Star: Seal pushed Heidi Klum, had to be “physically restrained” by security

Yesterday, we covered a story about Seal’s ex-girlfriend, Tatjana Patitz, who claims that he indeed has a violent temper, and she’s glad that Heidi Klum has separated from Seal for the sake of the children. Who really knows about the true nature of Tatjana’s motives for speaking out on the matter, but her words do lend credence to previous reports that Heidi and Seal’s split had a lot to do with Seal’s alleged emotional volatility. As stated previously, I believe that Seal does have an anger management problem that he keeps under wraps in favor of the very passive, eloquent demeanor he recently displayed during the “Ellen” appearance. This belief is based upon my own observations of abusive relationships and not upon any sort of generalization.

Now the tabloids are now painting an even more frightening picture of Seal’s behavior towards Heidi and women in general. Yesterday, I was hoping that Seal’s alleged temper merely meant that he was a screamer or puncher of walls if anything, but Star puts forth an account of Seal’s anger escalating during a mid-January fight, wherein he pushed Heidi with such force that her security guard had to break things up and “physically restrain Seal.” Scary, right? Star also talked to an insider on Seal’s recent tour who says that he generally treats women with disrespect. This is getting pretty ugly:

“We will be connected [for] the rest of our lives … through this tremendous admiration, respect and love that we have for each other,” Seal said of his estranged wife, Heidi Klum, on the Jan. 24 episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” But the “Project Runway” host may not share that sentiment — as Star can exclusively reveal that Seal pushed her in a blowout fight just before their split!

According to a family insider, the couple, who wed in May 2005, got into a full-blown screaming match at their L.A. home in mid-January. “Heidi told friends that Seal just lost it,” the insider tells Star. “He was screaming — and, she said, he pushed her. It was horrible.”

The encounter escalated to the point that Heidi’s security guard had to intervene, a source tells Star. “He had to physically restrain Seal,” the source says.

And Seal’s bad behavior toward women extends far beyond Heidi, 38. While on tour with the “Kiss From A Rose” singer, a female employee claimed a number of men on Seal’s crew subjected her to sexual advancement and verbal harassment — calling her a “hooker” and accusing her of “screwing” her boss. When the situation was brought to Seal’s attention, he dismissed it “as a harmless joke,” a source tells Star. Then “after a campaign by the male crew members to get her faired, she was sacked.”

It all may be a sign of who Seal, 48, truly is. “How can a man with a wife and daughter just let this happen?” says the source. “He just doesn’t seem to care.”

[From Star, print edition, February 13, 2012]

There’s also a story in this week’s issue of In Touch that fills in more about the Tatjana tale that we covered yesterday but also quotes an insider that believes Seal is “acting like he’s still in love with Heidi” as “an important marketing tool,” which is probably true to an extent. Still, I think that Seal is being outwardly charming to try and woo Heidi back, and he’s probably not nearly as passively loving behind closed doors. In Touch also includes another statement from Tatjana that Seal was very kind in the early months of their dating relationship because, “In the courtship, it’s different.

Well, it’s always different at the beginning of every relationship, right? But if you’re dating a person with anger problems, such changes can be much more jarring than simple matters like, say, simply being less thoughtful as a relationship wears on. Like I’ve already said, hopefully this is all a bunch of crap. But if it isn’t, Heidi did the smart, strong thing of getting out of the relationship.

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  1. originalone says:

    Ah, and we thought they were going to stay cool, and not play the tabloid game.

    Oh how wrong we were. They were simply waiting for the Oscar and Demi brouhaha to die a bit, so they get better coverage.

    If this however has an ounce of truth to it, he BETTER not be asking for spousal support! Because is this true, and it could may be, with all that temper and everything, well the only support he will need is gas money for his anger management daily classes.

  2. dorothy says:


    • ZigZagZoey says:

      It is sad. But I had a feeling he hit her (or pushed), and that’s why it seemed to be such a sudden break up. She’s been putting up with his temper, but once he did that…..See ya.

      • NinaG says:

        I totally agree, I do believe Seal may have gotten very physical with Heidi which led to her walking away. I praise her for getting out before things got really bad and unpleasant. Seal also strikes me as being very controlling and temperamental, I had an old friend who was in a relationship that was the same, he took force with her the last part of the four years they were together she got out with her life. After seeing the interview with Ellen I feel Seal was using a passive aggressive manipulation approach to not look like the bad guy, but most abusers I have encountered all say the same thing. I hope he gets help for this so he can continue to co-parent with Heidi and give their children a happy child hood.

