Kris Humphries wants to legally destroy Kim Kardashian & take all of her money

You might find this Life & Style cover story boring, but it actually amused me. I think it was Todd at IDLYITW who pointed this out first – that Kris Humphries’ current legal strategy is “trying to annul the marriage so the prenup isn’t a factor, then taking all of the Kardashian money.” You may cheer Kris Humphries on for that, but please remember this – Kris Humphries is a d-bag, and when asked anything about anything, he just stutters, “Basketball… um, er… basketball… um… basketball.” Go ahead and hate on Kim Kardashian too… but don’t do it at the expensive of hating on Humphries. They’re BOTH d-bags. Does it make a difference if Kris Humphries seems to have the better team of lawyers, though? Because it sounds like he does. And it sounds like he’s about to legally destroy Kim.

There’s soon to be more drama on the way for Kim Kardashian! Life & Style has learned that Kris Humphries is moving forward with his plans to take Kim to court, and he’s bringing the family with her.

The new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now, reveals that New Jersey Nets forward Kris has petitioned to have his Minnesota-licensed attorney practice in California. To Kim’s dismay, any nondisclosure agreements he signed associated with their prenup or Kourtney & Kim Take New York would be void in court.

“When you’re requested to answer under oath,” notes an insider close to Kris, “it’s a legal obligation. If he’s asked certain questions, he’ll be compelled to answer.”

Not only does Kris want Kim to admit that she knew she would divorce him after just 72 days, but he also wants to reveal intimate details about their non-existent sex life!

“Kim’s freaking out,” a source tells Life & Style. “All of her dirty laundry will be aired and there is a lot to air. Kim is a calculating person who does things to benefit her wallet. That’s her top priority! Everything will come out in court — even their sex life.”

Another source adds that Kim and Kris stopped having sex after they were married on Aug. 22 in the lavish Montecito, Calif., ceremony: “Almost immediately after the wedding, they stopped having sex.”

And as if watching her daughter go through turmoil weren’t bad enough, Kris Jenner is now at the center of her own courtroom drama. Life & Style has learned exclusively that Kris is filing suit against his former mother-in-law, citing breach of fiduciary duty.

He thinks that the momager gave special treatment to Kim when she was supposed to be brokering deals for them as a couple, according to an insider. “When you have two clients, they’re supposed to be treated equally,” notes the insider. “It was a conflict of interest.”

“We’re going to let litigation take its course,” his attorney, Lee Hutton, exclusively tells Life & Style. “We plan to fully pursue all legal options.”

But Kris reportedly has big plans to air Kim’s dirty laundry. He wants to prove the show Kourtney & Kim Take New York was scripted and that Kim used Kris to make money.

“Kim has no interest in dragging out the divorce,” a source adds. “Or having it play out on TV. Believe it or not, she’s a private person. She feels like she’s trapped in a nightmare that just won’t end”

[From Hollywood Life & Life & Style]

I think the weakest legal argument is that “Kris Humphries was too dumb to get his own lawyers and managers, and that’s why you should give him money.” But put that argument with everything else… and I think Kris is getting a large chunk of change from the Kardashian coffers. My guess is that Kim doesn’t want to see this litigation all the way through – she’ll offer Humphries a large settlement and a non-disclosure agreement. We’ll see if he takes it.

Oh, and they never had sex once they were married? LOL, do you believe that?

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  1. brin says:

    Awesome if it’s true…..go for it, Hump.

    • Bluebear says:

      I concur! This isn’t my favorite part of my personality, but in the interest of full disclosure I’ll say it: I would enjoy seeing this family get taken down by one of their own. If it takes this money hungry, vindictive meathead to remove the Kardashian’s sycophantic family from the headlines I’m for it. I think that they could use a lesson in humility as well. On an up note, of all the Kardashian’s the only one that I can tolerate (and that is not to say that I LIKE her) is Khloe, and I am glad that the likelihood of her being involved is minimal. She isn’t involved in the New York show nor seemingly very involved in the going’s on of Kim or Kris.

