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Warning: this video is graphic and heart-wrenching. It made me cry. This is for you, “marines all the way.”

- The past four years in politics, in handy video condensed format [Best Week Ever]
- Is the Britney Spears divorce a big publicity stunt? [DListed]
- Britney and FedExes’ last days. [Socialite's Life]
- Is Paris going to date K-Fed now? [Mollygood]
- Paris’ parents were proud of her sex tape. Really. [Celeb News Wire]
- Ryan Phillippe speaks out about his divorce with Reese Witherspoon [I'm Not Obsessed]
- Rocky 6 is coming out, and it’s going to have Slyvester Stallone in it. Yes this is true. [Suicide Girls]
- Laptop Bags for the girl with style [Lady Licorice]
- What the hell is Lindsay Lohan wearing?! [Haute Gossip]
- Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause is very aptly named, because you’ll want to get the hell out of the theater [Pajiba]
- Nicole Richie got all skinny because she wants to look cute like a little kewpie doll [CityRag]
- Nicole Richie as a marmoset [Gallery of the Absurd]
- Tampon crafts [Shallow and Tacky]
- Mya suffered a panic attack after eating a marijuana-laced cookie [Celebslam]
- Classic video of Madonna vs. Courtney Love drunken argument [Wampoon]
- Marcia Cross goes shopping [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- The Bastardly lady of the day is hot again [Bastardly]
- Nicky Hilton is dating and Olsen twin ex [Agent Bedhead]
- Christopher Walken is going to play Ozzy Osbourne in a movie about Motley Crue [Gabsmash]
- Hollywood hair trend: the blunt bob [The Bosh]
- Elisha Cuthbert really is the fug girl next door [IDLYITW]
- Elle Macpherson in a see through top [ICYDK]

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  1. marines all the way says:

    That is the by far a good clip, it is real and honest aswell as shocking; and for once I feel the people back home are finally really taking charge . This has recharged my batteries for now, and god I feel good now, it’s as if he people are fighting for me now…..thank you Celeb, I’ve been waiting along time for something like this….finally we have a chance to take back what we lost…..our freedom.

  2. Sorceress says:

    Oh Please, this the work of a simple minded left wing propagandist. George Bush and the Republican party are NOT soley responsible for EVERY problem in America. The Democrats have contributed their fair share. Both parties are corrupt, the government has gotten too big and politicians cater to their own agendas, not to their constituents. And yes, thank you for posting this, being able to express ourselves in a free country is just one of the things that makes America so great!

  3. Green tiger says:

    Thank god for this turn of the tide, otherwise I would never see American soil again. Expat and proud voter! So I am left leaning and heck yeah I loved this. I don’t blame Bush and all the Redies for America’s problems. It falls on every American. However, Iraq?Katrina? The list goes on. Why where these things allowed to happen? I support the troops and wish them all the love and luck to come home. Sick of them dying for the wrong reasons. I am all for an equal and balanced government. We have’nt had for some time. Also, love that old Rummy is stepping down…winds of change. Now lets hope the Dems get their collective act together and get to work. Yeah! Whoopie! and hey a little dance too!

  4. Lildahlia says:

    Yay!!! Saw this and forwarded the link to all my friends. This is such a great day for women and this country! Yip yip…hooray!!

  5. Action says:

    Green Tiger, I really like what you said. Nice and ‘balanced’. I’m with you in hoping that the Dems can get their act together and get something done!!!

  6. Mandajamin says:

    Why, and this may sound a bit “clueless” does it have to be about parties? There are issues at hand here single solitary issues and picking one side you dont choose issues as themselves but a general “liberal” or “conserivative” view. I am not Rep. or Dem. I am American and i know where I stand on issues alone. party or not. thank you for the video, i agree i teared up. There’s a lot to be done here. I just hope that our young/future people who plan to take these positions will learn, will take a stand and we can search out the right way to handle the trials that come our way. HONESTLY

  7. Action says:

    Mandajamin, I agree that it should be about issues. Yesterday I voted D for one candidate and R for another because of where they stand on issues. Unfortunately, neither candidate REALLY stood for what I wanted, but I had to pick the one that stood for what I believed in the most. And yes, I agree that NEITHER party is better than another and both have their own big issues.