      • Hugo says:

        I agee too NinaG

        Seal is an “Actor” more concerned with his own positive public image rather than the feelings of his own wife and family.

        A monster behind closed doors.

  3. alaina says:

    This is sad. I’d be less inclined to believe any of this latest stuff coming out about Seal had he not gone on what is now increasingly looking like a charm offensive after the split was announced. It reeks of damage control, and control freakery, which seems to be what his problem is.

    Sad all round.

    • Paloma says:

      I totally agree. He was so quick to jump on this PR campaign. He must be very savvy.

      • Pop Rocks says:

        He didn’t really jump on a PR thing. He had a previously scheduled publicity tour for the release of a new album I think. Even the record company was horrified by the bad timing.

        Also, I have trouble buying the fact that Heidi is this passive person who spent years being abused. Given Heidi’s penchant for making EVERYTHING about their relationship and the kids as part of her brand, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the one leaking all of this stuff about Seal’s anger. She knows full well that our society is always happy to portray black people as angry. If that is indeed the case, she should be ashamed of herself.

        I just spent two years living in Berlin. The Germans can’t stand her. They think she exploits her family life for fame and profit even worse than Brandgelina.

      • Hugo says:

        I agree that Heidi and Seal made a lot of money out of their “Brand” but i believe that their relationship has gradually changed with Seal the moster revealing himself to be truly domineering.

        Heidi like most women with kids will usually give the children’s father far more chances than usual, so she has tried but perhaps this too is s sign of how bad things have become for her.

    • tmbg says:

      I got a queasy feeling when he started talking about the possibility of them getting back together. It seemed very controlling. If she had also put it out there in a statement, that would be one thing, but for him to say it without any input from her seemed odd.

  4. jc126 says:

    Wife and daughter? He has TWO daughters. Still waiting for actual proof on this.

    • DesertRose says:

      Well maybe it’s not proof, but my brother-in-law is a sound engineer and worked on one of Seal’s tours. How bad is Seal to work with? My bro-in-law got paid $150,000 to do a 4 month gig, and then promptly said he would never work with Seal again. I believe every word of it.

      • Whatever says:

        Wow@desertrose! Pretty telling I;d say.

      • DesertRose says:

        lol . . .Seal is not the only act that my BIL has said no to. Some singers admit to having bad days, others like to blame their head sound guy, these are the ones that he won’t work with. My hubby’s family is full of showbiz-tech people, sound engineers, animators, editors, and even a steadily working character actor who used to be a barkeep in a bowler and was once coaching Grace. There’s my little attempt at a blind item =)

    • The Truth Fairy says:


      What do you want, the 2 girls’ birth certificates??? The adoption papers??? Why do you need proof anyway – does it really matter? He’s providing for all the kids whether he is their biological father or not. Jeez! You sound like one of those crazy “Birthers” from the Tea Party movement.

      • ahoyhoy says:

        Tf, no worries–I think she is waiting for proof that Seal has a bad temper/ proof on this STORY.

      • Laurabb says:

        I think she/he is pointing out that he has two girls not one and she is waiting for proof on the abuse not the paternity.

      • jc126 says:

        Yes, I mean proof of his violent temper, lol. DesertRose’s story is the first proof I’ve heard that I trust, a real life story, not tabloid insinuations.

        FTR I am the opposite of a birther, I think those people are/were just racists and also loons.

      • The Truth Fairy says:

        lol OK that makes more sense.

  5. Dawn says:

    I hope that Heidi thinks long and hard and does not go back to Seal IF these are the true facts. I think however that it was far worse than we are hearing for her to even make the move of leaving him and people like Seal from my personal experience do not get left…they do the leaving. And it seems to me that she is always gushing on and on about how wonderful Seal is in every way, that has always made me suspicious. Who knows what is going to happen but she is stuck with him forever in a way, all the good, the bad and the ugly of him because of the children. I hope that this was just a mid-life break down for Seal but I kind of have my doubts.

    • Hugo says:

      Spot on Dawn

      Seal is a classic Narcissist who believes that the worldrevolves around him, including his wife.

      Heidi has simply been worn down by his bad behaviour and rude ways.

      He intimidates her rather than respets her and she can’tkeep up the “Act” anymore.

      Her silence speaks volumes, where as his PR campaign for his album is more about his saving face, not about his music.

  6. Bite me says:

    Well damn… Wonder if he was physical abusive to the children

    • JudyJudyJudy says:

      witnessing it down the line would be damage enough for kids. I dont know if this is true, but if it is then she did the right thing. Say no to abuse the very first time and go.

