Adele is pissed that Jennifer Hudson recommended Weight Watchers to her

Adele is currently riding the biggest career wave in recent memory. She swept that Grammys, she took home two Brit Awards, she’s breaking chart records, and she’s the first artist to go double-platinum on iTunes. This time should be all roses, right? Well, haters still want to hate. Although “hate” seems a strong word for this one - The Enquirer reports that backstage at the Grammys, Adele had an “incident” with Jennifer Hudson’s rude ass. Imagine this: you’ve just won your sixth Grammy of the night, you’re riding high and you’re emotional and grateful and so, so happy. Now imagine Jennifer Hudson comes over to you and starts talking about how you need to lose weight. J-Hud better step off.

The first thing Jennifer Hudson did when she ran into Adele backstage at the Grammys was congratulate her on her impressive haul. The second thing she did was offer weight-loss tips, which annoyed Adele. Hudson, a Weight Watchers spokesperson, pulled Adele aside at the Grammys and offered to be her fat-fighting mentor!

A source told the Enquirer, “Jennifer congratulated Adele on her six trophies but then added, ‘I used to be heavy just like you and gosh, Weight Watchers saved my life! I can hook you up.’”

Although Adele was outwardly gracious, friends say she was seething on the inside. She huffed about Jennifer, “The nerve of that woman!” Adele has made it known she’s happy just the way she is – at 165 pounds – and doesn’t intend to diet.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer’s zeal for losing weight has backfired.

“Her heart is in the right place, but her preaching is starting to get on people’s nerves,” said the friend, who added that Jennifer may have been motivated by jealousy. “I’m sure seeing Adele become the belle of the ball at the Grammys got under her skin. Meanwhile, Adele has made it pretty clear she doesn’t care what Jennifer or anyone else thinks about her or her weight.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I kind of believe that something like this went down. I could just see it happening – all J-Hud can talk about these days is her weight loss. I can even see how, in Jennifer’s mind, she was just trying to be a girlfriend to Adele, like, “Hey, girl, we should talk about Weight Watchers.” Unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with rude, obnoxious “good intentions”. Why can’t everyone just chill the hell out? Why is everyone trying to make Adele feel bad about herself? Are you really that g–damn offended that she’s not a size 6?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Jayna says:

    Such a bogus story.

    • Sassenach says:

      I completely agree but watch everyone bash Jhud. Tired of the rags constantly pitting women against each other.

    • Angel says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Of course, as per usual the rational thinkers are in the minority. Quite sad don’t you think?

      The only thing: Adele Darling is a bit heavier than 165, I reckon, but no matter; she looks wonderful no matter the number.

    • jelynn says:

      Exactly. Besides, claiming Adele is 165 is a bit ridiculous.

      • notahater says:

        I agree. I just read she is at least 5’7″, possibly 5’9″. There is no way in hell she is only 165 lbs. That is 5 lbs away from a “healthy” weight for that height. If you don’t want people knowing your weight, just don’t tell what it is; no need to Kirstie Alley it.

      • Jemma says:

        I love love love Adele at any size, but I am 5′ 10″ and 180lbs and wear a size 12. Adele does NOT weigh 165.

      • victoria says:

        im 5’10 138lbs wear a size 4, . . . she is not only 27 lbs more than me . . that chic has to be 0ver 200lbs . . . great voice tho . . i think jen was just really thrilled about her wight loss . . like when people find religion . . they just want to share . . . adele response is because she doesnt like being that big. . . so she is twisting is her insecurity back at jen . . shes sensitive because no woman is happy being OVER WEIGHT . . in my opinion its taboo to mention weight to a big girl . . .im not saying people dont learn to feel comfy however they are . . i just know we all want to be fit . . she look like maybe 5’7 200lbs

    • Erin Council says:

      Really people this is not that serious Jennifer was just trying to be nice be that as it may Adele seems very comfortable with her body so let her do her thing. If she wants to loose some weight she now knows a reliable source to go to. Chill out people

    • Lashunda says:

      Just like Jennifer Hudson, I lost weight with weight watchers. I absolutely love weight watchers, as a member it’s not that Jennifer is looking down on others. When you loose the weight while eating the foods you find yourself wanting to help everybody. Reality is that we as humans DO NOT LIKE TO BE OVERWEIGHT! Maybe Jennifer could have approached it differently but as a member myself I’m sure her intentions were genuine.

  2. S says:

    Adele, even at this weight, looks far more beautiful that J. Hud.

  3. po says:

    I personally don’t believe that Jennifer Hudson went up to a woman she doesn’t even know and told her to try weight watchers.

  4. magda says:

    I hope adele will not do any diet! it’s so refreshing to look at normal, beautiful woman in showbusiness

  5. mew says:

    Don’t care about her weight, but she really shouldn’t have gone blonde. It looks like her hair just burned and it simply doesn’t look good on her. Chocolate brown would work her much better, and easier make up.

  6. po says:

    Oh, and the women who gave the finger because she didn’t get to finish her acceptance speech is not going to be outwardly gracious about something like that. Don’t believe it.

  7. Cherry says:

    1. I don’t believe for a sec that this actually went down. There are just so few (formerly) non-skinny celeb women out there that the tabloids just have to stirr up some controversy between them.

