Kristen Stewart is hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris, shooting a VF cover

So elegant. So ladylike. So demure. So professional. So mature. So humble. So NOT bratty. Kristen Stewart has been in Paris the past few days, and these are some photos of Kristen leaving a meeting/photo shoot. She decided to flip off… someone. Or some group of people, likely her fans or the paparazzi. You know, because she’s SO HARDCORE. I’m so tired of seeing this girl’s middle finger, I can’t even tell you. This is her default action, and IMO it speaks volumes about her default brattiness. I wonder what Karl Lagerfeld thought of Kristen’s antics? I can’t imagine he was impressed.

At first, people didn’t know why she was there, but after these photos came out, people began putting all of the pieces together. She was working with Karl Lagerfeld (who you can see in one of these photos) and Mario Testino for a photo shoot for Vanity Fair. I’m assuming it’s for American Vanity Fair, but it’s possible it could be for an international edition. Kristen was spotted posing for Testino in one of Paris’s famous parks, all while decked out in (likely Chanel) couture – you can see the photo here. Do you know how many young actresses would kill for even a fraction of the opportunities Kristen is handed? Do you know how harshly those ladies would be judged if they threw their middle finger up at the drop of a hat? Why does Kristen get a pass again? Because she’s always so twitchy, sullen and unprofessional, and people have just gotten used to it? I’m just saying… Jennifer Lawrence is the same age as Kristen. If you were a casting director, who would you want? Twitchy McBird-Waver or Classy McOscar-Nom?

Also, there’s a rumor going around that Kristen will be the Cannes Film Festival this year – On the Road is likely going to be submitted for competition. Lip-biting on the French Riveria… oh la la.

Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Asli says:

    Yeah, if the Huntsmen bombs I doubt we’ll be seeing any more of Kristen. Heres to hoping she’ll take Mara with her.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Don’t get my hopes up!!

    • originalone says:

      Now hold on a minute! To be fair, his douchy highnessness Karl Lagerfeld likes them young, skinny, and rebelious. Have you people forgotten his boytoy, the perfection and rebellious youth that is his muse, Baptiste?

      My way of reminding people that Karl Lagerfeld, just because he designs and manages most of the Chanel brand, is NOT classy at all. As a person, with his entourage and self-entitlement, Lagerfeld makes P.Diddy look like a high-classy hooker.

      And Kristen Stewart is the red-neck-that-fits-in-a-tight-tiny-dress version of Baptiste y’all!

      • Reece says:

        I was just about to say the same thing. Lagerfeld likes them like that.

      • originalone says:

        @Reece – Exactly!

        Karl Lagerfeld is never classy! IF you watch any of the Fashion shows, or the Fashion channel, you know the dude has no class, is not polite, and has the refined mannerism of a common madam. Especially when he is trolling about his muse Baptiste.

        He might be a fashion genius, but he did also hire Blake Lively to represent the Chanel accessory brand. Not that I’m putting down Blake, but really, she doesn’t scream Coco Chanel to me. And Summit is the studio that had pushed the Robsten craze on us. So boo on them too!

      • Asli says:

        Oh, I definately hate Lagerfeld. Cannot stand him! But I hope the modeling industrie starts using models again instead of snotty celebitches. Atleast we don’t have to hear about how their tearchers failed them.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Ooohhh. I did not know all this about Lagerfeld. He sounds like a douche! Asli-ITA. The celebs-as-models trend really needs to die.

      • originalone says:

        @TheOriginalKitten, just do a quick search on Lainey, who adores him (well there you go, when Lainey adores someone, it says a lot), and watch some of the videos of how he is walking about with his entourage. And how he takes Baptiste shopping. And his thoughts on fat girls, you know, the ones who wear size 2.

        I don’t get how some can be blind to this despicable trashy being’s attitude. Just because he’s brilliant? Hey, so is Polanski!

    • pato says:

      This. LOL. I can´t stand neither of them

  2. Tapioca says:

    I can’t believe the paps didn’t get a single picture of the gun at which point she was obviously flown to Paris and forced to do VF!

    Because, you know, she just, like, totally, hates all the, totally, rape-like media attention *forced exhalation* and does absolutely nothing to promote herself, rather than the *forced exhalation* movie she, totally like, had to do or her family would have their abdomens *forced exhalation* gnawed to, like total, sh*t by those rats in the *forced exhalation* metal buckets pressed to their stomachs.

    Anyone got any weed?

    • Bite me says:

      Genius 🙂

    • Pam says:

      The fact that the paps didn’t get a picture of this action shows me right there that Kristen wasn’t doing this to them.

      • CTgirl says:

        Who cares who was the recipient of her finger. She exhibits few decent manners and is a mouth breathing twit who takes herself way too seriously. For a “serious actress” she sure is horrible at her job. Maybe Hollywood will wake up and quite offering her roles.

    • almond says:

      Absolutely spot-on, but I think it would cause serious breathing problems to keep exhaling like that. I wonder how she does it… Hmmm, weed.

    • CTgirl says:

      Dead on assessment. You can put a wig on a pig but it’s still a pig in a wig.

  3. Lonnie says:


  4. Kerfuffles says:

    I’m a Kristen Stewart fan. But she does need to stop w the flipping the bird thing.

    I HOPE this was a situation where she was just playfully joking around with a friend and didn’t realize she was being photographed. That would explain why she’s got that weird expression on her face.

    But yeah, if she’s flipping off the paps and making crazy eyes at them, it’s time to grow the f*ck up. If she wants to be perceived as a serious, mature actress she needs to drop the bratty teenage hobo routine.

    • aquarius64 says:

      I bet her team is having a cow right now. It’s been trying to rehab her image and she does this.

      • Pam says:

        Not really. The paps don’t even have straight on pictures of her doing this to them so most of the general public probably won’t even see these obscure photos. Most of the official pictures out on sites are of Kristen smiling and signing for fans. Plus if she was just joking around than I don’t see why anybody should make a big deal out of this?

    • mucha says:

      There is a video of her playfuly flipping the bird, but I don’t know if it’s this one.

