Kim Kardashian’s kat-face was invited to a pre-Grammy party: awful & jacked?

Here are some photos from various pre-Grammy parties and events from the past few days. I was going to start it off with Katy Perry and her giant flower head, but that was before I saw these Kim Kardashian photos. Kat-face was at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy gala last night – how terrible does she look? That’s not a rhetorical question – we really need to discuss how badly Kim is screwing with her face. And her boobs look really uncomfortable too. Size 2, y’all.

These are the photos that people were talking about yesterday, before Whitney Houston died – Katy Perry at the MusicCares event on Friday night, wearing a gigantic, Gaga-esque headpiece flower and an old-timey lace dress. This is such a dumb famewhore move to make. Frankly, it’s something I’d really only expect of Gaga. On Katy, it just seems sad and try-hard. And that dress is so fug!

And here’s Katy yesterday at the pre-Grammy Roc Nation event. She looks so ‘80s.

Rihanna at the same Roc Nation event. I actually kind of like her with this blonde hair now. And I think the jumpsuit is kind of interesting too.

Here’s Britney Spears at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy gala. Britney looks… good? Honestly, I think she looks tired and a little bit out of it, but she seems pretty healthy too. Cute dress.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rita says:

    Who’s going to notice Kim’s face?

    That rack’s been jacked!!!

    • dahlia noir says:

      She looks like that girl on glee, the brunette cheerleader. And those boobs ? Wayyy too much except if she wants to last in the pr0n business.

    • Azurea says:

      Yes! Dem look like nursing boobs ready for a feeding, swollen & painful, & hard as rock. I hope she was wearing a lot of boob tape.

      • Alti says:

        it´s impossible to watch her face… her boobs are gigantic! One of them is bigger than her head 🙂

      • Belle Epoch says:

        OMG one of them really IS bigger than her head! That’s GROTESQUE. Who is she doing this for if everyone thinks she looks terrible?

    • Your mama says:

      Hey Rita! Long time. Kat face’s nose looks like Michael Jackson’s.

    • Original Chloe says:

      The grossness of the Kardashian brand aside, why do naturally pretty girls keep injecting their bodies with shit?

      This is getting grotesque.

    • laylajanelovesgossip says:

      Has she gotten new boobs because they look awfully big lately. This must be her newest improvement/project. Silly, silly, woman…

      • HappyJoyJoy says:

        My thoughts exactly. Looks like she added a full extra cup. Also: Can we talk about how many layers of make up this woman constantly wears? It has got to be exhausting to try so hard all the time.

    • JEAN HARLOW says:

      She SOOO had more work done.

      First of all , aren’t we getting a little old for the dolly parton tits kim.
      Her face has been screwed with beyond repair.

      However, that dress is to die for ! i LOVE it

    • Ruffian9 says:

      Seriously. Kim, stop whatever it is you’re doing to your face NOW, and put your damn tits away.

  2. Michelle says:

    Is it just… Not possible for young women to be famous and look good anymore? Is this a thing now? “I have oodles of money, I must make an effort to look like shit now!”???

  3. Jules says:

    Kim has gone too far with the surgery/fillers, whatever. And Katy Perry should have dyed her hair to match her hat/dress…the blue sticks out terribly.

  4. Shruti says:

    Apart from that plastic (face) Kim is lately wearing, that dress doesn’t do her any favours either.
    Also, a bit inappropriate, considering Whitney died in the same venue a very short time ago.

  5. someone says:

    Rihanna looks so pretty! Kim kardashian on the other hand… oh god her face! I mean can we even call that a FACE?!

  6. Cleveland Girl says:

    You think Britney looks good? Really?? I think she looks haggard, and like she is on her HOME from the party…not on her way in. Her hair looks like she just rolled out of bed or something. Cute body tho.

    • cbear says:

      Her makeup always looks like last night’s makeup, too? WHY IS THAT? Can someone explain to me what it is about it that always makes it look old? I can’t seem to pinpoint it.

