ITW: Jessica Simpson “looks huge, almost unrecognizable,” is at risk for gest. diabetes

The tabs are making fun of Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain, but they’re doing it in that faux-concern “she could have medical problems” way, which actually sort-of works when we’re talking about a pregnant lady. Jessica kind of brought this on herself by so openly discussing the crap she eats while she’s pregnant. She said last month that she regularly indulges in “Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, Pop Tarts, Cap’n Crunch. Everything filled with sugar.” She also admitted to putting butter on toasted Pop Tarts. Jessica isn’t due until April, but she looks like she’s due any minute. In Touch points out that she’s at potential risk for gestational diabetes.

On a recent outing in Beverly Hills, onlookers were shocked to see Jessica Simpson’s bloated pre-baby body. “She looks really huge, almost unrecognizable,” an onlooker tells In Touch…

According to a source, some doctors are equally alarmed at her dramatic weight gain. So much so that they’ve issued a stern warning: Eating too much junk food or gaining too much weight while pregnant increases the chances of gestational diabetes, hypertension and having a baby too big to deliver naturally!

How did things get so out of control? “Jessica’s the happiest she’s been in ages, and she loves the fact that no one stares at her when she’s downign pizza or eating a tub of ice cream,” the source tells In Touch…

That’s a recipe for disaster, says nutritionist and author… Jackie Keller. “Why would you deliberately sabotage your body with unhealthy, fatty foods? You’re not supposed to eat twice as much – you just need 300 extra calories a day,” Keller tells In Touch.

LA ob-gyn Layne Kumetz, M.D., concurs.”The recommended gain for a woman at a healthy weight is 25 pounds,” Kumetz tells In Touch. Jessica has gained 40 – and counting.

[From In Touch, print edition, January 27, 2012]

In Touch isn’t saying anything that’s new. One of the suggested Google searches for Jessica Simpson is “Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Weight Gain.” Poor Jess. I think she looks cute.

I’ll be honest, I gained over 50 pounds during my first/only pregnancy. (I got tested for gestational diabetes and thankfully I didn’t have it.) There are photos of me right before I gave birth and I’m still astonished to see how huge I looked. While pregnant I tried to eat healthy whole foods and didn’t even think I was eating that much more than I normally do. I must have eaten a lot more to get to that point. After my son was born I lost most of the weight pretty quickly. Those last 15 pounds were a bitch, though. So I guess I’m saying that Jessica can lose it too.

I don’t think it’s fair to pick on a pregnant lady for gaining weight and I would have been mortified if people did it to me. Jessica kind of invites it by admitting the junk she’s eating though. That’s not nourishing to her baby or her. This has me thinking – how much is this woman going to overshare after she gives birth? We’ve already heard all about her bodily functions and poor hygiene. Her stories are going to be epic after she has a baby.

In related news Star Magazine has a pretty funny story about how Jessica tried to cut in line at a popular Mexican restaurant and was told to wait at the back of the line like everyone else. Even her huge baby bump couldn’t get her a free pass at that place. She gave up and ended up going to Taco Bell instead. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food, and you know what you’re getting there. It’s not like you’re going to order a fajita and get a grease and cheese slathered mess like at some (bad) Mexican places. I doubt Jessica opted for the “fresco” line at TB though. Those are my favorite and most fresco tacos are only 150 calories! Jessica will be counting those soon enough.

These photos are of Jessica and her fiance, Eric Johnson, out in Santa Barbara with his parents on 1-28-12. They look so happy! Credit: DMac/FF3/FameFlynet Pictures

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  1. Zelda says:

    Something something picking on pregnant women for gaining weight isn’t fair, something.

    But that is one ugly baby bump. Didn’t even know that was possible.

    • Samigirl says:

      I think it’s all the dress. The dress is HORRID, the pattern is doing weird things to her body, and the fabric (silk? polyester?), is too sleek and shiny. It makes her bump look weird.

      • Jane says:

        I agree, I think it is the dress. She actually isn’t that large considering she is only 5’2″.

        Some of these tabloids are really pathetic. They are grasping at anything to put in their rags.

      • Tazina says:

        Wow, that is one hideous dress. Whoever thought to make a maternity dress with the seam going down the front like that should have their fashion licence revoked! How rude of the first poster to say that’s an ugly baby bump.

      • autumndaze says:


        Butter on toasted poptarts is required.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I agree. That dress is hideous. I wouldn’t wear it even if I was one of those one name Eastern European supermodels. I’d need to see her in something else and I’m not really getting “fat” vibes from her arms and legs. She’s 5’3″ has natural DD boobs of course she looks lumpy but Salma looked much worse (shorter).

        Those horrid mismatched patterns hitting right in the middle are making her tummy look weird.

        I would agree with saying she is “huge” but in a “just about to pop” sort of way.

        Isn’t she due this month?

      • laura says:

        no, April, big difference!

    • Pizzazz says:

      An ugly baby bump? Good lord. I’m guessing you never have been pregnant or you had a ‘pretty’ baby bump? Ridiculous. Insulting to all babies and mommies.

      • Hubbahun says:

        Well said, Pizzazz 😀 xx

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I think she’s adorable… the dress not so much – but I can see where the comment about her bump came from – especially since we are now in a post Beyonce world where we actually LOOK at baby bumps in details. I never paid attention to baby bumps before unless it was a friend (it’s fun watching the baby try to poke thru).

        She has on a hideously patterned thin silk dress that clings and in the top picture, it’s clinging right on the belly band of her panties so it isn’t totally smooth. The pattern just hurts.

    • kiyoshigirl says:

      There is NO such thing as an ugly baby bump. Why say that? It’s probably the lowest of the low. Maybe you’ve never been pregnant? It’s hard enough to see your body morph into something you’d never imagine, and you spend a lot of your time worrying that you’re not doing everything right for the sake of the baby. Few of us who have been pregnant have spent time worrying if our bump was ugly or cute, but now we’re supposed to add that to the list? No way.

      • Leigh says:

        Picking on preggo ladies for “ugly bumps” – not cool.
        BUT – throwing good health out the window, indulging in any and everything all the time with no concept of your health or your baby’s and just taking the opportunity to overeat and get “fat” – also uncool.

    • Snowpea says:

      Howzas what an awful thing to say!

      Alot of sh-t gets said here and it’s like, whatevs, but that comment strikes me as being just plain unnecessary.

      I gained 40 kg with my second (don’t know what that is in pounds) and I was enormous and I didn’t give a rat’s arse (I lost it all pretty quickly) but if someone had said “Wow that’s one ugly baby bump” I would have gone home and cried my eyes out.

      I hope all your pregnancies were VERY VERY pretty.

      • Calli P says:

        There are 2.2lbs per kilo.

        I gained 40 or 45 with my first and 75+ with my twins… don’t know what the actual total was, as I stopped looking at the scale once I hit 200. I was down to the upper 130’s one year later. No GD for me in either pregnancy.

        We all carry & manage our pregnancies differently. I hope she continues to be well & enjoys it.

      • Kat says:

        Oh, for crying out loud. I had my baby six months ago and am in no way offended that someone called her bump ugly. It DOES look weird in this pic and she is awfully big for six or seven months. But hey, I’m sure her personal trainer/chef/etc will have her in shape in no time, so why not indulge as long as baby is healthy

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Sheesh. It’s time to start putting Valium in the water supply. And then people have the balls to lambaste others for being too sensitive and overly-PC about issues that pertain to them and indifferent to the rest. Isn’t it having your cake for two and eating both, too?

    • phlyfiremama says:

      I think its just a REALLY unfortunate dress…

  2. atorontogal says:

    Why is it she announced her pregnancy months before Beyonce and yet she is still pregnant. Beyonce announced hers and had the baby all within five minutes yet Jessica Simpson and Jessica Garner (who also announced well before Bey) are still pregnant?

    • Beatrix says:

      Because Beyonce wasn’t actually pregnant and the PR show got f’d up for her when he reps didn’t take reality into account, thus illuminating the veracity of the whole debacle. Or something… 🙂

    • Marjalane says:

      My first thought when I saw this picture was about that liar Beyonce! She had the fastest, (fake) pregnancy on earth! (that combined with Jessica Simpson announcing hers before she had her panties off the night she conceived) She has been pregnant 4-evah!

      • Chris says:

        Jessica announced on Halloween, October 31. 3.5 months ago. Remember, everyone was mad she waited “too long”. Now she announced too soon? Dear Lord.

      • Capella says:

        Still, very funny!

        I don’t know what they are talking about, some women gain weight fast, some just don’t. All about, incredibly unfair, metabolism. And Jessica is one of those who gain weight very fast, and lose it faster. She’s in the Janet Jackson category.