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    I hope this isn’t true, but if it is I hope Heidi does the right thing and protects those babies.

  8. kibbles says:

    Heidi seems to have been “dickmatized” by Seal from the moment she laid eyes on him. There is no other reason why she would fall for this jerk. He’s unattractive and violent. His passive and eloquent demeanor is an act. Men like Seal have learned to hide their dark side in public. His English accent only helps fool the masses into thinking that he is above any despicable behavior. I believe these allegations.

    • Jaded says:

      Agree – she’s been totally f*ck struck. Also, they’ve marketed themselves as this wonderful, loving couple, which has done a lot for their “brand” (i.e. the Beckhams) so for the sake of the image you hang in through bad times as long as possible. Remember the Rebecca Loos scandal with David Beckham? He was caught with his pants down but the first thing Victoria did was pop out another baby instead of dump his adulterous ass. They had to save the Beckham “brand” as it’s a money-maker.

      • YEP_ITS_HER says:

        Totally agree. I believe there is a total dark side to the Beckham’s marriage. But David is so adept at playing the charming and unassuming heart throb that you would be hard pressed to find anyone, especially in the UK saying anything bad about him. Some years back his kids Nanny sold a story about her time with The Beckham’s. Though her motive was clearly money she said a few interesting things – David was verbally abusive and cold towards the wife, would leave the home very late at night and almost goading the wife with what he would be up to, a distant father figure and an adulterer (he slept the the nanny’s beautician friend). David like Seal has the family man image but imagine if it were just that and their children and wives are just props. It is frightening what these people do for money and status.

    • NancyMan says:

      I love the term ‘dickmatized’!! It is so true.

    • Agatha says:

      English accent? The guy was born in Nigeria, W.Africa.

      • kibbles says:

        From Wikipedia: Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel was born on 19 February 1963 in Kilburn in North London, England to a Nigerian mother Adebisi Samuel and Brazilian father Francis Samuel.

      • YEP_ITS_HER says:

        He is British with Nigerian ancestry hence the ENGLISH accent. Did you take a class to be this stupid?

  9. Moi says:

    Poor Heidi. This has to be humiliating for her. I could not imagine having my personal life out there for everyone to read and dissect.

    @ kibbles: from experience I can tell you that sometimes you fall in love/lust very quickly, then the passion turns into jealousy, possessiveness, etc. I was much younger mind you. But they act like a jerk, then cry and beg you back and your stupid and in love, so you believe they can change, so you take them back. Then if you start throwing kids into it, it makes things even more complicated. However, you eventually realize that it is never going to work, they will never change and with her, I’m sure she realizes that she needs to also protect her children as well.

    • barb333 says:

      I’m sorry, why should she be humiliated? If this is true, she didn’t do anything wrong. He should be humiliated. Again, of it’s true.

      • Moi says:

        Because trust me, it’s humiliating. Just like kibbles wrote, people are going to say she was “dickmatized”, “why did she stay for so long, what was she thinking?, Why did she fall for a guy like that?”. For the entire world to know your personal life like that, I can only say that I would have been humiliated. I’ve already lived and learned and found another wonderful man to share my life with. She is just now going through all of this, again for the whole world to see and read. Even if it’s not true, but I have a feeling it is (but just my feeling), she will have to do a lot of damage control to disparage these rumors. I feel for her is all.

      • originalone says:

        Women have been taught from a very early age to take responsibility to everything that happens to them, and around them. That is why a woman who was raped, beaten, or victimized in any way, would always feel responsible.

        Does this sound familiar:”Well she was asking for it.”

        Not so with men. Boys from an early age are taught to do what makes them happy. Which in a great part you see them grow-up into irresponsible pricks.

        Thank you for reading, off gender inequality and disillusions soap box.

      • barb333 says:

        I can understand your point for sure. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but my first thought is never negative against the victim. My first thought is what a pr**ck he is and how HE should be humiliated. I’m not attacking your opinion, please don’t take it that way. Either way, he’s an ass, and I do agree that there is probably some truth to this, unfortunately.

      • Moi says:

        @barb333: I definitely would never blame her in any way. He’s the a-hole, if this is all true. I guess that’s why I feel for her. Look at some of the things written even below what I posted. The questions asked about Heidi. Just wrong, but inevitable it seems.

      • barb333 says:

        @moi I do agree that people will look at her and say, well why did you say or other stupid things. Unfortunately there are stupid people that sts do ignorance. I have a friend that was in a horribly abusive marriage and she stayed for years. I wish people wouldn’t speak without thinking.

