Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is being recast, Camille Grammer, others could be out

From what I’ve seen of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, Camille Grammer hasn’t been behaving badly. She confronted Taylor about her (now deceased) husband’s abuse, but she’s been working to come off as more likable after being cast/willingly portraying the villain last season. Camille was a conniving, narcissistic c u next Tuesday when we first saw her on TV, and she’s obviously tried to remedy that. It’s worked to some extent, but that also means that she’s not playing into as many feuds/plot lines and may not be as interesting as the other castmembers. Well Camille told HuffPo’s Rob Schuter that she’s been told that there’s a casting call out for the show, and that she has no idea if she’ll be invited back for a third season. The other Real Housewives shows have switched up cast members, and Camille and just about anyone else could be out of the Beverly Hills version.

If Bravo can fire half the cast of “Real Housewives of New York City,” the “Housewives” across the nation have got to be shaking in their stilettos — and rightfully so. But this time, instead of blindsiding a franchise’s current stars, the network is telling its talent upfront that they might not be coming back.

“I had a good year so I would want to go back for a third season, but they haven’t asked me yet, so I wonder what’s going on with that,” Camille Grammer told me. “I guess they decided who they want and I guess they are going to start casting, looking for new housewives. They told me they were going to start looking so it wasn’t behind my back. They were like, ‘Sorry we are doing a big casting call.’ I was like, ‘Thanks.'”

Camille admits the decision is hurtful, but understands why the show might need to change things up after an emotionally grueling season dealing with the suicide of Taylor Armstrong’s husband, Russell Armstrong.

“When you watch the scenes between Taylor and Russell, it is uncomfortable,” Camille tells me. “I think some of the viewers feel that way. I’m glad that some of our viewers are coming back around and joining the season and our viewership is up. We took a little dip because of what happened, and I think we are on a upswing, so that is really positive.”

Co-star Kyle Richards told me yesterday that she, like Camille, would like to do another season but was focused more on making sure her sister, Kim Richards, who has just left rehab, gets better.

[From The Huffington Post]

I’m so sure that all Kyle cares about is her poor sister Kim. She’s so full of crap.

I think Camille should stay. I’d like to hear more about her issues with that ass Kelsey and his new beak-nosed pregnant wife. While producers at it, I think they should ditch Taylor and Kim Richards. There’s too much sad drama with those two. The rest of them can stay, but I hate Kyle now so I guess they can get rid of Kyle. Oh and Adrienne is boring and all she has to offer are excessive parties, and Lisa is full of herself. Lisa has a cute dog though. So just keep Camille, Lisa and Brandi and maybe that one chick on the peripheral, Dana, and add a bunch of new women. That’s the problem with the Real Housewives shows, you end up disliking the catty bitches who snipe and fight and the other ones just seem boring in comparison.

Look at Camille’s new man. He’s hot. Also, that’s her Halloween costume. She looks like a Disney villain.

Camille is shown outside the Wendy Williams show on 1-11-12. Credit: Hall/Pena, She’s also shown at LAX that same day. Credit: Fame Pictures. And the pirate outfit is her Halloween costume, which I hadn’t seen before. Credit:

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  1. Meg says:

    They better leave Queen Camille alone becouse I will stop watch TRHOBH. She is my fav next to Lisa.

  2. brin says:

    I hope Camille stays too. I read that Lisa did a pilot for her own show on Bravo, so maybe Camille will be able to stay on RHOBH….along with Brandi as a full cast member.

  3. Franny says:

    I think Lisa, Camille, Brandi and Kyle should stay. They at least all bring something to the show.

    The Taylor and Kim story lines are too sad/bizarre so I think it would be best if they weren’t here. Plus now that Russell isn’t there, Taylor doesn’t have to be afraid that he’ll do something once the cameras are gone (didn’t she say being on the show basically saved her life?)