        I can’t wait though for the details on how Eric chewed the umbilical chord with his teeth, and how she had to breastfeed all the babies on the delivery floor because of her unstoppable hosing of milk.

        Ah, we so need Jessica Simpson’s uncomfortable TMIs. They’re a constant reminder that God does take care of the simple minded. 😀 at Chicken of the Sea… Is it Tuna or Chicken???? Priceless.

    • Madison says:

      Jessica announced in October which would have made her 3 months pregnant if she’s due in April. Beyonce announced at the MTV awards in August and because she has previously had a miscarriage she probably waited unti she was 4 months before announcing, so a January birth date is not unreal. Jennifer Garner also announced in August and she was 3 months at the time, she’ll probably have the baby some time this month.

    • Jaye says:

      Weren’t you trying to make this (invalid) point on another post? Beyonce and Jennifer Garner announced their pregnancies within days of one another in August and Jessica Simpson announced hers a full 2 months AFTER that in October. Where are you getting your “facts” from?

  3. Flan says:

    What idiots.

    It is boring too, don’t know who would be interested in reading ‘oh, she gained weight! PERHAPS she will get diabetes’ stories.

  4. Erin says:

    I understand that she is in the public eye however I think it’s ridiculous that people feel the need to judge pregnant women. Shouldnt we just be able to take credit for the glorius task of growing a human being inside of us?

  5. Cherry says:

    Seriously, I couldn’t concentrate on this story because I got so distracted by her SHOES. What dumbass of a woman wears 10 inch platform shoes under her 200 pound pregnant body?? This is absurd. She should be arrested.

    • gameshowwife says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! Those are ridiculous! I remember trying to wear heals – albiet only about 2 inch pumps – when I was pregnant and it just looked so silly. It’s bad enough having Fred Flintstone feet!

    • Lola6 says:

      Yeah, its pretty pathetic when you have more concern for fashion than you do your own unborn child. Does she ever think about what would happen if she lost her balance and fell? ** shudder** What an idiot.

      • Snowpea says:

        ‘Concern for fashion’ – god if those hideous clodhoppers are what’s deemed fashionable I’m gonna kill myself now ; )

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Cherry, “She should be arrested.”

      LOLing at the image of police trying to squeeze poor Jess into the back seat of a squad car. No way is that happening, she should totally go on a crime spree, I’d much rather read about that than how much pregnancy weight she’s gaining…again. *yawn*

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Heels don’t harm a baby if you can walk in them. I know several women who have worn stilettos until the end.

      I also know thin women who had gestational diabetes.

  6. Abby says:

    I know an incredibly skinny girl that got gestational diabetes with all her pregnancies. I’m talking 5’1″, weighted 127 at 6 months pregnant skinny.

    • MollyB says:

      I know, right? I was very overweight with my first pregnancy and had no complications. My second I only gained NINE pounds and got GD. There’s not always a rhyme or reason.

  7. normades says:

    I eat total crap the first couple of months of my pregnancy and gained a TON of weight. My doctor said look out or you’ll be a candidate for GD and… she was RIGHT!

    I had it really bad and had to take insulin shots at night. They said I was probably already “borderline” type 1 before and didn’t know it.

    I went on a GD diet and really watched what I eat. My weight gain really slowed down and at the end of the pregnancy I was one of those “hot” pregnant ladies.

    While I had to be induced, my daughter was born a healthy weight and I was able to conceive vaginally.

    After the birth, the weight just slid right off me. 3 weeks later I was comfortably in my old jeans and am now actually thinner than before (active lifestyle + all the breastfeeding).

    Also, I reversed the diabetes and am no longer “borderline” type 1.

    Going on a GD diet was the best thing I ever did. For myself and my child. I really encourage all you ladies out there to eat healthy while pregnant (that means you Jessica)!

    • maggie grace says:

      “…conceive vaginally.” ?? Is there any other way? 😉

    • Kimble says:

      Being able to conceive vaginally is always a good thing 😉

      Snap! maggie grace

      Oh, and there’s no way you can control whether you get type I diabetes by lifestyle alterations!

      • normades says:

        Sorry, I get it (haha). I meant that I didn’t have to have a c-section as is often the case.

        And, sorry, I meant type 2 which you can turn around with lifestyle alterations.

        While you cannot control type 1 you can make lifestyle adjustments to take less insulin.

      • normades says:

        And I do think you can reverse many of the negative health effects of even type 1 diabetes as told by the personal accounts of Dr. Richard K. Bernstein. This is why the Paula Dean stuff really outrages me.

    • normades says:

      And sorry for the over sharing, but I really mean it when I say it’s one of the best things I ever did.

      IMO Jessica is being very irresponsible with her health (and the health of her child) and I’m pretty sure she will regret it.

      • Chris says:

        Jessica shared some cravings. You have no idea what she eats on a daily basis to have the right to call her irresponsible. Seriously, people are so judgemental about stuff they know nothing about.

      • bluhare says:

        Sorry people, but having a baby is NOT an excuse to belly up to the food trough. If anything, it should be something that would make a person even more conscious about food, given that a baby is incubating in there.

      • bluhare says:

        Oops, thought I was creating a new post; sorry for looking like I’m responding to you.

      • hooblie says:

        I had the same thing happen in my pregnancy, insulin and the whole 9 yards. But my son was fine and I also lost the weight and learned how to eat healthy. I just had to quit the slurpees LOL

  8. Chris says:

    Ugh, I think she looks adorable. Everyone making fun of a pregnant woman’s weight are disgusting. End of story.

  9. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Not defending her, but 40 lb weight gain shouldn’t cause lambasting. What about Bryce Dallas Howard? She claimed to gain 80 lbs during pregnancy. Guess we pick and choose who to b*tch about.

    • Samigirl says:

      EVERYBODY picks on Jessica, poor thing. Besides, she was “healthy” before she got pregnant. BDH may have a VERY famous daddy, but she is not very much in the spotlight. She was also super thin before she got pregnant, and I think that has something to do with it. Always pick on the big girl, ya know?

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I agree! 40 lbs sounds fine to me. Maybe she’ll be up to a 50 lb weight gain if she gains another pound a week. Which is also fine. I gained 35 lbs the first time and 38 the second. I was underweight before conception but, had I been Jessica’s size, I would be okay with 40 lbs of pregnancy weight. Besides, excess weight gain isn’t the only factor that contributes to the development gestational diabetes (race, age, and a family history of type 2 diabetes also factor in).

        And while we’re on the subject, Kate Hudson also gained 80 lbs while pregnant with Ryder and I don’t remember her getting lambasted like poor Jess.

    • Carolyn says:

      Jess knows she’s not that newsworthy. The majority of press about her is that which makes fun of her. She’d love it. That’s gotta be better than nobody saying anything about her at all. I’ve always thought she was a large girl struggling to maintain a skinny weight. She’s enjoying the foodie freedom of this pregnancy. That guy of hers is hanging onto this gravy train. I predict a few more kids to keep them together. Good luck to her.

  10. skipper says:

    Arg. This makes me so angry. I don’t know any women who only gained 25 lbs when pregnant. Most women I know gain around 50 lbs. I don’t think we need all of these “doctors” giving their two cents. What matters is what Jessica’s doctor is saying and I’m sure she is getting excellent medical care on her own.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Cue the stories of women leaving the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans 😒

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        No kidding. I’ll totally cop to two 70 pound pregnancies. I ate healthy, I just craved dairy and steak.
        I lost the weight plus another 20 pounds and am thinner now than when I got married. Probably since I was a sophomore. You just have to buckle down and diet and exercise. I feel so much better and have kept it off for years.
        I never got GD, had to normal sized kids. Let Jessica be pregnant and happy as long as she is healthy. It took 9 months to get off both times too.

    • Cait says:

      I’m not in any way going to bash Jessica Simpson’s weight gain – I’ll just say I hope she’s careful about what she’s putting into her body for the sake of her lovely little bebe.

      But – I have a 14 week old, and I’m 5’2. I only gained 25 lbs. I made sure I ate enough, but for the first time in my life, I found myself very conscious of my diet – I wasn’t the only stakeholder all of a sudden.

      Every pregnancy is different. We all gain differently and make different choices about how to nourish our babies. And that’s cool. And eff yeah, our baby bumps are/were all gorgeous.
      Including Jessica’s!

  11. Ol'Miss says:

    She has gained weight but she’s supposed to! Her selection of food should be the reason for concern! Some girls gain a LOT of weight with no risk to the baby or themselves, depends on the individual. However, not giving your growing baby the healthiest start by selecting healthy foods is just sad. Down the road, she may regret her choices.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I truly don’t believe people would be giving her so much crap if she didn’t admit to eating so much crap. Everybody watched Bryce and Kate get huge and barely batted an eye, and many female celebrities aren’t terribly tall, so I don’t think this is some kind of ‘Kill Jess’ campaign. 2005 was kind of a while ago. It wasn’t until she started talking about deep-fried salt Slurpees, or whatever it is that people who are so inclined started to sound the hunting horns.