      • Shay Kay says:

        I agree that she has done nothing of which to be be ashamed however; sometimes logic of the head and heart are two different things. I think she, like almost any woman, in a mildly/wildly abusive relationship physcial or verbal, will feel that she made some bad choices which impacted her life and her children’s lives in a negative way and with that comes guilt. And with guilt comes shame at having made those bad choices. Given time she will be able to see the picture more clearly from a distance but until then I would understand that she feels ashamed even though she doesn’t need to be.
        Depending on the extent on the abuse I can see that she tried to make her marriage work until she just couldn’t anymore and I admire her for that.

    • Julie says:

      “I could not imagine having my personal life out there for everyone to read and dissect.”

      on the other hand she used her happy family image to sell products. as hard as it must suck for her she cant really complain that they invade her private space, she opened it up.

  10. Maritza says:

    Well if it’s true then I hope Heidi divorces him and finds herself someone much better. She likes them rich, tall and ugly so that won’t be hard to find. Heidi has killer legs, wow.

  11. Paloma says:

    I remember the incident in which Seal is speaking to her terribly and telling her to get in the car. It involved a photographer. She quickly obeyed; no doubt trying not to escalate things.

    • jo says:

      Hes.. I remember this too.. it was widley reported that he yelled at her and I think there was a picture of him with his face all contorted..jerk

      • Me says:

        GTFO he yelled and made a mean face? What a prick.

      • Pia says:

        @Me- if that is scarcasm, that is just sad. NO, it is NOT okay to yell at your wife and demand she get in the car. So YES, that makes him a prick. I would NEVER treat a man or any other person that way, so just because he did not physically hurt her does not mean that acting that way is ok.

  12. Victoria says:

    So why did Heidi have 3 children with him & allow him to adopt her daughter from the billionaire bio dad?

    Funny all this comes out when his album drops! Who would have had him on their shows without the divorce drama?

    • Paloma says:

      She was probably madly in love with him.
      Maybe he was nice to her in the beginning. Even with all her money, she is just like other women out there.

    • fabgrrl says:

      Well, possibly, this was the first time he actually, physically, assaulted her. Perhaps she has been putting up with the verbal abuse for a long time. Telling herself, he just has a temper, he doesn’t meant it, he wouldn’t “really” hurt me or the kids. Lots and lots of women go through exactly this.

      • Dawn says:

        Because that is the way guys like this act in public and she is more than likely tired of walking on eggshells and never knowing what or when the explosion will happen, just that it will. I was with a guy like that for years, and I loved him, actually worshipped him and all my friends thought I had hit the jackpot. And when the real personality comes out little by little you begin to lose yourself and your sense to that guy and what he thinks. All your friends are fooled and really don’t buy why you HAVE to get home NOW, or why HE is going to mad because you took too long at the store or having your hair done until they witness an explosion for themselves. And believe me I tried leaving several times but I was young and easily manipulated but when he was through he was through and it didn’t matter about the kids. He simply walked and never looked back. It took years for me to get over, years. And you are never the same person again.

  13. Jen34 says:

    If this is true, she has to get out. I hope it hasn’t been going on all along. If it has, she should have gotten out sooner. If it’s true.

  14. Whatever says:

    I doubted this story, until the ex girlfriend came out and basically confirmed his temper. He’s a charmer for sure, but those are the worst.

  15. Maya says:

    Just because someone has a temper doesn’t mean that they beat up their spouses.
    Calm down people.

    • Ogechi says:

      Yeah! But I’m still sad with all these stories coming up!

    • Azurea says:

      Constant(or increasing)verbal abuse can be as damaging as physical abuse. It can also carry the threat of physical abuse even if that never actually takes place.
      Both or wrong, as she’s right to get out of the marriage if either is occurring.

    • says:

      I agree. It always comes down to finding the villain and the person responsible for the demise of a marriage when in fact, both persons played a role.

  16. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Well this has shocked me, not that seal has atemper or is difficult to work with because I’ve heard these things before, but that he gets physical. He’s so…English that his “sophisticaton” is a good mask for his abusive behaviour if this is true.

    Wow. I love Seal’s music and never really thought about his private life until he hooked up with Heidi and when it came to that whole Chechnya scandal I was on his side, but I have to reevaluate my support for him. I’m on the fence until we get some hard evidence.

  17. Tom powell says:

    It’s amazing, you believe a lie from some one and jump to conclusions, just because you want to believe it as racists,why don’t you listen to her, I mean Heidi her self as she talked about him in a respectable maagazine ” instyle magazine” she is apraising him very much, a lie is a lie, and fair is fair,no matter who say it.she always descibe him as the gentle giant.

