done (20 min to get to Burbank, 30 min flight, red carpet interviews/movie screening 2 hrs, 30 min return flight, 20 drive home from airport) as opposed to the 10-12 hrs including drive time and red carpet/screening time if they didn’t fly in.

  73. The Truth Fairy says:

    “there is evidence to suggest that he and Angelina get along just fine – they did a Newsweek roundtable together in 2008, and George was perfectly nice to her”

    Well, they ARE actors ……

  74. skuddles says:

    I suspect Angie perceives Keibler as little more than a temporary party-ho-for-hire… which is essentially what she is. It’s no secret George buys his girlfriends, whether it be through giving them press, jobs or expensive gifts (and probably a tidy allowance too) but he never goes into these “relationships” looking for love. And any babe he hooks up with knows the score – or gets the heave ho. Angie may not be the friendliest gal on the block but then again, I can’t see too many self-respecting women offering a warm reception to a hooker-type.

  75. jess says:

    I just read that Newsweek article. Hilarious.

  76. shawn says:

    It becomes obvious that Keibler’s real boyfriend, Stan Rosenfield, is who wrote that press release “interview” that included the climbing rope story. Keibler straddled wrestling ropes as a wrestler. That rope climbing story was actually a fantasy about Keibler that Rosenfield wrote.

  77. MS says:

    Totally off topic, but I really love CB, but really hate the newish “reply” button. I’m all for snark, but it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable with all the direct attacks on individual posters. Can’t we all just get along in our mutual love for gossip and leave the mean-spirited comments for the actual celebs?

    Tough call on this one. Not a Brangelooney, and all for the Golden Rule, but Stacy K does seem a little annoying.

  78. Aqua says:

    George find Angie BORING! this supposedly coming from a man who has enjoyed the company of a pig for 18 years.

    But I do believe that Angie does hate George.

    • Bo says:

      Very true! Also, Angie probably doesn’t demonstrate amusement when he tells his stories about masturbating as a youth or laugh at his fart jokes. In short, if your maturity is more than that of a 12-year-old, he probably finds you boring and mean. Given that, Stacy will more than likely be around for awhile.

      • Aqua says:

        I think they are two very different people at two very different points in their lives.Brad now has a life partner and a family so he tries to spend as much time as he can with them .While George still likes to party and have a good time.Nothing wrong with it if that’s what George wants.

  79. Kim says:

    I get this impression plus i get the impression Brad & George arent as chummy as they say they are. I think they are competitive with each other and the good friends thing is somewhat of an act.

    Cant blame Angelina. George has new flavor every couple months so why should Angelina bother getting to know them when they will be gone in a few months. Plus Stacey strikes me as not very smart or worldly and Angelina is so I doubt they have much in common to talk about.

    • Bite me says:

      Porgie is on record
      (Larry King Live) stating that him and brad are showbiz friends seriously when was the last time u saw Progie and Brad together outside of a showbiz event

      • pwal says:

        Was this back in 2006? Because I seem to recall that Clooney downplayed the extent of their ‘friendship’ just after Angelina emerged publicly with her Shiloh baby bump. And at the time, a lot of women had air in their jaws because it was ‘too soon’ and typical Clooney re-calibrated and distanced himself and made a show of kissing Aniston on the Oscars red carpet. Of course, after Shiloh’s birth and all of the curiosity surrounding it drowned out the negativity, Clooney was all gung-ho about Pitt rejoining the Oceans gang.

        That move is the main reason why I don’t trust Clooney and see his so-called charm as fake. Even more fake, given that he is the one who always bring up Brad whereas Brad barely brings Clooney up unless prompted by an interviewer.

  80. Nikki Girl says:

    Angelina is boring? Why, because she’s intelligent and well-traveled?

    And I wouldn’t really buy this story either…I doubt she flat-out ignored her, even if she doesn’t like her company…but I don’t doubt Stacy Kiebler is just another one of Clooney’s vapid, shallow pieces of ass. Sad really.

    Team Jolie.

  81. janet says:

    hmmmm…… I think angelina would be awesome to be with and hang with if she was your girlfriend or wife. So I think Brad loves that part. The just the 2 of them part. BUT – I bet He hates going out with her because of this. She is the kind of person I cant stand, the kind that says Im not a girly girl so I dont have to acknowledge you. or be nice. or be chatty. or social in general. Doesnt seem like she would be good at making or keeping friends. All under the rouse of not wanting to be “fake”. just my opinion.

