Grammys worst-dressed: Fergie in orange lace and Nicki Minaj as a nun?

These are two of my picks for worst-dressed of the Grammys – Fergie and Nicki Minaj. These two women are surprisingly similar. While I feel that both are talented – Fergie especially has a powerhouse voice that I wish she would use as a straight-on singer more often – both women also share a love of carving up their faces. Both are fashion catastrophes. Both seem to go out of their way to style themselves in horrible ways. Let’s start with Fergie. I know I sound like an old fart and it’s true, I don’t “get” the current rock n’ roll fashion, but who thinks Fergie’s Jean Paul Gaultier gown was a giant mistake? It’s not that she didn’t “try” – she DID “try” and this is the result. Note to all ladies: if you fake-bake until your skin is a weird shade of orange-brown, DO NOT wear orange clothing. And here’s a note to all ladies in general: don’t wear a completely unlined lace dress with giant, black granny panties underneath. DISASTER.

And here’s Nicki Minaj – when she first got out of her limo, I didn’t see her face at all and I was like, “Ugh, here’s Gaga in one of her old costumes.” Then when I saw Nicki’s (2012) Face, I was reminded of how much Minaj is really trying to be the hip-hop version of Gaga. I wonder how that’s going for her? Anyway, Nicki wore this Versace… thing. Should I call it a red satin nun’s habit? That feels offensive, writing that. And Nicki’s date was a Pope John Paul look-alike. That also felt wrong to write. GAH.

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  1. marni says:

    Someone was trying a little to hard for attention.

    • Camille says:

      At least it’s not everything about Radio Gaga this year. I love how people, media and Grammy don’t give a shit about her anymore. Album of a decade – kiss my ass.

    • Marjalane says:

      “Look at me, Look at me, Hey everybody, over here! LOOK AT ME DAMNIT!! Aren’t I edgy, and cool??”

      • Bluebear says:

        HAHA! Right on the money! Sweetie, this has been done before by everyone from Madonna to Sinead O’Connor. Trying to use the church to get some attention only works now if you’re the Pope.

    • RocketMerry says:

      There are a couple of blinds on BlingGossip about the Grammys.
      One is about Nicky (possibly put out by her own manager to make it fairly public that he was not ok with this idiotic stunt) and the other is for Beyoncé.
      How moronic are these two?!

  2. paola says:

    No words to describe how ugly Nicki is. I just don’t get it, she’s not a looker to start with but then instead of trying to look at least nice she puts so much effort and money to try (and achieve) to be utterly unbelievably HORRIBLE and inappropriate, considering the fact Whitney Houston died the very day before she’s been absolutely disrespectful.

  3. Asli says:

    Ugly all around. Who the hell designs this sh!t.

    • Deb says:

      Judging by the Medusa motif on the front of the skirt, I am thinking Versace.

    • Meecey says:

      Asli you are soooo right! It’s downright scary. I did better with my Fashion Plates toyand crayons when I was a little girl! Did Fergie forget her LIPSTICK! GAH!!

  4. brin says:

    That costume was a fail, it wasn’t edgy, just awful. And Fergie’s dress was terrible with the black granny pants and bra.

    • Justalark says:

      You’re so right!

      Both of these ensembles would have been more appropriate for TRICK-OR-TREATING!!!!!!

  5. ClumsyMe says:

    Fergie’s dress looks like my grandmas table cloth only Orange. Minja just NO! Her performance was horrible too.

  6. Jayna says:

    I loved Fergi’s dress. She’s a popstar. All this pressure to come to music awards shows in designer, conventional gowns. She rocked her uniqueness with a unique gown. More power to her.

    • lw says:

      I know we are in the minority, but I LOVE the dress. If Rhianna had worn it everyone would be gushing about how edgy it was. The lace is so intricate. And I think her flash of black lingerie was the right touch. I normally don’t like Fergie, or what she wears. But this is the best she’s looked in a long time.

      • Happymom says:

        I’m with you guys-I really liked it.

      • Robin says:

        I love Fergie’s dress but I don’t know about the black bra and panties. That made it look to Halloween outfit.

      • sammib says:

        Yup! Me too. The dress is mad and the pants and bra are really the only thing you COULD wear underneath it. It’s a shame it’s on Fergie, but blame the model not the dress. Dress is awesome!

    • Happy21 says:

      I liked it too 🙂

      I love the colour and the lace. However, I don’t love the bra and grannies. I think that she should have worn some sort of black body suit or something underneath.

    • UniqJazz says:

      I feel like it’s been done before. Britney spears wore a similar thing only it was black lace.

