Brandi Glanville says her ex Eddie Cibrian will cheat on LeAnn Rimes too

Brandi Glanville is doing what she needs to do to ensure that her gig on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues into next season. She staged a fake wedding, she revealed a fling with Gerard Butler, she defended revealing her fling with Gerard Butler after he denied ever knowing her, and now she’s issuing some “no sh*t” advice to LeAnn Rimes: that Eddie will cheat on her too. Somewhere in her fat-starved self-obsessed brain, LeAnn knows this and it’s driving her every f’ing decision. It’s got to eat away at her, leading her to cling and clutch and obsess like Gollum next to his dark lake.

“He will be with her until he cheats again,” Glanville tells me. “They won’t be together forever. I’m totally over Eddie. I’ve moved onto Ken. Ken is a better looking Eddie,” she teased about fellow Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd.

But in actuality, Glanville said it hasn’t been easy having her husband leave her for another woman, especially when children are involved.

“We share custody, it’s difficult,” she said. “I think it was more difficult in the beginning to all of a sudden not be with your kids half the time. But now the kids are at my house and say, ‘can we go to dads?’ and when they are at their dad’s house they say, ‘can we go to moms?'”

And although it is awkward when both ladies are forced to interact for the sake of the ex-couple’s children, Glanville said her kids will always be more important than what she thinks about Rimes.

“It was my son’s last soccer game and [Rimes] was there,” she said. “Everyone is making a big deal of it because of the picture [which shows the ladies ignoring one another], but this has gone on for two-and-a-half years. So, for me, I really don’t put too much energy into it because it will eat you alive.”

[From Huffington Post]

I believe that Brandi is right, and “Once a cheater…” comes to mind. Brandi later backtracked on Twitter, though, and wroteI haven’t talked about them specifically! I was talking cheating in general. Uggggg.” But she was quoted as saying (see above) “He will be with her until he cheats again. They won’t be together forever.” How can that be a general comment about cheaters?

Also, I doubt that LeAnn will dump Eddie when he cheats. She’ll believe his excuses and lies and he’ll get better at hiding his side pieces. He’s got too easy of a gig with her fawning all over him and paying for everything. He’s not going to ruin that unless he finds a richer and more naive sugar mamma. They don’t come more eager to please or easier to take advantage of than LeAnn.

LeAnn is shown on 1-29-12 and with Eddie on 1-7-12. Brandi is shown on 8-13-11. Credit: Fame Flynet

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  1. Delta Juliet says:


    • autumndaze says:

      Who says he hasn’t cheated on Rimes already?
      Tigers don’t change their stripes….

      • LittleFATMe says:

        Funny you mention tigers because I see a beautifully disgusting Tiger Woods style out pouring of trash in their future… It’s going to be epic because she will stay with him after he cheats and until he leaves and then she will be bat shit insane with it!

      • originalone says:

        You mean Hyenas don’t change their spots?

        Doesn’t matter if he cheats or not, most of them in Hollyweird do. What is sad though is the extent that Leann is obviously going to, to keep her man. The physical transformation along since she met him is alarming. Is he that good in bed?

      • NeNe says:

        @LittleFATMe and @originalone:

        YOu are both right. She will stick with this guy even when she finds out he has cheated. If he left her, she would go insane. That would clearly be the end of her. She certainly is d**kamatized. Sorry for being so crude. But, it must be the truth!

      • I don’t know whether he’ll cheat on Leann. Oprah had a show about cheating several years ago and they all said the same thing. It wasn’t that the other person was better looking, had more money, etc. It was the way that other person made them feel.

        As long as Leann is treating Eddie like he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, I don’t think he’ll feel the need to cheat.

        I do think her obsession with working out, staying thin and having the implants expose her insecurity though.

  2. dorothy says:

    Everyone knows that, even LeAnn. That’s why she’s so clingy.

