K-Fed gets to keep his crap, wants the kids too

Just like Anna Nicole’s sad life of cashing in and Madonna’s PR adoption, the K-Fed and Britney divorce is the story that keeps on giving.

The news we reported yesterday that K-Fed will have to return all gifts over $10,000 according to the prenup might not be true. The NY Daily News is reporting that he gets to keep all the overpriced crap he raps about, including his custom Ferrari and Pepperidge Farm Chessman cookie necklace. He has also filed suit for custody of his two children with Britney, Sean Preston, one and Jayden James, 2 months. Kevin was said to be trying to file for divorce from Britney first and he supposedly wanted to try for $30 million settlement by using their kids as pawns. If he’s asking for custody now that probably means that he’s trying to show he’s serious about fatherhood in order to better stake his claim for Britney’s cash.

Still, Kevin won’t get as much as he’s looking for. He’s a greedy bastard with expensive tastes, and he won’t get half of their $7.3 million Malibu mansion since Britney bought it before she met him:

But Kevin – who reportedly has asked for custody of their two kids as well as spousal support – won’t walk away empty-handed.

Kevin definitely does get to keep all the toys he has acquired over the past two years, including a personalized Ferrari (logo replaced with Federline), numerous pieces of jewelry and diamond-encrusted watches, and the $1 million Britney invested to produce his single, “PopoZao.”

Legal experts say that to keep the Kevster quiet, Britney will have to work out some kind of structured settlement and confidentiality agreement to stop her ex-hubby from selling their story to the press over the next several years.

The $7.3 million Malibu mansion, the one with eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, an Olympic-size pool, regulation tennis court, spa, gym and fully equipped outdoor kitchen, was purchased by Spears before the marriage.

The couple reportedly spent $150,000 on a new nursery and baby-proofing the house when Sean Preston was born and $400,000 to build Kevin a personal recording studio.

Britney also owned a three-bedroom, 4 1/2-bath Manhattan condominium (once owned by Keith Richards) before getting hitched to K-Fed. It sold for $4 million in August, which was $1 million more than Brit originally paid for it. It will be up to the judge on whether she must share only the actual profit with Kevin.

K-Fed performed in Chicago at the House of Blues last night, telling the crowd that he’s a free man and pointing out a “sexy ass lady.” His ticket sales were so bad that the House of Blues was giving them away.

“Hey, I see a lot of fine ladies in here,” said the rapper. “You know I’m a free man, right, ladies? You wanna dance with a pimp?” Later on he added, “That’s a sexy-ass lady right there,” pointing into the crowd.

Pictures from People.com and Gabsmash.

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18 Responses to “K-Fed gets to keep his crap, wants the kids too”

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  1. Fleegle says:

    Bye-bye, FedEx, your 15 minutes is up. ::SLAM!::

  2. Action says:

    Oh…that is a HORRIBLE picture of her!

  3. Mr. T says:

    While I utterly despise Federline I have to admit, Britney is no winner either. She picked out this white trash, married him and had his children. They are both over paid white trash. Britney has no talent and Federline has less than zero. Good bye to them both.

  4. Clarimonde says:

    OK. Britney’s udders are really starting to scare me.

  5. marines all the way says:

    Wow he really knows how to treat a woman like trash…papers not even signed yet and he’s out declaring himself free, what a peice of crap. Ladies this abomination does not represent us men, he’s one of those guys we wanna put out of their misery, trust me, we aren’t like that.

  6. Toubrouk says:

    So, looks like K-Fed will be able to keep his “Celebrity Lifestyle” going for another little while. Let’s hope he will stay in his current status; a flash in the pan.

    I agree with Marines All The Way, K-Fed really fall into a small minority of men known to be scumballs. Sadly, since good mens don’t attract the spotlight, those little bitches just spray us with their idiocy.

  7. kelley says:

    I wonder when Anna Nicole will be giving him a call? They are the perfect match.

  8. Terri says:

    hehehehe…Giving away tickets to his performance. Too funny. I didn’t think it was possible that he and his whole existence could continue to get sadder and sadder – But it is!

  9. AC says:

    Britney has talent. I think she’s a phenominal dancer. She deserves SOME credit. But yes the fact that she picked this guy up … doesn’t bode well for her. but the fact that she DIVORCED HIM… redeemes her a little. Hopefully the next guy will be someone who can class her up.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    Hmmm I wonder why he never filed for sole custody of his other two kids. Maybe because Shar isn’t LOADED?

    Wern’t they/him supporting Shar and his kids by her?

  11. Izzy says:

    I agree with AC. I like Britney and I sincerely hope she learns something from all this.

  12. Pecarrie says:

    He’s just trying to give himself a ‘good face’ by acting like he cares for/wants the children. He doesnt give a damn about them, and they’re just pawns in his fight for money and power away from Britney. Typical bastard behavior, not to be confused with man or father behavior. All he cares for is to live a good life’ which he understands in terms of possession and indulgences. Meanwhile he’d enjoy being famous for epitomizing the hussling inbred stereotype… but nobody is going to buy it because he doesnt have enough talent to pass that one off. Just my opinions, of course…

  13. tom says:

    I didn’t have any opinion of Britney before, other than that she was really hot for quite a long time. Then she looked and acted like a trailer hog. Now, the peener is taking notice again. Those boats are sailing just about right for a new mom, by the way. That picture looks close to the old Britney.

  14. tom says:

    I didn’t have any opinion of Britney before, other than that she was really hot for quite a long time. Then she looked and acted like a trailer hog. Now, the peener is taking notice again. Those boats are sailing just about right for a new mom, by the way. That picture looks close to the old Britney.

  15. elisha says:

    I personally will chip in to buy him a vasectomy. I would like to start a Kevin Federline Vasectomy Fund.

  16. Duckie says:

    Elisha, I will double whatever you contribute. Anything to stop that guy from reproducing again.

    “Do you want to dance with a pimp.” What a dickwad.

  17. pia says:

    oh my god i hope britney will find back to justin…they are the best match.. so cute together.. i think he still loves her too… 😉

  18. Pecarrie says:

    Actually, I dont think Justin is any better. He treats Cameron like a piece of meat and is immature as hell- plus WAY arrogant, aggressive, demeaning etc etc. He was her first bad choice in a string of self-destructive choices…