Daniel Radcliffe thinks your hairless mons is “f’ing creepy”

Like Kaiser, the more I hear from Daniel Radcliffe, the more my admiration for him grows. He just seems like such a decent, standup, funny guy. Radcliffe’s new period horror film, The Woman in Black, opens in the US this weekend. It’s a crucial moment for his career as it’s the first film he’s done since the Harry Potter series concluded. He’s doing some interviews to promote it, and is on the cover of Esquire UK’s March edition. Kaiser found me some nice quotes from his interview, in which he talks about first asking his girlfriend, production assistant Rosie Coker, on a date (you can see a photo of her here) and about being a rich and famous celebrity. He’s very low key about it all, which is why we love him. Here’s more:

The 22-year-old Harry Potter star, whose latest film The Woman in Black is set for its UK release on Friday (February 3), spoke about his current relationship with girlfriend Rosie Coker in the latest edition of Esquire.

He confessed: “It was around the end of the seventh film (The Deathly Hallows: Part 1) and I started looking at Rosie and going, ‘Jesus, I quite fancy you!’ So I plucked up the courage to ask her out on a date.

“I’m a serial monogamist. I’m not one of those people that can date loads of people at the same time, it’s all too complicated.”
Radcliffe also admitted to having to deal with over-zealous fans, saying: “I recently had this woman who wrote to me a couple of times, offering sex. She didn’t say it explicitly, but she said, ‘This is my hotel room number, I will be sitting in row C, seat 26 and wearing a red scarf’.”

Despite appearing in the Harry Potter franchise for a decade, Radcliffe said that he rarely gets recognized while out in New York,

“I’m 5ft 5in, so no one gives me a second glance. And New Yorkers are quite blasé about celebrities, anyway.”

On his estimated wealth, with some reports suggesting the actor is worth over £51 million, the actor added: “I have no idea how much money I’ve got. Do I deserve it? F**k no! No actor does. But at the same time, you wouldn’t turn it down, would you?”

Read the full Daniel Radcliffe interview in the March issue of Esquire, on sale Thursday, 2 February.

[From Digital Spy]

That’s awesome that he’s all “I don’t deserve the money, but I’ll take it” and that he’s so self deprecating without feeling sorry for himself or complaining. He’s a lucky guy and he has no illusions about it.

Daniel is also about to shoot another film, in which he’ll probably go full frontal as he did in Equus on stage. In an interview with Heat Magazine, he said that he was asked by filmmakers not to shave down there in order to portray the character accurately, but that it wasn’t an issue for him. He also said “I don’t like girls with nothing down there either. It freaks me out.”

“This is way too much information, but I don’t like girls with nothing down there either. It freaks me out. You have to have something, otherwise it’s f**king creepy,” he told Heat magazine.

Radcliffe made the comment when asked about the controversy over getting naked for 2007 stage show ‘Equus’ and the fuss over his ample of pubic hair.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, of course I do!'” Radcliffe said. “I’m a Jewish man! We have hair down there.”

He said he was told to keep it natural for his new project playing a Jewish man in ‘Kill Your Darlings’.

“It’s funny actually, I’ve just been having a discussion with the guy who’s directing my new project,” he said.

“It might have a bit of nudity and he said, ‘Just to let you know, if you’re getting naked, no landscaping of any kind. This is the ’40s and you’re playing a Jew’.

“I was like, ‘Pretty much there anyway, mate! Not a huge amount of maintenance going on’. I mean, there’s a little bit obviously, for courtesy.”

[From Entertainmentwise]

Well Daniel doesn’t have this issue because he’s admittedly not manscaping, but why would filmmakers insist that he not tidy up down there? Don’t they have merkins for men, or are they hard to come by? God, that is cracking me up so hard! I’ll try to be brief on the issue of female intimate grooming, as it’s a touchy subject. I’ll just say that I’ve never dated a guy who shared Radcliffe’s stance on this issue and I’ll leave it at that. (Janeane Garofalo agrees with him though.) I’m sure there’s a tasteless Harry Potter joke in this story, but all the ones that come to mind are real groaners.

Here are some photos from The Woman in Black premiere in London on 1-24-12 and from an appearance Daniel made on Much Music in Canada on 1-26-12. Credit: WENN.com.

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  1. Asli says:

    I. LOVE. DANIEL. RADCLIFFE! He’s so hot in those Enquirer UK photos!

    Real groaner Harrry Poter joke? I have one.

    Maybe it should’ve been called ”Hairy” Potter.

    Anyone else got one?

    • originalone says:

      True story.

      Where I used to work, one of our clients was on a fast track in his environment to becoming The head of the department. His name was Barry.

      Barry was so gifted, and at such a young age, that people called him Barry Potter.

      Barry Potter visited our offices, we took him out for dinner, drowned in amazing wine. After a few bottles, Barry Potter announced that he had testicular cancer a few years ago, but now he’s doing fine.

      In my drunken state, I looked at him and asked:
      “Oh no! So you have two or only one left?”
      He answers, just the one.
      To this I reply:
      “So you’re the Chosen One?”

      People were choking on their food and wine. And did not know if they are to be shocked, or laugh.

      We laughed and drank some more. The Chosen One had a healthy sense of humor.

      Dodged that one.

      • Asli says:

        Bahahahahhha! OMG, that’s hilarious :lol:!

      • gg says:

        I don’t get it – he is his own surviving testicle?

      • Asli says:

        @GG – I thought it had something to do woth ‘the Sorcerer’s Stone’. LOL. I looked it up and here’s the actual meaning:

        ”It was either Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom, but Voldemort chose Harry because he, like Voldemort, was Half-Blood and thus his equal. Harry survived the Killing Curse because his mother sacrificed her life for him and gave him a sort of shield to protect himself from Voldemort until he comes of age (at 17). The so-called Chosen One either had to destroy Voldemort, or be destroyed by Voldemort.”

        So, destroy testicle or be destroyed by testicle 😛

      • originalone says:

        No-no, nothing that thoughtful and researched!

        Just my shamefully drunken ass calling him the Chosen One because he had only one ball left.

        I know, shameful. Hanging head in shame.

  2. gobo says:

    Seems to be a bit of a US thing. I mean, not tidying up and making sure your neat, but taking it all off. I kinda agree with him. I do find bald creepy.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Completely agree. Not many European men who enjoy a completely “bald” pubic area. Sooooo much easier (and definitely less painful) for the ladies. Yay!

    • Naye in VA says:

      Creepy like prepubescent creepy. i totally agree

      • Lithe says:


      • Jackson says:

        I totally agree too! Ick!

      • bitca says:

        When the trend began, it tot creeped me out. Looked down & thought “12-year-old girl? Ew!” Understand why most men prefer it, & does feel more hygienic (whether it is or not), but even after all this time, still gives me a pre-pubescent Wrong vibe…

      • blasted1 says:

        Count me in, too. If my “area” is showing out of the sides of my bikini, I take that off, but men and women de-pubing is creepy, porny and pedo.