      + it was a Dior dress in the park

      + do u know how many people would not be able to stand at all this kind of attention, people camping in front of your hotel, and it’s not even promotion time?
      I give her credit for not joining the fashion circus long time ago, for waiting this long.

      • Miss S says:


        Credit for what??? Why does she deserve any credit for that? Nothing wrong with doing fashion shoots.

        And playfully flipping the bird. Yeah. Next to Karl Lagerfeld nevertheless. Very professional. But oh yeah, she doesn’t give a beep. So rebellious.

        Tired of KStew apologizers, they always ‘spin’ things.

      • akku says:

        She didn’t join fashion circus because nobody approached her then.So crying sour grapes. She is just a hypocrite who runs like a rat and grabs any opportunity like magazine cover/Perfume endorsements etc etc.If she doesn,t get any movies her PR team portrays that oh she does not want to be in big studio ventures only indie movies.If nobody calls her for mag shots they keep saying oh Kristen doesn’t like publicity, she is not a famewhore, she is down to earth etc etc.Her career is totally dependent on her army of PR team employed by her. They confiscate all possible websiteS especially HOLLYWOODLIFE, CELEBUZZ to write positive things about her and verbally abuse anybody that dare talk against her. If her contemporaries like Emma Watson is on the cover of mags her PRteam keep calling them famewhores. What do they have to say about their bird flipping trash now.Is she not a fame whore?

      • mucha says:

        I don’t think she wasn’t approached for anything. Maybe they knew she would say no. She was invited to 2 Met balls with the last dress designed for her. Someone else would have gotten a lot more out of her situation.

        + I really, but really don’t get the appeal of Emma Watson. Fashion, actingwise, you name it. She’s willing though, I’ll give her that.

        And about that video- reading comprehension: There is a video, but maybe she flipped more birds than one. And if she did, I don’t care. What, KL walks on water-‘ Please… He’s seen more,much more than that.

  5. Luise says:

    Ditto on the UGH

  6. GoodCapon says:

    You stay classy, K Stew!

  7. Mirella says:


  8. satty says:

    give her a f’ing break.

    • EKM says:

      No, see, this is the problem. She gets too many “breaks”. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. She’s old enough to know better. I guarantee nobody would be saying “give her a break” if it were JenLaw, or Emma Watson, or any other young actress.

      • Mirella says:

        Goofing off with your friends is one thing, but doing this in front of someone like KL is downright disrespectful.

      • mia girl says:

        I dont think Karl minded all that much. Much “classier” people have done this in his presence…

      • Miss S says:

        Anna W = >>>>>>> KStew to someone like Lagerfeld. And besides that, still rude. No excuse for K.

      • nina says:

        EKM-Emma Watson blew off so much promotion for HP7, feigning illness, then being seen coming out of salons, etc. And of yesss, fans were quick to say “give her a break” when the media started criticizing her. This need to compare them is silly. Emma carries herself better publicly, but she’s pulled some serious diva crap too. Just pick your poison.

      • Sam says:

        WTF? She seems to be smiling and playful. She is likely goofing around. She hasn’t flipped off paps in a long time. She was papped all week and even smiled.

        And she went out afterwards and signed autographs for a bunch of fans, smiling! So why would she be flipping off fans? She never flips off fans.

        This article is reaching.

  9. TXCinderella says:

    I love the Twilight book series and movies, but I can’t stand Kristen Stewart. I think she is a poor representation for Summit, and I wish they had picked someone else to play Bella. She is very immature, and I don’t get what RP sees in her. She just looks and talks trashy. I think alot of how she acts can be contributed to being unsure of herself.

    • Who are you her mother? says:

      EKM ” she’s had to many breaks, she needs to be accounted for her actions”
      why do you care again exactly? I admit I love k-stew but I’m not an obsessive fan. Help me out here I get so confused as to why you care what she does since you dislike her so much. Why jump on every bandwagon that has something negative to say about her (she could let out a fart for gods sake and you call her a bad role model) why not comment on the good things she does she’s actually one of the tame young actresses.. Let’s not compare her to Miley Cyrus and her latest penis cake incident.. Throwin up the middle finger compared to smoking salvia/dancing on producers/dancing on girls/licking penis cakes.. I’m just sayin..

      • EKM says:

        I “care” because every time I turn around there’s another magazine trying to tell me why Kristen Stewart is awesome. Usually when people have to FORCE something upon you, it makes you want to like it even less. Putting her in fancy clothes on the cover of a magazine isn’t going to make me go “Oh, wow, she IS great.” No. She’s still going to be an entitled brat.

      • terrcot says:

        But that’s the nature of celebrity in America. If you sell magazines, you’ll grace covers. We get splattered with Jersey Shore, Kardashians,Pregnant and 16-ers all the times on magazine covers. Taylor Swift too, and Blake. We aren’t being forced any of these people, including Kristen. They’re simply the people who sell magazines, it’s the only reason they are on covers -people are buying them. Kristen can be an idiot sometimes, but at least she has a real job, isn’t a pregnant teen, and doesn’t make sex tapes with guys peeing on her. There’s that. lol

      • Lili says:

        Oh please EMK, you talk about her 24/7 , your obsessed with her., admit it. You cant go a day without posting pics of her or writing about her over at prsten. No one is forcing her upon you.

      • jenna says:

        Who cares if she flipped anyone off. She’s human, like all the haters never flipped anybody off. Also she is not a brat

  10. Jacq says:

    They put make up on her and turned her into Ali Lohan.

    • Jana says:

      I was going to say drag queen but that works too. Either way it’s not cute but, then again, in general, neither is she so…

    • Who are you her mother? says:

      Lmao true..EMK No one FORCED you to read any of these magazines.. if Kristen discovered the cure to the common cold you would complain about her being a spoiled brat who thinks she’s ENTITLED to an award.. btw I didn’t know u knew her personally.. Did you enjoy being next to her on set while she was throwing tantrums and trashing her trailer? Where you listening to her phone conversations demanding to be published in a good light for the next mag? Or where you peeking around the corner when she demanded that her assistant give her mocha nonfat skim milk coffee instead of plain Starbucks cause you know she’s an ENTITLED spoiled brat..oh okay

  11. Mel says:

    Grow up, put on some clean clothes and stop acting like your 16. I like her but it’s kind of like my growing disdain for “poor is me Michelle Williams” shtick. Ugh. Get over yourself. Band like k-stew!

