Michael Fassbender was partying so hard, he was asked to leave his own party

I’m writing this for several reasons. One, I can’t help myself – when we have loads of new Michael Fassbender photos, I feel the itch (in my drawers) to talk about them endlessly. Two, I only covered the red carpet photos yesterday, not these candids of Fassy after the London premiere of A Dangerous Method. Three, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. All of the little Twihards were in a full-blown meltdown because I DARED to say that Kristen Stewart was an unprofessional brat for flipping the bird once while she was with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. So here’s a photo of Fassy being equally unprofessional, flipping the bird at some paparazzi who were photographing him as he (drunkenly?) smoked some cigarettes outside of 34 Restaurant during A Dangerous Method’s post-premiere party. He too looks like an a–hole, just like K-Stew. There, I said it. Fassy and Kristen are the same in this instance, equally douchey. Not only that, Fassy was so out of control, he was asked to leave the party:

Michael Fassbender was asked to leave the after-party for his movie ‘A Dangerous Method’ on Tuesday night (31.01.12).

The 34-year-old actor was in high spirits as he celebrated at Mayfair restaurant 34 following the London premiere of the film but following antics including dancing his co-stars Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen around the room, taking over the venue’s piano and finally lighting up a cigarette, he was asked to leave.

Speaking about Michael – who was carried out of the party on his friend’s back – a source told The Sun newspaper: “Michael was politely asked to leave. He was in good spirits but it was becoming a bit of a handful for the other guests.

“He was grabbing his co-stars and waltzing around the room with them. He lit a cigarette indoors and that was the point it had gone too far. He’s a great actor and women loved him in ‘Shame’. It might have something to do with him having his todger penis out for most of the movie.”

Michael’s co-star Keira has previously revealed the pair got through the more uncomfortable scenes in the film – which include Michael spanking her – by turning to alcohol.

Keira said: “We only had one or two shots maximum. It was a vodka shot to calm our nerves and away you go really. Then we had champagne. We drank quite a lot of champagne actually. You can count on Michael to buy a bottle of champagne when one is required. The vodka and champagne is a good combination.”

[From The Free Press]

Would this be a bigger story if it was an actress who was asked to leave her premiere because she was drunk and smoking and trying to waltz with people? Probably. So, there’s some sexism here. But I still want to party with Fassy.

I also have a good story about Fassy… and you know it involves his beast and your sweetshop and, of course, spanking. Dear God. *crosses self*

Michael Fassbender has revealed Dutch American actor Viggo Mortensen taught him how to spank in their new film A Dangerous Method.

They star as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung in the story about the early days of psychoanalysis and the movie involves some quite explicit scenes.

Fassbender told Sky News he took on the role for a number of reasons including: “Spanking, always up for a bit of spanking and I got some lessons from you (Viggo) the motion, I wasn’t following through, like a tennis stroke. You’ve always got to be ambidextrous – that’s what you said to me at the time I remember,” Fassbender said at the movie’s London premiere.

[Via Sky News]

There’s video too. These bastards even act out the spanking. No joke. UPDATE: Ah, there are issues with the embed – you can see the video here.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Sisi says:

    I thought Viggo was Danish-American ._.” not that I mind that Sky News says he’s a bit from my country…

    • Eve says:

      Exactly. His father is Danish (Viggo Peter Mortensen, Sr.) and I could be wrong, but I think Viggo himself has Danish citizenship.

    • k says:

      I came to say just that!

    • Asli says:

      I was just going to say that! Besides Viggo Mortensen is the MOST Danish name you can get besides Jens Jensen. Mortensen is the third most popular last name or something.

      Here’s a video of Viggo on a Danish ‘talkshow’. I thought he would’ve forgotten how to speak Danish by now. He’s speaks it fluently and his voice’s so sexy!:


  2. RocketMerry says:

    He was having fun, bless his heart. Nothing “edgy” and “dark” and “too-cool-for-everybody” about his attitude here. I like him!

    • Erinn says:

      He looked like he was having a blast. I’ve never been on the Fassbender wagon, but after seeing him like this I like him more. He even looks so happy flipping people off- so cute haha. Not professional but FUN.