  82. BELLA says:

    Angie knows stacy is the cocktail of the week…..I would be laughing inside if I saw them also

  83. Love her says:

    I think Angie hates George and care less about his fcuking time girls.

  84. Penguin says:

    Why should she speak to her? . After awards season she’s gonna be in Elizabetta canallis’s (sp?) shoes.

  85. Sakyiwaa says:

    I wudnt be
    friends with Stacy either. she’l be dumped soon which wud upset me. Team jolie

  86. Heine says:

    I can see her thinking she’s above Keibler.

    She seems kinda high and mighty; like the only people worth her time are political leaders, humanitarians, and powerful Hollywood types. Someone like Keibler wouldn’t be worth a glance.

    I don’t think she’d flat out ignore her though. She’d probably offer a fake smile and a limp handshake and then go sit as far away as possible.

    I totally believe that Clooney isn’t fond of her. She seems uptight and overly serious about everything and he likes to have fun and keep things light.

  87. e.non says:

    why the hell is it jolie’s responsibility to entertain clooney’s latest.

    • Guest says:

      I agree. Maybe she is the first of his friend’s wives or girlfriends in her own way to let him know they are not obligated to entertain every woman he goes out with. I am sure a lot of the wives of his close friends roll their eyes and complain behind his back every time he introduces a new woman to all of them. I know I would get tired of the whole thing. Also, the only polite obligation probably was to say hello and nice to meet you and then do her own thing.

  88. alexandra says:

    I think Angelina is beautiful and a great humanitarian. But kindness should applied to everyone. I hope this story is not true. Kindness should not be random.

  89. pwal says:

    I can see Angelina not liking Stacy; I can’t see her being rude to her. People like to point out Angelina’s b*tchface, as if she is the only woman who has one, but there’s many stories of her being very gracious towards people. But if someone’s nose get out of joint just because Angelina isn’t hurrying to invite her over to Miravel, then someone needs a healthy dose of perspective.

    But I do buy that Angelina doesn’t like Clooney and vice versa. Maybe Angelina doesn’t like dudes who are overly beguiled by themselves (read: Clooney) and Clooney doesn’t care for women who aren’t overly beguiled by him or unwilling/unable to hide her lack of beguilement. No skin off of either of their noses and none off of Brad’s, because, if memory serves, George wasn’t as overly demonstrative towards Brad in the wake of Burn After Reading, probably due to Brad completely stealing the show compared to Clooney (although Malkovich wasn’t a slouch either).

    And remember folks, Clooney behaved like a total douche when he assumed that Fabio’s female fans were trying to take a picture of Clooney – they weren’t. And if memory serves, Fabio and his fans were having a rollicking good time before Clooney flipped them off.

    But yeah… let’s believe something that was not witnessed/verified versus actual pics of Clooney’s eye-rolling and presenting the bird!

  90. gossplover says:

    so Aniston freaks think this story is true??Angelina has always had alot of praise from people that meet her and know her,only jealous hags was motives refuse to open their eyes to the truth,so now tabloid lies are the truth then we will apply the same to everybody.
    by the way aniston is a known bitch and a real snob he made a fellow actor cry he was even talking about it on acces hollywood yet we are here talking shi* about a person whom everbody who interview her or meet her or work with her say only good things about her hmmm

  91. ZenB!tch says:

    Angie is NOT a girlie girl – no duh. She is the type who hates other women and I don’t trust a woman who hates other women. She’s pretty and she seems intelligent but I don’t trust her.

    As for Clooney – a lot of people don’t like in others what they don’t like in themselves: trampy, fame ho who happen to find the paps in Africa… if the shoe fits George.

    I don’t think I’d “like” Stacy either but I could be nice for an hour and talk make up or hair.

  92. Statler says:

    ‘I believe that in George’s mind, you don’t keep a woman around for conversation. In George’s mind, a woman will never be an equal partner in a relationship. THAT is why he doesn’t like to spend time with Angelina. Because she’s not like the vapid hookers he usually spends time with.’

    Not a fan, but I’ve got to come to Clooney’s defense here. To me, it seems like quite a stretch to go from Clooney dating bimbos because they don’t require much effort to Clooney being a complete misogynist. Isn’t he friends with Julia Roberts, who, while she may be a mega-bitch, isn’t generally considered an idiot? And Cindy Crawford was a physics major before she began modelling.

    I suspect if (big ‘if’, I know) GC has a problem with AJ, it might be because she seems rather humorless. Of course I could well be wrong, but she doesn’t exactly seem ‘fun’, now does she? GC is a notorious prankster, so if there was an issue, I would expect it to be along those lines (humor vs. lack thereof).

