Samuel L. Jackson is finding it hard to promote movie without Bernie Mac

Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac were friends long before they starred in Soul Men together. Bernie Mac passed away in August, just after the movie was finished, so Jackson is having to promote the movie alone. Samuel is finding it difficult to make the rounds without his friend, but he has alot of great memories about him, too.

“We used to talk about blowing up and being famous and doing all this stuff and all of that,” said Jackson. “Then, when he got famous, he was here in L.A., and I never saw him because he was too busy doing his TV show every day. I didn’t go by and bother him, but I would run into him at functions, and we got to get together.”

The end of “Soul Men” features a dedication to Mac and Isaac Hayes—”two real soul men.” The singer, who died in August after suffering a stroke, appears in the film as himself. Among the footage is Mac cracking up extras with an impromptu standup routine and an interview with Mac discussing his career in which the comedian says he cherishes “each doggone moment” of his life.

[From Breitbart]

Bernie Mac had one of the most positive outlooks on life I’d ever seen. Just as amazing, I never heard a single negative comment about him from anyone who knew or worked with him. It was quite the opposite, in fact, people raved about working with him. That’s rare in Hollywood. I wasn’t a huge fan but I certainly appreciated the joy he always seemed to have for life. He certainly had profound effects on the people who knew him.

“I haven’t quite processed that Bernie is gone,” said “Soul Men” director Malcolm D. Lee. “I see the movie. I know in my head that he is gone, but it will probably hit me most at the premiere when everyone is around. Right now, I have just been concentrating on making the best film possible on top of that paying homage to him and Isaac (Hayes) at the end of the movie. When it’s all finished and said and done, and I get it out to the public, I think that’s when I will realize he is gone.”

[From Breitbart]

Every time I see an TV ad for Soul Men, and how animated and vibrant Bernie Mac is, for a minute, I don’t remember he’s gone, either. Jackson is keeping his memory alive and laughing in interviews, though, and that’s the best tribute a friend can give.

Soul Men is out in the US today. Here’s the trailer. It looks really funny.

And here are stills from the film, thanks to Allmoviephoto.

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  1. Lauri says:

    This is so sad. I can understand why it is painful for him to try to promote this movie without both of friends. It’s got to be devastating to lose not one, but two friends and costars so suddenly. Just a real shame.

  2. geronimo says:

    Oh too sad. Even for someone as professional as Samuel L and knowing that the show must go on, it must be pretty heartbreaking for him. Still hard to believe that Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes are gone 😥

  3. jm says:

    “The Bernie Mac Show” was absolutely fantastic. Funny and with a huge heart, too. My guess is the show is pretty close to how Bernie Mac was in real life.

  4. JaundiceMachine says:

    I saw a preview for the movie the other day and I got a little choked up seeing Bernie on the screen. He just seems like he was a genuinely nice person. It’s sad he’s gone too soon.

    It’s almost hard for me to believe that Samuel L. is down over losing his buddy – not because he’s not a good person, but he very effectively plays the badass role in so many films it’s hard to remember he’s a normal guy. My condolences.

  5. lovey says:

    i saw the movie today and it was very entertaining. go see it this weekend! give bernie and isaac a number one film as a great sendoff!

  6. RAN says:

    I loved Bernie Mac and every time I see how vibrant and alive he is in the promotions, I have to do a double take. No matter what venue the man was in (stand up, movies, tv, etc.) I always loved what he was doing – he just brought a smile to my face. I’ll probably end up buying the movie.