Henry Cavill publicly mistaken for Matt Bomer: who would you rather?

These are some new photos of Henry Cavill, our newest Superman, at LAX. Unfortunately for Henry’s career, Fame/Flynet Pictures labeled these pics “Matt Bomer”. OUCH. Now, I don’t have a reason to dislike Henry Cavill – I know there’s some minor sketchiness in his personal life, but all in all, he seems like a handsome, talented, albeit boring beefcake. Is that the problem? The Boring Factor? Photo agencies don’t remember his name because, really, who does? Is he too vanilla? Does he need to shake it up?

And so, by comparison, I’m including photos of Matt Bomer. I tend to find Matt more attractive and more talented, but that may because I’m a fan of White Collar (the winter premiere this week sucked, though). Matt and Henry do look similar, I guess. They could be vaguely related – Matt is the Pretty Brother, Henry is the Beefcake Brother. Except that Matt has a really great body too, he’s just not as beefcakey and look-at-my-pecs as Henry. Matt also has a less “vanilla” image – it’s an open secret that he’s gay, and that he and his partner have a family. He’s got street cred! Or whatever.

So… I’m just writing this because it’s really slow today, but you guys seem to enjoy posts about hot dudes, so I hope you won’t complain. If given a choice – and this is just in your fantasies, where Bomer is straight – who would you rather? For me, it’s Bomer. I just feel like Henry is oddly asexual. Not unlike Jake Gyllenhaal, who I simply can’t imagine in any kind of sexual situation, ever.

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Zelda says:

    Henry Cavill.

    I’d hit it. I’d hit it so hard it would have to file an insurance claim.

  2. Anna says:

    Henry is more handsome but Matt is more pretty. What’s so weird about Henry’s personal life?? Kaiser don’t hold out on me!

  3. brin says:

    Complain?! Hell no! You just made my day, Kaiser…..I love Henry Cavill!
    They do look alike but Cavill’s my guy!

  4. helvetica says:

    Henry Cavill FTW!!

  5. Julie says:


  6. pato says:

    well, the agency should have done its homework. if the photographer doesn´t have a clue who the man who he´s taking a picture of is then the editor should have looked it up. gee, they work in the industry, how can´t you not know?

  7. Hautie says:

    I have to choose? Why can’t I have them both. It is simply not fair that I can’t try them both on for size.

    • Samigirl says:

      Cosign. I’m greedy. I never realized how much they look alike. Damn. Although, I do watch White Collar on the regular. Matt is so pretty it hurts.

  8. Capella says:

    Oh Henry Cavill. That man is so hot, with his dimples when he smiles. And he wears the shit out of his jeans. Shirtless or sadly covered.

  9. Celebitchy says:

    Bomer! I agree that Cavill is too vanilla.

  10. jinni says:

    Henry has the accent, so he wins.

  11. AlaskaJoey says:

    Matt! Henry looks a little creepy to me. But Matt needs to get rid of that awful shapeless coat.

    I loved the season premiere. I thought Peter would rough Neal up more, though. And when Neal said he stayed for Peter? Fangirl explosion in my heart!

  12. Jeanine says:

    Matt totally sexier more handsome better actor and personality but with Henry’s staged relationship the minute he started Superman he likely has more in common with Matt than anyone admits.

  13. GoodCapon says:

    I’m a sucker for men blessed with the dark hair and blue eyes combo, but I have to pass on Matt for this one.


  14. Maya says:

    Henry Cavill. After seeing him in The Tudors, I could never think of him as asexual.

  15. heatheradair says:

    First season of The Tudors, when Henry had less hair, the hot factor was a helluva lot higher. He looses something with the Silky Superman Locks.

    I’m “meh” on the traditionally “tall, dark, handsome” brand, so neither of them really get me hot — but Matt is way too “delicate pretty” for my tastes. Be afraid I’d break his pretty face if I had too much fun with him……ahem……

  16. MonicaBee says:

    I’ll take one of each, please.

    Although, I have loved Henry since The Tudors started. I like him better when his hair is not so dark, though.

  17. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Sorry neither of them! The pretty poster boy types never did it for me…

  18. WTF says:

    You can tell them apart?
    I don’t waste time pondering Coke or Pepsi, I just drink them both. Same goes.

  19. Linn says:

    Matt Bomer is the sexiest man alive in my opinion so it’s not a very hard choice for me 😀

  20. Anna says:

    Still don’t know which is which…

  21. The Original Mia says:

    Henry! Have you seen that booty?! Grab that thing and never let go.

  22. mistletoe says:

    I look at total package so I pick Matt since both are drop dead perfect. Matt is so smart which is sexy to me he and speaks so well. Henry seems kind of blank.