  93. RobN says:

    I’m not so surprised at Jolie’s maybe rudeness as I am at how many people here seem to think that it’s perfectly ok to be rude to somebody simply because they aren’t on the same professional level that you are or prefer Raven’s games to French castles.

    • mln76 says:

      I don’t think it’s OK to be rude to someone simply because of what they do. ON THE OTHER HAND. I do think it’s disrespectful of George to have the expectation that Angie should babysit his newest piece. ESPECIALLY since we know that Stacy has been profiting from her new fame doubling her appearance fees. She may be a congenial person but she definitely has an agenda and is literally an escort. If I were a person in her position I would DEFINITELY keep my distance from the mess that is George’s personal life.

      • RobN says:

        Nobody is asking Jolie to have mani-pedi’s with her, nobody is asking Jolie to babysit her, just some friendly conversation on a plane because your guys are friends and it makes life easier for everybody.

        Keibler is a harmless figure; she doesn’t leave a trail of ex’s or drama. There simply is no reason not to be polite and I’m still surprised that so many people here think it’s fine. But then again, I don’t treat people like crap, so maybe I’m not so jaded.

      • mln76 says:

        I think you are just looking at this as if Stacy was a regular girl and Angie were just ‘the wife’. Angie is a star in her own right with just as much status as George and Brad. Stacy is a person who is actively profiting from her association with George doubling her appearance fees, and raising her media profile and appearance fees. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement for George and Stacy. Angelina on the other hand has nothing to gain from the whole thing and has been continually subject to extraordinary scrutiny from the media. So for her being extra friendly to someone who may or may not have an agenda is a bit different than general cordiality.

      • Wendy says:

        Sorry. It’s a dealbreaker for me when someone is only polite to those who can help them somehow, while feeling free to be rude to those who can’t. That is NOT the sign of a nice person.

  94. Ali says:

    I think most of us ladies know that certain one woman who is so smug she won’t befriend another woman. A guys’ kind of gal. This is the impression I’ve always had of Angie Jo. Considers all woman as competition. I must say I do believe some of that botox tightening up her big ole forehead just may have seeped into her brain. Watcha think?

  95. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Brad and George only hang out if they’re promoting a movie together, and that’s usually only during interviews. They like each other but have nothing in common, but still like to joke around with each other. I doubt that George dislikes AJ, and vice versa. How much time could they have ever spent hanging out especially in the past few years with all their kids and responsibilities? GC/whoever and AJ/BP are in totally different places in their lives. Also they did the Oscar round table together in 2008 and GC was making AJ crack up the whole time. I’ve always heard that AJ is very nice to everyone, she’s not this Ice Queen the tabs want her to be.

    This is all BS, but I wouldn’t put it past Stacey’s camp (Stacey has a CAMP??) to put this out there just to link her with as many famous people as possible. Girl’s got to work fast before her contract is up! Ha!

    • Bite me says:

      Totally agree with you… How come we never heard stories about AJ and porgie latest piece before

  96. Playlist says:

    That plane ride was about a 20 minute flight! They barely had time to say hello. US Magazine has become worse than the Enquirer. Total BS story. Lol, I think Angie would cringe more over a story that claimed she and Stacy bonded on that flight!

    Celebrities for these events are often provided use of private planes by the event planners, their agencies, or their studios, and are often grouped together for the ride. They also usually fly in and out of a more private airport (Van Nuys) in Los Angeles, so it is much less hassle for them. Brad and George are both with the same agency. The goal is to make sure the Celebrities actually show up for the event, and show up on time.

    Not a AJ fan, but I imagine she intimidates the hell out of George. She wouldn’t hesitate to call him on his crap to his face, and George can’t handle that, which is why he dates (hires)the women he does. Whenever Angie is with Brad at an event, Brad spends little time with George. Angie keeps a tight rein on that friendship. I bet Angie cannot stand George. Ever seen Brad and Angie together at Lake Como? Brad on his own, yes, with Angie, no. Being in a round table discussion with George was a work obligation, Angie had to be polite. I doubt she’s downright rude with him on the side, but she’s not going to be friends either. The same goes with his girlfriends.

    • Amazed says:

      Good points and well said. I think Angie can have a good time but is very guarded. I am sure she was polite but really, trust Stacy, why would she? I am sure Stacy would sell her out, if needed. Seeing Stacy in interviews, she is sweet. Not everyone likes a sickly sweet annoying woman with the mentality of a teenager.