      • janie says:

        I think it’s her skin, it looks really blotchy and uneven. She doesn’t have the best skin and probably needs a better concealer/foundation. Ugh and don’t get me started on the eyebrows. She’s so naturally adorable and it bothers me that she never looks put together anymore.

        Edit: OKAY and the hair is not cute either. She just needs to take a shower and get someone to do her makeup for her.

      • MW says:

        @Janie – She looks like she concealered her whole face, lips included, then added lotsa lip gloss, and eyes. I wonder if anybody dared give her “kisses” last night? I think this is what Angelina Jolie meant in the other article about living the shallow Hollywood life vs. the “real life” – I.e., why AJ wants to get out there and do whatever she can for someone besides herself. It’s her reality and gratitude check in a way. She can do that or be just like Kim!

      • JenJen says:

        Seriously, is there a reason or a theory as to why Brit’s eyebrows look like THAT? They just look so thin and undefined, it’s not like she’s overtweezing but she looks albino or like she’s sick or bleaches the hell out of them….???

    • renee says:

      Britney looks good but her eyebrows don’t. Just saying.

  7. Stella says:

    Rihanna looks great

  8. maya says:

    Kim looks better than Britney Spears. Britney looks horrible.

  9. Sassy says:

    I wish Britney would go back to a brunette. The blond with bad roots and pale skin make her look so haggard here. She’d look great with a warm brown hair color.

  10. Dredz says:

    Nice makeup, weird face

  11. Hautie says:

    I like both of Katy’s outfits. This is a big weekend for music industry and she is dressed for it. It is not as if she is going to the Oscar’s with the big rose hat.

    So is this the look that Jesus would approve of Kim?

    It is interesting Kim K. suddenly started talking Jesus and bible study groups. And the first time there is a big red carpet event. She is out there with her tits hanging out. Seriously, Kim…. WWJD. 🙂

    Britney gets a pass. I am just happy to see her out and about without the pink wig.

    • Heebeegeebee says:

      ITA with you on Katy. Lovely, fresh, original. I am sssoo tired of looking at oversexualized women at these events. Bravo Katy!

    • MsCatra says:

      Oh good, I’m not the only one who thought both of Katy’s outfits were cute!

  12. lisa says:

    That’s Britney’s, “I’m gettin’ outta my conservatorship!!” smile.

    • paola says:

      I actually love the fact she’s always smiling! A smile always put things right, she probably knows she’s not the it girl anymore but she smiles anyway and in every picture, she looks like she’s actually grateful for being invited to those parties. personally i’d just smile all the time to piss people off 😉

  13. sundaygal says:

    Katy Perry’s hat looks like it’s made out of toilet seat covers.

  14. Bex says:

    Ha ha, ouch was the first thing I thought when I saw those boobs too!

  15. dorothy says:

    Why was SHE invited?

    • Hypocricy says:

      Thank you !

      I for one find that shoking !

    • Gloheart says:

      Cause she is a musician, she released “Jam” didn’t she?

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        You take that back right now! 😉 Thank God we all know that was said with sarcasm!
        That nasally, baby voiced, auto tuned vomit was the worst thing ever.
        Kim scares me now. Its time to stop the size 2 stuff, I’m 5’9″ and a size 8 and she’s bigger than me by a lot.

  16. kibbles says:

    Does anyone still believe that Kim’s breasts are all natural and have not been enhanced in any way?

    • janie says:

      Not me. She started out a bit heavy with real boobs and discreetly got implants while losing weight, so they’re somehow the only part of her that hasn’t changed size. Tricky tricky..

  17. paola says:

    Ok Kim we get it, you have big boobs, you bought them , anyone could get that rack with money, now COVER UP because your veiny boobs are staring at me and i’m starting to feel uncomfortable!!

  18. juju says:

    Britney looks dirty !! Everybody else looks great !! Except that hat Katy Perry is wearing, really why ?? its awful !!

    • Kyle says:

      Brit really needs some eye/brow lift. And better foundation.