      To my mind, people respond better to her when she isn’t jawing on about her bodily functions, so if I were in any position (I’m not) to give her some advice, I’d tell her to start there.

      I do think people are getting overly precious about pregnancy bodies. Some of the loudest alarms came from people who readily admitted that other celebrities were exempt from this kind of scrutiny, so does that support your thesis that people love to indiscriminately play sport with the pregnant body? It doesn’t. Also, your personal outrage isn’t helpful, as no one here knows or cares about what you specifically looked like when you were gestating. This story is about her, not you and if you believe that no one understands that pregnant women gain weight and gain it differently, stop. That makes no sense. Once again, this isn’t about you.

      I don’t even think that people criticising her are doing it because of her weight, they’re doing it because they take exception to the ‘I’m pregnant, finally, it’s lard’s time to shine and moderation is a thing of the past’ mindset that seems to prevail over the craving list she supplied. For the well-being of everyone here, let’s assume that she doesn’t eat like that all of the time. I haven’t read anything that says, ‘pregnant women aren’t allowed to gain weight. I’m a jealous sexist who doesn’t have the most fundamental understand of human biology, blah, blah cat accountants, time to go shoot something’, but something more in the way of, ‘Cravings are strong, as is the temptation, but only one of the two people being fed has a choice, so make wise ones to properly nourish the monster in your gut–baby, and give yourself a better shot at not falling into your own set of complications, even though that part can be tricky and unforseeable.’

      Both sides are saying the same thing: If you’re pregnant, eat smart and make wise choices. What’s so offensive about that?

      I wouldn’t get overly-confident, though, as pissing off women who have been pregnant is like shooting fish in a way past holding capacity sardine convention featuring a tuna shooting range with keynote address by the cod branch of the NRA, with a reading of We Need To Talk About Tuna followed up by a screening of A Fish Called Salmon.

      Which is to say, women who have been through pregnancies can be rightfully very vocal, since they’ve been there, but also almost menacingly smug. ‘…so, you just need to shut up, now.’ Ring any bells? If you say it doesn’t, it might affect your relationship with the Baby Jesus.

      • blasted1 says:

        I like you. I completely agree with every point you make; especially the one about everyone getting too “precious” over pregnancy, as well as her using her pregnancy as an excuse to lard up. The only addition I can make to your post is that I don’t think she has given enough thought to the size and the extremity of the tummy tuck she’s going to have to have after stretching herself like Octomom.

  12. Jessica says:

    She also mentioned that she loves Slutty Brownies….. So I assume she’s been eating those too while pregnant.

    just Google Slutty Brownies….. BTW, they look yummy.

  13. Samigirl says:

    Well, that dress isn’t doing her any favors, but I don’t think she looks terrible, all things considered. My bets are on a girl, btw 😉

    I am 5’7″ and I weighed 140 when I got pregnant with my son (4), and gained 50 pounds. I ate like crap the entire time, definitely took that whole “eating for 2 thing” and used it to my advantage. I lucked out on no health problems with him, but I’m not sure how. I think it has something to do with waiting tables. I was on my feet from open to close every day in preparation for him! After he was born I found out how freaking hard it was to lose the baby weight (breast feeding didn’t help a bit), I swore I would do better next time. I’m 27 weeks and 1 day with little miss, and I’ve gained 11 pounds so far.

    Sorry, I know this thread isn’t about me…I’m just so darn excited about having another baby!

  14. Amanda says:

    I gained a ton of weight while I was pregnant. Thank God for phentermine.

  15. Rhiley says:

    She looks like Kirstie Alley when Kirstie Alley was like a size 8 not size 2 Kirstie Alley #placestonguefirmlyincheek

  16. Kristin says:

    It’s not just food weight you gain when you’re pregnant. It’s water; that can pack on extra pounds too. I gained 30 lbs with my son and not all of that was due to food because I ate pretty healthy (what I could eat. Horrible food aversions). I was amazed how much weight I lost right after the baby came and my doctor told me it was probably a lot of water coming off, too. God, do we have to pick on pregnant ladies now, too?

    • moonriver says:

      Well, if they’re fat, OF COURSE! Being fast is the absolute worst crime anyone especially a woman can commit in our society.
      I hope that was very obvious sarcasm, picking on jessica always bothers me. She’s so harmless! How is it acceptable to bully a pregnant woman? They don’t care that she may get diabetes at all, its look at the ‘fat’ pregnant girl.

    • Andie B says:

      I gained 40+ pounds with my daughter..I am 5ft 4, and had people asking me at 30 weeks if I was due soon. I looked huge. I was tested for GD but didn’t have it..yes, I ate anything I wanted, but felt I deserved it. Baby was born by emergency c-section but was only 3.57kg. I had a huge amount of fluid on board. Now my baby is 3 and I am down to 118 pounds which is less than before I had her. As a lot of people have said..each pregnancy is different.

  17. Jessica says:

    Her health condition is none of our business. People need to back off and mind their business. It’s intrusive. In a different way than usual gossip commenting….

  18. grazi says:

    I hate when people criticize others for their weight, and try to make it sound like the bullying is pure concern for their health. What about getting more concerned for the effect of all the critiques on one’s psychological well being and stop the bs?
    Seriously, everybody has issues, just because weight issue cannot be hidden behind doors, it doesn’t give us the right to point fingers.

    • Remote Control says:

      I was just saying the same thing at work the other day. It’s brutal how people say their critiques of other people size and weight is due to concerns for their health. I call bullshit!

  19. JessSaysNo says:

    Leave her alone. Has she released her exact weight gain? NO! So people need to be quiet. Also the “correct” amount of weight to gain is 25-35 pounds so that OBGYN was either taken out of context, or is an idiot.

    Let her have some fun and indulge a little bit… she’s pregnant and not even close to the fatty GD candidates you traditionally see.

    • Becky says:

      Yes, I also noticed that Dr. Kumetz left off the higher range of normal weight gain for pregnant women.

  20. irishserra says:

    You know, I did the same with my second pregnancy. I pulled the “I’m eatin’ for two, so leave me alone” and I literally ate for like two grown adults. I gained so much weight, so fast (and I still hadn’t lost like 30 pounds from the previous pregnancy 6 years earlier). I even had a doctor tell me I should go on a diet, but I didn’t listen; and when I did get frustrated and bring it up, everyone said, “No, don’t worry about that now, enjoy being pregnant!” Thankfully, I didn’t get GD, but I didn’t work hard enough on the health after I had the baby either due to stress, depression, laziness, you name it.

    10 Years later and I’ve only recently started to do something some hardcore exercising and healthy eating (Better late than never, I guess?), and it’s sooo slow going! (Damn you age!!)

    Anyway, genuine intentions or not, I don’t see that it’s wrong for anyone to point out the obvious about Jessica. Pregnancy is/should not be license for a free-for-all, it’s just too dangerous for mom and baby. It wouldn’t hurt for her to be a little cautious right now.

    **Okay, leaping off my soap box now**

    • Bluebear says:

      Yes, please do get off the soap box. Though you may think your being helpful, your simply aligning yourself with Gisele “women use pregnancy to make themselves garbage disposals” Bundchen. One of her is plenty.

      • irishserra says:

        Gisele???? Ouch!

      • normades says:

        Gisele didn’t say it very delicately (she never does), but I think she was pretty spot on. Her body bounced right back btw, we’ll see how Jess does.

        iris was just stating her opinion.

    • Amy says:

      That sensible comment was hardly a soapbox diatribe. It definitely did not warrant a comparison to Gisele. Wow.

      Celebitchy, I don’t understand why you put “butter” in italics in reference to PopTarts. Is that unusual? I can’t imagine eating a dry PopTart! (I don’t eat them regularly, but when I do, I use a low-calorie, fat free butter spray.) I like my Tarts like I like my dirty diapers — soggy and yellow.

  21. considerit says:

    the real issue isn’t the weight gain, it’s how she’s doing it. if she gained weight eating avocados and olive oil, then let her be. but she talks PUBLICLY about the junk food. that food is poisoning her baby and possibly interfering with its development. once she made those statements to the press, she asked for the criticism. sure, it’s not as bad as smoking or alcohol, but it’s still irresponsible to not give a shit about nutrition while growing a human in your body.

    • normades says:

      Exactly. I don’t know how she’s going to lose the weight for her weight watchers contract unless she gets some lipo to go with that c-section.

      And that would be misleading.