    2. That being said, I do NOT believe that Adele ‘is happy just the way she is and doesn’t intend to diet’. Well, she may be now, but she won’t be in the long run. It’s a shame and a waste, and no, I do not think that she needs to do it, but I think that eventually, she will surrender to the pressure. There’s a whole lot of ‘Adele: How I lost the weight!’ stories ahead of us, believe me.

  8. paola says:

    I don’t believe it, if you’ve been fat even only once in your life you never forget what it feels like and you don’t go to other people to shed advice, you’re always scared that karma comes back biting your ass bringing along all your old pounds.

    • lilred says:

      Hate to debunk your theory but my SIL used to be very overweight, and isn’t any more but doesn’t hesitate to tell others what they should do to lose weight especially her family.

  9. NM6804 says:

    Is The Enquirer a good source? If Adele can give the finger for a full audience and cuss her way through life, why would she hold back for J-Hud?

  10. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Hudson may be thinner but that doesn’t mean she looks better than before. Her face looks harsch, boobs are saggy and stretchmarks all over…she should have kept some of the extra pounds.

    • kellybean says:

      I think her head is too big for her body. She is one of those people that needs to carry a few extra pounds so that she looks more proportioned (to her head) – like Oprah!

      • Twez says:

        That ‘head too big for your body’ thing has come to be characteristic to me of someone who’s had gastric surgery. They usually even out, but for a while, their head/neck/shoulders/decollatage looks very deflated. I have thought for a long time that Hudson had a lap-band installed and then took on the WW endorsement to cover.

      • Snappyfish says:

        I also have heard that she had lap band surgery & I believe it. I e had friends who have had gastric bypass & lap band & she has the look of those individuals & not that of my WW friends

      • The Other Katherine says:

        Eh, I don’t know. Maybe sometimes. But my sister is a skinny chick with a giant head, always has been. (Not a knock on my sis, who is gorgeous – just big head, small frame.)

    • Karen says:

      J-Hud needs to learn how to walk before she insults others. The way she clomped, like a tired mule, during the Oscars, was sad and I was embarrassed for her. Notice you never see her walking for diet-shoved -down-throat commercials, because she certainly doesn’t float like a bee. Judge not that ye be not judged, Jennifer.

  11. fancyamazon says:

    It didn’t even really have to be about the weight per se. I hate it when friends and aquaintances try to sell me anything. I get advertised to enough without having people I actually know do it to me as well. And Jennifer is a paid shill, I believe? That makes it worse, imo.

  12. Eleonor says:

    J. Hudson does want a career or she want to be a full time weight watchers spokerperson??

    • Marjalane says:

      I’m not sure this whole Weight Watchers thing has been so great for Jennifer Hudsons career anyways- I used to really like her and now she just irritates the hell out of me because they run her Gawdawful commercials constantly! We get it Jen! You’re happy with yourself and you used to wear the ugliest damn pink dresses when you were fat- Now Go Away! (I do realize that it’s W.W. running the commercials, but they still make me dislike J.H.)

      • Eleonor says:

        Agree. She has a voice, she can act (God the girl is an Academy winner!) and all she does is talking about weight loss. I get it’s important staying healthy etc. etc. but she’s become irritating.

      • bluhare says:

        I SO agree with you. If I hear that song one more time, I’m going to do an Elvis and shoot my TV.

      • anon33 says:

        I personally cannot STAND how they/she butchered that song. It makes me stabby.

  13. Snowpea says:

    J Hud’s really gotta sort those knockers out! They look like two small animals trying to escape!

  14. Hypocricy says:

    Wether your skinny or fat, everybody should mind their own business about other’s people frame if those people embrace themselves as they are.

    Also Jenny, what a bad lacefront job !

  15. ajay says:

    J-hud is soooo annoying with that weigt watcher thing. When she sings, she has the same emotion than in her ww commercial. Still, it is not ok to be fat, for the simple fact that you can have more health problems, that’s the only reason she should be worried. Plus, Adele must weigh more than 165lbs, please she’s fatter than a lot of my friend’s that weigh more than that. She is pretty, but she def should lose a little.

    • Jag says:

      You must have missed the reports that show that even skinny people can be hiding health problems.

      No idea if this story is true or not, but I agree with the other posters who say that J-hud looks harsh now.

    • Blue says:

      Not everybody cares their weight the same way. I look skinnier than what it says on the scale. I went to the doctors and the nurse made me step on and off the scale twice because she thought it was acting up.

      • Happy21 says:

        Me too! I am short and have a short friend who weighs about 10 pounds more than me. Yet, it looks like she weighs more than 20 more. When I told her what I weighed she almost fell out of her chair.

        Everyone does carry their weight differently. And, in my opinion, weight is nothing but a number. Yes, Adele is heavy. Yes, she probably could stand to lose a few pounds to be healthier but I would hope that the pressure to be thin doesn’t change her and I hope that if anything she just gets healthy.

        I admire her for being happy the way she is and not trying to fit into what is considered the norm.

      • Andrew Liu says:

        That is true. Two men can have the same height and weight but have drastically different body fat percentages. The same thing can apply to women too.

