Angelina Jolie wears a sparkly Jenny Packham in Berlin: lovely or dated?

Here are photos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Berlin Film Festival premiere of In The Land of Blood and Honey. Angelina wore this Jenny Packham gown which… I have mixed feelings about. It seems somehow under-dressed for this Berlin red carpet, probably because the dress actually looks so comfortable. It reminds me of what I always think of Angelina’s default style – she’s very influenced by 1970s stuff, probably because of her mom’s style and how she (Angelina) grew up. This seems like the kind of dress Lauren Hutton or Bianca Jagger would have worn to Studio 54 in the ’70s.

Now, that being said, it’s not a BAD dress. I kind of like the sparkly faux-animal print pattern. The color is beige-y, which I’m sure Angelina loves (bitch loves neutrals). Let her get this crap out of her system, so she can really rock something awesome at the Oscars. Bitch better work a jewel tone, and her hair better be pulled off her face, and I want her dripping in jewelry too. Sigh… I wish she would let me style her, I really do. I could make her look awesome.

Angelina and Brad are probably en route to London as we speak. They’re due at the BAFTAs tonight – I just saw photos of George Clooney in London last night, and Michael Fassbender is due at the event too. We should be getting some good photos! I’m excited. The BAFTAs are always good for winter-style eveningwear, because it’s always so cold in London for the event. Lots of long-sleeved evening gowns and long evening coats and capes, a lost art for many fashion designers.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Abby says:

    I like this dress. You’re not distracted by her skinniness in it. Brad looks good too but I wish he’d cut his hair!

    • Rhea says:

      Ha-ha. I was thinking the same thing :)

    • gigi says:

      Brad looks so good in his trench coat, and I’m diggin’ the hair too. That is what Tristan looks like when he gets older (at least in my imagination)!

    • susannej says:

      You do know it is really, really, REALLY cold in Berlin these days? It was minus 20 Celsius last Monday, and minus 14 Celsius today … this is a comfortable dress to wear a nice pair of jeans + woolen stockings underneath your clothes.

      We’re freezing here. Seriously.

    • Molly says:

      I agree. It makes her look like she has some curvy hips. It looks very Joan Collins-Dynasty-esque to me. Very glamorous.

    • Ara says:

      Brad look absolutely hot from head to toe. He better not cut that gorgeous hair. I would run my fingers through that hair every day. Angelina also look absolutely stunning and her dress is beautiful. Gorgeous couple!

  2. Azurea says:

    I like it! It adds a little weight to her, which is a good thing.

  3. Bite me says:

    For her, this is a very good look
    OT: can we get a thread on this weekend box office cuz Rachel and tatum kicked ass $41 million baby

    • Original Chloe says:

      I was about to suggest a similar OT: Reese’s movie was pushed back until 17th, apparently, for this very reason. Also, I’d love to know your thoughts on her launching a website.

      As for AJ – I don’t mind the retro dress though a different color would be better, I think.

    • Abby says:

      I’ll take any post about Channing. So here, here!

  4. spinner says:

    I’m sure that dress isn’t cheap but it really looks cheap. He hair color is all wrong.

    • Cherry says:

      That´s her natural hair color, correct? I actually like it a lot more on her than her old hair, when she used to dye it black. This more natural shade softens her face. And I love those free-flowing curls, too. Sigh, I wish I had a personal hairdresser to make me look like that. By the way, do Angelina and duchess Kate go to the same salon? It´s either that or Angie regularly asks her hair-people for ´the Middleton´ now.

      • Candee says:

        I don’t think that’s her natural color if you look closely you can see her roots .It looks like her base color has been lifted a shade or two and she has subtle highlights. But I agree looks better than the black hair color she used to wear.

      • Tastykakes says:

        I just said the same thing in another thread about Angelina having Duchess Kate hair more & more as of late. My theory is that it’s to slip in a little “Hollywood Royalty” vibe. I like it on both of them though.