    • kibbles says:

      I’ve lived in Europe and Asia and Americans seem to be the most obsessed with pubic grooming. There are countries where a full bush is considered to be a sign of youth and fertility. I totally agree with Radcliffe on this one. Humans have managed to have sex and keep hygienic while having all of their pubic hair since the beginning of time until recently. I could never be with a man obsessed with waxing and shaving it all off. I find it to be absolutely ridiculous.

      • originalone says:

        Have you ever read Xaviera Hollander’s The Happy Hooker?

        She rates all men by nationality and religion. American men are the most likely to insist on going down on you. So to be fair, with all their pubic obsession, the worst turn off is trying to get down to business, only to have a full on pubic dental floss.

        I mean truly. Annoying, sticks on your gums, and definitely ruins the mood.

      • Asli says:

        @Orginalone – LOL! THIS is why I love American guys! 😈

      • DrM says:

        I LOVE Daniel R…very sensible bloke.

        Australians are also REALLY bad for wanting all hair gonezo. My husband, who is a New Zealander, born to Polish immigrant parents, also dislikes the shaved look on women, intensely. And for that I say HOORAY! 🙂 He likes women who look like women, curvy, hairy, big bums and all. And can I just say I adore him for it? I do ‘tidy’ but it is SO nice not to have the pressure to shave or, god forbid, WAX any region of my body or go on ridiculous diets (a la Goopy Paltrow) to conform to a stupid ideal.

      • originalone says:

        @DrM – Sigh, I knew there was a reason why I always favored Australians. Anyone cute in your husband’s family I should meet?

    • Violet says:


    • gg says:

      If it’s over 2 inches, it’s nasty and gets in the way of a lot of things.

    • Little Darling says:

      Totally, entirely creepy. Especially on men, but women too. Short, shaved and manicured on a woman is fine, but when did having hair down there become so unfashionable? All men should have pubes in my book. Period.

    • K says:

      ITA! Any man who wants my mons bare is not going to get the chance to see it. THAT’S SO CREEPY. I mean, I landscape, but I did not go through puberty to have an 8 year-old’s vulva. Thank you

  3. spinner says:

    Totally refreshing. I love him.

    • T.C. says:

      He just made me fall in lust with him. Best interview this year. LOL. Love that honesty and had no idea he was Jewish.

  4. LadyJane says:

    Hairless genitals look like children’s genitals. Which is very creepy in my opinion. I once went totally ‘hollywood’ down there and my boyfriend (now husband) thought I looked like a little girl and it made him uncomfortable. Each to his own. Tidy is nice.

    • girl says:

      I agree. Hairless is a bit too reminicent of a child in my opinion. Trimmed etc. doesn’t bother me but totally bald just doesn’t look right on a fully grown person to me.

      Incidentally, if a dude went totally Brazilian, wouldn’t he have to be virtually hairless everywhere else. Otherwise I think it would look doubly weird.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I don’t do it for the look. I do it periodically because sex feels different than it does when you have hair. Hope this isn’t too much TMI.

      • jess says:

        my ex used to do that, and it was so hard not to laugh in the shower because it was like this square of no hair cuz his legs were still hairy. sooo funny.

    • TQB says:

      Same thing here with my hubby. He said grown ups have hair. I keep it tidy and all, but not bare.

      BTW how fast would my pants come off if Daniel – or anyone with that accent, I guess – said to me “Jesus, I quite fancy you!”? Ans: very, very fast.

      • JM says:

        Thank you. My hubby feels the same way. I may keep the hedges neatly trimmed but totally bald? NEVER! I’m a woman not a little girl.

      • Brenda says:

        Bahahaha!!!! One time hubby got it into his head that I would LOVE it if he shaved it all off down there. When he showed me, all I could do was bust out laughing and tell him it looked like a naked mole rat. Needless to say he never did it again!!

    • MollyB says:

      My husband agrees with you. He said naked pubes make him think he’s having sex with a little girl and not a grown woman. Also, I’m a natural redhead, so there’s no way I’m wasting that.

      • ahoyhoy says:


        I have ALWAYS had a ‘thing’ for red-headed (and pubed) men for this reason. And natural Blonds! I’m such a perv about that.

      • WOM says:

        “Also, I’m a natural redhead, so there’s no way I’m wasting that.” — HAHAHAHA! That’s awesome.

        I love Daniel a little more for making these statements. I think the no-pube look is full on creepy. Plus pube regrowth is so effin’ itchy!

    • Jess says:

      I agree. I do not get the totally hairless thing because it does seem creepily child-like.

    • gg says:

      One thing I will never understand is the pretense of having hair – the “landing strip” which just looks like Hitler’s moustache to me. Very, very silly looking.

    • Jordan says:

      I have always thought that as well. Of course, you have to keep it trimmed but none what so ever is too creepy. I think if I dated a guy that insisted that it be shaven completely bare, I would drop him and worry about him being around children!

  5. Lis says:

    Eh, diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.

    I prefer bald, or at least incredibly neat, but I know a lot of people don’t.

    He sounds incredibly down to earth. There’s something really refreshing about that.

    • DreamyK says:

      Pubic hair is making a comeback. The current bald trend is definitely generational. Young twentysomething guys take shaved genitals for granted, much like they do the sexual act of a “facial”. It is directly related to the adult entertainment industry and the men, and to a lesser extent women, who are mass consumers of it.

      Most men actually prefer a French wax over a Brazilian one.

      • MsCatra says:

        What exactly is a french wax?

        BTW, agree on the totally bare being creepy. Did it once, instead of normal bare below/trimmed and neatened above look I go for. Like MorticiansDoItDeader, I do it because it feels different that way and I like it =)

        Sorry for the TMI, but the whole article and commentary area is TMI, lol!

      • DreamyK says:

        @ MsCatra A french wax is like a small triangle on the mons pointing the way. I hope this link works..if not..google image french brazilian wax and a few illustrations should come up.

      • MsCatra says:

        @DreamyK: Thanks! Very educational, and ITA!

      • Trashaddict says:

        OK, really showing my ignorance hear, what the heck is a “facial”? Oral sex? Not very appetizing term…

  6. sister says:

    Can he just come out already?

    • Lee says:

      I don’t get people who still think Radcliffe is gay. He’s a pretty hardcore gay rights advocate and does a ton of work for the Trevor project. He also doesn’t seem to be trying for any sort of teenage heart-throb status that would necessitate a heterosexual image. If he was gay, I’m pretty sure he would have come out already.

      • TQB says:

        I also don’t like the implication that because he is an outspoken gay rights advocate, he must be gay. There are lots of us straight supporters out there! Or is it that he’s a nice person, and straight men are supposed to be d-bags? Perhaps he’s just a well-adjusted man who is comfortable with who he is.

      • Kate says:

        My cousin’s involved in the Trevor project and it irritates her when people say Radcliffe is gay. The whole point is that he’d come out if he were. He’s a character actor so no career downer, and anyway, he has guts – closeted would just let down all the kids he tries to help. She also pointed out that no closet-case would touch the TP with a ten foot pole, let alone be a huge ally and open campaigner.

