George Clooney reins in Stacy Keibler at the SAGs: improved or busted?

It seemed like George Clooney and Stacy Keibler were much more subdued at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, especially compared to how they behaved at the Golden Globes. Last night, George didn’t let Stacy speak that much, thank God, and she didn’t get to do hardly any solo posing. Stacy has been put back on the leash after she overextended herself at the Globes. I wonder if George blames Stacy for his best Actor loss last night? I bet he does, to a certain extent. That being said, Clooney didn’t seem to be as aggressive in his Oscar campaign as he did at the Globes, either. He seemed subdued, almost tired. Maybe his back is bothering him? I don’t know. I liked his interview with Guiliana Rancic – he was really sweet to her, and he made a joke about dropping trou and “getting his trou up” which actually made me laugh.

As for Stacy, she seemed content in her reined-in role. She wore this subdued Marchesa gown that I didn’t really care for – too lacy, too “old Italian widow” for my tastes, although I appreciate that Stacy is going for a more demure look. She’s actively trying to look older, more conservative, more Oscar-voter-friendly. It also helps because George looks less like he’s escorting his daughter to an awards show… except it still looks like this. Stacy just looks like his young niece. Ol’ Uncle George is sexually over-extended… but will that end up appealing to Oscar voters, many of them older white dudes who long to trade in their older models for a younger version like Stacy?

Also: I hated Stacy’s fly-away hair. Her hair issues are well-documented, and I really hope she goes for a simple up-do for the Oscars.

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  1. Bite me says:

    Smug bitch … Love that he lost

  2. Katherine says:

    Dress is lovely but the hair is trashy. She has a nice smile. George sure doesn’t have an ego when it comes to height, does he?

    Why do you think she’s a puppet?

  3. bea says:

    Does everything always have to be skin tight on her? We get it – great bod – your dress doesn’t have to be spandex covered in lace to see that. I guess this is “Classy Slutty”. Better but not great.

    It kind of looks like his tie and lapels are midnight blue – looks good.

  4. brin says:

    She looked better at the GGs but she is definitely improving her look.

  5. Astrid says:

    I thiink she looks nice for this event – the dress is very elegant.

    • katy says:

      i agree. i think she looks great

      • Elizabeth says:

        I agree – love the dress. Not like an Italian widow – I grew up around them and her dress is way better. Noona’s dress would be much more shapeless. But her hair needs a bit of work. Less fly-aways. Overall she is improving. As for George – same old tux.

    • Ogechi says:

      Me too. I find her stunning, classy, humble, sweet and shapely than Angelina Jolie. Her dress is unique and beautiful.

    • originalone says:

      I also agree. She looked good, and hit the right note for someone accompanying a nominee.

      But people can’t seem to forgive George, and are of course blaming her for it. Get over it already, she is a CONSENTING adult, who had signed on for a deal of her own free will. If we are not believing that these two are really in love, then please start believing that she knows what she is getting herself into. And btw, that woman has BALLS. She can kick your ass from here to eternity with her killer legs, and quick wit.

      So she opted to be a highly paid escort to a highly recognizable actor. So what. Get over it. She doesn’t look worried at all. You shouldn’t either.

  6. Hautie says:

    Where as I normally have a abnormal dislike for black lace dresses, I liked this one.

    But she is such a tall girl and to me that helps pull off a strange dress.

    And I hate the pop up ad’s on all the pictures. Am I the only one who hates them?

  7. vic says:

    She looks great. I think he’s not winning because the role was not the best, people aren’t falling for his “I am King of Hollyweird” anymore and I don’t know. He’s overrated and arrogant. Plus I know it takes all kinds but his constant change of partners and now a former wrestler? I bet some have lost respect. He’s a walking cliche.

    • ani says:

      yes, George seems not to truly respect women for who they are… sees them as an achille’s heel or something. sorry i can’t spell!

  8. Guest says:

    I think they are more subdued, because he either thought he was definitely going to win or realized parading Stacy around on the red carpet and pretending to be a solid couple wasn’t going to get him the publicity and the award he has been campaigning for. By the way the dress looks more sophisticated, but he still looks older than her. Maybe he is starting to realize he looks ridiculous next to her. What is with her hair.

    • Jule says:

      Her attire is certainly getting better and extremely more conservative (I won’t comment on the hair which never seems to be right), but I think we saw her style at the first couple of red carpets. She’s being dressed to play a part right now and you have to feel sorry for someone who either wants a person (GC) or a thing (exposure for career advancement) so badly that they would change to the extent she has. I hope GC enjoys what he has left of his time as the “mayor of Hollywood” because I think he has lost the respect of many from parading this one around all awards season.

  9. serena says:

    I’m totally annoyed with this couple, BUT I have to admit that Stacy’s dress was amazing.