  7. Cherry says:

    Fergie looks awful. As for Nicki: same comment as on the ‘blasphemous!’ photo shoot with Kate Moss elsewhere on this blog. We should al stop yelling at people using christian symbology as a way to ‘shock’ and get attention- and start ignoring them. It’s cheap. It’s offensive. It’s transparent. It distracts from what the Grammy’s are actually about, i.e. awarding GOOD MUSIC.

    • brin says:


    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      I found her performance more than just offensive. I think including lyrics from a genuine Christmas song about the birth of Jesus (“O Come All Ye Faithful”) was satanic in the representation of her performance. Nothing about it was even artistic or aesthetically-pleasing. I would love to see a backlash against her as a so-called entertainer, but that probably will not happen. When such vulgarity becomes acceptable on an international stage, I’m reminded of how this world we live in is becoming such an evil place. /rant

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Completely disgusted by her “performance”. She sucked, first of all.
        Secondly, it was BLATANTLY satanic and the Grammys-a “family” show put this shit on.
        I won’t be watching again. I’ll concentrate on paying attention to real artists.
        I’m as fed up with the whole thing, auto tune, fake people, fake performances and blatant satanism.

    • Jen34 says:

      I’m a barely practicing Catholic, and I can’t tell you how offensive I found her performance.

    • only1shmoo says:

      Spot on! These are cheap shock tactics used when people run out of creative ideas *cough, Madonna, cough*

  8. Isadora says:

    I’m happy to admit that I like some Nicki Minaj but damn between this and ‘stupid hoe’ she’s making it hard lately.

    I’m a staunch Atheist who dresses like a Priscilla Queen of the Desert cast off and I even think it’s just famewhorey and stupid.

    • Erinn says:

      Ugh. I can STAND super bass if I HAVE to listen to it… but she’s such a mess. She uses such weird voices… and I can’t handle looking at her. That stupid hoe video- it’s impossible for me to describe how obnoxious it was.

      And what’s with the blinking so much and talking with her mouth so stiff? She just weirds me out. She’s trying so hard so I don’t know if I should congratulate her on her efforts or just shake my head at this point.

      • Isadora says:

        That film clip is like Dave LaChapelle and the new creepy versions of My Little Pony banged.

        Plus it encourages girl hate which is the opposite of what a strong female should do.

  9. Ogechi says:

    I watched live from when Nicki Minaj came down from the Limo and as a Catholic.

    • Ogechi says:

      I was shocked and offended as a Catholic when i saw Nicki Minaj and that Bishop posing. I really didn’t get the essence of that whole nun cloth.

  10. Amy says:

    Call me old fashioned but I don’t get the point of wearing a dress in which you can see your lingerie. Why not just wear the lingerie? Or a bikini? Fergie’s dress would have been okay had it actually been a dress. This was just the outline of a dress.

    And Nicki Minaj, it’s not Halloween.

  11. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    I gotta say Nicki looks really good without all that neon facepaint.

  12. Sakyiwaa says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! WTF! Fergie…! is that a dress?! what the hell? No. SHE CANT EVEN WEAR A THONG underneath it. Granny pants are way better. maybe she shoulda been pantie -less and bra-less… then i’d really have gone for it. this is a lame dress.

    Nicki Minaj…. what the eff is the matter with this beyotch???? Really???? Seriously??? Really.

  13. Kimlee says:

    I don’t mind the idea of Fergie dress, color is completely wrong and ass ugly but the dress it self is very pretty and I think her lingerie is suposed to have a vintage look.

    No word for Niki she didn’t always dress like this it like the more famouse she got the more attention grabbing her clothes have gotten.

  14. Sakyiwaa says:

    maybe Fergie shoulda worn orange granny panties and an orange bra…

    • Tapioca says:

      Like Maggie Gyllenhaal did when she wore the nearly the exact same dress nearly four years ago at a The Dark Knight premiere!

    • Jaye says:

      I thought the same thing when I saw her on the red carpet. Ultimately, however, my decision was would not have been any better.

      And when I saw Nicki Minaj I just thought “Oh Nicki…why??” It was just so try hard-y. And I am a Nicki fan.

  15. Maya says:

    With Fergie…
    It’s as though someone raided my old Greek nanna’s house and stole all her doilies and dyed them horrid orange, sewn them into a dress and gave it to Fergie.
    What was Fergie thinking? Was she high?
    As for Minaj, she looks like she stole the upholstery cover from an old sofa (those buttons).
    Did Karl Lagerfeld’s head explode or what?

  16. francesca says:

    They just look stupid. I am sorry for kids these days that think this is original or avant-garde.