    • originalone says:

      You know, my gaydar is not beeping on this one. He feels more like one of those short men who like women, and are eager to please.

      Like, he would be spending an outrageous amount of time down there. In the words of Leonard from The Big Bang:

      “He’s the king of foreplay”.

  7. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I feel kind of dirty saying this, but he must be pretty well endowed. I’ve found that most guys like to trim the bush back because it gives the illusion of more length.

    Also, I like that he’s dating someone behind the scenes rather than someone like boobs lively or the like.

    • Asli says:

      LOL. Yeah when he did Equues people who had seen it said that he was…..urm… big and apparently the teater was really cold… Come to your own conclusion on that one 😉

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        He seems pretty confident, so I’ll bet it’s true.

      • originalone says:

        @Asli, I know you meant the theater.

        But reading through your comment quickly, one thought came to mind:
        How close was that chick to know how cold was his teater!

      • Asli says:

        @Originaleone – LOL! 😆

        That’s actually how you spell it in Danish and sometimes I mix it up because some words in English and Danish are very similar. Sorry :oops:.

      • originalone says:

        Please! don’t be sorry at all! You gave us quite the chuckle. IT was very cute!

      • Asli says:

        @Originalone – LOL! Thanks 🙂

  8. Petunia says:

    Great interview! Reminds me a bit of the late John Lennon.

    And guess it’s a generational thing but hairless mounds remind me of a plastic Barbie doll down there. And a practical question: doesn’t it hurt to take it all off? And can’t you get ingrown hairs? (Wince.) I’m all for pretty, fluffy, well-groomed mounds. So yay to Daniel!

    • JenJen says:

      Shaving doesn’t hurt, but give it a day and it’s like stuffing a cactus down your panties. Waxing – yes. I employ use of tweezers myself. My personal rule – for both the men and the ladies – is if it’s a spot that may at some point be in someone else’s mouth, do the courtesy of keeping it hair-free or trimmed at the very least. Nothing worse than a mouth full of crunchy *gag* during sexy times.

      • gg says:

        Haha, THANK YOU for the words of wisdom. I totally agree. I plucked a few once though and got terrible ingrown hairs. I’m told that when getting a pro wax, they use some cream that makes sure the pores don’t close up and cause a cyst. So if you’re going to get it out by the roots, get somebody who knows what they’re doing.

      • Ange says:

        Lol want to talk pain? I use an Emjoi Gently for all my bikini needs. Thankfully after a while it doesn’t hurt but by god at first it was a total bitch. I love it, quicker than tweezing, cheaper than waxing and none of the issues of shaving.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I take it all off periodically and it’s an uncomfortable experience. The strangest part is when the waxed goes on with a magnifying glass and a set of tweezers to find any spare hairs. I did it right before the birth of my last son because my belly was too big for me to see what I was doing down there! LOL. A little professional courtesy to the doctor delivering the baby.

    • Lis says:

      I can’t shave (sensitive skin), so yes, it does a bit. And it requires maintenance.

      But I like the look (on both men and women) and it makes, er, intimate times, feel better.

      I like Daniel for how normal and decent he seems. He sounds like he’d be fun on a night out.

      But I’m a little creeped out at the comments here. It’s a matter of taste.

      Do what you want with your own body. But can we let go of the “ewww, it’s creepy” sctick? It’s just hair – no one’s being forced to do anything.

      • merski says:

        Totally agree with you. Some comments here are really making me sick.
        People’s biscuits are their own personal business, none of you guys here has the right to get all jugdy, branding people as pedos for their preferences. Your bush = your business.

      • Amanda G says:

        @lis THANK YOU! TMI, but I keep things bare down there and that’s how I prefer men too. It’s not creepy or child-like. I’m a full grown woman! It’s like saying a man who shaves his beard looks like a young boy. It makes no sense. It’s just hair people!

      • pato says:

        thank you!!! don´t get the “eww it´s child like” thing, to me it´s a question of hygiene and it´s hair for crissake!!
        relating it seems so odd to me.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      I will shout from the rooftops: A men’s beard trimmer is the BEST. It has a guard to keep blades off the skin, and you use it IN the direction the hair grows–never against the grain.
      It leaves you with just enough hair coverage to look adult, without so much that’s impolite.

      Even with a razor though—never go against the grain. One time will teach you. You will BURN for a week til that shit grows out.

      • gg says:

        Hello, yes ma’am, that’s exactly the way you do it. No muss, no pain, no fuss, less itch, no floss.

      • MsCatra says:

        Tiny personal trimmers are your friend, too. Also, my DH’s friend, lol.

      • SHump76 says:

        I’ve got the wilkinson sword personal trimmer + disposable razor combo and it is GENIUS. That personal trimmer on a 1 once a week and things never get out of hand down there.

    • Leen says:

      After a while, you just get used to it. Shaving doesn’t hurt, even after shaving doesn’t really bother me, it also depends on the person.

      I don’t know why but it’s kind of not cool how he said completely ‘hairless’ is kind of creepy… since when are women shaving and not shaving for men? Personally every woman I know takes that choice for herself. Whether you shave or not, that’s kind of your choice, and saying you’re creepy or a pedo or whatever is a bit disrespectful if you ask me.
      Personally I shave because I don’t like having hair on my body. I’d hate to have some man tell me that it’s creepy I’m doing so. >.<

      • emma says:

        He said it was creepy to him, which is his opinion and his right. Also most of the posters on this thread who said they shave mentioned it being courteous to their partner, so from my view it appears that most women aren’t doing it entirely for themselves.

        Personally I think if you reach adulthood without knowing how to keep a part of your body clean, it’s a hygiene problem, not a hair problem. However if waxing encourages you to remember your hygiene then perhaps waxing is healthiest for that person.

        I’ve never had any issue with cleanliness, but I guess if I struggled with simple hygeine I’d wax.

    • Jaxx says:

      If we are going to risk TMI I’ll chime in. I go to a gym and there is a divide on this issue. Anyone under thirty is bare as they were born. Over thirty, very well trimmed, over 50, mostly natural, some trimming.

      The thing that grosses me out about the bare girls is that most of them have big bumps and rashes on their um, mons, and I don’t see how that is a turn on.

    • kibbles says:

      Yes, waxing it all off is a personal choice. But the comments I’m reading looks like this “choice” is expensive, uncomfortable and painful for many. If it is painful and you don’t like doing it then it’s not more of a choice than an unsaid requirement now for Western women to do this to keep some men in their bed. It’s just another thing to add onto an unending list of requirements women have to do to be considered attractive and it’s not cool at all. If you enjoy getting a wax then good for you. I am okay with going native down there. I do shave unwanted hairs on my body but this additional requirement is going too far. If a woman has to spend thousands of dollars a year on upkeep and waxing to keep a man from finding another woman I feel sorry for her. Also, this “trend” is grooming a generation of men to expect to see bare women and if a young woman does have a full bush it is more likely she’ll be looked at funny or criticized or seen as “dirty” for not joining her peers. I really hope this trend stops because I don’t want to have a daughter 30 years from now who feels the need to spend her hard earned cash on doing this if she doesn’t like it.

