Seal’s ex, Tatjana Patitz, says he’s got a violent temper: “He is not a nice person”

Anyone remember Tatjana Patitz? She’s a German model who was pretty big in fashion circles in the 1990s — Patitz appeared on that infamous Vogue cover (alongside Naomi, Linda, Christy, and Cindy) and was one of several supermodels featured in George Michael’s “Freedom” video. Just watching that video takes me back. Anyway, Tatjana happened to date Seal for about a year in 1997, and she has taken it upon herself to speak out about the alleged violent temper that has already been the subject of speculation. Tatjana confirms that, in her experience, Seal does indeed have “anger issues,” and she believes that Heidi is doing the right thing by leaving the relationship. The first instinct here is to say, “Poor Seal,” because it must really suck having a famous ex-girlfriend claming such things about you, but this is worth a read:

She fell for him because of his amazing talent and charming personality. But Seal’s former girlfriend Tatjana Patitz has broken her silence to reveal she split from the singer because of his temper tantrums.

And she has warned his estranged German supermodel wife Heidi Klum not to consider a reconciliation with the Kiss From A Rose singer for the sake of their children.

According to In Touch magazine she described the 48-year-old English crooner as a selfish and immature man who cannot control his volcanic personality. The model, who is also German, said: “He is not a nice person. He has anger issues. He is definitely not someone who I think of fondly now.”

Her claims come hot on the heels of previous reports that Klum, 38, demanded a divorce because she was worried about the effect Seal’s “inability to control his temper” was having on their children.

It has also been alleged that the Project Runway star had grown tired of his love of “hard partying.” But while there are no suggestions the Londoner was unfaithful to Heidi, Tatjana believes the hunk cheated during their relationship, which lasted almost a year in 1997. While it is not clear if her belief is true, Seal has himself admitted that he had been unfaithful in many of his previous relationships.

Tatjana is pleased Heidi has decided against talking about her husband in public to protect their three children together. Seal also adopted her first daughter Leni, who was fathered by Formula One tycoon Flavio Briatore. Tatjana believes a divorce would be the best option, “because there are children involved.”

Heidi and Seal announced their divorce on January 23 following a slew of rumours about the state of their relationship. It was a shock because the perception was they had one of the strongest marriages in showbusiness.

The “Crazy” singer has been mounting a charm offensive which many believe is an attempt to win back his wife. He sang the song “Let’s Stay Together” on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and also wore his ring. Seal told the comedienne: “Yes, I’m still wearing my ring. It’s a token of how I feel about this woman.” He also told chat show king Piers Morgan his love for Heidi, “had not waned one iota.”

[From Daily Mail]

Sigh…. the subject of tempers and the role they play in domestic situations is such a tricky topic. While there have been absolutely no reports of Seal getting physical as a result of his alleged violent outbursts, the implication is definitely there. I’m not saying that he hit Heidi or anything — perhaps it’s more of a question of punching walls or the like. In my own experience (and I swear that this is not a generalization) that is based upon people that I have observed, it is entirely possible for a person to be incredibly charming (see Seal’s eloquent “Ellen” appearance) and seem very gentle and passive for all outward purposes. Then when the doors close, that personality can change in a very drastic manner. While it’s really easy to feel sorry for Seal (seriously, he seems so bloody nice) because his ex-girlfriend is speaking out about his temper, let’s just remember that she knows the guy. And hopefully, she’s not just making sh-it up for money. Not that I’d be pleased to learn that Seal really is a violent ass, but you catch my drift.

Here are some photos of Tatiana from 2010. She’s aging well but looks botoxed to the hilt.

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. Little Darling says:

    Oddly enough I don’t feel badly for Seal at all. She’s speaking her truth, he will speak his, or not. But…it does lay claim to what might have happened in his marriage, and Heidi just put up with it for longer because of the children.

    “Not someone I think fondly of now…” speaks VOLUMES to me. So does outwardly butting in when no one asked her. She clearly feels the need to speak up about this years after the fact. In my opinion, because this is the first time we are hearing of her say anything like this, makes it much more valid. This woman didn’t trash him after the relationship ended, she is speaking out now that there is a reason to.