  8. Tinkerbelle says:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Dems getting their act together!
    Freedom isn’t free!

  9. The Mayor says:

    All is well now, GWB does not have complete power.

    Now America will be respected again, just like it was under Clinton, when terrorists bombed the khobar towers, when the somali’s tortured and mutilated American soldiers, when terrorists bombed the American embassy in the sudan, Daniel Pearl, WTC 1, USS Cole, Rwanda….ect

    Yes, it is true that you get the gov’t you deserve…and right now America deserves liberals.


  10. fluffy mischief says:

    400,000-600,000 dead Iraqis, I don’t care if you’re Republican Democrat or Vulcan It was time for a change, any change-if it doesn’t work out we can always go back to what we know….400,000-600,000 dead Iraqis deserve a change in policy. Rest in peace….PS. how about a little less vitriole and a little more unitity. We aren’t Democrats or Republicans, red or blue, we are all humans wanting the same thing: to make it home every night, safely, to be with those that we love.

  11. Matt says:

    The Rocky movie isn’t news, I’m afraid. It’s been quite public for months upon months.

    Oh, and is Lohan a new Batman villain or something?

  12. DogRunner says:

    Honestly, we have problems no matter who is in office. Pick your poison.

    What we need to do is to demand that the government is ran like a business. Outsource a lot of the functions and no doubt it will be run better and cheaper. Plus, put a little fear into the elected officials to make do with less like the rest of us do. Expect and require accountability and if they don’t produce — see ya.

  13. marines all the way says:

    The Mayor, limited knowledge painted with sarcasim is a stupid mask to wear, you don’t know what youre talking about. Do yourself a favor and read a book and I don’t mean playboy.

  14. chic mommy says:

    That video was excellent. Bush is such a turd.

  15. Viv says:

    I didn’t bother watching it. Propaganda just makes me irritable. It’s like the bean soup you have late for dinner that shows up the next morning when you’re at work giving a proposal.

  16. Green tiger says:

    Thanks Action.
    I look at it this way, a well balanced life keeps us healthy and happy. Whether its diet, work, religion,or politics. Too much of something will get you in the end.

  17. Clarimonde says:

    One word “BRILLIANT”!!!!

  18. Fleegle says:

    Maybe now the loudest whiners will stfu already. I’m sick to death of all the fighting and blaming.

  19. Action says:

    Viv, I didn’t watch it either. Extreme left-ism or right-ism Propaganda pisses me off. For me it’s always been, “State your view and then shut the f up.” I don’t need to see a 3 minute video on how one side’s shit smells like roses and the other side is the devil reincarnate. *rolls eyes*

    Marines, you’ve been quite personally hostile lately.

  20. DogRunner says:

    This country has become so bitterly divided with politics in the middle pushing the sides apart.

    I am so tired of propaganda on anti-Bush, Monica Lewinsky, the ha-ha we won let’s dig it in talk, red state vs. blue state, etc… I am so sick of the negatism. It is tiring.

    I want to live my life with peace and purpose. So, I avoid this friction. The bottom line is that life is short and we need to spend our time/energy on people who are important to us. This is a short run and I don’t want to spend it angry.

  21. Viv says:

    Yeah, I get enough of it in class… today we have a speaker on Homeland Security and the FBI. And whilst it is interesting, it’s very vexing; which is why I’m on Cele|bitchy.

  22. marines all the way says:

    What are you talking about Action, how am I being PERSONALLY hostile lately?
    I think you’re reading into things too much, it wouldn’t be the first time. None of my comments were directed at you at all, personally or on any level what so ever.

  23. Action says:

    Not directed at me, no, but directed at others, personally, yes.

    I quote, “The Mayor, limited knowledge painted with sarcasim is a stupid mask to wear, you don’t know what youre talking about. Do yourself a favor and read a book and I don’t mean playboy.”