  9. Quest says:

    I adore Daniel and he seems to be doing a great job in his new flick.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Love it! Au natural is the way to go. I don’t understand the appeal – to men or women – of looking like a prepubescent child down there. Plus, it itches like hell!!

    • Blah says:

      I completely agree.
      I am sick and tired of the hairless dictatorship. Grown up adults naturally have hairs I don’t get why all the bashing for what is a natural characteristic.

      People are completely brainwashed by p*rn.

      • LAK says:

        maybe women in the west are brain washed by porn into tidying/removing etc, but my 98 year old grannie [and all the women] in a little village in Africa has always taken it off. It’s a cultural thing. i doubt she’s ever seen a porno. And it is something passed on from generation to generation.

        And the reason given isn’t actually sex but for cleanliness in the same way that you should have a daily shower/bath.

      • Leen says:

        I have to agree with Lak (sorry can’t comment!), it is little to do with porn. In middle eastern and arab cultures, shaving your entire pubes has been embedded for centuries now. Long before the existence of porn, it was more linked to hygiene (and yeah I’m aware of the ongoing debates on that). I also believe Islamic cultures tend to follow that as well (as it has mentioned in Islamic sources before). So no, this has nothing to do with porn.
        Quite frankly, I find it a bit offensive when people link that with porn.

        Maybe in the west it is, but definatley not in other places.

      • lrm says:

        Yes, but many ‘for hygiene’ activites were begun during times with no daily running water/shower, no toilet paper-you know, more rustic times. the same can be said for male circumscision. and now it’s no longer necessary for ‘sanitary’ or ‘health’ reasons, but it still practiced.

        The same way people see the left hand as ‘dirty’ and you only eat with the right, including some cultures that have perfectly modern cities and means now adays. It’s a throwback to the times where you ‘wiped’ with your left hand and a tree leave, or just the hand. And it still occurs in areas without modern facilities, in villages for example, in africa or india.

        So, i can see the logic behind shaving for that set of circumstances. It would make things cleaner, including during menstruation, when there are no pads or tampons available, as well as with only weekly or monthly bathing. [especially in places where water scarcity is an issue].

        But for modern western people, I do believe it is some kind of psychic regression, subconsciously, in hollywood matters specifically. They are constantly selling us both younger and children as adults, at the same time.

        That said, if you as an individual choose to do it, that’s your choice and it’s not harming anyone. Some of it is what you become used to. I used to not shave my legs and armpits, and had guys who loved it and were down with it [i’m american], and now i do, and would probably gross myself out if i stopped again. but then i’d get used to having the hair again, and it really is about perception and habit.

        That said, daniel radcliffe is freakin’ hilarious! [‘For courtesy’ lol that’s funny and yes,, he is right, it’s TMI the whole thing-this whole thread is TMI, actually.] lol

      • Hmmm says:

        @Irm- I like your mind.

      • OlsenTriplet says:

        It’s silly to say that because some Arabs and Africans have been going bare for a long time, a sudden 21st century Western obsession with hairless crotches is unrelated to the massive pr0n industry that sets trends in sexual behavior for those Western consumers.

        The hairless pooter is the love child of the pr0n industry and the girl who thinks guys care.

  11. originalone says:

    After this interview, I’m liking him even better! He’s one of those short men, that feel very comfortable in their skin, and don’t feel the need to over-talk people, so to feel like a bigger man.

    And really glad someone finally saying how freaky naked lady bits are. You have to have at least a landing strip to look like a grown woman!

    Unless the issue is grey hair. I would go totally naked then. 😯

    • Sisi says:

      yeah, Dan’s the complete opposite of Tom Cruise. Love that.

    • originalone says:

      @Sisi, Tom Cruise had quieted down through the years. The first loud short man that comes to mind is Jeremy Piven!

      • Sisi says:

        I don’t know Piven that well, I assume that’s a good thing?

      • originalone says:

        A very good thing! He expects immediate service, before everyone else waiting in line, and has the gall to tip waiters with Entourage DVDs!!! True story!

        And whenever they are being interviewed, he has to have the last word, the last laugh, and does not mind at all cutting people off.

        Oh, when I think little prick, Piven comes to mind!

        Not so with the RadDong, with apparently as per Asli, the magic big wand.

      • Asli says:

        OMG,I didn’t know he was like that :O No wonder I always get the douche-vibe when it comes to him.. I’m thinking ‘Ari Gold’ isn’t that different from Jeremy.

        ”Magic big wand” – LOL! 😆

  12. JenJen says:

    I don’t know if I find a hairless lady part “creepy”, but it’s definitely juvenile. Like a child who hasn’t got anything growing yet. Leave a little something to remind yourself that you’re an adult! For comfort’s sake, certain areas are better hair-free, but a little womanly tuft is my badge of adulthood.

  13. Julie says:

    i have deep respect for this guy. being the face of one of the biggest movie franchises ever in his teens and he managed it well.

    i hope he stays around.

  14. kieslowski says:

    This guy is the best, I love his interviews, he just seems like the nicest person ever. I am so supporting his new movie at the theater, and I never was a Harry Potter fan.

    I definitely agree about the bare thing, definitely maintenance (I have a strip situation going on) but bare is just creepy.

  15. Jenny says:

    Thank god a man is finally saying this. Hairless lady bits are gross and represent something creepy in our culture. And I’m happy D-Rad doesn’t manscape himself. The fuzzier the better on men, I say.

  16. Cerulean says:

    He’s adorable. Totally agree about the Mount Baldy issue. It’s a disturbing trend.

  17. HotPockets says:

    I’ve actually met other men who share the same view of feminine landscaping. I, myself, do not like to be completely bare down there and don’t feel like it’s womanly. My husband told me that he doesn’t prefer it completely bare because it reminds him of a prepubescent girl and not a real woman. Keeping a landing strip is good enough for me and if any man gives me grief, he needs to take the time to manscape as well.

    This interview is refreshing, because it’s a reminder that there are people in the entertainment industry who are normal and reflect on asinine things, such as pubic hair.

  18. Happymom says:

    He seems like a great guy. Nevertheless, as I’m 45, and watched him grow up, I feel very maternal towards him and I don’t want to hear about him in any kind of sexual situation. I’m covering my ears now, Dan-lalalalalala, I can’t hear you.

  19. My Darling Pinkett says:

    He keeps saying things that make me love him more! He’s so refreshing compared to other young actors and actresses, and he has interesting interviews. I can’t tell you how boring most celebrity interviews are.

  20. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ha ha…funny stuff. Never seen any of the Potter movies. Actually, never seen anything that he’s been in but he really is such a likeable guy. Just strikes me as very humble and sweet.

    • lucy2 says:

      Me too – the only thing I’ve seen him in was his recent SNL hosting, but he seems like a really great guy. Glad he’s continuing to find success and hasn’t been limited by being Harry Potter.

