In Touch: LeAnn Rimes won’t get pregnant because Eddie loves “petite girls”

In that LeAnn Rimes story I wrote a few days ago, I mentioned that some random psychic had predicted that 2012 was the year that LeAnn Rimes would get pregnant. I said I kind of hoped it would happen, just because it would give LeAnn something to DO, you know? Something to obsess over, something to discuss endlessly. Yes, I’m being selfish – it would be great gossip news, and it would end up being a big story.

But! In Touch Weekly has an interesting story this week about LeAnn’s mixed emotions at the prospect of getting preggo. According to their sources, she’d really like a baby, but she doesn’t want to give up her tiny little body. It gets even sadder – LeAnn believes that Eddie would stop having sex with her if she was knocked up, because he would be so turned off by her pregnancy “bloat”:

As LeAnn Rimes’ one-year wedding anniversary with husband Eddie Cibrian approaches, she is eager to give him the best gift ever – a baby. In fact, LeAnn wants to have a child with Eddie – who has two sons, Mason and Jake, with ex-wife Brandi Glanville – more than anything in the world.

But LeAnn is already struggling to overcome a major roadblack: “She doesn’t want to gain the weight!” a source reveals to In Touch. The reason? A size 0, LeAnn is afraid that when she gets pregnant, Eddie will be turned off be her bloated body. In fact, says the source, LeAnn heard that Eddie stopped having sex with Brandi when she was expecting both Mason and Jake.

“Eddie loves petite girls – the thinner the better,” says the source. But LeAnn knows she won’t be able to maintain her skeletal figure while pregnant. “She fears that Eddie will stray or stop having sex with her if she gains any baby weight.”

Now, she’s having second thoughts, the source says, “LeAnn is truly torn over this.” In fact, she’s so desperate to come up with a solution, she’s even looking using a surrogate mother, the source says.

The dilemma is driving her crazy, and friends think she is making a huge mistake by putting her looks before her desire to start a family.

“Everyone knows how hard LeAnn worked for her body,” says the source. “But it would be really selfish and a shame if she lets that prevent her from becoming a mom.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Ah, such mixed emotions. Whatever will she choose? Have a baby with her husband and finally graduate from “overly attentive, hyper-narcissistic bonus mom” to “actual mom” OR will she choose to keep her husband’s wandering eye firmly placed on her bones? How sad is it that one of the “reasons” LeAnn doesn’t want to get pregnant is because she thinks/knows Eddie will cheat on her? Congrats, In Touch. You just made me pity LeAnn Rimes.

Photos courtesy of Fame, PCN.

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  1. LadyT says:

    I wish she would just leave him.

  2. bea says:

    That’s a lucky un-born baby then!

    I guess that’s code for “I’ll divorce you if you gain an ounce”.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t cheat, no matter how “petite” she is, it just means he’ll continue to be willing to be in photos as her “husband” and mooch off of her.

    That is one crappy (and way too public) relationship.

  3. sauvage says:

    This story makes me cringe on so many levels.

  4. B says:

    He sounds like a worthless, talentless leech. And he’s not even decent looking which makes her infatuation with this low life even harder to fathom.

    • Erinn says:

      I can’t stand him, but I find him attractive. Dark haired guys are my thing… and those dimples! But his douchiness far outweighs that.

    • JenJen says:

      Well, I find him extremely attractive. I would totally date a guy who looks like him, I think physically he’s a-okay.
      However, I also think he’s a top-grade douchebag, a worthless piece of sh*t superficial assh*le who doesn’t deserve even a brainless paranoid twit like LeAnn. I would touch Eddie with a ten-foot pole, but I’m not going to pretend he isn’t really good-looking.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        PHYSICALLY, he’s an attractive man. But add in all the stuff you said, plus his idiotic, misogynistic, you-can’t-weigh-over-100lbs-ness, and that not only NEGATES his physical attractiveness; it puts him in the “severely lacking” category.

  5. NM6804 says:

    That’s what I’ve been thinking all along. That’s karma right there Rimes, no pity from me.

  6. someone says:

    honestly, people that vain narcissistic shouldn’t have kids anyways. I get so mad when women date losers then do everything they can to please them. if she didn’t want a baby as a personal thing that’s fine, but if she wants a surrogate so she won’t get fat and Eddie stays with her she’s stupid. getting a bit (or a lot) heavier during pregnancies IS NATURAL. instead of trying to please Eddie by doing these unrealistic things, she should dump him. it’s better these two save a poor child from a dramatic and shallow life

  7. Mudhooks says:

    If he’s so put out by his women putting on weight while they are pregnant he should either keep it in his pants or have the baby himself. Disgusting…

  8. Boo says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t hate them more…

  9. brin says:

    This is so not surprising. Pathetic and sad, but not surprising. I agree with the above posters, she won’t get pregnant.

  10. Snappyfish says:

    I don’t like this girl but I do feel sorry for her. This guy is a douchebag who is only interested in her money & the life she can provide him (ie Porsche for Xmas, etc)

    It will only be down hill from here.