      • NikkiNicole says:

        I agree! I hope Humphries takes everything from Kim and her family. Kris was the only real person on the show and from the moment he was chosen for the lead as husband, he has kept the Kardashian family on their toes. I am so glad that he is strong enough to admit this was all a fraud. Kim will no longer be famous due to her lies and fake personality. TEAM HUMPHRIES!!

      • MW says:

        Hope this is true, too. But I don’t think KH is doing this for money. It think it’s pay-back time. I would be vengeful too. He got played in front of the world, and did not deserve it. Kris J. and KK planned this. They would have never done this to Lamar or Reggie. KH really thought he was getting married to someone who loved him, and was marrying into her “family”. True, he knew they’d make money off the wedding, that’s no secret, and he allowed Kris J. to be his rep for the “E” Wedding Extravaganza. But, who wouldn’t? She was his future MIL, and he went along with her in good faith. I’ve always been curious as to what was said to KH to con him into signing an ironclad pre-nup, where KK got ALL the marital assets and earnings, if they split. That was the real fraud and Kris J.’s breach of fiduciary duty to him. I.e., everything Kris J. did was for the benefit of KK. I really hope the details of the pre-nup come out, and if they tricked KH thinking signing it — saying that it was only for his own good, or for “business reasons”? If the sordid details come out, I bet they are doomed as far as how the general public reacts. I think that is the real reason Kim’s sweating it right now. They desperately need KH to take their settlement, sign a non-disclosure agreement, and go away. But I just do not see KH being in the mood to get conned again. I bet he wants to give them a long, painful lesson in karma and make them suffer a while. JMHO,

  2. TXCinderella says:

    Let’s hope the headline is true. I’d love to see that fake b knocked down a notch or two.

  3. The Truth Fairy says:

    A source adds: “Believe it or not, she’s a private person.”

    Yeah, I don’t believe it.

  4. Mia says:

    Altough I think he’s a huge d-bag, it would be really funny if he end up with all the money, because that was her plan! Everything she and Kris J. planned would end up wrong!

  5. Little Darling says:

    Best news today so far! HOOOOORAH! And that’s what I call a Happy “HUMP” day!

  6. TXCinderella says:

    He should sue her for fraud, because that is what this marriage appeared to be fraudulent.

  7. michkabibbles says:

    well, i think anything that exposes the kardashians is a good thing. and in this instance, kim is reaping what she’s sown (sowed? sewn? heh, too early for grammar). i do think kris is a d-bag, but i also think he was sincere in wanting to marry her.

    and i do believe that they didn’t have sex very much after marriage-i’ve watched various kardashian shows (i know, i know-awful), and she comes across as a real prude about sex, i think to try to counteract her sex tape image.

  8. Nev says:

    he was an awful partner/husband.


    • Noi says:

      can you honestly say she wasn’t the same

    • Lissa says:

      I disagree. To me, he mostly came off as a harmless moron with no social filter. I watched a few episodes & he was always walking around with a confused look on his face and saying dumb sh!t because he seemed to think it was bizarre that all the K women do/say whatever the f&ck they want but they want all the men to ask them for permission to go take a piss.

      Most of the crappy things he said or did was a direct reaction of being told how its going to be, not asked. Scott was always like, “Ooooh you’re going to get in trouble!” and I feel like for most guys with a set of balls, that’s like a test on his manhood.

      There’s not too much wrong with this guy, he merely fought back when the K clan tried to castrate him.

    • anon33 says:

      for god’s sake people: THIS SHIT IS NOT REAL. IT IS ALL SCRIPTED AND FAKE. Do not waste your sympathies on these atrocious morons.

      • Lissa says:

        Their legal proceedings are pretty real. So is the PR overdrive on KK’s side and also the apparent bullets she is sweating because she can’t get this guy to shut his mouth and stop chipping away at her crumbling empire…

      • anon33 says:

        Yes, that is real.