  21. Julie says:

    Well my only contribution to the subject is how do folks have the courage to go to a wax saloon and get something like a Brazilian wax. I want to try it but too damn chicken.

    • Happymom says:

      I did it once. And I’m not doing it again. Ouch. And I guess I’m excessively modest, but I was really uncomfortable with the whole process: the tech down there working on my hairy bits-shudder.

    • Sisi says:

      hahaha! Sounds familiar…
      Im chicken too : )

      • LAK says:

        ouch Sisi, i am wincing at what you are telling me.

        The older women in my family eg grandma use sugaring and apparently used to also thread.

        Personally, i find hotwax does the job very quickly, effectively and smoothly. No do overs.

        I am squeamish about it so i go to a technician because it’s over before i have time to think about it.

    • LAK says:

      Hotwax and a good technician.

      seriously, do you ladies not visit a gynecologist?? waxer/gyney…i see no diff.

      • Sisi says:

        Im not phased by the person looking at my privates, but by hair being ripped out.

        I tried it once myself with sugaring. I was sitting ready to pull, but didn’t have the courage to do it and gave up XD

        I should’ve known I would chicken out, even the prospect of pulling a band-aid makes me slightly panic. When I let someone else do it, I’ll completely freak out (it happened once when I chopped off a fingertip and the gauze sticked. I’m telling ya, I was hyperventilating -_-“). It’s a control thing, and I’m a coward : )

        I’ll try again before next spring. Until then I’ll stick to trimming.

      • Jess says:

        I hate the gyn visit too – but that’s medically necessary, which is why I suffer through it!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Lak, I have my brows and upper lip threaded. I find it much less irritating than waxing. Is it done on the legs and pubic area too?

      • LAK says:

        @ MorticiansDoItDeader – i live in London, don’t know about your city. You can definitely get your legs and other areas threaded. however, i have never come across a salon willing to thread downstairs. The ladies in my grannie’s village in Africa definitely know how to do it, but i suppose the closeness of their faces to private parts would be too close for comfort.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @LAK, “but i suppose the closeness of their faces to private parts would be too close for comfort.”

        LOL. I thought about that after I posted! I’d imagine it would be uncomfortable for all parties involved! I’m in the US (New Jersey specifically) and the spas I frequent won’t wax men’s pubic areas, so I can’t imagine they wouldn’t want to put thread in their mouth and get close and personal with a strangers pubic region.

      • LAK says:

        @MorticiansDoItDeader – the term used in salons here for male waxing/shaving pubic areas is back, sack and crack! it always makes me laugh.

    • MsJAPrufrock says:

      You mentioned the word “chicken” — well, that’s how I look when it gets all waxed off. Like poultry.

    • NYC_girl says:

      I love the term, “wax saloon.” Because I definitely think they should offer liquor for the party, especially for a Brazilian. However, gyno visit and waxing is so different. The dr isn’t smearing hot wax on my cookie, then ripping out the hair.

  22. sarah says:

    I love this article. He comes across so, real. I’m also loving the comments and hearing that so many people agree with the hairless being a tad ew thing. My husband prefers I have a little going on down there. Not a ‘fro by all means but enough to tell that I’m a grownup!!

  23. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    The hubby thought if he wanted to be a pedophile, he’d be one. I however am grossed out by hair in that area, so we compromised.

    Daniel doesn’t look like he’s packing. His hands aren’t all that large and long (is that method old school?) but as I haven’t seen a lot of peen, in my life, I can’t say.

    I will say he’s hot and funny. Too bad he’s short.

    • Jaxx says:

      He’s packing. I saw the picture from that play he did.

    • DesertRose says:

      I knew if I scrolled down far enough I would find someone similar to me. I’m a swimmer so for modesty’s sake I like to be smooth. My husband hates it completely bare so I keep only a super-trimmed ‘landing strip’. And to all the ladies scared about waxing – I go monthly, just take a xanax or whatever. My girl is super good (sometimes not exactly fast), and the after-tweezing is always minimal. It’s worth the 20 minutes of ouch to not have razor burn all the time.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      Is packing a relative thing? I mean above nine is packing for some (imo as well) while others say at seven+. I’m just saying. LOL.

      ETA: Just saw the pics. Maybe he’s a grower, not a shower.

      • Asli says:

        Above 9?! Wauw, that’s huge! I say 7+.

      • Jordan says:

        Since we’re going all out TMI, I don’t understand the big deal about length of a man. For me, it’s the thinkness that matters most. Maybe b/c I’m short but after about 6 1/2 inches, it’s just a waste.

      • Asli says:

        Agreed. It’s the width that really matters. You could do without two extra inches but without width… It’s a waste. LOL! Little Harry Potter is making this post TMI! Never would’ve guessed.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      Haha, my friend just saw my comment on here and she called me a size-queen. What the hell is that? LOL.

      Anyway, I agree that girth is pretty important though I was only with my husband, so I’m only going with what I know personally.

      I have a friend who said her bf was really well endowed, way past what I mentioned in my post, and she said it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be and still others are snobbish.

      I guess it really is about the motion in the ocean! lol.

      • DesertRose says:

        It is waaaaay over-rated. I dated a guy before I met my hubby that was completely average in all ways – height, build, looks, personality, job – except that he wa working with almost 10″. At first I was excited, but then reality sets in – thick is fine, that long and it hurts your cervix if you don’t keep the angle just right. No fun to be stuck with only two or three comfortable positions.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        LOL. A size queen means you’re all about the big d*ck.

        “I have a friend who said her bf was really well endowed, way past what I mentioned in my post, and she said it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be and still others are snobbish.”

        I’ve heard larger men don’t get as hard. Guess more blood flow is required, hence a softer member. I’m guessing that’s what your friend is alluding to.

      • Ange says:

        Agree with Desert Rose. My BF is packing (and would be mortified if he knew I was sharing!) both with width and length. It’s great in that he can always hit the spot but the downside is he can sometimes hit the cervix as well and that leads to an uncomfortable couple of days after.

  24. Relli says:

    LOL the bit about him playing a Jewish man in the 40’s and needing to be genuine. Reminds me of when Joey on Friends was playing an Italian immigrant and the director wanted him to be uncircumcised so he asked Monica had to fashion him with some fake foreskin. STILL one of my most favorite sitcom episodes ever!

    But truly this guy sounds awesome! He reminds me so much of my childhood best friend.

    • Delta Juliet says:

      LOL….I had the same flashback 🙂

      • ol cranky says:

        me too

        though I know wonder if Radcliffe got some help in casting because they want to keep it real and (I’m guessing) he had a bris?

    • spinner says:

      I just watched that episode the other night. I will never forget the resounding thud as the tip fell off & hit the floor. ha ha ha!!

    • Asli says:

      LOL! Thought the exact same thing! Man, who knew salami could double as foreskin.

  25. Delta Juliet says:

    I <3 him…..he's just lovely 🙂

    And I agree…..landscaping yes, clear cutting no.

  26. mia girl says:

    Love Daniel Radcliff. He gets more and more wonderful by the day.