  12. Quest says:

    Wow! Flipping the bird and biting the lips at the same time must be exhausting for K-Stew.

  13. moopsie says:

    not that big of a deal

  14. foozy says:

    beautiful girl. love her. very talented. can do no wrong!

  15. Maya says:

    She is so feral. Dislike her style, her face, her attitude. Everything.
    You can drape her in Cartier and Chanel, do the entire bauble thing and she’ll still be trash.
    I’m betting Karl isn’t impressed with these shots of her.

  16. Miko says:

    I hope you had your sarcasm hat on when you wrote those first seven adjectives of the article because never in a million years will any of those things ever describe Kristen Stewart. Not only am I just sick to death of seeing her in general but the middle finger nonsense is really old. I don’t even understand how her ungrateful, bratty ass even gets these opportunities in the fashion world. She’s proven time and time again that not only does she not care about fashion whatsoever but she’s also shown she has absolutely no respect for the designers when she’s changing into her ratty sneakers on red carpets and dragging expensive gowns all over the ground or changing into her dirty, shredded hobo wear after events and especially after events where designers made something specifically for her i.e. the last Met Gala. Her behavior needs to stop coming with excuses and passes. She should have to have some consequences for her inexcusable behavior. And lastly, her 15 minutes has been up for a really long time now.

  17. speaks the truth says:

    Oh god she is so disgusting. Her poor parents I feel sorry for them.

  18. Franny says:

    The bird around Chanel? CHANEL!? learn some manners.

  19. Lola says:

    She looks like she playing around. And from the angle of the pic, the paps where on the opposite side.
    Stewart is making some really interesting career moves and I’m interested to see where she is in 3 years

  20. Pam says:

    I’m thinking she was joking around with one of her friends. She obviously wasn’t doing this to the paps, because they would have gotten a picture of the action. Also I’ve seen the fan videos from that night nowhere is Kristen flipping them off. Give her the benefit of the doubt, Kaiser.

  21. T.C. says:

    Well at least she is smiling in most of the pictures that’s progress. Still flipping people off in front of the cameras is very immature. She needs to step out of the hollywood bubble and realize that she is getting older and needs to act it.

  22. Jana says:

    Someone please explain to me how constantly acting like an asshole is acceptable behavior? She needs a lesson in humility big time. Maybe after you’re done selling out you should take a long look in the mirror, eh KStew?

    • Hannahput says:

      Do you remember the last time she puts her middle finger out? I’m sure you don’t. You talk as she goes around flipping all the time to the paps. I like her,I don’t like when she puts her middle finger out,but I don’t understand why you think that Kristen Stewart (and not any other actress) is the worst person on the planet. Okay,you don’t like her or what she says,but you know,she is not the only one out there that has her same (or worst) behaviour. You complain like she’s saying to everyone “kill your family”. If she disturbs you,then you’re free to go somewhere else 😉

  23. mia girl says:

    Both she and Lagerfeld are looking in the same direction so maybe someone was screaming something insulting to poor orange Karl and Stewart was just defending him… Ha ha

    I have seen so many celebrities flipping the bird (Charlize, Jodie Foster, Affleck, DeNiro, Timberlake, even little Zahara, etc). There are even web sites dedicated to pics of celebrities giving the bird. It is certainly not classy, but pretty common. I think the bigger problem for many of you is that it’s Kristen Stewart doing it. I’m not sure I’d make the leap from flipping the bird to being ungrateful for opportunities… this girl has been around long enough that if she were all the things you describe as it relates to her work, she wouldn’t be doing much more of it. But all I’ve heard are directors and industry folks really liking her and her work ethic

    I agree with @Maya who called her feral. It’s almost like she is not comfortable in her own skin, which causes her to be so awkward. She sure is a polarizing character and clearly needs to work on her celebrity social skills. Put on your big girl panties Kristen and realize that you can’t emote whatever you want, whenever you want.

    • Nina says:

      THIS. This is a perfect, balanced analysis not just of the STew, but of her critics. I wrote something below but wish I could just delete it now cause you wrote it more elegantly. Kristen needs to rein herself in a little more when she’s in public. All the good things she did yesterday for fans and working in freezing temperatures? Got ignored by the bird flippin on this blog. So, just in terms of being more smart and mature, she should carry herself better.

      And at the same time, people overreact because some people love to act outraged over her for whatever reason. It’s over the top, like some people need smelling salts here.

      • Not to be rude but..... says:

        I know it seems like a lot of people don’t like Kristen but I can totally understand it. The flipping the bird is just icing on the cake. And as others have stated other actors do it all the time but KS is being called out for it. It’s because of KS’s general attitude. Not everyone here is a KS army follower or thinks that she can even act. As for she did a good thing doing the photo shoot? She got paid very good money to do that photo shoot. So really she did that for herself not her fans. It is rare these days that she signs for her fans and even smiles so it was nice that she did do that and her people were not giving excuses for her not wanting to sign. She made a lot of money off of twilight and got quite the following from it. So that is why just as the director of SWATH said he wanted her for her fanbase. It will be interesting to see what she does in the next 3 years. Seriously, if she can clean up her act and learn to smile and act like an adult and maybe take some acting classes she maybe seen a lot more. She does act entitled though. She cuts off her co-stars when they talk in interviews to tell the interviewer what they really mean which is rude to her co-stars. I’m hoping that working with SWATH and the stars in SWATH teaches her how to tone it down and stop being so righteous. She is overkill right now with her mags and such. It was nice with the laying low for the most part with the entire cast of twilight. Let’s face it even KS’s fans when you put in the population of movie goers is a small % and unless she grows up and makes some changes people will continue to put her down. It’s sad that the flipping off got her the attention, but this blog is not the only blog who noticed it and it’s because of Ks overall attitude that gets her this attention for doing that. Like someone said lots of actors flip the bird but there overall behavior is decent. Miley is another one who has been notice for her bad behavior has a someone pointed that out here too….proves my point.