  10. Dawn says:

    Love that dress. And even though I don’t like her she does look great.

  11. JudyK says:

    Think she looks the best she ever has…love the dress on her.

  12. Cathy says:

    I think she looked good. She looked alot better than him, I can’t stand that suit that he is wearing at all.

  13. Franny says:

    Again, one of my favorites. It doesn’t hurt that she has a really pretty face and an amazing body. I need to make a pinterest board just of her to stay motivated to go to the gym.

  14. atlantapug says:

    She looks great, for once.

    In the profile pic, she almost looks like Heidi Klum.

    I don’t like them together at all though, creeeeepy.

  15. Franny says:

    Also, that photographer in the last background looks like a major sleazer because it looks like he’s taking a picture of her ass haha

  16. Kathy says:

    Very funny write up!!!! She’s great looking, but the clock is ticking, she’s getting closer to the expiration date on her butt.

    • Zoe says:

      She’s 29 or 30? She is no where close to her expiration date. Have you seen a lot of 20 something arses? See just as many out-of-shape fat, saggy, flat arses on 20 somethings than women in their 30′s & 40′s. Eating well, exercising, yoga, etc…which Stacy does, is key to keeping a good arse.

  17. Asli says:

    Funny post! ”Stacy overextended herself at the Globes”. That’s the truth. Man, the tongue-lashing she must have gotten when they got home – and not the good kind. Eeeeew, suddenly the image of George ‘tongue-lashing’ someone is making me nauseous :/

  18. ladybert62 says:

    I usually dont like lace but in this instance, I do like that dress.

    Hate her hair.

    Why in the world would what anyone is wearing have any influence on their winning an oscar?

  19. Mara says:

    I really love this dress she is very pretty and elegant.

  20. maemay says:

    I actually like this dress, but she is just a try-hard. Also they don’t have a connection at all.

  21. BoBo says:

    I like her look ,much improved, but I can’t believe some of those Oscar Voters don’t laugh at them and see George and Stacy as a “dog and pony act”.

  22. foozy says:

    george is too good for her. she’s improved a little in this pic but she’s still cheap!

  23. Jules says:

    I think this is the best I’ve seen her look…and I love the dress!!

    Clooney needs to take the grey hair down a notch…maybe that would help him from looking so washed out/tired/old/done.

  24. corny says:

    does she own a comb?

  25. Mirror says:

    Wonder how old her dad is ?!

  26. Hanna says:

    Her face is ANNOYING.

  27. Jayna says:

    I love that gown on her.

  28. Barbara says:

    Do you guys think her choice for lace after Angie wore lace was coincidental? I’m not saying she’s trying to copy cat Angie. But I’m not saying she isn’t either. I really wanted to know others opinion

    • ani says:

      I think her & Angie are opposites. Leather vs. lace, you know. I think Angie thinks she’s too smart for other women, whereas Stacy is more of a girl’s girl.

  29. Chrissy says:

    I think she looked gorgeous! And those earrings!! LOVE them! But you are totally right. It does look like George is with his daughter. :0/

  30. JudyJudyJudy says:

    the women George’s age are not into him so he needs to go much younger. Like Cary Grant did. I think she is pretty and they look cute together, but it seems a little too pushed to me, too.

  31. Karolina says:

    it’s soo funny that george seems to pay young girls to be his seasonal award-show armcandy…anyways…I don’t think he looks like her uncle…they look like a “legit” couple to me, I don’t know how old she is but I guess she is in her late 30ties? she only looked cheap in the beginning of their business-partnership, now he bought her stylists etc and she always looks demure and decent. she reminds me a lot of heidi klum actually!

  32. lucy2 says:

    It is very “old Italian widow” and I’m not a big fan of lace either, but…it’s not terrible. It’s kind of a good background dress.

  33. Sophie says:

    She looks a bit like Heidi Klum or at least Heidi is known to wear hair the same way at red carpet events.

    • gg says:

      that’s it! She does look like Heidi.

      She also looks to me like an ex-cheerleader who should be on Real Housewives of Montgomery, Alabama.

  34. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I’ve always liked Stacy Kiebler ever since her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ days. Stacy looks lovely and radiant.

    Well played, Contract Girlfriend. You’re not a Ho if it’s platonic, and by George, your Sugar Daddy plays for the other team. I call it a job, which is alright with me. Stacy is being paid, I hope, to entertain and not for any boudoir antics!

  35. DT says:

    Clooney is “that guy.” You know, the one who brings some stripper/this side of a hooker to your kid’s birthday party? The guy who attends a gathering of old friends in their fifties with some 22 year-old volley ball player he picked up in a bar the day before? That guy.

  36. NeoCleo says:

    You are REALLY hard on this woman. I find her more interesting to follow than “La Jolie” whom we all know will wear yet another shapeless, colorless sack because she’s just sooo beautiful, blah, blah, BLAH!