      • Alti says:

        Angelina´s natural hair colour is dark blonde/ light brown :-)

  5. The Original Original says:

    I like it

  6. carrie says:

    Dynasty ‘s Joan Collins dress!!

  7. Lini says:

    She looks AMAZING. That women can really work any kind of dress.

    • Steph says:

      Agreed! She actually looks a lot more youthful to me. Right?

    • Petee says:

      She look’s beautiful.I do think that is closer to her real color.In older picture’s as a child her hair was light.Face it that women could be bald and she still would be a knockout.

  8. Kyle says:

    Beige trash bag is always great choice.

  9. Lola6 says:

    The skin tone, the hair color and the dress all wash her out. She also looks very waxy looking. She does look genuinely happy tho.

    • Marjalane says:

      They look very happy- and I bet that dress looked a lot better in person. These pictures look kind of dull.

  10. bea says:

    I agree! The dress is nice, flattering cut but she needs some color. The dress, her make-up, her hair are all almost the same. But, she looks elegant, age-appropriate.

    • Freya says:

      The dress is okay. I like the midnight blue dress she wore to the ITLOBAH premiere (in LA?) much better, but that kind of dress would be all wrong for the cold weather in Berlin.

  11. Asli says:

    She looks good but there’s something not completely right about the look. Like something is missing. Maybe it’s the fabric that’s looking cheap. I have a pair of pants/leggings in that exact fabric and color (I know :/) and they didn’t cost more than 10 bucks. The dress looks kind of cheap. Or maybe the dress and color kind of washes her out? She looks good-ish, nevertheless. The weight problem also makes it hard for me to really love that dress. She’s just way too thin. Like a hard wind could blow her over.

  12. Jackie says:

    i’m starting to get really tired of these two. i hope after the oscars, they go away for away.

    the market has been over saturated with bp and aj!

    i will be keen on them again after a break.

    • Freya says:

      Jackie, if you’re tired of these two, stop reading about them. It’s very easy! Why are you even here now?

  13. Nan209 says:

    She wears the sack dresses because they camouflage her super skinny frame. They bunch up around the waist which gives the illusion of having some meat on her bones, wrap around bodice which makes the breasts more prominent and gives the illusion of weight, they are usually long so as to cover the knobby knees. Wearing so many of her famous jackets also covers her skinny frame.

    • Asli says:

      Agreed. This makes sense to me. I wondered why she didn’t wear anything fitted or tailored like pre-Brad. She really is sickly-looking. Kind of nearing Demi M. territory.

    • Asli says:

      Agreed. This makes sense to me. I wondered why she didn’t wear anything fitted or tailored like she did pre-Brad. She really is sickly-looking. Kind of nearing Demi M. territory.

    • Shay Kay says:

      I think you’re right! I do think the style helps add pounds/inches to her too thin frame and she is smart to wear them. This dress isn’t a particularly great style but she is, as she was at the GG’s, wearing a gown that will create curves. I like the sparkle of the dress and the length. Unless Angie really starts taking care of herself we are going to continue to see her in gowns that have alot of padding, alot of volume, and that have that “sack” quality about the waist to add inches.
      She obviously knows what looks best on her frame because the GG’s white/red gown and this gold gown have really made her figure look much healthier. This one has the benefit of covering her small arms as well. I think we’ll see a similiar style at the Oscars.

  14. The Original Mia says:

    I thought she looked amazing last night. The dress, her hair, her makeup…flawless.

  15. marni says:

    The dress looks ugly and cheap.

    Her hair style and bony frame make her huge head look even bigger. Its a fail from me.

  16. Ka says:

    For me, she always looks waxy and sick…

  17. Jacqui says:

    Ange looks quite ‘hippy’ in this dress – as in having wide hips. Most unflattering.

  18. lisa says:

    The candid pics of her are unbelievably beautiful. That face is just jaw dropping gorgeous.