    None of that is rather nice and very personal. Get a grip, man. Just because they don’t agree with you don’t mean you can be nasty back.

  24. marines all the way says:

    Thats nasty? Thats not nasty, and thats not personal, thats talkin man to man, Action. Thats me making a comment, period, no hidden message in there, no attacking involved, and no harsh words were exchanged or nasty word usage at all, maybe youre the one who should get a grip. Stop trying to be the reff of everyone comments, if The Mayor took offense I would take the time to either explain my position and why I said what I said or apologise. So if he took offence he’d let me know, he doesn’t need you to do it for him. Stop trying to blow some thing up out of purportion and reading too much into things.

  25. Action says:

    I think it’s you who needs to realize what you write doesn’t always come across the way you think it does. I thought that was rude and offensive. The same way you were to Mr. T in his post about Brad Pitt (he’s shallow, and is dragging down the world). Telling someone they have ‘limited knowledge’, ‘don’t know what they’re talking about’, ‘read a book’ is calling someone stupid.

    I’ve just noticed that most of the poltical comments you’ve responded to have been attacks on the individual saying it, not on the idea itself.

    I haven’t noticed it at all in your other posts on other subjects, but you do tend to attack individuals when it comes to politics. I don’t think I’ve blown a thing up or read too much into it. And I’ll comment on it whenever I darn well please, thankyouverymuch.

  26. marines all the way says:

    Hey it’s free website Action, do whatever the hell you want. But keep this in mind, I didn’t call any one stupid. If I didn’t say it don’t assume I implyed it. Further more, he’s shallow, and is dragging down the world comment wasn’t mine. I don’t talk like that.

    Finally I never told you not to comment or how you should comment, and I expect the same thing from you, I don’t tell you how to comment, so you dont tell me how to comment as you have elequently put it, I’ll comment on it whenever I darn well please, thankyouverymuch.

    Again i repeat what I said before, if anyone has taken offense by any of my comments I will take the time TO EXPLAIN, and if they still remain offended I will take even MORE time to apologise. And yet again I state what I stated before, you do not represent anyone but yourself, stop trying to pick a fight, it doesn’t become you.

    My veiws are just that, my veiws; politics isn’t gossip, and I am in a profession that is surrounded by it, so EXCUSE ME if I do not take people’s opinions of politics/world problems lightly. I have taken the time to read, reasearch, study and talk to people in my spare time to understand the roots of problems, weither it being the Middle east or weither it being America, or weither it being Africa, I have done my homework and I can tolerate people giving their opinions, but not opinions that are ignorant attacks to a particular group and blameing that group for teh worlds problems

    The example is this…Now America will be respected again, just like it was under Clinton, when terrorists bombed the khobar towers, when the somali’s tortured and mutilated American soldiers, when terrorists bombed the American embassy in the sudan, Daniel Pearl, WTC 1, USS Cole, Rwanda….ect

    So Mayors saying that it’s the democrats fault that we are in the state that we are in today, and that it’s the DEMOCRATS fault for the war in ROWANDA!? I didn’t know that the US DEMOCRATS, were responable for tutsis and for hootos ripping at each others throats. I didn’t know that the USS cole that was attacked in YEMEN was the US DEMOCRATS fault…even though yemen is a known for its random targeting at ANYTHING including children and is a war zone. Or the bombing in SUDAN was because we had a democrat for president. Or that the “Islamic” militia group in Somalia was founded and then killed US RANGERS because there were democrats in office. WOOOOOW I should really take that lightly huh, I had NO IDEA that it was the democrats that cause all of this!!!!!! For the 650.000 Iraqis that have died, for the twintowers falling, for the soldiers that are diying, for my brothers diying, for the constant nightmares I have at night, for the endless rivers of blood that polute that Tigris, and for the palestinians, and for the lebanise, for the constant panic and fear that fills the american peoples hearts, for the lack of support that our country needs because of natural diasters….I didn’t know it was the democrats that caused all this chaos!!