  97. Gabriel says:

    Jean Dujardin said he spoke with Brad and Angelina at the Golden Globe and they talked about their home in southern France. And that Angelina loved his wife …. and when Angelina climbs on stage to present the best director award his wife took the phone to take pictures of Angelina and she almost had an orgasm … sexy. .. imagine these four together …. kkkkk ….

    • Wendy says:

      That mental image made me shudder with revulsion. Was she hitting up Hazanavicius for a job too?

  98. shawn says:

    What would an intelligent, talented person possibly discuss with Cray Cray for longer than a minute? I don’t want to know any more about her cleanses or her “thoughts” on anything else. Why would I want to listen to someone who has made the trashy choices she’s made, the current one being that of a fake girlfriend / publicity escort? Cray can’t begin to comprehend Angelina, her work, and her life, so why bother having a forced, vapid conversation with a vapid escort? I don’t blame Angie for ignoring her. Also some people don’t want or need to have constant conversation, and people who do need to talk constantly usually have nothing of substance to say. Angie may have wanted to use the time just to clear her head or read. Not everyone wants to yammer vapidly about nothing the way Cray does.

    • Erinn says:

      Angelina was really weird not all that long ago. She wore her boyfriends blood, and made out with her brother. That doesn’t exactly scream class either. Everyone forgets that Angie was quite wild when she was younger.

      IF this story is true, which it likely isn’t, why are people exalting Angie? She’s being a ‘mean girl’. Just because you’re high on the Hollywood totem pole doesn’t mean you can treat people without respect. Maybe Stacy isn’t completely vapid. Maybe she’s a really nice girl. Who knows. Everyone is talking about this like they KNOW Angie and Stacy, and they don’t.

      • Maya says:

        Angelina can do no wrong – for some fanatics.
        I think she is clever and manipulative. For one thing, I find it strange that she is drawn to human suffering (one may argue, in the same way a sadist does). Other celebrity UN goodwill ambassadors don’t have the same frequency that she has or leave their kids with nannies for photo opportunities. Leopards don’t change their spots, they just disguise them very well.
        In any case, this is publicity for all of them. The only person, of the four, with any film cred at the moment is George Clooney.

      • deltona lakes says:

        Not too long ago? she hasn’t been with billy bob for over a decade. They have been officially divorced 10 years this year and were separated for some time before then.

      • shawn says:

        I know that every time Keibler opens her mouth, either a big bunch of nothing or a big bunch of lies come out. She is exactly the type of nasty idiot who thinks people should listen to her.

  99. Beth says:

    Why all the hate on GC bc he is a bachelor. Ever looked at the divorce rate. This is a man who seems to enjoy his life as it is and has stated over and over he doesn’t want kids. This does not make him a bad person, it makes him an honest one who works and plays hard albeit with a different woman every two years!

  100. LucyOriginal says:

    Wait a second. I don’t believe this is true for a second. But let’s check the facts.
    1- This smells like Keibler’s camp created this story to maintain herself in the media efortless. Everybody knows that Angie has tons of fans and they would come in Angie’s defense. Otherwise How can you explain they contacted her rep?;

    2- I don’t think this is true just because Angie would not have time to waste in finding out who cray cray is other than george’s arm candy;

    3- If this is true. Have you all forgotten Mr. Keibler was very vocal in the past (and recent past as March 25th, 2011 on her twitter) she has/had a crush on Brad Pitt? Lol. Right, Angie would cut a bitch.;

    4- If this is true. I can see Angie saying Hi, but not being “we are besties” as the opportunist cray cray wishes to be. Someone who cannot hold a conversation other than partying, traveling, cleansing and namedropping (she’s been doing that lately, haha);

    5- She is totally pleased with the transformation (Vivian Ward to Ms. Hollywood). This transformation is a work in progress. She has a great deal to learn still before she dumps the old fart (GC), and classy, talent and elegance comes naturally. But some have to buy those traits (cough).

    6- This does not fit to the guy’s girl, easygoing and independent person image was sold by george’s team in the “beginning” of their “relationship”.;

    7- Lastly, I don’t buy this story. I think cray cray has learnt in 6 months with George what she could not learn in years and years in hollywood: be careful what you say about people, especially someone like Angie who is one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. I think even if this had happened she would stay quiet about it because she wants to keep her new life style. Not even mentioning the damage control George would had to deal with…

    ps: Just posting this here before she deletes from her twitter account since she’s been on George’s leash she is deleting some of her stupid thoughts, lol. @DrewistheDew Brad Pitt wouldn’t be bad to look at every day.
    25 Mar via web

    ps: Sorry for the long post.