    • Nikki Girl says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. I guess we’re the minority on this site, because everyone is so damn defensive of her! I don’t think she looks “cute” or healthy in the least, and I think she’s being irresponsible for herself and her unborn child. And don’t give me that crap about how it’s none of our business, she chooses to put herself in the public eye constantly, and tells everyone about the absolute garbage she’s consuming. Give me a break. (And the by the way, this is coming from someone who is thicker, so I’m not some skinny girl picking on a bigger girl!)

      • normades says:

        Thanks Nikk! I’m used to being in the minority here 🙂

        Something I’ve earned from this site is that weight is a VERY sensitive issue. It’s nice that you can stay objective. As soon as someone becomes offended it becomes “none of our business”. Like I’ve said before, NONE OF THIS is our business.

    • Sisi says:

      The only problem that I have with your strong opinion is that we dont know how often she eats ‘crappy food’. Celebs are often on fulltime diets and have a different idea of daily food than we do. If a celeb says they indulge all the time its only from their p.o.v. Kate Upton once said that she eats and snacks whatever, whenever she likes and gave as argument that she eats an ice cream once a week. Im sure that for a model that’s quite an indulgement, but it hardly makes her ‘just like us’ I think. I eat several snacks a day, which is normal I think.

      Anyway my point is that I hardly think Jessica is sitting of the couch fulltime eating twinkies, brownies or whatever when she says she snacks all the time. Her eating habits are probably different than before her pregnancy, but we dont know her regular diet. Two snacks a day might be an outrageous amount for her (the article doesnt say in what period of time she eats all those things, maybe a day, maybe a week. Big difference.). We cannot say if she is being irresponsible or not, cause in the end we’re both speculating

      • normades says:

        From Babyzone: “Jessica explains to Extra TV, “I ate a buttered Pop Tart for breakfast. I’m eating a lot of stuff that I ate in my childhood. Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, Pop Tarts, Cap’n Crunch. Everything’s filled with sugar.”

        Her words, not mine.

      • Sisi says:

        I know those are her words, and sure the butter is strange, but I don’t see the problem with A poptart THAT morning. She doesn’t say she starts her day that way every day.

        And the other stuff she doesn’t say how often she eats it. She’s been pregnant for several months, is she giving a summation of the stuff she has eaten in all the months she’s been pregnant, or has she stuffed herself with all those things in one day? Big difference imo. With one we cannot say if it’s unhealthy at all, the other would indeed be irresponsible.

  22. Darlene says:

    I gained 60lbs while pregnant. I was tested for GD, but didn’t have it, thank goodness. It took 6 years to take off the weight entirely, and I still flirt with the last 5-8lbs 🙁

  23. BabySwans says:

    Most of the people I know only gained 25-35 lbs. They all ate super healthy & made sure to excercise regularly during their pregnancies. It had nothing to do with vanity. It had everything to do with doing what was best for the baby. Im at the end of my 1st trimester & have gained 13 lbs already bc I can’t drink water (I vomit like crazy-am even on meds & it doesn’t help much). So instead I am drinking a ton of juice & caffeine free sodas, which are sooooo bad for me & the baby but I have no idea how else to keep hydrated. Any way, my point is that you are not literally eating for 2. You’re only suppose to eat about 200 extra calories a day. So if you want to eat everything in site & gain a ton of weight more power to you, but I wouldn’t exactly call that healthy & I don’t think it’s wrong to politely point that out in a constructive way…says the lady who is currently drinking a Dr Pepper while pregnant…God all I want is to drink some water & stop the constant cycle of throwing up, being thirsty, drinking, throwing up again, getting hungry, eating, & throwing up all over again….:(

    • Annie says:

      I don’t know why people seem to think that eating a ton of crap and gaining 80lb is good for the baby? It goes without saying that starvation dieting during pregnancy is a big no-no but getting a ton of empty calories (which are not going to make baby, just excess fat on mom) and not enough vital nutrients is still malnourashing the fetus.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @baby, have you tried carbonated water with a twist of fresh lemon, lime or orange? Water made me nauseous too, but a little Perrier with citrus was great (a lot like soda, but much healthier)!

    • WickedSteppMom says:

      BabySwans: I had severe Hyperemesis w/both (really all 4) of my pregnancies. Even w/Zofran, I still lost 55 lbs while pg w/my daughter & 35 lbs while pg w/my son. I could NOT drink water, in any form-it was sure to come right back up. I discovered that Gatorade was my friend though, and it’s especially good since it helps w/the electrolytes. Just make sure it’s not the G2. You can also do Pedialyte. I still ended up being hospitalized for a couple days while pg w/my son b/c I started vomiting enough that I became dehydrated & my contractions wouldn’t stop…at 20 weeks. Please take care of yourself & get plenty of rest! 🙂

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oh, sweetie, I feel for you. I lost 57 lbs while pregnant with my daughter (ended up in the hospital for a week, too!) and wasn’t allowed to drive until I was 7 months along.

      You know what helped? Gingerbread; gingerbread cookies (ginger is a natural anti-nauseant); and lemon juice in unflavored sparkling water with just a dash of white wine. The only things that settled my poor stomach and (usually) stayed down.

      With my youngest, I also had vertigo, so I crawled around the house. I “broke even” with him: I weighed as much when I delivered him as I had when I got pregnant. (And still lost weight after I had him!)

    • Samigirl says:

      Baby, I am right there with you. I ended up losing 25 pounds with this little girl. I’d eat or drink, and it’d come right up. It got so bad that Emerson (my 4 yo little guy) would ask me after I’d take a sip of water, “Mommy, are you going to be sick now?” I still puke about twice a week, but I’ve FINALLY put on some weight.

      I hope you find something that helps, sweetie. I know how tough it can be. Good luck, and congrats!

      • BabySwans says:

        Thanks guys! Gatorade, sparkling water, lemon juice, & gingerbread are on my shopping list! I don’t know why I haven’t tried any of this-oh wait, I do…it’s bc I’ve become so defeated:(. Hopefully this stuff will work!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Baby, keep us posted! Hope you find something that works for you 😄

  24. Tiffany27 says:

    I feel like the amount of weight pregnant women are suppose to gain drops every year. Didn’t it use to be 30 lbs? Now its 25?!? That seems a little low to me, but I don’t know. I’m terrified of becoming pregnant lol.

    • fabgrrl says:

      No, I think it has gone up and down a lot. My grandmother was told to gain 15 pounds, back in the 1940s, and I think that was typical.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

        That’s interesting, that makes me curious about how medical advice has changed over the years re: pregnancy and weight gain. I also wonder about Dr’s advise outside the US, and if it’s different.

      • Isa says:

        My husband’s grandma was told to gain 15 lbs. She gained 14.
        I had a 9 lb 6 oz baby and gained 35 lbs.
        She said I must’ve eaten everything in sight. I did indulge a little, but I gained the same amount of weight with my first a 7 lb 4 oz girl.

      • Isa says:

        ….then again, I did retain a lot of water with my first.

  25. lola says:

    I am the same amount pregnant (7.5 months) and have gained 10 lbs. I followed a very responsible diet. Yet I have gestational diabetes.

    It is not what you eat or how you gain – it’s how your body and genetics react to the stress of pregnancy.

    She is fortunate to be one of those happy preggers with no issues. Leave her the hell alone.

    P.S. nutritionists aren’t gods. Mine was overweight herself and gave me a diet that didn’t work. My doctor was the one who told me how to eat right.

    • normades says:

      Age has a lot to do with it to. But in the end sometimes people who do everything right get it, while others eat crap and don’t. However, once you do have it, you can control it with a proper diet.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @lola, you’re right. Age, a family history of type 2 diabetes and race also play a big part.

      • normades says:

        This from Natural News:

        “A new study has found that it is possible to prevent the onset of Gestational Diabetes in an expectant mother by making simple changes in the mother’s diet. The study, done by researchers at UCSF(University of California – San Francisco), found that a chemical called serotonin influences the onset of Gestational Diabetes in an expectant mother. Since serotonin is made from the amino acid tryptophan which is found abundantly in high-protein foods, eating foods rich in protein during early pregnancy may prevent gestational diabetes in pregnant women.”

        (Sorry that was long, but couldn’t post the link.)

        I’m not saying GD is a Black or White issue. There are a lot of different factors, but a good diet can help.

  26. Embee says:

    Not going to comment on her weight but the topic creates a teachable moment regarding pregnancy and nutrition.

    I remember being shocked when I read while I was pregnant that the additional caloric requirements are met by eating an extra apple, piece of wheat toast and a glass of milk per day. “Eating for two” should be understood as “the quality of the food you eat now impacts another human’s development – be responsible” as compared to “gorge yourself, mama!”