  11. DG says:

    My theory is that the type of men who date only and exclusively small women (instead of a healthy range of all types) have small pee pee syndrome.

  12. a nony mouse says:

    jesus h. if her narcissism and petty insecurities keeps these two troglodytes from breeding then we should all be thankful. can you EVEN imagine what a nightmare she would be as a mother?!

  13. brin says:

    LOL…you’re right! (sorry….meant to reply to a nony mouse).

  14. Agnes says:

    It’s sad that she thinks he’d cheat on her… But I guess that’s what you get when your relationships starts out the way theirs did? BUT, I don’t think it would be “selfish” for her NOT to have a child, for whatever reason she chooses. It IS a choice, not our destiny as women. :)

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I doubt this story is true. First of all, he started an affair with her when she was probably about…what, 10, 15 lbs heavier than she is now? Obviously he’s not that concerned about the perfect body. In fact, he cheated on Brandi (right?) when she arguably had a better body than Leanne at the time. I bet Leanne ends up pregnant within the next year or so..

  16. Roma says:

    Umm, didn’t Eddie cheat on Brandi with women other than LeAnn when Brandi was pregnant? There’s history there.

    His wandering dong will take any excuse to go trolling for strange.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Did he? Oh I didn’t know that..I still think if people are going to cheat they will cheat. If you love someone, you’re ok with them gaining a little weight, ESPECIALLY if it’s due to pregnancy. And honestly, I think Leanne is dying to have this dude’s baby as extra insurance that they’ll be inexorably tied together forever.

      • Roma says:

        There was a young girl he cheated on Brandi with for quite awhile, including while he was pregnant with the last boy. In fact she thought she was the only mistress and got really upset when she found out about LeAnn (if I remember correctly). I guess that’s why I don’t get the serious hate towards her; Eddie is a douche and now Brandi is at least free to find a more normal guy.

        But I’m still not sold on her popping out any kids, I think she really is afraid to gain weight.

      • Jezi says:

        @Roma Brandi found out about Leann first. They were working on their marriage and in counseling when she found out about Scheana. She found out he cheated on her with Scheana for 3 years and while she was pregnant with Jake. That’s what really ended the marriage.

      • Roma says:

        @Jezi: I meant the mistress got upset when she found out about LeAnn. Mistresses don’t mind the cheating on the wife part but then they still expect the guy to cheat ONLY with them? Makes me laugh. Didn’t mean to imply anything about Brandi.

      • Jezi says:

        @Roma Oh…I thought you were confused on the order of which things went down. Oh I know, I never understand the thought processes of mistresses. I guess it’s a given that they are with their wife but I guess the mistress thinks she is special so when she finds out that she isn’t the only other other woman, it squashes that dream.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        If that’s a dream I can’t help but wonder, what’s a nightmare? Oh right, being the wife who’s actually in love with the guy. Ugh…that is so sad. :(

      • the original bellaluna says:

        WOW. He is seriously a huge prick!

        (Which just confirms my suspicions. Even when he was a character on Third Watch, he just OOZED smarm and slime. Like a visible trail I had to clean off my TV screen.)

  17. Cirque28 says:

    I figure we can’t control our preferences. But why hook up with a woman who is the opposite of your type? There’s something cruel about it. As if Ediot knew he could torture her with this. He probably began making little ‘humorous’ jabs about her body. I’ve seen many men casually do that to their wives and girlfriends, although, admittedly, most women don’t freak out as hard as Falcor has. I’m sure watching her jump through all these hoops in a bid to hold onto him has been quite the ego boost.

    And speaking of ego boosts, you just know he’s subtly encouraging LR to see Brandi as her rival. When someone’s naturally insecure and jealous, it’s not hard to accidentally (oops!) drop hints about your ex that are guaranteed to make your current partner go insane.

    • Sam says:

      agreed. its usually when a man is dumped that he has so much hatred for his ex. I don;t like her but I actually feel sorry for Leann because by the time she realizes changing yourself for a man is pathetic she will have wasted a lot of her life. I gained 40 pounds after getting married (yikes i know) but my husband never said anything and when I lost the weight he just said he was proud of me for accomplishing it if that was what I wanted because he loved me no matter what I looked like. I feel Eddie isnt like that

      • Cirque28 says:

        That’s a very good man you have there!

        I speak from experience. My ex-H pulled this when we were young and stupid. I still get it sometimes, in both directions. I’ve dated men who said, “My type is quite a bit thicker than you” and 1 memorable guy who waited until we were IN BED to mention his preference for “the ballet dancer body type.”

        They just hate it when you dump them over that, but I say, “Oh, but I couldn’t possibly keep you from your dreamgirl. I know she’s out there! Go find her, go on, shoo!”