      • Bubbling says:

        ^that!^ He is cute having his little fun and I ain’t mad at him. Geez guy lit up a cigarette, quick alert the authorities!

  3. spawn_of_roni_raygun says:

    He can come sleep it off at my place.

  4. Jaded says:

    Oh Kaiser why do you do this to me first thing in the morning….now I totally can’t concentrate on my work with visions of being spanked until….never mind, MUST.WORK.NOW.

  5. Kerfuffles says:

    “Todger penis?” I’m afraid to Google what that means.

    I do not find Fassy all that attractive in still photography. But he’s a whole other animal in motion pictures, “todger penis” (?!) or not. I didn’t get the Fassy love until I saw him in a movie. Then I got it. Total hotness.

    • Bren says:

      Todger is just a slang name for penis – nobody uses them together or it would be like saying penis penis. I think they included penis for non Brits so they knew what they were talking about. It should have been in brackets

      • Kerfuffles says:

        Lol-“Penis penis.” Okay. Thanks for the info.

        I guess he has a penis so nice they had to name it twice 😉

    • bluhare says:

      Totally agree, Kerfuffles. I wondered what was the deal with him, and then the spousal unit dragged me off to see the X-Men prequel. I got it then.

  6. LeeLoo says:

    I love Fassy and all but I worry about his drinking combined with his um…incessant need to visit the sweetshops of the world.

  7. chrissy says:

    Oh Kaiser, I so would.

  8. GoodCapon says:

    He really looks out of it.

  9. Talie says:

    I’m sorry, but he looks like he does more than smoke and drink.

    I’m sure he is enjoying being the toast of the town, but it was probably a good thing for his expanding ego that he didn’t end up with an Oscar nomination.

  10. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I thought Viggo was Norwegian. I knows my Viggo. Because I remember him being in Oslo and speaking Norwegian. Is that right? Danish is different than Norwegian right? They all sounds the same to me so I don’t even know.

    I already knew ASSdong was a douche. It was so obvious. So his antics don’t surprise me.

    ETA: He is Danish but he speaks Norwegian. I already knew he could speak Spanish and French and Italian. Sigh.

    But the spanking thing reminds me of a blind I saw on CDAN that a lot of people said was Viggo. It talked about while he was in Europe he enjoyed the extra kink they have over there and that he’s also a switch hitter. I kind of thought of Viggo too because he seems like he does kinky very well. And dudes too. lol.

    I don’t mind a good smack on the ass. That makes me kind of hot for him again. Too bad he homewrecked.

    • Asli says:

      Danish, Swedish and Norwegian sound very alike. If you speak one you can basically understand/speak the other two. It’s like a three for one deal 🙂

      • Malificent says:

        Linguistically, they are dialects of the same language. But for PR purposes, they are identified as separate languages. To my ears, they sound pretty different when spoken: Swedish is the sing-songy one, Norwegian rolls their Rs, and Danish is more gutteral –they do a glottal R. (I’m American with a Swedish grandfather, a Norwegian grandmother, and lived in Denmark for a bit.)

      • Asli says:

        Yeah, they do sound very different. But if you speak one, there’s a huge chance you’ll understand the other two. My Swedish cousin says we (Danes) talk like we have potatos down our throats. LOL 😀

  11. Moi says:

    That is hysterical. Looks like he would be fun to hang out with ……A little champagne…a little spanking…count me in.

  12. Bite me says:

    How embarrassing 🙁

  13. Naye in VA says:

    i almost fell out of my chair when he said Viggo taught him how to spank lmao. What a great way to start the morning

  14. phllygrl65 says:

    I so would.

  15. Celia says:

    you americans are really strict about the cigs and he wasn’t violent or anything, I don’t understand it at all. wasn’t this supposed to be a party after all?
    … upps, I see it happened in London, so Brits are uptight too …

  16. Sara says:

    I knew he looked like a hard core party guy. It shows big time.

  17. Jacqu says:

    An itch in your drawers? You should get that checked.

  18. HoustonGrl says:


    did you see the video on E! last night? They showed Fassbender rambling on in the back of his car, making jokes and being incredibly sexy whilst speaking to the camera.