  24. carrie says:

    I don’t think an actress needs to be “ladylike”. Where my issue with Kristen comes in is the sense of entitlement. This is a girl who has never struggled in her life. She was born into the business, had her career handed to her at the age of 9, has never had to step outside that path, never shown any intellectual curiousity, never really REALIZED just how insanely lucky she is. And it shows in her actions. Her teachers “failed” her, because she’s used to everyone paving the way for her. The media is mean to her, because she’s used to having her brattiness tolerated.

    Sadly, I don’t see her going away. She has too many connections in the biz and a damn good PR team. As evidenced by her public transformation into a fashion icon, while privately it seems she’s still very much that girl who’s giving the finger to the world for not catering quite enough to her.

    • Miko says:

      You nailed it with the entitlement point, that’s exactly what it is- as well as acting like an ungrateful shrew. She shows this nearly every time she opens her mouth. She calls her fans names and puts them down and that is why I say she’s ungrateful. Also true about her connections and team but in my opinion she needs to go away because she has nothing to contribute. She’s over-rated and untalented.

      And to another comment: if all you’re hearing is praise about her then you’re not listening very hard because she is notorious for being spoiled, difficult and throwing fits on set. Hell she belittles her co-stars in interviews all the time. That is not good work ethic worthy of praise. She’s an immature brat who believes she’s above it all and she is consistent about showing that fact to the world.

    • mia girl says:

      Miko, I took your advice and tried to “listen harder” at least through google to find stories of the onset behavior you mention. I tried lots of word combinations, but I could not find anything at all negative about her work. If you have articles you can link to then please share. The only co-star I’ve seen her make fun of in interviews is Pattinson, and I assumed because of their close relationship, like a child, she makes fun of the people she is closest to deflect her real feelings.

      You clearly do not like her – in fact through two posts you pretty much have shown that you hate her, so maybe you are only listening through biased ears. She may not be your and many others cup of tea, but entitled or not, it seems the industry people that work with her like her.

      Listen, if she is all the things you say, then she will be gone after the next couple of movies. If Snow White is a success, everyone will give accolades to the entire cast, but she will get some credit and continue getting work. But if it fails, she will definitely get the lion share of the blame. And I guess based on her questionable public behavior, she may have earned that dynamic.

      • Miko says:

        She has done nothing to earn my like or respect, so no I don’t like her. To answer your question, the director she met with when she was in talks to play Lois Lane had negative things to say about her. As did Shiloh Fernandez, Adam Brody and Preston Johnson- all people who have worked with her in some fashion and let’s not forget Dan Levy calling her out on national television for her attitude and behavior. I don’t even want to get into the Pattinson situation because she blatanly disrespects and mocks him openly and it’s unprofessional, I don’t care what their relationship is. There’s a time and place for everything. Plus, no one burns a bridge in Hollywood regardless of circumstances. I think that answer is sufficient and I am done commenting on it.

      • Pam says:

        That “lois lane” story was false. Her reps denied the rumors.,,20463149,00.html

      • Jaime says:

        Please, this Miko person clearly has issues and probably takes Star magazine as her bible. I read gossip blogs and I remember only hearing about a journalist or two who called her bitchy. Never heard any stories about her “throwing fits on sets” or stuff like that. I do remember reading a blog that claimed once she got in an argument with Pattinson on set, but I also remember reading other blogs that said Pattinson got into it with someone else. Look, I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart at all but I’m so sick of people calling this girl disgusting. That’s pretty strong language, to say the least. I think it speaks more for people on this board.

      • My Darling Pinkett says:

        Hmm, I’ve heard some rumors about her having an attitude on set, too, but really, does it matter? No. At the end of the day, the people who love her will defend her like nobody’s business no matter what she does, and the people who don’t like her will call her out, be the rumors true or false, and the indifferent people will either shrug and say “whatever” or give an honest, unbiased opinion. Does anyone’s opinion of her matter? No, ours don’t. She’ll continue to get high-profile jobs for as long her popularity lasts in Hollywood.

        And I wish people would stop throwing around the word “hate”. I doubt many people truly hate this actress. Dislike? Of course. Hate? No. She’s not important or interesting enough to be hated. Most actresses and actors aren’t.

      • Hannahput says:

        @Miko Breaking News: It’s called “rumor” because there isn’t any source and so it’s not true! “Kristen Stewart fought with someone on the set” told us our source. What source? Their fantasy?? Please,grow up!

    • Lee says:

      Yeah, I kind of liked Kristen in a weird way until she made that comment about how her teachers failed her. That was the final straw. As someone who’s entire family are teachers – mostly high school level – I know how little respect they get and how shitty it is to deal with entitled brats. When it comes to school, you get out what you put in and if you’re an asshole, the people who can help you won’t feel particularly inclined to. that’s on you.

    • nina says:

      lol, she never shows any intellectural curiousity? Wow, who says that about a stranger? Who says that about even an acquaintance? I mean, there’s some personal investement here with your impression of her.

      • Linney says:

        She thought she could drive from London to Berlin! Her intellectual curiosity certainly never steered her towards a map. Letterman. Look it up.

      • carrie says:

        She was 19 and a half by the time she got her high school diploma. She’s never shown any interest in higher education. She’s had the same job since she was 9 that she basically just fell into because of where she’s from and who her parents are. That, to me, is a decided lack of intellectual curiosity.

      • nina says:

        carrie-why do you know when she got her GED? Seriously. That’s a level of knowledge about someone (it’s not even 19, it’s 19 1/2!) that’s kinda personal. And is that your only marker for concluding she’s intellectually curious? Really? This is what I’m talking about, we don’t know her, she could be a vegetable or a genius for all we know. The girl’s been in a crap franchise since she was minor though, I would understand if it took a little more time to graduate. I just don’t get making these sweeping generalizations cause you watched some youtube videos of her. I’ve seen youtube vids of my friends-thank god they aren’t as stupid as they seem on them!