    • Day says:

      I think money was the driving force behind it all. Normally, he wouldn’t look once at a woman like LeAnn. But, when he saw what an insecure twit she was, he knew he could mold her into what he wanted. He wanted to live a lavish life style but his limited talent made that impossible. So, what is the next best thing to do? Marry rich.

      If this will keep these two from breeding, I say great. Leann doesn’t need a child to pass along her neurotic insecurities to. Can you image if they have a girl? LeAnn would make her life hell. We have enough LeAnn’s and Eddie’s in the world.

    • anon33 says:

      SO. MUCH. WORD. to this. One of my best guy friends, who I unfortunately love like a brother, does this to his girlfriend and I want to punch him in the face for it.

      When they met, she had curly long hair, and was a bit hippy, but not fat by any means. He has worn her down over the last two years to the point where she chooped off all of her beautiful hair (because “he only likes girls with short hair”) and has basically become anorexic (because he “only likes skinny girls like Megan Fox.”)

      And of course, this dude is way overweight, a part time bartender with no other job, and a loser who basically sits on the couch all day. It’s pathetic.

  18. Guest says:

    I give this marriage about another year. I get the vibe there is something off about the both of them.

  19. Jezi says:

    Leann will probably not get pregnant because she will not want to lose the skinny and she will not want to stop her psoriasis meds. Plus, and just from witnessing their lifestyle, I don’t think she would be capable of being a full time parent. She has to work right now to pay for Eddie, unless she plans on bringing a baby on tour to the county fairs, it won’t be happening. But Eddie will cheat regardless! It won’t matter if she is skinny, fat, has extensions, has fake boobs, has injections in her lips. He’s a cheater!

  20. Sapphire says:

    Didn’t a previous poster remark that the drug she takes to control psoriasis would have to be stopped before she got pregnant? Now way I can see this womanletting herself have an outbreak.

  21. Dana M says:

    She has serious mental health issues.

  22. WickedSteppMom says:

    I don’t care what the reason is, these people should NOT have a baby. UGH…the thought actually makes me throw up in my mouth. Today is my daughter’s birthday…before we were blessed with her, I had a very traumatic pregnancy loss in which I almost lost my life as well; we also did 6 IUI’s and an IVF & and I would have happily gained a crapload of weight, but I was actually so sick during my pregnancy that I lost 55 lbs. But my daughter was born healthy, and is now a lovely 1st grader.

  23. sabrina says:

    ”Till a baby do us apart”.

  24. Rumorhasit says:

    For once, Leann is being smart about something. She shouldn’t be procreating with anyone, and Brandi managed to keep her body as tigh as Leann’s after giving birth twice. I would love for Brandi to go on the offensive about that and put little miss bonus children back in her place. Cause you know Leann would absolutely lose it in her her quest to single white female Glanvilles life. This is the one thing Brandi’s got on her.

  25. Natasha says:

    If this is in any way true (and I am inclined to believe it probably is), it’s actually incredibly sad. I can’t stand the woman but I admit to feeling a tiny bit sorry for her while reading this article, as it seems she has so many reasons to be insecure in this relationship. I’m sure this insecurity is behind her totally nuts-a-rama behaviour, her narcissism, her bragging, her need to prove how much she’s ‘loved’ by Eddie, the boys, her friends etc. etc.

    Only a truly scared and unhappy person would behave like this. She’s terrified she is going to lose him one way or another, and unfortunately regardless of what she does or doesn’t do, she probably will eventually.

    Why would anyone want to be in a relationship like this? I can’t imagine what it would do to your self-esteem. Urgh.

  26. irishserra says:

    Hmmm… it’s hard for me to pity her. That very reasoning alone would have told me from the get-go that he is a slimy, disgusting douche bag who is not worth the money, time and worry she invests in him.

    They’re so perfect together.


  27. JudyK says:

    Why is LeAnn NAKED in every single pic we see of her…gawd, ENOUGH. See a psychiatrist and put on some effing clothes, Idiot.

  28. Mrs. Nix says:

    For whatever reason they manufacture, I hope they don’t have kids for a long time. The two boys have been through enough ripping up of their normalcy. They don’t need a new baby thrown in their faces, too.

  29. MJ says:

    “Bloated body”? Nice description of a pregnant woman, In Touch.

    Also, I’m sure pregnancy would only make here MORE narcissistic and annoying. She’s already so high-and-mighty, being a mom would only make her more insufferable and smug. Plus, I’m sure she’d hardly gain any weight. She is too self-centred to let herself go (not that I think gaining a bunch of weight during pregnancy is letting oneself go – I’m just sure Leann sees it that way.)

  30. SolitaryAngel says:

    I don’t feel sorry for LR herself, but I do feel sorry for any woman who is afraid to have a baby for fear she’ll lose *her* man. In truth, if you fear that a beautiful, natural thing like becoming a mother will make your man wander–Honey, you never had him in the first place. I truly believe she knows it, too. As thin as she is, I doubt she could become pregnant; she may not even be having regular periods by now.