    Dana…is a try hard but I could probably grow to like her…even though it seems that she is marrying into riches and has no idea what to do with all that money so she spends it on ridiculous things like $25,000 sunglasses and lollypop holders.

    Adrienne…is pretty boring, but I do enjoy her commentary and relationship with her husband. So that can go either way for me.

  4. Marjalane says:

    I feel kind of dirty saying this but Camille was totally rehabilitated in my mind, after getting to know a little bit more about her gross ex-husband. The only other one that I’d really like to see gone is cat faced Adrienne; The most boring woman alive.

    • bros says:

      in total agreement.

    • smith says:

      I want to spend a second on Adrienne’s face (hey you brought it up).

      When I either haven’t watched the show for a bit or haven’t seen her face for awhile, the first time back – YOWZA it’s a shock. Like my body physically responds if they catch her in just the right light. It’s like a gigantic lioness head carved out of stone and sadness yet adorned with gold and trinkets. (She does groom herself well).

      Normally I don’t make fun of people’s looks but she (and her plastic surgeon husband) created that face and they are certainly in a position to change it if they desired. As she’s preening in front of her gilded mirror you know she thinks, “damn, I look good. More gold dust please!!!” Well bully for her. We should all feel so plussed.

      I can’t believe Paul doesn’t see this as a poor (poor) reflection of his surgical skills. I doubt he actually worked on her (surgeons don’t operate on family) but still, he’s complacent.

      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        She said once that her husband, Paul, did not do her plastic surgery (she joked that would be bad if he was mad at her the day of surgery). Part of the problem is that we lose natural fat and elasticity as we get older. Looks worse with a bunch of plastic surgery, IMO. I am so glad that I am just a plain ol person and don’t have to worry about all that.

  5. Asli says:

    It’s like they all get stuck in this high school-catty mentality (sorry cats and high schoolers all over) and they never bother to grow up. Weirdly, I can’t look away…

  6. Toot says:

    Dana, Adrienne and Taylor should go.

  7. reeda redneck says:

    They should bring in LeAnn Rimes as one of the new housewives rofl!

  8. Laurie M. says:

    Camille has NOT brought the drama this season…she is likely out. We don’t see her family, she doesn’t argue with anyone (except 2 minutes with Taylor), she has no controversy, she isn’t dating someone that the camera shows. Like her or not – she is probably going to go.
    And this is coming from someone that hated her last season, but likes her new, kinder/gentler image. No drama = no spot of RH.

  9. Sara says:

    I don’t understand how anyone that isn’t married is on the show, it’s called Real Housewives. If you are going to cast single women call it something else, it’s stupid.

  10. JudyK says:

    CAMILLE: Love her…by FAR my fav.
    TAYLOR: Get RID of ducklips…fraud, user, LIAR.
    LISA: Afraid she’s gone…she’s already admitted she has her own Bravo show coming up.
    BRANDI: Can take her or leave her.
    KIM: Has mental issues beyond alcohol and drug addictions…think she needs to be institutionalized.
    ADRIENNE: Cold as a fish and boring as hell.
    KYLE: Not a fan…she always wants everything centered around her, but keep her so I can look at Mauricio.
    DANA: So superficial it’s almost laughable…could add some pizzazz to the show.

  11. Erin says:

    does she dye her kids’ hair to try to fool us into thinking she’s a natural blonde or something? that does not look like normal blond kid hair.

  12. JudyK says:

    Don’t find Camille’s new love interest remotely hot–maybe it’s just the pic. Camille, on the other hand, is GORGEOUS.

  13. Jesa says:

    Love Brandi Camille and Adrienne. Love Paul. Whenever Taylor is on the whole show is depressing. She ruins every episode she is in. The Hawaii episode (first one) was funny and entertaining. That was enough for me, why does it have to be drama and stressfilled? Even Kim is sometimes funny. But every time Taylor comes on it is just AWFUL, a real DOWNER. The SUR opening was good and entertaining, but then UH OH here comes Taylor and it turns into a boo hoo therapy session. With her fake bruise on her eye and her dry sobbing. Good Lord deliver me from the torture.