  23. Ari says:

    Henry because at least I know I have a chance! LOL (hopefully)

  24. Mirella says:

    Can I chose both? 🙂

  25. MariPily says:

    Henry…he’s, I don’t know…”manlier”. The other one is too pretty. But I love dark hair and blue eyes. Whatever happened to Wentworth Miller? lol

  26. Sarah says:

    Matt! My mother and I love White Collar and she’s the one who told me about him having kids and all bc she googled him ha ha. Idk much about that Henry dude and I hate Superman so, meh. He looks like the redneck who knocked up Palin’s daughter.

  27. Henry Cavill of course! 😉 But Matt is definitely a hot dude…

    They look similar, but I can’t really figure how they could have not noticed people mentioning Superman: Man of Steel stuff at the airport. Plus there is the “editor’ problem!

    Henry is actually quite witty & funny if you’ve seen many videos.

    Thinking we’ll get to know him a little better when he does the talk show circuit for The Cold Light of Day coming in April. Hope so!
    ♥ HCF

    • Leah2288 says:

      Agreed. After seeing him in interviews he became even sexier to me. He seems very intelligent, interesting, and like he’s a really good and down to earth person.
      I think he’s a very talented actor and hopefully- now that he has his foot in the door- he can get some diverse roles and show everyone that there is more to him than just his hotness.

  28. kristipistol says:

    Henry for sure, I’d like to visit his “fortress of solitude”

  29. Mae says:

    Neither. I’m seriously starting to worry about myself, no one has been doing it for me lately!

  30. gingerchik says:

    Matt since I love athletes and he plays in all those celeb football games.

  31. Tamlyn says:

    Henry!!! I would bang him like a screen door in a hurricane!!! OMG, he’s the hotness!!! Matt is too pretty and “done” in my opinion…

  32. Me says:

    Henry… but I prefer him with longer hair a la Tudors. The other is just too blue eyed but they do look remarkably similar.

  33. maeir says:

    I like matt (he’s very pretty and quite charming) but I’d WAY rather Henry Cavill.

    Plus, he’s only a beefcake for the Superman role, normally he’s still quite cut but much slimmer.

  34. MJ says:

    Until now, I totally thought these two were the same person.

  35. mollie says:

    But he needs to dress up in his wardrobe from the Tudors.

  36. maggie says:

    I’d hit both. Henry has a great ass, never noticed that before.

    • Lena says:

      I don’t normally comment but this is just too good to pass up.

      Henry Cavill- I’d hit it all day, everyday
      I’ve had a thing for this guy since he was a teenager in the count of monty cristo- I was 7 haha.

      Matt Bomer is so pretty but…I don’t even know. I could stare at him for days but he doesn’t get me all hot and bothered (unlike Michael Fassbender).

      • Maria says:

        I must have typing my comment when yours went through but haha like I said in my comment I’ve loved him since Count of Monte cristo. I don’t know when the movie came out but I’m 24 now so it was one of my earliest crushes.

        I still watch that movie to this day. *swoon*

  37. Maria says:

    First off, I had no idea Matt Bomer was gay. Shock of my day.

    I’m a sucker for dark haired boys but even if Matt Bomer was straight, Henry has my vote. Our love started during “The Count of Monte Cristo” and it will never die.

    He is kinda vanilla but I’d rather that than overexposed Hollywood playboys aka Ryan Gosling/Leo di Caprio etc who IMO aren’t good looking.

  38. Sara says:

    Matt has crazy eyes.

  39. Tia says:

    Well Matt is gay married with babies so I’ll take Henry he has a nice butt

  40. taxi says:

    Henry by a mile. Bomer’s too pretty.

  41. Debra says:

    No question…

    Henry Cavill!!

    any day, any way

    vanilla is my favorite flavor….I’ll take a double scoop!

  42. malia says:

    Matt Bomer, hands down. Henry’s attractive, but somethings happening to his hairline that’s disturbing and he gets too bulked up now.

    Matt Boner is very pretty, but there’s a hint of wit and rascaly in him that offsets the crazy pretty genes and makes him more interesting. And that bitch can dance like no other!

  43. Julia says:

    I love Matt Bomer’s personality. He is the nicest celebrity. Always taken pictures with fans. I also think Matt is a way better actor.

  44. Maritza says:

    Wow, they look a lot alike, I can see why they get confused. Matt Bomer is gorgeous and Henry Cavill is pretty handsome too. I’d vote for Bomer because he is the prettiest one.

  45. Jules says:

    Cavill is f*cking OOFAH!!!

  46. Leah2288 says:

    Matt Bomer is a little too pretty for me. I’m not attracted to men who are overly groomed. I prefer a little scruffiness and for men to look ruggedly handsome. Both are attractive but Henry just does it for me.