        Linney-Maybe she misspoke.Maybe she doesn’t know. All I know is that people overreact to her so much, I think it’s silly.

      • mucha says:


        She can. Part of it would have to be spend on the boat, but a really small part.

      • Hmmmm... says:

        I’m not a KStew hater, nor do I think her shit smells like roses. Admittedly, I don’t think she’s the smartest cookie in the box. I think her Letterman comment was stupid, but we all fuck up shit sometimes. Also Carrie, she doesn’t have to be intellectual. It’s not like her job requires her to be. Sure, there are actresses like Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman who I admire and respect but they are more the exception rather than the rule. I don’t think we can make any sort of real judgement without knowing her.

      • Linney says:

        @mucha, I promise you it came across clear as day to everyone in the audience that she was not accounting for the boat ride. She made it pretty clear that she didn’t know her geography. I live in Boston and I can “drive” to Martha’s Vineyard with that explanation but I would never say “I’m going to drive over to the vineyard.”

  25. Rachel says:

    Hey,let d girl av some fun. She was obviously foolin around. If she wasn’t den its nobody’s business

  26. wuuuut!! says:

    Jesus christ!it’s like this is the first time the lot of you seen a girl fliffing a finger,get over yourself!Entitled or not people obviously not you guys ,adore her for what she is and not the dolled up barbie that they dressed her to be,geeezzzz!

  27. Dee Cee says:

    Karl’s bones are so brittle if he does attempt the finger salute bones would break.. he probably incited her to attack salute one of his dearest fans.. to prove he still has sway with the younger crowd..

  28. Dana says:

    Oh my. Why the hate ladies? What does that say about you? Hmm. How about you not spend so much time commenting on something you hate. It reveals those ugly insecurities that you try so hard to hide. 😉

    • almond says:

      Good god, Dana, by that reasoning no one should ever utter a single thing for fear of being pseudo-psychoanalyzed. How do they say? “Take a chill pill”? It’s sign of a healthy psyche to admit the existence of opinions divergent from yours. Some of them might even be valid.

      • Nordic Gal says:

        Often, I’ve been very much tempted to pseudo-psychoanalyze the people who feel such a strong emotional attachment to a celebrity that they have to jump in said celebrity’s defense at any perceived slight, no matter how trivial or minor. Why is that? None of us know these people. No-one here is KStew’s BFF, or mother, or anything that would warrant this kind of personal investment. Yet it’s the same song and dance routine every time, on every thread: “if you don’t like celeb x, z or y, there must be something wrong with you. You must be broken inside, because otherwise you would love her/him like I, and all sane people do!!!!” It’s just so weird.

        I find that fascinating, creepy and entertaining all at the same time. Much more entertaining than anything these actors usually provide, at any rate.

        But pseudo-psychoanalyzing people on the internet is indeed stupid, so I won’t do that. Much.

  29. Nanz says:

    the middle finger reminds me of 15 yo rebellion.

  30. Monkey Jim says:

    It doesn’t matter what any of these peeps who are writing these theses on her say, though, does it? The eds of W, VF, Vogue, Elle… The people making these decisions, well they want HER on the cover. Not you.

  31. HotPockets says:

    “I wonder what Karl Lagerfeld thought of Kristen’s antics? I can’t imagine he was impressed.”

    I don’t think a corpse is capable of feeling any emotions.

    Also, KS gets a free pass, just like Rooney Mara because both their daddy’s are rich and well known. Money can buy your snotty, entitled, undeserving offspring a career of their own. Hollywood is just political, most people who make it in that industry are pretty much born into it already.

  32. SimKin says:

    Honestly I don’t see what the big deal is.

    Your conjecture that she is flipping off the paps doesn’t make sense because there isn’t one picture of her from the front flipping the bird.

    Next you posited that maybe it was the fans but you have pictures of her signing autographs for the fans.

    Based on the fact that she looks like she has a smirk on her face I would guess that she’s just flipping off a friend or someone in her crew and I can’t be mad at her for a moment of levity on a shoot.

    And to your question about why should she get a break, I want to know what break you’re talking about. You wrote an article about how Kristen Stewart is a rude, twitchy entitled brat based on a picture that you admit you have no clue what the context is. There are pictures of her signing autographs but that doesn’t fit your narrative that she is unappreciative of her fans.

    At the end of the day you hate her and that’s your right. Kristen says and does stupid things sometimes, and maybe that’s enough for you to hate her. But it’s disingenuous to act like she’s getting some big break from criticism when I don’t think you write this article if it was someone else. You’ll probably argue it’s because she has a history of throwing the middle finger but I would love to know the last time there was a pic of KS throwing the middle finger at anyone, and it should be easy for you to find since this is her “default” and all.

  33. Jen says:

    I’m a 41 yr old mother of 3, a VP in company, a part time professor and I still have my moments of flipping idiots (ex. stupid drivers, obnoxious characters) and somehow I don’t get called low class or disgusting, It’s an expression like how some people swear. Am I afraid it will set a bad example to my kids? Yes I am however that’s only one aspect of my personality call it one of my to many flaws but that does not make me a bad person and it’s not my entire personality. My point being it’s so easy to criticize these young actors call them entitled or call them ungrateful untalented idiots but the fact is they too are human who are entitled to have their own flaws. If you don’t like them then don’t watch their movies or read about them because no matter how much you try to judge you fact is you personally don’t know them, never dealt or interacted with them. SInce most of you are talking about “good manners” didn’t your parents ever teach you if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all?

    • B2Dcab says:

      Are you being followed around by cameras too? It’s not professional in any line of work. But you obviously should know that.

  34. raggedy says:

    That goes to say that money & fame can never ever buy class.
    Poor K-CHOOO!

