Christina Hendricks was “bullied like crazy” for being goth in high school

Christina Hendricks has a new, longish interview with The Mirroryou can read the full thing here. You know I like Christina, or Titsy McCleavage-Wall, as I have recently started calling her. I’ve always liked her, I’ve always defended her, mostly because I think she’s a decent actress, and it’s nice to see a woman with a different kind of body type on television, and I enjoy how Christina’s figure is so celebrated. That being said, some of this interview kind of pissed me off. Christina is jumping on the “I was bullied” bandwagon, which… I dislike when celebrities do this. I understand that many of them are trying to reach out to young kids who are bullied, and trying to let them know that this too shall pass. But mostly I think celebrities talk about being fake-bullied because they want to position themselves as victims. As for Christina – she was “bullied” because she dyed her hair. For reals.

Christina on being bullied: “My school days were pretty unhappy. I had the worst high school experience ever. I went to a very mean school and was bullied like crazy. I was a bit of a goth with purple hair and I was also part of the drama group, so my friends and I were all weird theatre people and everyone just hated us. There was a long corridor with lockers on either side and kids would sit on top of them and spit on you. It was like something out of Lord of the Flies.”

Her family moved to Virginia when she was a teenager: “The girls there had purses and I still had my backpack from Idaho. Moving as a teenager is never easy. So I tried to set myself apart and it ended up with multi-coloured hair. It was how I was expressing myself. I was a goth kid. I dyed my hair about 42 different colours, shaved it at the back and wore black make-up. Kids can be pretty judgmental about people who are different. But instead of breaking down and conforming, I stood firm. That is also probably why I was unhappy. My mother was mortified and kept telling me how horrible and ugly I looked. Strangers would walk by with a look of shock on their face, so I never felt pretty. I just always felt awkward. If I could go back and tell my 14-year-old self anything it would be, ‘Don’t worry. You’re going to be doing exactly what you want to be doing and those people who are a***holes now are still going to be a***holes in 20 years. So let it go!’”

Realizing she was pretty: After leaving school Christina was persuaded to enter a contest to appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Wearing a wig she posed for pictures in a cemetery. And even though she didn’t win the competition, those photographs proved a revelation. “When I got the pictures back my mum and I started crying because I had no idea I could be pretty,” she recalls. “I’d always felt awkward. It was the first time I really felt pretty. It just sort of changed my perspective of myself.”

Size: At 5ft 8in tall and weighing 11st, Christina is a UK size 14 and those famous curves reportedly measure 38DD-32-38. But when she started modeling straight out of high school, “I’d done ballet for years and was tiny then, a size 4 [UK size 8], so I didn’t have any problems about conforming to a certain body type. As you get older your body changes. I’ve tried to embrace how I look at every stage.”

Gaining weight: “When I was working in Italy I was having cappuccinos every day. I’d take my clothes off in front of the mirror and be like, ‘Oh, I look like a woman.’ I felt beautiful and I never tried to lose it ’cos I loved it. I was 20lb lighter than I am now, but modelling agencies used to tell me to lose 10, 15, 20lb. I’d be like ‘That’s bone – I can’t. That’s not going anywhere!’”

Christina is “credited” with the rise in demand for boob jobs: “I hope I’m not encouraging that. If there’s anything to be learned from me it’s that I’m learning to celebrate what I was born with, even though it’s sometimes been inconvenient. Having larger breasts has made it harder to shop, but I’ve learned to love it… But now I feel like everyone talks about my bust in public.”

[From The Mirror]

I know, I know. She talked about her boobs again. That’s something you have to realize about us girls who are well-endowed – we think about our boobs a lot. We talk about our boobs a lot. It’s because they feel so big sometimes, we just figure that everyone has noticed them and we might as well talk about them. As for whether Christina’s are real (and really 38 DD? – she seems bigger) – she’s already claimed hers are real.

Here are some photos of Christina and her husband in London last night. They were photographed leaving the Vivienne Westwood party – Christina is the face of Westwood’s jewelry line. I like the way her husband is so supportive of her, aren’t you? I think they work together.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN.

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  1. Lis says:

    Those babies aren’t real. I actually believed her when she first said she never had implants – mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to consider the question.

    But you can NOT jack them up to your collar bone at every red carpet event, showing a clear “shelf”, and then claim otherwise.

    (Also, I quite like the outfit in the last pictures.)

    • Pigelot says:

      Really? I don’t have huge boobs, but I can still jack mine up with the right kind of bra. I just assumed that when you’re really well-endowed, and then you make the effort to hoist them up further, that they could sit up like a shelf. Not so?

