Scarlett Johansson vacations in Hawaii with Nate Naylor, shows off her bikini body

Here are some photos of Scarlett Johansson on vacation in Hawaii with some friends, and with her new boyfriend/ad man/the most beautiful man in the world, Nate Naylor. There aren’t that many pics of Nate on the beach, the photographers were just concentrating on Scarlett in her bikini. There were several stories in this week’s tabloids about Scarlett and Nate, all of them in the same “He’s so amazing, Scarlett is so lucky to be with him” vein as People Mag’s ass-kissy article introducing him to the world. Is Nate the one “leaking” all of these quotes about how great he is? I hope not, but I suspect he is. A source tells Us Weekly, “They met though mutual friends. And they were hot and heavy right off the bat.” They were briefly separated while Scarlett worked in Scotland, and “Scarlett missed him while she was in Europe. Now they’re really going to spend time together.” You can see a photo of them making out here.

Beyond the Nate stuff, people are talking about Scarlett’s body in this bikini. Personally, I think she looks good. Yes, she has some cellulite – most people do. It’s not the end of the world, and I think the way the sunlight is hitting her body is affecting the “look” of the cellulite anyway. But seriously, she has a really nice figure – she looks like she eats and works out sometimes, but she doesn’t get stressed about it. I’ll make fun of her for being a vapid twit, but not for her figure. The only thing bugging me is that her boobs look so much smaller in that bikini top, right? Are her boobs actually that small, or is that bikini top just really unflattering?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Shay says:

    I think it’s kind of refreshing to see a celebrity with a body like this.
    She looks awesome and HEALTHY but she also looks real.

    • Franny says:

      I was just about to type how refreshing it is to see this. Cellulite is basically impossible to get rid of, but it doesn’t mean we all have to lock ourselves up in basements. Eat healthy, work out, and you’ll do the best you can. She’s not stick thin, but that is something the majority of us can relate to.

      • HoustonGrl says:

        So true! I think most celebs must get their cellulite lazered off or something. It’s refreshing to see a healthy, sexy actress.

      • Jaxx says:

        I don’t know if this works for everyone but it sure kept me cellulite free for a very long time. I got hurt and during rehabilitation I got a full body massage at least every two weeks. Even after I healed I loved the massage so much I continued. During those years I never had a spec of cellulite anywhere on my body. My therapist said that if you are at a healthy weight then massage very much kept cellulite reduced to a minimum. Sure worked for me. Oh, and I was in my thirties, a time when cellulite really wants to settle in.

      • phlyfiremama says:

        Cupping, which is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is being used in more & more spa/salon settings for helping to break up cellulite, and encourage blood & lymphatic circulation in cellulite prone areas. I love Scarlett’s body, finally someone who LOOKS perfectly healthy~I sure do wish that girlfriend would smile some more. Shes on an awesome beach, with her latest love, and not smiling. Whats wrong with this picture???

    • Nan209 says:

      Can I hear an Amen? AMEN!

      I’m so sick of the muscular stick figures and boy bodies that are somehow supposed to be the epitome of womanly.

    • Tsuki says:

      totally agree! I actually don’t really fancy Scarlet Johansson that much, but this earns my respect. Normal, perfect, beautiful body! Great to see some real prettiness around this vapid Hollywood world!

    • lenna says:

      This is how I looked when I was my fittest, and I still hated how I looked. Oh to have that body back again…she looks awesome. As others have said, she looks real and like she enjoys a burger and doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks

    • Bluebear says:

      (I posted this below in response to a comment I found to be sad and misguided, but I think it better fits here. My apologies for double posting) I have to point out that true sex symbols (by which I mean those that stood the test of time) such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley were sexy for their bodies, and they were not in the gym all the time (not that Mr. Mcconaughey isn’t sexy as hell but it’s his attitude just as much as his body). They were also sexy for their confidence and suave demeanor. Women and men are attracted to this body because it is real and the personality because it says they are secure and strong and aren’t at all desperate (ala Kim Kardashian). It isn’t fake, plastic, airbrushed, and pumped full of toxins. She is really sexy to me personally, and I don’t think I’m in the minority based on what I’m reading here. I truly don’t see the appeal in the body types of today’s actresses. I find womanly curves very attractive. I like actresses like Catherine Zeta-Jones (especially in the 90′s-00′s) or Reese Witherspoon at any age. This is why, they are beautiful, and I don’t mean that their bodies look otherworldly, but I mean their faces are gorgeous. They are pretty women. Far to often in today’s Hollywood world we don’t have pretty, or beautiful, we have thin, toned, skinny, tall. Everyone want’s to be Ms. Jolie, so much so that even Ms. Jolie doesn’t look like herself anymore but is thinner and thinner every time I see her. To me a woman is beautiful when she has a womanly body (be that naturally thin, or curvaceous) with a fantastically beautiful face. Scarlet Johannson is the epitome of that sexy for me. Oh, I don’t care for her attitude very much, but she can pull of sweet in a movie and her face is gorgeous along with a naturally sexy body. I don’t like the way Hollywood has become all about skinny, thin, botoxed, fake boobed, orange, bleached women. This woman is incredibly sexy because she is real and that makes her movies that much easier to get lost in.