    And I agree with him about the lady parts. My moto is:
    “Pare it, but don’t completely bare it”

  27. fabgrrl says:

    I’ll have to agree with his sentiment. In the past, I tried going totally bald a few times and did not think much of it one way or another. All that changed when I had a baby girl, however. After changing, wiping and bathing my little girl for 1.5 years, the idea of *that* on an adult woman is very icky. Pubic hair = sexually mature person. Bald = child. Trimming up is neat and clean and considerate to others, but please leave something there!

  28. Embee says:

    He really seems like a decent guy. I will defintiely look for his work in the future. As for the hair question, I did the Brazilian thing (kept a landing strip) for a few years. It was marvelous for cycling and swimming but eventually I just decided it was too much money and too much pain. It doesn’t ever become painless and I draw the line at incurring pain for beauty. That’s just wrong, in my value set.

  29. erin says:

    he is 5’5?? oh my god. my dreams are shattered. i am far too tall for him.

  30. normades says:

    It’s not the shaving that bothers me, it’s the growing back. ITCHY!

  31. Palermo. says:

    The whole hairless thing started because of porn movies. Then women started worrying that their lips were too big and getting surgery (down there lips). I totally agree that men who insist that their women be hairless are a little too pedo for my happiness.

    • LAK says:

      know your Cultural history. the hairless thing is pretty known and carried out in Middle eastern and African cultures. Has been done for centuries.

      Porn just made it popular in the west, like VHS!

      • Leen says:

        Amen! I’m arab, and it’s a cultural thing to go completely bare. People start doing it as soon as they mature, before they marry, before they have sex, etc.

      • Soporificat says:

        Actually, in Western cultures, going bald down there was something that prostitutes did (historically speaking). So, that is the Western cultural association that we have for hairlessness on the privates.

        The current fashion in the US for this is directly tied to the huge rise in p*rn use over the past 20 years or so–mostly due to the internet.

      • kibbles says:

        I would like to know *who* established this unsaid rule in other cultures. Maybe men initially demanded this from women among many other things. I don’t know the history of pubic hair, maybe someone can fill me in, but many of these grooming rules were initially created by men and not women. If anything causes discomfort, itchiness, rashes, etc. then it shouldn’t be a requirement for any woman anywhere.

        And speaking for Western women only, I do believe this trend in the West was started by pr0n. Unfortunately, the hairless photoshopped women in pr0n has had a large influence on the way young men and women view their bodies. Not a good thing in my opinion.

  32. ... says:

    I think that a well-trimmed area takes a lot more effort than just shaving it all like women are so into doing. I ve had all versions of coifs and the only reasons I prefer shaved are: I’m an embalmer-I ve seen some vietnam-style stuff that gives me flashbacks… and I also saw on the Discovery Health channel that 87% of all bacteria in the crotchular region lives in pubic hair (if its present). I just shuddered at that because it was not a hygiene issue, just the way it works.

    • Katyusha says:

      “Crotchular” – a fantastic word!

    • Jules says:

      Because that’s the job of pubic hair, besides indicating maturity, to keep bacteria away from your genital area. If you shave it all off where do people think all that bacteria goes?

      • Iggles says:


        I’m sick of the argument that going bare down there is about “hygiene”! If you WASH yourself daily, you’ll be fine!

        Hair helps to protect this sensitive region. When you do things that upset the environment down there, that’s what causes problems! (such as ingrown hairs, UTIs, and yeast infections!)

        Anyway, hair grows back so quick. Trying to keep completely hairless is too much of a hassle for me! I shave the bikini area and trim the rest. It works for me and my boyfriend has no complaints! When it comes to hair it’s a personal choice, but I said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  33. Diane says:

    I love this guy and he seems to be making smart career choices (think Equis). I do think he needs to stop smiling in photos. He is so much better looking when he doesn’t smile.

  34. Marianne says:

    Love Daniel! I’m glad on his stance on the “ladyscaping” aspect. Don’t mind trimming, and keeping it neat, but don’t like waxing. Plus, why should we, when guys don’t?

  35. sm255 says:

    You know, I used to have a mad crush on this guy when I was younger. Now that I’m older I’m just getting annoyed and wish for him to shut his pretentious mouth.

    Hairless, full jungle bush, who the eff cares? I thought it was all about preferences between the respective couples, not by what everyone else thinks is ‘natural’ or ‘in the times’. Choices, choices…

  36. Reece says:

    Love. Me. Some. Daniel! The striped shirt pic is the best.
    Completely agree with him too. Neat & trim is nice but bald? Don’t like it.

  37. Sasha says:

    Definitely getting the vibe that Daniel would be GOOD in bed. He wouldn’t get too crazy (we have Fassy for that) and he’d definitely take his time.

    Hmm. Perverted musings over.

    As for the hair issue, I can understand why people would find it creepy but women are encouraged to remove pretty much ALL of their body hair regardless of where it is (apart from their head). I don’t think it’s meant to infantalize them particularly. I’ve only waxed down there once but it wasn’t too painful and I liked how it felt more than how it LOOKED afterwards. I think that’s the same for men too. It’s easier to work with?

  38. mew says:

    When did this kid turn into a MAN? Oh my…. oooh my.

  39. NYC_girl says:

    I have waxed 2 or 3 times and got such a bad rash on the upper front part that I refused to do it again. I trim the entire area, including the undercarriage. I also went prematurely grey, which is still a bummer. Since men rarely groom, it annoys me when they’re so obsessed with it on women. Definitely due to porn. We’re supposed to have hair.

  40. original kate says:

    it IS f’king creepy – he’s right.

  41. anemoneblue says:

    I completely agree with him. women are not meant to look like prebubescent girls. one thing is to trim and keep it neat, and another is to look like a 10 year old down there. i also think that male shaving of their private areas is unattractive

  42. Kim says:

    I agree. I think men who like nothing down there are pervs who want to sleep with pre-pubescent girls.

  43. Kimberly says:

    He always does the best interviews!!Gotta say I don’t like seeing bald chicks either. I mean would you rather pet Dr. Evil’s cat Mr. Whiskers or a cute feminine pussy? Sorry but chicks who just take it all off are too lazy to do the cute grooming that’s all. For some people it’s just easier to take it all off than to do the work of keeping it short and maintained.

  44. Angela T says:

    I’ve always thought he was cute, but I still get called a pedo cause I said he’s hot, I said it when was legal, it just feels a little wrong because I’ve watch Harry Potter from the begining. He’s 22 I’m 30 it would never happen, but I can dream, I like my men pale and nerdy.

  45. I Choose Me says:

    Love Daniel. How I’d love to hang out with him someday. He seems so funny, easy-going and down to earth. Plus I love his accent and the way he swears.

    As for the pube issue, I like a happy medium between shaven and furred for myself and I say to each his or her own. 🙂

  46. Anoni Mus says:

    Daniel seems like a really nice guy. I find it admirable that he has seemingly gone through fame at an early age unscathed. Go Daniel!

    Re: the hair issue. I learn something new every day. I had no idea Middle Eastern cultures valued no hair down there. Interesting.

