Brad Pitt reminds you American bitches to vote

Brad Pitt held a press conference yesterday for proposition 87, a California bill that would tax oil companies. Fellow stars that have lent their support to the bill include Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and Alyssa Milano.

I love the astonished look on the face of the woman spotting Pitt enter the room.

Pitt didn’t campaign for the Democratic challenger to governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is expected to retain his position.

Democrats brought in a megastar to stump for them ahead of Tuesday’s election – but Brad Pitt didn’t appear for the candidate at the top of the ticket, gubernatorial challenger Phil Angelides.

Instead, Pitt held a press conference Monday in support of Proposition 87, a ballot initiative that would tax oil production to raise $4 billion for loans, grants and subsidies to promote alternative fuels and more energy-efficient vehicles.

Noting that oil companies have pumped millions into a campaign against the tax, Pitt said voters need to know the measure would also help ease California’s dependence on foreign oil and not hurt working families as opponents claim.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe it,” Pitt said.

Proposition 87 has become the party’s biggest draw for political luminaries this campaign season, with everyone from actress Julia Roberts to former President Bill Clinton backing it. Angelides supports it; Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger opposes it. The most recent poll showed the measure trailing by a few points, but with a large number of voters still undecided.

Angelides, meanwhile, has failed to attract the same kind of attention in his bid for governor.

I’m a big Democrat and was campaigning for my local Congressional candidate four years ago at this time. I hope the Dems can take over at least one of the Houses of Congress again, but whatever your position you should make your voice heard and get out to vote today.

Pictures from Just Jared.

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10 Responses to “Brad Pitt reminds you American bitches to vote”

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Brad Pitt is a girly man. J/K, at least he’s doing something serious instead of saving the world, which is getting old fast.

  2. marines all the way says:

    Shallow T, too bad your type of people not just get old but you try to drag everyone else down with ya.

  3. Action says:

    Marines, I don’t seem to understand your beef with Mr. T? Didn’t he say he was happy he was telling people to vote? What’s wrong with that?

  4. Poor Boopie says:

    I didn’t think Brad Pitt had a political bone in his body before he hooked up with Angelina. Am I wrong about this?

  5. Caz says:

    Poor Boopie – people’s perspectives change as they get older, especially when they have children. Brad probably cares much more about the world now that he has 3 kids.

  6. Viv says:

    I don’t think you’re wrong Boopie, because suddenly he cares about gay marriage, politics, children, and something other than his career.

  7. Caz says:

    Poor Boopie and Viv – ultimately I dont think it matters if he wasnt political until recently. Brad Pitt was extremely popular and successful prior to taking up a political stance and he’s obviously not doing it to increase his popularity / media coverage, I think his motives are completely genuine ie he just wants to help make the world a better place. What does it matter if he’s changed for the better? Are you saying he’s false? Please explain your reasoning, I’m interested!

  8. Poor Boopie says:

    My reasoning is why did he suddenly see the light at age (what, 42?) And why is he only political after hooking up with Angelina?
    I realize people can change their view and maybe all of a sudden, he decided he cared about politics, orphans and 3rd world countries, but it reeks of shallowness to me.
    If Angelina changed him for the better, then I’m happy for him. However, I’m prejudiced because he cheated on his wife and dumped her to impregnate someone else and now he claims to be against marriage unless all gay people can marry.
    I think he follows Angelina around like a puppy dog and once she gets tired of HIS ass, he will be summarily kicked to the curb like Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I saw Brad on 11/05 outside the Beverly Center. He ducked into the hotel Le Meridian. God, he’s hotter in person. Some celebrities (ok, most of them) should be seen and not heard unless it’s a movie role. I mean, really, are they truly connected to the ‘real world’ that we all live in? I also saw DJ AM that same day standing on a street corner with about ten shopping bags in his hands and he was texting someone. Then someone yelled at him and he realized that he left another bundle of bags across the street, so he left his purchases to run and get the others. Clueless. Utterly clueless. Money means nothing to these people, so why should anyone care what they tout to ‘care’ about? They may have been able to relate to the regular people before they made it big but, all those zeros in their bank accounts fog their perceptions.

  10. Neona says:

    anonymous, i concur with your comment 100%