Britney Spears gossip news dump

There’s all sorts of Britney news today. I was going to break it up into several stories, but I’ll just give the highlights here.

  • Britney was crying after being stood up by Kevin at dinner. She was wearing a Vegas-worthy red dress and fishnets while waiting in vain for her husband to show up at the restaurant. That may have been the straw that broke Britney’s back, OR
  • Britney might have asked the front desk for a key to the room Kevin was staying in at a separate hotel. She may have busted in and seen chicks in bed with Kevin, prompting her to file for divorce.

    Whatever the reason, Britney knew what she was doing. She timed her prenup exactly 25 months after she was married to Kevin so that she wouldn’t have to pay him for three years of marriage instead of two.

    And Britney’s first public wedding to K-Fed in September, 2004 was an elaborate fake affair, complete with legal documents to keep it non-binding. It seems they didn’t have the details of their prenup worked out and staged a ceremony for family and friends, knowing it was not a real wedding. Just like Anna Nicole. They were not actually married until October 6, 2004.

    Britney’s comeback is in full force. She was seen outside the Sony Music Studios in New York a day after the news of her divorce came out.

    And amidst all this furor over Britney’s divorce everyone seems to forget that little Jayden James has been more elusive than baby Suri. No one has seen the nearly two month-old yet and there are only far-away blurry pictures. You think Britney would shop the pictures around to the highest bidder, but Jossip reports that she’s willing to give them away free for a flattering non-gossip rag magazine cover and a sympathetic article. K-Fed would reap some of the profit if the pics were sold, so she’s said to be digging the screws in a little harder by giving the coveted photos of their newborn away.

    Thanks to DListed and Splash News for these pictures of Britney. The makeover was short lived. I could do my makeup better than that if all I had to work with was Wet ‘N Wild.

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    13 Responses to “Britney Spears gossip news dump”

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    1. Pecarrie says:

      …wet n’ wild…. BWAA HAA HAA HAA

      …wait— am I insulted? Ummm, Nah…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. rubygirl214 says:

      I’m a makeup artist, here’s a Wet ‘N Wild tip: Lipliner #666 (no joke!) is insanely similar to MAC Spice liner, for the gals out there on a budget!!!

    3. Mr. T says:

      Who cares about these white trash people. Britney and K-Fed can fall off the face of the earth and no one would miss them.

    4. kitty says:

      Seriously, is she walking around with chipped nailpolish? That has to be the trashiest looking thing…I love Brit, but sometimes I wish she’d run by the mirror before going out.

    5. Pecarrie says:

      HEY! Busy girls, or girls in emotional and or mental crises, happen to have much more taking up their time and energy than ‘whether their nail polish is perfect’– and thank God for that…what a stupid notion to be concerned with that to such an extent. We’d all turn into a bunch Posh Spices and nobody wants that….

    6. Amanda Bynes says:

      I know that Britney laughed at Kevin Federline’s WWE appearances and K-Fed went into a rage. That certainly didn’t help matters. However, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Now Britney can get on with her life.

    7. go get'em says:

      britney has nice legs!!

    8. lyric says:

      Is anyone other than me wondering if this a real divorce or just a huge publicity stunt?

    9. AC says:

      She’s always had nice legs. She’s so muscular its amazing.

      I think with britney she doesn’t care as much about what she looks like she’s so down to earth that sometimes she leaves the house looking less than stellar. We could bash her for this or applaud her for not giving a S&!t. At least i hope she doesn’t think she looks amazing.

    10. Frankie says:

      how did u see the chipped nails?

    11. mejingan says:

      I will miss this couple ๐Ÿ˜›

      noooo, not really! lol.

    12. hilary duff says:

      I just totally agree with mejingan LOL……LOL……LOL……

    13. MaggieChan says:

      Yes, where are the chipped nails? I know Britney from going to the manicure a lot, so am quite surprised to hear that ๐Ÿ™‚