        That is why I think the Body Mass Index (BMI) Scale can be misleading. Someone who has a BMI of between 25-29.9 is considered overweight but he might have a lot of muscle and a low body fat percentage.

  16. Naye in VA says:

    How tall is Adele? because there is no way on this green earth that she is 165 lbs. No effing way. Not at 5’9.

    anyhow, maybe Jhud thought she was struggling with it. When people are proud of their weight loss its hard not to want to help someone else. i wouldnt be too hard on her.

    but 165lbs. you have to be kidding me

    • kbomb says:

      I totally agree. I LOVE Adele and think she is absolutely stunning. But I am the same height as Adele and I have been her size…..I would say that she weighs closer to 190.

      • Naye in VA says:

        everybody carries differently and mine is all in my middle but Im 5’5 and 180 (well i was. Losing!) and im still nowhere near as large as she is. i would love to be both 5’9 and 165. that sounds deliciously curvy

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        At 5’9″ 165, her BMI is within the “normal” range (24.4). I think she could be 165 now. She was noticeably thinner at the Grammys.

      • Naye in VA says:

        what does her BMI have to do with how much she actually weighs? If she doesnt (and i dont think she does) weigh 165 lbs than the BMI automatically has to be false. She looks good now. No doubt. i just dont like falsifying your weight if you claim to love it. At 5’9 its very unlikely that she weighed 165ls especially as she carries her weight all over her body ( which fills it out nicely) and not in one restricted area.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @naye, I was merely pointing out that she no longer looks overweight and if, in fact, that is her current height and weight then her BMI would indicate that she is not overweight. Like YOU said, everyone carries their weight differently. Perhaps you carry yours more forgivingly and, therefore, look thinner than Adele (despite weighing more). Also, the camera adds weight, which could be another reason she appears heavier than 165. Anyway, congrats on your recent weight loss. Keep up the good work.

      • Naye in VA says:

        thank you kindly. I would love to carry my weight like Adele because it truly suits her. mine is in my tummy and i have a larger arms and generally look disproportionate becuase my thighs and face are slim(ish). i got a little junk in my trunk from putting on weight but to look proportionate i would have to resort to being a stick figure. ahh such is life

    • yoyo says:

      I was JUST going to post the same thing as you! There is no way she’s 165lbs. She’s at least 20 pounds over that if not more. Now the way the article is written I don’t think they are attributing that quote to her (stating her weight) they are just speculating but still what a load of rubbish.

      And no no one is at a healthy weight when they are obese. Period. Look up obesity , it’s after chubby and fat; that’s pretty high up the scale! Some people are naturaly chubby and can even be healthy at borderline fat but when you get to obese just own it, you are unhealthy. NOw that’s not illegal. It’s your body. There’s the health police always criticising you but if you are happy with yourself good for you. Everyone can step off. BUT you got to own it for real.

  17. Minx2 says:

    Adele looks million times better than Jennifer Hudson but there is no way she’s 165 lbs. More like 185 lbs and it all looks fine on her, btw.

    • Naye in VA says:

      who sells this crap? do famous people play around with numbers because they think we are too stupid to tell the difference between a size 2 and a size 8? or 165lbs and 195lbs? this just makes me mad at her a little bit. if she is going to be proud of her size then she should release her REAL weight and stop insulting the other heavies out here.

      • NYCGAL says:

        I agree- i LOVE Adele, but no way is she 165. I bet she’s 200lbs. It doesn’t matter what the weight is though- it’s Adele’s body and she’s happy and successful and she looks beautiful!!! “They” should not be throwing out numbers of her weight though because it sets it up for people to counter with her real weight.
        I don’t think Jhud said these things to her because who would do that?

      • Andrew Liu says:

        Exactly, I think she weighs more like 185 pounds. I am a 5’10″ male who weighs about 155 pounds. There’s no way she is only 10 pounds heavier than me. If she is proud of her size, she should have nothing to hide about her real weight.

        Then again she just revealed she is pregnant. I don’t know how many months she has been pregnant for.

        Still I would guess that her pre pregnancy weight was 185.

  18. sarah says:

    I listen to Adele because her songs are amazing and her voice is beautiful. I don’t give a hoot what size she is. Does anyone give Aretha Franklin a hard time for her size?

    • Anon says:

      I fail to see the comparison in any which way between Ms Franklin & Adele. Why bring in Ms Franklin: she did not comment on Adele? Silly indeed.

  19. Jennifer12 says:

    Adele is not obese and dresses appropriately for her size- enough already! Jealous that she’s beautiful and successful without kowtowing to stupid industry demands?

  20. maefabulous says:

    I’m glad other people are calling bs on 165 claim, i do not know who is giving that figure but she clearly weighs more than that!

  21. Katie says:

    Jennifer Hudson might not look so angry if she ate once in a while!

    • Kimlee says:

      Really she look so angry because she needs to eat. Really that like saying to a plus size person she angry because she dose nothing but eat to much both comment asinine.

      • Petunia says:

        I’m not sure that I agree with you. I’m not going to comment on whether JHud looks angry or that she does so because she needs to eat more. But I am going to say that I used to work with two very skinny women who ate little teeny salads for lunch and then were bitchy and tired all afternoon. So yeah, it can happen.