      • Val says:

        She’s just not wearing a lot of makeup. Since when is that a crime.

      • Cherry says:

        Val: she actually IS wearing a lot of make-up, you can see so on the close up pic. But it looks like she applied it herself instead of leaving it to a pro. Ugh. Also: I hate that dress. Way too short and way too low. It´s boobs OR legs, Britney! And if you are going to show off your cleavage- for goodness´ sake, wear a bra!

  19. Kyle says:

    Is Riri taking something? She looks so skinny and unhealthy recently.

    • Cherry says:

      I was thinking the same thing! I always thought she had a lovely figure, but now something feels… off.

  20. Jackie says:

    wow, kim has def had another nose and boob job. gross.

    rihanna looks really good. so hot.

  21. Franny says:

    Kim – veiny boobs that are out way to much. lets have a little class please. I love her casual clothes, but its almost always a miss with her “dressed up” clothing.

    Katy – I actually really love that second look on her. She’s being a bit different with the blue hair, but not crazy. I think it really suits her, and the color block dress is cute and sexy without being skanky.

    Brit – I want to wash her face because it always looks like she slept on her makeup, but she looks nice otherwise.

  22. Val says:

    LOL OMG I love your comments on kim Kardashian. they are so true. She just looks fucked up in the face. She doesn’t even look like her old self anymore.

    And I love Britney. I think she looks good, when you compare her to the pics of Katy Perry you can tell she’s not wearing THAT much makeup, she probably did it herself. And why should she? She looks effortless, and just… pretty.


    Ok, most people usually overlook the fact that Kat-Face is OLDER than Britney, and still has yet to settle down or have kids yada yada…. But like, Kim is older. And when you see the pictures of her and Britney next to each other, you can just tell Kim tries sooo hard. The dress, the boobs, all the hair, the botox, the makeup… Britney’s just hanging out being her cute self with simple make up and pretty hair. It’s really a sight to see especially because it puts into perspective just how BUSTED kat-face is.


    • maria says:

      I agree, Britney doesn’t look like all the other because her face is not full of botox. I saw her upclose during a concert and her face had lines… that made her more beatiful!!! she is exactly what she look like.. no faking! I like her even more for that

  23. serena says:

    Rihanna looks hot.

  24. Asli says:

    The style in Hollywood is really starting to go south. Lately I haven’t been seing a lot of great dresses and styles at award shows. Alot of hit and misses. Mostly misses.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      So right! I was at Harrod’s and Selfridge’s today and I saw the Marchesa dresses along with all the other designers and truly, even up close they look like HELL. Cavalli was awful too. Truly ugly.

      They honestly look like ice skating dresses, even Monique Lullihers (sp?). I was really disappointed. The platforms on shoes have gone out of control. Even I can’t appreciate them. I’d be about 6’4″ with a 7″ heel. Awful.

  25. lettylynton says:

    I love Kim’s dress and think she looks great in it!

  26. Kimlee says:

    They all look busted

    Kim: with her plastic face and boobs

    Katy: with her bad fashion and ugly ass hat

    Riri: with bad hair and vacant look

    Britney: everything is wrong the ugly cheap looking dress, dirty looking hair, vacant look and harribale make up down to her fake smile.

  27. Palermo. says:

    She can’t move her face at all any more, she looks absolutely ridiculous

  28. Gaia132 says:

    God, Kim looks fake as hell. She wants to look like a plastic white girl and it’s not working. She was so much better looking before.

  29. anonymoose says:

    No one dresses like a cheap madam better than a Kardashian.

    They must get their clothes at Whores R Us.

    • hillbillygirl45 says:

      Whores r us………………that is hilarious!!!!! And, it’s Oh so true………………..

  30. moopsie says:

    Britney looks real and down to earth, gotta give her points for that.

    Kim is out of her league, looks fake and desperate for attention.

    Rhianna has a weird look as usual but looks hot. I love her skin.

    Katy also looks desperate for attention. She kinda comes off as trying to be artistic about her look but instead comes off as a plain girl looking silly.