    I must be reading the wrong books….or fighting under a mirage president…because I thought I was fighting in iraq under the command of a REPUBLICAN! But it’s the democrats that have been tearing the world up riiiiiiight…so I must be nutts right….because the last time I checked I was told I was gonna be here for another 5 years by PRESIDENT G W BUSH….but maybe Ive been here for so long that Im mistaking GOVERNER BUSH for a democrat and that he really isnt the president because only a democrat could fuck up so badly, so it’s their fault I’m here right?!

    Having said that, I find it EXTREMLY offending, that some one can judge me, practically condem me, and call me all sorts of things, such as ,nasty, attacker, personal offending, unable to get a grip, hostile, and so on and so on, and not even have a clue of the person BEHIND THE WORDS THAT THEY ARE PERSONALLY ATTACKING.

    You Action are the only one attacking here and I am the one on the offesive now, you have been since the begining, what was an exchange of opinions YOU turned into a dramatised war of words.

    You have called me so many things and I haven’t even named you once. I am through, I am done, , I tried settling a misunderstanding you are the one refusing to let something small go, so heres me giving you the rear. Here’s me taking off for good, I promise You Action, you, nor Celeb nor anyone else will EVER hear from me the Abuser….the hostile one, the personal attacker…ever again. I a person of my word, and the word is, Goodbye.

  27. Action says:

    I was trying to decide if I should just type, “UNCLE, UNCLE! I give up! Screw it, it’s not worth my time.”

    But then I decided I may as well give it a shot one more time. So maybe this will clarify things a bit better.

    I am sorry that you feel attacked. I simply made an observation and posted it. I don’t think it was all that harsh of an observation either. As a matter of fact, I even made the delineation between your usual/other topic posts and your political posts. I did not over generalize your posting style, simply mentioned that I found your latest POLITICAL posts to be attacking other posters and not their ideas. Note the fact I’m talking about your POSTS not YOU.

    As a matter of fact, if you are gone for too long, I wonder if you are ok. I appreciate the work you are doing for our country and think it’s an important job. BUT, I do feel like those posts were personal and mentioned it. Come on, how can that overly offend you?!

    It’s great that you study up on the subject. So do I. You feel strongly about it and that’s great. It’s good to have a belief to focus on. I’m not saying your wrong or right, or attacking your viewpoint. (And honestly, I’ve heard your viewpoint before so I kind of skipped over that part in your post.) I’m simply saying that sometimes when you post back to people about politics your comments come out harsh. Maybe you just mean it to show how strongly you feel, but it doesn’t come off that way to me. If noticing that is an attack on you, well, sorry.

  28. geez... says:

    Wow, I thought this was an area where people could write whatever they felt. Who cares if you got kinda offended by what someone said? Grow-up, you can’t bully someone to walk on eggshells because you don’t care for the words they choose to say to SOMEONE ELSE. Geez, it wasn’t even directed toward your comment.

    So forgive me, but maybe you could take your effort of censoring this comment posting area, and put all this energy to better use. Go for a run or something. Seriously. Nothing is important enough for you to bully someone else off of a website. And no, I’m not trying to be mean or make you cry Action, I just think that maybe you got a little carried away. Maybe the both of you did. But let it go. It’s gone.

    I, for one, do hope Marines All the Way comes back. I think we can all learn from one another. Whether it be to only observe, we can hear what people say and let them talk if they want to. If you don’t agree, no big deal, you don’t agree. Please no more attacking.

    In regards to the short film, I thought it was good. It is an accurate reflection of how the director feels, there was no ambiguity. Wonderful job, I say! I don’t like to see anyone hurt, good/bad/republican/democrat/informed/ignorant. It’s just not worth it.

    I hope you come back, Marines All the Way, if not your opinions and comments will truly be missed.

    Thank you for listening. :)

  29. DogRunner says:

    Well said Geez. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

  30. Viv says:

    I think Marines got a little too sensitive. And dramatic. Is everyone supposed to cry for him to come back? I’m not trying to be rude.

  31. Action says:

    I couldn’t say that, Viv, of course. But I agree.