    I saw some better pics on a few fan sites. they always get the cream. She just glowed. It was beyond freezing last night. Snow on the ground. I don’t know how she was not shivering it was so cold.
    Not sure if she is going to the BAFTAs .she and Brad are suppose to attend that GALA in Berlin so she could skip.

    She is just stunning. Skinny or not. Her beauty is there no matter what.

    And don’t expect her to be dripping with jewels at the Oscars. She doesn’t wear that much. Mostly understated. And she has her style. Regarding her hair/makeup. She has had the same hair guy for YEARs. he works with her on her movie hair as well same with the makeup woman; who also does her makeup on movie sets.. And who has worked with Brad as well on movie sets. So I don’t see her copying Kate. She has been around longer.

    • Cherry says:

      I don´t get why the fact that she has ´had the same hair guy for YEARs´ means that she cannot be copying Kate. Her hair guy does what she asks him. Since I keep seeing her with Middletonesque curls lately, I gathered that she asks him to do her hair like Kate. Not that that´s a bad thing- I really like this hair style, on any woman.

      • lisa says:

        Why is the assumption she is copying KATE.

        I think Kate has worn things that are more similar to her then the other way around.

        but I don’t follow the Royal couple that much. I see pics on sites. I don’t find them particularly interesting.

        my point is if she has had this hair for years.. How is that copying someone that the world just took notice of.

      • pamela says:

        Why can’t it be possible that Kate is copying Angie? Ever thought of that?

      • Alti says:

        I think it is possible that Kate is copying Angelina! Does everyone really think, Angelina knows who Kate Middleton/ DoC is? Angelina is a moviestar, mother of six and a UNHCR-Ambassador. Don´t believe that she is interested in royalty-stuff! But i do believe that Kate is an Angelina-fan (google: kate obsessed with angelina :-) . And i remember that Kate wore a silver Jenny Packham-dress (in november), only 6 MONTHS AGO, Angelina wore that dress in red on a red carpet. Maybe Kate is trying to copy the Angelina-look…

    • Esmom says:

      Actually I think Kate could take a cue from Angie. Imagine Kate with that eyeliner instead of her usual raccoon eyes. She’d look amazing!

      • Murray says:

        Kate Middleton is effortlessly beautiful and charming. She doesn’t need to take a cue from anyone – especially Angelina Jolie.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I don’t see why either is thought to be copying the other. Maybe they just both happen to look good in similar styles, and stick with those styles. Women are not always in competition, styles come and go, it’s really not that serious.

  19. Catherine says:

    I love this look on her, I think it really suits her and she looks younger with the golden brown hair, it’s close to her natural colour of an ash brown.

  20. Lantana says:

    I think she looks absolutely gorgeous! Breathtaking!

  21. ahoyhoy says:

    Look at the way Brad’s looking at her as they’re getting in the car (white coat photo).

    • mln76 says:

      Yes that is so sweet. It’s such a little moment that tells you all you need to know about their chemistry. Fingers crossed they can hold onto what they have together.

    • blonde on the dock says:

      Lol I don’t think he’s even looking at her!

  22. NM6804 says:

    Looks cheap, dated and she’s fooling no one: no waist, no ass, no shape. Sigh, she better bring it HARD at the Oscars. Like I said before: babysteps forward, huge leaps backwards.

    • gennline says:

      She does not have to bring anything to the Oscars.She can wear what she wants,how she
      wants and when she wants.She is happy to wear what she is comfortable in and happily is not troubled by anonymous opinions on how she dresses.She is not a slave to fashion and long after the latest fashion fad is over,what she wore will be talked about and remembered.

    • Hypocricy says:

      Every woman do whatever they do to enhance themselves beginning with cosmetics and hairstyle. overweight and chubby girls try all tricks to look thinner too and don’t fool anyone.

      She has nothing to prove to anyone when it comes to her body. I doubt that her having no waist, no ass, no shape (as if being thin makes you devoid of any shape) and trying to fool anyone is her priority. Don’t think she ever dress to please people who denigrate her body type left and right.