        I was referring to the people who posted immediately above me who are deep in debate over who was the worst one or the most immature in the relationship.

        I was trying to point out that the “relationship” was fake and orchestrated from the beginning. Obviously the court case is real, but I’d be willing to bet that Kim and Kris J planned for this-it just isn’t going down the way they had envisioned it.

  9. bee says:

    Every other week a tabloid prints the same story about Kris “suing Kim for money.” Yet, Kris did an interview last week with Access Hollywood and he said he did not want a dime from Kim Kardashian? Why oh why do you print every tabloid rumor?

  10. ConJohn1106 says:

    I am sooooo sick of seeing her shiny-looking bosom bursting out of her clothes! Seriously, whatever happen to self-respect? Oh, wait. It’s a Kartrashian. Ugh. WHEN will they disappear?

  11. jamminatorr says:

    Well you know that his NBA buddies hooked him up with the best lawyers going. Like 90% of the players have needed or will need good representation.

  12. meg says:

    I actually DO believe they didn’t have sex after getting married. (heck, I wouldn’t if married to him!) because the deal was sealed and there was obviously no real chemistry there.

  13. Ogechi says:

    Kris Humphries is a gold digger and a no good guy. Kim was a blessing to him and still is. He will never win this battle.

  14. Hazel says:

    I find it more hilarious that baby blue has only a tiny square on the cover.. Beyonce beaten out by kuntrashian??? Oh dear, she must be pissed

  15. Dawn says:

    First of all….NO he is not a d-bag or he never was until married this POS Kardashian, so stop putting all the blame on him…just stop it. The fact is he was barely known inside the state of MN let alone outside of it. And how about asking girlfriends from his past how he was instead of relying on bs coming out of the Kardashian money camp. Now he is HATED for nothing more than marrying the national whore. Was he stupid for NOT knowing that fire is HOT, you bet he was but he never treated her shabbily, it was the other way around. But with the Kardashian and the press the only truth that matters is the $ sign. So yeah…go for it Kris, destroy the fake ass whore and the fools that worship at her alter. And I hope he bleeds them dry because they never really earned their money, they simply fooled people into giving them money for nothing more than lies.

    • Happy21 says:

      That’s quite the proclamation!

      But I don’t disagree with you. My take from the very beginning of their much publicized relationship was this.

      Kim gets introduced to Kris. He’s not a celeb and probably knows who she is from her face on magazines and her show. Let’s face it she is (was) quite pretty. He was probably just in awe of her and all that she represented. AND he finds himself in magazines and gets carried away in the fame as well. He proposes, she says yes and history is made.

      I do not blame him because he’s a man and we all know they don’t always think with the correct head. He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but who cares, he plays basketball, he’s not a damned rocket scientist!

      I have thought for a long time that he was getting the short end of the stick. The Kardashians have publicists, reporters and the paps at their beckon call, they had no problem making him out to be an a**hole.

      I hope that this is true and he does take Kim for as much as he can and I hope that he sticks to it and doesn’t let her try to pay him off. These bitches need to be taken down a few notches and I think the only thing that will do this is something like him doing this.

      I’m all for Team Hump!

  16. Assistantrachel says:

    Please let this be true and PLEASE let him take that bitch for all she may be worth.
    Yes he is a major d bag, but he is still the lesser of 2 evils.

  17. Kaboom says:

    An annulment would not only void the pre-nup, it also would put him out of a legal position to make claims to any money since that means they never entered into marriage.

    • eileen says:

      Exactly-he doens’t want the money, he wants to expose her and her family for the fake a-holes they are. Good for him!!!

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Kim and Kris cohabitated as husband and wife this is even documented on tape. A marital partnership existed; they lived together and consummated their marriage. I don’t see grounds for fraud.

      As for exposing her as a fraud publicly…It’s obvious she’s had tons of plastic surgery, no one believes her butt is real. The show is obviously scripted, and she still comes off like a shallow, selfish bitch, she’s famous for a “leaked” sex tape.