    • Ella says:

      Well Hello, these guys do it even though they are treated like a prince, and are being adored by their princess wife or girlfriend! They just don’t stop no matter what… Once a cheater….

  3. Jess says:

    No kidding….

  4. Camille says:

    She is cool.

  5. bitterqueen says:

    she’s so much more interesting than most of the other housewives. In the long run it might be that this whole mess that Eddie and LeAnn created was the best thing for her career. Brandi is the new Bethanny in a lot of ways in that she’s feisty but she also has a grip on reality which makes her stand out against some of her weirder and more boring castmates.

    • brin says:

      I agree!

      • bitterqueen says:

        yeah i really enjoy watching brandi on housewives. she doesn’t take herself too seriously but also isn’t afraid to speak her mind. great combo and makes for interesting tv

      • brin says:

        True. I didn’t watch the first season and I don’t think I would watch it without her, she’s the only one who comes across real, imo.

    • NeNe says:

      LOL! I think it’s an insult to be compared to Bethanny… LOL!!!

      • bitterqueen says:

        that’s funny you think that NeNe! 🙂
        Bethanny was the only housewife who I found remotely likeable on RHONY. I started liking Bethanny less when I watched Bethanny Ever After and she seemed to pick fights with Jason over his parents or about her weird, self-indulgent relationship insecurities. Toxic therapist IMO.

        But back to Brandi, I think I love on the show because she says what the viewer is thinking (i.e. dem bitches is crazee), but at the same point in time she’s right in the middle of the action. Maybe it’s a deliberate effort on her part, I don’t know, but either way I want to see more of her.

        ps: Kyle is a bitch.

  6. Paloma says:

    I have seen strange things happen. Would not even be surprised if LeAnn cheats on Eddie.

  7. HotPockets says:

    Brandi is right, but I wish sometimes she would just shut her mouth, so we wouldn’t have to hear Leanne’s reaction to her claims, now we will have more fame whore bikini pictures from Leanne as a natural response.

  8. Asli says:

    A cheater will only admit to what he/she has been caught doing. Maybe Eddie hasn’t been caught yet. Once a cheater…

    • Rita says:

      Actually, Eddie cheated twice on LeAnn before they were married but after the date LeAnn claims they “totally committed” to each other.

      Eddie returned to Brandi’s bed twice and LeAnn knew about that shortly after it happened. Eddie also cheated with one of his mistresses which caused LeAnn to cancel a Vegas show an hour before the performance, fly home in terror, and then got the word “trust” tattooed on her wrist.

      Eddie is not just an occasional biscuit slupper, he’s serial. It’s his nature. He cheated on Brandi throughout their 13 year relationship, including spending long week-ends with his love bunnies while she was pregnant. (some of his randoms were barely out of highschool while he was in his mid-thirties)……so yeah, LeAnn better get use to the smell of someone else’s love jelly.

      • Asli says:

        Whoa. So the ”he might”-ship has sailed. Okay, Leann is not only a desperate *BEEP* she’s also stupid as all get out. Man, I thought that she at least had some brains in there but nope, she IS as stupid as she acts.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Oh Rita. I did not need those visuals 😝

      • rainbow says:

        I always thought it was annoying how Brandi always misspells the word USED in her tweets, she always puts “USE” which is incorrect. You should say “they are USED to it.” This is not a common grammatical error that people do. Interesting Rita, that you also write it this way…..

      • cbear says:

        it’s pretty common. especially verbally. just like intensive purposes, instead of intents and purposes. one of those things that a lot of people seem to have picked up.

  9. brin says:

    To borrow from Kaiser’s Lohan post…”water is wet, the sky is blue”, Eddie is a serial cheater.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      @brin, great minds think alike. This kept rolling around in my head as I read this.
      Water is wet, the sky is blue, the cracken is crackie and Eddie will cheat on you too!

  10. Marjalane says:

    Well, isn’t it lovely for these children to know that Mommy is a public ‘ho, Daddy cats around, and step-mom is an out and out loon. So many options for them at show and tell.