    Does is suck for Seal. YES. Do I feel bad for him…not really. Especially if he does have anger issues, which apparently, he might.

    And I have witnessed the same as Bedhead…some people are much, much better at hiding their temper, or knowing when to let loose. That’s not to say it still doesn’t exist.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t think fondly of an ex-boyfriend of one year who treated me badly at the end. But he has been a great husband to his wife of ten years now and father I will never like him but it doesn’t make him some bad person across the board.

      • Little Darling says:

        But isn’t that the point…that it “appeared” that he was a great person across the board for all of these years? I don’t think he’s a bad person, I think he is a man with anger management issues, and it is taking it’s toll on his life, marriage and children. And an ex girlfriend just co-signed allegations.

        I never think abusers are “bad people” per se. I think they probably came from a line of other abusers, or never properly learned how to effectively control their anger….etc etc. It’s a taboo subject, anger abuse, because there is so much heresy. But it can be held at bay and fixed with some therapy help, self awareness and the will to change.

        Perhaps in his case, the loss of his family will prompt him to examine the reasons why. The fact that Tatijana spoke out after all of these years might help as well.

    • Bluebear says:

      I have to agree with you. His “charm” and sweetness in doing shows like Ellen only prove to me that HE IS violent! This is exactly how the circle of abuse works. The abuser explodes, then apologies for it in the most spectacular manner. Flowers, songs, gifts, vacations, showering you with kisses and affection. You take them back and slowly over time the tension builds again until they explode, thus followed by the charm again. It is a cycle of abuse and there is a reason that women are sucked into it. They aren’t a$$holes ALL the time.

      • NerdMomma says:

        Yes. Yes. Yes. The strongest and most independent women get sucked into this cycle.

      • RobN says:

        I agree completely. These big dramatic and public attempts to get her back are a classic part of the cycle. I hope she gets out and stays out.

      • Dany says:

        Absolutely agree with you, Bluebear! It is such an incredible mentally violent cycle of abuse… and it needs a LOT of time to realize that you’re being abused. They will always tell you they love you, they will always try to work with “friends” to convince you this was a terrible exceptional case… that it wll NEVER happen again… bla bla bla… in the end YOU are feeling guilty and you’re trapped again. That’s one of the reason these relationships can go on and on.

        So maybe these stories about Seal are just true. In this case – take your kids and run, Heidi.

      • Carolyn says:

        Totally agree. This was my experience being with an abusive man. It irritates me when people say abusers learn it from others as if it’s not their fault. Everyone chooses how they behave. Abusers need to accept the blame being solely theirs. They choose to behave the way they do. Heidi must be saying a silent “thankyou” to Tatiana for validating her claims. Heidi take the kids and don’t even reconsider reconciling!

    • Asli says:

      Agreed! I AM glad that they aren’t making this into the usual Divorce from Hell-scenario that normally plays out in H-Wood.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      I do believe this woman AND that he has a bad temper. All i know is that my friend encountered him at LAX a few years ago and witnessed Seal saying “fuck off” to a poor little hispanic man at the luggage carts because this man was with his toddler daughter & in Seals way. The man apologized and that is when I was told Seal told him to “Fuck off”. Not a nice man it seems.

  2. novaraen says:

    I don’t think she looks botoxed at all. I see normal lines around the eyes and mouth and she doesn’t have that pulled or surprised look that others who have gone that route look like.

  3. spinner says:

    Seal is what you call a house devil & a street angel.

  4. kimberly says:

    oh he was probably one of those man bitches that punch walls and gets into the chicks face yelling, while saliva flings off his tongue. Who wants to live with that? What a manipulative ass to act like that on Ellen.

    Gotta say I only like one of his songs, his voice is nice, but an asshole is an asshole is an asshole . . . and Seal is an asshole.

    life’s too short to deal with egos

    • Little Darling says:

      LMAO (but not in a really funny way) at “saliva dripping off of his tongue”. Pretty rotten, but accurate, mental imagery there.