  31. Agnes says:

    kim looks so plastic and busted. i don’t know what she’s hoping to achieve look-wise, like what the end product is supposed to be, but it’s not good.

  32. JessSaysNo says:

    Kim looks really bad. Fake and over the top trashy/slutty…

  33. Alexis says:

    Rhianna looks good. I like her outfit and her hair looks really great with her eyes and skin tone. I do worry that she’s not well, though, with the look in her eyes and the sudden skinniness.

    Everyone else looks horrible, or in KK’s case, whoreable.

  34. dahlia1947 says:

    Katy’s not carrying that headpiece thing well. Not at all. She looks sooo uncomfortable. Kim’s face is officially jacked up. Too small nose, fish lips, cat eyes, and lumpy cheeks. Bad. Very, very bad. Hate Rihanna’s hair. Burned to the max. Just don’t like her anymore after all her ho’ like shenanigans.
    britney looks like she just rolled out of bed with last night’s makeup still on. Very gross. very trailer trash.

  35. Snappyfish says:

    Size 2 times 6 perhaps

  36. Meanchick says:

    KimmyCakes dress looks like her boobs busted thru the blue material and the crap in the middle was torn away from a seat covering and added in the limo on her way to the event. What is with KimmyCakes? She and the Cracken just show up at places thinking they have the juice. I have more respect for Phoebe Price and that is saying a LOT.

  37. Meanchick says:

    Um, I like Katy Perry, but the pink looks like she’s a bridesmaid at a Kentucky Derby wedding.

  38. gonzodie says:

    wow, i was just mentioning to a friend that only the desperate famewhores would still go on & try to party and preen for attention just a few hours after whitney’s death was announced. clive davis didn’t even attend his own party…i cant imagine how he must be feeling now..janis joplin was one of his earliest signed artists.

  39. grabbyhands says:

    In a way, I think Britney looks the loveliest out of all of them. She’s not polished, to be sure-but she looks happy. Really happy, not red carpet smile for the camera happy. It shows in her eyes.

    Kim K looks like she’s trying to morph into Eva Longoria, Katy Perry looks like she’s got a wad of tissue paper stuck to the side of her head and the blonde mess on Rhianna’s head-oy.

    • jwoolman says:

      Part of Britney’s charm is that she looks as though she came to enjoy the event, not pose for the cameras and impress everybody. Shows a lot of self-confidence. She doesn’t have to prove anything. Kim K, on the other hand, always looks as though her face would break if she really smiled and never seems to actually have a good time. She’s just a china doll sitting on a shelf, no response to anything.

    • Samantha says:

      That is exactly what I was going to post–she’s turning herself into Eva Longoria.

  40. Mar says:

    Britney looks horrible and Kim K is literally a shell of her old self. She will melt next to a candle

  41. MAP says:

    Is it me, or is she starting to look like Bizarro Eva Longoria?

  42. mary simon says:

    Kim’s dress is nothing but a boob display rack with a skirt attached to it. It says nothing but “here are my rock hard, veiny boobs!”

    Britney always looks like she just rolled out of bed. The heavy brown eye makeup and ill-defined brows run into each other and the look is just awful. She looks good as a blonde, but it’s time to lose the dark roots and any extraneous weaves that are still hanging around. She’s still cute – I just wish she would take better care of herself and her look.

  43. UniqJazz says:

    Britney spears keeps wearing those bandage dresses. It doesn’t do anything for her figure.
    Katy Perry’s arm is completely orange with fake tan in her first picture.
    Kim K lightened her eyebrows. You could tell she put bleach on them.

  44. Mary jones says:

    I wish people who stop inviting Hohan and Kartrashians to events. They live for attention and cameras if they stop getting it maybe they will go away!!

  45. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Kim: Fugly dress. Busted face. Boobs are as big as her head, ugh!!

    Love Katy’s color-blocking dress. Not a fan of her hairdye.

    Britney’s hair is looking bad again and girl needs some make up lessons.

    Rihanna looks beautiful.