  11. Lola5 says:

    Brandi is way hotter than LeeAnn. I dont see what Eddie see in LeeAnn other than $$$.

  12. Nev says:

    someone enlighten me…once a cheater…why are some men like this???!!!

    • J O'C says:

      This is just my personal opinion – I am not a psychologist or anything. I think men can get addicted to the excitement of it. Also, they’re genetically predisposed to want to “mate” with as many partners as they can. Some men can fight that urge, some can’t and some just don’t want to. And if you got away with it once…..

      Personally, I think if you know you can’t stay faithful, you should just embrace it (like George Clooney).

      • Rita says:

        Another theory is that they are descendants of water well witchers. They have no control over their devining rods,…..just a theory.

      • Nev says:


        i agree don’t get married or claim to be monogamous.

      • NeNe says:

        As told to me by one of my male friends. Men cheat (most) because they want a variety. They don’t wanna eat the same cake night after night. One night they might want cheesecake, another night carrotcake, etc…

    • bluhare says:

      Same reason some women are. They can.

      • DrM says:

        Cosign…and often because their partner will tolerate it…no consequences. Off topic but relevant…why are all of Leann’s bikini bottoms cut right up her butt? Not an attractive look

  13. kit says:

    Karma is a b#tch, but I think LeAnn just won’t open the door when it comes knocking. She must realise a lot of us are just waiting for it to happen and would feel no sympathy whatsoever. I am a little surprised it hasn’t already happened.

  14. Justaposter says:

    Does anyone else find it sad that Brandi can only get attention by mentioning her ex husband or who she herself sleeps with?

  15. NancyMan says:

    Is this trio ever going to just move on with their lives?

  16. J O'C says:

    She’s right, though. He will eventually cheat on her.

  17. Samigirl says:

    I don’t necessarily believe “once a cheater, always a cheater,” EXCEPT in EC’s case.

  18. Forever says:

    No shit sherlock, now move on and stop talking about them… Karma will get them.

  19. EntreprenrsWife says:

    I think this is a brilliant move on Brandi’s part. If she really wants to torture LR, this is how to do it.

    • Dawn says:

      Agreed, Leann has dealt some torture for a while toward Brandi. Lets see how Leann takes it cause she has sure dished out!

  20. The Original Mia says:

    That’s like saying water is wet. Yeah…we know.

  21. bitterqueen says:

    i think the dust has settled on this whole triangle. time to move on to more interesting stuff.

  22. Sumodo1 says:

    And, WHY is Eddie such a prize? Somebody please reveal something sexy or important about this Lifetime Movies dud?

    • Rio says:

      Two words: “Baywatch Nights”.

      Not saying EC was any good in it, but after watching a couple of episodes of David Hasselhoff running around Malibu fighting ghosts/vampires/aliens, there’s no way you could resist trying to get close to such glamor 😉

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        What? How did I miss that?!? It sounds amazingly bad. I wonder if it’s on Netflix or Hulu? I think I need to see this for myself.

  23. Baylor says:

    I kind of look forward to the laughable “candid” shots that LeAnn will now stage after hearing/reading about this. Watch her hire a model to walk by Eddie and have Eddie ignore her/not notice her as he lovingly gazes at LeAnn. Of course, this will only last as long as it takes to take the picture….then LeAnn will have him rushed out of there before he can take the girl’s number.

  24. eileen says:

    I hope she stops talking about because those two are just not worth the breath. But I undestand when you’re just starting out in Hollywood and reporters ask you questions, its hard to just say “no comment” on things you don’t want to answer.
    Leann ensures her ass is all over the tabloids by selling her photo ops, she wants every one to know how in love they are. You have a yin to every yang so as long as she keeps putting their marriage out there for open discussion and talks about the kids nonstop, they are going to ask Brandi to comment on it.