  31. Moi says:

    Sounds like they deserve each other. BTW, the baby in the picture looks petrified.

  32. Franny says:

    This girl never has to do playboy because I’ve basically seen her naked now. between the ass grabbing picture and the carrying drinks picture, there is nothing left to wonder about how she looks naked.

    God I hope I’m this classy when I’m almost 30.

  33. Jezi says:

    Can I just add that the picture of Eddie grabbing Leann’s ass is really making my breakfast come up.

  34. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    She could always go the Beyoncé pillow pregnancy route ;) That way she’ll: 1) avoid being called shallow for not wanting to carry the baby herself 2) still get all the attention she’s constantly coveting from the public 3) remain rail thin just the way Eddie likes ‘em.

    • Madisyn says:

      Hey Mort, great post, spot on and that’s probably EXACTLY how it will go down.

    • Asli says:

      Yeah, I think this will be the new MO in Hollywood. My only advice is to not use a pillow but one of those pregnant bellys they use in movies… Someone has got to tell them *shrugs* I think they’ll now what I mean if I describe what the bellys look like:

      1 trimester = Scotch Pot

      2 trimester = Hooch Pooch

      3 trimester = Beer Belly

      Now go buy your baby bellys and let the fun begin, you famewhoring boozehounds!

      *Disclaimer: Think all pregnany women are beautiful. This description is prob the only one Leann will understand :P

  35. Diana says:

    Nonsense. They can both have it their way — Leann can hire a surrogate to carry her baby … Eddie can insist on impregnating the surrogate himself … all of it can be captured for a new reality show, scheduled opposite the Real Housewives of BH so that Leann can have the satisfaction of getting bigger ratings than Brandi’s show … Leann and Eddie will make millions with their new Petite Mama et Papa line of baby stuff … Leann will have her baby … and she won’t gain an ounce … Eddie will go to court again and have his payments for Mason and Jake reduced because he has another mouth to feed. See? It all works out! Until Brandi’s book is published …

  36. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Eddie doesn’t want someone with a bigger butt than his – and the first photo is showing something that only the waxer should see.

  37. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Why should her insecurity and Eddie’s douchey behaviour keep them from procreating. Have we learned nothing from Beybumpless? Get a surrogate, except instead of lying about being pregnant, claim you have health complications. I mean this the 21st century. Who carries their own kids anymore anyway? So passe.

  38. Julie says:

    If thats how she really feels, she doesn’t deserve a baby.

  39. cbear says:

    I don’t automatically take these kinds of stories as true from a “source”, though this one wouldn’t be too hard to believe. She’s obviously VERY insecure. I remember for a while she was talking nonstop about wanting to start a family soon. Now, in tweets and interviews, she’s super evasive and defensive when pregnancy is mentioned. I’ve been wondering why the sudden turnaround there.

  40. Roxy750 says:

    So glad he’s not superficial and loves her for who she is. Di#K!

  41. MAJCresubmittal says:

    LeAnn’s FEAR of childbirth (her mother had a very difficult folding>seriously)has been reported since she was with Dean. It was re-discussed when she got the boob-job & Lipo. Posters including myself indicated she would go the surrogate route when she chose those surgeries prior to getting pregnant, so this doesn’t surprise me. LeAnn NEEDS the biological child with Eddie to remain LeEdiot forever. I have no sympathy for LeAnn, however, I do feel for Brandi when LeEdiot have child, because it will not only link LeEdiot , but also Brandi perpetually with LeAnn due to her boys half-sibling get togethers, even after Eddie dumps LeAnn’s ass. LeAnn will end up fat like Belinda when she’s ages, child or not.

  42. Diana says:

    “Eddie loves petite girls – the thinner the better,” says the source.

    All kidding aside, the use of the word “petite” is odd as by definition, it does not refer to weight but to height. There is plus size petite as well as regular size in ladies’ clothing. Petite refers to height. And we all know who is NOT petite, ha! Here’s lookin’ at you, Brandi, you tall drink of water!

  43. Ravensdaughter says:

    Correction-He likes anorexic girls. What a douchebag-he would rather have a stick wife than children with the woman he (supposedly) loves.

  44. Heather M (Heather) says:

    She is correct, IMO. I thought I heard that Brandi said that’s basically what broke up their marriage/drove his cheating–her being pregnant (physical) and also being a full time mom, rather than his hot wife (mental).

    What a shell of a man to feel that way. It’s basically misogynistic.

    PS I hate to wish ill will on anyone, but Leann is so evil that I kind of hope she does get pregnant b/c I suspect that’s the only way she will ever feel what she & EC caused Brandi to feel, b/c of course pregnancy will make EC cheat on her & treat her differently. Then perhaps Brandi could finally get some peace.

  45. Newtsgal says:

    If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you……Karma is a bitch!

  46. Maritza says:

    I bet she’ll end up using a surrogate because that is what celebrities are doing nowadays. She has the money for it so why would she risk getting fat.