    • Moi says:

      Oh dear lord. Really? Racists? Well, I can only speak for myself, but I am looking at it as a mainly “if true” situation. I think some are also on here as well. I am also looking at it as a man/woman, husband/wife situation, not skin color. I am so tired of people throwing around the word racist.

    • barb333 says:

      @tom powell, you’re an in need of education. Btw, you’re the only one bringing up race.

    • Carmen says:

      I don’t believe for one second Heidi was abused. She is from what I hear a total bitch.

  18. gab says:

    That whole fake look how calm and loving I am demeanor reminds me of Russell Armstrong on RHOBH. Such acting.

  19. Sarah says:

    Says a ‘family insider’ who presumably can’t be named for reasons of reality.

    I still say the split is a publicity stunt that may (read MAY) be backfiring.

  20. Asli says:

    The courtship is always different. When my mom and dad were dating he was the perfect gentleman. My mom wasn’t looking to get married, or even be in a relationship, but he was incredibly charming and sweet and ‘loved’ her. Then when they got married he became this whole different person. He would slap her around, if his breakfast wasn’t ready in time he’d scream at her. He threathened her with various pots and pans in hand, cut up a couch, smashed the tv while me and my siblings were watching a movie (Lion King) and chased her around so that she had to lock herself and three small kids in a room until he left (and that was only while we (the kids) were present). I’m not saying that Seal was this abusive but maybe he was a little more aggresive than before they married.

    • Asli says:

      With that said, I don’t believe any of this ”Seal is abusive”-stuff. Decent family man and Heidi seemed very much in love all of those years. I don’t know why but the whole ridiculous Halloween-costume thing they did every year makes me think they were very happy indeed. Sometimes you just drift apart.

  21. Tom powell says:

    Hey folks,it’s exactly 8 years they are together, did any of you see her complaining one of all those years, he can’t turned to be a beast suddenly, have some sence ladies ad gentlemen, and about that bro-in-law, I know about him, he was sacked as he was caught steling, that’s it, by the way they are still living under the same roof and may be the same bed, how can she stay with such a man if he is as those nasty people claim, it’s rubbish, and yes dear Moi,it’s obviously “Racism” agree or not…

    • Moi says:

      Really don’t want to go back and forth here. Do you see that maybe you are the one seeing color here, not anyone else? I could care less what color either of them are. My skin is actually a sort of shade of red at the moment from being called a racist when I’m not. I also think we are all in agreement that this may all be speculation, but giving our opinions on the rumors themselves. All hypothetical. No one is stating this is as fact. Have a great weekend…

    • Jayna says:

      Bingo. Even friends said they have only been having problems this past year due to their distance. People get sacked on tour all the time. I have been to concerts where the sound guy did a shitty job and never fixed it as the tour went on. Frustrated musicians do come down on them.

      Heidi is a thriving business woman and that woman was happy with Seal most of the years. I don’t believe she was fake. Seal is back pursuing his career heavily and Heidi is home with four children. Distance does not always make the heart grow fonder.

    • TheOriginalVictoria says:

      Look here, I am one of the first people who will call out racist/they just don’t understand/subconsciously unaware shit when I see it. I know it, have lived it, and I don’t play those games.

      You can refer to any of my Halle postings for reference because I detect some foul stuff in there sometimes.

      But as whole, CB is one of the most race/gender/sexual-orientation friendly sites out there. We collectively are here to bitch about the fuckery of celebrities and we don’t care what colour you are. If you suck, you suck, and we wanna know who you’re sucking while at it so we can bitch about that.

      There are plenty of conversations on here that go beyond the limited windows of celebrity gossip and turn into well thought out, intelligent discussions about race, religion, culture, and whatever other topics that are relative to pop culture.

      And you know what? When people get rude and racist, we call them out. So please stop trying to paint these posters as racist. I am black and if he did it, he’s a turd. Does that make full of self-hate? No one has said they believed this story. Most people have based their opinion on hypotheticals and declared it.

      Let’s stop real racism.

      • Pia says:

        Spot on! But didn’t you know? When someone is a dick and also black by coincidence, we are racist. Just like how we are “jelly” of Courtney Stodden’s beauty and class LOL.

      • Shay Kay says:

        I just know you and I would be friends if we met! I have to say that this website may have JenHens, Brangeloonies, and few complete nuts occasionally but none of us seem to give a d@mn what color skin you have.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Bravo, Original Victoria. Most of around here call out any racism/sexism/bullying etc.
        This has nothing to do with race, it is two humans working on dissolving their marriage. Why don’t you, TP stop seeing race?
        It’s nothing more than skin color. I can assure you we are all the same on the insides because that is what I saw everyday at work. Everyone’s the same. It’s your personality that makes you an asshat, not your skin color, or what’s in your pants or who you choose to love.
        Sounds like someone is stuck in the dark ages!