  5. originalone says:

    Take NO chances when kids are involved.

    If he has anger-control issues, well being around a pig-headed kid that is older than 2, is a challenge to anyone even those with the mildest tempers. So imagine when your kid turns 13, and looks you in the eye and screams “I didn’t ask to be born!!!” and turns their heel, get into the bedroom, and SMASH the door shut.

    Any parent would feel like jumping on the kid’s throat wanting to choke them to death. And if you have a temper problem, and difficulty to manage your anger, well that situation could turn truly ugly.

    To all you parents who still blindly look at their teenagers with true love, even after the temper tantrums, I salute you.

  6. Jayna says:

    She always says she is so private. Now selling a story like this is kind of pathetic. I read an article on her where after her suermodel days were over she never got big contracts like Cindy Crawford, etc. She’s divorced with a kid. Go peddle your stories now to get exposure back in the public eye.

    Heidi seemed pretty darn happy for seven of those eight years. Friends acknowledge it was this past year troubles surfaced.

    • Jezi says:

      ITA with you. Why is she talking? I’m not saying Seal isn’t what they say he is but since when is this any of her business? She dated him ages ago for not even a year. It seems shady that she’s coming out all these years later to throw him under the bus. She should just mind her business and let Heidi and Seal deal with their stories. Whatever that may be.

    • RobN says:

      Perhaps you’ve been lucky to have never seen abuse up close, but pretending to family and friends that everything is just fine is a huge part of it. The fact that “friends” thought things were good for most of their time together proves nothing. Friends aren’t there when it’s just the two of them.

  7. Nina says:

    what’s up with supermodels falling for Seal? i don’t get it

  8. Maritza says:

    Heidi is doing the right thing for her kids. Kids learn that kind of behavior. Tatjana must have been asked how Seal was with her I’m guessing she just said the truth.

  9. Moi says:

    Being very charming in public, then raging behind closed doors is a common characteristic of a sociopath.

    • Andie B says:

      I have seen it up close – a charming sweet person in public, and behind closed doors a mean abusive person who treats his family like crap and explodes without warning. I grew up with that kind of a father. So if that is what Seal is really like, I suggest Heidi grabs those kids and runs.

      • Cleo says:

        I think Seal is taking a cue from Heidi’s handbook on using the press because it was always Heidi who shoved the happy family thing down people’s throats including being naked in his music video and throwing those Halloween parties. She should become a publicist.

    • Cleo says:

      Then what does that make Heidi Klum? because only longtime fans of Seal when he was based in England noticed from his rare interviews that he had a different blonde model girlfriend in his home over the years when a journalist visited to interview him. He was never a publicity hound before his marriage unlike Heidi Klum who was heavy into self-promotion long before and actually became wealthier after she became married with children. If anything being pap-worthy with all that nonstop breeding increased her wealth so despite LA community property laws, Seal did make her richer unlike Bridget Jones who traded in her youthfu looks for money without the need for a publicity partner.

  10. anonymoose says:

    Miss you, Tatjana!

    Along with your fabulous supermodel colleagues. Enough with the actresses and aspiring actresses and singers and non-models on fashion mag covers!

    Also, would be looovely to see more females over 35 and avoid the ridiculous ugly photoshopping that most covers exhibit. I’d rather see wrinkles and reality than the tweaked messes that are so prevalent. I’d start buying magazines again if the subjects didn’t look like cartoons.

    None of us knows what transpired in Seal’s relationships, but I wish those involved well.

  11. Theuth says:

    Oh, I remember her! She was the murdered woman at the beginning of Rising Sun (good movie, 1000 times better book) :O wow, she’s still really beautiful.

    • Esmom says:

      She is beautiful…she’s also a dead ringer for the model Elaine Irwin who was married to crusty J Mellencamp. I may have been mixing them up for years!

  12. Violet says:

    Why on earth did Heidi have so many children with Seal if he’s got such a temper? If this is true, you’d think Heidi would have left years ago. Or at least stopped bringing more babies into such a dysfunctional situation.