    • Jezi says:

      I agree! Sometimes she’s really good about not commenting on those two and sometimes she just feels like answering it. Maybe she thought it was just a conversation between the person she was talking to and then it ends up as part of the story. That’s why she said “I was talking about cheaters in general”. This should be interesting watching Leann go nuts trying to prove that Eddie isn’t cheating and so in love.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        See, that’s what I took away from it. She didn’t say “Eddie will cheat on LeAnn too,” she said “He will be with her until he cheats again.”

        Sounds to me like she’s talking about serial cheaters in general, and it was “made” to sound more pointed than it was.

      • Jezi says:

        Exactly and then she commented to Naughty Nice Rob and said he was starting trouble. So I don’t believe it was meant in the context it came out.

    • Lady D says:

      Naked ass. Leanne ensures her ‘naked’ ass is all over the tabloids. You don’t have to answer Eileen, but how could you miss it? (Puns totally intended)

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Wouldn’t it be weird if LeAnn ended up cheating on Eddie? I could see her with a Casper Smart type of guy eventually. And if she’s clinging to him for all she’s worth, then she’s getting what she deserved. That Gollum analogy was the best one I’ve seen, both physically and emotionally. I think Brandi’s lack of filter is making her look like the bad guy, though, so she needs to develop one. I’m sure she is over Eddie and just deals with LeAnn, so that has to come across in the media while she’s on her show.

  25. Tierra says:

    Im sure he already has or she wouldnt be getting all these “trust”, “only one that matters” tattoos all over herself. He probably tells her its a sex addiction or something lame like that but then makes it okay by telling her “she’s the only one that matters” (b/c of her bank acct). Funny he isnt getting anything inked about her or their relationship.

  26. Julie says:

    This is one of those articles that Celebitchy hits the nail on the head. And of course he will cheat. I’m not as convinced it’s out of anything purely physicial, but also an emotional immaturity or problem, i.e. needing constant outside validation. LR’s got to be a bore with her neediness and smothering.

    • cbear says:

      well, and how ’bout being a bore because she is constantly complimenting herself. Or because she spends 24/7 on twitter. Even on holidays and dates, heck, even her honeymoon, she was tweeting from day to night. HOW is that make a person at all interesting to be around?? She constantly tweets about her blessings and quality would she know?? She is too busy arguing and being manic on twitter. It is so freaking weird. I couldn’t imagine spending any time in her presence and enjoying it.

  27. mln76 says:

    Eddie will be more careful about his affairs then he was with Brandi because LeAnn has all the dough and I find it unlikely he’ll be working much. I think Brandi needs to keep the drama going because it’s the only thing that makes her look good she’s pretty tacky.

  28. MDawg says:

    It makes me feel better that regardless of how skinny LeAnn is, she still has cellulite.

  29. wunder says:

    LeAnn will lose Eddie the same way she got him!

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    Serial cheaters don’t start suddenly NOT serial cheating. It just doesn’t happen.

    If it was a one-off thing, with just one person, no emotion involved, that (to me) is different from a serial cheater.

  31. kimberly says:

    oh he’s probably already f’ed someone else, but Leanne is one of those white trash trailer chicks who would blame the other girl. stupid trashy bitches.

    Eddie seems to like them young

  32. Gabby says:

    Leann has seen Brandi’s comments, if her recent “profound” tweets are anything to judge by: “Sometimes in life I’m at a loss for words…..that’s when I’ve learned to laugh as hard as I can.”

    The noose is tightening around her neck, she knows it’s just a matter of time. Honestly, how much longer can it go on? Her life must be a nightmare! Vilified by literally everyone, never being allowed to whitewash the past, having driven away her friends so only the paid lackeys and Brandi’s ex-friends remain, and has to pretend perfection and importance for Eddie so he won’t wander. If she wasn’t so insufferable, I would almost feel sorry for her. But nahhhhh

  33. kelly says:

    I wrote the same sentiments about wearing bikinis won’t get him to stay, on her twitter account, and she blocked me…the truth hurts!