    Pregnancy is hard, and miraculous, and the women who do it work their asses off whether they want to or not. Eating poorly just makes a hard thing harder, and we should educate about what will help mothers, not pretend like eating a cake is suddenly acceptable.

    • blouson says:

      Yes but the thing that staggers me is that this advice comes frome people who seem to forget that pregnancy is diferent for each person. I am a healthy and if anything underweight woman and with all my pregnancies I had morning sickness for the first 4 months that could only be controlled by eating. I had very little control over when or what I ate, my stomach literally went into spasms if it ever got too empty and one day I would HAVE to have tomatoes, another day banana milkshakes. I decided that my body knew whta it needed and I listened to it. This phase passed and my weight gain slowed and I was a fairly avergae pregnancy. My point is….some women are just trying EAT without vomiting, and if pop tarts are the only thing that will stay down then that is what you are going to eat. So drop the judgement.

  27. RobN says:

    I resent the word “bloated”. She isn’t a dead body found on a beach, she’s pregnant.

    She is very short and ran to the heavy side before pregnancy, it’s not really surprising that she doesn’t carry her pregnancy weight the same as somebody like Goop.

  28. Emily says:

    CB, you sound just like me! I gained 60 lbs. with my first & only pregnancy, and I was actually eating much healthier than I normally would – trying to eat whole foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. I never felt huge (and I still wore M/L maternity sizes), but when I saw the pictures of me in the hospital before delivery I couldn’t believe how big I was. A lot of it was water weight and came off quickly, but the last 20 are a struggle, still.

    And also, isn’t every pregnant woman at risk for gestational diabetes? I think my midwife tests everyone for it at a certain point in their pregnancy. It doesn’t sit right with me that they give her so much crap about this.

  29. Petunia says:

    Eh, meh. So she’s preggers and eating a lot. It’s her only chance to do so, given her celebrity lifestyle. Soon enough she’ll be back in dieter’s prison for life. Let her be.

    And as for trying to cut ahead in line – normally I’d be pissed but she is SOOOO preggers that I actually think she should have been allowed to go ahead. You can’t expect her to stand up a lot like that. So meh again to this entire story.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I traveled to Italy when I was pregnant with my first child and the guards at the Vatican brought me and my family to the front of the line. Here in the US, I was lucky to have someone hold the door for me while pregnant and holding a toddler!

  30. Theuth says:

    I think Jessica isn’t smart in saying that she’s huge because she eats all that food (seriously, BUTTER? MAC-AND-CHEESE? No wonder there’s problem with obesity in USA, with this crap!), it’s like an invite into criticizing her because she’s some kind of black hole for junk food. Nowadays every doctor suggest to not gain an insane amount of weight because most food has addictives which are unhealthy, and the “eating-for-two” myth was for those women who worked heavily and had to sustaining themselves and their baby, so to me a woman like Jessica, who is rich and probably has access to the best medical help, is just an ignorant and stupid woman who’s doing what she likes with the excuse of pregnancy and ignoring the after.
    Even considering she’s short and her husband is very tall (so maybe her baby is on the big side), she probably will have problems in the future, if she’s not lying about her diet.

  31. Sonia says:

    I think she looks great! No pillow baby, no lying about being pregnant *Cough BEYONCE, KELLY PRESTON Cough* and BTW I eat butter on my poptarts too. And I’m 110 lbs soaking wet, and I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy. voila.

  32. Miss Thang says:

    Weight gain actually has nothing to do with gestational diabetes. It’s caused by the placenta. Some women get it, some women don’t. Factors like family history do play a role, but ultimately it’s caused by interference of hormones created by the placenta. I have LOST weight in pregnancy (normal in my family) and gotten it, and I know several ladies who are very healthy weights and gained right on track for their pregnancies and got it.

    They’re just looking for any excuse to call her fat, even when she’s pregnant and supposed to be gaining weight.

    AND weight gain for a normal woman in pregnancy is 25-35lbs. So, if she’s gained 40 (and she’s almost done, right?) she’s only gained an extra five pounds.

    Leave the poor girl alone. She can’t even enjoy her pregnancy without “SHE’S SO FAT!!” stories. I think she looks lovely.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I agree. Race, family history etc do play a role in addition to the hormones released by the placenta; which make it difficult for insulin to help the glucose exit the blood stream and enter the tissue (where it is used for energy).

  33. Julie says:

    Wow, I’m not kidding, I regularly eat mac & cheese, pop tarts with butter & captain crunch….the old kind.

  34. Julie says:

    p.s. I work at a univ that has a ton of different restaurants. I used to do Taco Bell daily, now I am down to every 2-3 days. In 30 minutes they open. Getting tostada with sour cream added and quesadillas with cheese and pico de gallo added. Then getting a small Pizza Hut cheese pizza and maybe a spring roll from Kim Son. We are just going to call this a “fat day.” YES!

    • canada says:

      Please tell me that you’re an American who pays for her own health care.

      • Julie says:

        Yes mam I do. And you should know 85% of the time I eat pretty healthy, having my lean fish, whole grains, fresh veggies all da colors & fresh fruits. I just live to eat instead of eat to live. I am also a size 0. Yep, girlies love to hate on me.

      • canada says:

        Julie, given your attitude and platitude, I seriously doubt that’s why women hate you.

      • Julie says:

        Ms. Canada, you’ve gotten yourself all worked up in a tissy. The girl hating is online not in “real” life. It’s because I’m attractive, older, fit not skinny & can eat what I want. Hard to imageine. If it makes you feel any better, I have other problems though. Oh, and you will be impressed, I traded the taco bell for chili, mac & cheese & NY cheesecake. Next.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      Do you work out a lot Julie? My BFF eats like a horse because she works out like crazy, she actually needs to eat like a lot to keep up her physique. I’m naturally thin, never eaten very much I just don’t have a very big appetite. I do eat whatever I want, although if I ate TB I would get very sick. Ha!

      I don’t think having portions of different things is bad, from what you wrote it’s like appetizers, 1 tostada, 1 small pizza, 1 spring roll, you’re just indulging a little, you even said it was your “fat day”. Honestly, I don’t get the problem, and I’m not ignorant about health, everything is about balance.

  35. jensational says:

    Ya know, she doesn’t look as horrendously fat as the article claims her to look. She’s pregnant. This is waht you look like when you’re 8 months pregnant unless your Victoria Beckham or some other skinny-minny who didn’t weigh but a hundred pounds soaking wet. I’ve always been slim and fit and my first pregnancy made me look like a swollen whale at the 9 month mark. First pregnancies will do that to you. I don’t know why everyone has to hate on this girl. She may not be the brightest but she’s not a drug addict, she’s not a drunk and she’s not a adulteress. And all these “fake” pregnancy conspiracy theorists need to take a break and just be happy for these people that are starting their families. Geez! Jealous much?

  36. jensational says:

    @Tiffany27 – don’t be afraid of getting pregnant, it’s wonderful, it really is. Just be wary of “eating for two” because that baby doesn’t want all that crap food, it’s the mom that wants it. You will be extra hungry but that doesn’t mean gorge yourself on all the cakes and pies and milkshakes you want and you can always ask the OB/GYN for a nutrition plan. It’s all about common sense really. You will do fine when and if you decide to become a mommy! I’ve had two kids, I’m 41 yrs old and I weigh 135 lbs because I take care of myself. You can do it, too.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Awww thank you! I want to get pregnant, but I’m short (5’1″) with DD’s and the thought of GD is terrifying to me for some reason.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @tiffany, just one warning. My 32DD went to a 32G when my milk came in with both kids! I’m still nursing my 10 month old, so they’re huge! I’m 5’7″ and thin. I can’t imagine what G’s would look like on you at 5’1″

      • jensational says:

        Tiffany, don’t worry, they won’t explode, LOL!! Anyway, breast feeding is your body’s natural way of losing the baby fat quick! Just make sure you go back to your post pregnancy diet and don’t eat like you’re going to die tomorrow. You won’t get GD unless your diet consists of too much shit and sugar and you gain mucho lbs 🙂

      • Tiffany27 says:

        G cups?!?!?
        Sweet Jesus. I won’t be able to see my feet even after the baby!!

      • blouson says:

        I’m 5’1 and was a D cup. After 3 pregnancies I am now a B/C cup. Preganncies can make you smaller post breastfeeding. I love it!

  37. Anahata says:

    I’m 34 weeks pregnant with twins. I’ve gained 65 lbs, am 37 years old and do not have GD or pre-eclampsia. I’m a high risk pregnancy nonetheless. When you ate pregnant w twins you are made to gain 26 lbs in 26 days – no joke. Weight gain is natural and expected on pregnancy. Maybe her food choices are sometimes indulgent, but she’s healthy and doing fine. She looks fine too. People forget that there are women out there who do crack, etc and still manage to have healthy babies – my mother is a social worker so I’ve heard all the stories. I called her crying w my lady pregnancy, worried about the face lotion I was using. She laughed at me and said you wouldn’t believe what some women do during pregnancy. Leave Jessica alone.