    So, I’m taking all the rumors about Seal’s temper with a grain of salt.

    • Kellie says:

      I agree. Once a relatively intelligent woman realizes she’s in a bad relationship, all procreation must cease.

    • Jayna says:

      Considering People Mag which usually prints stories leaked from the people involved, says Seal was on tour overseas for the better part of s year and put emotional distance between the couple and when they reunited for a family vacation he was exhausted from the tour and he and Heidi had a bad time on the family trip and that was the catalyst. He will be gone traveling again now in Australia. I tend to believe this was a rough year to a once solid marriage.

      This ex model sells a story for money. hmmmmmm

    • Trashaddict says:

      Somehow I don’t think Heidi would put up with physical abuse. And his bad temper may or may not have been directed at her. But being around a person with a short fuse, if one likes things mellow and not loud, gets to be pretty exhausting after a while. You see families where it doesn’t happen and so much more fun is had. Maybe she stayed for a long time for the kids and then realized it was wearing them down too.

    • jc126 says:

      I’m taking the rumors with a grain of salt, too. And even if he is angry, doesn’t mean he’s violent with any of them; he might just be pissy in general.

      Very intrigued by Tatjana Patitz’ comments, though. Still wondering about that story about her being pregnant by him long ago.

  13. badrockandroll says:

    I am certainly not linking hypocrisy with a bad temper, but I will certainly question any assertion that Seal is a nice guy.
    Remember when he performed for cash for Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, and refused to apologize for it, saying that he was just a performer and that he leaves politics to others? Well, not really, because he is one of the performers on the new Bob Dylan tribute album, which is a fundraiser for Amnesty International. So who is the real Seal: someone who is passionate about Human Rights, or someone who will perform for dictators if the price is right? Does he believe in AI, or is he just trying to keep his name out there?
    And now he’s a media performer too, showing off his ring etc. Sorry but as much as I hate exes who pop out of nowhere years later to kiss and tell, Seal is not a “bloody nice guy”.

  14. Jaxx says:

    My ex husband was like that. Had tons of friends who thought he was wonderful, the kind of guy who would always do a favor for you. But at home he had violent temper tantrums. He never directly hit me, but he would break doors down, break things around me, so I always feared he was going to break ME too. I was always trying to please him so that his temper wouldn’t blow, but it was never enough. I got tired of living in fear, so I left him. When we split up everyone made me the monster because why would I leave this wonderful guy?

    • Katyusha says:

      Jaxx, I know exactly what you mean and good for you.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Yes. Sometimes I wonder if they’re extra wonderful to everyone else because it helps pave the way for their abusiveness in private.

    • Maria says:

      I didn’t see your comment before this otherwise I would have replied to your comment instead of making my own separate comment.

      My ex boyfriend was the same guy except he did get physical with me. All these people still think he is so great meanwhile I’m the cow who makes these accusations. It’s not fair to me.

      On the one occasion, he made us leave a party early. I didn’t want to leave because we’d just arrived at the Easter lunch and I hadn’t seen my family without making a fuss. When we were 5km from his home, he stopped the car, pushed me down and treated me like a human punching bag. HE GOT AWAY WITH IT. His friends still maintained if I had just listened and gone home with him without making a fuss, I would never have gotten punched.

      It kills your self esteem.

      • autumndaze says:

        I was married to this guy. It took me a very long time to determine that his outbursts were not my fault.
        I divorced him. All the women at work believe his public persona and think that he is the biggest catch in the country. (He is a doctor)

      • Trashaddict says:

        Maria, good for you for having left him. One can only hope you are safe now and that karma plays out for him, in the end.

  15. islandgirl says:

    I don’t know anything about their relationship so I am not judging anyone. Some people have bad tempers doesn’t mean they are abusive. The ex must be really happy to be in the spotlight again, thanks Intouch.