    I thought you should know.

  19. kit says:

    The Sun is not the most trustworthy of sources, so take it with a massive grain of salt.
    Smoking in anyone’s working place in the UK is against the law, so smoking in a restaurant or any other business in the UK is illegal, simple as that.

    • Tiegan says:

      Thank you! He was thrown out of a restaurant for lighting up indoors. Not for dancing or drinking, or being rowdy.

      I gotta say, he looks like he stinks of fags and whiskey.

  20. Sophie says:

    I think you’re right that if it was a woman she’d be more criticised, but at the same time, he wasn’t being violent or doing anything REALLY bad, he was just a bit too excited lol.

    and now I’m in my happy place because of that video. 😀

  21. CTgirl says:

    Go big or go home.

  22. carrie says:

    Soderberg said during HAYWIRE promotion that Fassbender was an energic party boy duing the filming

  23. Jackie says:

    i hope he is not going the way of butler.

  24. k says:

    I think the hottest part of this was VIGGO schooling Fassie in spanking. I still have Fassie issues, until the reports about him abusing his ex are 100% cleared, and not just silenced with cash.

  25. Manuela says:

    Bul**** !!!!!! lie lie lie !!!!but he is great. love 1st foto – exact reaction for oscar`s snub)))) i love his way he knows how start the party)))) love him))))

  26. Sisi says:

    he reminds me of me when I’ve had too much to drink. I get giddy and childish, want to give everyone hugs, dance around, sort of prance around the club and laugh my ass off.
    Mind you I consume too much booze only once or twice a year, so no big deal.

    I’ll give Fassy the benefit of the doubt because of that.

  27. Jen34 says:

    I’m surprised there aren’t photos of him peeing on the sidewalk. I don’t like stories like this. I hope he’ll be more careful next time.

    • T.C. says:

      All he did was tango with Viggo and Keira, play the piano and mess with the paps. It’s funny that people are clutching their pearls over this. He left the party happy, as did all his co-workers. Big deal.

  28. Cathy says:

    Bwaahaaaaaa todger penis, almost coughed up a lung. Now that’s funny. Love the Fassey, hope he didn’t have to bad of a hangover.

  29. Rose says:

    I don’t want to be sexist too but I think his bird flipping is in jest, maybe K-Stew’s was as well? I’d like to see both of those ‘bird’ photos with a wide angle to give us the context of who was surrounding them

    • Ramona says:

      I think the “flipping the bird” was an ironic gesture… because we in the UK don’t flip the bird. We put up two fingers (like a backwards peace sign). Unless Fassy’s just been spending waaaaay too much time in L.A.

  30. Blue says:

    He should save that finger for better purposes 🙂

  31. Circe says:

    Pet peeve: Mortensen is half-Danish, not half-Dutch. It’s not the same country, people!

  32. Jules says:

    This is why the Fass looks older than his age….the smoking and the drinking. At least he sounds/looks like a happy drunk.
    The Irish Bug reminds me of my ex…a good-looking, skinny, drunk chimney.

  33. Stacie says:

    OMG !!! Michael is so perfect . He was just having a bit of fun . I wish I was there with him. Love him !!!

    • T.C. says:

      Exactly. Why put up a post because twihards contacted you in a huff? They are teenagers who think sex and fun are “bad”. Everyone around Fassy looks like they are having fun.

  34. Heine says:

    I think he was kicked out due to the smoking-smoking indoors is pretty much illegal (unless I’m mistaken) so he’d have been kicked out for trying to light up indoors, not for being a rabblerouser (unless he was super wasted and he doesn’t appear that way to me in the pictures.)

    He’s really hot. The way he moves and his voice and his charm. I want him to wreck my sweetshop day and night.

  35. Girl says:

    I really agree about the sexism. If this was an actress being asked to leave her own party because she got a bit too drunk, there would be talk of her maybe being on the fast track to rehab or something.

  36. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Justin Theroux called he wants his skinni jeans back.

  37. ladybert62 says:

    The appeal of this man is beyond my comprehension. Enough said.