    • ohm says:

      Yes, you can!

      (I can. With the right bra.)

    • HadleyB says:

      well.. Ive had both. Big real boobs and big fake ones ..and the real ones are much more easy to maneuver than implants.

      Yes you can jake both of them up but with real ones you can move them almost anywhere, much more easily.

      • BabyCakes says:

        I’m a 38 H and I can push mine up to my chin basically if I want to with a corset. She’s heavily corseted. You can usually see them under her dresses.

  2. Sasha says:

    Of course he is supportive of her. As you have said in other posts, he is the Nerd King that struck gold. He will go down in nerd legend!

    I think Christina’s choice of partner says good things about her as well. She must have had her fair share of idiots, perverts and smooth talkers hit on her. It’s good that she didn’t fall for her a douche with a pretty face. Her husband seems like a kind, faithful sort.

  3. the original bellaluna says:

    Yeah, I was bullied in high school too, because their boyfriends wanted to sleep with me and I didn’t sleep with (or pursue) other girls’ boyfriends. So I was dubbed a slut, despite being a virgin.

    Think an 80’s version of Easy A, minus my willing participation, and the money/gift cards for the supposed experience. That pretty much sums up my first two years in HS.

    • Franny says:

      I was “bullied” by my ex boyfriend’s friends after my boyfriend cheated on me with one of my closest friends.

      Yeah, figure that one out.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Yeah, my senior year was the one where I was bullied by the football team because most of them wanted to sleep with me but I refused.

        They weren’t used to being told “NO” and they did NOT like it.

        (I was transferred in after my parents divorced, and it was our arch-rival school – I was a novelty to them. They were vicious. It sucked HARD.)

    • janie says:

      my “best friend” in 9th grade made up a rumor that i had chlamydia and my entire school decided i was an std-ridden slut by the end of the day. walking down those hallways was not a fun experience. it really screwed me up for a while; i just gave up and decided “if everyone thinks i’m a slut, i don’t really have a reputation to lose” and got really into drugs and started hanging out with older guys. high school is a horrible experience for so many kids. i just want to give 14 year old me a hug 🙁

      • tmbg says:

        I’ll never understand why people always say kids are so innocent. They can be some of the most vile creatures once you start school. I really don’t remember a time in my entire school life (from kindergarten even up to college) where there wasn’t someone picking on me. Thankfully I didn’t have a million bullies ganging up on me and it was just the usual verbal abuse, but still. To this day I have hang-ups because of things people in high school said.

        I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    • lush33 says:

      It took me a minute to realize why he looked familiar… the snozberries taste like snozberries

  4. Franny says:

    I think this outfit is a win for her. Messy sexy bed hair, cinched in waist, cute shoes. She’s one of the main reasons I watch MM. That and the Hammdong.

  5. spinner says:

    New Flash: I am pretty sure everyone has been bullied to an extent. It has always happened & will continue to happen as long as there is more than one human being occupying any area at the same time.
    Everybody is straining for attention even if it’s to be a victim.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Beautifully put and so true. I’d say ‘especially’ when it comes to grabbing attention based on victim status.

    • fancyamazon says:

      bingo! I am getting tired of hearing about every little ache and pain of growing up being labelled as “traumatic” and something beyond the norm. We are none of us snowflakes, and thinking it so just makes the true victims and bullies seem less important.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Hear! Hear! I call it “teased” I don’t think I was bullied by any of my peers.

        Now my 5th grade teacher I would call it bullied. He was a major ass at least he never hit me or locked me in the closet.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Yeah, I keep waiting for a celeb to come out with, “Well, I was a bully in school. Was downright cruel to the other kids, made their lives hell.” That will never happen, but how refreshing it would be to hear that.

      • blah says:

        actually the guys from South Park both coincidentally bullied poor kids the same way when they were young- by making them eat dirt or worms or something

  6. Wait… she was tiny and did ballet all through school and modelled straight out of high school. When did the boobs make an appearance?

    • Samantha says:

      My guess is when she started gaining weight. I was skinny and flat as a board until around 18/19 and then I gained weight and suddenly the boobs were there. I went from barely a B to a full C or small D. It happens.

      • Ginger says:

        Same here…I was tiny in high school and into my twenties with perky B cups then I gained weight in my 30’s…up to a C…then I got preggers…up to a DD…then I had my son and back down to a big C/sm D cup. This is normal for most of us quite naturally. And I have to add that I too can hoist my girls up with the right bra and they look twice as big as they really are…though I rarely do this because then I find I get too many stares from both men and women…makes me uncomfortable. I do it for my hubby who loves it of course! I wonder if Christina does this for her hubby as well?? Would explain a lot.