  47. Ryu says:

    Matt of course!
    And I believe every person has the right to protect his personal life,private information.
    Actors personal life is nobody’s business!

  48. SG says:

    As I consider Matt Bomer perfect in just about every imaginable way (including being sexy as hell), another vote for Matt here.

  49. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Matt Boner is more like it. He’s hot but him being gay doesn’t make him any less vanilla seeming to me.

    I’m a Cavillry Girl all the way. That foine piece of English arse was hitting the Duke of Buckingham’s daughter from the back like he knew papa was about to shut that sweetshop down with the quickness. He looked like his stroke game would put Tiger to shame. !

    Damn. Henry could find me in the corner losing my religion salivating all over that hotenss.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      You noticed that too? God, I love those scenes!
      Idris gives a pretty good one like that in the first year of “The Big C”.
      Thanks Cable for letting us see hot man ass in the midst of sweetshop wrecking. Wooooo!

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Oh Tiff we could never be girlfriends; we’d be going for the same guy! I like to host Idris in all of my fantasies. Haven’t seen the big c yet but now I will. Reminds me of Blair ‘My Sexy Ass Never Gets Old’ Underwood on SATC.


    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Oh, we could! We get Henry and Idris and trade off every night! Based on the film evidence, I’d say we’d both be happy sharing those two. Gorgeous, great asses and know what they are doing the sack.

      I mean, that’s it right? You can’t fake it, they must be doing their normal thing, so heck yeah!
      The Tudors, -fans self-what hot, hot sex scenes!

      You better track that first year of The Big C down, stat! I got it on netlix canada, but they don’t have it on their site in the US.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Girl, I thumb my nose at SOPA; this biotch knows how to watch her shit at all times for free.99, though I will most likely buy the DVD.

        And I like the way you think. Add in Rhys-Meyers’ drunk ass and we could have ourselves a party.

  50. Guapo says:

    Matt Bomer is not only one of the most beautiful men that was ever created, but he’s so kind and so good and so talented.

  51. mymy says:

    Henry for one reason he prefers woman. Matt likes men. seeing as I am a girl.
    Matt would have no interest. Also ever notice how his pupils are so small. Not a good look

  52. Amanda says:

    They’re both hot, but I’d go with Henry for sure! Like many of you have said, Matt is too pretty. I like a more manly man.

  53. sth says:

    Matt Bomer for sure!
    He has all those charisma in him and can do otherworldly things effortlessly.

  54. keen one says:

    Matts the better actor and pretty and a black belt and thats a hot combo to me

  55. Lucy says:

    Whats wrong with vanilla…its sweet and creamy…Henry Cavill…yummy!!!

  56. Maya says:

    I don’t know who Matt Bomer is (and don’t care). I only know who Henry Cavill is, and that’s the only thing that matters.
    And no, they don’t look alike.

  57. Celine says:

    Henry should be very flattered. Of course it Matt!

  58. CJ says:

    Matt Bomer by miles and miles! He’s way better looking, a fantastic actor, and by all accounts one of the nicest guys around. I’ve personally experienced him staying on and on to sign every autograph way after the other actors left.

    And wow, if the original author thought the new White Collar episode sucked… not sure what would have pleased you. On top of all the great plot elements, the show had absolutely pitch-perfect performances from Bomer and Tim DeKay.

  59. Lotr Dork says:

    Cavill fo sho 😉

  60. hoganbcmj says:

    They do look a lot alike, you gotta admit.

  61. Big Turkey says:

    Of course, Henry!! I agree White Collar is a big dumb. Bomer is okay.. but Henry wipes Bomer out.

  62. ViktoryGin says:

    Check out Cavill in an interview. He seems to be a person of tremendous substance, and strangely unsware of himself. That’s proly where u pick up on the asexual vibe. I don’t think that he’s aware of how attractive he is. Personally, the fact that he sets himself apart by not coming across as a lascivious philanderer makes him all the more attractive to me.

  63. Katie says:

    Have you never seen The Tudors?! Henry Cavill is so hot there are no words for it. I’m hopelessly in love with him. If I lived anywhere near Vancouver I’d hunt him down on set. He may be a little vanilla, but you can not deny that smile and that body. I love Matt too but he’s too pretty.

  64. Zoe says:

    Matt! The man is everywhere now so maybe that’s how the confusion happened just finished 2 movies with legendary directors, 4th season for acclaimed White Collar and now huge new movie Normal Heart. Plus he’s just plain sexier and hotter. Henrys nice too though.

  65. Mouse says:

    Cavill all the way. Have you seen the man in Immortals…swoooon!