    • aprayerforthewildatheart says:

      I agree. I could maybe see a story in this if Jessica had put herself out there as some healthy eating expert, or told people they should be like her, but she never has.

      The last time Jess used her body to promote her career was when she played Daisy Duke, and that was how long ago?

      Even then she wasn’t saying others should be like her, she was totally open about how hard it was to get in that type of shape, but that it was important to her to do “Daisy” proud.

  38. Michelle says:

    She looks like many of the women I am friends with and eats like many of us. It is nice to see her enjoying life.

  39. Becky says:

    I think not only is she gaining in baby weight but also in boob weight. I’m pregnant with #3 due at the end of March, and while I was a very modest B cup before, I know I’ve gained a couple pounds in my bra too. JS looks the same way.

    Pregnancy weight gain is different for every woman. I gained 55 with #1, 35 with #2 and I’m on track for between 40-45 with #3. I didn’t lose the rest of the weight until after I weaned from breastfeeding, but the point was that I got all the weight off between pregnancies, so I didn’t really pay attention to my weight gain… figuring as long as I got it off a year or two afterwards, I’d be all right.

    There’s also some controversy as to whether gestational diabetes is actually a natural occurrence in pregnancy. It happens enough that the recommendation is all women get tested, but the risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in life after having GD is very real.

    That said, let the woman have her buttered Pop-Tarts. She can deal with her trainer postpartum if she wants, and as long as she’s getting regular prenatal care, she should be fine.

  40. Scarlet Vixen says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the number of pounds a pregnant woman gains. The 25-35lbs our docs tell us is a general guideline, and there are always exceptions–women who are obese when they become pregnant may actually lose weight during their pregnancy, and some women naturally gain more. I gained 48lbs/52lbs with my 2 pregnancies, and ate healthy, small meals. I’m one of those women who produce alot of amniotic fluid (and 9lb babies), so I gained all my weight in the tummy area and that’s it. When I asked my doc if I was gaining too much she told me as long as I was eating fine, drinking plenty of water and gaining gradually (instead of in sharp spikes) it’s fine. You lose about 1/2 before you even leave the hospital, and I lost the rest within 5 weeks.

    My concern with Jessica is she’s not eating the right foods–alot of processed food, sugar and tons of sodium. She looks like she’s retaining alot of sodium bloat, and that’s not really healthy (sodium can leach potassium from the body that can lead to joint problems among other issues). Baby needs good nutrients to develop properly, and it’s not gonna get that from pop tarts. Why not give your baby the best?

    I’m not ‘picking on’ a pregnant woman–I’m just a big fan of babies. 🙂

  41. Feebee says:

    Oh leave the poor woman alone. I’m sure she understands cause and effect, action and consequences… if she wants to enjoy her pregnant by indulging, let her. There’ll be plenty of time to bitch at her and tell her you told her so next year.

  42. Diane says:

    Why is everyone confusing “I crave buttered poptarts and sugar” with all “I eat all day every day is buttered poptarts and sugar”.

    Reading comprehension is not a strong suit I see.

  43. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Jessica is having a normal pregancey and weight gain …not a Hollywood gurard every drop of food in your mouth so you don’t gain weight kind or the fake a baby kind like serveral have done…Leave her alone..Having a baby is a fashion statement and a bump is not a fashion accessory that hand to look good….I had belly pregancey with the babys all up front .by the time I was 8 mos I could have used a wheelbarrow to haul it around in …I outgrew my maternity tops…LOL and I had 4 babies like that…I show at three mos and got bigger each week..thats just what jessica doing…and every woman who is carrying a baby is at risk of gest diabetes…Love how thos Mags stretch the facts…..

  44. Tweakspotter says:

    Well that dress doesn’t help but I gained 70lbs and didn’t have GD just a 10lb child. She’s just going to have a big baby. They need to lay off she looks great and NATURAL (cough…Beyonce…cough)

  45. Anastasia says:

    Geez, they’re making her sound like women who are so big, you can’t even tell they’re pregnant. She’s not.

  46. fabgrrl says:

    Okay, *some* doctors are “alarmed”. Unless they are *her* doctors, they can just STFU.

    For all we know she is pregnant with twins. Or, like a friend of mine, had an earlier miscarriage, and was ordered to NOT exercise at all.

  47. hairball says:

    God, can people just STFU about who has gained weight or not? SOOOOOOOO f*cking sick of hearing about it.

  48. layla says:

    It’s painful just LOOKING at her boobs. *Ouuuuuuuuuuuuch!

  49. Jackson says:

    Wow. I don’t think she looks bad at all. She’s pregnant FFS!

  50. Belle says:

    The only thing I would criticize her for is those damn high heels! At this point in her pregnancy, she should be a bit more careful. Regardless of how graceful people think they are, being ‘very pregnant’ throws your balance off. As for the weight… everyone is different, and not ALL weight is FOOD weight. I gained 50 pounds with my first, and was sick for most of the pregnancy, so I couldn’t fathom how I was gaining so much weight. The food I ate varied, between fairly healthy foods… and those that I could keep down (not always healthy). My doctor told me to eat whatever I felt like I could keep down (I went through A LOT of popsicles!). First baby was almost 9 pounds. While I remember peeing on the ‘test strip’ at every visit, there were no GD issues at all. Second pregnancy, also sick for the majority… still gained 60 pounds. Pretty much the same routine… tried to eat healthy foods, though sometimes just ate what ‘sounded good’, though I didn’t always keep it down, especially in the first 5 or 6 months. Pee’d on the same ‘test strip’ things at every appointment, no GD issues. Baby was 10 1/2 pounds (yes, OUCH!). Both deliveries were difficult. Weight gain in pregnancy is not as simple as the standard guidelines.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Now C’mon. High heels are dangerous? My Doc gave me free rein (so to speak) to ride my horses throughout my pregnancies. Stopped with about 2 weeks to go. I can’t see how high eels are any more dangerous than exercising in your sport while pregnant.
      I’d never wear heels while this pregnant just because my feet were SO swollen all the time from working 12 hour days.

      • Belle says:

        Aside from your center of gravity constantly changing while you are pregnant (making balance a bit more difficult), there are reasons why high heels are not recommended in the later stages of pregnancy. Ligaments in the back and legs become more loose during pregnancy (to allow for the expanding belly). This makes those ligaments (especially in the back) more vulnerable and prone to injury. Walking in high heels puts an additional strain on these already more vulnerable areas, which can cause pain and/or injury (Victoria Beckham).
        As for the horseback riding, that is between you and your doc(;

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Well Belle, I am aware of that from spending over 20 years working in a hospital.
        I am also aware that we are not hothouse flowers who need to be shut up during pregnancy. It is generally believed that if you do a certain sport or exercise, it is better for you to continue than to stop everything. My Doc encouraged me to continue riding as long as I promised not to gallop from 4 months on.
        When I felt unbalanced I stopped. 38 weeks, but still.
        You can wear heels, especially a wedge.
        Women work throughout just as they can exercise. You won’t hurt the baby, you are most likely to hurt yourself by pulling a stretched out ligament.
        Women who are totally out of shape have a much harder time delivering.
        PS-what do you want to bet she only wears heels when out with the massive BF. She’s probably barefoot at home.

  51. Kel says:

    Articles just a short time ago talked about how cute she is and though huge, how good she looks. And now she’s being slammed? The asymmetric pattern of her dress makes her bump look weird and her hair is not done but otherwise, she looks the same to me. The girl likes to eat and she made that clear before pregnancy so what did everyone expect? I’m sure she’ll impress us all within six months of giving birth by getting small again.

  52. Orange Cone says:

    she has the WORSE taste in shoes and she has a shoe line- UGH!

  53. the original bellaluna says:

    And people wonder why “stars” and “celebs” eat so little while pregnant…

    I don’t care who came up with the brilliant idea to feign concern for Jessica’s health to sell their ragmag, but I won’t be buying it.

    Oh! And that dress is ATROCIOUS. Kill it with fire, Jess; it is NOT your friend!

  54. Kim says:

    She is young. She can eat what she wants and lose it after. I hate when people over watch their weight when preggers. Feed your body/baby.

  55. MST says:

    My son’s girlfriend (I hate the term “baby momma”) is thin and still had gestational diabetes. The baby, my grandson, was fine. And all these doctors commenting on her weight gain without even having examined, much less met her, are ridiculous.

    Every woman’s pregnancy is different. I didn’t start to show until my sixth month. Then I got huge! I’m not a big fan of Jessica, but leave her alone!