  17. Marianne says:

    I can’t say Nicki’s is the worst because well….it’s a costume. She was in costume the whole the night. While Fergie seriously chose this as a dress. And WTF was she thinking?

  18. Arianna says:

    so… they… they both CHOSE these?

  19. Assistantrachel says:

    Holy fugly clothes Batman!

  20. Irene says:

    Fergie’s JPG dress is phenomenal. Look at the close up – the craftmanship is amazing. And the dress’ silhouette is actually quite classic. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work on her skin tone and the style and colour of lingerie is not doing the dress any favours.

  21. Reel Wheel says:

    why is Fergie wearing Granny Panties?

  22. normades says:

    Fergie’s dress coulda been OK if it were black worn over a white underdress for contrast. The orange on orange skin and black granny pants is not a good look.

    Nicki just looks stupid and desperate for attention. Madonna and Benneton already did that religious shock shiz a long time ago.

    • mia girl says:

      Agreed. In fact we could have kept the same color but worn a slim underdress/slip type thing and this could have been lovely.

      But let’s be honest, the real issue above all is that the dress is being worn by Fergie – whose styling is atrocious, her face is looking so strange and she manages to make everything look cheap.

      Someone else in this dress could have really worked it out and made it stunning.

  23. Bernice says:

    Who is that with Manij and what are they symbolically trying to say? And why does Manij look so robotic? And why did Fergie wear a JPG dress from 4 years ago. Her mom was with her, couldn’t she have said “uh, Fergie honey, NO!

    Nightmare, both of them.

  24. JudyK says:

    I would have LOVED the orange dress had it had a very sheer orange or even black sheath under it.

    Instead, it just looked like a desperate grab for attention.

    Nicki and Gaga looked like they were going to a Halloween party, and I agree with those who thought their garish outfits were disrespectful. I’m over Gaga and her outrageousness…doesn’t work anymore.

  25. Franny says:

    I think Fergie’s dress looked a lot better on TV than it did in these pictures – more pink than orange. I can see why people would think its awful, but I think its fun and fitting for the grammys.

  26. lucy2 says:

    They both look idiotic. That was one of the funny parts of the show, when they’d pan to the audience. It would be a normal person or two, then someone who looks like a sideshow freak, then another normal person, etc.

  27. phaksi says:

    What is going on with Nicki’s face?!

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Fergie’s dress might have worked (or worked better) if she had worn flesh-toned underwear or a flesh-toned slip under it. I too looked at it and thought : granny panties. Well, at least they were comfortable (I guess).

  29. Heather says:

    Agree with most everyone on Fergie – not a good look …. the black undies definitely made it worse.

    As for Nicki, the outfit was just silly. but what I found totally pathetic was her alleged “performance.” It was a complete mess. Was that performance art or was it supposed to be a song? In a night of so much vocal talent, she came on and just made a mockery of the music industry. That performance was completely devoid of any talent or redeeming qualities — and I LIKE Nicki!

  30. phlyfiremama says:

    I think Fergie is just trying to distract everyone from her cat face. Still hasn’t settled into her new one, you might say. As for the other one~yawn.

  31. Cathy says:

    Both dresses are fugly.

  32. Jilly Bean says:

    really? didnt madonna do this back in the eighties there nikki?

    and didnt even recognize fergie… new face?

  33. Jacq says:

    Nicki: Little Red Riding (fame)Whore

  34. Mandy says:

    Whatever you think of Gaga’s shtick, she commits and sells the s**t out of her live performances. And at least she waited 20 years to copy Madonna, so a lot of her fans are too young to remember “Like a Prayer.” “Judas” was barely a few months ago, and Nicki Minaj is already doing some half-assed version (in a bad Cockney accent, WTF)? She sounded terrible, and the performance itself looked like a clusterf**k.

  35. Stubbylove says:

    Nicki Minaj’s performance last night was probably the most ridiculous and sad attempt at trying too hard to be interesting and edgy that I’ve ever seen in my life. All she did was steal ideas from other songs (West Side Story, Christmas songs), movies (Excorcist and Roman Holiday) and the same ‘ol same ‘ol bashing of the catholic church. In the end, just a big *yawn*. Go Adele, Glenn Campbell, Paul McCartney and Foo Fighters – actual talent!

  36. hillbillygirl45 says:

    They were both hideous. If they were trying to get on the worst-dressed list, they succeeded.

  37. TXCinderella says:

    Fergie’s dress is horrid. It looks like someone threw up Halloween on her. I don’t even have words for Nicki’s getup.

  38. Happy21 says:

    Besides the fact that I think that Fergie needed some colour on her face (lips or eyes or something that would go with her dress), I did like her dress just not the bra and undies under it. She would have been better off with a body suit or something.