  35. crizomar says:

    maybe the old man told her hey, flip them all off

  36. Gaia132 says:

    Such an annoying little lip biter…

  37. nina says:

    When you take a couple seconds of a full day where the girl worked in freezing temperatures, wasn’t complaining, was doing her job, was signing autographs in every spot where a crowd gathered, even when the crowds were a bit big for her security(a video has the security guard complaning the crowd is too big and kristen just kept signing), and do this whole self righteous thing like she’s not grateful?

    It’s silly.

    She’s not flipping off fans, you know she isn’t. IF she was flipping off paps, where’s the money shot of it straight on. She looks like she’s messing around with someone she knows, given the angle of the pap shot, and the smile. Big deal.

  38. G.V.Hesse says:

    I fail to see why this latest from a non A-List actress even warrants a post. The woman only gets her jobs because of her aggressive PR team. The fact that she behaves like a typical teenager in front of Lagerfeld says much about her lack of emotional maturity, education, class and social mores. The fact that she still gets roles doesn’t say much about her ‘skills’ as an ‘actor’ and more about the PR team holding her up. Without them, she is and will be nothing. I give her two years and soon, she will be one of those has-been.

    • Hannahput says:

      And you know that her team is agressive because of?? Stop talking as you work with celebs or their PR team!! I bet that you don’t even know the name of Kristen’s publicist!

      • Nordic Gal says:

        Well I bet we now know her publicist’s screenname on Celebitchy: Hannahput.

      • Hannahput says:

        I’m nobody’s agent,I’m here to say that your comments make absolutly no sense.
        I don’t like when she flipps the bird,I’d prefer that she just ignored the paparazzi,but some of you talk as you have met or worked with her. “She is rude,agressive etc.” How can you say that? Maybe it’s true,but I’ve never met her and I can’t say that,and neither you. If her manners disturb you,you are totally free to not search article about her.
        Anyway if all the people that have worked with her say that she is really lovely and nice,maybe it’s a little bit true.

  39. Sasha says:

    Jesus Christ, she’s clearly just messing around with a friend. She’s got a smile on her face! If this were anyone else you wouldn’t all be up in arms about it.

    Granted, the comment she made about her teachers was ridiculous. But I’ve only heard GOOD things about Kristen other than that. I think people just assume she has a terrible attitude on set but if there was any real evidence, the media would be ALL over it. It would be exactly what people want to hear. Unsurprisingly, there are no stories so people just make it up.

    Saying she’s flipping off her fans in this photo is REALLY scraping the barrel for a story.

    Also – to whoever said she’s disrespectful to designers – puhhleeeze. They get HUGE exposure whenever Kristen wears anything of theirs so if she decides to shorten a hemline or two, or pair it with sneakers, it isn’t DISRESPECTING their work. It’s pathetic how many people take every little thing she does and makes a drama out of it.

    • Beg pardon, but there have been designers who complain about her ‘exposure’ for them. All 30 seconds of it before she changes into her knotted T and skinny jeans. Can’t remember which one spoke about how dreadful it was to dress her because she didn’t want to look good with her grubby nails and dirty hair.

  40. Amy says:

    There were plenty of pics from the same day of her taking pictures with fans and signing autographs so whoever she was flipping off probably deserved it or she was doing it in play to someone.

  41. Nev says:


  42. Ruby says:

    Geez, what is it, 1952 up in here? So many “women should know their place” implications. Way more pathetic than what Kristen Stewart could ever do.

  43. Hannahput says:

    OMG people, you need to grow up!
    No one in Hollywood is anymore classy. All Hollywood actresses curse like sailors and most of them put their middle finger out to the paps. Where is the difference? Is it because KStew is too young to be so popular and famous?
    I’m sure that you don’t even know what classy means. I’m sure that in your mouths there are only flowers and that you put on high couture dresses. Please!! You are not classy at all. Only Kate Middleton or Charlotte Casiraghi can be classy nowadays.
    The fact that she is not professional only because she hates paps (like all Hollywood actors) it’s so stupid. You are unprofessional when you complain about your co-workers (Exemple:Megan Fox)or when you act like a Diva. All her directors say that she is very mature in her job,very professional and down to earth. Professional directors choose their actresses/actors becouse of their perfomance,not because of their behaviour with paparazzi.
    Last thing; she has never complained about her job (being in talk shows,doing photoshoot or interviews),she complains about paps that invade her private (like all Hollywood actors do),so stop talking without even trying to understand what she says.

    • For you to excuse such vulgar behavior because ‘No one in Hollywood is anymore classy’ shows just how far standards of behavior have fallen. I couldn’t care less if Kshrew swears like a sailor, smokes like a chimney, or has broken her middle fingers from overuse – but why do I have to see and hear it? Is this acceptable behavior for you in your workplace? See, I don’t have to wear couture where I work, but I wouldn’t keep my job for very long if I constantly dropped the Fbomb and waved my middle finger around daily. You seem to forget (make excuses) that she is, in fact – WORKING. Therefore, she should behave accordingly. Let’s be real, a fashionista, she is not, so much for her staying so true to herself. Isn’t that why her fans adore her so much? God knows it’s not for her acting range. Lastly, I don’t even try to understand what she says anymore. I literally feel my IQ drop in between her stutters, mans, and umms.

      • Hannahput says:

        You say “I couldn’t care less if Kshrew swears like a sailor, smokes like a chimney, or has broken her middle fingers from overuse – but why do I have to see and hear it?” So my question is “Why are you here?” No one told you to see what she does or listen what she says. I think that you care! If this disturbs you so much,you’re in the wrong place. I don’t understand why do you like so much to surfing in the internet searching information about people you don’t like. Is it so difficult for you to avoid her?
        I repeat for the millionth time. I don’t like when she flipps the bird and neither I like how sure you are when you talk about her life,as you’ve worked with her. In that pic it’s cristal clear that she’s joking with someone of the set. What’s your problem if in Hollywood actors have more confidence and joke while they are working? Ok,maybe it’s wrong,maybe it’s not,but what’s your problem? Did she flipps the bird to her fans? Absolutly not. Did she do that to you or to me? No,she even doesn’t know that we exist so, calm down!!

