Brad Pitt tapes an appearance on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ with Jonah Hill

I had forgotten that this was happening – Brad Pitt finally agreed to make an appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio. These are a few photos of Brad leaving Pace University after his taped appearance last night. I don’t know when his episode will air, but here’s something weird – Jonah Hill was at the taping too. Did they make the appearance together? What did Jonah do when James Lipton goes on and on about Brad’s career? Or did Jonah just sit in the audience?

In addition to that, Jonah and Brad made an appearance on the Today show this morning – here’s the video:

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Brad and Joanh have such a sweet bromance. Honestly. I love how much Brad praises Jonah and really makes Jonah an equal partner, and the story about the shrink-wrapped golf cart is pretty funny. I wonder if Clooney is jealous?

Two more Brad Pitt-related pieces of news. OK! Magazine is claiming that Brad and Angelina are expecting another set of twins (meh). And Brad and Moneyball director Bennett Miller posed for Vanity Fair’s portfolio for The Hollywood Issue:

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, VF.

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  1. podzol says:

    Clooney also just taped an appearance on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’. The battle for the last Oscar man standing continues!

    That said, I really like Pitt’s glasses in the picture with Bennett Miller. They fit him quite well.

    • Yep says:

      But did clooney get Botox?

      The glasses fit everyone from Justin Beiber to terry Richardson well.

      • Princess Lizabeth says:

        Why is it that every time a celeb wants to look “serious” or “intellectual,” they sport thick-rimmed glasses. Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you are more worthy of being noticed or listened to.

        Of course I wear glasses, so this doesn’t apply to me. 😉

    • Samigirl says:

      I watched Clooney’s last night. I’m kind of neutral when it comes to him, but I found him to be very charming, albeit a little too “jokey.” I suppose that’s what he’s known for though? Making jokes out of everything? It was an enjoyable episode, though.

    • Tiegan says:

      I like the glasses too, but his face is looking all kinds of plastic in that video. His forehead is so shiny and he can barely raise his eyebrows.

      • podzol says:

        I know! it’s like he received a wax facial or something, right?

      • shane says:

        I had never noticed his frozen forehead before, but it was what I was aware of the whole time I watched this clip. That and the smoker’s voice. Had not noticed that before either.

      • Pop Rocks says:

        Both he and Angie have had all kinds of botox over the years. You don’t honestly think a 35 year old woman with SIX KIDS, who works and travels ALL THE TIME doesn’t have a single line on her forehead naturally, do you?

        Plus, Brad’s face used to be full of acne scars that miraculously disappeared circa 2004 so he’s probably got his dermatologist on speed dial.

      • mln76 says:

        actually I just read a pretty scathing article about Angie in US all about how thin Angie is. The one thing the experts agreed on is that she’s not using fillers. If she was her face wouldn’t be so thin. I think Brad MAY be using fillers or he also could just be using thick pancake makeup.

      • Tiegan says:

        Since when do we turn to ‘experts’ at Us weekly for legitimate facts? Is she also pregnant with twins? Or is it only when what they say matches our own views?

        And I don’t think anyone is accusing either of them of using fillers, more like botox which is not the same thing at all.

        As for pancake make-up causing his skin to be all frozen and shiny? Right.

      • mln76 says:

        @Tiegan I know there is a ‘difference’ between fillers and Botox but at the end of the day they are the same thing. As for shiny skin. Yes you can get shiny skin with different cosmetics. But all fillers and Botox will make your face puffy. Angies’ face isn’t puffy it’s gotten progressively thinner as she’s aged which is exactly what Botox and fillers are meant to counteract.
        My point wasn’t that US Weekly is an expert but that even Us Weekly had to admit its not likely that she is toxing.

      • Tiegan says:

        Botox paralyzes the muscles so that they can’t move, thus no wrinkles. Dermal fillers such as collagen or juvederm are injected into the skin and mimic natural tissue to fill our wrinkles or thinning lips. Not the same thing at all. And neither make your face puffy if done correctly.

