Johnny Depp’s mid-life crisis blossoms as he surrounds himself with women

I was surprised last week when we got some requests for coverage of a certain Johnny Depp story. For whatever reason (meth!), I didn’t cover it then, but I will now. THR got the scoop last week that Johnny Depp’s current project, The Lone Ranger, had its start date “pushed back a week or two” at Johnny Depp’s request. You see, he had to deal with his “personal life”:

Hi-you Silver-but not right away. The revived Lone Ranger will not gallop into principal photography Feb 12 as planned, after being pushed back from a fall 2011 shoot when its budget got shaved by $40 million. Now it’s getting held a [bit] more. A source on the film says star Johnny Depp, who’s playing Tonto, approached Gore Verbinski- his director on three Pirates films and Rango—-and asked for a reprieve of a week or two, so he can deal with his “personal life”. We assume he was referring to his deep divide with paramour Vanessa Paradis. Verbinski reply? That it would cost $ 4 million–but he ‘d do it for Depp. A spokesperson from Disney confirms the date push, but not the reason for it, nor the expense.

[From The Hollywood Reporter via Comic Book Movie]

A lot of people assume it’s because of Vanessa and the split rumors and the fact that Johnny Depp and his team basically told People Magazine that he and V-Paradis were O-V-E-R. Those people would be right. I think there’s also a decent possibility that Johnny is currently having some boozing problems, and some mid-life crisis issues. Oh, look! Another story about just that:

He may seem like the coolest guy on the planet, but Johnny Depp looks like he’s running headfirst into a midlife crisis. The 48-year-old actor recently spent time at the Highland Haven Creekside Inn in Evergreen, Colorado, where he was attending the engagement party of a friend – without his baby mama, Vanessa Paradis.

While there, Johnny was seen flirting with several gorgeous women.

“He had a crowd of girls hanging on his every word,” says a witness. Meanwhile, another source says he and Vanessa are in counseling to try to save their union. Hmm… can Johnny have his cake and eat it too?

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

“Cake” being “random youthful biscuits” of course. Right? Right. Smells like a mid-life crisis, tastes like a mid-life crisis, and looks like a mid-life crisis to me. I’m not sure if I actually feel bad for Johnny, though. He also just made another huge real estate purchase – another Hollywood house, to go with his international collection of estates, private islands, condos, mansions and… I dunno, ranches? Farms? This latest one is in the Hollywood Hills, and Johnny is already working on building a recording studio there. *sniffs air* Ah, Eau D’Ouchebag. Por Homme.

Also – I just love the timing of this. Several weeks ago, the studio released the first images from Dark Shadows. The images featured the likes of Jonny Lee Miller and Depp in various scenes from the movie. Then, very quietly this week, the studio released the photo below – Depp and costar Eva Green. Eva is allegedly one of the big reasons Johnny and Vanessa Paradis are over (or having so many problems). It’s a sexy image, isn’t it?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Gwen says:

    I love Eva Green. She deserves better than a mid-life crisis Johnny Depp *sigh*

  2. Charz says:

    Eau D’ouchebag LOL. And what, you do meth?

  3. Dusty says:

    He may seem “global” and “cool” and “and worldly” but at the end of the day, he is from Kentucky. I guess that speaks to his acting ability. BTW, love and live in KY so this isn’t a slam against the state.

    • Cherry says:

      I don’t understand. Does the place you were born determine whether you can become global, cool and worldly? I’d say it’s rather your actions as an adult that determine that, but whatever. In my eyes, Depp is cool and worldly for his amazing film career. And much less so for his general douchebaggery. I love him on screen, but whenever I see a photo of him in real life, I have to turn away my eyes.

      • Princess Charming says:

        Er, AMAZING career? About the only time the dude has a less-than-flat performance that makes any money is when he’s the pirate! And even at that, there was abosutely NO reason for that last one to be made….all it featured was Johnny running around in a costume, no plot to speak of, a waste of time. I hope he learns something and just ends it with that.
        Evey time I see him, he looks more douchey. I guess a douche is as a douche does.

      • Cherry says:

        @princess charming: I have to disagree. I don’t particularly like him in the Pirates-series (haven’t even seen the second and third part), but I do think he’s a tremendous actor. There’s no escaping his awesomeness in Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Donnie Brasco, Charlie @ the chocolate factory, The libertine… the list is pretty long.

  4. Kiki says:

    The more I hear about this the less attractive Depp becomes in my eyes. Ah well.