  47. Rita says:

    I now understand the depth of courage and conviction Mel Gibson portrayed in the movie Brave Heart when he and his men stood against the overwhelming forces the king of England had arrayed against him.

    In this case, LeAnn Rimes, Kim Kardashian, and Lelo sit atop their mounts holding the high ground looking down at us peasents standing between them and the fields of fertility.

    Rita, playing the part of Mel Gibson, rides her mount up and down the line encouraging brin, Jezi, Eileen, and all the others who know the fields of fertility must be defended against the barbaric skanks wanting to graze in our holy pastures.

    “Hold your ground ladies! They can steal your husbands, lie to your children, as well as bully and taunt you in public, but they must not be allowed to reproduce.”

    Rita raises her axe and contiunes.

    “They may kill you and destroy your homes but they will never take our FREEDOMS”

    The three famewhores spur their Gerbils into a gallop, charging the lines of morality as Rita encourages her warriors.

    “Hold, Hold, Hold. Now slay those worthless Gerbils. Onward ladies onward.

    (I get to be Mel Gibson because it’s my snowglobe)

  48. jasperkitty says:

    I think the story is BS. She was bigger (not a lot)and in less shape when Eddie and her met. From the photos I have seen, she looks pretty confident to me.

  49. Rita says:

    It’s so interesting that even LeAnn knows her money won’t keep Eddie. Like jasperkitty said, when they met LeAnn was something of a healthy but stout country girl.

    In spite of all her ravings about being happy, LeAnn has felt the need to surgically alter her appearance for Eddie, give up the thought of having her own children, and suffocatea Eddie with the luxuries of life.

    It seems just a matter of time before even the money won’t keep Eddie’s attention. I’ve no doubt his dong has already spent time with some radom biscuits.

  50. Odyssa Kelly says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Leann at all, if anything, she’s reaping on what she sowed. The woman was a schemer and as the saying goes, “what comes around goes around.” This marriage (like most Hollywood marriages) will not last, given their narcissistic lifestyle!

  51. Rita says:

    I have to run for a bit but I would like to remind everyone that LeAnn has asked us not to discuss her ovaries in public….because that’s where she keeps her nuts for the winter, shhhhh.

  52. Courtney says:

    the press needs to butt out maybe Leann might have an underlying health issue that makes having children harder like her thyroid might be off or she might have endomitriosis or Polly Cycstic Overian Syndrome so it’s harder to conceive and carry a pregnancy. if Eddie said that he’s an insensitive idiot who shouldn’t be having more kids anyway.

  53. jasperkitty says:

    Thank you for asking.
    I tend to believe that what comes directly from the horses mouth and in the case of GB and Brandi…ummm, I kinda watched the same TMZ video you did.
    I use my best judgements with the information provided. It is always negative information and commenting about LR here on Celebitchy…I would be here forever commenting or, as you put it, ‘giving people crap’ about it.
    AND when I finally do…I am accused of knowing LR.
    I am a minority regarding this subject and I realize that…if you don’t like it, don’t read my comments…I often try to follow my own advise, but sometimes things are so ridiculous I just can’t help myself. I am welcome, thus far, just as you are. :)

  54. meg says:

    I don’t pity her at all. she made her bed

  55. sara says:

    Oh well, then he’ll dump her when shes in menopause

  56. lil ole me says:

    Does anyone sense a frantic behavior on her part when she is away from him? She is out of town w/o Ed now, and it seems like she can’t enjoy herself (says she is sick), or do anything w/o him.
    I imagine her RUSHING back to her hotel room to skype or whatever w/him to make sure he is behaving.
    I really believe this is what her life w/Eddie is like. Now, that is kinda a sad way to live. But I truly believe he is her WHOLE WORLD. I’m not knocking love. I just got married, but we have separate interests & can be w/o each other w/o worrying.
    Gosh help her if she has to tour-
    or even better (or worse) Eddie gets an acting gig while she is touring.
    HOW would she survive?
    Must also suck knowing you’re the sole bread-winner

  57. stephanie says:

    i think the grossest thing about all of this is actually that photo where EC is PULLING her buttcheek. Please make it go away.

  58. Gisele says:

    How sad. She just oozes such insecurity about her marriage. Not that In Touch is my go to spot for true stories, but this one seems plausible. On another note, maybe she should focus less on her weight and more on her career. She now seems to play small casinos and state fairs exclusively and the tickets to the shows are dirt cheap. What an embarrassment she has made of herself. She may have “won” Eddie, but she seems to have lost a lot more than she gained. Her career is a joke, the public seem to hate her and she has an out of work, shallow, serial cheater husband, who uses her for her money and wouldn’t love her if she got pregnant and “bloated”. I almost feel sorry for her.

  59. paola says:

    Ewwwww that pic with him grabbing her flabby ass is just gross. i can see everything and i didn’t want to see all that Leanne! Just get a room for god’s sake!