    • Anonymei says:

      It is terrible but you are right Jesa. I thought when I saw the eye that she may have done it to herself. Who cries with no tears? I went through domestic violence certification and worked at a shelter and something does not smell right about Taylor and Russell. Clearly they had a terribe marriage and I am sure things did get physical with them. I would not be surprised if it was mutual combat.

    • Wresa says:

      Completely agree, Taylor has ruined this season. She must have been on some big push to distinguish herself from the rest and get her own “Taylor Ever After” show or something. We can see how that backfired…

      And we don’t like it. I feel sorry for her poor daughter. But Taylor has really been too much of a downer for this type of show.

    • lin234 says:

      I agree with you about Taylor. Camille and everyone points out that Taylor never has bruises and suddenly she just happens to have one just in time for a party everyone is coming too? When Taylor is wiping away her pretend tears, she never winces when she touches her so-called bruise.

      Lisa- She could have her own show. The most pleasant part of this series was when she was off doing her own thing.

      Adrienne- Stay. Part of the reason I watch this show is to see the over-the-top lifestyle and Adrienne brings that. The spa party at her house? Sheesh. But without her money, she is as dull as dishwater.

      Camille- OUT. I believe the first season was a pretty accurate portrayal of the real her. She hired a really great PR publicist and only came back on the show to rehabilitate her image. I think part of the deal with Bravo was that they had to show her in a positive light. It worked because she just sits at gatherings except when she was fed up with Taylor’s BS.

      Taylor- OUT. She’s a lying, manipulative grifter who needs to monopolize everyone’s time and attention on her. She wants to be seen as a delicate flower but she’s the first to raise her voice and look physically aggressive with her hand gestures before anyone.

      Kim- OUT. Needs serious help and a reality show isn’t the cure.

      KYLE- STAY. I guess these reality shows survive on drama. There could be worse drama queens (aka Taylor) out there than her.

      Brandi- STAY. She brings just enough drama and keeps things a bit interesting.

      DANA- OUT. She brings nothing to the show other than walking and talking like a truck driver.

      • TexasTexasTexas says:

        I agree 100% with your analysis.

        I don’t care how much spin Camille puts on herself, I’ll never forget her true colors. Kelsey Grammar acting like a douche does not excuse her behavior. The dinner party with her psychic “friend” (ugh). Camille is rich forever now. She shouldn’t say ANYTHING about Kelsey except thank you, thank you, thank you.

        Taylor (ugh), why hasn’t she been called to the carpet regarding the fraud? They were not rich, they were frauds. Taylor needs to go. Her trashiness is well-documented. She needs to fade away. I wouldn’t put it past her to shack up with Cedric. Or Kato.

  14. Linda says:

    I totally like her now and I wish her the best. She was insufferable last season but I attribute that to the stress of her divorce. And her boyfriend is beautiful!

  15. dorothy says:

    I really hope Camille stays. It’s Kim, the dead weight for the series that needs to be kicked to the curb. Then again, if Kim goes then Kyle wouldn’t have anyone to constantly boo-hoo over.

  16. kieslowski says:

    Oh no I hope they keep Camille, I really like her.

    They need to kick Taylor to the curb, seriously she is just repulsive.

  17. oxa says:

    Get rid of Dana, Brandi and Taylor, the rest can make it interesting.

  18. anne_000 says:

    No to Kyle, Taylor, Kim, Pam/Dana, Lisa
    Yes to Brandi, Adrienne, Camille

    Kyle is just too toxic & Mauricio is a prick. Taylor & Kim are just too emotionally annoying. Pam/Dana is a phony. Lisa doesn’t have a brain of her own, she follows whatever the other mean girls say.