  34. skuddles says:

    I’m curious what state these two live in – California? Just wondering how long Eddie figures he should bide his time…

  35. Vanden says:

    Eddie is a scumbag. I have no doubt that he’ll cheat or that he’s already cheated. I can’t say much for his acting abilities either, I saw him in Ugly Betty and what did he play? A cheater. It’s like even hollywood knows he’s an unfaithful tool and thinks it’s best that he just stick to what he knows.

    As for LeAnn? what goes around comes around bitch

  36. NeNe says:

    I say he will be with her until the well is dry. After that, on to the next sugar mamma.

  37. Iggles says:

    Is it just me?? I can’t stand this woman!

    That is all..

  38. Diana says:

    I am not from the west coast, but doesn’t CA’s “community property” law apply only to wealth earned after the marriage? If so, then Eddie has no reason in the world to leave his second wife. He may very well cheat on her over and over until he’s totally lost his looks, but he will stay in the union. He has no other means of support. And no other sugar momma will touch him. His second wife should calm down and enjoy her great LoVE. It’s the only one she’ll ever have. They are each others’ jailers, in a prison of their own making, serving a life sentence … while everyone else gets to have fun!

  39. The Truth Fairy says:

    Here’s my take: Eddie stepped out on Brandi all the time because she was a nobody and he was the one with the money and celebrity. Most celeb spouses do that same – they compromise to keep their lifestyle. He knew she’d put up with his crap and never leave.

    In his relationship with Leann, however, SHE is the money bags. Before the Leann affair, most people didn’t even know who he was. So now he has more fame and a rich sugar momma. He is not going to screw up something this good.

    The only way he wouldn’t care is if he could sue her for palimony Eric Benet style. You know he totally would too!

    • Gabby says:

      My take on it is that the only reason he’s with Leann is because their combined ‘fame’ made their affair a target of the tabloids.

      Whereas before nobody really cared if he cheated on Brandi with nobodies, with Leann the evidence was there and people wanted to see them HANG. So to save his own ass/career, and probably because Brandi couldn’t just ignore this one, he decided to ‘be in love’ with Leann and make their gross affair ‘legitimate’. He probably also thought “UPGRADE”, in the financial and fame sense. Little did he realize that the public doesn’t forgive or get in this internet age, so honestly I think he regrets their marriage and the ruination of his career every single day and it’s only a matter of time until he just leaves. Probably sooner rather than later, to lessen the effect on his boys.

      Leann, on the other hand, is just an insecure and easily-manipulated person–I’m not sure which is more despicable.

      • cbear says:

        If they would have just chilled and being lowkey, they would have survived this. No one hardly knew who he was, and she hasn’t had a hit in ages, so she was pretty low on the tabloid totem pole.

        But now that people are watching this trainwreck more, since the affair broke, and she lives her life in tabs and twitter, her personality is coming to light…and people do not like it. I don’t think the hate she has is even due to the affair anymore….she just comes across as a complete a#%hole. I don’t think she can fix her career until she quits twitter. The reminder of her nasty personality will fade.

      • Gabby says:

        @cbear: I agree, her downfall has been her incessant need for validation through Twitter. No doubt because she truly has no real support system anymore: her only friends are in her employ and her old, real friends she probably drove away because she COULD NOT HANDLE their criticism of the affair and the way she carried on. Which is kind of amusing, given the constant abuse she gets daily through Twitter.