  60. HappyJoyJoy says:

    And I can’t help to hope she does get pregnant and gains a significant amount of weight. Maybe then she’ll learn some damn humility. I can’t stand this twat.

  61. Kittypants says:

    If there is any truth to this story he truly is a grade ‘A’ shithead and she’s a moron for staying with him. Fools, the pair of them.

  62. lucy2 says:

    She doesn’t seem mentally stable enough to raise a child. And if her worries he’d cheat on her for gaining weight while pregnant are true, that is in NO WAY a secure and loving relationship and a kid won’t change that.

  63. skilo says:

    I have said since the beginning that I did not believe that Leann would get pregnant because she knows that Eddie will be turned off if she gains any weight, has to go off her psoriasis meds(and have outbreaks). Plus if they have a child that will limit (at least a little) Eddies constantly on vacay lifestyle. Nannies so you can party 24/7 aren’t cheap. I don’t think Eddie will want Leann to have a baby by a surrogate because that will mean money that could be spent on him or something he wants would go to the baby.

  64. maggie grace says:

    As opposed to what the article says, her not procreating would be the most UN-selfish thing she could do. She’ll never get knocked up on purpose. She’s wayyyy to afraid of losing Eddie. She’ll probably go for a surrogate, just like Brandi’s pal, Camille Grammar did.

  65. juju says:

    And in the who care news !! “Eddie dont give a shit about Leanne he likes her money and vacations, he hasnt done anything since being with her !!

  66. HA! says:

    Sad, indeed. Being between a jerk and a hard place. It’s gotta suck having to choose between having a baby or trying to keep her jerk’s weiner in his pants. I mean she already has the stretch marks on her hips, what’s a few more in her abdomen area? those are badges of honor for being a brave mom. In the meantime Leann, stretch the chain of money you have jerky tied with.

  67. BELLA says:

    Please ,she is an idiot! He is an ass
    = perfect

  68. BMJC says:

    @61 paola: When I look at that picture I believe LeAnn is drinking her beer with her right arm and Eddie is grabbing LeAnn’s remaining butt flab to remind her she’s a bit on the fat side. Eddie’s dominating/controlling LeAnn (despite her having the money) and she is submitting disgracefully because she is sooooo publicly invested in this d-bag Ediot!

  69. mew says:

    The picture of him grabbing her butt is just priceless.

  70. Missfit says:

    Makes sense now why she got all skeletor…cause of his dumb ass and basically she doesn’t want to be a fat ass. What a dumb bitch…

  71. no thanks says:

    that pic will give me nightmares for a long time to come.. lol what a nasty ass

  72. kimberly says:

    so that greasy, ugly guy likes petites?

    hahahaha because he’s a chick with a d-ck!

    not to bash too hard because lots of girls like REALLY feminine guys like Justin Bieber because they have inner lesbian desires and those guys are pretty much girls so . . .

    anyways, Leanne is a diet whore, chain smoker, and drinks calories instead of eating them. She’s one step from having an eating disorder and is otherwise a generic trailer trash, salon blonde with the class of a pabst beer can being used for a pipe to smoke dirt weed from.

    btw Leanne watch your back because you have the body of a 14 year old girl, so you best watch your dirty skeezy man if that’s what he’s in to . . .

  73. Ginger says:

    If there is any truth to this then she has some serious body image issues and should NOT get pregnant. I too cringed when it was mentioned that she was worried about Eddie straying. Really? She should have known that because of the way their relationship started in the first place. She should also be worried since he did cheat on Brandi while she was and was not preggo. I don’t get it…why is she obsessed with this guy anyway?

  74. Sara says:

    He’s probably going to cheat on her anyway, she might as well have a baby if she wants one.

  75. ellen says:

    What the heck happened to Eddie?? I was just looking at google images of him and Brandi. He looks great, thin, happy and stylish. Now with LR, all I see is: drunkenness, grim face or forced smiles and grandpa sweaters.

  76. Kat says:

    He gives off such epic “I’m a total douche!” vibes. I don’t know what any woman would see in him. He’s too in love with himself to be remotely attractive.

    I give this marriage another year, tops.

  77. chevyhops says:

    I think I see her ahole there!!!!!

  78. Sorry, but she is such as narcissistic mess. If I didn’t find her so disgusting I could actually feel sorry for her.

  79. Lisa says:

    Pregnancy does freaky things to your body, so I can kind of understand where she’s coming from.

  80. iseepinkelefants says:

    I don’t pity her. I find her sad, pathetic and repulsive. Why would anyone want a baby with a man who would cheat on you for having HIS baby? These shallow nobodies really deserve each other.