    • ani says:

      yea, I’d prefer George date a woman who had to work her way in Hollywood~ I mean, come on, WWF. The comments that she looks “cheap” are classist and in bad taste. America is known for anyone being able to rise to the top. It’s the Brits who still have paid royalty. I think Stacy looked better than most all “A List” actresses, inc. Jolie in her leathery looking black dress and bad tattoos. Stacy is a goddess, I mean look at her….

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    Looks like she’s trying to class it up a bit. Or he’s “encouraging” her to try to class it up a bit. Whatever.

  38. Blue says:

    Her body is amazing. I like that dress. Hate the hair.

  39. Tweakspotter says:

    I’m sorry I STILL can’t get over this coupling. She’s a wrestler…A WRESTLER! “Class” and “wrestler” just can’t be used in the same sentence.

    • nycnic says:

      So what if she used to be a wrestler? She was paid very well to perform. Big deal. She may or may not be “classy”, I have no idea but to judge because she was a female wrestler is naive.

  40. Kim says:

    Definitely improved from a year ago. Looks like she got a decent stylis.

    She used to dress in cheap/hooker Fredericks dresses and her hair & makeup always looked tranny and she looks better now esp her hair & makeup. This is my favorite hair style ive seen her wear.

  41. shawn says:

    I don’t get the daughter comments. She looks at least forty-five with that botox vein and crow’s feet. Her face is busted, as always. The dress is fug, and everything she wears hangs weirdly on her. Her body is weirdly shaped such that clothes never look right on her.

    There is a backlash against George’s trashy, fake Oscar campaign of using rent-a-ho’s for publicity. I guess he was too egotistical to see the backlash coming, but some of us had been predicting it for a while.

    • nycnic says:

      Her body is weirdly shaped?!? Come on, the hatred for this woman it is insane. Her body is incredible. 95% of the women in the world would kill to have a body like hers. The comments about her are ridiculous.

      • shawn says:

        Sorry but her body IS weirdly shaped, and no, I most definitely would not want her body. I’ve seen comments elsewhere that were posted before her association with Clooney began saying that her body is oddly shaped. Clothes hang weirdly on her. There is a reason she didn’t make it as an actual model, which is a weird body plus a weird face. Still she didn’t have to whore herself out, she had other choices in life, but her desire for fame and attention obviously are her core values.

      • Ann says:

        Yes, at her height, with 42 inch legs she is crazily out of proportion. Her waist looks so short in comparison to her legs, it sometimes looks like she’s on stilts. This, coupled with the fact that although she is pretty when cleaned up (not unique, not beautiful), she didn’t make it as a model and why most of us had never heard of her pre-Clooney.

      • shawn says:

        Good points, Ann. Although to me, the body weirdness isn’t her legs. Her shoulders have a bit of a hunchback, for one thing, and she has weird underarm rolls even though she’s not fat. Also her hips and butt look very big. Mind you, if she weren’t such a famewhore whose p.r. people keep saying she has a great body, I wouldn’t be pointing out her flaws. As for that leg measurement, that’s deceptive since it’s not even her inseam length. It would be more honest for her to give her inseam, which is probably normal length for her height. They took some kind of measurement on the outside of her legs to partway up her hips to come up with that bogus 42 inches.

      • ani says:

        She is a natural beauty. Ok, her hair color is kind of bad, not as natural looking, but she is pretty and her hairstyle itself is pretty and flowy. Idk, I see her as an “underdog”….and yes, I am rooting for her to teach Clooney some class about how to treat people, and esp. women. Clooney’s politics are good, but not how he treats his gf’s.

      • shawn says:

        @ani, you must be joking. A natural beauty? Yeah right, because all natural beauties have a botox vein and caked-on makeup. Her looks are average at best, and that’s after hours of makeup and hair. If you’re looking for her to teach Clooney about class, keep looking. I guess you haven’t seen her wrestling videos in which she sticks her butt out, straddles wrestling ropes, and engages in other trashy behavior. She’s a user and a liar. She plasters on a fake smile, but she’s as trashy and devious as they come.

    • Arnie says:

      I could go to the mall on any given day and point out several women who are as pretty as she. I’m not saying that she’s not pretty, but there is nothing to set her apart from most any other pretty blonde. Now about her making GC classy – can someone explain to me how a previously obscure D-list female who first became “somewhat” famous (at least among the horny redneck male population) promoting violence, all the while doing so dressed and acting like a stripper, make an A-list star classy? Anyone…anyone? Didn’t think so.

  42. skuddles says:

    Nice to see she’s starting to shed that ho for hire look – she actually looks very lovely here!