    • Texas2000 says:

      Fassbeater always looks like he’s probably a huge *sshole. His smile creeps me out. I would not be surprised if the rumors about him being abusive are true. Sorry.

  38. Reece says:

    Right on Kaiser! Call a douche a douche.

    Got to this: “Viggo Mortensen taught him how to spank” Pictures Viggo spanking…*dies*

  39. Ramona says:

    You can tell Fassy has had a fair few because it was frigging FREEZING Tuesday night. And him in just a blazer! Thank goodness for the warming powers of cider. (He looks like a cider man. But maybe I’m just being racist.)

    And thank God I didn’t know this party was happening or I’d’ve been sorely tempted to go to Mayfair and peek through the windows.

  40. Ramona says:

    Also – I want to know who that happy older gentleman in the background is. He looks like a lovely fellow.

  41. Bellydancer says:

    My lover was not being a douche he was flipping those photographers as graceful and playful as he could unlike that drunk ass lindsay lohan who shows out at every party she goes to (often uninvited and pantyless) and is often escorted out.
    It looks like he was told to leave because of the smoking issue. I am sure he went home and destroyed some young thing’s (mine) sweetshop and went to sleep right afterwards then woke fresh as a daisy (lol)
    Yes it seems that spanking is optional in the Fassbender household.
    That second picture of him cracks me up he looks like an elf with those ears. (lol) a horny viking elf.

    This picture was not on your photos he was really messed up.

  42. Gine says:

    Yeah, if an actress had acted like this, everyone (including plenty of people in the comments here!) would be calling her a trashy, tragic mess, but when a good-looking (I guess? I don’t see it; he just looks like a bland guy with bad skin to me) dude does it it’s cute and sexy and baaarf. What he did doesn’t seem like a big deal–he was just being kind of annoying, it sounds like–but the way people constantly fawn over actors while crucifying actresses for doing the same thing is just gross.

    I get such a creeper vibe from Fassbender.

  43. I.want.shoes says:

    He is looking manorexic in these pictures…

  44. Bubulle says:

    This pics make me really unconfortable, it pains me to say this but I think Fassy is a closeted Sean Penn.

  45. serena says:

    Viggo taught him how to spank????
    That’s some really hot and good news!

    Anyway, he could be high and everything but I think these photos are cute.

  46. UKHels says:

    I love the fact that he has a cheapo 79p lighter

    I love his acting, and I’m sure he’s fun but I hope he doesn’t go the way of Oliver Reed :/

  47. Deev says:

    I love him. He looks exactly like I did in photos from New Year’s Eve. I’d be down to party with Fassy.

  48. posh-toes says:

    What did you expect? This man has no shame 🙂

  49. Sal says:

    What was he so excited about? A Dangerous Method was f’n terrible and he was terrible in it.

  50. layla says:

    The smoking is so unattractive. Ugh.

  51. Jilly Bean says:

    he looks so old for 34!

    • Granger says:

      Just what I was going to say! My husband is 38 and Fassbender looks much older than him. Maybe it’s the fair Irish complexion — but I’m willing to bet it’s years of hard partying.

  52. NM6804 says:

    When an actress stumbles out a club into the gutter she’s a mess but when a dude does it, he’s “fun” *eyeroll*. He likes to party…HARD! I think he’s just very stealth about it. When you read about that lawsuit his ex filed, I can believe it. He no handsome no more!

    And no way would I want any drunken man banging me, I would be surprised if he would get it up in the first place. The smell of booze and cigs is a big turn off for me, no matter how pretty the guy is.

  53. T.C. says:

    Kaiser, you are going to hate me for ruining your fantasy but Fassy didn’t really spank Keira in ‘A Dangerous Method’. He was just doing the motion while hitting a box next to her. Keira gave an interview letting the cat out of the bag so it was fake spanking! 🙁 So unsexy! Anyway this is really a non-story. He was dancing with Viggo and Keira. He played the piano for everyone and went out for a smoke to make fun of the paps. But if it will make the twihards happy then go for it. I have to say though if Kristen Stewart was this fun I would love her more. People don’t like her because she is unprofessional, it’s because she acts like she’s too cool for school and too above it.