  16. Sarah says:

    Kind of convenient all this is happening while he’s got an album to promote. Celebrities will stoop to any level for publicity, just throwin’ it out there…

  17. Aurelia says:

    Tatjana Patitz was not in the vid for Too Funky, it was Freedom. Anyhoo, man I used to love her and her gorge long feline face. I doubt she sold her story for money. Some journo will be tracking down seal’s ex’s and she was asked for comment. She just gave her experience. I wouldn’t call that smut peddling.

  18. LeeLoo says:

    Ok. I can no longer be in denial about Seal’s anger issues. I hope he gets help for it.

    • Justaposter says:

      LeeLoo I love the 5th element!

      And like you, kinda hard to ignore the anger issues now.

  19. Maria says:

    It may be that Heidi is secretly greatful to the former girlfriend for revealing this information without having to say anything herself. It would not be easy for her to come forward about it. Now she doesn’t have to.

  20. PAgirl says:

    Ahh, this whole thing is so sad. My mom left my dad for the same reason: anger issues. He was never physically abusive to her or my siblings or me, but when he gets mad about something, he tends to take it out on anyone/anything in his path. My mom got fed up and left (after years and years of dealing with it). I’m actually very close with my dad; he’s a great guy and most people would never guess what a bad temper he has.. it’s sad, but hopefully this is the right decision for Heidi and her kids.

  21. tvcon says:

    It’s a telling thing that Heidi still hasn’t filed for divorce.

  22. Cirque28 says:

    Seal’s Ellen appearance definitely struck me as manipulative. Not to say that Seal is a terrible person. I’m sure he’s trying, and he has his own burdens to carry. But still, going around telling people, “Woe is me, I just love her so much, what I wouldn’t give for one more chance…” is classic. And it typically makes everyone put pressure on the estranged partner, which is crap. True love does not manipulate.

    • Haribo says:

      I agree, but on the other hand he is on the talk show circuit promoting an album and all people are asking him about Heidi. What should he say otherwise?

      • akua says:

        How about something like – I’m not commenting on personal matters or something to that effect?

    • Jayna says:

      He never said he wanted her back. In interviews he said never say never. He told Piers right now he didn’t know if he wanted that. I found his remarks about Heidi filled with respect.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Jayna, yeah, but there was a general air of “Look at what a good guy I am, why can’t she see that?” And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so.

        But there can be a fine line between subtly manipulating the situation and actually being a good guy who still loves the mother of his children. IMO, Seal is stepping over that line, but maybe he’s not. Admittedly, break-ups don’t bring out the best in anyone.

  23. Haribo says:

    Would you get the name of your spouse tatooed on your arm (which wasn’t too long ago) and have a family of 4 children with him if he was so abusive? She certainly did not have to stay with him because of money. Something is missing here.

  24. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Are all of you the same person you were 15 years ago? Or, do you act exactly the same in every relationship? I don’t know what the hell Seal is like behind closed doors–today or 15yrs ago. But, to assume that just because he MAYBE had a brief volatile relationship when he was 32 he is violent with the mother of his four children at nearly 50 is a huge assumption imo. When I was 20 I was in a very volatile relationship where we had knock-down, drag-out fights and I did some stupid things that I have never even considered doing in any other relationship, let alone now that I have kids. Peoples and situations change, people.

    • Haribo says:

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. Most importantly, it’s an ex-supermodel whose big money dried up and she never got deals or commercials afterwards like Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford. She has refused before to talk about any of her relationships. Now divorced with a small boy nearing fifty she sells a story to a rag mag for money.

    • RobN says:

      It wasn’t a brief relationship, it was more than a year.

      You tell your story of what you did when you were 20 and try to equate it to what Seal did at 32? 32 years old is a grown man, not a 20 year old kid who hasn’t learned yet how to control a bad temper.

  25. Maria says:

    My ex boyfriend, whom I dated for 2yrs, was abusive but when I left the relationship, so many people didn’t believe what I said. Why? Because he was the most charming jerk. He would laugh and hug and kiss me in front of people and then when we were alone, he would scream at me, hit me and treat me like rubbish. I was so scared he would do the stuff he did in private when we were in front of others.