  22. Tania says:

    Even if it did happened where’s the scandal? She’s a talented singer but what do we have to call her – slim? She’s not and there’s nothing wrong with it. But let’s call the things what they really are. She is overweight. Maybe Jennifer Hudson just wanted to share her experience with no judgement at all…

    • irishserra says:

      However, even if her intentions were completely good, she had no business saying anything at all to anyone, including Adele (if she even said anything at all. I’m not sure I buy this story). Especially if Adele has already said that she’s happy with herself the way she is. I’m not sure I buy that either, but she said it; it must be respected. End of story.

  23. Kaboom says:

    Not sure I’d recommend WW, they seem to have contributed to Jennifer’s weird boob syndrome.

  24. shannon says:

    People need to back the hell off my girl Adele, she is absolutely gorgeous and doesn’t look at all unhealthy. For the real world, she’s a totally normal size. I’d happily pack on some pounds to have her weight and her face & hair, for real.

  25. hstl1 says:

    I am a conspiracy theorist. I believe that JHud had a gastric bypass, that’s why she looks like a deflated tire. She shouldn’t be giving anyone diet advice.

  26. Mercedes says:

    I think
    Adele is beautiful! She is vivacious, curvaceous and healthy. Ever since Jennifer Hudson lost all that weight, she has been looking haggard and older than she is. Kudos to Adele for being confident in her own skin.

  27. really says:

    j-huds boobs look kind of fake in her top photo, no? perhaps she didn’t enjoy all aspects of her weight loss!

  28. David says:

    Even if the story is a made up one, I think it’s a good idea she went on a diet, she’s obese

    • Maya says:

      But she’s not obese. She is apparently 5’9 and her weight is within the normal BMI range. You only think she is obese because you’ve been conditioned to take what you see in a photograph – when everyone knows that photographs and film stack on pounds, which is why most models are unhealthily thin. To avoid that.

  29. Nina says:

    Adele is beautifull, Jen is just cute

  30. lucy2 says:

    I would hope this isn’t true. Jennifer seems like a nice woman, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s just tabloid nonsense.

  31. Darlene says:

    Am I the only one who can see the glue in Hudson’s lace-front wig? That first photo shows it so well…

  32. sarah says:

    They look equally fat to me (only Adele is more elegant and beautiful). Jeniffer’s frame is huge so dieting didn’t help. She doesn’t look neither petit nor feminine. and that horseface. oh no

  33. aenflex says:

    Hudson looked better fat, IMO

  34. ChildPleaae says:

    Adele looks better than jennifer hudson?? What have you guys been smoking?? And to the other idiots she did not have surgery, bunch if pathetic haters on here who will believe any and everything they see.

  35. kazoo says:

    Ummm, Adele weighs more than 165. LOL.

  36. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Jennifer never lost all that weight just from a diet…….and never ever got that flat belly just from diet and excerise…once its stretch nothing beside surgery will tight it back up….and she has has that stomach tighten up tight as a tick…
    I agree with the one who said someone who’s lost a lot of weight and think they look good will go on a lose weight campaign that will drive those around them crazy my sister did that and she is the most annoying person in the world about me losing weight …and doesn’t realize how much all that weight lose has aged her….now People think I am the younger sister and in family pictures she looks almost old enough to be my other sister and myself mother….Like Jennifer Hudson it took away her beauty….
    Jennifer Hudson was much more attractive heavier now she looks just like what she is a big person who’s lost to much weight its not natural……as for Adele …I think she looks just like the models and woman in all the Renaissance paintings of Rubin’s and his contemporaries painted the titan haired Venuses ..beautiful….

    • irishserra says:

      I agree with you. And time will tell.

      People who lose large amounts of weight due to surgeries tend to gain back soon or later. They haven’t used self discipline to learn how to change eating/lifestyle habits. However, someone who has struggled through diet and exercise to get fit has the advantage because they have developed habits that contributed to their weight loss.

    • dovesgate says:


      I’d like to point you in the direction of MyFitnessPal’s forum called Success in which you can see plenty of fit, healthy women who were formerly fat. Many have flat stomachs again without surgery. It all depends on too many factors like age, skin elasticity, genetics, and effort. Please don’t make blanket statements that all former heavy people must have surgery to fix their bodies. It simply isn’t true.

  37. Nev says:

    Adele is gonna become a gigantic DIVA…hahahahaha….not so sweet either.

  38. bigorexia says:

    Adele should lose weight. She has a pretty face and it’s a shame that she ruins her looks by being so fat. Besides, she will feel way healthier (and be way healthier) if she loses it.

  39. Maya says:

    If Jennifer did that, then that’s a bitch move.
    Weight Watchers is the biggest weight loss rip off.

  40. Kimlee says:

    Please tell me how you people know what “normal” size Adele is and that she healthy?

    Just a side note Adele looks more confident in herself now that she lost some weight that she was when she was bigger. Just compare they she poses on the red carpet now then when she did in the past.

    As for Jennifer she didn’t loose weight at first for the industry but because she had health problem do to her weight. Now it’s a seems to be a different story, do I think Jennifer lost too much weight yes and is that all she talks about it to much hell ya.