        But anyway in you last comment you say that she’s obviously gay. Is it because she is Rob’s girlfriend? I see you like him! And where has she said she hates her life? If you only have read her interviews of the last 2 years you’d know that she will never change her life right now,but you didn’t,’cause I think you like to pick what’s better for you to complain about her behaviour.
        Oh and she’s not Chanel’s face. She’s only doing a photoshoot,and it’s not the first time so, take it easy and don’t be so jealous 😉

        So,I’m not excusing anything,I say that it’s not a big deal!! She has not said “Kill puppies” or something like that..if you accuse her,you should accuse Jessica Alba,Jennie Garth (that flipped the bird in front of her children),Johnny Deep,Sean Penn,Brad Pitt,Michael Fassbender etc.

      • Well, since you asked… I don’t get the impression I’m in the wrong place; as it seems you are of the minority in opinion here. My first visit, so I’m speculating. However, I would LOVE to avoid her. I don’t think she is beautiful, I don’t think she has an ounce of talent, I don’t think she could act her way out of a paper bag. I DO think she is ungrateful, grungy and always looks in need of a good shower. And that is my right…to have an opinion of my own, funny thing about the Shrew fan base; you don’t allow those unless they are of the positive persuasion. I can’t open a web site without seeing her face or hearing of yet another inappropriate thing she has said or done. That, since you asked… is ‘my problem’. Don’t worry tho, I am calm, and the only thing that I am jealous of is the fabulous places she gets to travel and unique people she gets to meet, all of which seem to warrant her middle finger.

      • Hannahput says:

        Yeah,I saw. Never said that I agree with all she makes and says.
        As I said about the middle finger,I’d prefer if she ignores the paps,even if sometime they are aggressive (not in this specific case)
        I like some things she says and the facts that she does not take herself so seriously.
        I’ve just clicked on your site. What should I do? I don’t understand if you’re totally no-Robsten or no-Kristen.

      • Just comment and I’ll see that it is approved. Most of the people there do not believe in Rsten and are not fans of Kristens. But, all opinions are welcome.

    • Hannahput says:

      Okay,so,if it’s your decision,don’t blame her. She can do whatever she wants. It’s not her problem if you don’t bear her. She’s not coming into your house or something like that. If you see an article about her,you can easly skip it. It’s your decision and your fault. I hate your comments,too,but I don’t blame you,it’s my fault beacuse I’m terribly curious!! It seems that you’re obliged.
      Anyway I know that I’m on the minority part,but you know why? Because all her fans don’t mind what you say (except me of course).
      And now…no one has ever said that she is the most beautiful girl on this planet (neither I think so),or the most educated. You think she has not talent. Okay,your taste. You think she’s ungrateful. Tell me when she said “I hate my job and my life”. I repeat myself. If you had really watched or read her interviews like you say,you would know that she is very happy of her life and of her job,because now she has so many opportunities and has the chance to choose her works. This is not a person ungrategul. She’s grungy? Have you seen her in her interviews? She’s always nice,down tho earth and smiles a lot. I would agree with you if she was the 18 years old Kristen (when she was not confortable to be in public),but now she is changed and only a narrow minded person or a hater like you can’t see that.
      Saying the same 3 things ALL THE TIME it’s annoying!
      I’d like to travel like she does,but I don’t agree when you say that she is ungrateful ’cause her words don’t say that.
      And for the millionth time. She was flipps the bird to some friend of her. How can this disturb you? Oh yes,this disturb you because she is not beautiful,she has no talent bla bla bla.
      Last thing; If you would LOVE to avoid her,you CAN do it. It’s simple!

      • ROFL!! Thanks for the laughs! Hater? That’s the first time I’ve ever been called that. LOL You say bla, bla, bla…and all I see is baah, baah, baah. I didn’t ever say I watched her interviews; I make every concerted effort to avoid them, because as I told you, I’m not a fan. But, there are reports of her behavior all over the net. I’m not going to break it down for you because I don’t have that kind of time. Apparently you do as you say you go over the same 3 things for the millionth time. I’ll bet your fingers sure are sore! LMAO. That’s fan dedication for ya. Peace out.

      • Hannahput says:

        I see you don’t understand what I meant. I don’t like Paris Hilton and I’m not spending my time bitching about her. I like Kristen,as it seems you like Robert,so I can spend my time reading her interviews or so.
        I don’t understand why you’re so sure when you say something about her attitude,when you don’t even know what she says. This not makes sense. Okay,you don’t like her,I don’t mind,it’ s absurd thinking that you hate her without even listen what she says. I think that someone can talk when this someone knows what he’s taliking about,and you have just confirme me that you don’t.
        You always say “I read this this this,but I don’t remember where and who said this”. Maybe you don’t even know what are you taliking about..maybe.
        I bet you read article’s from People where some “extremly close source” say she is a bitch. Is it so? I hope not,’cause they are pure fantasy!!
        But you should read what all her directors and co workers say about her. They all say she’s nice and lovely,how is this possible?
        But yeah,let’s finish it. We think things differently. That’s ok!
        ps.I called you hater,because you can’t even write her name ;)Is it haiting?

      • Just curious. Have you seen the latest?
        Kristen (See I used her name) 😉 was entering her hotel and began chanting to the paparazzi ‘Freeze to Death’. Tell me, please; do you think that is appropriate? I don’t usually do this but please, click on my name, there is a site and we would love to discuss this with you.

      • Hannahput says:

        Yeah,I saw that. I’ve never said that I agree with all she makes and says. I’m more “mature” fan. I don’t take for gold everything she says.
        As I said about the middle finger,I’d prefer if she ignores the paps,even if sometime they are aggressive (not in this specific case)
        I like some things she says and the facts that she does not take herself so seriously.
        I’ve just clicked on your site. What should I do? I don’t understand if you’re totally no-Robsten or no-Kristen or what.. xD

      • Click on the first story about Bel Ami poster and the comments are at the bottom. Much the same as here.