  5. Miss Beca says:

    it might be a sexy image if Mr. Depp didn’t look SO much like a cartoon character!

  6. Lady_Luck says:

    I don’t know why, but I think Vanessa Paradis was never right for him in the first place. I’ve no doubt they were in love for many years. But she is just so bland and boring.

  7. Mayday says:

    people fall out of love. it happens.

    it happened to my parents. you know what tho? they had 3 pretty awesome kids out of it. the universe works in weird ways.

  8. Christine says:

    Wait, Depp was at Highland Haven?!!! That’s like 30 mins from me! My hubs and I spent our wedding night there! I have something in common with Johnny Depp!

  9. madpoe says:

    Why do so many mags pen celebs and rockstars are always caught hanging out with “several gorgeous women”?

    Is that a race or a group of women in a certain state? What happened to the girl next door? Everyone is a glamazon? Is Eva Green a homewrecker?

  10. Julie says:

    i dont think blue nail polish looks good on a guy.

  11. Jayna says:

    Breakups from longterm relationships are hard, even if you’re the one wanting it, and there is a period for many that is unstable. The people that seemed the most stable during marriage hit a rocky road for a while after splitting. He’s in a transition period. He will be fine.

  12. imo says:

    He’s become a drunk in blue nail polish. Blech

  13. Jaded says:

    There comes a tipping point in some celebrities’ lives when they become a stale parody of themselves. I’m afraid Depp has reached that point. He’s lost his uniqueness and now just seems contrived and rather annoying.

    • Jackie says:


      ‘Johnny is already working on building a recording studio there. *sniffs air* Ah, Eau D’Ouchebag. Por Homme’ – PRICELESS!

    • me says:

      In the top photo he looks like he’s trying to pull off a quirky Colin Farrell look but it doesn’t quite work.

  14. Flan says:

    Midlife crisis?

    He is almost 50 and had young kids.

    Too childish, he should get over it.

  15. NotaBitterBetty says:

    Wonder if he and Vanessa are just trying to tie things up financially before calling it a day for good. It does seem like there’s no turning back for them at this point.

  16. AudreyS says:

    Agree he gets less attractive to me the more I learn about his escapades. But, man, I HATE the term “Baby Mama”! In Touch, what kind of “writers” do you employ?

  17. carrie says:

    i never believed on Depp/Paradis’rumors until now but if he delayed a movie for personal troubles….

  18. Happymom says:

    Lainey Gossip intimated that the problems he’s having aren’t relationship, but substance. He (and his publicist) basically used the breakup as a cover.

  19. maggie grace says:

    I am close to him in age, and I would never dream of wearing blue nail polish. It looks hideous. He’s always had such a strange sense of style. Like an english dandy crossed with Keith Richards. Harder for him to carry off at his age. But his face? It’s still gorgeous. He’s like Robert Downey — just gets better with age. Why can’t I be like that? Sniff.

    • Kara Ann says:

      Ha, ha, I love your description of Depp’s style! IMO, that is a very accurate assessment. The style thing hasn’t ever bothered me and still doesn’t.
      As far as his personal life, I hope he and Vanessa work it all out. I do think they are separated, estranged, whatever but I hold out hope that they will work their way back to each other. As far as substance abuse, argh, I hope not.
      I don’t particularly like Depp’s behavior (and some stupid statements) lately but I’m trying to give him a little time to get his crap together. I hate to dump him after all of these years!

      • Terry says:

        The man didn’t go out of his way to wear blue nail polish. He stated that his daughter Lilly painted it on for him to wear. He did it for his little girl. Also, why do you believe something from in touch magazine is based on truth. Have they always been right when they declared Brangelina pregnant or are breaking up?

  20. Petunia says:

    I dunno. That Eva chick looks too much like Marcia Brady, whom I thought was the biggest prissypot beyatch in the universe. I prefer Vanessa’s looks.

  21. Petunia says:

    Random thoughts: HATE the nail polish. Men’s big, square nails look revolting in nail polish. FUGLY with a capital F. And fugly colors too.

    Also, much prefer his vampire face/hair to his normal look. I’m not a big fan of the greasy, messy hair he usually spouts.

  22. Avi says:

    “Meanwhile, another source says he and Vanessa are in counseling to try to save their union…”

    If they are trying to make things right for their family, PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE!!…
    I’m sure that media pressure, rumors and gossips, are not helping them!!