  43. lolo says:

    The both of them are starting to remind me of the movie “My Fair Lady.” George is Professor Higgens and Stacy is Eliza Doolittle. I keep hearing them sing “I could have danced all night.”

  44. Peg says:

    She’ll be gone right after awards season.

  45. Jayna says:

    She better enjoy it but not think she is more desirable just because she’s with an A- lister for now. Poor Elisabetta is now reduced to dating Steve-O. How humiliating.

  46. Daniel says:

    Wow its a VERY flattering dress, awesome!

  47. Jayna says:

    Every new girlfriend of George Clooney’s should read this article: The Curse of George Clooney, which was put out a month and a half ago. It is discussing Sarah Larsen, she was two girlfriends ago, and others, like Elisabetta, Lisa Snowden (whom I like and at least had a career). These poor women are linked to an A-lister and probably feel more beautiful because he chose them and are jet-setting, hobnobbing with other celebs, and given offers. This is what happens after it’s over.

  48. Amanda G says:

    That is a beautiful dress. I just watched the Descendants last night. It was pretty good. The teen girl actually impressed me the most.

  49. Anne says:

    Well, she definitely looks older (but why does she want to look older) and classier lately. Now if she would start behaving older and classier. I wish GC would introduce her to some new adjectives. I believe the only adjective she knows is “cool.” In one interview, she must have used it six times in ten minutes. If I met Meryl Streep I might describe it as awe-inspiring, daunting, etc. etc., but not “it was cool” as SK did.

  50. Guest says:

    These are Stacy’s tweets from last night she sounds like she is in High School and her boyfriend is running for Prom King and not for an Oscar.

    If only I were gay … Me and @SofiaVergara of @ModernFam tonight @ScreenActors #sagawards

    My bestie @octaviaspencer (of @helpmovie) and I @ScreenActors #SAGawards

    On our way to @ScreenActors #SAGAwards! Hope our table is near @helpmovie girls. They always have the most fun!

    • Jayna says:

      Oh, Lord. Those tweets from an A-Lister/Oscar nominee’s woman is not good. George is just counting the minutes until award season is over and he can move on.

    • JudyK says:

      Her grammar (lack thereof) is PATHETIC. She obviously never took nor passed English 101.

  51. Ashley says:

    I actually don’t mind the hair. It’s kind of soft and feminine. I don’t think I’d care for a harsh up-do with all that black lace.

  52. Aqua says:

    She sure has stepped up her game!Even though she doesn’t want to outshine George I found her to look simply stunning from head to toe.

  53. xploxite says:

    I really like them together she’s Beautiful
    & a very Classy girl. Lacy Dress usually doesn’t look good but this dress looks gorgeous on her she Has a Very Nice Smile.

  54. original sandy says:

    very nice, i like George now, go figure

  55. JudyK says:

    Okay, I’m just going to say it. I don’t find George Clooney remotely attractive, and I don’t find him likeable, either. I wouldn’t give him a second look. I know he will find that troubling. LOL.

  56. Cody says:

    She looks good, he looks good, but the two have no chemistry, almost boring. In the last few weeks,they have been together at so many red carpet events,that it is the same old poses,same old canned answers to reporter questions and they both act very exuberant, like they have been dating for years. I guess Stacy and George are just trying to hard. The only thing that changes is her dress, shoes and make-up.

  57. jamminatorr says:

    The whole father figure or creepy uncle vibe I get from both of them is disturbing.

  58. ani says:

    “He likes to be the A-list person in the relationship,” Potts adds. “In terms of dating, it’s about what’s convenient for him. He’s very committed to his career. He has romantic relationships on his terms exactly.”

    Read more:

  59. blonde on the dock says:

    Wow she looks stunning!

  60. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I actually like this dress and I DETEST lace. I think it’s the cut coupled with her great figure that makes it work. She looks pretty, but her hair is ridiculous, I don’t even get how you can make hair do whatever hers is doing.

  61. Ashley says:

    I cann’t stop laughing thinking about what is the guy in the first picture to the right of Stacy could be doing,,,just look at the way his feet are positioned on the ground,,,,hah aha
    Looks like one of this pictures in the emails we get about “How to totally ruine somebody’s otherwise perfect picture”..LOL

  62. Fleur says:

    Her body IS WEIRD, she has build up too many muscles with wrestling and now she can’t get rid of them, hahaha.
    Also her body is fat in the mid-section, she has big fat legs and a HUGE butt, maybe this is the part, where her personality is concentrating in.
    The old woman’s dress is nothing for her, it makes her look even more fat.

    • Cody says:

      Great role model for young women, no wonder why Hallmark wanted her in their movie “Fixing Pete.”

  63. anonymoose says:

    I just figured out what I think of Miss Keibler: she seems to have no identity of her own. She seems like an eager, yet nondescript, accessory. Does she have a personality?