  46. Steph says:

    Again, why does Kim have an relevance with the Grammy’s? I wish they’d stop trying to shove every fame whore into the Grammy’s and make it a classy event

  47. Jen says:

    Why is Kim Kardashian even there? She’s not a musician.

  48. Camille (The original) says:

    They all look like sh!t. And Kat-face needs to put her implants away, nobody wants to see that.

  49. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    KK has ruined her looks, every time I see her I want to say stop! Put the needle away! She’s not the greatest person, but I used to think she was very pretty naturally circa 2005. She looks like her mom now, she’s only 30!

    I have trouble disliking Katy Perry, she seems silly, but nice. Rihanna’s blonde hair looks good on her, but I hope she doesn’t keep it forever like Bey.

    I feel sorry for Britney. They’re controlling her life, and her dad is giving back control of her money only after she gets married?? WTF? They act like she can’t care for herself. I know she had a breakdown, but that was long ago, and IF she really is bi-polar, there’s medication for that, and she can live a completely normal life.

    I knew a man who, when it was discovered he was bi-polar, his case was so sever he thought he was Jesus Christ. He was put on medication and has been very successful in life, and no one runs him. It’s creepy the way they control her, like she’s their puppet.

  50. Rachel() says:

    Katy always dresses oddly. In any case, at least the dress/hat combo is a lot more attractive than anything Lady Gaga’s ever worn. I think Kaiser is just hating on her b/c of all the divorce crap. She’s a pop star. Of course she’s try-hard

  51. trollonteloose says:

    what’s up with Britney left ankle? Is it psoriasis?

    • Val says:

      Nah… at her engagement party in December she had like, some sort of scab? People thought it was a tattoo at first… but probably a scrape or something idk

  52. iz says:

    way too much cleavage for kk

  53. ambergesa says:

    Rihanna looks amazing. She has the attitude to pull anything off. I am loving her jumpsuit. Her body is perfect and the material hangs beautifully. Katy ugh, I have no words for the vileness that’s Kim K. and looking at Brit just makes me sad. Let her go back to her hometown, play with her kids and sit around eating pork rinds(that’s what her hair and makeup are screaming she really wants). Her heart so obviously isn’t in this anymore and hasn’t been for so long.

  54. Margot says:

    Britney, Britney……oh my. She actually has Chettos stuck between her teeth! But I love her. Kim k. I can’t stand!! Trashy no class and why is she even at a Grammy party!? Her boob veins look like she needs to go pump breast milk from them! I think we may finally be witnessing her downfall!! God I hope.

  55. Debsa says:

    Desperate and jacked…

  56. Claire says:

    What is she doing there seriously?!?! Go away – the dull Grammys really don’t have the same celeb sparkle that the Oscars/Golden Globes etc has

  57. only1shmoo says:

    Ick, Kim could be beautiful if she just stopped hacking up her face; she’s starting to look like Megan Fox, and that’s NOT a compliment! Also, her boobs look like they’re ready to burst, and looking at them makes my chest hurt from sympathy pain X (

  58. midgetgorillaporn says:

    kim crashed the pre-party ..
    was not invited ! LMAO ..
    poor kim ..
    how embarrassing it must be for her..
    she needs stilts at this point & lotsa photoshop , WIGGS, spanx , makeup..
    her new rectangular boobs are disgustin with the veins ready to explode…
    girl put some makeup on them boobs ..
    ya already use a ton of it ..
    people avoid her like the plague ..
    a desperate pathetic woman ..
    greedy , dishonest ,narcissistic & low class …
    terrible that she thinks the public is stupid & doesn’t have the brains to know she is laughed at wherver she goes ..sad …
    robert kardashians divorce papers to pimpmama for fraud are out there for ALL to read ..
    what a disgusting mother too…
    hopefully these scam artists will disappear once the hump’ exposes kim & pimpmama for fraud ….

  59. lucy2 says:

    Kim looks gross. Katy looks stupid. Brit looks good, and oddly so does Rihanna – not good, but good for her anyway.