    • Princess Charming says:

      Sorry, media pressure is not their problem….DEPP is their problem. What the media says has nothing to do with how the two of them work themselves out…unless of course they make their personal decisions based on public opinion. In which case, they’re better off parting ways if what they have isn’t stronger than that.

    • Chloe says:

      There’s vid and pics of Vanessa in France as late as Feb 13, so how could they be in counseling? After pretending to be a couple while they were separated for 2 yrs, when he couldn’t live with his kids, he decided to move on. She won’t let go and is in denial. Maybe he asked for the film delay because she’s purposely staying in France, knowing he doesn’t want to leave the state to film for months without one parent at home with the kids, not just nannies.

  23. taxi says:

    I like Johnny & V together. Both are very talented.

    PS: Eva looks better with dark hair.

  24. hannah says:

    what i find funny is that it is assumed to be depps fault…there are no decent cheating rumors, just flirting rumors(which often times is healthy for a relationship anyway) and it is not like she is a model of clean living. If it were a cheating thing i’d get it, but she appears to have the same issues he does. I just don’t understand why there always has to be a bad guy in a breakup.

  25. SmittenDarlin says:

    Not a fan, but I’ve read what Lainey said… And not sure how to feel about it. I mean it’s sad because he has kids-but I also really want to know what is the problem
    random: never thought he was atractive ; don’t get why people think he is… Eau D’ouchebag LOL!! AMAZING

  26. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    So Vanessa, who JD has been with for 14 years, and shares 2 children with is referred to as both ‘paramour’, and ‘baby mama’, such unnecessarily derogatory descriptions.

    JD is written about as if he’s still some young HW hunk. “Johnny was seen flirting with several gorgeous women”. Yeah right, more like Johnny was seen on the bar, hanging by the bar, and later found under the bar…

    What a sexist double standard, any woman hanging out with JD right now would be doing it to use him for fame. At least he hasn’t gone that route…yet. He’s a sad caricature right now, I hope he gets it together, he’s a talented actor.

    As if Eva Green would look twice at him…haha

  27. Maritza says:

    Johnny Depp really loves those creepy roles. Yeah, there is chemistry between these two.

  28. jferber says:

    I’ve never seen in Johnny what other women see. He was a short, James Dean look-alike (like so many actors, including Brad Pitt) who got very lucky on slim talent and weird roles. He’s not phenomenally talented, in my opinion. Seems like a poseur to me.

  29. Celestine says:

    What’s wrong with flirting with other women if you’re single? How does pursuing your greatest pleasure, which for him is music, make him a douchebag? He has his own record label and is trying to grow a business. Sounds as if he spends his time making life happen rather than living on the Internet. He doesn’t look 25 anymore, but he’s still extremely handsome, talented, wealthy, well-read, generous, kind and described as an “elegant gentleman” by costars. Of course most women would swarm around him. So he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with VP, whom he partnered with after she became pg after dating him for 3 mos; he gave her the life of royalty and financed her mediocre career. It’s not his fault she couldn’t make it in the US, her dream since Lenny Kravitz days. While they were separated last year, he gave her standing ovations at her NY and LA shows. Sure he feels awful about the kids, since his own parents split. But that’s no reason to stay with someone you don’t love. And perhaps he has a substance problem? Well, let’s kick him when he’s down, because that will really help and we can be his judge and jury because none of us have any issues whatsoever. This guy doesn’t deserve your nasty comments. He’s just trying to live his life and he’s probably done more to help other people than any of you. I don’t want him to become another Whitney.

    • Liz says:

      Well, this comment is the most intelligent piece on this thread. I don’t understand all the bile and spite being spewed here about Mr. Depp – what evidence is there to show that he has cheated on Vanessa, or in fact, done anything at all to harm her or his family? To my knowledge, there is none at all. If he’s drinking more than usual, and if he seems to be behaving somewhat erratically, couldn’t that be because he is suffering a lot of anguish due to his personal problems? From everything I’ve ever heard or read about the man, he’s sweet natured, kind, generous, talented and loyal. Yet still there are people who are obscenely keen to heap unwarranted blame on him when there’s no proof that he has done anything wrong.Sour grapes? Envy? Or just plain spite. Get off the man’s back! Instead of trying to trample the man into the ground, show a little compassion and human decency and wish him well. For myself, I wish him every blessing.

  30. Ann says:

    According to different tabloids since this split rumors he has bought about five different houses, mansions, apartment in five different places in words. The funny thing is that he has house in Hollywood Hills with recording studio for about fifteen years now.
    What we know for sure yesterday he started working for The Lone Ranger (table reading – rehearsal).
    And he was partying in Colorado and no one made a picture? Are you kidding ?

