Us Weekly: Emma Roberts was a complete bitch to Chord Overstreet

Yesterday, we heard that Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet had broken up. They had been dating for… months, it seems. Nearly a year. As far as I could tell, it wasn’t like they even spent that much time together, which led me to believe that it was some kind of PR-driven relationship or bearding situation. Well, I’m not sure how this Us Weekly report falls into my preconceived notions of Emma and Chord, but if this is true, they were always a disaster of a couple:

Before they officially called it quits, Emma Roberts did everything possible to ice out Chord Overstreet, multiple insiders tells Us Weekly.

“Emma told Chord he didn’t need to spend New Year’s with her. It was just her and her girlfriends, a tradition she always does,” one source says. “Emma is pretty difficult to be in a relationship with.”

The 20-year-old Art of Getting By actress had been belittling Overstreet for months, another source says. “Emma calls him Chord — pronounced like chair — to his face,” a source told Us in November. “She acts like he’s really dumb.”

Things came to a head at Golden Globes after-party January 15, a third insider tells Us.

“Chord was waiting outside the CAA party at Sunset Tower waiting for Emma to come get him at the door.”

When Roberts ignored Overstreet’s text messages, he was overheard saying, “Emma does this all the time when she doesn’t want to see me.”

Glee’s Overstreet, 22, never made it inside the party — and Roberts was seen “crying and noticeably upset,” the third insider says. “Clearly they had a fight about her not coming out to get him.”

A fourth source close to the couple adds that Overstreet “is so nice and was such a good boyfriend. . . He was always so sweet.” On the other hand, a fifth source insists: “Chord was controlling and always wanted to know where she was at all times. Emma’s career is very important to her, but Chord wanted it to be all about him. She’s too young to be able to give someone that kind of commitment.”

The two stars were first spotted making out in April 2011 at the A|X Armani Exchange and 944 Magazine carnival in Indio, Calif.

“They’re both young kids, they had crushes on each other but the relationship ran its course,” a sixth insider tells Us of their breakup. “She isn’t and wasn’t looking for a serious thing.”

[From Us Weekly]

God, how much does Emma sound like her Aunt Julia? “Emma is pretty difficult to be in a relationship with.” And “She acts like he’s really dumb.” She learned it all from watching her Aunt Julia! Anyway, poor Chord. It will be interesting to see if he gets the same “Alex Pettyfer treatment” that both Emma and Dianna Agron have implemented in the past to make themselves look like victims. The problem is that Alex Pettier (who dated both Dianna and Emma) actually seemed like a legitimate d-bag. I just don’t buy it about Chord – he just seems like a sweet, easy-going kid, perhaps not that bright, but harmless. Ah, Young Hollywood Dramz.

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  1. Maya says:

    Ah…young – celebrity – love. It’s difficult to choose between the celebrity ego and a real person sometimes, or even figure out some type of compromise.

  2. Asli says:

    ”Emma’s career is very important to her”

    Pfffft. I am permanently cross-eyed due to excessive eye-rolling. Ladies, be careful to not strain your eyes and gently (although it is very hard) roll your eyes instead. Doing it any other way can cause permanent eye damage. Off to see doctor now.

    • podzol says:

      WHO IS Emma Roberts? WHY IS Emma Roberts?

      I won’t tire of posting that comment every time there is a post about this untalented chick. Urgh, nepotism. How I hate thee sometimes. Asli, we might suffer from the same type of eye damage.

      • Asli says:

        LOL! Yes, it seems to be pretty common around here. Especially when it comes to untalented celebrities – hint: the majority.

      • originalone says:

        Emma Roberts is Emma Roberts because her aunt Julia used to, USED TO, own Hollywood by the balls.

        If Emma Roberts hadn’t made it in the past 5 years on her aunt’s back, she certainly will not make it on her own in the next 5 years. Tried to watch her on the big screen, the little blahberts has no screen presence, and no acting talent whatsoever.

        @Asli, LMAO at your eye-crossness. Got a headache thinking about it, and will bide your words. I am now slowly, very, circling my eyeballs inside their pockets.

    • shawn says:

      LOL Asli. The only reason I even know who Emma Roberts is, is because blogs cover her.

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh yeah. You mean she was complete beard. WTF is wrong with young Hollywood. Only beards and gays.

  4. brin says:

    Yes she is just like Auntie Julia (minus the talent).

  5. Esmom says:

    Team Chord. He is a cutie, most likely better off without her.

  6. SG says:

    Ok, I’m looking at imdb and I conclude that there is a reason why I only know Emma Roberts as Julia’s niece.

    And is “Chord” really pronounced like “Chair”?

    Chair Overstreet….?