  56. wonderwoman21 says:

    Is Taco Bell even comparable to real Mexican food? It’s all faux Mexican food

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Taco Bell is NOT Mexican food! Their “meat” has the same smell & consistency as Alpo. It’s disgusting.

      Give me a little Mom-n-Pop Mexican place any day!

      p.s. Sorry if I sound awful – I moved from SD County to NoCali almost a year ago (I’ve got a “Code Red Man Down” level jones going on for good Mexican food), and every Mexican restaurant we’ve tried has been a severe disappointment! I get that Rice-a-Roni is “the San Francisco treat” but it should NEVER. EVER. Be in a burrito from a Mexican restaurant.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I’m leaving London tomorrow for SoCal and can’t WAIT for real Mexican food. We’ve been talking about it all day.
        Got to fit in as much as possible before going to NoCal in two weeks. Let’s hope San Jose has decent Mexican.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff, please, please, PLEASE freeze me a carne asada burrito with cheese & mail it to me (or bring it with you; I’ll pick it up)!! And a rice, bean & cheese burrito too! (CB, please give OTiff my email address – you have my express permission!)

        I hope San Jose has decent Mexican, too. I’ve had no manner of luck at all in Santa Rosa, Rhonert Park, Calistoga, and all of Lake County. (But I’ve got an awesome sushi place!)

      • Isa says:

        Original Bellaluna- Come on our to my place! My family will cook you some real Mexican food: menudo, pozole, chivo.
        I prefer Tex-Mex! 🙂

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, Isa, I would love to! Where are you? (But no menudo, thank you.)

        Ah, tamales…we had a wonderful lady who came to our neighbourhood twice a week to sell her wonderful tamales (door-to-door) for $1 apiece. And she would also take orders, especially for the holidays! I miss her.

      • Isa says:

        Arkansas! My mom is making tamales tomorrow. Feel free to stop by!
        And menudo is gross!

  57. B says:

    I just don’t see why anyone should even care.

    But I also don’t see why she gets a ‘free pass’ just because she’s pregnant. If she’s being unhealthy, she’s being unhealthy. At the end of the day, I don’t comment on anyone else’s bodies or health or weight because it’s not my business, but I don’t see why she gets to be exempt because she’s pregnant, but yet a lot of you would rail on other people for their bodies/weight/health/unhealthiness. It’s a double standard. I don’t care if she’s pregnant.

  58. Ambergesa says:

    This she’s only gained a little extra is ridic. She’s still got two monthsto go and has already gained over what she should. 35 is if she started off lean. She didn’t. She acts proud of the crap she’s shoveling down. Weight and health concerns go hand in hand. It’s a fact. Obviously people taking about the importance of being a healthful weight isn’t causing an epidemic of eating disorders. Look at the numbers there is an epidemic of obesity. We already have a health care crisis. Fat causes health issues. These pics are a month old. Who knows how much she’s gained since? There are a lot of new studies coming out showing links between excessive pregnancy weight gain and health consequences for the baby, such as obesity and health issues later in life.. Eating for two means eat conciously because your decisions have ramifications for you both. Not proudly gorge yourself on junk food. And knowing someone who is thin that has a health problem and knowing someone who is fat that didn’t doesn’t change the stats. My husband and his family ask work in the medical field (Dr’s nurses hospital administrators) & see it every day. It’s reality not something mean skinny people made up to hurt your feelings. Jeez *end rant

    • rhonda says:

      Don’t worry, I saw pics of Jessica from just the other day and she looks the same. No huge weight gain.

      Just wanted to reassure you since you’re real concerned about her health and all.

    • normades says:

      @Ambergesa: Very well said. Thank you.

      No one is calling Jessica a fat pig, and I actually think she looks very pretty in above pics. But eating unhealthy is bad for Mom and babe too.

  59. sassy says:

    weight gain isn’t an indication of gest diabetes. I only gained 10lbs so far, I’m 33 weeks, I’m HUGE, and I have gest. diabetes. It SUCKS SO BAD! I haven’t gained that much weight becuz I can’t indulge in all the rite of passage pregnancy garbage. :(…….

  60. Bobby sue says:

    Leave her alone Go**amit. I gained 65 lbs, was way huger than her, ate salads and, yes the occasional bowl of sugared cereal (GASP!), never had gestational diabetes and was the skinniest I’ve ever been in my life not too many years after 2 children. Women carry differently! And btw, can we please remind people that pictures make us look fatter than we actually are??Sheesh.

  61. NM6804 says:

    Oh but Simpson is a REAL pregnant woman because she farts, is huge and it makes her soooo endearing and harmless… Barf. My friend says when she became pregnant, it wasn’t about being scared to gain weight, it was about the health of her baby so she quit all the cr* (used to eat kebabs every day). She didn’t gain that much weight but she did with her second (and used the same healthy diet). For me, that was a good example of doing what is right for your baby and stop those “I have to eat for two” excuses and even if you feel like pigging out, then do it responsibly. I don’t know why one would quite smoking and drinking but eating unhealthy all the time is not considered dangerous?

  62. Jayna says:

    Her stomach is shaped weird. If that was Beyonce, the conspiracy theorists would be saying it’s a fake tummy collapsing or shifting.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      In this instance, it really is that (atrocious!) dress, not a collapsible belly pillow.

  63. Alti says:

    a normal baby bump, BUT the dress is bad, really really really bad!

  64. rhonda says:

    Jennifer Garner’s bump is a lot bigger than Jessica’s and has been that big for awhile. And her thighs/hips look really large.

    I saw pics of Hilary Duff the other day and her legs have become tree stumps.

    I don’t see people picking on either of these women.

    I wouldn’t dream of going to any pregnant woman and telling her how fat she is and how I feel she isn’t taking care of her unborn child and as someone here suggested, should “be arrested”.

    Its only okay to make fun of a pregnant woman’s weight/body/actions if its Jessica Simpson. She’s the only one I’ve ever seen this ridiculed while pregnant. For some reason, pregnant or not, Jessica has become a punching bag for the media and public. I just pray she has high self esteem and some positive people surrounding her. It can’t be easy.

    • Belle says:

      I agree, JS is being picked on… though it doesn’t seem right to defend her by pointing out that Jennifer Garner’s thighs and hips look really large, and that Hillary Duff’s legs look like tree stumps.

      Some women gain more weight regardless of what they eat… yes, really! Some women also, are more inclinced to put on weight in areas other than their belly. It isn’t all about eating too much or not being active enough. There are also pregnant women who over-eat and still gain very little weight.

  65. the original bellaluna says:

    You know what? It’s her first pregnancy. She’s probably just enjoying (what she thinks are) relatively consequence-free indulgences. (Plus, she’s already got that weight-loss contract on lock.)

    During my first successful pregnancy, I ate like it was going out of style. But I ate relatively healthy. The fries and burritos weren’t usually my deal. I ate avocado, turkey, cheese, and alfalfa sprout sandwiches and home-made soups. I walked to and from work every day, and worked right up ’til my due date. And I worked in a restaurant! Talk about heaven!!

    Leave the judgement at the door and just let her enjoy her pregnancy, PROVIDED she is not risking her and/or her baby’s health. She’s got docs for that – she doesn’t need arm-chair ragmag diagnosticians.

  66. Jessica says:

    Watch Jessica bitch and complain about not being able to loose weight after she has the baby. This has been going on for 3 years.

    Watch her get all pissed off because people are calling her fat.

    If she wants to eat like a pig after she has the baby more power to her, but during she needs to eat healthy.

  67. normades says:

    People!!!! Weight gain CAN BE a factor in GD and new research is supporting that diet IS a factor:

    Yes, there are always exceptions but I am really upset that people will look at some of these comments and think that diet and GD have no link. IT DOES.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Honestly, I don’t know how people could think that one doesn’t have to do with the other; same with type 2 diabetes, right?

      I think maybe people are applying the “always/never” rule to GD, when it just doesn’t “always/never” apply.

      Out of 4 pregnancies (3 successful), I’ve never had GD. Now, I gained 78 lbs with my first (I was very underweight when I got pregnant) but I walked to and from work daily; tried to eat healthy food; had no morning sickness to speak of; gained the last 18 lbs in the 8 days he was “past due” (my military doc was on “out rotation” or I’d never have been allowed to go over); and lost 46 lbs before I left the hospital.

      It depends on a lot of factors, some of which are under our control and some of which are not.

    • normades says:

      @original bellaluna: Yes, like you say, some factors are in our control, others not. So the ones we can help I think we should!

      I just want to add that eating healthy while pregnant does not mean starving yourself. When I went on my GD diet I eat HUGE meals of good quality meat/fish, FULL FAT diary and veggies in BUTTER and olive oil. It’s the high carb processed foods you need to avoid.