    • shawn says:

      “This smells like Keibler’s camp created this story to maintain herself in the media efortless. Everybody knows that Angie has tons of fans and they would come in Angie’s defense.”

      I’m inclined to agree with that. Keibler’s publicity person knows that Angie’s fan base is huge and that Keibler would get tons of publicity just by having her name associated with Angie even if the story is false. This story would not have gotten so many comments if it did not include someone as popular as Angie. So yet again, Keibler is getting publicity by associating her name with someone else’s name, which must be in the famewhore how-to book.

  101. Sarah says:

    Brad is starting to look like Jeff Bridges

  102. lisa says:

    The only source of stories of Angie being cold and whatever is from the tabloids. Never ever read a comment from anyone that has ever met her that she was or is anything but kind and gracious. but of course those real accounts of actual people are never believed. BUT US Magazine prints a story that is BS and of course the Angie is a bitch become the cry. When in fact that never is the case with people that meet her.

    but of course that can’t be believed. and all these off the mark comments about things that have never happened. Whatever. Angie is well liked and respected. I don’t put what is said by the people that are quick to knock her People that have never met her are saying.

    But then Angie doesn’t care either.

    here’s a great video of a guy that met her and Brad. His account like every other is all positive.…r_embedded&v=_nPl_fFk9Ks

    (he had great things to say.. and was honest)
    I would challenge the naysayers to post an actual account or person that has said something negative after meeting her.

    waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. wa…….

  103. Michele says:

    I think Brad Pitt looks better than ever.

  104. Zoe says:

    Clooney is the type of man you don’t want your very married husband to have as a best best friend. Clooney has the young, dumb, bimbo hollywood starlit syndrome. Choses women that he can use and then he boosts their careers. Good for him. Its his life. However, these girls are leeches and probably try to the climb the ladder of Pitt/Jolie trying to claw their way to the top. If I was Angie, I wouldn’t only ignore her, but not even let her on my plane. Keebler will be gone soon and Clooney will find another project. Jolie is a hollywood fixture at this point, she doesn’t need wanna-be celebrities clawing at skirts.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I totally agree. In any relationship there’s always that guy/girl who you don’t really want your significant other spending too much time with. George is definitely “that guy” probably in MOST situations with any of his friends. It may be why he always has arm-candy, all the other men his age are settled down with kids, or are at least dating/married to someone. George doesn’t want to be the odd man out, but he doesn’t want to settle down. Dang, now I kind of feel sorry for him, but it’s his own doing so meh. Team Jolie-Pitt

  105. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I don’t honestly believe this story but I do look down on Clooney because of his girlfriends. It shows he has little respect for women because all he sees them is a piece of ass. When was the last time he had a real relationship? I got bored of doing the shit he does when I was 22. How old is he?

  106. Chrissy says:

    I don’t know why the writers of the site love Angelina so much. I don’t care how many dumb girlfriends Clooney has, to be on a private plane with someone and ignore their presence entirely is the ultimate rudeness. A real lady rises above her feelings. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) put on fake friendliness, but aquiet and polite acknowledgement of the woman as another human being is required.

  107. Luckylilgem says:

    Angelina is awesome which is why so many people are jealous of her.

  108. Ravensdaughter says:

    Does that mean that everyone is kind of even?

  109. Dredz says:

    Clooney looks like a fool, an old fool. Going out with all these much younger D-list actresses/waitresses only makes him look older. Hey, if I were Angelina, I’d snub them BOTH… I can’t stand him comparing himself to Cary Grant. He’s a childish, immature prankster who isn’t even fit to polish Grant’s shoes.

  110. original sandy says:

    brad does look better than ever, i agree,.. angie would not do that, consider the source, angie detractors just love to find something negative to say about her, true or false, it’s silly to believe everything you read, i like George, it’s his life, people who have met Jolie, have nothing but good to say about how nice she is.

  111. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    A made up story in every sense.

    Angie has been in the business her entire life and has NEVER been said to be stuck up, cold or evil. It surely would have surfaced by someone at some point. Did you people watch the many videos and see her for yourself? I did, and could NOT find the evil queen. That’s right, she is an actress. Silly me.

    George denied ANY dislike for Angie if that even matters.

    Funny NO ONE is wondering why controlling Brad would not have said something to Angie if she was COLD to his friends new girl, because that is not the order of the day. Attack Angie, don’t mention Brad. Female vs Female. Folks being played again. When exactly will you tire of it? Everyone is cordial with each other. There was a report that BOTH AJ and BP hugged and congratulated George.