    • normades says:

      I think they meant that instead of pronouncing it “cord” with the “h” silent, she called him ch-ord.

    • Tapioca says:

      “Emma calls him Chord to his face”

      This gave me confused-face for a moment!

      It think what they mean is it’s pronounced “Cord” and she says it like it’s spelt (with the “H”, like the “Ch” in “Chair”).

      It’s more of a diss to his parents though – I mean, you wouldn’t pick on Audio Science Sossamon for his name, would you, when it’s his Mom that needs psychiatric help?

    • Azurea says:

      I think that refers to the “ch” only. 🙂

    • Julie says:

      i understood it this way:
      she pronounces the “ch” in “chord” like the “ch” in “ch”air and not like a “k”. as far as i know i would pronounce the name “kord”. (same sound as “court”)

      so instead of “court” she calls him “short”

    • SG says:

      Thanks for the clarification! I’ve been calling him “CHord” this entire time. Oops..

  7. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Who is this chick? And please refrain from the, ‘Well she’s Juila’s niece!’ So the f*ck what, WHO is she? I’ll wait.

    But while I wait, how dare she treat my Barely Legal Fantasy Hotpiece like that?

    That’s okay boo. I’m shipping Amber and Chord to the max!

    • Adrien says:

      She’s Eric Roberts’ daughter.

      • Tapioca says:


        She was OK in that Nancy Drew movie I was forced to watch on a plane, because the alternatives were Ocean’s 12 and Waitress.

      • podzol says:

        Tapioca, you chose Eric Robert’s daughter/Julia Robert’s niece over the adorable Keri Russell and glossy images of yummy pie? Ahhh, that’s HARSH. 🙂

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      Adrien: lol, I was being sarcastic, like without name dropping her superstar aunt or D-list actor dad, who is she?

      Nancy Drew and Valentine’s Day don’t count.

      I loved Waitress! Keri + pie + Nathan Fillion + Sisto + Hines= perfection.

      • podzol says:

        lol, I’ll let Adrien confirm this, but I suspect he also gave a tit-for-tat answer (I thought it was brills, lad) 🙂

        I loved Waitress too, for the same reason! Wanted to bake pies for days on end after that. The Adrienne Shelley tragedy is too sad.

      • Tapioca says:

        The whole real-life murdered director & spousal abuse storyline put me off watching Waitress in a plane – which is a depressing enough place to be at the best of times!

  8. Holly says:

    I see a young Brad Pitt (hot but not terribly bright) and his Gwyneth… God, what if she really is Gwyneth 2.0, what a massive suck-hole that will be!

    • autumndaze says:

      Either a Gwyneth 2.0 or a Julia 2.0. Neither one bodes well for our future Celebitchy reading pleasure…

    • Camille (The original) says:

      I don’t see a ‘Brad or Gwen’ here at all, just an awful, awful, monster of a Julia 2.0. *shudder*

      • originalone says:

        Ditto. Her aunt could pull off acting… For a while… Not so this trick.

        She has the attitude, the entitlement, but not any of the star quality and acting chops.

  9. only1shmoo says:

    Not surprised, she already has a reputation for being an ego-centric b*tch. I may be wrong on this one, but when she appeared on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” my parents and I found her really phony; it seemed as though she was just there for the PR.

  10. neelyo says:

    Average looks: Check!
    Miniscule talent: Check!
    Family connections in Hollywood: Double check!

    This girl is a triple threat.

  11. WaywardGirl says:

    She is related to Roberts. How can she not be a total bitch…

    • atorontogal says:

      ITA! I think her aunt is a talentless waste of space who in her day was shoved into all sorts of crappy movies and made a butt load of money! Hello Jen Aniston!

  12. RocketMerry says:

    Ooooh, he looks so cute! Never heard of him before.

  13. Talie says:

    This was an edited report–the original story was all Team Emma talking up how controlling he was. But I figured that a dude from Glee would have an equally powerful PR machine behind him to clean it up a bit. She seems bitchy, so this isn’t a shock–I agree, I don’t buy him as being the next coming of Alex Pettyfer.

  14. Wow says:

    I feel for him.

    and he is soooo gorgeous!

    At her age, how can she not be so in-love with him?

    and what is that BS about her career is important to her?
    what does it has to do with anything?

  15. NerdMomma says:

    I don’t know…I think he may be getting the “not that bright” label just because of the character he plays on Glee. I think everyone sort of underestimated Channing Tatum in that way, and he’s showing more substance than anyone expected. Who knows?

    Dating at that age was so difficult…can’t imagine having to explain it to the public, haha. Date someone who isn’t famous, kids!!!

  16. Abby says:

    Aw sweet Chord. He can do better!

  17. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Team Chord.