    • Jen34 says:

      I agree. Her body looks healthy and real.

    • Lenore says:

      Amen! I’m not a fan but she looks gorgeous, and all the more so because she has a little cellulite and isn’t gym-hard and carb-deprived. It’s refreshing and relaxed – and therefore sexy. I hope to hell she knows how good she looks and doesn’t start thinking she needs to starve herself.

      As to the “boobs looking smaller” – it’s because they’re real, and lie differently than bolt-ons or other enhancements. When not propped up for the red carpet, they flatten out, settle against the ribcage and slip under the armpits – they’re fat, they’re smooshy. We’re just not used to seeing real boobs on a celebrity anymore.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Thanks, Lenore. My boobs are about the same size as hers (guessing) they look HUGE in a bra but in a bathing suit when they aren’t all trussed up they aren’t perfectly aligned facing forward. If you really look at those photos, her boobs are slightly off to the side. I can totally spot the part that fills out the front in a gown (or even a regular bra with a t-shirt).

        They are all there just differently distributed. I love the photo of her lying down…. real boobs almost disappear when you lie down.

      • Angie says:

        I was gonna say the same thing about real boobs. I have them too, and they’re not quite as ‘substantial’ if you will, in a bikini top :)

    • Eleonor says:

      I’m totally with you, Scarlett’s figure it’s something you can easily relate with.
      I workout regulary, I practice some sport (yesterday I was skiing) but I can’t eliminate the cellulite (me and Scarlett have nearly the same figure, she’s got more boobs than me) on my butt. I do wathever I can but at the end of the day I will never have the Megan-Fox skinny toned body.
      Btw last night I was zapping tv with my boyfriend and boyfriend noticed that a lot of cute young actresses needed to be fed.

  2. LindyLou says:

    Agreed. She’s not all bones and veins. Definitely healthy looking.

  3. Julie says:

    Not a good bod at all, particularly for her age.

  4. Shelly says:

    She looks like a real live woman. Refreshing!

  5. Original Chloe says:

    I might be a minority here but whenever I see non-styled and non-airbrushed pictures of Scarlet I can’t believe she’s considered a sex symbol. (And this has nothing to do with her weight)

    To me she looks like a pouty toddler with a cold.

  6. jen7waters says:

    Cellulite: YES! She’s human! And she looks great! :)

  7. Maria says:

    i remember reading that when models do beach photo shoots, they shoot either at sunrise or sunset since overhead lighting accentuates dimples and lumps….overhad lighting is unforgiving…. makes sense. I don’t know many women that do not have any cellulite..hormonal mostly as well as other is pretty much unavoidable.. especially after a certain age.

  8. TG says:

    I think she looks great too. And I agree with the person above though she looks like a pouty little bitch like she is so damn special. But in normal photos she doesn’t have the allure that she does in the movies.

  9. ohiogirl says:

    Wow I think she looks great, not the least of reasons is that her body really resembles mine. I am thin like her but just have those darn dimples. But I also have worse stretch marks than her since puberty although I never really gained that much weight, it’s just genetic in my family. I’m guessing she allowed these pics to get out there and I applaud her for that. She doesn’t look “perfect” but she still looks so sexy and healthy!!!!! Much better than some plastic bimbos!

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Yay! I know right? I felt good when I saw these. My body is the same, I’m slim, but have dimples and stretch marks on my hips. I’m older and have had two kids, but it’s so great to hear people stick up for and praise a real body.
      Even if I don’t like her that much, I feel proud that at least she owns her natural self.

  10. spinner says:

    Well…this is so nice to see. A real woman with a real body…flaws & all.

  11. Jackie says:

    her body is great. not having a perfect body and wearing a bikini on the beach makes her appear confident. confidence is very sexy.

  12. trillian says:

    Sorry, she just looks chubby, short-legged and has tons of cellulite. That has nothing to do with “healthy”. I am almost ten years older and look a whole lot better in a bikini (except for the boobs, I’ll give her that, although this bikini top does nothing for her). Facewise she just looks so mismatched, even when in full makeup. The lips could be nice, but with that pudgy nose and scrunched-up face she looks like a sulking toddler.
    But then again, her boyfriend looks like a smarmy italian gigolo. If that is the “most beautiful man in the world” then I’ll pass and stick with my cat.

    • Franny says:

      having short legs and having cellulite is something you can’t do anything about.

      also, not everyone at 19 has the same body, nor do they at 27 or 40. some people are blessed with having very trim bodies (like you so bragged about) and some people have to work at staying at a certain weight (like most people). So that’s really nice for you that you are lucky enough to have a nice body, but that has nothing to do with age – it has to do with genetics.

      she also has more fame and more money than you’ll ever have. does that feel just as good as you saying you are hotter?