    This made up mess is so silly since AJ has been in the company of her female stars for weeks and the chemistry is so sweet. BTW, I thought she actually LOVED women. Was that not the topic of the day a little while ago? Getting whiplash with this back and forth.

    Angie has not been said to be RUDE to anyone, even when the silly questions are posed, she remains respectful. About her and Brad’s cane comment, watch the video, it’s quite funny. She has a sense of humor adults would like, kids not so much.

    Believe what you like, Angie’s life will go on and Brad will be right there sharing and loving it. If the goal is to put a crack it that, I don’t know, try saying how sweet and loving AJ is from now till doomsday and maybe Brad will lose interest. Afterall it is he who said she was “Bad*ss”. Seems that’s how he likes her, maybe you can prove she is not and he will bail.

    Websites, get ready for the onslaught of how loving, nice, warm and fuzzy AJ is. The mission to save Brad and the kids from all her kindness. It could work.

    Yes, I am making fun of people that need to be made fun of. The power of the Jolie-Pitts is amazing. Putting neck collar on now to re-adjust.

  112. Melisande says:

    I am very surprised that only a couple of people mentioned the fact that Stacey Keibler is obviously a BEARD.
    Actually I might be going a bit far here, as I am not entirely sure he doesn’t swing both ways. What I am sure though is that he has had sex with men. I know a lot of you seem to be very intent on believing he is 100% straight macho man, but I do hold from a very reliable source that he’s had sex with at least one man. Yes I know that sounds vague, but that’s as far as I would go on a gossip blog’s comment.

    That’s why I am so puzzled that so much of the discussion here seems to be fans of the Jolie/haters of the Jolie oriented. Completely independantly from any sort of feelings about her, I think what’s most striking is how desperate/tragic Stacy Keibler appears.

    • mln76 says:

      @Melisande I’ve been hinting at it. I am not sure if George is bisexual or full on gay or whatever. I do see Stacy as a hired escort more so than an actual girlfriend/SO. I think that’s the consensus from prior posts. I also tend to think if this story was about Reese W or someone most would understand why someone who amounts to a prostitute.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      Yes. She seems desperate. As for George’s sexual choices, I don’t know. But I would think it totally plausible that he is at least bi and/or has had experimented with men. He has done drugs and people on drugs, do whatever. This would explain a lot of his behavior towards women, other than being a misogynist.

      • Melisande says:

        I’m so glad that at least a couple of people on here do realise that it’s not just GC being a “bachelor”.
        SK is nothing more than an escort, indeed, and as opposed to his previous hired girlfriends, I think it is how vocal and stupid she seems that rubs people the wrong way. She strikes me as a typical attention seeker.

        This is not good for his image, and I’m sure he cares about it, otherwise why would he still be in the closet?

        Again, I cannot say whether this goes beyond bisexuality, but I’m really intrigued.

        (Also, this person who I know for a fact slept with him is a young male model. Anyone surprised here? Maybe he does have a type – beyond gender)

      • Wendy says:

        I don’t think he actually does care all that much. Every two years, he swaps out girlfriends who are quite obviously on a contract. It seems to me that he is paying nominal lip service to the requirement that he appear straight, but anyone with half a brain will quickly realize that he doesn’t go to very great lengths to make it look convincing.

        I still say that his way of going about it is a lot more upfront than marrying someone and spitting out a few “contract kids” so everyone will “know” that you’re having sex with your wife coughCruisecough…

  113. LMAO says:

    This is all probably bullshit but if it’s true I can’t blame Angelina.

    And to all the people here who think Stacy is a classy woman check this out:

    • Jule says:

      And there’s more where this one came from. I never even heard of her until GC “blessed” us with her. A quick google turned up this mess. She was basically a stripper but worst yet, working in an industry which encourages violence (albeit fake). I’ve seen an article or two where she was exercising with some teenagers. It made her seem “giving;” however she was pimping some exercise game. I wouldn’t want my children using her as a role model. GC and his stylist have cleaned her up pretty good. Before that, she was a hot mess. I’m still having nightmares about her Toronto squirrel-nest hair and hooker dress.

  114. Mara says:

    I think she don’t like her cuz she more hot and have a very nice body compare with Angelina .

  115. Meanchick says:


  116. J Katz says:

    How old are we supposed to believe the Bubbly is? 32 is a good year, but I’m not buying it.