    Personally, I keep myself natural and I hate men shaving they look ridiculous taking all that glorious hair off.

    • NYC_girl says:

      I had a boyfriend a few years ago who used to shave his chest and I hated it. I like hair on a man’s chest and it was so bizarre and kind of turned me off.

  47. terrcot says:

    bwahahha, that’s awesome, team hairy poon!

  48. renee says:

    I am completely bare. Why? Because I noticed a few gray hairs! TMI? Yes, but lets be real: NO ONE wants to see a gray hairy bush. (I’m 40 BTW).

    • Becky says:

      LOL-your comment reminded me of that episode of “Sex and the City” when Samantha noticed she was getting grey pubic hair. I think she said something very similar.

  49. Lenore says:

    LOVE. HIM.

    Grooming is, of course, a personal choice, and I don’t hold to the idea that a chap’s preference for bald ladybits = latent paedophilia. But these days, when so many men seem to think pubic hair is gross, it is delightful to hear another opinion.

    And CB – I can vouch for several other men who prefer Hair Down There… 🙂

  50. erica says:

    Yes!! Love Daniel, and love that he likes some hair down there!! The constantly bare mons is so boring and not sexy. I hear more and more guys wanting something down there vs. nothing. Yay for Daniel, I just love him even more!

  51. Leen says:

    It started with hygiene purposes, however I think left hand and shaving pubic hair are in different leagues in terms of what was proposed to be ‘clean’, and I believe that shaving pubic hair was linked to cleanliness because the absence of running water. That said, it is not necessary these days, HOWEVER I still find it an individual choice and I believe whatever the woman chooses to do (shave, not shave) shouldn’t be looked down upon or assume she’s doing it for the sex… nor revert to comments such as she looks like a prepubescent girl (in my opinion comparing women who shave to little girls is creepier than the actual comment itself).

    • Trek Girl says:

      I agree with you, especially about the comments that were comparing women who shave to pre-pubescent girls. I always wonder about people who jump to conclusions like that.

    • Yep says:


  52. The Original Mia says:

    I like him. I’ve never seen 1 HP film, but he just seems like the neatest guy.

    ITA about the mons too. Neat & trim, but never bald. Too much like a prepubescent kid/Barbie doll.

  53. Mary says:

    Dans ‘fur-ocious’. Good kid.

  54. The Bobster says:

    I’m not a fan of the totally smooth look on women, but sometimes a trim is in order when I need a machete to get through the vegetation.

  55. Missy Moo says:

    My husband is an old hippy, and before he met me, he had no idea what a Brazillian bikini wax was. I take it all off for ME, but really, he couldn’t care kess if I let it all grow out. Best of both worlds. 🙂

  56. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    How ’bout Vajazzling like JLove does.

  57. Jane says:

    Thank goodness he isn’t afraid to say this whole hairless thing is weird. I can see grooming when wearing a bikini, but other than that, it is just freaky, man or woman. I think a grown man in all his glory is very sexy. Back hair, not so much, but other than that, let it be.

  58. Peachy says:

    Insert HAIRmione Granger joke here

  59. Meadowlark says:

    This totally makes me love him even more. I agree, totally bare looks prepubescent and is creepy.
    There are plenty of guys I know who agree that it’s creepy and who are man enough to perform oral sex on a girl with *gasp* a little pubic hair.
    There are also plenty of men who aren’t. To each their own, but to ignore the implication of zero pubic hair is denial.

  60. geekychic says:

    my boyfriend agrees with Daniel, and I love him even more for that! 😉
    but this, this makes him all kinds of awesome in my eyes: his answer about the money was the best i’ve heard, his stance on the “-scaping”…and usually, i’m Tom Felton’s girl. 😉
    we need more male stars like Daniel!

    • MaiGirl says:

      Damn–this is in response to the pr0n comment above, and it posted here for some reason and I can’t delete it 🙁 Sorry, Geekychic!

      THANK YOU!!! While it is true that certain cultures have always shaved/plucked, lots of media critics have talked about this as part of the “pr0nification” of the media. I do think to each her own, but I think that there is definitely pressure to go bald for young women, and the idea that pubic hair is somehow inherently gross.

      • LAK says:

        Pr0n and the media is a huge discussion, but at the same time, why blame pr0n for something that already exists. We can always exercise our right to choose.sports eg swimmers, dancers, models have to remove it for performance sake.

        @Leen and i are trying to give a different perspective based on our cultural backgrounds which has nothing to do with pr0n.

        Removing hair in our cultures is something done and has been done for centuries, for cleanliness reasons and not sex.

        With that mindset, i don’t judge someone in sexual terms for the state of their bush.

        What i do find offensive is the argument that all ladies who remove their hair are only doing it for sexual reasons, and are ‘creepy’ and look like ‘children’

        TMI: i have had a look after it’s done. Trust me, it might be bald, but it doesn’t look like a child!

      • MaiGirl says:

        @ LAK–I don’t know why I can’t reply directly! Anyhoo, I know what you mean, but I think that it is very short sighted NOT to at least think pr0n contributes. And like I said, it isn’t just pubic hair styles, it’s also super-long fakey looking nails, super-long extensions, very fake looking boobs and tans–all these standards kind of took root and spread in pr0n. Of course it is not the only contributing factor, but it is definitely a factor.

      • LAK says:

        @maigirl – i think there is a limited number of times you can reply to the same reply box.

        Anyway, i am not discounting the influence of porn. What i am saying is that sometimes, things are already available, and not necessarily for the obvious reasons. Once something like porn gets a hold of it, it then becomes the norm, and everyone is then tarded with the same porn brush.

        There are so many comments on this blog that are branding people creepy, child-like, pedos, or wannabe porn stars for something has been in existence for centuries.

        At the same time i am aware that sometimes centuries old traditions are not necessarily good for us, which is why they are discarded, but in this case i refuse to judge people for removing their bush.

  61. Moi says:

    I had no idea that men nowadays considered pubic hair to be so vile. I mean, I knew about people going bare, I guess I just didn’t realize it was now the expected norm. I’m only 36, but feeling very ‘old married lady’ now. I’ve not been on the dating scene since the mid nineties and my how things have changed. I have shaved it all off for kicks, but it’s an itchy bitch to grow out and just felt wrong.

  62. Adrien says:

    Pornstars started that trend, I think. I don’t know why so many men find pubes untidy, so pron must be the reason. But yeah, trimmed or groomed is best.

  63. Valerie says:

    I never had an opinion about him before, but I have one now. Good on him. I’m sick of being told that i’m so how defective and dirty. It’s just complete bullshit. Actually, you’re more likely to get genital herpes while bald. The hair helps to keep the germs away from your skin.

  64. Kristin says:

    Lol so all you women who think you would look like a child because you have no hair down there? You don’t shave under your arms or legs then right? Because little kids don’t have hair there @ that age either and you wouldn’t want to look like a little girl right?

    • Zoe says:

      Men have told me it reminds them of a little girl, especially European men. It does look like a pre-pubscent girl.