        It’s REALLY difficult to feel compassion for her, the only people on Twitter who like are basically star-f’ers, people in bumf*ck nowhere who are so flattered by a ‘celebrity’ interacting with them that they completely fawn at her feet. Weak people, weak celebrity, weak ‘friendships’, weak relationship with Eddie = WEAK, UNTENABLE LIFE. But it’s so much fun to watch in your spare time, like a ‘real’ reality show! 😉

  40. rainbow says:

    Okay. I was always following the school of “Eddie will cheat on LeAnn one day too,” but over time I have had a change of heart. I see how Brandi Is and I see how LeAnn is, and they are two very different women. As fun as Brandi may seem, she has a wild side we all witness through her twitter. She likes to tell people to Fuck off and she can be pretty crude. I enjoy this from her, but I honestly think over time, a man would not. LeAnn is all about being cozy and having a loving home. Even though she has horrible fashion sense, she is classy and I bet she never swears. I don’t think I have ever seen her tweet a curse word. I think Eddie cheated on Brandi because he longed for something more and stayed with LeAnn because he finally found it. I don’t think he will cheat on her because I think he respects her as a woman more than he did Brandi. I’m not saying this to trash Brandi, they are just two very different types of women and I have a feeling Eddie got tired of the chaos. He tried to work it out for the sake of his boys, but when that fell through, he followed his heart to LeAnn. Remember, he already had his meal ticket with her *if that is what it was about as many of you seem to think*, he didn’t HAVE to marry her so soon. LeAnn would have stayed with him and you all know that is true.

    • Rita says:

      I got a really good LOL from your comment of how deep and soul searching Eddie is and how honest and sincere LeAnn is about family values. Really funny stuff.

      Your other comment about the use of the word “use or used”, not being a common grammatical error seems not correct but you are correct that I’m not sure how it should be properly used. In any case, if you are looking for grammatical love from me, “your” looking in the wrong place.

      • rainbow says:

        Oh dear Rita, bless “your” heart. Anyone who has an education more than a high school diploma would know the difference between how to use “USED” and “USE” in a sentence. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I guess I was too generous. Next time, when in doubt Doll, google it.

    • Mona says:

      Rainbow (LeAnn) you are so transparent! Ediot didn’t “follow his heart to Leann” he followed your money! How do you explain Scheana? What was he following then, little Eddie? You know in the back of what’s left of your mind that heartbreak is headed your way. Why do serial cheaters cheat? For the same reason a dog licks himself-because he can. May the next Mrs. Cibrian treat you with the same respect and consideration as you have shown your predecessor.

      • Rita says:

        Now, now. What else are rainbows, unicorns, and snowglobes good for if not to past the time of day with a little fantasy….until the cold dark witchy of karma rips our hearts out?

      • rainbow says:

        Hi Mona! If I recall, Shay didn’t get a ring on her finger now did she? He was turned off, bored, whatever and was looking elsewhere. Shay wasn’t the one in the end obviously. You seem to forget that Eddie use, oh excuse me, USED to date Julianne Morris who was a very religious and virginal girl, so he does like the sweet ones. In regards to him wanting LeAnn’s $$, it probably was more of a relief being around a woman who was not trying to always get $$ what they could from their husband, like the “latest baby blue LV diaper bag!” FYI, actors make a shit ton of $$. They don’t have to work all year to survive. I’m sure Eddie has plenty of money from his TV/Movie work, let alone residuals that last for years.

      • rainbow says:

        Hi dear Rita! I’m so sorry, I seemed to have gotten under your skin.

      • brin says:


    • lil ole me says:

      BWAH HAHAHAHA!!! RIIIGHT Tinkerbell!
      You been watching ONE TOO MANY Disney movies. Lawd a mercy…. Hey, hey I got some ocean front property you might be interested in, WONDERFUL location! Arizona. Low price too. You interested?
      (Don’t blame me for trying. There is LITERALLY one born every minute)

    • Jezi says:

      Actually rainbow you are incorrect about Leann. If you paid close attention you would see that she calls her twitter fans “bitches” and “hoes” and their wedding speeches should be googled. Eddie said “I love the fucking microphone” and Leann followed up with “Let’s eat some cake bitches”. So…there goes that theory. A classy woman does not sleep with married men and cheat on their own husband. A classy woman wouldn’t allow their husband to stick their finger in their a-hole in front of paps and random people. A classy woman wouldn’t do air splits and bend over playing boche ball at a resort in a bikini when everyone is fully clothed. But if you want to believe the fairy tale then go right ahead.