  117. Jacqueline says:

    Angelina seems like a nutcase to me. She is out to save every refuge but cant even say a simple hi to Stacey. I wonder what she would do to average Joes. We cant all go save Africa. Doesnt mean we dont want to. Who said she was all that? Who is Stacey anyway? But still Angelina is far from a saint.

  118. MSat says:

    I don’t believe this story for one second and here’s why. Brad and Ang have six kids. A jet/overnight trip alone to Palm Springs, and these two are going to spend it with blowhard Clooney and his latest tramp du jour? Not on your life. They don’t need to “hitch a ride.” They’re friggin’ Brangelina. They flew alone and loved every minute of it.

    That, and it’s US Weekly for cripes sakes.

  119. Michelle says:

    Clooney has refuted this story and hinted at a possible lawsuit against US Weekly. Said he is sick of all the BS they spread.

    • shawn says:

      Only Keibler’s people have denied the story about Angelina ingoring Cray Cray. George only refuted the story that said he hates Angelina, and he has never hinted at a lawsuit. George doesn’t seem to mind whenever US Weekly or any of the other rags print b.s. straight from the rent-a-ho publicity escort’s press releases/sources. Also, Gossip Cop is a bit of a joke as in the past they’ve printed quotes from unconfirmed sources and press releases as “proof” that something is or is not true. As for this particular story, I think possibly Angie and Brad invited George to fly with them. Angie may or may not have piloted, and in either case, she had no desire to discuss cleanses or whatever other vapidity escaped Cray Cray’s yammering mouthhole. Cray Cray’s people had already decided that they would associate her name with Angelina in any way possible for the resulting publicity. Hence, we get a story that was embellished and “leaked” by Cray Cray’s people in what is yet another d-list publicity stunt. It’s extremely unlikely that Angelina will ever bother to respond at all, as that would give Cray Cray even more publicity by name association.

      I truly hope that the WM agency gets Cray Cray some steady work that keeps her very busy and minimizes her publicity stunts, but she seems to like attention way too much to be satisfied with legitimate work. Like Canalis, she won’t be happy unless she thinks she is fooling some people into believing she is a star of some kind.

      • BoBo says:

        I agree I think Stacy’s PR camp planted the story and then retracted the story to keep Stacy’s d-list name out there in the public. Somebody from Stacy’s camp might have asked Stacy,did you get to talk to Angelina. Stacy might have said we did not speak to each other on the plane. Then Stacy’s PR people turned it into “Angelina Snubs Stacy Keibler” in US Magazine.

    • Aqua says:

      George has in the past gone after tabloids for their untruths because the story they print has hurt the people he cares about or people he has cared about at one time.For tabloids to go after him is one thing but to make up a situation that could possibly hurt someone by the made up story is another and he will at times make a statement proclaiming the story is unfounded and that these magazines start to provide proof for what they print.

  120. Fleur says:

    Oh, I so wish this story was true.
    Some powerful woman, who does not participate in Clooney’s whitewashing hooker campaign and shows a truthful reaction to this wrestler, who is now pretending to be a sweet and lovely person after acting vulgar and violent in the ring for years.

  121. Riri says:

    George didn’t have that many girldfriends ever since Angelina got together with Brad.

    It was mainly Elizabeta Canalis and he has been with this one for 6 months which is hardly a first date.

    I’m not even sure why is that relevant for any person to be cold towards a person who did him no harm.

    Even if she was just a person they knew and shared a ride, why act like this.

    If she doesn’t like how George acts and “hires” hookers as girlfriends or campaign she should act cold to George, not to any other person who is not George.

    • C.Lynn says:

      George Clooney has had six girlfriends since Brad and Angie met. And those are the women we know about. One was a Vegas stripper, another was a soft core pr0n star, there was a Miami underwear model, the Vegas cocktail waitress, Canalis and now Keibler.

      • Michelle says:

        Why do you follow all that so close? Who cares? He wasn’t married to any of them. Brad was married when he met his paramour, whom he’s NOT married to, even after 12 kids. Hmmm…

  122. Riri says:

    I never heard of one person that was saved by any dollar that Angelina gave.

    She usually gives money to vague things like notebooks for children in Iraq.

    Most of the money came from her children’s sold photoes and she doesn’t give so much money relative to the sums she make and especially in comparison to other celebs who don’t make such a big deal about it.

    I wish she would bother with money to actually foster medical research for diseases or hospitals, developing new treatments etc. but that would not have such a strong PR effect as it isn’t “Political” and doesn’t photohraph as well.