  60. kristiner says:

    Kim’s had a boob job too because they’re way to high and bolted on. That’s one thing that always looked real. Her boobs.

    God, her face looks more like Kris’s plastic surgery cat face.

    She looks like a Real Housewife not a 30 year old woman.

  61. stephanie says:

    her boobs! OMG!
    don’t like katy’s looks. brit looks better than she has in years.

  62. LeeLoo says:

    Has anyone noticed that Kim is slowly morphing into her mother? It’s like the more plastic surgery she has the more she looks like Kris.

  63. sunny says:

    katy’s dress and headpiece are from the alexis mabille s/s 2012 haute couture collection.

    and i think she looks beautiful. it’s a different look for her.

  64. Lola says:

    Britney looks awful, like a corpse!

  65. JT says:

    The top half of Kim’s dress looks like it was taken from a super hero Halloween costume, completely tasteless. What is she even doing there?
    Britney hasn’t looked decent in years. It looks like she did her own makeup as usual. I don’t think she’s had a personal stylist or makeup artist for a LONG time now.
    Katy has taken a look directly off the runway. Not sure how that is “fame whoring”. It’s called being inspired.
    Rihanna looks great from the neck down. The blond hair is not doing her any favours. I suppose she’d get to that colour eventually tho, she’s done very other colour.

  66. jwoolman says:

    Rihanna looks really good – like the outfit and although I had my doubts when I heard she went blonde, it actually nicely complements her skin. Britney looks so wonderfully real and has that great smile, she could wear a trash bag and look fine to me. Katy- well, my first thought when seeing that contraption on her head was that she had a really bad hair day …

    But I must protest the trend of calling such as Kim Kardashian “cat-faced” or the alternative spelling “kat-faced”. I’ve known many kats, er, cats and this is really insulting to a species that always looks beautiful with no makeup, no fashionable clothes, no boob jobs (and they’ve got a lot of boobs to job), and even with a dead mouse dangling from their mouths.

    • Lola says:

      What are you on about? Britney’s smile is the fakest smile ever and she looks like death warmed over, are you her publicist?

      • JenJen says:

        What is her problem exactly, she looks like an absolute zombie. There’s no life or awareness in Britney’s eyes, and her eyebrows are disappearing. Is it her mental illness, meds, or what?? She used to look not so anamatronic.

      • Annie says:

        I dunno, I’m not her publicist but I think Britney’s looking better and healthier than she has been looking. I prefer Brit light brunette/dark blonde though, either too light or dark always washes her out. She also needs to tweeze those brows and change her eyeshadow – I’m getting sick of these raccoon eyes everywhere.

    • anonymoose says:

      Sooo true about the phrase “cat-face”! The phrase does NOT apply to any Kardashian and is a total misnomer in this context. Felines are elegant. Kim is not. Kim is PlasticFace, WaxFace, FillerFace, SpiderEyes, but most def does not resemble feline in any way. Cats are fierce, demure, elegant. Kardashians are not.

      @skuddles: we could call Kim “Tacky Tits.” Second the motion?

      • Deb says:

        Definitely WaxFace! If I didn’t already know that was actually her standing there in those pics, I would have thought it was a wax figure of her.

      • skuddles says:

        You bet anonymoose, I’ll totally second that!! 😀

        And I’m also onboard with losing the expression ‘kat face’…. it’s an insult to kitties everywhere. I much prefer ‘urinal face’.

    • Sisi says:

      Damn, how stupid of me that I never noticed the deliberate K-change… (cat=kat in my language)

  67. Jover says:

    Thanks gonzodie i didn’t know that Clive davis signed Janis Joplin; sadly, I’ll bet most of these “stars” never heard of or listened to Janis. Says alot about the decline of the music bizz. The death of a superstar won’t stop these famewhores – that’s all they know. As for Lardassian, why not just invite a blow-up plastic sex doll, The conversation wouldn’t be any more vapid and at least you wouldn’t have to feed it.