      • Bluebear says:

        Clearly she doesn’t have the body she is bragging about, and would LOVE to have the body she is slamming. It’s so easy when you hiding behind your computer to say that you look better than a woman who makes her living off of looking like a siren.

      • Funnylilou says:

        @Franny “a woman who makes her living off of looking like a siren”

        Well maybe if she hadn’t have pretend to be a siren all these years then maybe the expectations about her so called hot body wouldn’t fly so high!

        She is a fraud!where is the siren?

        Her shot to stardom was build only on her looks and she looks homely, chunky and with cellulite…if she had built her career on acting and not trying to pass for a “sex kitten” I would have given her a pass… but since she thinks she is the epitome of sexy I am just handing the cruel truth: Homely and out of shape!

        and most of women and with real jobs and no personal trainers look way better on the beach

      • @Funnylilou So, do you think that a woman simply can’t be sexy if she’s got the sort of body Scarlett Johansson has? I know she’s always brought up in discussions like this, but Marilyn Monroe is surely the ultimate ’siren’ and she was the same size as this, and bigger at times. SJ has always been the little, curvy girl with the poppin’ boobs and bum. In Lost in Translation there’s a scene of her wandering about in her pants with a little bit of cellulite and it doesn’t seem to have harmed her career. Far as I can see, she’s prime beef to a lot of men, who (in my experience) are MUCH less concerned about a dimply thigh or a little belly than women are.

    • How does being short legged and having cellulite have anything to do with health? She’s clearly within a healthy BMI index (unlike a lot of celebrities we hold up as having ‘perfect’ bodies) and has a nice shape. I’m not sure why you feel the need to compare your body with hers. If you want to eat normally and not work out obsessively, then you tend to end up with what you were genetically given. You were obviously lucky enough not to be born with the cellulite gene, and Scarlett was. No biggie!

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        BTW, a full 90% of women have cellulite. t’s not from being fat, it is genetic.
        I eat right, work out, ride horses and I have had it my whole life. If cellulite means unhealthy, then 90% of us are unhealthy? No. Cellulite is the attachments your skin has to the tissue below, with ANY fat, you will dimple. Guess what your butt has on it? Fat cells.
        Cellulite does not equal unhealthy.
        Oh, and my man LOVES my body, dimples and all. Men like real girls.

    • Bluebear says:

      I want to cheer for these photos of Scarlett!! I’m so tired of seeing ribs sticking out and bodies so stick-thin they have to be enhanced with fake breasts so they don’t look completely emaciated. This is how a woman SHOULD look!! It’s no wonder Scarlett is a huge sex symbol. In a world full of copycat, skin-and-bones women, I’m thrilled to see someone who looks healthy and isn’t afraid to sit on the beach in a bikini, even though her belly isn’t concave. YOU GO, GIRL!! You are a positive role model for women everywhere! And as far as her being overweight, she is far from it. Women are designed to have some fat on their bodies–it’s a sign of reproductive health. And science has proven that men are more attracted to women who have curvier bodies, because evolution has programmed them to see curvier bodies as more fertile and healthy. It’s a shame that we have been so conditioned by Hollywood that when we see someone who is actually healthy we slam them.

      • HAHAHA says:

        Maybe she is a role model for you, I assume not to all women but for sure she is certainly not everywhere, you should take a look to women in other countries: beaches in Italy France and Spain are crowded with well kept babes (even middle aged women have nice bikini bodies and much toned than her) and don’t make me started on uruguay/ brazil/ argentina/ columbia, where women are just incredible and have unbelievable bodies… and what about south asia women in Thailand, Bali, Hong kong and what about Australia babes, toned, natural and very pretty and in all those places I just have cited she is well under the average woman body(she is actually way way under)… and so far far away from being a positive example!

  13. Natasha says:

    This is so REFRESHING. She looks great, not perfect, but then again: who is? (This is a good thing).

    She looks healthy and not a bag of bones or sinewy muscle. If I was a man, this is what I would fancy!

  14. bea says:

    re: her boobs in that top

    I noticed that her chest had really decreased in size about a year/year-and-half ago, when she lost weight. She’s still curvy, but not like she was. She looks great – men like that hour glass shape not “bones and veins” as LindyLou cleverly quipped above!

    • Funnylilou says:

      Men like “kelly brooke” or ” salma hayek” hourglass bodies, not really this average type!we all have cellulite even Cindy “frigin” crawford , but that is NOT a star figure that is a 4 children’s mother average body, very nice for a hot mama but not really for a starlet and if men were really digging this type there will be more mellow, out of shape with cellulite bodies FHM and QG covers…just sayin’

  15. Asli says:

    She looks great! The light is unfortunate but she looks confident which is really refreshing,

  16. Dotty says:

    I like SJ. What about the body language between these two? Looks like they’re afraid of getting cooties from each other.