    Why would anybody’s life be saved by her doing a photo op next to some people in different places in the world? or helping the UN whitewash their image after a new corruption scandal is being discovered…

  123. Lorenzo says:

    Keibler IS the campaign.
    She is promoting herself and presenting how you can make money by rubbing your genitals on a ring rope and sleeping with a rich old man.
    Every woman with dignity inside should show her the cold shoulder.

  124. Agatha says:

    I would frown at my hubby being close friends with a guy like Clooney…he might be a bad influence..considering his dating style and history.I’d would be wary of him too.

  125. michelle says:

    But in an interview with Fox 5 New York several days ago, Keibler denies any claims that Jolie is being the mean girl on campus. When asked about being given the cold shoulder from her man’s famous celebrity friends, Keibler said, “That is completely false. She has been nothing but great and nice to me. That’s 100 percent false… I’ve hung out with them a couple of times and they’ve been nothing but nice.”

  126. Blake says:

    I think also this is some crap from Stacy. I do not blame Angelina if she did. Despite her interesting past, she is a serious actress and has some cred. Stacy is a joke and is getting mileage due to her john oops! paid boyfriend oops paramour that gives her a big fat paycheck. George probably does not like Angelina because Angelina would not put up with George’s nonsense. Stacy is trying and I mean trying to be part of this crowd, but she is outnumbered. She cannot act worth a dammmm, and wiggles her butt for a fitness video. How many people besides George did she sleep with to get her WME contract? Someone just needs to STFU.

  127. Michelle says:

    Well, IMO Stacy is more attractive than Angelina. Ange is too thin, she’s beautiful but fading, she always seems uptight. And the real thing is, she’s the other woman so no matter what anyone says, Brad is just as capricious. George is smart enough not to get that involved. He is a reminder to Ange that she could be yesterday’s news, too. She’s insecure. That’s what happens when you marry a cheater.

  128. Ann says:

    I dont know you guys talking….anyway! how many people in the world? i believe we are all not same attitude, wants, belief,and life style, etc….just be respectful for others…if you are ahuman ang have rights to live this earth just tried to be nice…

    About George C. – ohh please are you guy? talking about bad things to a woman is a way of guy…your old at least before end your life just try to be good at least in time of judgement you have place in heaven…is that right?

  129. Blake says:

    I do believe by what I read and just posted each party are calling each other liars. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  130. Blake says:

    Blake says:

    January 28, 2012 at 6:05 pm Well Team Kiebler, it is time to call you guys Lucy to the following Ricky Ricardo. AJ is probably laughing her butt off on the following, I know I did.:TIMEKEEPER @ 01/28/2012 at 5:52 pm

    Someone is a lying pathological sack of s*h*i*t*. Which one could it be? Is it Stacy?? Is it George?? Is it both?? Regardless, Einstein is the victim in this situation. This beautiful creature is nothing more but a pr tool used ruthlessly, and that is wrong just wrong! Anna is disgusted by what is going on. How low will these two will go? Of course Hollywood has picked Clooney as the odds on favorite for the Oscar rewarding this horrid behaviour. My question is who is going to come clean with the bs, or is there trouble in paradise? You guys decide who you think is the liar in this nonsense. Anna from what else I have been told thinks they should be ashamed of themselves,but that requires a conscience.

  131. Blake says:

    Part 2 for last posting. First part is Stacy’s own omission. Esquire article is what I added:
    My dog, Einstein, is a rescue from Camp Cocker and and without him my life would be incomplete!

  132. 2girlsinaghia says:

    Sorry, can anyone tell me if she has any friends. I’ve never seen her with anyone but the “help” and Brad. As happy a he is tryyyyiiiing to be, it seems more like he’s holding up a stiff upper lip. Is it me or is Angie’s head keeps looking big, oily (she needs some serious blotting papers) and as much as she trys to tilt it down the nose keeps swinging up up up. Like she’s trying to smell the fear in the air. This is a person who as far as we know by what she’s told us and the media in the past needs some psychiatric assistance. I’d kill to be a fly on the Jolie-Pitt wall to see what really goes on in their life. They should start a reality show. They should call it the Jolie-Pitt plus six spoiled brats show.

  133. mag says:

    dam…theres just too many comments to even say anything about clooney/brad/angelina/stacy. So i will just say id love to live in his lake como villa…just beautiful and heaven to my eyes…

  134. eljeran says:

    when is AJ EVER nice to a woman??? She is a cold fish to every woman she works with. She has no problem being nice to the men she works with though. especially if they are married. She is a misogynist.

  135. eljeran says:

    if it enhances or promotes your public image, then it is not service work.