  65. some bitch says:

    Def TMI, but another comment mentioned people under 30 are always bald down there and I’d like to respond to that.

    I used to shave down there a lot, even did a Brazilian a few times, mostly because the guys I had sex with wanted it and I hated it. Ever since I let it grow out it’s a lot more comfortable and I like looking like an adult with secondary sexual characteristics. And how many women really get to rock naturally blonde hair all over, eh?

  66. charm'n'sass says:

    Here’s my two cents:

    I’m 34 and until (I was brainwashed by society????….meh…trends come and go) about 4 years ago I also thought a totally bare muff (lol) looked creepy. I groomed but left a landing strip. Now, I like a bare mon. It does feel nice during sexy time! However, I do not agree with waxing to get rid of the unwanted bush. It stretches your skin and eventually your hair only grows in random patches. Fast forward 30 years and you’ve got an unnaturally stretched out ‘jay and no way to cover it up! Shave away ladies, just stay away from the esthetician on this front…and rear, if you know what I mean! 😉

    • Zoe says:

      …a ‘waxer’ told me over-waxing could lead to a wrinkly one. Wrinkly, saggy, and hairless, not attractive.

  67. Zoe says:

    That one comment has changed my opinion of him. See him as a man and not a ‘kid.’ He likes WOMEN, and seems confident. Wow…never thought I would lust after Daniel Radcliff 😉

  68. Amanda says:

    merkins… LOL Kaiser.

  69. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I love his comment on money. Very mature. As for the hair comments my stance is this, your body, do what you want. Can we please stop urging other people to shave or not shave down there. It ain’t your bush why do you have an opinion?

  70. Kosmos says:

    Ummm, I believe that both men and woman can keep it neat down there without going bald..do not think that is necessary as long as you’re tidied up a bit. I agree with him ! Trimmed or groomed is better than bald.

  71. galaga51 says:

    Tidy it up if you’re wearing a swimsuit or other similar outfit… that should be obvious, but otherwise don’t worry about it, let it grow.

    (a guy, for the record)

  72. Isa says:

    I’m a little disturbed by these comments about women looking like little girls. I never, ever thought that. My mind just doesn’t go there. What about shaving your legs and armpits, doesn’t that make you look prepubscent? What about flat chested women?
    I’ve never dated a man that cared about it…My husband and I have been together 7 years. He’s seen it every which way and the only time he’s ever complained is when it got in the way.
    I’m not a fan of hair. And I don’t like a bush. There’s a lot of unexplored territory in that way. But I certainly don’t think anyone is gross for having one.
    Also, for a laugh: I once spent a very long time in the bathroom arranging it so that it would form my husband’s first initial. Well when he saw it he almost died laughing…it was backwards.

    • Valkyrie says:

      That was cute! I actually lol’d. What’s even funnier is that I don’t know what any of you look like but I could describe your biscuits if you come up missing. Landing strip here…just in case…

    • Lex says:

      Yep, apparently having hair on your genitals is the sole factor which goes into making you a woman and not a child…
      But hair anywhere else… good lord…

      Hair on your face means you are a man and not a woman – omg my husband might think he is having sex with a man and not a woman!! I’d better wax my face!!

      If keeping your pubes because you’re lazy or you prefer it don’t try pass it off as being because you want to not look ‘like a child’.

    • Meg says:

      Having no pubes makes you feel like a child? What about being so thin that you barely have hips/breasts? That would make me feel less like a woman…

      The hair thing is tricky though – what about people who have undergone radiation for cancer? In your books they aren’t women any more because their hair fell out… Waita shit on people who are already down…

  73. Lotr Dork says:

    I LOATHE manscrape.

  74. Emily says:

    “I’ve never dated a guy who shared Radcliffe’s stance on this issue and I’ll leave it at that”

    And I’ve never dated a guy who thought it was up to him to tell me what to do with my pubic hair one way or another. What’s next, we all have to bleach our buttholes?

    • Moi says:

      LolI love you, Emily.

    • Ramona says:

      I’ve actually always asked for my boyfriend’s preference as it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. I’ve had boyfriends who liked me totally bare and others who preferred it au naturel.

  75. Slu says:

    As some have mentioned, American men are actually much more into oral sex than men in most other countries (yes, there have actually been studies done on this) which explains a preference for bareness.

  76. nina says:

    Oh, give me a break: “grown women have bush”, “grown woman have f*t a**s”, “grown women have huge saggy breasts”: if you have none of the above, apparently you are a 12 yr old boy. Hey, lazy lumps, get off the couch and stop putting others down. And sex does feel better without the hair.

    • mk says:

      I don’t think being a couch potato goes hand in hand with having a full compliment down there. Fit chicks keep their bushes, too!

  77. mk says:

    Here’s a little friendly TMI :I get mine done in what I call the ‘clean Victoria’: the bottom bit is pretty hairless, but the rest is all there, with a little grooming. Basically, a merkin, but it’s still attached. It’s definitely ‘creepy’ for a full grown woman (‘specially if they have little girls of their own) to strive for zero hair down there. Unless you have alopecia. Then, you might as well.

  78. Anon says:

    When will this stupid, painful, artificial craze for hair removal end? I’ve only seen one “manscaped” man, and it was such a turnoff!

  79. Crystal says:

    This is hands down the BEST.ARTICLE.TITLE.EVER.

    LOL I love him more every time I read about him. So witty and funny.

    And just because he doesn’t like it bald, doesn’t mean he wants a forest down there. There is natural but neat and trim.

    He probably finds it creepy because it’s like an underage look. If so, I admire him all the more for it.

  80. telesma says:

    There are quite a few people who think a hairless pubic region is creepily prepubescent. I have a friend who says it makes him feel like a pedophile.

    • Marie says:

      Yes, my husband has said the same. Maybe it’s more common for men who have had daughter’s? Anyway, I told him women go through enough with the monthly gift (which I left behind with a recent hysterectomy), hormones and child birth …he appreciates neatness but prefers a WOMAN not a girl. But to each is own. Gives me creeps a bit.

      • nina says:

        Every men i ever met prefers it with no hair. Of course if you are hairy, your husbands would claim the opposite. Then again, im in my 30s, not 60s. Btw, the “no hair on the bottom, only on top” trend is the new pr0n trend, so to each hher own role model, i suppose….

  81. eternalcanadian says:

    This has to be the most funny post I’ve seen on CB! 😀

  82. Ramona says:

    I’m here to blow your minds by being even more TMI than we’ve all already been. For me, the whole waxing thing – Brazilian, Hollywood, Phoenix, whatever you want to call it – is virtually painless. Because after you’ve had a VCH piercing, nothing will EVER cause you pain again. Except childbirth, I suppose, which I plan on sitting out.

  83. Laura says:

    Since everyone else is TMI-ing…

    I like to go bare, and have been actually since before I was sexually active. I just enjoy the smoothness, and everything being on display.

    I don’t think anyone should ever tell their partner what to do with their pubes. You do what makes you comfortable, whether it’s bare, trimmed, or a full on 80s bush.