  17. luls says:

    wow! i luv that when she sits, her tummy gets an obvious roll! Not to mention the cellulite!

    I was thinking of buying a 1 piece for this year, but this is giving me motivation to work off the 7 pounds i gained & get into a bikini!

    If Scarlett Effing Johansen can feel confident in a bikini looking like THAT, then so can I! And to hell with all the perfect skinny bitches!

    I cant believe im gona say this, but THANK YOU SCAR! :D

  18. KJ says:

    I’m gonna be honest. Normally I don’t pay attention to celeb bodies because I’ve been pretty happy with my own. I was blessed to have been thin all my life, always been into sports and going to the gym, and had a pretty rockin body til recently. I’ve been going through a pretty hard time personally and have gained more weight than I’m comfortable with. I don’t look bad by any means, but I’m the heaviest I’ve been in a while and it bugs me. To see that Scarlet’s legs look almost just like mine really does make me feel better. Call it shallow or stupid or whatever, but when I saw her looking cute and not caring, it endeared me toward her the way that few things ever do.

  19. The Original Mia says:

    Oh, I misunderstood. I thought people were saying how awesome she looked, not criticizing her for being normal. Stupid.

  20. Buffy says:

    Does she ever smile when not posing on the red carpet and faking it? Seriuosly, she looks like a bitch. For no reason. ;-)

  21. kris says:

    finally! a body i can compare my own to! i dont feel so much like a heffer anymore

  22. cprincess says:

    she looks beautiful and natural…its really refreshing to not see the stick with the fake tits look for once… but how tall is she-she look about 4 feet high!

  23. renata says:

    If this was just some woman I saw out on the street I’d probably think she looks o.k. BUT, considering her work and profession I think she looks like crap. She appears out of shape with poor tone, she’s overweight (for a “sex-symbol” type actress), and considering how young she is the cellulite looks plain awful.

    This isn’t some ulta-cerebral actress we’re talking about here — SJ made it years back on the fact that she looked stunning. People above that are applauding her “normal” look in my opinion miss the point — she’s not normal, she’s an actress that in large measure was known for her sex appeal. Absent that, there’s not alot left career-wise.

    As for the boyfriend, meh.

    • Bluebear says:

      I am going to preface this by saying I in no way mean to make you feel attacked. I have to point out that true sex symbols (by which I mean those that stood the test of time) such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley were sexy for their bodies, and they were not in the gym all the time. They were also sexy for their confidence and suave demeanor. Women and men are attracted to this body because it is real and the personality because it says they are secure and strong and aren’t at all desperate (ala Kim Kardashian). It isn’t fake, plastic, airbrushed, and pumped full of toxins. She is really sexy to me personally, and I don’t think I’m in the minority based on what I read above. I truly don’t see the appeal in the body types of today’s actresses. I find womanly curves very attractive. I like actresses like Catherine Zeta-Jones circa 90′s-00′s or Reese Witherspoon at any age. This is why, they are beautiful, and I don’t mean that their bodies look otherworldly, but I mean their faces. They are pretty women. Far to often in today’s Hollywood world we don’t have pretty, or beautiful, we have thin, toned, skinny, tall. I think a woman is beautiful when she has a womanly body (be that naturally thin, or curvaceous) with a fantastically beautiful face. Scarlet Johannson is the epitome of that sexy for me. Oh, I don’t care for her attitude very much, but she can pull of sweet in a movie and her face is gorgeous along with a naturally sexy body. I don’t like the way Hollywood has become all about skinny, thin, botoxed, fake boobed, orange, bleached women. This woman is incredibly sexy because she is real and that makes her movies that much easier to get lost in.

      • renata says:

        I didn’t feel attacked, and thank you for your concern in that regard. I kind of shudder when somehow you appear to be comparing SJ to Marilyn Monroe. I don’t think saying those names in the same breath is really valid.

        I do understand and appreciate your point of view. I don’t think every actress has to look rail thin. There’s just something about this girl that’s starting to look vaguely unkempt to me. Remember those pics awhile back of her jogging with Sean Penn? She looked like she had a beer gut or something. This just seems to me like a continuation of that. In my opinion, she’s lost touch with her “stardom”.

    • blaugaro says:

      Yes, she is a sex-symbol, but I don’t think this status is justified by weight or perfection, it has more to do with attitude. I don’t mind if they (stylists, producers, whatever) insist on making believe in the equation thin is sexy, I don’t buy it.
      And even if you don’t like her (and I don’t), she is an actress, not a victoria’s secret model, and she has been in some good films and played some roles that had nothing to do with her body.