      • Shay Kay says:

        Jezi, thank you for clearing up the whole classy woman thing! I would only add that classsy women do not continually wear bikinis their reveal their entire @ss!
        Seriously, Leann, keep your thongs for private time and wear some halfway decent bikini bottoms next time! The entire world does not want to see your skanky @ss everytime we log on celebrity websites..also, either do something to keep being a celebrity (such as I don’t know using your talent) or quit staging photo ops!

  41. GoodCapon says:

    Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon…

  42. Memphis says:

    Even when he does cheat, we all know she wont leave. She can’t. Not without hearing all the inevitable “we told you so” comments and having to face the truth that she really wasn’t “LovEd” above all others.

    So she will stay and keep tattooing meaningless “LovE” quotes on herself in a vain effort to calm her panic over his wandering eye, striving to be “perfect” so he doesn’t feel the need to stray and never living a truly peaceful, satisfied life..

    serves her right 🙂

    • lil ole me says:

      Exactly! Now you got some sense!
      Eddie will leave Leann after AND ONLY AFTER they pry him from her cold, dead fingers! Bitch will be on him like donkey kong FOR LIFE.
      He was already unfaithful, everyone knows it. She obviously looks the other way, hugging her phone in the fetal position rocking back & forth while twittering for validation from her “fans”

  43. Dee Cee says:

    She worked too hard to get in shape to stick with lesser new hubby for long.. he gets the publicity money when she poses with him.. but little more, I bet she dumps him as her music career gets going strong again and she won’t have kids until she’s in her thirties.. busting lose from husband number one really got her out of her shell.. she’s hot to trot.

  44. Anita says:

    Professional cheaters tell their victims crap like this all the time. Oh Baby, you are the only one “that” matters. She wasn’t woman enough for me like you, she didn’t understand me like you, blah blah blah. He will tell you whatever you want to hear to lull you into a false sense of security so he can party in someone else’s pants while you are out buying him new toys. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, especially effective when spoken by pretty boys to not-so-pretty girls. SUCKA!

  45. misstrishm says:

    No wonder she’s so skinny it must be stressful trying to keep an eye out on him. I wonder if she hires a PI to following him around whenever she’s not around him.

  46. Anita says:

    Time for some tough love Rainbow. I wouldn’t be bragging about him putting a ring on it, especially one he didn’t pay for. He put a ring on Brandi, too. He doesn’t respect women or marriage, just look how he treats them. You keep right on trying to justify his behavior and blaming everyone but him and then watch him blame you when he cheats again. When the shoe is on the other hoof, you will figure it out. Of course he likes the sweet ones. He also likes the mean ones, the pretty ones, the ugly ones, he likes them all and you know it’s true or you wouldn’t be trolling message boards. Wake up sister, you all look the same in the dark or when he’s wearing his Don Julio goggles. He is making a complete jackass out of you. Why would a gifted vocalist with talent to burn ruin her life for a few years of misery? You are capable of so much more than what you’ve let yourself become. Unfortunately, experience is the best teacher.

    • Linda says:

      “Rainbow” a/k/a LeAnn Rimes. Oh, how she tries to insult our intelligences by coming on these boards using an alias, but she forgets, she soooooo transparent.

  47. Sarah says:

    Only if she doesn’t cheat on him first.

  48. Meanchick says:

    How many yeast infections does LR get from those nasty all-up-in-there bikini bottoms? It’s not just up her non-existent ass, but assaulting the coo-cat too!

  49. skuddles says:

    Oh I’m betting he’s already cheated on Leann, probably more than once. He knows he’s nothing but a bought and paid for manbitch – guaranteed he’s gonna act out the only way he knows how… with his dick.

  50. theo says:

    Every cell in my body will rejoice once Leann goes down. I will then insult her and laugh at her on Twitter until she goes bananas. She’s the poster child of insecurity.