Sarah Jessica Parker at the amFAR gala: trying too hard to be Carrie Bradshaw?

More photos from last night’s amFAR gala in New York City. We’ve already covered Lindsay Lohan’s crack-monster face and all of the ladies in (busted) Roberto Cavalli. To start this post, let’s talk about how awful Sarah Jessica Parker looks and how she thinks she’s still Carrie Bradshaw. This is the kind of outfit that Carrie Bradshaw would try to pull off (and end up looking like a four-year-old on a sugar high). On SJP, it just looks dated and confused. The pink dress is Oscar de la Renta, and she paired it with an Oliver Theyskens leather jacket, which does not work. And then she did glove-lets too. Awful.

Leighton Meester in Louis Vuitton. Love the little cocktail dress – it’s great on someone so young and so pretty. The fur panels are… odd. But they kind of work, right? I’m not loving her hair, though.

Here’s Rose Byrne in Alexander McQueen. I like the dress a lot, but I dislike the way Rose is styled. It’s not even just my knee-jerk hatred of bangs – this hair style in TOTAL does awful things to a beautiful woman.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. samanthalous says:

    Oh that face! she needs some bangs or something, its just so long.

    • Mimi says:

      I think even in this circumstance Kaiser would think bangs would be a good idea. 😉

    • Capella says:

      You know what happened to that face? She got rid of the mole.

      Oddly, the mole gave it beauty, the mole gave it youth, and the mole balanced out the big schnoz.

      Since she got rid of the mole, she got ugly. I don’t know why she did it, and if it was cancerous or something… But that mole had its place on that face.

      Vive la mole! And Rose looked the best… Even with botched Mireille Mathieu hair cap.

  2. Jules says:

    Triple BUSTED.

  3. Asli says:

    I’m trying really hard to like Rose Byrnes dress but I just can’t. The other two – bleh. So far the amFAR event does not seem to be the night of the well-dressed or styled (ugh, that hair on Leighton is just atrocious).

  4. brin says:

    SJP is a total fail, don’t care for Leighton’s look (especially her hair), but love Rose’s look!

  5. Anne says:

    I always thought Carrie looked ridiculous in SATC.

    I think SJP is actually a very beautiful woman. She just needs to stop with the ‘fashion icon’ thing.

    I’ve noticed how she and Madge are hiding their hands lately; aging must be pure torture for these ladies. I do feel sorry for them. At least the rest us commoners don’t have to face such hardcore scrutiny regarding our appearance.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Wow, finally I see that a few people agree with me about Carrie Bradshaw’s ridiculous outfits. Apart from a few lovely, graceful dresses she wore, Carries’ clothes were comically bad. I’m thinking of things like the Wonder Woman kerchief tied across her forehead, the tiny blue skirt with the ruffle-bustle in the back, which simply looked like a roll of Charmin stuck to her behind, & of course the wedding day bird perched on her head sideways, complete with its nest, with the Vivienne Westwood wedding gown that she was swimming in, as it was 2 sizes too big. I thought we should have cut Mr. Big just a tiny little break, if he fled the wedding scene after seeing the birds’ nest.

  6. Zelda says:

    I get what SJP is going for, and in theory I’d like it, if it were 2005.

  7. Lis says:

    I LURVE SJP’s leather jacket and her hair. Her eyebrows are nice.


    The eye makeup is too severe. The gloves are bafflingly bad. The gown is dated and she shouldn’t have worn the jacket to an event like this.

    (Incidentally, I don’t see why anyone would want to be like Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve met aircraft carriers that require less maintenance.)

  8. Lis says:

    Rose’s dress is lovely, length and all.

    The hair is – oy, it’s bad.

    Minus the too heavy, poorly cut fringe, it’s actually quite nice. It’s shiny, well kept and the color is nice.

    But I haven’t seen a fringe like that since my sister decided to save money by cutting her 5 y/o’s hair herself.

  9. Cathy says:

    That outfit that SJP is wearing is just awful. And why don’t we ever see and red carpet pictures of her with her husband?

  10. Lukie says:

    They say you have to choose between body and face as you get older.

    I think SJP needs to rethink her decision…

  11. Hautie says:

    SJP and Madonna both suffer from the same thing. It’s called, not eating. Having zero body fat.

    So having no body fat, has destroyed both of their faces. And given them veiny bony hands.

    Maybe if they decided to eat a little. The faces and hands would not look so extreme.

    Even with all the face work that Madonna has had done. Her nose just keeps on getting longer. Which just is not flattering.

    Where as Jessica’s nose as gotten more pronounces from the lack of having no body fat. So her face just keeps on getting harder looking. And long.