  22. Julie says:

    heidi used her image to sell her products and shows. she posted private pictures and talked about very intimiate details. so from my pov its all fair game. if you use the gossip sites and yellow press in happy times you’ll have to deal with them
    in the bad times, too. same goes obviously for seal.

    if i was still naive i would say noone would invent a story like that if it isnt true but i also know otherwise.

    i can image seal having anger management problems. i can also see heidi using her pr team to destroy him and establish her as the vicitm and i can also see the star making such a story up.

    • Alaina says:

      You raise good points. I’m still a bit sceptical about the immediacy and manner of Seal’s charm offensive but really, who knows what’s gone on behind the scenes and the reality of their relationship.

      Nothing black and white here (no pun intended) when all the info is secondhand and coming from what may be ‘interested’ parties.

  23. Meanchick says:

    Here we go. Now, he’s an abusive monster who disrespects women. Former employees and an ex-girlfriend crawl out of the woodwork to say how horrible he really is and people eat it with a spoon. Where were all of these concerns, warnings and issues before now? No one says shit until they can say it on camera or in an article? Sickening.

  24. OXA says:

    I saw his interview last week with Piers Morgan, I was appalled when he repeatedly said he had 3 beautiful kids.
    Seal was present for Leni’s birth and Heidi always said that Seal is Leni’s father, the fact that he denied his adopted daughter speaks volumes. Yes I believe he is an angry, mean tempered and hurtful man>

    • Jayna says:

      He Never repeatedly said three kids. I have seen him in every interview and he always thanked Heidi for giving him these four amazing gifts, their children.

      On Piers one time he misspoke and said three and said four later. And he said three also when talking about Obama being biracial and about his three being biracial. He had to leave Leni out of that because she is white and had nothing to do with talking about being bi-racial in this society.

      Seal wrote a song and specifically referenced Leni’s birth and the exact time she was born and his love for her and her mom.

    • Kara Ann says:

      About the Piers Morgan interview, I watched it too and I was upset at a reference to telling his 3 children about the separation. Then I got to thinking, is one of the children too young to have been in on this conversation?

  25. sukienow says:

    i think tyra banks alluded to this some years ago. she used to date him and mentioned about an abusive famous bf she had, many people back then claimed it was seal

    • Jayna says:

      She dated a famous Football player or some other sport and talked about how he mistreated her but she was very young and put up with it for a long time before it finally ended. I think he left her, but it made her stronger she said and that she would never stay in a relationship like that again.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        She dated a basketball player from the Sac. Kings. Chris Webber.
        Famous forever for calling a timeout in the NCAA championship game in the last seconds where there was no time out and single handedly losing the game. He went on to famously lose in the playoffs to the Lakers EVERY single year.
        Ummm, sorry, told you all I was heavily into sports. I kinda remember everything.

  26. Anon73 says:

    oh *OF COURSE* Seal would have to have a “scary” and “violent” temper and “pushing” Heidi and needing to “be physically restrained”. He’s a *SCARY* black man that married a poor victim white girl. NOT.

    i mean PLEASE, this is all ridiculous. they have been together all this time and NOW he has a temper and is attacking her ?? i don’t buy it. something is up.

    AND… my money is on Heidi being the culprit. Reasons yet unknown.

    For Heidi too : didn’t she bail on her 1st husband after years of a stable marriage if I recall correctly ?? she was married to some Italian hairdresser for 7 some odd years. and left him for that billionaire that got her knocked up with her first daugther, Lenni.

    and after Lenni arrievd, that is when she hooked up with Seal (husband #2)

  27. DI says:

    he’ll find out no one cares about him without her

    • Jayna says:

      Think again. Seal is a tremendous songwriter (one of the most intelligent songwriters out there as far as depth in his songwriting) and a great singer. Most people say his career was hurt by being with Heidi and so high profile and that being so in love took the edge off his writing. Seal is still very big in Europe and such. He has a great backing band of about seven with even horns in it. He only tours in America ever so many years, because he is much bigger over there. But his tours are successful. I think their marriage has suffered because he is putting a lot more time into his career away from family and it has created a strain.

  28. Kim says:

    If true this is so sad and he needs to get anger mgmt for the sake of his children.