      He wants to prove Kim used him to make money, yet he’s suing her mom for fiduciary damages because. “He thinks that the Pimp K gave special treatment to Kim when she was supposed to be brokering deals for them as a couple.”

      If this was their deal then their deal was to use the fact that they were a couple to make money. If this story is true then he’s after the money he was supposed to make being with or married to Kim, meaning he was in on it from the beginning. It’s either or, not both. This is all very strange.

  18. Buffy says:

    I can’t believe Whitney Houston was put in the corner! This has to be the only magazine that would pick a Kardashian to put on the cover days after Whitney Houston died, like her or not, shameful!

  19. gab says:

    Kinda like looking into a mirror, huh Kim? Finally, this will be fun to watch.

  20. Shannon says:

    I wholeheartedly support Kris in this endeavor. You’re right, they’re both d-bags, but Kim is the bigger d-bag. Also I wouldn’t mind Kris spending some of those millions here in MN :P It’s a win-win for Kris and our local economy.

  21. Jezi says:

    I don’t support either of them. He is a douche who doesn’t deserve a dime of money he did not earn. However, I don’t think it’s ok for the Kardashian Klan to run the games they do. There are consequences for their idiotic actions as well. That money should go to charity. There you go!

  22. lila says:

    I’m tired of both of them. But more tired of her. Anything that knocks her down a peg is a good thing in my book.

  23. Tweakspotter says:

    Ok I’ll consider Kris is a d-bag….hmmmm…OK DONE!


  24. Dee Cee says:

    And he should give all that retribution money for acute slander and libel to the elderly.. and handicapped in his hometown..

  25. Petunia says:

    Actually I’ll bet they didn’t have sex – or much of it – once they were wed. You could plainly see how little Kim liked him or being around him.

    Whatever the case, I hope he drags this on for a while, in order to make it tough on Kim. She really deserves it after marrying the poor schlepp only for ratings.

  26. Mark says:

    “Kim has no interest in dragging out the divorce,” a source adds. “Or having it play out on TV. Believe it or not, she’s a private person. She feels like she’s trapped in a nightmare that just won’t end”

    PuuuuLeeeeze!!! Apparently He ISN’T as dumb as people “including kim” thought!

  27. juju says:

    Kim a private person, now thats a joke if I ever heard one !! Kris go for it, we all know they used the shit out of you, it was so obvious, even a monkey knows that !! Take some of that money, u deserve it for having to put up with that whinning hefer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Julie says:

    “Believe it or not, she’s a private person.”

    yeah we had the same claim with
    demi >twitter> moore.

    a public divorce is nasty and i feel for other people but certainly not for her.

  29. novaraen says:

    How much dirt could he have accumulated in that short ass marriage of theirs?? I bet he barely saw her or even touched her. It was all for show anyway…but it would be great if he actually did have some juicy dirt on her. We shall see.

    • Lissa says:

      Well, he did probably see her naked without any possible butt pads/spanx and her everyday process of going from a normal female into the plastic doll we all see in public. Who knows, she might be completely bald with access to fabulous wigs or have nasty personal hygeine. He did tell her a few times on the show that she smelled bad and she looked embarrassed & didn’t really reply.

      • novaraen says:

        LOL…he told her she smelled bad??? HAHAHAHA….that’s awesome. Honestly if he comes out and says she has butt implants and has had extensive surgery it will be a big “well duh!”….if he has anything it had better be reeally juicy! lol….

      • Lissa says:


        He did! He told her she smelled like “hot garbage”, it was effin hilarious! She just smiled all embarrassed-like and pretended like she didn’t care, but I bet she was pissed! ha ha

      • NotA Fan says:

        The girl is absolutely fake. She was probably in the bed with her nasty fake body oozing with red disgusting patches from psorasis and then her eyelashes come off and return to the Arabian camel to which they once belonged. She then washes ten layers of makeup off her face to reveal a splotchy olive green complexion and disrobes her spanx and booty pads to reveal…. some worn out, blown out. She is disgusting!!