  68. skuddles says:

    ARGH!! I am soooo sick of KK shoving her tacky tits in our faces every chance she gets! Talk about obscene and gross. And I just want to smack that smug, spoiled look off her face. Please world, make her go away already!!

    And what’s with the giant wad of toilet paper glued to Katy’s head??

  69. jwoolman says:

    Right above the picture of Kim, there was a banner ad for plastic surgery …

  70. JenJen says:

    WHAT THE HELL is wrong with Britney’s face?? I can’t put my finger on it, but she looks SO “not there”. Is it her eyebrows, they seem to be fading more and more every time I see her! And who did her eye makeup? It looks like mine when I apply it half-drunk and spend the night dancing and crying.

  71. Bambi says:

    1) Britney’s skin looks bad. Her eyes look nice but she could probably use a detox, a series of facials and then a better cosmetician (her foundation is so bad, I wonder if she did it herself).

    2) Agree that calling Kim Kardashian a cat-face is an insult to cats, and not especially descriptive. Cats have better noses, prettier eyes and no fake eyelashes. This site does tend to wear its limited epithets down to the bone (crack & lindsay eg.)

    2)Rihanna looks great despite that hair.

    3) I LOVE Katy Perry’s hat, but it’s wearing her. She’s pretty but in a very non-descript way. Unusual outfits will always upstage her.

    4) Of COURSE Kim Kardashian was invited to the Grammy’s! She was f—ed up the rump by the same d— that f—ed Whitney Houston! She is within one dickgree of Whitney.

  72. leslilly says:

    Why in the WORLD would Kim Kardashian be involved w/the Grammys? I mean, we know she will go to anything (remember the toilet paper appearance she made?), but why would the people throwing the Grammy parties even invite this no-talent dodo?

  73. JudyK says:

    Kim is just a BAD joke…she looks like a parody of herself. What a fool.

    Rihanna looks SO SEXY! Love, love, love her outfit…she is perfectly proportioned and GORGEOUS!

  74. Jayna says:

    The boob situation is just bad. She needs to look at Sofia Vegara’s red carpet photos to learn how to present cleavage in a gorgeous, sexy manner.

  75. Sasha says:

    So much love for Brit. She doesn’t look her very best but maybe it isn’t such a priority any more? I don’t care if she doesn’t look totally knockout as long as she’s healthy and happy!

    Rhi looks surprisingly hot with the blonde hair. Who knew it would work!?

    I think eventually Kim will look exactly like Janice Dickinson.

  76. Mouse says:

    Kim is reminding me of Megan Fox’s Jonah Hex premiere look here. Scary, scary plastic mannequin, fake everything, dead eyes.

  77. Heather M (Heather) says:

    CB or Kaiser: I’d love to see some photos of Kim *without makeup* then and now for a comparison. She’s obviously had work done, but it’s difficult to get past the makeup b/c she wears so much. It seems like she didn’t wear the cat eye harsh black makeup back in the day, so is the “kat face” due to that? I mean, I use Botox and it never has given me a cat face or made me look odd like it is claimed to do with KK and Nicole Kidman. I think, yes, they over do the Botox, but I think they also have a tendency to wear cat eyed makeup (remember when Nicole Kidman used to actually brush her eyebrows upward. Shudder.)….

  78. Susie Q says:

    I think it was very clever of her to wear a dress that coordinated with the veins in her breasts..

  79. Tweakspotter says:

    I see Brittney is dressing and styling herself again. Still looks a pasty mess to me and that forced smile is creepy.

  80. Kim says:

    Really??? She looks terrible. The worst Ive ever seen her look. Her dress is bargain hooker and her face is SCARY tight. Doesnt she see what a freak she looks like? Obviously not but doesnt anyone in her family or her friends tell her she looks like an alien??!! She looks awful!!!

  81. Kim says:

    Katy is trying to hard & missing, Britney looks like crap and Rhianna jumpsuit i kind of like but the hair is awful.

  82. dj says:

    The veins in her breasts are scaring me!