  29. MayaMae says:

    I hope he doesn’t verbally or physically abuse the children. I’ve always loved Seal for the way he immediately was Leni’s father from the day she was born.

  30. wunder says:

    So Heidi had her very own security guard stationed at her house ‘just in case’???

  31. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Hey, first time poster!
    I just GOTTA say somthing here as the lack of distinction is driving me NUTS. It’s quick and to the point. A very SUBTLE but IMPORTANT point I’d like to make.
    A lot of you guys and girls are pointing to Seals “English accent” as proof of his elegance and sophistication etc.etc etc. Ummm, I know most of us on here are Americans and maybe dont know any better BUT you guys need to know there are many many English accents and Seals is a COCKNEY accent. It’s not, say, your educated, truly elegant oxford accent or hugh grants accent. You cant just lump all accents in together as they are wildly different and imply different things. Seal has a patently cockney accent. from living in England and all of my travels in England my interactions with cockneys and cockney culture I can honestly say none of this suprises me. Cockneys are the most male shovanist, mysoginistic, low class, violent, yobs (packy bashing…look it up) defiently uneducated people ever. I couldnt stand them.I found NOTHING redemptive. In Mary Poppins Bert the cockney was depicted in a warm and charming way but they are NOTHING like this really.
    When i hear Seals accent its like nails scratching down a chalk board. So, to close, his “English Accent” says to me EXACTLY where hes coming from and I would have taken it as a warning to RUN.There is NOTHING charming about cockney men, black, white, red, or yellow.
    (Elocution anyone?) (sorry for my mis-spellings…Im in bed with the flu).

    • Asli says:

      Don’t know if I agree but feel better :D

    • Kitty says:

      First time poster her too! As a londoner I think the generalisation of cockneys above is somewhat unfair. Not everyone with the same regional accent is the same. I am sorry you had that experience of cockneys but I genuinely think that
      your characterisation of several million londoners is harsh. Sorry you have the flu anyway, get well soon.

      • TheOriginalVictoria says:

        Well, I was the one to make the comment about his accent. And if you notice, I put in quotations the word “sophistication” because being an Anglophile and having spent years in London, Salisbury, and Sheffield I am pretty familiar with QE, Cockney, Yorkshire, etc. accents.

        My point was that his accent to many people makes him seem charming and sophisticated. A good portion of folk in America think that anyone with any type of British accent, unless it’s LuLu Cockney strong sounds like proper stuff. We just like to hear any English accent period because it sounds so pretty. LOL.

  32. KatT says:

    She didn’t sense this aggression within him before she bore him… not one, not two, but three children? Seriously?? jeezuz.

  33. Chris says:

    I never really understood why a beautiful woman like Heidi was with a guy who has a face like a smashed crap. Now it appears he’s just as ugly on the inside.

  34. Tom powell says:

    Racists,Racists,Rasicts, That’s all about it,it’s your good opportunity to show how bad ill minded people you are, you only clung to a false stupid rumours and start to show your devilish souls, this man is one of the greats singers on this planet,now to drain this dirty stincky swamp you enjoy your swim in , now for a change,I say why don’t you try to turn your hard tongues on her for a little fairness,any way he will find very soon who is better and younger than her,his career was awfully harmed by her, he will be better without her, believe me

  35. Tom powell says:

    By the way, I forgot to tell you some thing about that old german model Tatyana Patitz who started this rumour, she was his girl friend for more than one an half a year on 1997-1998, and we all knew that he impregnated her but she aboted it purposely and she was dumped, this old lady is hating him and Heidi, she used to talk badly about Heidi on many occasions especially when Heidi started her top model show in germany, accusing her of spoiling the teens wannabes, now after 15 years of abandoned and forgotten by him, but she is still on fire remembering that he is having bad temper,what makes her so friendly now advising Heidi, she still suffer and wishes to destroy their marriage,well I really wish that he focus on his music, as one of the most talented singers- songwriters around dumping this other old german, Heidi,

    • Jayna says:

      Tatijana faded. She can’t get the deals like other models of her era have. She sold interviews to get her face back out there again. She doesn’t care about Heidi. Heidi lived with the man for eight years and by all accounts from her (And I don’t believe she’s a phony) was very happy most of them until this past year and was a driven woman building her business empire, not some woman afraid of her husband. Seal may have a quick temper. My father did. It didn’t make him a man with an anger management problem or an abuser. We rarely saw it, but it could flare every once in a while. He was a wonderful, emotional father otherwise.