        Now did this Us weekly ‘expert’ suggest that Angie has had no plastic surgery since 2005 like the online article says? If so, I might buy that myself, as she had an obvious nose job well before then, and botox and fillers are considered non-surgical solutions.

        The make-up argument is just laughable.

      • Ola says:

        WOW how easy it is to manipulate you guys!!!!
        he left a spa and everybody is claiming he do botox????
        JUST WOW!!! HOW NAIVE!!!!
        Hes an actor, just look at his movies, his face moves !!!! always!

    • Pop Rocks says:

      Yeah, their Oscar thing is getting totally ridiculous. I hope the French guy gets it because A. he deserves to win and B. George and Brad give the impression that they’d be willing to throw their own mother under a bus to take home an Oscar. It’s just unseemly at this point.

      • mln76 says:

        I like Dujardin and I’d be happy if he wins but lets not kid ourselves that him and his Uncle Harvey aren’t campaigning just as hard as Brad and George 😉

      • Tapioca says:


        And yet I still know nothing about JDJ apart from a handful of the films he’s been in.

        Because, y’know, he’s been promoting the film, rather than himself.

      • mln76 says:

        and just got to this country a month ago
        *major eyeroll*

        BTW Brad only talked about Moneyball in his interview

      • podzol says:

        @mln: But since when is campaigning dutifully considered a bad thing? You didn’t explicitly write that, but you write that Dujardin (and Fass) CAMPAIGNED HARD TOO. Ok, but what is the connotation you imply?

        Awards season is cutthroat. There are many great performances given year-round, only a small percentage is recognized and critically revered. People spend millions of $$ and resources to promote the movie in hopes of awards. If one gives a worthy performance, and they have a studio backing them up with the necessary finance, then yeah, I’d hope that they have the drive to push this thing to the finish line. As long as it remains about the movie and the performance.

        I think this is what the majority of commenters (or maybe it’s just me) are eye-rolling on: using certain crutches as Oscar campaign PR strategy. Too easy, and it’s only pretty much available to already established and beloved movie stars.

      • mln76 says:

        @pozdol I am not putting any connotations out there. I am just responding to the implications that Brad and George are some kind of rotten scoundrels and Oldman, Fassy, Dujardin, and Bichir are somehow above campaigning. EVERYONE IS CAMPAIGNING. Not only because of their own ambitions but because I am sure the studio and money people expect it. The fact is George and Brad are more famous and can garner more media attention and are expected to give the public what they want i.e. answers to personal question and ‘human moments’. On one hand it’s a huge advantage but on another its a huge disadvantage because each has to fight their image to earn respect and to get their performance seen without bias. Meanwhile people like Dujardin (who I think is just dreamy by the way) can resort to just as cynical tactics and no one notices or comments because most of the work is behind the scenes. But believe me Dujardin is happily accepting the Weinstein strong arm tactics so that he’ll have a chance at an Oscar and a long running career in the U.S.
        BTW having seen 4 out of the 5 nominees just based on acting alone NOT celebrity Gary Oldman should win.

      • Pop Rocks says:

        The reality is the French guy is NOT whoring out his ENTIRE family to win an award. He hasn’t used his kids, his partner or his sex life. He is campaigning like a normal person campaigns. Brad and George are campaigning as if their lives depended on it, willing to do anything, say anything and go anywhere just to win something. And funny how once the nominations were in Brad suddenly lost his sympathy cane.

      • podzol says:

        I love Gary Oldman, and it’s to the Academy’s shame that he has not ever been nominated for his truly knock-out-of-the-park roles in older movies, but having seen Tinker Tailor … Oh god what a DULL MOVIE. Great performances, not a lick wrong from anyone (except a bizarrely miscast Firth), but as happy as I am that the Academy has finally nommed him … he deserves it more for making up for all the lost time, rather than for his Smiley. Yes, the Oscar probably belongs to, and will go to, Jean Dujardin for his Valentin, even if it was slightly reminiscent of his hammy OSS 117 😉

      • mln76 says:

        @pozdol I agree that the movie was sort of dull but I don’t blame it on Oldman. His performance was pitch perfect. I think ‘The Artist’ was fun and fluffy but failed at being a great film and borrowed ALOT from classics so that anyone familiar with older & silent films would see it as a rehash. I think ‘The Descendants’ was OK but overated and Clooney was the worst part of the film. I think Moneyball was a great film and Brad was great in it but it was just a smidgen to long and the actual stakes weren’t high enough in the plot for an Oscar.