    Everyone told me how lucky I was to have someone like him in my life because he was such a gentlemen in public meanwhile I knew how he was behind close doors.

    It messes with your head because my family and friends loved him and thought he was great. I wanted them to be happy but in the same way, I had to be selfish and get out of the relationship. The last straw was when my little cousin (18months) was in my house and he held me against the wall and strangled me whilst my cousin stood there crying, not knowing what the hell was going on.

    Sad thing is, despite what I tell people, there are some people who believe his story of how he is the victim in the scenario and I’m the bitch who ditched him. I’m still told by supposedly intelligent people that if I’d been a good girlfriend and not nagged him, he would never have hit me and shouted at me.

    So long story short : I’m so suspicious about how people act when they know they’re around others. He may not have exhibited any anger issues but it doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. People who abuse learn to manipulate and charm those around them. I’m not saying Seal (or Michael Fassbender) are abusers but I’m just saying that people should not be easily taken in by the image these people create.

    *I’m sorry for rambling : It’s a topic close to my heart*

    • Cerulean says:

      Good on you for getting out.

      I had an ex with an anger issue and I hated the anxiety I always felt around him. I remember Tyra Banks implying the same thing about him. Unless he has had therapy he will continue his behavior.

      • Maria says:

        Sudden angry emotional oubursts and moody behaviour are damaging to those having to be subjected to them. Living with someone like this is tremendously demanding and anxiety provoking, causing the abused person to feel constantly frightened, unsettled and off balance.
        Emotional abuse is insidious. It can be worse than physical abuse.

    • Penguen says:

      No, thank you for speaking about this. My ex husband was horribly abusive (emotional and physical abuse) and all of his (and some of my) friends think he is the sweetest guy ever. It hurt tremendously when I finally left and saw people were siding with him while he played the victim. I don’t speak to my old friends who took his side.

      It makes me feel better to know that I’m not alone, so it’s nice to see others talking about this.

    • Cirque28 says:

      It breaks my heart to see multiple women here saying this same thing. So, this is for everyone who has dated/married an abusive jerk:

      We do NOT victimize people merely by breaking up with them!! You have the right to love or not love anyone at any time. That does NOT make you a bitch. It makes you a person who is in charge of her own heart, which is exactly what you’re supposed to be.

  26. Blue says:

    Heidi is definitely playing a good media game. I’m not saying that Seal isn’t a bad tempered jerk, but every single magazine has them on the cover, with Heidi as the poor victim and Seal, the bully, the cheater etc. Lots of sources talking about how awful Seal is/ was to her. It seems to be the opposite of what others in this post have said about their exes; nice around family and friends and the general public, but awful behind closed doors. Yet so many people seem to have known how terrible he is/ was. It’s odd and why hasn’t she filed yet.

  27. gemmaa says:

    Aside – Is that Sadie Frost in pic third from bottom? Sigh…..want to be her when I grow up, with same legs please.

  28. Ulla says:

    I remember that Tatjana said the same things about Seal long befor her met Heidi. Tatjana had nothing good to say about Seal. But Seal was young, maybe he changed when he became a father.
    on the other hand, heidi seems to fall for difficult guys. The father of Leni, Flaivo was always wll known for beeing a real italian mulitmillionair playboy. She knew that he had lots of modelgirlfriends before and he wasnt a nice guy to woman, to him they were just a nice decoration on his superboat in the meditarian sea
    We will never know, its not our business!

  29. Heather says:

    Wow, very well written article, Bedhead. I think your comments are so on-target. We don’t know what happened, so we cannot really come out and say…but, it doesn’t bode well if Seal’s ex’es are coming out of the woodwork to speak on his temper. I also really liked your distinction of a person who hits others and is physically violent, and a person who gets overly angry and punches walls, or throws over a coffee table, etc. It is different. I have also known that there are people who seem so sweet and passive to the outside world, but God forbid you cross them behind closed doors. I have been shocked to death by a person just like that!