    • Sara says:

      Exactly! He looks like he’s having so much fun being carried on that guy’s back I can’t hate on him. He looks hilariously happy drunk, not stumbling out of a bar blurry eyed and unable to walk drunk.

  54. T.C. says:

    Just double-checked the U.K. papers, he was asked to leave because he was smoking in doors not because he was making a fuss. They probably told him to step out. Anyway for you Kaiser, Fassy in the car singing “Free Falling” by Tom Petty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha41PNzJtyo

  55. Susan says:

    the man danced his co-stars around the room, took over the piano and then lit up? Oh my god he’s out of control!!!! Come on!!!

  56. Mairead says:

    Yeah, he was chucked out for smoking inside. It’s been illegal in England for a while – and the concept should be a shock considering that it’s been illegal in California and Ireland for even longer!

    In Ireland, the only place that kicked up a stink was Kerry, so he was just being bleedin’ typical 🙄

  57. LucyOriginal says:

    hahahaha, loved the thread and his pictures…he was a douche…but i am still laughing. I gmad I did not read this earlier, so I could focus on my work, :).

  58. the original bellaluna says:

    Fassy’s got some Julia Roberts-sized teeth! DAMN!

  59. Asli says:

    He has long fingers. ‘Nuff said.

  60. gwen says:

    Fass is just a Drunk. He did the same thing at the Globe Party. This is just more everdence that, that girlfriend was telling the truth.

  61. Julia Domna says:

    He should have been asked to leave his party because of those jeans he was wearing.

  62. iseepinkelefants says:

    If he doesn’t watch out he’s going to get a reputation. Not a good way to start off your ascent into Hollywood.

    I’m kind of glad [for him] that he didn’t get the Oscar nom either. If he’s becoming “Hollywood” over the [critical] success of one film, imagine what a nomination (and possible win) would have done to his ego. Sometimes actors need to knocked down a few pegs to bring about their greatness. I thought 10 years of toiling away in the Brit film industry would have kept him grounded but obviously not. He’s already going Hollywood and he has yet to even make a Hollywood picture (we could argue sematnics over Haywire but come on that wasn’t a Hollywood-Hollywood film).

  63. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    Sounds like some fun and I’d say that if it was an actress too. As long as he wasn’t insulting people or throwing up or spouting racial slurs its not a big deal. Better then everyone in the room drinking their ironic beverages and acting too cool to talk to anyone.

  64. Nikki Girl says:

    Um, yes please. I would hop in bed with him in a hot minute. Good Lord.

  65. podzol says:

    The tabloid story’s malarkey. The journalist who interviewed him for GQ UK, Olivia Cole (@oliviacole1) has a twitter account, was present at the after-party (which was thrown by GQ) and debunked the rumor on her twitter account. It’s too easy to make up these stories, because he was photographed all happy and boozy outside the restaurant. See her tweets:

    “Dear Gordon Smart of #thesun your story about michael fassbender at GQ’s party on Tuesday is complete fiction. *checkyourfacts*

    We were glad he was there and no one was asked to leave early, but hey, feel free to just make it up #thatsnotjouranalismitscreativewriting”

    Does that mean he’s making it to the next level, if British raggedy tabloids are starting to write up on him? Congrats Michael, that’s their way of celebrating your success.

  66. blue says:

    Kaiser ,thanks to your great efforts i am now an complete Fassy addict . Thrown out of his own party …what an man ?! lol.

  67. jordan says:

    Wow this got traction and it originated from The Sun. Normally, people believe nothing written in it. I know it’s a gossip blog, but THE SUN?! This is like believing anything written in the NY Post.

    Anyway, as was printed he was not thrown out.

    Also, that picture of him “flipping off the paps,” were in jest. There were tons of other pictures from the guy who took this picture and Fassy was playing around with him. The pictures are not hard to find they are all over tumblr.

    The guy was just basically having fun at another movie premier.

  68. pato says:

    He doesn´t look drunk. Wish I could look like that when I am too “happy” LOL
    gosh, he´s hot. I don´t like cigarettes but I could forgive that jhehehe

  69. grrrl_75 says:

    Wait…the final straw was the smoking? He got kicked out for SMOKING? Somewhere I hear a Lohan cackling and saying “amateur” an a raspy voice.