    • NM6804 says:

      @ gennline

      Yep, she can wear what she wants and I can comment on how fugly it is. And yes she’s not bothered about fashion and will not read my comment but neither will she read yours. This blog is called Celebitchy not Celebnicy :) . This post was about her dress, thus you can imagine that not everybody will beat their heads against their screen because they find this sack beautiful.
      She’s a filmstar meaning she entertains us not only by acting but also selling her personal life etcetera which she loves to do. It’s not that much to ask for her to show off a little Hollywood A-list glamour style at the most anticipated award show and let the fans be gobsmacked. In fact, I rather have 10 gorgeous fashion moments than 10 interviews in which she overshares on her personal life.


      - You can’t enhance something you don’t have anymore.

      - Right, Jolie is above trickery like that, that’s why she was padded all over at the GG right? Maybe 10 years ago she had some curves (but still a ruler bodyshape) but today? Umh, no.

      - Was I talking about thin people’s bodyshape in general? No, so please speak for yourself instead implying that I find all skinny girls devoid of curves because I know that is not true.

      - Go preach in a church, you must be blind if you cannot see that that body is bordering anorexia?! She used to be healthy and I refuse to be blind just because her name is Angelina Jolie.

      • miri says:

        I agree lisa. she isn’t nominated, she is going to pressent, yes, but you already know at she will wear something nice but understated. She is not someone who lives for being in the fashion lists.

      • gennline says:

        She does not have to entertain you,you are not a supporter.All she has to do is stay true to herself and wear what she likes.She has always marched to the beat of her own drum and that is all she has to do.She does not need yours or anyone elses approval to be who she is.
        Maybe you should find some other kind of entertainment,rather than waiting for someone to turn up in a nice frock that you will approve of.It seems like you will be waiting a long time.

      • NM6804 says:

        Considering Jolie’s lack of style, it might never happen :D . You don’t have to be a supporter to have an opinion. It would be a boring blog if everybody should echo the same opinion, maybe you can’t stand critique but don’t whine to others about it. I don’t know why I should be the one to bugger off if you’re the one who gets riled up about my opinion. Just ignore me if you can’t stand it…

      • Freya says:

        You sound like an unpleasant person.
        There are many other filmstars to entertain you. You obviously don’t like Jolie, so I don’t understand why you’re even here in a thread about her.

    • lisa says:

      “she better bring it hard to the Oscars”

      damn is this some kind of grudge match. It is a dress nothing more nothing less. She is not required to “Impress” you or the fans. If you like it fine if not fine.

      but man your comments are so rad.. like she is going to battle.

      lol.. take a chill pill. it ain’t that serious.

      • NM6804 says:

        You would know everything about battling huh Lisa? Funny you take it like that (or better yet, predictable) when I would just like to see her bring her A-game as an A-lister. And if it’s fine that I don’t like it and that I want to see more beautiful dresses on her than why do you act as if I’m finding this very important? Look at my first quote and look what you people made from it. Maybe you should take a chill pill since you’re always on people’s comments defending your Queen. The dress is fugly and I want to see something nice at the Oscars, sue me…

    • Asli says:

      Let’s all calm down. It’s JUST a dress. I, personally, think that dress is utterly unflattering on her and yes, she is WAY too thin. I don’t see how it’s so easy to bag on Demi Moore’s weight and then you can’t say anything about Angie, who would look no better than Demi if it were not for her age. She is too thin, sickly-looking and that’s the truth. That doesn’t make me a “Hater”

      • NM6804 says:

        With other celebs it’s so easy to bag on them for whatever small reason but because Jolie reached some kind of sainthood here we should all creepily worship her like a cult?! And I’m the dumb broad who can’t help but defend herself: internet wars :D .

      • Asli says:

        LOL! If that happens (an actual internet war) then I am definately on your side :D

  23. Mara says:

    Very beautiful look for her she is very elegant .

  24. Esmom says:

    She’s been knocking it out of the park with her hair and makeup lately. Her dress is cool, I think the sparkle makes in appropriate. And the style makes her look a bit less emaciated.