  41. lw says:

    Adele is a goddess, and seems to have already lost quite a bit of weight. But she is not 165 pounds for pete’s sake.
    And Jennifer Hudson clearly had lapband surgery, hence the ultra quick weight loss (after a pregnancy no less). She didn’t “lose weight”; she was deflated.
    Nonetheless, I doubt seriously that the convo between them ever even happened.

    • Maya says:

      I’ve read that she is about 165 pounds. But she is also taller (5’9), so it wouldn’t matter. Her BMI works out to be a normal weight ratio, which surprised me to tell you the truth.
      So she is ‘normal’ or within the normal weight range for her height. It’s just unfortunate that the industry that surrounds her tries to indirectly manipulate women to think they need to weight extremely less or within an unhealthy weight range.

  42. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Hmm…I look about the same as Adele right now at 160…but I’m 5’1″. Ha! But everyone carries it differently, I suppose.

    • Maya says:

      Adele is about 5’9.
      The only women who carry weight well in photographs are the stick insect underweight women. Even so, I wouldn’t say that’s a wonderful thing (for them).

  43. TXCinderella says:

    When you are as talented as Adele, you do not need to validate your singing ability by being thin. J-Hud needed that weight loss to make her more appealing because her talent level is more multi-faceted than that of Adele. Jennifer sings and acts, and in the acting world they want you to be more fit. I’m a WW member and think it is the most healthy way to lose weight, but I sure wouldn’t be trying to force it down anyone’s throat. If asked how I lost the weight, I would enthusiastically tell them how I did it.

  44. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Also, this is the WORST I’ve seen JHud look! She’s usually so put together! That dress does not fit her at all, and what was up with her hair and makeup that night?

  45. Maya says:

    BTW Adele apparently stands at 5’9 inches.
    She is said to weight in at 165 pounds (or 74.5 kg).
    In La La land, where every woman is an underweight stick insect (but looks ‘normal’ in photographs or what we are conditioned to think is normal – which is bordering on anorexic), this stands out. But in reality, there is nothing wrong with Adele.
    Let’s go to BMI now – and everyone can do this online

    Her BMI is 24.4 which is…drumroll…

    Normal weight for her height.
    However as we all know, photography and film add the pounds.
    While we’re at it Karl Lagerfeld can go and suck it as well.

    As for Jennifer, as most photographs show (esp when she wears sleeveless dresses), she has gained/lost weight so rapidly that she is practically covered in stretch marks (you can see her arms).

    • jc126 says:

      Yes, it’s important to keep in mind that people look much bigger on TV and in pap photographs. Adele very well might weigh 165.

      The main issue here is, why is a woman’s body considered a subject for public discussion, if this conversation happened? Do people go up to overweight guys and suggest Weight Watchers? Probably far less often.

      • Maya says:

        I totally agree with you. I’ve never ever seen weight being the issue of discussion about male singers or actors.
        Despite many achievements, there is an underlying objective (from fashion designers to other celebrities) to objectify women.

      • Petunia says:

        Oh, thank you for bringing this up! Women are chastized, embarrassed, humiliated, ridiculed, you name it, if they have weight on them. Men…not so much so. I mean, look at the photos of Jon Gosselin. He clearly needs to lose a good amount of weight but I’ll bet that not one comment about him will mention it.

        And men keep putting their huge bellies into too tight tee shirts and think it’s fine. IT ISN’T FINE! Dress nicely, even when you have extra weight.

        Please, God, let there be some movement away from chastizing women for weight and maybe a little bit of acknowledgement that a lot of guys are overweight and could use a bit of firming up.

  46. Meanchick says:

    JHud saying “gosh?” Puh-leaze. I don’t believe it. I think this is an underhanded attempt to make a comment about Adele’s weight. I think she’s beautiful. Why do some people think if you’re plus size that you want to or need to lose weight? Why even post this story? People need to just mind their own business when it comes to someone’s weight.

  47. M3l says:

    I kind of believe it.

    I’m overweight and the whole damn world seems to think they need to tell me and that they know how I should loose weight. People I barely know are the worst.

    And now I’m going off the anit-depressants and have started to loose a bit, I get a told you so speech and one person actually told me I would feel so much better when I fit in with normal people.

    So if she said that to Adele on one of the most amazing nights of her life, Hudson needs to STFU. Like telling a bride her hoop skirt makes her arse look huge, just makes you a bitch.

    • Maya says:

      Wishing you all the best. It’s horrible when people think that they can step in and comment and advise.
      I had a parental guardian subject me to the weight thing/advice for more than a decade (the only way I could get away was to completely sever ties).
      Then there are people who think that a physical transformation can happen overnight. What people don’t realise is that an overweight person is subjected to scrutiny all the time – even if they’re working on their weight, there is always someone who’ll comment (often negatively), critique and so on, completely ignorant of the fact that the individual they’re criticising is actually doing something and it takes time. I partially blame shows like the Biggest Loser that display massive (unhealthy) weight loss as a norm.
      BTW I’m nowhere near skinny minnie today and I probably won’t be, despite undertaking regular exercise, but as long as I’m okay with myself that is all that counts in the end.

    • jc126 says:

      M31, you need to get some snappy comebacks to shut people up. Sarcastic ones for the a-holes, others for those who are well-meaning but rude. Personally I like telling people to keep their own inventory, if they’re making ridiculously personal comments, but I’ve told my sister to STFU and it is enormously satisfying.