    Brandi is fun to watch. Adrienne has real money & I like Paul. Camille has great clothes and she was the only one who had the nerves to call out BS. Adrienne only did that when she thought she was going to be sued next.

  19. frothy says:

    there is a cycle inwhich ALL “housewives” go through. 1. inaugural season, everyone is uneasy w/cameras but go outside themselves to be fabulous and cunty. everything is over the top due to an insane need for celebrity (deep seated insecurity) and public validation

    2. readjusted season, the 2nd season when they have watched how atrocious their behavior was and learned about bad camera angles. surgeries have been performed for this season, depending on blog popularity contests that these women live their lives by, , attitudes have been scaled back, wardrobe stepped up, bigger houses, husbands’ new wardrobes and faux, new superior attitudes.

    3. scrambling to maintain position, this season the talons come out in full position. NO ONE is taking them off the show and they will be as fowl as needed. the real character starts coming out as they feel they are adored and admired world wide. the show now makes you feel like a better person.

  20. Petunia says:

    Camille looks really pretty in her pic. with her boyfriend. Less makeup than usual? She also looks like she’s put on a little weight in all of the pics, which she desperately needed and she is much better looking now than before. Guess getting a handsome young boyfriend and losing the awful grandpa-husband does good things for a woman’s soul/body.

  21. Peg says:

    I like Camille so much better without Kelsey.

    Keep: Camille, Kyle, Lisa, Adrienne, Taylor, Brandi

    Ditch: Kim, Dana

    Add: LeeAnn, Faye Resnick, and pick up a lesbian for Camille and Brandi.

    Wasn’t Brandi a class act at Sur’s opening, when she realized that the waitress had slept with Eddie? Imagine LeeAnne in the same situation!

  22. risa says:

    Just bring back Brandi

  23. Kim says:

    Just cancel the whole series. Who watches this crap?! Seriously i am starting to question the people that watch these shows more than the scary, pathetic women on them.

  24. Veronica says:

    Her sons hair looks dyed, her daughters does not. And I hate that jacket on her! Does nothing for her. I think both of the Richards should go and Taylor, they have issues that are not just vapid fame seeking issues.

  25. HadleyB says:

    Get rid of the sob sisters Kyle & Kim, and Taylor.

    Keep : Lisa, Brandi and Camille.

    Though I agree- everyone should be married. I don’t know why they keep bringing in singles for a housewives show. ( unless they get divorced while doing the show )

  26. Statler says:

    A friend told me that Kathy Hilton might be joining (older sister of Kyle and Kim). I don’t really care for this idea… unless it turns out all three sisters don’t get along, then it could potentially be amusing. Still, I think it would be too Richards-centric, especially if Lisa and Camille don’t return.

  27. Stellax2 says:

    I would imagine that Kelsey Grammar has some type of gag on Camille not allowing her to speak of him on the show; of course since the show was his parting gift.
    In the beginning, I thought the RHo..was an interesting sociological study. It’s gone to heck in a hand basket. I read one reviewer’s recaps which are hilarious.
    I think Cohen should reconsider what Bravo used to be: Arts & Entertainment. I recognize that some like reality tv but expand the network’s horizon.

  28. Pizzazz says:

    Get rid of Kyle, Kim, Taylor and that snooze-fest kiss-ass Dana. I can’t figure out why she was ever on the show anyway. And Kathy Hilton? Uhhhg. I think I would quit watching. There is something seriously wrong with that entire clan.

  29. Ginger says:

    I like Camille and love Lisa…she is so funny! I can definitely believe she will get her own spin off. I like Brandi too in spite of myself. I’m in total agreement that Kim needs help and shouldn’t be on the show anymore. She needs to focus on getting well. Even though Kyle gets on my nerves sometimes (mostly from all of the crying) I think she should stay too. I don’t think I would miss Taylor or Adrienne.

  30. Mamere says:

    Just saw wedding…beautiful and thank goodness Lisa’s daughter dropped some pounds. She was looking overtweight!