    Overall, thumbs up. And Brad looks the best I’ve seen him lately.

  25. Ari says:

    She looks fantastic!

  26. Your mama says:

    Like the flow, but I’m an anti-animal print kinda gal (unless it’s on an actual animal).

  27. Nessa says:

    She is so beautiful. Even on an off night, she is nothing less than stunning.

  28. Sorolla says:

    @ahoyhoy- I know! The way brad is looking at her when she is getting in that car is heart-melting! I love the dress and the color on her. Lately she has looked too severe, but not now. Now she looks soft and flowing. I like her hair down.

    • tamara moss says:

      Everyone seems to forget that for this film’s subject matter, looking hot is inappropriate. For Hollywood red carpet it’s different.

  29. samira677 says:

    I’m baffled why all of the sudden the haters are trying to claim that Angelina is copying Kate. She’s been wearing her hair like this for years. In fact people were whining that Angelina doesn’t change her hair style enough. I like the dress. I don’t understand the comment that she’s underdressed. Angelina was dressed the same as anybody else, not a lot of evening gowns.

    • Murray says:

      She only recently started wearing her hair curly at the bottom – just like Kate Middleton. Definitely copying.

  30. mary simon says:

    ugh! horrible dress. the fabric looks like a skin disease and is way too murky and mature for her. It looks like a one size fits all, elastic waistband, sacky mu-mu that they sell on QVC. She did look great in that elegant white coat, though. I do not understand this woman’s taste in gowns. She needs a fashion assist from someone who knows what the hell they are doing.

  31. Dee Cee says:

    She looks lovely and classy..

  32. Cut the Cheese says:

    It looks like the white sweater dress, which also looked good on her. Anything that covers her up from head to toe is a safe bet, imo.

  33. rose80 says:

    It’s a little too Dynasty looking for me. That’s all I have to say.

  34. ann says:

    The dress suits her and I love the style, but I think it would be stunning in green, my favorite color on her.

  35. Camille (The original) says:

    I like the dress. She looks beautiful (as usual).

  36. Madison says:

    Meh she looks taupe in her sparkly dress, not one of her best.

  37. cameron says:

    With that face, clothes are secondary. I personally think she always look elegant, classy and understated.
    I love her hair this length, not too long and the make-up is never overdone.
    I love this dress, it has that Diana Ross 70′s feel to it.
    The dress was appropiate for a film festival, it’s not the Oscars.

    And Brad of course, looked yummy as always.

    Just a gorgeous couple!

  38. angie says:

    No, She is not at the bafta after all. She is at the Berlinale International Film Festival at the moment. Brad is at the award, alone… AND GEORGE CLOONEY TOO! Where is oscar date barbie ?!!? (Just when there are rumors that he is already fed up with Stacy). George doesn’t need a girlfriend (an escort) at these events, it’s so much better when he is alone. Sigh.
    That’s all right, tonight he can be with his buddy brad and he doesn’t have to share him with Angie. The bromance can continue quietly. Now, we just need some Robert Downey and Jude Law or Michael Fassbender/ James Mcavoy in our life too.

  39. skuddles says:

    I’d love this dress if it fell just below the knee. But regardless, Angie looks gorgeous as always.

    Love how happy and natural her and Brad appear together… their relationship seems rock solid.

  40. Ogechi says:

    It looks like grandmum choir dress but her hair is nice.

  41. Heather says:

    I don’t know why but in all of these photos it seems like Angelina is taking her styling cues from Duchess Kate. Her hair, the dress, the odd little playing of her hair for the camera. Even her body language around Brad reminds me of Duchess Kate.

  42. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I don’t like that dress, maybe if it was black like everyone loves. XD

    I love how Brad is looking at her in that pic with her in the white coat, which I loved, that Kaiser said looked like a lab coat…haha!

  43. hopeso says:


  44. Debsa says:

    So lovely, just sophisticated and lovely…

  45. lucy2 says:

    It’s not a bad dress, but it does have a 70s/80s Dynasty look to it.