    • Yeipi says:

      Excellent points!!

    • Divorcee says:

      It’s only two that I read,one in the UK and the other in CA. I believe he tried to sell his Hollywood mansion a few years ago. Not ever place a celebrity go is photographed that’s why they call them sightings. I donot believe the Intouch story the counseling part was a dead give away. He’s been sighted in California twice.

      • Yeipi says:

        Johnny has the same Hollywood mansion since 90′s…their children live there, (you can check the pictures of them, Lily’s leaving the mansion very recently on X17 online) and they go to school in LA…

        Don’t do a big deal out of this “Johnny is living in LA”, because they’re already been established (primarily) there since 2005 and he has said it (Vanessa too) in tons of interviews…

      • Divorcee says:

        Yeipi, that’s the same one he tried to sell back in 2004 from what I read. It looks like it didn’t sell because everyone probably knew he’ll be back. And I’m not making a big deal of him living in CA. I didn’t even know Vanessa existed until the People split article that shows you how much I followed his personal life.

  31. Kosmos says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t find him appealing at all, just very eccentric. Vanessa I like a lot and the two of them had something that worked, for quite a while, but it appears to have run its course, no matter whose fault it is. At this point, I wish Vanessa the best and I hope she finds love again with someone worthy of her. Depp can fool around all that he wants, but we all know there is no depth or real meaning in a continuous superficial lifestyle.

  32. Divorcee says:

    I am going to defend Johnny Depp on this. No, I do not believe he’s having a midlife crisis. Maybe he’s not happy, buying too many houses seems to me like a factor. And if he’s with Eva Green so be it. She looks better as a blonde. And yes that photo is very sexy it makes people talk whether or not the Eva and Johnny rumors are true. I don’t think less of Johnny Depp nor do I consider him a douchebag. I have watched alot of his movies over the years and will continue too. He still looks good for his age.

  33. Pkr says:

    Sorry but I’d like to make some corrections.

    First the story in People Mag was unlikely leaked by Depp.

    [Celebrities DO leak stories but not all stories are leaked.

    Tabloids have an army of lawyers well versed in loopholes so they don't need ANY legit source at all to publish. Which is why they're wrong most of the time.]

    However because Depp does NOT play footsie w the press to the extent that other celebs who were always in the tabs (and want it that way) do, they basically ran an unsubstantiated story. It was only based on what other people had observed– the couple’s lack of red carpet appearances. It’s certainly possible they’ve split but only time will tell. (Susan Boyle had a hatchet job done on her by People Mag last year bc she did not have a beforehand deal with the magazine either. She also sued The Sun, eventually, but that maneuver can be time consuming and costly and leave *some* people open to embarrassing depositions.)

    Anyway– remember this guy was rarely if ever in the tabs before a 1.5 yrs ago.

    In Touch is a pretty worthless rag even by rag standards and their story sounds pretty suspiciously boilerplate-standard.

  34. Laura says:

    I second that I’m not a huge fan but I’ve never seen a bad film with him in it. I think he’s a good actor. And he’s always been kinda hot to me. People deal with breakups differently no matter how old they are. I heard he’s bought an estate near where my parents live in England, now I just need to find it!!! (just jokes) :D

    • Lucy says:

      rent The Rum Diaries…horrible!

    • Pkr says:

      I wouldn’t take ANYTHING printed in the British press seriously. They are worse than the press in the US altho supposedly it’s easier to litigate there.

      The alleged newly purchased house in England to my knowledge is not backed up by any fact. Not sure about the house in LA. But that’s hardly going on a real estate spree.

      Just a year ago you could even go to an IMDB board and despite fan-girls w crushes and requisite trolls, the majority of ppl there talked about his work. It’s sad that has changed.

      The girls going on about Depp’s looks here are almost incongruous to the usual discourse. However I think the guy looks incredibly youthful.

      This is why tabs are so damaging. They not only invent stories (not all celebs leak info and certainly not every story) but attract comments from left field.

      And yeah even if the couple has split, he never played the press, and he doesn’t deserve this. It’s not like he has created a fuss, most every story is coming from standard tabloid “sources” i.e. loophole protected bs.

  35. Chris says:

    “Surrounds himself with women”

    Doesn’t sound like much of a crisis to me. First world problems much?

  36. Core12234 says:

    why does he paint his fingernails?