  7. Lolaluvsu2 says:

    Is her husband “Pedro”?

  8. Elena says:

    She is not 11 stone, aka 154 lbs. More like 180.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Definitely 180, some of my friends are Amazonian – 5’10” larger bones and thin is 170 for them. That’s like 120 on my 5’3″ body. She isn’t 5’10” but she has big boobs and my two friends are DDs not whatever she is.

    • alex says:

      Thats what I was thinking! Shes quite tall so I think she weighs more than that. Love her though!

  9. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever understand the massive attraction that so many people have for this woman… I just don’t see it? People keep telling me I’m crazy haha

    • Veruca says:

      Well then, we’re crazy together. She’s not ugly, but I don’t get what the fuss is all about.

      Of course, I’ve never seen Mad Men. Some people ooze sex appeal even when they’re not all that physically beautiful. She might be one of those.

      In the day to day world, however, I’m just not seeing it.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Please punch my ticket as I board the crazy train with you. I don’t get it either; nor have I ever watched Mad Men.

        Is it the boobs?

      • Amanda says:

        I feel like people (especially hipster and geek types) almost take it personally when I explain why I’m not attracted to her. It’s not politally correct of me to say this but she’s too heavy for my taste, her boobs look like white balloons, her skin is too pale and has a really odd texture, her features seem almost cartoonish like Jessica Rabbit… also, in EVERY interview I read with her she has such an obnoxious “LOOK AT ME” personality. That kills it for me. Even Scarlett Johanssen stopped being attractive to me after I’d read enough of the garbage that spills out of her mouth when she speaks.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I watch it. She definitely looks better on the show because she’s dressed and styled properly. If Christina worked for Joan (her charcter’s name), she would be fired on the spot. I know it’s the ’60s, but Joan would be on to something if she did it now. I’ve always hated that character, but that would hold true no matter who were playing her, so I don’t CH for that. I really do hate Joan, even though she’s inexplicably one of the most popular characters on the show. Doesn’t really matter, there isn’t a single character on that show who isn’t odious, and I’m including your precious Sally Draper in that.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I’ve watched it. In the 50s/early 60s clothes and make up she looks like a goddess. In modern clothes and make up – eh.

        I like her hair dye, she has a pretty face with the right make up and the lower half of her body, is so perfectly hour glass BUT The boobs in non period clothes look bovine (sorry – that was sexist or at least rude but it’s true – clothes aren’t made for boobs like that these days).

  10. Jackie says:

    i was always naturally very skinny until my forties. now, i have gained extra weight and it feels great!

    i love how i look….having boobs for the first time is fabulous.

  11. Nicole says:

    There is no way her breasts are 38DD! I’m a 34DD and don’t even come close to her!

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I’m usually a 32DD (but have the temporary breastfeeding bra size of 32G). I think looks closer to a G to me.

    • janie says:

      you have to take the band size into account. people never believe that i’m a B cup because i have a 30 band size, so my boobs are the same size as a 32A. they look small but they’re a B cup in proportion to my ribs.

      a d cup in a 38 band would be the same size as a 34F (or ddd). so yes, definitely HUGE.

  12. JessSaysNo says:

    Hmm so THAT’S why she is so insistent on shoving her boobs in everyone’s faces any chance she gets? She’s got issues from high school and now she makes up for it by showcasing her obnoxious white boobs all the time.

  13. Ashley says:

    I love my girl. Have you noticed that in MANY pictures her husband has a camera…not many celebrities carry a camera!

  14. Penguin says:

    Just goes to show how pictures make people appear a lot heavier. I thought she was a lot heavier than 11 stone, maybe 12 or 12 1/2 stones. I really like her figure, whether her boobs are fake or not, she looks good.

  15. Darlene says:

    I want pics of her as a goth!!!

    Also, it’s totally possible to have “shelf boobs” if you have the right (or wrong!) bra. I have small, natural breasts, but in the right get-up, they look like implants under my skin.

  16. sam says:

    I like her. Her high school experience sounds exactly the same as mine. I have had huge boobs forever though so slightly different.
    I am 100% sure her boobs are real. Mine look just like that if I push them up like she does. But I agree she is under stating her weight and breast size. Mine are a 36G and hers look to be about the same size. DD isn’t really that big….

  17. Scal says:

    Sorry, but my best friend went to high school with her. (In Fairfax, VA) She was totally the queen bee of the theater group, so I don’t buy it.

    And apparently she had those boobs then so at least those are real.