    • Jayna says:

      Tyra has never said Seal was abusive. She did say once the only man who had broken her heart was Seal when he broke up with her and said he wrote a beautiful song in his 1998 album apologizing for breaking her heart. She said in another interview much later she would never date a celebrity again or a modelizer – many felt referring to Seal because he dated a lot of models. She has never even insinuated he was abusive. More like he was a playboy who moved on to the next supermodel.

      • CanadianVixen says:

        For heaven’s sake, does anyone else here believe that ‘Jayna’ is paid by a PR agency to counteract any perceived negative comments re certain celebrities? It’s getting really boring…

  30. Laura says:

    I think it is kinda shitty for Tatjana to go to the press with this but I have no doubt Seal has a violent temper. I remember when he got pissed at a camera guy (paparazzo), grabbed his camera, and tossed it down as escalator. You could hear Heidi yelling “what are you doing?!?!” It was on TMZ a while back.

    • Jayna says:

      She dated him way back in the 90s for under a year. Her career is stalled. Not only did she sell that story to get publicity, she is now on one of those Entertainment shows to talk about Seal – all to get publicity for herself, let’s face it. That rubs me the wrong way.

    • YEP_ITS_HER says:

      So, you think Seal DOES have a violent temper but Tatjana is somehow wrong for speaking out?? More woman hating nonsense.

      • Hugo says:

        Totally agree.

        Tatjana Patitz is highlighting a problem and speaking from personal experience. She is also helping countless women in the same situation realise that they are not alone.

        Just wished more women as brave as Tatjana Patitz.

        SEAL is an abuser !!!

  31. Jen34 says:

    Tatjana has morphed into Bette Midler. Yikes!

    I don’t know what to think. I doubt Seal all of a sudden became abusive within the last year. And if he was abusive all along, why did she stay with him for so long and have so many kids? It seems more to be a case of them not spending much time together and growing apart. Besides, Heidi has not made a single accusation.

    But, of course, as everyone has said, who knows what goes on inside a home?

  32. Barbara says:

    I don’t know the “truth” but I find it totally hypocritical of her to applaud Heidi for not talking about the relationship to protect the children while at the same time she comes of nowhere with this. How about minding your own business Tatiana and leaving the couple involved to weather this as best they can?

    • Hugo says:

      There is a world of difference between sticking your nose in and offering support to a fellow victim.

      Tatjana Patitz is supporting Heidi, who is probably a personal friend to her also.

      People like SEAL thrive of people believing that they are nice guys.

  33. Maya says:

    Any man who just dates models (be it Seal or Leondardo diCaprio) raises question marks as they have a certain view of these woman and the control issues that accompany this view. That, and I think Heidi had enough of him but was putting on a brave face to the media for the last few years of the relationship, after the honeymoon period was well and truly over.

  34. d says:

    Yup, been there too. The charming sociopath. “Why don’t you date him more?” “hy did you leave him?” “How come you don’t get along?” “He’s my best friend, he’s a bit different, but he’s really nice.” “He’s such a nice guy!”

    Blah, blah, blah.

    NO. He’s not.

  35. Dena says:

    Hmm. Ironic. If this were an article about Gabriel Aubrey’s behind-closed-doors temper, it seems to me that the majority of responses would not even have an ounce of compassion for his baby-moma. No, if it
    were Halle making these charges, she would have been crucified.

    • Jayna says:

      I know. How ironic.

    • jc126 says:

      That’s because Halle Berry has a history of making claims about EVERY single guy she’s dated. And not everyone is believing these claims about Seal are true, I for one am not buying them until I read an actual statement from Heidi about it. I’ve always thought Seal seemed like a nice guy. (Picking on paparazzo is a-okay in my book, too, ftr.)

  36. Jayna says:

    How sad when racists openly post. Darkie, halfbreeds. Wow, how old are you?

  37. Gine says:

    Go back to the 1700s, you jackass.

  38. kazoo says:

    I remember Tyra had some not good things to say about him after they broke up as well. Speaking of, this dude’s a modelizer. Why is he never called out on it like Leo?