      • Mari says:

        I want the Mexican guy to get it. Him or Brad.

      • Ola says:

        @Pop Rocks, do you want to know how brad and george are campaigning???? LIKE AMERICANS HONEY!!! This is the way Americans campaigning, why? Because american movies are the bigbucks movies!!! no french movie or any other country is big as american movies or american filmindustry. This is totaly another level !!!!
        And why is this bad? Americans LOVE this! There are stars who LIVE just because of their private live, even though they do bad work like aniston. How do you explain her career after friends???? come on! You just love this!

      • deltona lakes says:

        Yea the French guy who barely speaks English is really going get major interviews on American TV shows and in Magazines. He or Gary are not the cover boys. Sorry, and I like Gary Oldham but the US is all about the eyeballs (tv viewers) and selling magazines.
        Jean is having a great year but I doubt we will hear about him in next year.

  2. Talie says:

    Brad turned down the chance to do Actor’s Studio multiple times because he didn’t think his filmography was robust enough, but I think it makes sense for him to do it now.

    If it involves Jonah though…that’s just weird.

    • Gwen says:

      And he thinks its robust enough now does he? Interesting.

      • mln76 says:

        hmm lets see 3 Oscar nominations, a two decade long career. Has worked with Terry Guilliam, David Fincher, Robert Redford, the Coen Brothers, and Terrence Mallick to name a few.
        I think he’s much more worthy than the cast of Modern Family (I do like that show) or Bradley Cooper. So yah.

        BTW pics of the event only show Brad on stage maybe Jonah was just in the audience.

      • cmc says:

        Well, he starred in two of this year’s Academy Award-nominated films…so, yeah, there’s that…

      • Sakyiwaa says:

        @Gwen. Your sarcasm falls flat…

  3. Katalina says:

    I don’t think they’re expecting, but only because Angelina was drinking red wine at the SAGs. There were quite a few shots of it. And I doubt they had grape juice there 🙂

  4. Bite me says:

    Twins boys huh… Is that why she was guzzling wine at the SAG awards… The today show interview was nice… The students at Pace University where ITAS is filmed went crazy for Brad!

  5. Maya says:

    Friends and/or family members of the actor making an appearance will sometimes sit in the audience; maybe that’s why Jonah was there.

  6. Yep says:

    Yes, brads bromance is so real and not fake at all. Roflmao look at how tight his face is.

    This site should be ranaimed to “we hate everyone except brad Pitt”

    • Lisa says:

      And Andelina they are here obsessed with them. Brangeloonies.

      • autumndaze says:

        If you gals don’t like it, then why don’t you skip the story all together?
        That’s what works for me with celebrities that I don’t care for.
        Now Brad, I care for. ;0)

    • Sakyiwaa says:

      And EOnline should be renamed… ‘We hate everyone but the Twilight crew…’ Lainey’s should be renamed …’We hate everyone but Gwyneth Paltrow…’ D-Listed should be “I hate everyone but Anderson Cooper,” etc, etc.

      Get a grip. Bloggers are people too. they can be fangirls and guys and can cater to other fangirls and guys all over the world. Constant
      “hate” of “anything and everything” is pretty unhealthy.

  7. watchingyoubitchh says:

    Bennet miller is quite cute and brad is

  8. Lisa says:

    WTF What does he know about acting?

    BTW Xtina got over 10,000,000 $ for second season of The Voice. You mad?