    • Petunia says:

      Oh good grief! That “fitting in with normal people” crack is beyond the pale. You should come back with, “You’re right, now that I’m no longer a VAMPIRE, I fit in with normal people again.” Smile as she looks at you blankly.

      Idiot (her, not you.)

  48. mel says:

    I’m 5’9 and 155…my friends all think I am around a size 6- 8 – I WISH. Tall people carry weight better than petite people do – but there is no freaking way she is 165 pounds. NONE. She is gorgeous but she is overweight and should slim down strictly for her health. It doesn’t mean she should be a size 6 – she should just get to a healthier weight.

    • gee says:

      I largely agree with this. I think someone very skinny wrote this article with no idea what weight looks like. She’s probably close to the 200lb mark, and slimming down is secondary to making sure she is in a healthy BMI range. So she can live forever and keep giving me music.

    • Maya says:

      Seriously how ‘fat’ can Adele be if she can fit into an Armani gown. Are you serious?
      Why is it that she is singled out to lose weight and men aren’t? That’s what I’d like to know.
      There are many male vocalists that are fat..dare I say rotund even (particularly some rappers) and no one makes their weight an issue.
      But here is the reason why women like Adele are singled out. Women are seen as cash cows (no pun intended) by fashion designers seeking celebrity endorsements and this is the sole reason why she is singled out. Because if one celebrity steps ‘out of line’ then who is to say that other’s won’t, and then, what would fashion designers really do?
      Today’s high fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry put together by cheap outsourced labor and sold as exclusive ‘couture’.

      Sorry gee, but I think you’re way off about Adele being 200 pounds. There is no way she looks like being 200 pounds in these or any other recent photographs.

      • Trillium says:

        It’s not like she bought an Armani gown off the rack, FGS

      • Maya says:

        No but she doesn’t look like a 500 pound Biggest Loser contestant either. Let’s get some perspective.

      • Estella says:

        Actually, Adele DOES look like a Biggest Loser contestant to me. Girl is spanxed to the max in that dress. And I am 5’10 and 150lbs – and a size 4. No way is Adele only 165. All lies.

    • cr says:

      But we don’t know that’s she’s not at her healthy weight. This is goes back to the belief that skinny=healthy and fat=unhealthy.
      We have no idea what her BP, cholesterol, etc., is. Those are the numbers I’d be concerned about, if they were ‘off’, not the actual weight.
      I’m technically overweight-I should probably lose 10-20 lbs. But, my bp, cholesterol, etc, are fine, so my doc’s not freaking out over it, and neither am I.

      • gee says:

        If she is 165lbs, her BMI is 24.5, which is the top of the healthy range, and good for her. I just don’t think she is 165. I don’t have a problem, she is stunning, if she is 165lbs for real and her blood work comes back healthy and all of that stuff, that is perfect. I just think everyone should work towards having a healthy weight, not skinny, but healthy. It can’t hurt, you know? I’m working hard to get healthy too! There is no judgement here.

  49. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Okay well when I was 190 I never looked it. I have big boobs and everyone was surprised at how small waisted I am. my fat goes to my thighs and boobs and bit of my stomach.

    I’m 160ish now and the same applies. People think I’m smaller when they see past my boobs.

    Everyone carries weight differently. Stop trying to say Adele is not 165. You don’t know what weight she is.

  50. FeverDream says:

    I believe it.

    I know fat people who’ve lost weight and you know what? The MAJORITY of the time they come out on the other side HATING overweight people. When they see fat people they see the former self they hate and they’re really self-righteous about weight and attractiveness.

    Jennifer Hudson is obnoxious.

    Adele should have said “you know, we can trade tips. You teach me how to lose weight and I’ll tell you how to grow natural hair so you don’t have to wear wigs all the damn time.”

  51. Kate says:

    165 pounds my ass!!!

  52. irishserra says:

    I think Adele is beautiful. I don’t know how much she really weighs, or if she’s in a range that makes her healthy or unhealthy. I don’t know if she’s happy with her body image or not. But I suppose we have no choice but to trust that if and/or when she wants to change her body, she will do so. Until then, I wish people would leave her alone and enjoy her music.

  53. nina says:

    oh, PLEASE- this has “fanfiction” written all over it. J-Hud does WW ads, Adele is considered overweight by many(I think she’s lovely). The tabloid took these two facts and made up a story.

    God, give the poor girl a break, JH’s been to hell and back with her whole family being murdered. and yet she’s always seemed to maintain her dignity. I can’t believe some fanfiction is all that’s needed for people to rip her looks and character apart.


    • Kimlee says:

      I agree with everything you said and on this site people are very plus size friendly and anti thin.

      If its a plus size person Is being talk about becuase of their weight it’s not ok but if the person it thin it’s more than ok to rip them apart and to give advice very hypocritcl.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    • Kloops says:


      Adele is so stunningly beautiful, talented and funny. Genetic lottery winner.

  54. maemay says:

    This is bogus. Jennifer was more than likely too consumed over the news of Whitney passing, plus having to sing a tribute to her that she would never say anything like that to Adele.

    This is just another media plan to pit women against women especially when it comes to weight.