      By the way, I bought Soul 2. It’s absolutely AMAZING. Seal’s voice was made for those Soul/R&B songs of that era.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Heidi, old? Really? What are you? 12? How on Earth do you consider heidi “old”? Get over yourself.

  36. Tom powell says:

    Any way, no more than two or three years and Heidi will be an old wrinkled ex model no one will care about, Seal is a very strong man if he as this lie said had pushed her he surely would harmed her badly, no bodyguard can stand him, well then I really wish that he starts a new relation putting behind his back the past 8 years,the kids will grow up as all such kids did, all he has to do is go on singing for those who are caring for his great voice, doing as much as he can of concerts as he did last year, he did almost a 100 gigs world wide,

  37. Lauren says:

    I do not know of any man that would date a woman who is carrying another man`s child, then marry her & take on fatherhood so quickly. Ok, Seal loses his temper..Anger Management anyone? Why now, after 4 children together? I am still trying to understand. Typically, abusers say damaging & disparaging comments about his accuser, is promiscuous, acts like he does not care at all about the breakup of his family. May have addiction issues. Sociopathic personality.
    Why have 4 children in 7 years with an abuser, when you are a millionaire..she has access to birth control. All the lawfully charged & convicted abusers I have known are White, upper-middle class, and educated. Abuse is about Power & Control…exists in every social demographic. Please stop with the racism..unnecessary cruelty.

  38. Ginger says:

    I was in a relationship with a man who had a bad temper and it eventually led to a huge blowout where he pushed me and I hit a wall. He also took the phone and keys away to keep me from leaving/telling anyone. At the time I did not realize this was classic abuse. I thought a man had to hit you to be abuse but it turns out not to be the case. This is a serious subject. I left that clown as well, immediately! Believe me, my brother and step father wanted to kill the guy. I just hope if there is any truth to this that Heidi has some protection. I also give her kudos for leaving. Think how bad this looks for her when for years she has been saying how “great” their relationship is…make you wonder.

  39. Jaxx says:

    Abusive men and insecurity go hand and hand. Makes me wonder if he kept her pregnant all these years so his mark was very visable and she was less likely to look around. Now that she is very through with childbearing the tensions just kept rising until he blew. The abrupt breakup made me believe something pretty awful happened.

  40. Tom powell says:

    I guess it’s all intended, akind of a propaganda to stir up a fuss tohelp selling his new album, believe me,heidi was spotd on saturday sporting her huge wedding ring as there is nothing to worry about, they are still married enjoying playing with stupid media,you just see him singing through the last few weeks, he is singing like a very happy man enjoying his time, you have to figure it your self, using your minds, just see him on so many interview he did,it’s obvious that he is playing the game professionaly,having a great support from Heidi,I can’t believe the opposite less they are legaly divorced,

    • Jaxx says:

      Ifthat’s what they truly intend then it may just back fire on him. Ask Chris Brown how much his career “improved” after his abuse of Rhianna. Clearly the public is not going to support abusers with their wallets.

      • YEP_ITS_HER says:

        Chris Brown was ‘punished’ by going on a sell out North American arena tour and still having numerous music artists lining up to work with him including Justin Bieber. There will always be naive and stupid people willing to support such violent scum bags. I mean look at people who think Charlie Sheen is just a lovable rogue.

    • Joanna says:

      ever heard of a period? as in ” . ” the thing you end a sentence with, lol. plus, I don’t think people are saying seal is an abuser b/c he is black. sometimes when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. my ex was a prick, but when I met him, he was nice as can be, gentle and loving. it was only after i started dating him, then he became controlling. and saying mean things to me. and people would be “danny did that?” b/c he seemed so nice. sometimes the nicest people in public are the biggest a**holes behind closed doors.

  41. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    Some people just don’t have the temperament to be married or in a relationship. Abusive men DO NOT CHANGE. He’s better off alone.

  42. Tom powell says:

    I guess you didn’t understand, it’s all faked, no abuse there, it’s a game they both play backed with some drama by some idiots volunteering by invinting events they imagine cause if they are really going seperate ways, why they insist keeping the wedding bands, this is ridiculous,any way it will do no harm, he is doing so well commercially righ now,it’s better that we shift to another rumours, there are so many in the tabloids and this kind of blogs.

  43. Cirque28 says:

    This thread sure got weird.

  44. Lisa says:

    cool beans, she has to scratches, bruises, or physical face injuries who it was a good idea to make up rumor of being super pushed for a story. Genius.

  45. Jeemahn says:

    I’ve been watching Seal on The Voice in Australia.
    The guy is a MASSIVE douche canoe. Loves the sound of his own voice and talks utter crap. Total narcissist.