    Nicky Minaj looks positively awful and I can’t help but think she is trying to hard to be different a la Gaga every time I see her. She needs to give it up. Pop music only has room for one weirdo and her name is Lady Gaga!

  39. TexasTexasTexas says:

    There is NOTHING that is ok or fashionable for 2 attention-grabbing desperate idiots to show up looking like that. Out of respect for the profession, the fact that an icon just passed away should’ve curtailed their “fashion” statements. I can’t imagine that members of Black-Eyed Peas were proud to be seen with her. I don’t know why her husband wasn’t truthful. “Babe, you look like an aging, desperate Lindsey Lohan in that dress. And you’re married. To me. So quit trying to show the world your ladybits.” And the Lady Gaga copycat thing is too horrendous to comment further. I bet Lindsey, Kim K, and Gaga are sending millions of silent kisses to those two today.

  40. Kim says:

    Fergies face scares me – Im sorry but it does. Nikki ia ALL schtick – no talent. Im embarrassed that she was trying to be controversial by being a nun. Didnt Madonna do this like 20 years ago? So lame!

  41. original sandy says:

    i liked fergie’s outfit, just not on her, where is her neck? eww. poor nicki. that is all.

  42. Lady Satan says:

    I actually like Fergie’s dress – I think the colour is very pretty and suits her well.


    She should have worn some sort of satin underdress with it in the same colour. Boring bra and granny pants? Fashion fail.

    Nicky Minaj looked super ‘toxy in those shots! She’s kind of got a cute vibe going, it would be a shame to see her go all plastic.

    The religious bit just made me laugh. Madonna did that eons ago – and better.

  43. Amanda G says:

    Fergie is just so ugly. Isn’t she too young to have a chicken neck?

    I don’t mind Nicki’s red riding hood get up, but that performance was god awful. I thought that mouse thing was weird, but hers was worse. There is already one Lady Gaga, we don’t need another. And at least with Gaga, the song is usually good, with Nicki that song was horrendous.

  44. Rhea says:

    Well, at least Minaj covered everything so I do not need to see the Granny panties and put a solemn expression plus bringing the pope to match her costume 🙂 ..while Fergie…is it possible someone hypnotized her to wear that???

  45. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Fergie’s dress looks exactly like a lace table runner my Grandmother has, EXACTLY. I don’t like to…ugh! Okay what’s up with the skin on The Duchess’s neck? She has my grandmothers neck as well, and my Grandmother’s 83… stay away from her Fergie, and get out of her panty drawer too!!!

    Nikki Manaj, it was a lot easier to be edgy pre-Madonna (Ha! prima donna). This “dress” actually takes her into Bjork territory. I’m sure she’ll be hearing from The Catholic League, which I hear is just one guy with a computer, for this one. It’s just unnecessary, there are better ways to make a statement…try hard…** major eyeroll**

  46. RJ says:

    I think Fergie’s skin tone looked positively natural compared to Katy Perry’s. When they cut to her in the audience I thought someone had invited an Oompa Loompa. As for Ferg’s outfit, nice granny panties.
    I don’t mind Nicki’s outfit. Look at it this way at least she doesn’t have T&A spilling out all over.

  47. luls says:

    Fergie’s outfit isnt really offending me. It works for a music awards show. PLUS she is MUCH more covered up than other attendees were from last night. Examples: Rihanna, Adam Levine’s GF.

    Also i LUV the orange color of the dress, that for some reason everyone is complaining about.

    Her face is lookin pretty good for her too! The only thing that really bothers me is her turkey neck.

  48. Nikki Girl says:

    My sister said Fergie looked like the Cheetos Tiger. And her face- my God, it’s just awful, it looks like melting wax. (Shudder)

  49. marie says:

    WTF??? WHY??? Actually, Fergie’s dress could have been nice if it had been done in a black sheer burnout velvet.

  50. sarah p says:

    fergies dress sucks. with a different color, and an actual liner, not some lame look-at-me lingerie ensemble, could’ve been great.
    orange lace and black parachute underwear. HOT.
    /how does josh duhhhhamel even look at that face, yech.

  51. Kew1224 says:

    Fergie does not need to wear her hair all slicked back on her head. She has no forehead and it makes her head and large ears look bigger. The ugly orange dress looked like a table cloth that could also go for a pair of curtains. She looked cheap.

  52. shants says:

    I happen to love Fergie’s dress and think that she looks fabulous. I also find it inspiring that she feels comfortable in her own skin to wear a daring dress like this unlike the rest of you who feel the need to make bitchy comments about other because you can’t cope with your own insecurities.