    • Funnylilou says:

      absolutely and TOTALLY agree with you! she is not a woman on the street she is supposed to be a sex symbol and the epitome of sexy and she just oozes well… normal, homely.
      And no it’s not refreshing. It’s desapointing for a movie star, particularly when the actual woman on the streets or on the beach, with no money or coach or posh fitness club memberships look way more better!!
      with her actual body 90% of the women on the beach look way more sexier!

    • The Truth Fairy says:

      Look at Jennifer Aniston! At 42 years old her body is cellulite free and yet not super skinny or fake. She is the first to admit that it isn’t genetics and that she works out hard 6 days a week with cardio, yoga, pilates, etc in order to have the body she has. There ARE normal bodies in Hollywood but SJ’s isn’t one of them. She is really out of shape and it shows.

    • Erin says:

      I guess it just depends what your definition of sexy is…..

  24. Esmom says:

    I wish there was a better shot of her BF. I read recently somewhere that he “looks like Morrissey in his prime.” Seriously, where are all these quotes about him coming from?

  25. JessSaysNo says:

    Good for her! She looks great, celebs are human too.

  26. dahlia1947 says:

    My eyes are burning! all that cellulite! Yes it’s normal for women to have it, I just thought Scarjo being a B-list almost A-list actress, would look sooo much better.

    They can afford all of the treatments and stuff so this is just shocking to me. Her boobs look alot smaller then they do in gowns. These celebs really get poked, taped, and prodded by stylists to look totally awesome!!

    I don’t know what MK is talking about her man being this handsome, beautiful creature. Not.

  27. Franny says:

    I apologize for coming in here and white knighting for Scarlett, but so many people have body image issues and to see other women come on here and just rip this healthy girl apart really pisses me off. She has never claimed to be perfect, she has cellulite but she is living her life, not hiding under a rock.

  28. jennifer says:

    Ugh, she looks JUST FINE ! A lot of people have cellulite, including myself.

    leave her body alone.

  29. gag says:

    I hope somewhere, somehow….Alanis Morisette is chuckling to herself. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHABA

  30. Khalesi says:

    she looks entirely normal. which is NOT what you expect from a “movie star” who is considered a sex symbol. sorry

    • Funnylilou says:

      Exactly!!! average is not great!!!

    • The Truth Fairy says:

      EXACTLY. She’s not a car pool mom with 4 kids and a full time job. She’s a Hollywood sex symbol.

      • ambergesa says:

        Ughh exactly, if she was a normal mom on the street with a couple of kids I’d say she looks fine. But she’s not she is a highly paid actress that trades on her supposed sex appeal. She looks dumpy, frumpy and in desperate need of some serious time at the gym(and a more supportive bikini top). Jennifer Aniston is a perfect example of this. While I’m not a fan, there’s no denying her body is incredible. She values it and maintains it thus her movie star appeal. Presenting an ideal outer package is her job. Neither are incredible actresses. Would you all be ecstatic going to a Dr. who was just mediocre? Or how refreshing he doesn’t give a crap. Or a hair stylist that doesn’t invest time and work at honing her trade? And does half-assed blah hair? I wouldn’t. This is the same thing. Curvy can be beautiful but a gut cellulite “sidesies” and saggy boobs aren’t.

    • lw says:

      Yes, she does look average. But so do Katy Perry, Reese Witherspoon, Beyonce, , and countless other female celebrities. Take away the boat loads of make-up and photoshop and a lot of those girls wouldn’t remotely be considered great beauties. Even a lot of the super thin ones are pretty homely– SJP,Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth,etc…

      • Funnylilou says:

        We are not talking magazine pictures, We all saw candids bikini pictures of the ladies you cited and they all have banging bodies compared to ScarJo,not average at all and some of them even have kids;
        And the one you call “homely” look fantastically awesome compared to her, yes Gwyneth and even Cameron they look like real lookers near her!

        She just hapens to be very homely and that’s disappointing for someone who has had labelled herself as a “sex symbol”!

    • normades says:

      Gotta side with you ladies here. When the majority of the other posters are saying “these pictures make me feel better about myself” then you know ScarJo as sex symbol = fail.

  31. gag says:

    Hey ScarJo,
    Whatcha gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?


  32. Jen34 says:

    I wish I had seen a picture like this when I was in my 20′s. Back then it was all Cindy Crawford, and she had a beach look I could never achieve. Young girls need to know that good, healthy bodies are not one size/shape fits all.

  33. Gayle says:

    I DON’T think it’s obvious from these photos that she works out much at all. If you are an actress you are supposed to take care of your ‘product’ and you have all the resources to do so. I find it pathetic that she doesn’t spend the time to look better. I know she’s not taking acting lessons to improve her ‘craft.’

  34. geenie says:

    There’s a thin line between a milk shake and fries ScarJo – you better watch out.

  35. A Fan says:

    I don’t particularly care for her, nor do I find her particularly pretty, BUT she looks soft and curvy – feminine.