    • Hannahput says:

      Oh okay,I’m reading right now.I’ve my personal opinion about them. I think that they are really together (not for PR),but I’m not one of that histerical fans that tweet all day about them. So,in part,I agree with you.

  44. @EMK says:

    Lmao true Lili..EMK No one FORCED you to read any of these magazines.. if Kristen discovered the cure to the common cold you would complain about her being a spoiled brat who thinks she’s ENTITLED to an award.. btw I didn’t know u knew her personally.. Did you enjoy being next to her on set while she was throwing tantrums and trashing her trailer? Where you listening to her phone conversations demanding to be published in a good light for the next mag? Or where you peeking around the corner when she demanded that her assistant give her mocha nonfat skim milk coffee instead of plain Starbucks cause you know she’s an ENTITLED spoiled brat..oh okay

    • Hannahput says:

      I’m glad there is someone on this blog that isn’t full of hating!! I totally agree with you.

  45. Robert Patterson says:

    Let’s talk about the real issue here…the girl looks like she smells like Fancy Feast and cigarettes. GAG

  46. Lili says:

    Her haters talk about her constantly. They analyze everything she does and says, and the way she says and does it. They look over her body with a magnifying glass, and discuss every inch of her ad nauseaum. They read all of her interviews and every article written about her. They read and discuss her movie scripts, and pass around/obsess over her leaked film stills. The best part? They watch all of her movies and then spend days discussing what they deem to be her failures. They literally spend all day every day talking about Kristen Stewart. Now that’s obsession.

    • Hannahput says:

      Yeah,I agree with you. I’m sure that when SWATH will came out,if the movie is good,they will say that it’s because Charlize is in the movie,you know,she won an Oscar( BTW guess what?? She curses like a sailor,too). If the movie is the worst in the world,it will be all Kristen’s fault.

      Anyway KRISTEN is in Paris,wearing a Dior dress and SHE’s doing a photoshoot with one of the best stylist ever. I’m sure that if Balenciaga,for exemple,or KL didn’t wanted to work with Kristen,they wouldn’t even consider her PR!

      You criticize her for everything! Personally I don’t like when she puts her middle finger to paps,but it’s not this big deal! If in the future she will donate all her money for charity,I bet that you will say that she does it only for PR,and you know why? Because you are jelous of her.

  47. Jane says:

    EW, she is so tacky. Srsly, grow up and on the way there – grow a brain.

  48. NeoCleo says:

    That girl has a mile of chin.

  49. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    This is celebitchy. These “haters suck” comments are hilarious. Look at Lily Collins whose only crime is that she can’t act and has thick eyebrows and people are talking shit. Get over it, this what we do.

    As for Kristen flipping the bird, so what? When I think of classy, sophisticated, elegant, she was never the first person to come to mind anyway as most stars under 40 aren’t these days.

    I just find her to be pretentious and a poser and as carrie said, self-entitled. Her acting range goes from blinking to breathing funny, but not even she can stop my hard on for Twilizzle!

    • Ruby says:

      “This is what we do”? Oh, well that makes it totally ok to be a misogynistic jerk then, who, rather than supporting members of her own sex, tears them down and makes us all look bad. I’m sorry, but no. Anyone who spends their days in the blogosphere hating on members of their own sex over petty little things like flipping the bird (I am sure nobody else on this blog has everrrrr done that…) needs to step away from the internet for a while and examine why they can’t let other women be who they are without tearing them down.

      • CTgirl says:

        Ruby, get a grip. I’m a female but that doesn’t mean that I think that all females are admirable. KS is no longer a child, tween or teen and it is time for her to grow up, get off the weed, bathe regularly, and lose the attitude. She’s not cool. She’s stunted.

  50. Erica says:

    She looks great with this makeup. I like the added eyebrows on her (naturally she doesn’t really have much but the makeup helps a lot!) She’s cool and I think it’s great that she’s just herself without trying to please everyone. And for those that say she can’t act, I was blown away by her acting in Adventureland. She is hit or miss acting-wise but quite skilled at times.

  51. jonesey says:

    my what big hands she has…fingers too!

  52. BeeBee says:

    Oh, come on Kstew fans, you should be aware by now that you’re idol is trashy entitled brat, there’s no need to pretend it’s a one time accident.
    You can defend her as much as you want, it won’t change the fact, that she has no decorum or manners.
    She’s not goofing around with friends, she’s working and some people don’t appreciate this kind of behaviour, especially in professional environment, deal with it.

  53. Sandy Cheeks says:

    Wow, someone is butthurt. I guess Kristen cares about your little hate tirade whil laughing her ass off and couting her millions. 😉 Stay mad.

  54. Minty says:

    Kristen Stewart is: ‘Our Lady of the Truck Stop’

    Let’s all light a candle and genuflect…

  55. zel says:

    Clearly it’s not to her fans. In subsequent photos you can see her smiling delightedly while meeting them.

    Your bias is showing, Celebitchy. Again.

  56. Perhaps the K-shrew salute was used as a diversion from the totally Lezzed out hair ‘style’. Like the gay screams aren’t loud enough… WTG for Ms. I Hate My Life!!! Silence those rumors with constant trashy trailer park behavior behavior and now a man’s hair style to boot. Sorry, this doesn’t screan Channel to me. Not even whisper.
    There is no excuse for this behavior when she is on the clock. Also- WTF with those Cruella eyebrows??? Really?

    • *Chanel.

      Maybe I should just *ahem* affectionately refer to this style as the ‘Baby Huey’ wouldn’t want to be labeled a ‘hater’ because I don’t worship of the alter of the Shrew.

  57. Alice says:

    That bird flipping picture cracked me up. It was just so comical, especially with the rabbit teeth on full display.

  58. B2Dcab says:

    I don’t hate her. Was happy when she was cast in Twilight – I’m a fan of the books. But sheez I have heard every excuse for this girl and I don’t get it. Independent, smart, shy, etc. To me she seems sullen, entitled, bratty and immature. My opinion of what I’ve seen of her isn’t very high. Agree to disagree? Impossible with this one.