  30. Obvious says:

    Am I the only one wondering about the sexual logistics of a course so disproportionate in height?
    Maybe I’m weird but I hope this goes to trial and it all comes out and the the kartrashia s are all cancelled-except for Khloe i like khloe

    • Lissa says:

      I’m sure their sexual logistics were fine since she…how do I put this delicately…has always had a taste for black gentlemen who are widely known to be extremely fortunate in their intimate anatomy. No offense to anyone :)

      But if you meant height-wise ONLY, I doubt there was a problem. My hubby is well over a foot taller than me and let’s just say that it’s really fun, not a problem at all!!!!

  31. FeverDream says:

    I love my trashy Life & Style Magazine but I am more than a little annoyed that Whitney Houston was relegated to a corner over this played out Kardashian tramp.

    Whitney Houston was more than the “voice of a generation” – she was a worldwide icon.

    Terrible choice on the part of the editor.

  32. tinker says:

    Just because the man isn’t the sharpest tool in the box doesn’t mean he is a d-bag. Way to be influenced by the Kardashion machine. A machine that is being driven by a mother who is the best example I have ever seen as to a narcissistic mother. She is pure evil.
    And I support his efforts. I would like nothing better than to see this family destroyed.I have never seen such soul pollution at this scale in my life.
    She is so enmeshed with her golden child. No marriage would have worked.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    Not consummating the marriage is one of the grounds for annulment. As is fraud/mis-representation.

    Sounds like Baby Huey has a case!

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!!! let this happen!

  35. LeeLoo says:

    I actually believe Radar when they say he is not after her money. He just wants to expose her for the fraud that she is and wants a divorce on his terms i.e. an anullment. I think he’s threatening to make it public so she will agree to an anullment. If it goes public, even if he loses, her reputation will take a more horrible beating then it already has. Either way, I actually think he has a case but that is not for us to decide.

    Which if this is the case, I don’t understand why Kim is fighting so hard. I would broker a deal that if he agrees to uphold the prenup and not go after her money or break the confidentiality agreement then she should agree to an anullment. Fighting him on this and allowing sordid details to go public will only ruin her career and her “brand.”

  36. Camille (The original) says:

    Off topic: Those photos of Beyonce’s baby, the magazine would have had to to pay the Carters to use them in the magazine wouldn’t they (after all the photos aren’t pap photos, but ‘private’ ones)? So so much for not ‘selling’ the baby photos lol.

    If the Humphries/Lardassian story is true I hope he goes for it.

  37. BELLA says:

    I call this “winning”!!!!!!!go for it!!

  38. Aries_Mira says:

    “Believe it or not, she’s a private person.” Bwa ha ha ha!!! I call BS on that one! No ‘private person’ has their life taped 24/7 in front of the camera. You chose this path Kim. Deal with it

  39. Jenna says:

    Please please – someone else say they see an angry owl on the bust of KK’s dress? Please? I don’t care what happen’s to either of them, they are both pretty awful and in general I think they deserve each other.

    But seriously – ya’ll see the owl, right? (wanders off thinking that sleep might be needed is she’s now seeing irritated ornithological critters in people’s clothing…)

    • Jenna says:

      Thank you.

      I don’t feel quite so much like a weirdo now. Who knows, maybe seeing the owl is a sign from your brain that it’s desperately attempting to find ANYTHING else to process instead of KK.

      I’m going to take it as a sign to stop reading anything more about her – who knows WHAT my poor addled mind would be forced to come up with next!

  40. Tammi says:

    Okay, supposedly Humphries is this huge douche bag im sure he was the same way before they got married, so why did Kim go through with the marriage? For financial gain. Kim got her money and no longer needed Kris. I hope the marriage gets annulled Kim deserves to be humiliated.