    That’s something we don’t see very much of anymore. Celebrity culture has decided that hard, masculine-bodied women is ideal. There’s a generation of boys being raised to see sinewy, muscular women with hard, bolt-on grapefruit tits and a six-pack as desirable – see any Victoria Secret fashion show or photo shoot. For me, that is scary, gross, and completely against natural instinct. I love the softness and curviness of a woman – cellulite, jiggling bums, and poochy belly included – and I’m guessing a lot of men do, too. That’s the essence of being a woman – which is being different than a man. That’s the instinctive attraction between men and women – the curves and softness of a woman vs. the straightness and hardness of a man.

  36. Camille (The original) says:

    He is very average looking but then again so is ScarHo (and so is her body).

  37. Funnylilou says:

    She surely looks healthy and real but something she is NOT for sure it’s great and hot!!! she has a very average body!! she looks so homely!!!
    That would be very satisfying for most of us but isn’t she supposed to be a sex symbol? isn’t her career based mostly on her looks and not very much on actually acting?
    and regarding these points she looks AWEFUL!!! really really bad like she should perpare herself not to be called by directors any time soon…

  38. hopperlea says:

    How refreshing. A celeb who looks real. SJ looks good and comfortable with herself.

    It is also great to say that I have the same figure as Scarjo and I have 3 kids, One being 10 months old. Thank you Scarjo. I feel thin right now.

  39. HAHAHA says:

    so Scarlett Johansson looks great but Gisele Bundchen looks like a man???just wouawww!

    Then pls pls God make me look like like a man…LOL

  40. shontay says:

    She looks great. I’d love to have her body. The bikini top seems to make her boobs look smaller, but that’s OK. I’ve seen worse bikinis.

  41. Lori says:

    Celebrities are human beings turned to ”Gods” by the press and then by the audience, but it’s just bullshit. She’s a normal person who has a normal, pretty and healthy body, so good for her.

  42. Fatkid says:

    Showed my boyfriend the pic of her from behind. It went like this…
    BF: who’s that
    Me: scarjo, but that’s what I look like, right?
    BF: yep
    Me: I have a Hollywood body!
    BF: *laughter*

  43. Stacy Dresden says:

    I find the phrase “bikini body” odd. I know it’s just in the pop culture lexicon these days but still…it’s just her regular body, and I’m not sure she’s ‘showing it off’ so much as hanging out at the beach. I think she looks fine, my body is really similar. I agree it is refreshing to see a famous actress and sex symbol resembling a real human being!

  44. BK says:

    I don’t think she looks very good in this particular set of pictures.

    Maybe the swimsuit isn’t doing her justice, and maybe she is just a few pounds heavier than would be optimal for a movie star showing off her body in public, but I feel like I’ve seen her look noticeably better than this.

  45. says:

    Hmmmm… not exactly the same body as in the Mango ads.

  46. Lenore says:

    To all the people who seem to think she needs to hit the gym or whatever: you know what you get when you take a woman and start making her feel insecure about a little natural cellulite?

    LeAnn Rimes. That is the end to which all your fat-shaming leads. Mrs Bonus Mommy Dearest.

    Look at Scarlett, relaxed on the beach, doesn’t give a toss what the paparazzi thinks. Then look at the most recent try-hard pose-to-death picture of LeAnn Rimes in a bikini. One of these is the future of womankind. Choose carefully: the more you try to shame a lovely woman for a little cellulite, the more you push us all into the squinty, self-absorbed, bolt-on-festooned Abyss of Rimes.

  47. stephanie says:

    good for her. she looks awesome. I am not a scarjo fan but I would kill to look like that.

  48. GoodCapon says:

    Cellulite aside, she actually looks healthy… not great, but healthy. But her tummy, is her bikini bottom too tight or does she actually not have surfboard abs?

  49. Lisa B. says:

    Women seriously puzzle me. They’re always whining about how there aren’t actresses in Hollywood who look normal and healthy.

    Then, a girl shows up looking like this and people call her fat?

    I could expect this sort of attitude from men but it’s so much hurtful coming from women.

    About the whole “sex symbol” bullshit: ALL actresses look “average” without the make up, the retouching, the nice clothes and a good photographer/director to catch them in their best angles.

    What you see in magazines and movies is a fantasy. You cannot expect them to fullfill this fantasy 24/7.

    Like Rita Hayworth used to say: there’s Gilda and there’s Rita. Two different entities.

    Also, the girl is just having fun on the beach with her boyfriend. She’s not taking pictures for a underwear catalogue, for God’s sake.

    I actually find refreshing to see a star like her looking relaxed and like a human being, instead of a plastic Barbie with body image issues and obsessed with herself.

    There should be more girls like her in Hollywood.

  50. skuddles says:

    Wow, how surprising to finally see a celeb whose figure isn’t comprised of jutting bones and fake, malformed boobs.