  81. lil ole me says:

    Leann is gonna trip and kill herself one day. She tweeted she wears 7″ heels on stage. WTF? While singing??? SO YOU CAN PRETEND TO BE AS TALL AS BRANDI? So obvious.
    Leann, give it up w/the trying to be tall like the FIRST WIFE, honey I have seen Prof ballers that weren’t as tall as Brandi (esp when she is in heels)!
    Brandi is NATURALLY TALL w/legs for days, I’ll give her that much

    • Nicole says:

      When she was with Dean, she always wore flip flops and gym shoes. Now, since being with Eddie all she wears are stilettos. She so badly wants to be and look like Brandi. The saddest thing of all is that her narcisstic mind forces her to think she is Brandi, that she physically looks like her. She has surgically transformed herself all for a man, which one day she will REGRET.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        You know I can’t help but be reminded of a documentary I once watched. There is a surgery, usually practiced in Asia, where people have their leg bones broken and adjusted over the course of about a year to obtain up to 4 inches in height. They are literally bed ridden for a year. In the documentary the people they featured were doing the procedure because they hoped it would help them get better jobs. The thought being that if they were taller they would stand out more. I could see LeAnn doing this if it didn’t leave horrible scarring. Sad.

  82. Jennifer says:

    UGH!!! Could you AT LEAST start using unflattering pics of her? Maybe some where she’s picking her nose or has shit in her teeth? I’m so sick of seeing her smug smile. She’s an asshole.

  83. Josie says:

    Whether or not she gets pregnant he will and probably always has cheated on LeAnn. All he has to do is dip into her bank acount and pay the other skanks to shut up. LeAnn….where do you think some of your money is going? It’s called “hush money” LeAnn. Let’s hope these two nut cases do not procreate. Don’t bring an innocent baby into your crazy lives Ediot and Idiot!

  84. laura says:

    They’re both douchebags, but I do think they both have a point here. A lot of work went into her body; opting not to ruin it with pregnancy isn’t much different from opting not to ruin it with junk food. And a bloated, preggo fatty is not what he signed up for. He can’t control it if he doesn’t find fat attractive. Sure, most decent men probably wouldn’t cheat on their preggo wife just because they weren’t attracted to the fat, but she knew damn well what kind of guy she was dealing with.

    • Wendy says:

      @laura a bloated prego fatty is not what he signed up for? Do you understand how stupid you sound? Being pregnant is not being fat. You sound like an idiot.

      • laura says:

        I took ‘bloated’ from the original article, but I do think that’s how he would see a pregnant LR…as fat. True, being pregnant is not necessarily being fat, but let’s face it, she’s going to gain weight that he may not find attractive. And there’s no guarantee that her post-pregnancy body is going to return to the same size it is now.

  85. Quinn says:

    I made the same mistake with a cheating pretty boy douche when I was about her age…it’s a losing battle…no amount of weight loss or sex-kitten behavior on your part will make him what he’s not: trustworthy.

  86. Linda says:

    How pathetic when you permanently tattoo the word “Trust” on your wrist, to constantly remind him not to cheat.

  87. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    That “man” has NO business bringing another child into this world. Eddie Cibrian doesn’t even financially support the children he has already. He doesn’t even have a JOB, what a JOKE! What kind of man is perfectly fine with his wife paying all his bills? What a bag of douche.

    And, I can’t understand how anyone thinks this serial cheater is even being faithful now. Of course he’s already cheated.

    • sam says:

      Considering he gets a 65% refund in child support if he’s unemployed for 6 months, I agree with you. This guy is the real loser here. Why does he have to ONLY work in acting? Cant he get a real job if the acting thing isnt really panning out too well now that hes getting a little too old to play hottie w/ no acting skills?

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        I can’t believe the court forced her to return money because he refuses to find work. That article was from a year ago, why hasn’t BG taken him back to court? He doesn’t have the right to stay unemployed indefinitely, and with all this vacationing he’s obviously not even trying to find a job. I’ve seen many divorces where there are children involved, and if one parent continually refuses to work the court imputes an income to them commensurate with what they “could” make based on work history. I’ve seen comments on other sites where people call for BG to “get a job”, well she has and he hasn’t. Child support is high in California because there’s a high cost of living, and that’s what it’s based upon. Brandi wasn’t even given the time to get an education, as a stay at home mom, she should have been awarded spousal support as well. BG needs a better lawyer.

  88. lil ole me says:

    Two days without her hawk eye on old Ed, and this trick is ALREADY LOSING HER MIND, just read her tweets…. po thang

  89. Vanessa says:

    I have to say that I honestly find the whole Leann thing so incredibly sad. She has and is continuing to make such a fool of herself and has basically alienated any of the few fans she has left. She compliments herself, pays for press, tweets every 5 seconds, gives in-depth descriptions of every feeling she has and is just trying so “dang” (her favorite word) hard to make everyone believe that her relationship was meant to be and that her life is one to be envied. Unfortunately for her, it all just translates into the portrayal of an insecure, train wreck who is getting exactly what she paid for. A cheater, unemployed husband, who wouldn’t know loyalty if it hit him in the face. Any man who doesn’t love his wife enough to accept the physical changes that bringing a child into the world cause to a body is a shallow, moronic, scumbag. If you add aging drunk to the mix, that seems to give a description of Eddie Cibrian. What a catch!