      Signing out now. Sorry to over post, but I really feel passionately about this issue. There is so much we can do for our own health by doing a little bit of research and exercising some self control.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, no starvation at all! I ate thresher shark and swordfish (in moderation, due to lead concerns); come from a family that doesn’t believe in margarine or white bread (unless it’s home-made white bread); ate cottage cheese, cheese, and yoghurt (can’t STAND milk); and lots of fruit & veg!

        Not considering you “over-posting” – it’s something about which you are passionate, have experience, and want to share with others! That’s a good thing!

        But I do have to ask, what meats did you eat? I have a problem with red meat – I don’t like it – so did you substitute for red meat? I eat what our family calls “turgers” – turkey burgers. (I’ve remained anemic since the birth of my youngest, so I rely on spinach, collards, mustard greens, and iron supplements.)

  68. t says:

    Here’s that Star Magazine story about her trying to cut in line. It’s pretty funny. She tries to sell herself as “sweet and harmless”, but trying to skip all those people is nasty and self-important. I’m glad they took her down a notch and she wasn’t allowed to get away with it….

    “Jessica Simpson hoped people would “take pity” on her for being pregnant at a restaurant recently.

    The heavily-pregnant star was apparently ravenous when she arrived at popular Mexican eatery La Super-Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara.

    Upon realising there was a big queue Jessica tried to see if she could be fed any quicker.

    “The line is always around the block,” a source told Star magazine.

    “Apparently Jessica was too hungry to wait on the line like everyone else, so she tried to walk straight to the front in the hope that someone would take pity on her pregnant self.”

    But the reality-star-turned-fashion-mogul’s growing baby bump did not help her cause one bit.

    “Unfortunately for Jess, the line went crazy and other hungry people started yelling at her,” the insider explained.

    “It was so embarrassing. Eventually, Jess was escorted to the back of the line.”

    But she apparently did not want to wait and scurried off for some fast food instead.

    “After all that, she just went to grab some Taco Bell around the corner,” the source added.”
    © Cover Media

  69. NinaG says:

    One thing I have to say is people can’t say she is faking her pregnancy, cause Mama sure has got the
    ta-tas to prove it! Good luck to Jessica Simpson, she looks beautiful! Hope she has a strong healthy baby:-) BTW She is not unrecognizable I could tell her if she was 400lbs, were are being a bit dramatic aren’t we…LOL

  70. Isa says:

    I just hope she’s eating some nutrious food for that baby. And lets face it, she’s gained about 10 lbs just in breast tissue alone.
    That dress is horrible!

  71. Lisa says:

    Ugh, these women would eat their living room furniture if you let them.

  72. LittleDeadGrrl says:

    I’d rather see a pregnant woman looking like Jessica then some of the others that try their best to gain only like five pounds. She should be eating healthier but its her body and her choice.

  73. OKAY SERIOUSLY THIS CHICK HAS BEEN PREGNANT FOR 10 yearssssss!!!! What is going on! This baby is never going to come out of her. WTF is going on?!?!?! It’s an alien baby! I want her to have it already because I wanna see what it looks like and I wanna hear what she names it, lol.

    Maybe Twink for Twinkie.

  74. FeverDream says:

    I think Jessica is a person who if not famous would have been big as a house ages ago – Paula Dean style.

    I think she’s a southern girl who probably grew up around a whole lot of fat people and comfort food and who ultimately resents having to watch her weight.

    I also think that her attitude towards her weight in this pregnancy shows what she’s going to be like in 20 years.

    Its neither good nor bad to me but it is what it is.

    When you brag about eating everything in sight in the name of being pregnant I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s cute.
    Macaroni and cheese for breakfast? I mean that’s a sodium heart attack for anyone.
    I don’t think that her attitude towards food is cute or healthy.

  75. Sara says:

    I really can’t stand this American obsession with pregnant women watching their weight. Reading all those articles about how if you gain more than 25-35 pounds then your going to get hypertension and diabetes really messed with my head when I was pregnant.

    I CONSTANTLY thought I was gaining too much weight and my midwife, doctor and husband all told me NOT to diet. They insisted I keep gaining weight.

    I think there is a lot of pressure on women in the US to be as thin as possible even when pregnant and to have a little belly. It’s sad and it puts unnecessary stress on women.

    I don’t think Jessica looks like she gained too much weight. She wasn’t overweight to be begin with and if you look at her body then you can see most of the weight is in her belly, not in her arms and legs.

  76. kissthesky says:

    a lot of these comments are making me cringe. even if she is at risk, that is not your child she’s carrying, it is her’s. live and let live.

  77. Kate says:

    I weighed 120 lb when I got pregnant. I weighed 200 just before I delivered. I was completely healthy, my son is completely healthy, the medical staff all said I wasn’t causing them any concern all through, and I was down to 130 inside a year, and am now back down to 125, which given I’m 5 ft 6″ is perfectly okay.

    People really need to cut pregnant women some slack. I liked that Pink was so relaxed about the changes to her body. I think it sets a far healthier example than the likes of Victoria Beckham and Liz Hurley, who hid out until the manic dieting had reverted them to what they saw as an acceptable weight.

  78. Courtney says:

    leave the woman alone she shows bigger because she’s short and she announced after Beyonce not before.Gestational diabetes is diagnosed at between 24-28 weeks she could very well have it and not want to announce that till after the baby is born simillar to Mariah Carey when she had her twins 5 weeks prematurely last April. granted because of GD the twins were born with Hypoglycemia low blood sugar and that wasn’t the only complication Mariah had she always had a double hernia and toximia among other things

  79. Janelle says:

    Do people really think she’s THAT fat or is it just another opportunity to criticize her? I keep staring at the pictures trying to see her as “the fattest pregnant woman ever” as I’ve seen her referred to and even here some commentors seem disgusted with how fat she is, and I don’t see it. Yes, she has a big stomach, but she’s pregnant. The rest of her looks fine. Either my eyesight is going or some people really need to get out more. Since I recently got my eyes checked, I’m going with the latter.

  80. bella says:

    She looks so happy and her man is soo cute , hes got such a kind face lol and shes glowing so haters can haate but she looks lovely and shes god a freakin human being growing inside her so yall can go … yeh , Anywho I wish her health and vitality 🙂 Luv u jessica

  81. mk says:

    Just for statistics’ sake, it should be noted that weight isn’t necessarily the one way GD ticket. I had hyperemesis during my pregnancy, and my blood sugar levels were so all over the place that I actually qualified as a GD patient. But I only gained 15 lbs overall, having lost 20 lbs in the first trimester due to the puke train. Sucks.

  82. To try and sell a story like this under the guise of “I’m concerned about your health” is a farce, and I agree with your crying foul. If we indict her, we need to do so for the nearly 70 percent of Americans who are above their ideal weight as well.

  83. londonparis says:

    someone may already have said this (and if so, sorry for the echo), but as a southern californian, let me make this perfectly clear: taco bell is NOT mexican food. i’m not saying it doesn’t taste good, i eat there myself. but taco bell is absolutely, positively NOT mexican food.

    so, if you encounter a sketchy mexican food place, either go to one of the dozens of other choices within a mile radius from where you are; OR shame on them for being one of the few places that makes mexican and not doing it right.

  84. Kevin says:

    I think much of the discussion is silly. She’s pregnant. Woman gain weight in many ways when they are pregnant. Some rarely show until the last month. Others show much earlier. She is only two months away and I’ve known many women who look this big that close to delivery. Now most of those women, like Simpson, admit that they eat too much during pregnancy. Except for the potential health issue, so what? In two months time she’ll have a beautiful baby, she’ll have likely shed lots of weight and will have to decide if she wants to take the effort to drop any extra that she is still carrying. Maybe she’ll disappear and be content to be a mom to her kids. Then she won’t have to worry about comments about her weight anymore.

  85. Pappyo says:

    Anna Nichole Smith replay.

  86. Chuck says:

    Now that is just mean. My wife was a dinky little girl and when she got pregnant she became HUNGRY! she was underweight to begin with and gained about 90 pounds! She loved her pregnancy and exercised the entire time. she had a great delivery and lost all the weight within 3 months. Jessica looks happy, the most important thing in life to be.

  87. Kelly says:

    Pretty sure it’s her body, and she can do whatever she’d like with it.
    How about you go anaylze your own health problems, before picking at others.


  88. tina says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy is going great and she revealed her sporting belly and loose fitting clothes recently to the paparazzi.

    Enjoy this story!

  89. Lizet says:

    Sorry, I’m 5’2, similar body type to Jessica, haven’t been working out or eating as healthy as I did during my first pregnancy, also due in April and I think she looks like a lard. But I understand why now that I know what she has been eating.