  18. Aiobhan says:

    First, his mustache is gross. Now on to her I don’t watch and have never watched Mad Men because it just does not interest me at all, like at all. But from every interview that she has given I have decided that I like her a lot. I cannot decide if she is desperate in trying to be relevant or if she is genuinely reaching out and telling her story. It is not an original story (which is really sad)but it is hers and she does have a right to talk about it. It does not make me like her more for being “brave” but it is an interesting interview.

    The last photo of her and her husband is the best that she has looked in a while.

  19. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Alright, enough of this crap. G-cup here, and guess what? I can think and talk about things that aren’t my boobs. People who do are boring and obnoxious. Haven’t you run into the woman who only ever talks about ‘my fiance (pronounced fee-ahn-say)’, and haven’t you wanted to (or told her to) clam up about it for a nanosecond? It’s the same as the self-obssession mammary trap. Sometimes yes, of course women think about these things. Unavoidable and not shameful. But after a point? New topic, please. On a gossip site is one thing, but it isn’t a legal requirement to be THAT vapid if your bra costs more.

    So celebrities work through the bullying that they suffered so much more than everyone else by treating people even worse when they’re a position to do so and don’t the the magic parachute of youth to explain away their bad behaviour? Makes sense.

    That dress is going to make my retinas detach.

  20. LuckiestLibra says:

    There is no way that those are her measurements. I wear a size 6 american (UK 10) and my measurements are 34-26-37.5 and I don’t look anywhere near her size.

    But still love her tho 😀

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’m confused by the 32-38 part. Her waist has to be a lot smaller or her hips are closer to 42/44 (which I believe if she is a US14). Isn’t a UK 14 a US10… no 32 inch waist is going to fit into a 10 is it?

      I remember being 38-25-36 and I was no where near a 14 then (in either country.)

      • DesertRose says:

        Exactly. Those are my measurements (well i’m an inch taller), and I am much less curvaceous. Nothing wrong with her size, but I know her bras would be way more than one cup size too big, and I wear junior’s jeans still because I don’t have much hip or ass.

  21. emu says:

    I can believe she was bullied for being a weirdo kid more than Charlize Theron for wearing glasses

  22. Penguin says:

    Looking at her statistics not sure if her breasts are only 38dd. Confused , im only 5’4, 112 pounds and 34 ff/g. Her boobs look 2x size the size of mine tho. Suppose people come in different shapes and sizes .

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Me too – when I was younger and thinner I was 5’3″ 119 and I was a 34D US size 4 (then 6?). I gained weight as I got older and at my peak I hit 40DD US size 16 and they were still smaller. I’m down to 38D+ and guess what? A LOT smaller on top than her. I believe the 38 part, I would actually guess 36 she looks thinner than I am (but she’s taller) but there is no way in heck she is only a DD. She’s at least an FF

      In the US the letter is measured as the difference between the cupsize and the band.

  23. marie says:

    She is NOT 11 stone….there is no way. She is clearly a large woman. I have never watched Man Men so I won’t comment on her acting ability but I will comment on her lack of taste…she has no style and her boobs pushed up onto her chin is gross.

  24. ZenB!tch says:

    Funny, I was never “bullied” (I call it “teased”) for being goth or metal or punk or whatever amalgamation of that I was in the late 80s/early 90s.

    I was teased for my future 36Ds (now 38 – down from 40DD). I had my bra strap pulled all the time at 10-12 because I had 30As when my peers were still AAs.

  25. Penguin says:

    @ Marie. I don’t know hun. I think the camera adds a few pounds maybe.

  26. Adrien says:

    Celebs are giving a new meaning to the term ‘bullied’.
    She wasn’t even goth back then, she was just a typical 90’s kid getting on with the prevailing fashion. 42 diff. colors of hair? black make-up? hair shaved at the back? That’s simply Fairuza Balk in “The Craft”. You have to have a lot of chutzpah to carry that look. How can you be bullied if everyone is scared at you?

  27. Nan209 says:

    I got my bodacious boobs after having my son. I went for a nice B /C cup to a DD. I had to learn to make peace with them and to spend good money on excellent bras. Sometimes your body just does something drastic.

  28. Jony says:

    Why are her teeth so bad? Do Goth teens not believe in brushing their teeth or did she feel bullied by her Orthodontist?

  29. DesertRose says:

    I’m 5’9″, 38D-33-38, and there is no way in hell that’s what size she is. Just saying. Not Kirstie Allie level lying, but no way.

  30. Stacy Dresden says:

    I cannot believe the beautiful chi chi goddess is married to the Schnozberry guy from Super Troopers. Never gonna get over that pairing!