  41. dorothy says:

    You can’t have it both ways. You film your life for a show, you film your divorce. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Sam says:

      Like Daniel Craig said you can’t buy back your privacy! Who knows this might just come back to bite the Kardashians in the arse.

      He isn’t a golddigger, he plays basketball and earns his own money unlike the Kardashians who sell their private lives to the highest bidder to make a quick buck! Hardly talent when compared to him.

      I doubt it he’s after the money, like others have said he wants to expose the Kardashians for the frauds that they are! I hope he doesn’t accept a settlement, stands his ground and fights for the annullment!


  42. Tammi says:

    Adele, Whitney, Beyonce, all the important people are squeezed in the corner,definitely not a magazine I would purchase.

    • Kim says:

      Any magazine that hates on the Kim K Ill buy. Life & Style has always hated her & put out bad articles/the truth about this disgusting family.

      Im glad at least 1 magazine has always reported the true/bad side of this family & not sucked up to them like most other tabloids.

  43. Agnes says:

    MUAHAHAHA! he appears to be a dimwit, but i do hope that his attorneys wipe the floor with kim. that would be awesome.

  44. Boo says:

    I loathe her and her family, and I don’t care who takes them down, as long as someone does. Go for it, Humpy.

  45. Carol says:

    Well,surprise, surprise. Kris sure is SHOCKING a lot of people. They thought he was an idiot and mistook his love and kindness for real stupidity. This guy simple wanted Kim to be his forever wife, make an honest woman out of her and there was nothing wrong with that. All his bad attitude was reactions to the K’s. They underestimated him badly. He does not play. They should have contacted their ‘Medium’ before marrying him. Beware people!!!
    That is why in my in life I go with the premise that everyone is intelligent and know exactly what they are doing unless or until they prove themselves to be stupid. It has proven golden to me.
    You thought he is just laid-back and stupid. He is very, very successful in other areas of his life. I am sure he will be very successful with his next wife and he will win this case. YOU GO KRIS!!!. I always knew you were never stupid, just good hearted and loving.

  46. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    What about this: Kris Hump used to date a really pretty brunette in Canada, who I think was a Nurse. She used to watch Kim Kardashian and she said that “way back when” Kris Hump used to get mad at her watching and would HATE on Kim rabidly. This girl came out and said she thinks its really weird that he “changed his mind” so completely about his hate for Kim and married her.
    To me the hate he continued for Kim shone clearly throughout the whole show. Actually I have never, ever seen such a hateful, hate-filled pill. I couldnt wait for her to jettison him.
    Regarding his hate for Kim pre marriage and pre knowing her…..In my opinion he’s a fake, a phony, and the worst kind of hypocrite. In addition to that his ridiculous sanctimony is insufferable.
    PS: My gaydar on him GOES OFF BIGTIME. The cattyness, the weird feminine facial expressions, the female speech patterns, the bizarre interest in what the girls are discussing/gossiping about. Ugh. JUST.UGH.

  47. eden says:

    He just wants the marriage annulled & cleared bc he’s a Christian. If Kim EVER loved him she would agree. Why is that so hard? She played him, he just wants to move on with a clean slate! Let him go! And BTW Kim, suck on Reggie Bush. He’s a Has Been like you.

  48. skuddles says:

    If it will help get this broad and her tacky tits out of my face, then I say, go hard Kris!

  49. risa says:

    Go Kris go. This family needs to go away.

  50. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    I think the Hump is acting like a vindictive little b!tch. You can’t say you hate Kim, and then applaud Kris’s behavior, how is he any better? He sold his right to privacy, and his right to not be embarrassed the second he got involved with her. He knew what she was when he found her…

    The Hump’s ex GF said in an interview that, when they were dating, he made it clear he hated The Kardashian show. That whenever she watched it he gave her crap about it, and he’d leave the room. His ex said she was shocked when she found out they were dating, and she wasn’t trashing him in the interview either, she spoke kindly of him.