  39. Cleo says:

    Wow, German beauties don’t age sweetly – remember Olivia de Haviland? She was good forever. And Tippi Hendren? Just wonderful.

  40. Meanchick says:

    I wonder why so many people believe this crap about Seal being this abusive angry (black) man? Why didn’t past girlfriends file charges? Why didn’t this ex say anything after they broke up and she was “safe” to do so? Suddenly, he’s a controlling, jealous, abusive man? Him wanting to stay with his wife is ‘creepy?’ Did I miss something? Is this quaalude day? Or is this more thinly-veiled stereotypes coming to the surface?

    • Cleo says:

      It definitely matches the stereotype of an African man as a savage with an explosive temper which will land him in jail for life because he once made a fatal mistake – it’s a favorite of Hollywood depictions, right? But Seal on Ellen sounded like he was trained in the Richard Curtis school of acting not the Spike Lee/John Singleton (another Tyra ex) school. Hmm, what is going on? Maybe he only modelized blonde Germans because of the preWW2 Holocaust in Namibia. That would make him some kind of cold Serial Killer albeit one triggered by vengeance against injustice done to Africans especially the children.

      • Cleo says:

        Let’s not forget that Heidi turned him down the first time THEN post Anthony Kiedis, Flavio Briatore, impregnation deigned to let him serve her. The newspapers are getting it wrong in the divorce reporting that they met AFTER her pregnancy. They ran into each other AGAIN after her pregnancy. Google for old interviews by Heidi to confirm.

  41. Cleo says:

    Tatiana Patitz is also a single mother by the way.

  42. Cleo says:

    Sometimes they get back on the horse again like Claudia Schiffer and Gisele Bundchen but sometimes they fail to seal the deal with the businessman of choice like Tatiana Patitz. I think that marrying Seal made Heidi believe that she could fool everyone into thinking she was not a failed gold digger with Briatore.

  43. MsJAPrufrock says:

    I saw Tatjana at a nightclub in the early nineties called PO-NA-NA SOUK on Santa Monica Blvd. She was wearing jeans and t-shirt, and was the most unearthly and mysterious beauty I have ever seen. Behind Christy Turlington, she was my second favorite of the supermodels.

    That picture of her with Seal in her long white dress and flat sandals is the epitome of elegance and sexiness. Nowadays the outfits celebrities were are often so revealing that I don’t find them sexy.

  44. Eye Opener says:

    He mad he got licked with the ugly stick! FOPPISH PUNK!

  45. YEP_ITS_HER says:

    CB, I’m struggling to see why the first thought after reading what the Ex girlfriend said would be ‘Poor Seal’. It certainly wasn’t my first thought. My first thought was ‘what on earth do these women see in him’??

  46. Hugo says:

    Many can say that Tatjana Patitz should mind her own business but to me she is simply helping Heidi realise that the problem is not her, its SEAL !!!

    Tatjana Patitz sounds like she too suffered the same emotional and psychological abuse and bullying that Heidi has endured for years from SEAL and is offering her support.

    Seal sounds like a classic case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, with classic Narc Rage.

    NPD’s are skilled liars, very charming and geat actors. Victims like Heidi will not even be aware that they are being abused because the process is so slow and gradual, with NPD’s like SEAL begging for forgiveness everytime he loses it or upsets her.

    NPD’s NEVER CHANGE and their victims have no choice but to leave or die slowly.

    Heidi best of luck to you, take your kids and leave this man and never look back.

    NPD’s are sometime called social vampires, because they suck the life out of you, leaving you exhausted from their constant arguing, their put downs,negative comments and lack of empathy or regard for you or your feelings, leaving you with no self esteem or confidence.

    This is not LOVE, its hate and torture disguised as support and care.

  47. Biddy says:

    As I read this disturbing news (and being a 20 year Seal fan), I find it odd for someone (old flame) to come out of the woodworks and make this type of statement. My mom used to say, “It takes 50% of our time to attend to our business and the other 50% to leave others alone. Does she have a life?