HBO buys rights to Obama election history documentary

HBO will be airing a behind the scenes documentary of the campaign and election of President Elect Barack Obama. The documentary is being produced by actor Edward Norton’s Class 5 Films. Norton’s production company talked to the Obama campaign back in 2006 about documenting our new President’s historical journey. Two directors, Amy Rice and Alicia Sams, had backstage access, and filmed history as it was being made.

HBO has closed a seven-figure deal for U.S. rights to an untitled Barack Obama documentary produced by actor Edward Norton.

“Senator Obama’s history-making race for the White House has given our film a perfect framework to explore the pulse of the country at this vital moment in our history,” said Norton, who produced the project with Stuart Blumberg and Bill Migliore.

[From Reuters]

Rice and Sams were inspired by Obama’s 2004 DNC speech and wanted to film a documentary about the Senator. Obama had not yet announced his intention to run for President, but he was, even as a an Illinois Senator, a fascinating subject to follow and film. When history unfolded, the project became a huge opportunity for everyone involved.

HBO had been negotiating the rights to the documentary for months and finally came to a seven figure deal with Class 5 Films. The as of yet untitled documentary will air in 2009. The theater rights are still available for negotiation.

Photos are of Obama, Biden and their families on election night in Chicago. It looks like they’re awaiting results. Obama is shown watching McCain’s concession speech. (Thanks Shane for the clarification.) Credit: David Katz/Obama for America from Obama’s official Flickr.

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  1. Kim says:

    God, I was so tense when the results were being announced, I can imagine how tense he was. He ust have slept deeply the night/day after.

    I like the fact that President Obama knows that that day was bigger than him. It shows from his demeanor. Maybe I am naive but I get the impression that he too believes strongly in his message. I have so much hope today more than any other given moment in my life time.

  2. elisha says:

    Love the pic of little Sasha!! Her hair looks great.

  3. prissa says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FAMILY!!! I like how they all are in their clothes already. I don’t know why I thought a lot of preening went on behind the scenes. Although some people loved it, I didn’t quite understand what was going on in Michelle’s dress… 😐

  4. Shane says:

    The main picture you posted is actually taken while Obama was watching McCain give his concession speech. It was part of a flickr presentation of an Obama photographer.

  5. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks Shane I will update it!

  6. kate says:

    great photo of obama and biden. i am so relieved that they won… relieved and happy and proud.

  7. lanette says:

    I never felt such joy before..not like that.

    I can’t wait to see my niece and nephews so i can tell them see you can do anything!

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