    So Kris he goes on to date and marry Kim K the sex-tape chick, the nasty trick, whose mere presence on his TV made him leave the room, and he’s the “victim”? Right…

    Kim didn’t force him to propose, he’s a grown man, and this whole annulment BS has publicity stunt written all over it. Kim’s already going down, and Kris is just being a parasite. A real man would be doing his best to get the hell away from her, the quicker the better.

    • Lissa says:

      Do you know his ex-gf or something? You seem to have a lot of info on an alleged conversation that may or may not have happened between 2 people years ago.

      Even if it’s all true, that still doesn’t make him as awful as KK & her evil klan

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        No I don’t know Kris’s ex GF. She gave an interview to a magazine, and I read it, did you not read what I wrote? Regardless I judge Kris’s actions on their own merit, not by that article, although I did find what she said strange.

        I don’t like the Kardashians, I think they’re horrible people, but there is such a thing as guilt by association. I don’t believe Kris is a victim.

        I know Kris is a grown man, I know he knew exactly who Kim was when they met, and I know no one held a gun to his head and forced him to date, propose, and then marry her.

        My opinion is that in so doing, he is no better than her. He knew exactly the kind of person she was, who doesn’t? She’s had that reality show for years, and scripted or not Kim has always has been portrayed as a vapid, selfish, b1tch.

        I think Kris is no better than Kim, and I have a right to my opinion. IMO they are at the same level. Like attracts like.

  51. Ogechi says:

    An imbecillic douche bag who is so nasty to people & Kim. I was glad that Kim dumped the cucumber face! Who knew him b4 now? Let’s just see how he wins! I have no sympathy for boys like him who marries a woman to be in d spotlight. I actually would be elated if I hear that Kim never had sex with him from day1. Such a disrespectful insecure boy.

  52. jwoolman says:

    I think Kris H just really, really wants an annulment and the only way to get the K Klan to pay attention is to threaten to take away some of their marbles and reveal what a scripted fraud their tv shows are. I don’t think he would have involved his sister and his pastor in the ceremony if he knew it was a sham. Kim also is well known as a facile liar-she says whatever people want to hear in order to smooth over conflict and get what she wants. I think she did lie to him about very important things prior to the wedding just to keep him on board. There’s a difference between making money on it all and being in it just for the money.

    Besides, Kris H is hardly poor. In addition to basketball, he’s involved in the family restaurant business and has investments, plus he has a relatively modest lifestyle. If Kim had just cooperated with an annulment and not faked all those crocodile tears in scenes inserted much later into the show and hadn’t spread around nasty rumors, her whole bag of marbles and her non-reality show scam wouldn’t be in jeopardy.

  53. Jazz says:

    Good for him. Team Neanderthal!

  54. Jazmin says:

    That blue dress has got to be the trashiest thing ever! Really? –Two arrows pointing to her t**ts?
    Or is it an owl protecting ostrich eggs?….

  55. Assistantrachel says:

    @Jenna-thanks, now all I can see is that damn owl!

  56. BJD says:

    Wow…. is that a photo of Octomom???

  57. PEG16 says:

    FIRST OF ALL saying Kim Kardashian is a “private person” is the biggest load of bs I’ve ever heard. She is famous because of a “leaked” sex tape, her whole life is recorded to watch on television, and we watched her get married for God’s sake! I’m beginning to think that the whole K Klan doesn’t even know the meaning of “private”.

    That being said Kris H. is just a big goon, not a douche bag. He’s not the smartest tool in the shed and therefore was easily taken advantage of by KK and her blood sucking momager. Nothing that Kim says is believable, less shit comes out of my ass than out of her mouth!!!!!

    I don’t believe for a second Kris is doing all of this for the money. He was publicly humiliated by a bunch of attention whores and now, ITS PAY BACK TIME. He wants nothing but to get his revenge, and in this case, that does not mean taking money, it means EXPOSURE. I just hope to god he doesn’t receive money for this to all go away.