    I don’t get the Jhud HATRED, she lost her mother and nephew, she lost weight for her health, she is beautiful but she gets the “Angry black woman hatred edit”. inspite of all her struggles the media tries to attach the same “angry black woman” edit to her. She just lost her mentor in Whitney, and prior she lost her MOTHER yet media never gives her any sympathy.

    If the Brangelina stories are BOGUS this is bogus also.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      That monster took her brother, too.

      Also agree about the angry black woman thing and know that in some corner of the world, someone is thinking, ‘Why do you have to turn it into a race thing? Here’s a list of pre-approved topics about which you can converse (because if I don’t tell you how to think about everything, you’ll set us back hundreds of years) and make sure you avoid talking about your knee-jerk PC sensibilities or personal offense, it’s offensive to me’.

      • Petunia says:

        Racism is a painful thing, I agree with you. The thing is, it can cut both ways. Like when someone implies that all white people think a certain way about JHud (“she’s an angry black woman,” “they don’t want you to talk about anything outside of what they approve.”) To me, that’s as insulting a statement as someone saying that JHud is an angry black woman. So far, what I myself have heard from this entire conversation has been a VARIETY of opinions:

        1. JHud never said that. She’s too cool to say it.
        2. JHud said it but meant well.
        3. JHud said it and she’s rude.
        4. Who cares?
        5. JHud looked better before.
        6. Adele is lying about her weight.
        7. No she isn’t.
        8. They’re talented women.
        9. Let’s stop talking about women needing to lose weight.

        How you can telescope all of the varying opinions into a narrow microcosm of the conversation is interesting. It would seem that you heard what you WANTED to hear and nothing outside of that. Maybe it’d be a good idea to reread them, so at least you can see that not all white people think a like (and surely many of the commenters aren’t even white.)

  55. Fb says:

    165?! Yeah.. Right. I ADORE Adele, but that’s not right.. I’m 190lbs and 5″5 and don’t even look that big. Granted I work out a lot though and it could be muscle, but people confuse me for 150 at most… I called 3 of my girl friends to see what they thought about her being 165… My best friend is a little shorter and she’s 168 and a bombshell! It’s just weird.. Doesn’t add up for me.

    Anyways yeah I can’t believe Hudson told her just like that. That’s just so bad.. Maybe she was trying to look out for her, but yeah man.. My mom once approached me with that tough love/advice shit when I was over the 200 lb mark and I took it pretty bad, she said my bf was gonna cheat on me if I didn’t drop it quick…

  56. Happy21 says:

    While I wouldn’t put it past Jennifer Hudson to do something like this to someone she knows, I highly doubt she would do it to a complete stranger BUT if she really thought Adele might take her seriously and she might be credited with helping the star of the moment – Adele – lose the weight well then she wins doesn’t she.

    And as far as Adele’s weight goes. She is overweight. That much is obvious. There is nothing wrong with being overweight. If she did weigh 165 which I doubt, she’d be on the low range of overweight according to the BMI and if she was 200 she’d be on the high end. There is no way she is obese though.

    And really, no matter what the girl can sing and she is trying to be healthier. Healthy doesn’t always mean thin.

  57. The Other Katherine says:

    Adele is super-hot, especially in that red lipstick! I agree with people upthread who comment that JHud has generally conducted herself with dignity; this just seems like fake tabloid drama. I can’t imagine anyone looking at Adele the night of the Grammys and thinking to herself, “What that girl needs is some weight-loss tips.”

  58. Beth says:

    Life is way too short to be worried about something like pants size (unless you’re morbidly obese, that can kill you, obviously). I tend to yo-yo with my weight and I’ve got pants sizes 4-12 in my closet. I’ve decided to stop giving a shit. When I’m on my death bed, will I be thinking, “I wish I’d always fit into those size 4s?” No, no I won’t. Who f***ing cares? TEAM ADELE

  59. Ally says:

    Adele has the most beautiful, alabaster complexion I’ve even seen. Forget Weight Watchers. Her face is a show-stopper.

  60. hateonit. says:

    who the f**k cares how much she weighs. she could weigh 165. none of you are her personal scales are you? so stfu. she doesn’t care about her weight which she shouldn’t. you don’t see her in and out the doctors so she seems to be fine. SHE IS A SINGER. NOT A MODEL. get the f**k over it. jennifer hudson lost weight. she feels better good for her. has she released any albums since she’s lost weight? no. has she won any Grammies? no. Adele and Jennifer are not the same people. just drop it. the size thing annoys the living shit outta me. you would think you have enough skinny headed bimbos jumping around stage(rihanna, Katy perry ect) that you would be satisfied that someone could actually SING. and is demure about her outfits. she’s not skinny. get the f**k over it.

    • Happy21 says:


      Great post! I’m one of the people that probably need to STFU but your post was awesome.

      And just one little thing, J. Hud did release an album in 2011. It didn’t get her a grammy or a nomination though.

    • hazeldazel says:

      ^THIS. A thousand time THIS. You win internets today.

    • hillbillygirl45 says:

      I totally agree with everything you said, I thought it was awesome. That said, Adeles’ voice,IMO, puts JHuds to shame. When Adele sings, it truly gives me goosebumps, Hudson not so much.