    • Sam says:

      To Christina, that roughly translates to 10,000,000 jelly filled donuts. (Though she probably gets a huge wholesale discount, so that number could be doubled) I am a little jealous, though I know she wont let any of them go to waste. That makes it a little easier I guess.

      • Tiegan says:

        Good one! You know those donuts don’t stand a chance…

      • Lisa says:

        But it’s her 10,000,000 jelly filled donuts not yours. Jealous much?

      • cmc says:

        @Lisa wTF does Christina Aguilera’s salary have to do with Brad Pitt on ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’? And why does telling a joke about it mean someone is jealous?

        I read your posts on the Lindsay page too. It kind of sounds like you need to take a chill pill, and a long break from gossip blogs.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      “You mad?”

      Seriously this isn’t really the place for a 4chan cool-kid’s overused meme-a-thon. Head on back to reddit, I hear Anonymous calling…

  9. Asli says:

    Meh – I’m not really a Brad fan. He has been looking more modern man than caveman lately, though. Glad somebody told him to trim before that got out of control.

  10. willow says:

    I’m kinda not digging this all out Oscar campaign from this “aw shucks” dude, but I do think he is an excellent actor and would get my vote. His performance in Legends of the Fall was beautiful. Come to think of it, so was he. Sigh.

  11. mln76 says:

    I think they should only do Inside The Actors Studio during Oscar season because a George C or Brad Pitt episode is interesting but the majority of their guests lately have been bottom of the barrel.

    • Camille (The original) says:

      Co-sign. I mean- Jack Black, Aniston and Bradley Cooper (as mentioned below)- wtf! 😮

  12. Cathy says:

    Brad use to get me worked into a tither, but not anymore. He’s just to scruffy looking. That look does not go well with him, he needs to clean himself up.

  13. Claire says:

    What does he know about acting? Are you kidding?

    Se7en, Fight Club, Twelve monkeys, Babel, The assassination of J.B.T.C.R.F, Tree of life, for those only he deserves to be on I.T.A.S., i mean come on James Lipton has received Bradley Cooper, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black! for F**’s sake. If they can, surely Brad Pitt can too.
    Or maybe you were being ironic..hope so.
    I was waiting for him to be on, hope it will be a good episode.

    • Shay Kay says:

      Just wanted to chime in and say that “The Assassination of Jesse James by that Coward Robert Ford” was one of my favorite BP performances. Casey Affleck was also excellent in a very nuanced performance. It was shot beautifully and just has a believable resonance in each characters.

  14. sassenach says:

    Don’t know what he has been doing lately but he looks very good and i love hair nice and groomed his hair is.

  15. Ida says:

    I actually think Brad is refreshingly honest about his acting skills. He knows he’s not the best actor out there but he is a good one and seems to take his work seriously.

  16. Josephina says:

    Just watched the video above with Brad and Jonah..

    Brad is still sexy and I love his smile!!

  17. Tiegan says:

    meant to reply above, d’oh.

  18. Amanda G says:

    Damn, they sure are campaigning! That Jean guy from The Artist has Best Actor wrapped up in a tiny little bow though. He was phenomenal!

  19. serena says:

    These days he’s really hot.

  20. Katherine says:

    I’ve seen a lot of the pictures from Brad going into and leaving the Actors Studio. He has deep lines and furrows on his forehead. There’s a side picture where it is very clear this man’s face is in no way tight. It is rather loose actually. Nonetheless in some of those photos he looks still beautiful. None of the beautiful pics are at the top of this page.

    I think Brad had the acne scars worked on and pretty much removed before 2004. I honestly don’t consider scar removal that much of an indicator of vanity.

    Removing scars seems reasonable just like someone repairing those huge and puffy undereye bags some people get. Sort of like the difference between a boob job to get bigger breasts and a boob job to reconstruct a breast after a mastectomy – the former being more vanity than the latter.

    Brad has an excellent body of work. One in which he took chances which almost always paid off when he could have taken the easy career path.

    I take it back – Brad does look handsome in the pictures above. He did say he needed glasses now – I am jealous of those who never needed them until they approach middle age.