  51. Lucy says:

    Also, I can’t believe she’s at that janky public beach (see here from the same shoot from

    She’s worth 35 mil and that beach looks like it’s full of the *I* even rent a beach house with private beach frontage when we go (only twice a year) you’d think she’d own a beach house or have one on standby.

    this whole thing is just WEIRD…are we sure this is her?? Gawl it’s like she’s researching a white trash role or something.

  52. Zoe says:

    A body that lots of men would love and a lot of women hate. I think she looks good, and can’t believe women hate on women the way they do. The media has a role in our warped vision of a perfect body. However, from some of the comments on here, women themselves are main reason we hate our bodies. Women are so insecure they always need to project it on other women. Go work your arse out if you want to do it. If someone doesn’t want to work out, so what? You don’t get fatter because they aren’t working out. Let them be. Stop judging other women, and get come confidence.

  53. Lindsey G. says:

    There are some really cunty comments here about how normal-looking Scarlett Johansson is. And her cellulite? Really now? Even Marilyn Monroe looked average sometimes. I think we’re so used to seeing the Kim Ks, Courtney Stoddents and Leann Rimes all done up at the beach that some people are finding it odd that she’d leave the house to go play in the water, no muss, no fuss. Shame on her? (Some of you need to grow up).

  54. Annie says:

    People will probably adore this body type because they can relate to it – but I guess as someone who enjoys staying fit with a fairly low bodyfat % I can’t really. I don’t think she looks terrible, just nothing special, she’s your average “could do to lose a few but not fat per se” American woman. No, she is not “fat” if we define fat as being dangerously overweight but I guess I’d expect someone marketed as being a mega hottie with enough time/money for all the trainers, gym memberships and dieticians she wants to look better than this. Face it, she’s not exactly a “character actress” Scarlett makes her living from looking good. Scar could easily tone up, add some muscle and drop some fat without turning obsessive and going too far like Leann Rimes. It really doesn’t take THAT much effort once you get into a routine.

  55. nina says:

    she has a girly, 50′s style body. It’s softer and fleshier than the standard today in Hollywood, with girls like Blake Lively. What I like about Scarlett’s shape is that she’s a knockout, and isn’t starving herself or working herself out to completely change her body type the way someone like christina ricci has. Scarlett embraces what her mama gave her, as she should, cause she’s hot.

  56. samab says:

    I’m happy she s comfortable in her own skin,but that ‘s not a great body,I’m sorry a,and for her age that cellulite is pretty bad.Not results of healthy eating for sure.I agree with people that don’t understand her being seen as a sex symbol.She’s cute that’s all.

  57. Anjessa says:

    Her body would be just fine if she was a normal woman or even if she played roles that didn’t rely on her sexiness – like Carey Mulligan for example. BUT:
    1.) She just played Black Widow. Sorry, but imo, for playing professional athletes or a kick-ass superhero, you just have to be in amazing shape. It’s part of her job to make us think that she may be capable of doing all these stunts herself. The way Scarlett looks…Betty White could probably take her out with one punch. She obviously didn’t prepare properly for the role and that’s just unprofessional. Do you think Natalie Portman would have played Black Swan with a body like that??
    2.) She obviously is NOT proud of her body, because she’s always excessively photoshopped. I know that Photoshop is standard for any professional shoot, but she is THE most heavily photoshopped celebrity in her age group. Yes, the Victoria Secret models have bodies that are practically unachievable for a normal woman, but they actually do the hard work in maintaining them and talk about how hard that is (e.g. Adriana Lima who admitted she doesn’t eat solid food for days before a shoot). If Scarlett is fine with her body and doesn’t want to stress herself about it, that’s great. But she souldn’t talk about how she loves grilled cheese and hates the gym and then claim to look like that:

    when she obviously NEVER looked like that and hadn’t had a banging body for at least five years.

  58. MK Martin says:

    Can’t believe I actually somewhat resemble one of these people for once. Pear shapes + dimply bottoms!

  59. MK Martin says:

    p.s. it’s pretty easy to gain 5-7 lbs over a previously worked on body in less than 3 weeks, and have it look like this. ‘Specially if you’re loved-in with a new guy and ordering room service all the time. Sex really doesn’t burn that many calories!

  60. Sasha says:

    I get the impression that all these people saying ‘SCAR LOOKS GREAT – I HAVE THAT BODY’ are just praising themselves. It feels validating to know that Scar is a sex symbol and yet she has this ‘natural’ body. The fact is, Scar has looked better than this in the past. I’m NOT saying she looks bad here, but she used to be in much better shape (curves, toned stomach), and she gets the reputation of being a sex symbol because she’s styled perfectly for films and photoshoots and gets her breasts pushed up to her chin (almost a true story!). She’s not a sex symbol for being ‘average’, and she’s not a sex symbol because of photos like the above.