  18. DeeVine says:

    No one said bearding was easy…

  19. Shelly says:

    I don’t like Emma for some reason. She’s pretty and all, but I don’t like her. I don’t think she’s exactly like her Aunt Julia either. Julia may be a bitch but she’s also always had charm and a sparkle about her. Emma is just “meh”.

  20. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    The mirror simply wasn’t big enough for the both of them.

  21. kristipistol says:

    I can’t stand any “Roberts”

  22. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I saw him on Ellen and he seemed like a really sweet guy. He explains his name: My dad is in the music business in Nashville. I was the third child born in my family, and there are three notes in a chord, so that’s how they came up with my name.” One of his sisters is named Harmony. Obviously music is really important in their household and he’s very musically talented ( mandolin, flute, drums, and guitar and is a talented singer).

    Emma Roberts strikes me as an entitled brat who thinks she’s prettier and more talented than she really is. If she wasn’t Julia Roberts neice there’s no way she’d be getting starring roles imo. She doesn’t have any of Julia’s charisma or talent. Plus is this is true and she was really that rude and bitchy to Chord, that makes her even worse. Hope her careers goes nowhere except down. Karma’s a bitch too.

  23. strawberrygirl says:

    What a sweet girl. I await the day when she wears a shirt telling the wife of the man she snatched (that’s how she rolls) to get the divorce already.

    • Harley says:

      Thank you! I still remember when Auntie J wore that shirt and showed the world that she had no f*cking class. I lost what smidgen of respect I had for her at that moment. From the sounds of it, her mediocre looking, talentless niece is just as charming. *eyeroll*

  24. Kimbob says:

    Honestly, I’ve never seen her in anything. I dunno…every time I see a pic of her, well…how do I say this nicely…ummmm…there’s not a nice phrasing. I’ll just say it….she looks like a smug little biotch. There! I said it! There’s nothing special about this girl. Serious..every pic…smugness. Don’t. Like. Her.

    • anonymoose says:

      Well I was about to post something similar, so I’ll do it here. Yes: SMUG. She smacks of smug.

      Smug = fug.

      And aside from attitude, she clearly has nary a clue as to how to present herself attractively to the world physically, starting with that nasty hair! Does she have the boxstore forklift drive the peroxide to her house directly?

      • anonymoose says:

        Any Kardashian is more pulled together than this heap. And that is as low low low loooowww backhanded praise for the Krappy K family!

  25. gab says:

    Here’s what I see in Emma Roberts future:
    “Move that cone, I’m Emma Roberts!”
    Need I say more?

  26. anonymoose says:

    Team Waitress!

  27. KLO says:

    All of this is f*****g BORING.

  28. Brannie says:

    Emma Roberts strikes me as an over-indulged, entitled, talentless hack who wouldn’t get anywhere if it wasn’t for her last name.

    Julia may be a bitch, but at least she has talent.

  29. dahlia1947 says:

    It sounds like she needs to get that stick out of her ass.

  30. Liz says:


  31. Kim says:

    In every interview on tv or in the press with her she comes across as a spoiled rotten brat. She isnt talented and nepotism got her where she is. Yet another untalented starlet who thinks she is all that that will disappear in 5 yrs and no one will remember or miss her.

  32. drawbackwards says:

    Anyone saying Julia Roberts has talent must watch the trailer for her new Snow White movie… don’t know what it’s called.
    The trailer was previewed before a film my husband and I saw and we literally laughed out loud at her preview scenes. It was bad. REALLY bad. Not just the acting… the dialog, the few “jokes” they threw in within the 2 minutes… dear Lord! Humor yourself and google it.

  33. Lady_Luck says:

    well they are both ridiculously young. who is going for committment at their age? seriously.

  34. Nim says:

    Has anyone seen the video where she leaves him outside the party?so sad.he looks so so upset.!

  35. Jacqueline says:

    Im going to just say that some men like bitches and sluts above all others women. I have met a lot of men that dont want a woman as his equal but submissive to him. That is why white men are going for a lot of foreign women. feminism is a great thing but its men who havent evolved to accept a woman as his equal. Most men do prefer a woman who is lower to him. They are ego creatures with starsabers. If she treated him like a bitch, he may have liked it. Who knows? I lost a bunch of guys cus I was a nice girl. Some men prefer to get walked all over and some prefer to have all the cards and a slave who gives him kids.

  36. Sarah says:

    I actually had the displeasure of meeting Emma a couple months ago. WHAT A NASTY little girl she is! She stormed into the restaurant, screaming “EFF THIS EFF THAT” into her cell phone – interrupting everyone’s evening! Later, she was following me out, and I held the door open for her and she just glowered at me in the rudest way. How about “thank you”? I cannot believe how she acts – she always pretends to be so sweet on camera.