  21. Claire says:

    @mln76 Thank you (for the Artist comment).

  22. Camille (The original) says:

    I liked the interview. I liked that it was ONLY about the film and not about anything else. I think Pitt comes across as a nice guy (sorry but I do :p) and Jonah also came across better and more intelligent than he normally does.
    Love the photos too. Pitt is one *very* sexy nearly 50 year old man.

  23. Moreaces says:

    Clooney is on right now.

  24. samira677 says:

    It’s laughable that people keep saying that Brad is the only one campaigning. All actors are. The difference is that Brad makes headlines when he sneezes. Viola Davis, Meryle Streep, etc get very little attention even when they make the cover of a magazine. It’s also funny that people claim he’s has massive amount of plastic surgery and at the same time say he looks so old. His scars have been decreasing for years, long before meeting Angelina and he has a lot of wrinkles. It looks like he trimmed his beard and just looks better. It reminds me when he shaved for Moneyball. Everybody claimed that he a lot of plastic surgery and procedures eventhough he was photographed with the beard just the day before.

  25. original sandy says:

    whoa, we have some major pissed off brad haters just sitting around waiting for news of him, just to spout off, i hope he gets that oscar just to piss more people off, he deserves it as well, like it or not he is a talented actor, and he’s good looking and has a beautiful partner, people act like brad left them, brad is not the only one interviewing, is he just now going to the actors studio? how many late shows does brad do? hardly none. he is a contender for an oscar, this is the norm.

  26. jes_sayin says:

    Wow, Brad and George are campaigning H-
    A-R-D. And let’s be honest, neither one deserves an Oscar. Both movies are good and the acting’s good, but definitely NOT Oscar material. At all.

    If one of those two does win, it just goes to show that the Oscar’s are entirely commercial / business driven. (Exhibit A: Sandra Bullock’s Oscar)

  27. Thelma says:

    Brad looks-good. He’s aging well. I think his performances this year, especially in Tree of Life, were just amazing. I agree with the people saying he’s doing his duty by his movies. I note that he doesn’t do a lot of late night…the ultimate whoring out in my view. By the way, I don’t see how he could have botox AND a furrowed brow and wrinkles. Whatever…he still rocks my boat!!!

  28. Bodhi says:

    I am just happy to see that Jonah Hill gained back a few pounds. He looks MUCH better than he did when he 1st lost all that weight. He over did it & lost too much too fast.

  29. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    The plastic surgery talk is JUST ALL talk.

    It he was going to fix ANYTHING, he would do around his eyes and remove that scar.

    Why just freeze forehead wrinkles to apprear younger, but leave grey in his beard? That would be the easiest thing to fix.

    As to him not using his cane, but still wearing that HUGE leg brace proves what exactly? His leg is/was injured, pure and simple. He says 1 more month of the brace, then rehab. Easy enough to watch for. Why would he have to keep using the cane if his leg can NOW bear weight? He would be able to walk with only the leg brace and that’s what he is doing.

    Amazing how with his 3rd nom, and votes not cast some don’t even give him a chance. Actually, his chances are like the all rest, including Jonah. Sags proved that. Until the last ballot is counted, it is still on for each one of the selected 5. Both his films also are in there. As the saying goes “it’s not over till the fat lady sings” and I HAVE NOT HEARD any singing. He has been on the other acting awards lists as well.

    As far as campaigning hard, bullocks if the others are not. The males and females are. The studios are. The producers are. The directors are. It is what they do.

    Jonah is at the taping because they are doing other interviews in NY. Both are nominated and he is also getting his push. They are co-stars and Angie was not there to blame I guess. Don’t forget they BOTH also have the BAFTA’S. Lots to do. Get used to it. And he should have done this show long ago. If not now, when? His films have 9 noms this year alone BTW. His past films had a lot also. CCOBB, IB? So why not him? Sounds worthy to me.

  30. Sakyiwaa says:

    Brad looks awesome! i love his glasses pic! I have one like that. I wear glasses… lol!