    Oh and please STFU about ‘boy bodies’ and ‘skin and bones’ and BLAH BLAH BLAH. If you feel the need to lash out at a different body type to your own then you’re obviously not as happy with yourselves as you all claim. Stop begrudging the hard work of other women who stay in shape and telling them that men don’t actually like them. Everyone telling themselves that men don’t actually like women with Victoria’s Secret model bodies are kidding themselves.

  61. Sasha says:

    Oh and p.s. I don’t think the women saying she’s put on a few are saying she looks like shit, or that she even looks bad – just that she is a Hollywood megastar, sold to us as being one of the most desirable women in the world, and therefore our expectations (not unreasonably) are extremely high. Scar DOES look quite average here and that’s why SO MANY OF YOU are saying you look like that.

    • normades says:

      co-sign all your statements. We’re not saying she’s a fat cow, just that she looks untoned.

      And yes, I actually think I look BETTER than that. I’m pushing 40 and have no cellulite, and have better legs (her young boobs are better tho, no post kid sag).

      But the soft muffin top is something I can relate to and know I could do something about, but am just to damn lazy to go the gym. AND THAT’S OK.

      It’s all about being comfortable in your body which I am. Even if people were saying she’s a fat cow, I wouldn’t get offended.

      I believe that feeling good about yourself comes from within. If you have a body complex it’s probably not your body that’s the problem imo.

      Amber Heard, Blake Lively, now those are banging bods. And no, they don’t make me feel bad about myself because I don’t look like them.

  62. Maya says:

    OMG cellulite!!!!!!!!
    Actually, I’m relieved. Finally a real looking woman.

  63. INeedANap says:

    This thread is giving me a complex. I’m in my mid-20′s, and I have never been well-toned or smooth. I’ve always had a few rolls and dimples spread around. It baffles me how girls my age always look so taut.

    Admittedly, while they are probably hitting the gym, I’m in lab. All. The. Effing. Time. ugh.

    ScarJo — as long as your body is allowing you to have great sex with your man, don’t change a thing. That’s how I justify that second scoop of ice cream — at least I’m getting laid!

  64. Bobbie says:

    I think she looks great. And wow there are some mean comments on here. Everyone has there flaws and a lot of times people with “perfect” bodies have butte faces i.e. cute but the face. Also, she’s very pale. I bet that cellulite wouldn’t be nearly as striking if she was tanned. Chick is still skinny, I’d bet a size 6 which is hardly the “average” american woman no matter what all the mean commentators here say. I don’t know if I like her or not, but this picture makes me want to defend her.

  65. Juu says:

    Marilyn Monroe called and asked to stop using her as an excuse for being fat.

  66. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    You’d think she raped your dog after reading some of this. Who cares?

  67. The Bobster says:

    The only thing bugging me is that her boobs look so much smaller in that bikini top, right? Are her boobs actually that small, or is that bikini top just really unflattering?


    Come on. She’s shared her boobs with the world (or somebody else did). We know exactly what size they are.

  68. Delta Juliet says:

    She has the kind of body that my husband lusts after. Relatively thin, but soft-looking.

    Kind of like mine, although mine is a little bit softer after baby #2 lol

  69. yoyobaby says:

    Blake Lively 1 Scarlet Johnasson 0

    She looks dumpy and well, yeah, average. So let’s celebrate mediocrity because it makes us feel better! Yeaaaahhhh!!!

    So those who have body image problems – sad truth life isn’t fair. Not everyone is born with the same level intelligence. So I think it ridiculous when women blame the media. Victim mentality.

    • IzzyB says:

      90% of advertising is processed sub-conciously.

      Jean Kilbourne has a series of episodes on Youtube called Killing Us Softly, well worth a watch if you think the media has no effect at all

    • normades says:

      “She looks dumpy and well, yeah, average. So let’s celebrate mediocrity because it makes us feel better! Yeaaaahhhh!!!”

      Co-sign. Seriously, I don’t need to look at some untoned actress to feel better about my body. Nor does looking at hotties give me a complex either.

      ScarJo is a crappy actress, says really obnoxious things in interviews and by most accounts is a royal b*tch. And now she doesn’t even have the plastic to please. I really don’t think she will have much of a career in 5 years.

  70. Lou says:

    She looks fine. And it is refreshing to see a ‘real’ woman.

    I agree with some posters that sex appeal is not only the physical package – it’s a lot more.

    I’ve always thought her a glorified girl next door. Nothing wrong with that.

    But, there is a feeling that we’ve had her sex symbol status, etc. shoved down our throats and now – some of us feel like ‘wait a minute’ – we’ve been had.

    I’m not surprised at her shape – I was more surprised at how good she looked in the bikini pics with Harnett from ’06.

    More reason to combat the photoshop nonsense.

  71. IzzyB says:

    I’ve had anorexia for 10 years. God damnit, I wish I looked like that and owned it like Scarlett.

  72. noirod says:

    wow, a real woman, what a novelty!!