  46. stephanie says:

    it looks like she’s got no feet/legs in the second to last pic and it’s hilarious.

  47. Maritza says:

    The fabric of that dress does look kind of cheap although I’m sure it is extremely expensive but she looks beautiful and at least it makes her like she gained some weight.

  48. Aiobhan says:

    I think the look is retro but totally awesome. It works for her. I prefer her big eighties inspired hair and seventies disco dress to it being straight and this color over the black.

  49. original sandy says:

    beautiful, i agree her style might be as a result or inspired my her mother’s era.

  50. KateNonymous says:

    I’m surprised at how many ways that dress is unflattering on her. It does look comfortable, but it doesn’t look good.

  51. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I like it, especially in motion, it softens her up.

  52. Rena says:

    Angelina attended the BFF premiere today in Berlin of “The Lady”, a Luc Besson film which is also an award winner @ the Cinema for Peace Awards Gala Monday night in Berlin like Angelina’s film which is also an awards winner @ this gala. The Cinema for Peace activites were planned months ago, well before Brad’s nomination for a BAFTA. So Angelina and Brad both took part in activites they were supposed to in Berlin and London. You know like adults do for their responsibilities.

    Brad was given a box of chocolates on the RC @ the BAFTAs and said “the kids will love these”. LOL

    Brad and Angelina will attend the Cinema for Peace Gala Award Ceremony tomorrow night in Berlin according to German media.

    Angelina looks beautiful in this dress, it really stood out on the RC, and Brad looked very proud of her.

    And since Angelina is older than Kate and has been in the public eye for many years on RCs, it is a ludicrous premise for anyone to say Angelina copies Kate.

    Angelina marches to her own tune, and one of her favorite designers just happens to be one of Kate’s as well. That’s just reality, just the plain facts,just the unvarnished truth,not the utter silliness spewed by some. LOL

  53. ema82m says:

    Love the dress, disguises how skinny she is these days, makes her look softer & more womanly…anyone else notice in the close up shot of both of them that you can see the zipper of brad’s fly???

  54. Sunny says:

    Don’t like the colour of the dress but God she is stunning. Brad, please have a haircut, please…

  55. Zoe says:

    Her skin looks flawlwss. Her hair and skin looks better than in recent years. Don’t know what she’s doing different, but its working.

  56. Em says:

    All hail the queen!

  57. Isa says:

    Not a big fan of the dress. It is something different though.
    Her hair and skin look amazing.

  58. Sakyiwaa says:

    God, some people are just insane…

    Angie looks fine… Just fine. Not extraordinary and not horrible. Just fine.

    And ‘fine’ works for me…

  59. Maya says:

    This is the sort of dress that would suit Joan Collins – at her age.
    Angelina should really stick to vivid colours, not nanna beige.
    It’s just as well that she is pretty, otherwise…

  60. Reel Wheel says:

    Dynasty without the shoulder pads…

  61. Scout says:

    I don’t really like the dress and it DOES look outdated. But I agree that it does put some much needed weight on her – or the appearance of such. It just looks too matronly for my taste.

  62. Julie says:

    Gorgeous dress, but doesn’t do well on her waist

  63. MAMAKOWALSKA says:

    They are such a beautiful couple……..ohhhhhhhh to be one of the beautiful people!!!!!!!

  64. Kim says:

    Gorgeous dress but to long & it doesnt work on Angelina. It is a style for an older woman I believe. It would look awesome on Jessica Lange. I think if she wore her hair up it would have made the entire look much better. I dont like her with pageant/curled hair. I prefer her hair darker also. I give kudos to her makeup artist because her makeup ALWAYS looks good.

  65. HoustonGrl says:

    I do really like this dress, but it’s not the most flattering on Jolie. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I know how thin she is, but this dress widens her in the mid section.

  66. Moreaces says:

    Lovely Angie, Lovely Brad, Lovely Couple..