    I also agree that the character Carrie Bradshaw look like hell.

    I used to think that the crazy red hair lady who did the clothes for that show.

    Intentionally made Carrie look harder and older on purpose. As some kind of twisted joke.

    • Lis says:

      I agree that both Madge and SJP would look better with more body fat.

      It’s just that, if they did that, they’d be excoriated for “letting themselves go”.

      Women in showbiz truly can’t win.

  12. Nev says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

    she’s sooo different from everybody else.


    Carrie Bradshaw forever!!!

  13. DavidBowie says:

    Wow, her face is tighter than a drum. The whole outfit is all sorts of “trying too hard”. I guess she has to hide those gnarly Madonna hands hence the gloves.

  14. Cerulean says:

    We aren’t ready for 90’s nostalgia quite yet SJP. She looks hard and hungry all the time. Scrawny at her age=Sea hag.

  15. Calli P says:

    1) lose the 360 degree hard eyeliner! Makes the eyes look beady.
    2) A side part is your friend
    3) get that dress off the filthy street. the bottom must look just fabulous now.

    Fur panels not working. It’s like hip padding.

    Beautiful woman, beautiful dress. Ridiculously distracting bangs. Awful.

  16. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    SJP as Carrie Bradshaw I adore. Really just because he got to wear the best clothes ever.

    SJP is scary to look at though and I love it. It gives me hope that Hollywood will start featuring more ugly looking people as sexy confident folk, because they exist!

  17. only1shmoo says:

    Ouf, I don’t know what SJP was thinking when she was putting on that black eyeliner; it’s way too harsh and does absolutely nothing for her face : (

    Rose Byrne looks cute…little jealous of how thin she is.

  18. Ladyfoot says:

    Did nyc run out of seamstresses?

  19. Jo says:

    I love SJP’s look, but just not on her and especially not with those gloves. That skirt seems way too long. Did the seamstress run out of time?

  20. Feebee says:

    It looks like she grabbed the jacket because she couldn’t find her dress coat at the last minute.

    The fur panels do not work, they look like cargo pants pockets on a dress if you lived in -10 deg.

    Rose Byrne… hair…. ????

  21. Aiobhan says:

    I don’t know if it is that SJP is trying to still be Carrie but more that this has always been her sense of style. I have seen a few photos without the jacket and it still looked bad but it looked better than that photo. The dress is too long (she can afford a tailor. I do not know why she never gets one.) the gloves are stupid, the bag is appropriate if you are going to work in an office, but her hair is amazing.

    Leighton always gets it wrong but here it is not as wrong as some of her other photos. The fit is horrible, the fur panels are ridiculous, and the hair is just nasty. I will not even talk about those fug shoes. But the smile is nice and the bag is great.

    RB needs a new wig. The scraggly dog curls never work… on anyone. I am a die hard McQueen fan and always love when someone wears Sarah’s designs so I cannot say a bad thing about this dress. The ring looks like you could get it out of those quarter machines in front of the supermarket and the bangles don’t work at all, but that bag is awesome.

  22. Reece says:

    I like Rose’s dress but the clutch does not go with at all. Leighton’s shoes are cute. The dress is one of those “it works on her” deals. SJP…I can’t! UGH!

  23. HadleyB says:

    SJP always vamps it up for events .. thats who she is … her hair looks awesome …

    Leighton : wtf. She can look soo good and we know she is much better actor than Blake so stop looking like crap.

  24. jamminatorr says:

    I normally think SJP looks terrible no matter what, but her hair and face look decent here. Much softer than normal – did she get some fillers?

    The outfit is horrid though.

  25. Miffits says:

    SJP realises that Carrie Bradshaw is a fictional character and she’s not actually a quirky, single, journalist in Manhattan, right? (Jesus, I hate that show)

  26. Kim says:

    I love Sarahs outfit. She has ALWAYS dressed differently. Lokk back at old pictures of her before her Carrie character & she wore funky outfits. She wore a black wedding dress for goodness sakes! I am sick of people who have no class or sense of fashion (Kelly Osbourne) telling her to stop dressing like Carrie. Sarah does & has always dressed differently.

  27. Kim says:

    Rose looks like a stick. Yuck! She needs to gain some weight, she looks terrible.

  28. laura says:

    why does she line her eyes so they’re like black slits in her head? horrible horrible horrible….and yes, please, get some bangs.

    she looked like a clown on satc – never understood the acclaim the wardrobe got.

  29. NinaG says:

    I think SJP looks good, the gloves are a bit to much for me but her hair and makeup are actually flawless. The best I have seen her look in a long time.

  30. SJP needs to stop with the heavy black eyeliner and parting her hair down the middle! She would look drastically better.