  66. Mrs. Nix says:

    I don’t get the “Matt is a better actor” comments. Henry Cavill is incredibly good when given decent material. He can break your heart…even if he wasn’t so pretty.

    I liked Henry better before he buffed up. Can’t wait for the Superman ‘roid look to atrophy back to normal. That man is FINE at his regular body weight. Like…fan your face and clutch at your chest fine.

  67. Beth says:

    Since Matt is an openly gay man, does it really matter..unless you’re a girl who likes boys who likes boys. He certainly is a handsome man tho.

  68. Nero says:

    I’m just saying my opinion but I think Matt Bomer’s pretty eyes are also shining very creepy way I really don’t like. He is very handsome and going to be a star but something about him totally turns me off. Believe me, I really don’t care about his privacy, having said that the image kept comin up that he is frisked by some men and he’s so pleased like a girl, and I know my female instinct is correct and he loves things like that. I also believe that Henry is bi which doesn’t matter.

  69. Nettie says:

    No it doesn’t matter since he is the worlds sexiest man and no one cares about his orientation.None of us would ever have a chance with someone that perfect anyway or even with Henry.Its all fantasy anyway.

  70. Dagmar says:

    IF you want to hit it – then the ONLY chance a GIRL has is with HENRY as MATT and boyfriend are happily MARRIED with several kids

  71. LucyOriginal says:

    I did not know about Matt’s sexual preference. But I am relaly proud of him living his life as he wishes without worrying about his image and not exposing his life as a show. That alone is H.O.T !!!!!!

    There are some sketchy things about Henry’s life (photos of him with friends online). I don’t care about his sexual preferences either, but if he is homossexual, I wish he did not continue this Hollywood game that some many actors play.

    That being said, I would hit either one of them!!!!

    ps: Wasn’t Henry so cute in The count of Monte Christo, blood creek (with Fassbender) and Inspector Linley?

    • LucyOriginal says:

      When I wrote “I would hit either one of them” , I was thinking in a very hypothetical situation, 🙂

  72. jay says:

    I’m for Cavill over Bomer. They somewhat cancel each other out but when you hear Henry talk and is all charming and British it just makes things happen. I find Matt to be the more asexual…almost Patrick Bateman-y one in those photos. Plus Henry is only beefcakey for the superman movie. He normally isn’t as big nor do I feel he flaunts his body.

    in conclusion…the one final factor in Henry’s favor is dat ass.

  73. lolaluvsu says:

    i wouldn’t confuse them but who is bomer? i know henry from film and the tudors but matt…i really don’t know who he is.

  74. Teluride says:

    I thought Henry was at least bisexual as he said as much about experiences on Graham Norton as well as those web pics. LOL, fans are last to know I guess. Matt being honest and a total DILF makes him even sexier

    • michelep says:

      That rumor was debunked. There is no transcript or proof that he was on the show. He’s been known to have relationships- with women. He had an Italian girlfriend and may still be engaged to Ellen. Whatever. He seems to be very private, which is smart. I love him. Hope they cast him as Christian. I really just want to see him naked.

  75. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Neither 🙁

  76. Tangy says:

    I thought Matt Bomer was attractive and cute until I saw his interviews. How he talks is quite annoying and unnecessarily overly acting nice what he’s afraid of? Henry, on the other hand, he is young James Bond. Bond, James Bond. I want hear this line from him!

    • michelep says:

      TOTALLY agree. Matt comes off as very sweet. He’s not domineering at all. You can ACT domineering but then there are men who just are. Henry Cavill oozes masculinity.

  77. ort says:

    Neither both are too pretty.James Bond, no need a real man for him.I like both boys.Like Matt Henry has cred since he’s got some stuff in the past.

  78. wemmz says:

    Matt always looks like he’s wearing lots of make-up. He’s to pretty but not in the Ian Somerhalder kind of way- he’s pretty in the ‘OH MY EYES’ way
    Henry is classically handsome, sexy and adorable all at the same time. That’s rare.

  79. risa says:


  80. Laura says:

    Two of my favourites. I cannot choose between them! Both?

  81. Kate says:

    Matt, of course. No contest. Looks, personality and sense of humour = perfect.

  82. jamie says:

    matt bomer for sure… he is so gorgeous… and such a great actor…

  83. Isobel says:

    Loving all the comments. Matt has my vote and my soul ! His butt is there for all to see in Magic Mike, on the gurney ! So peachy, taking a bite would waste it. Henry is nice but too rugby player ish. Matt is more refined. I very much admire refined both in looks and manner. Great page !

  84. Candice says:

    Henry wins. He doesn’t know how hot he is that’s maybe why he comes off sometimes asexual to probably 1% of the population of the world.

    and those pictures aren’t justified. guuuuuurrrrl pls.