  70. Maria says:

    Eh, I’m not a twi-hard but I did criticize you the other day. The majority of people say Michael Fassbender looks like fun, but when women actresses do similar things they are trashy, headed to rehab, etc. Also, I thought it was a little too bitchy to insinuate that Kristen Stewart was flipping anyway else off except either the paps or a friend. I saw the pic, she looked like she was looking over in a corner and was definitely not doing it to Karl. Honestly, I’ve seen photos where the girl has a nasty look on her face and is flipping the paps off…In this one, she seemed almost like she was making a goofy face. I kind of think she was flipping off a member of her entourage as an immature joke and just didn’t think that the cameras could see her at that moment. Anyway, not a fan of anyway flipping the bird, but a ton of celebs do it.

  71. Maria says:

    Even though I’m not a fan of anyone flipping a bird, I think it is kind of dumb to brand Fassbender a douchebag or Kristen Stewart horrible. It is a douchey action, doesn’t make the person douchey.

  72. Bellydancer says:

    Now someone who was at the party has come forward and said he was never asked to leave. This was tweeted by a journalist who was actually there.


    Olivia Cole
    We were glad he was there and no one was asked to leave early, but hey, feel free to just make it up #thatsnotjouranalismitscreativewriting
    14 hours ago »

    Olivia Cole
    Dear Gordon Smart of #thesun your story about michael fassbender at GQ’s party on Tuesday is complete fiction. *checkyourfacts*
    14 hours ago

  73. madpoe says:

    Fassy could’ve finished the party at my place…just sayin’ 😉

  74. Addison says:

    From: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/michael-fassbender-shirtless-full-frontal-nudity-shame-x-men-george-clooney-282871

    When director Steven Soderbergh told Relativity Media he wanted to cast Fassbender in Haywire, Relativity, which financed the action pic, balked. That was more than two years ago and the Irish-German actor still was relatively unknown in wider Hollywood circles. “I thought, ‘You should just be hoping he says yes,’ ” recalls Soderbergh. As for himself, the director already felt he was late to the Fassbender party. “I’d seen him in Hunger and Inglourious Basterds, and my reaction was, ‘This guy’s a movie star.’ It was blatantly obvious to me,” he says. Fassbender is only onscreen for about 10 minutes of Haywire — which opened in early January — but his performance is a highlight of the film. Soderbergh shot the scenes in Dublin and quickly learned three things: Fassbender is a consummate professional, a cinephile and a social butterfly. “He’s a blast. We’re out one night and it’s 3:30 a.m., and we’re in someone’s kitchen and Michael is singing. I’m like, ‘Dude, I gotta go,’ ” remembers Soderbergh. “The phrase Michael uses most often is, ‘So where are we going now?’ He’s the Duracell movie star.”

  75. heidiho says:

    He’s even more lovable when pissed!

  76. demian bichir says:

    He’s too cool for Hollywood.He needs to stay away from that hole and work in the UK like Day-Lewis.Take a look at that http://socialitelife.com/photos/2012-oscar-nominated-film-posters-parody-posters/shame

  77. kris says:

    It’s so weird, but I’m only starting to find myself attracted to him when I seen him on film. In person he seems to do nothing for me anymore. He still seems cool as hell and I would love to hang out with him, but he always looks so scruffy and older, and I know thats the turn on for a lot of his fans, but for me him in Inglorious Basterds or X-Men was it for me. Nothing hotter!

    • demian bichir says:

      He’s not very photogenic(it’s hit or miss with him).But, in motion he’s a different beast!!!

      Althought here, if i was Peter JACKSON i would cast him in The Hobbit (the redhead ,the skinny,the pale skin,the nose).He looks like he was born to play the part!LOL!!!

      Take a look, at that interview with that italian chick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVyVE9u0Hws&feature=related

  78. Deaf Ears says:

    It is not Fassbender’s job to make nice with paparazzi – they are scum. He would be acting unprofessional if he showed up drunk to an interview with a proper journalist, but that’s not what’s happening here.