  90. Memphis says:

    Eddie was married to a tall, leggy woman for 13 years.. so, I’m guessing he doesn’t like them that petite.

    I really don’t think Leann is interested in being a mother. She loves being self absorbed and having Eddie all to herself when the kids aren’t there. I don’t see her wanting that to change. Being a fake ass “bonus mom” a few weeks a month is one thing, but having a child full time is another…and that’s something I don’t think she wants. Even with all her “family” quoting crap on twitter.

    She may eventually have one to try and bond Eddie to her in some way. But that would be a stupid move because we all know how this is going to end.

  91. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m gonna throw this out there: She doesn’t want to be wrong.

    So no matter how degrading; how humiliating; how subjugating; how absolutely denigrating she’s being treated and/or displays it, she’s not #winning!

    She just doesn’t want to be “wrong” about her douche-knocker decision. Pathetic.

    SADS all around.

    • brin says:

      I agree, bella, she will never admit her mistake, she’ll live with him.

    • skuddles says:

      I agree as well. I think this relationship will only end when Eddie ends it…. when his wandering dong wanders off again, probably with some babe he meets at work (assuming Eddie will manage to find another job, otherwise I’m voting for some chick he meets at the gym). And I admit, I cannot wait to see how Leann handles that! Will all her crazy be directed at Eddie’s trollop? At Eddie?? Or will she continue to channel it towards Brandi?? Actually I think she’ll throw in with Brandi and go after the new woman. Yep, there’s my prediction… Leann and Brandi buddy up over Eddie’s wayward wang :D

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Yep. Hopefully her pride will kick in before her bank account is empty…

  92. Penguin says:

    No way is she only 100 pounds

  93. Wow says:


    Karma really does come back. These 2 people behaved selfishly from the start…..Eddie had a family & strayed, LeAnne was married & strayed too. I remember her chirping about “true” love and unconditional acceptance of each other, and especially, about how they have both “matured” and were too young and “immature” when they married. I also remember LeAnne saying this was the “real thing”, or something like that. Where is the “unconditional” and “maturity” in being with a partner you are afraid will leave you if you look different? This relationship is soooo superficial on so many levels….the only one who wins out of this situation is Brandi… least she is free of Eddie now.
    Hopefully,this couple will not bring any children into this world until they figure out how to be genuine partners who love each other unconditionally. And…..if LeAnne does get pregnant and Eddie leaves her, well….I guess its just Karma…..

  94. Meanchick says:

    Does this bitch own anything other than bikinis? At some point, it would seem that a real, attentive hubby would say, “Hon,cover up a bit today.’ It’s all superficial for these two. Oh yeah, eeek! What is he doing to her butt cheek? Eeew. Keepin’ it classy I see.

  95. Hootie Hoo says:

    No man is worth risking your health or your dreams to be a mother. It is ridiculous to be a slave to someone else warped perceptions of how a girl should be shaped. It seems really twisted and sick if she is indeed not having children because of insecurity over her body image.

  96. GirlyGirl says:

    Man their already creepy relationship just got creepier.


  97. charity says:

    Eddie needs to MAN up and get a JOB to support HIS kids. Can’t be in acting, lord knows he cannot act. he could be a trainer for the real stars since he likes going to the gym. Leann proudly tweeted on her twit page that he is Cuban and speaks spamish. lots of jobs for interpreters out in Calif..and of course the good old standby They would definately hire him as a greeter at Wal-Mart.Maybe not, Wal=mart has standards.He has totally ruined any pitiful career he had and Leann can’t sell enough albums to pay for a key to the Porsche.

  98. Palermo. says:

    She is crazy. One day he will leave her for the next bag of bones and she will be suicidal.

  99. Jennifer12 says:

    If he’s fluent in Spanish, couldn’t he get a job in the telenovelas? It would be money for his sons and it’s about his level of talent. What the hell does LeAnn see in this tool? No job, no attempt to find one, lives off her, clearly has fidelity issues- why is she holding on so hard? Not that she doesn’t deserve it, but seriously. Look at her ex-husband: successful life in NYC as a chef, happily married….. the karmic post office sure is delivering.

  100. cbear says:

    Seems like LR’s crazy paid friend-fans are now obsessing over Brandi and drinking. Apparently, she’ll get her kids taken away because she goes out for drinks with friends when she doesn’t have her kids. I don’t get that bunch.

    They talk about tequila nonstop. It was LR & EC who we saw in the tabs all last summer getting sloppy drunk with the kids right there. And Eddie can’t even do a Home Network or whatever show, without a beer in hand. I mean….really, dude? Drinking a beer during the interview. How tacky. How does that not warrant their concern/wrath?

  101. Sam says:

    This article went into more detail about her boy:, but in the end I have to say that this is going to be bad. He’s too much an alcoholic, and I hear that he also is fond of basically every other woman BUT her. We’ll have to see how this one goes.