  61. gag says:

    I believe JHud said it. Amd i believe Adele graciously said thank you for the tip after giving her a side eye and then left the conversation with an eye roll esprcially for JHud. Wow, JHud is really turning into one of thise annoying skinny girls who used to be over weight and now they use their weight to define themselves (looking at you, Leann Rimes). J Ho better be careful that her relevancy does not disappear due to this new obsession of hers.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      So she’s a ho because of something she *might* have said?

      No one’s perfect, but I wouldn’t exactly call flipping the bird when you’ve had the chance to give about nineteen thousand acceptance speeches already the epitome of class. How much more could she possibly have had to say?

  62. NeoCleo says:

    Adele is absolutely lovely–great bones. Hudson should have kept her mouth shut because her comment on such a special day was nothing more than a big fat turd in the punch bowl.

    No one should be held to the ridiculous standards of the entertainment industry, BUT, Adele does need to look into taking off a little weight for health reasons only.

  63. LittleFATMe says:

    For me losing weight was finding sobriety of sorts… I lost 119 pounds with WW and then on my own. It is hard, I want to turn the light on for everyone. I want to give what I found, but it’s like religion. You can not just hand that shit out because you feel people should have it. I keep myself quiet unless asked or it actually comes up in conversation. I use my YouTube channel to journal, talk and state things that helped me, that way I am putting it out there if people want it and not all in the face and insulting people.

  64. Petunia says:

    Well, that’s the thing. On the one hand, you can’t fault Jennifer for having good intentions. She’s probably thrilled with her new body and feels it’s great to share her secret to success. I mean, that is a form of kindness, to wish good health and a nice figure on another.

    BUT…(dum dum dum)…it’s rude to offer it to someone who hasn’t asked. It’s like saying, “Hey, fatty, what’s wrong with you? Hurry up and get on the bandwagon, fer heaven’s sake!”

    It’s like those religious people who are forever handing you tracts about their religion, while telling you that yours stinks.

    Do people really appreciate rude gestures that may have kind intentions behind them? Not really. They just cause tension and bad blood.

    • Petunia says:

      And for the record, I have no idea if this went down or not. This is the National Enquirer, for heaven’s sake, so most likely the story is FALSE. The only thing they get right are the Jon Edwards stories.

      And also for the record, I think that anyone of any color who comments on another person’s weight without being invited to do so, is stepping into dangerous territory, one of unintended (hopefully) offense.

  65. garvels says:

    Just because someone loses weight doesn’t make them beautiful. Personally…I really think Adele is beautiful..she’s got the whole package,talent,confidence,brains and a curvaceous figure and a partner that worships her just the way she is….plus she’s riding high on life and doesn’t have to starve herself.

    • Hypocricy says:

      But Adele TOO has already lost a lot of weight and she has opted for the blond ambition type of hair versus the darker version she used to sport.

      I don’t hate the girl, i just find it strange that people always talked about her as being so different from the rest of them in that regard when she does exactly what the other ones did, losing weight and becoming blond.

      She just comes from a place where she has more weight to lose than the other singers but that doesn’t mean that she is not doing it like the other ones.

      It’s just less drastic but it’s the same mindset and the same attitude : trying to carve in to become slowly but surely a certain standard of beauty. The glamour photos with her seductive pose and breast exposure gave away the same vibe : the sexualization and swiftly transformation of her into a sex spot more than the portrait of a great musician.

      She is not different than the rest, she just is more talented with better songs but her transformation is underway and i won’t be surprised that she will be there in the two, three years to come..

  66. A~ says:

    I don’t buy it for a second.

  67. lulu Belle says:

    JENNIFER HUDSON USED TO BE A SLOB – A LAZY 4-STOMACHED SLOB. Adele is not a slob/never has been/never will be. Stunning and gorgeous. And seriously, does the public really think her “secret” is weight watchers? Its called Bypass surgery and a host of cosmetic surgery afterward to cut and tuck the loose skin – especially when you are THAT overweight. She has been sliced and diced. I will always think of her as a FAT SLOB with 4 stomaches and 5 chins. Just because she now has the income to pull off a Star Jones doesnt mean she is any better for it. Her ego, envy of Adele and false pretense keep her ugly…and fat (on the inside).

    • Petunia says:

      How do you know that she was lazy? I have to think that anyone who gets anywhere in the music or entertainment industry is far from lazy because there are ZILLIONS of people out there wanting to be a star. It’s not just talent that makes a star – it’s hard, hard work.

      As for her having 4 stomach and 5 chins, I guess you see what you want to see. I thought she was overweight before but I never saw what you see. I thought she was pretty and looked nice.

      Maybe some fat people are lazy but that’s a generalization. Skinny people can be lazy too. And there is no way that JHud could be lazy and make it as far as she has.

    • Ogechi says:

      It is extremely unnecessary to start calling Jhud a slob etc. I love Adele so much but we must all agree here that these two women are talented & beautiful but only one of them is classy, & that is Jennifer Hudson. Adele has no poise or class. She sounds so arrogant, controlling & insecure but I’m all for talents & women empowerment. Therefore. Stop the hate on Jhud!

  68. Betty says:

    First, check the source of this story. The Enquirer. Really, people, you should know better than to believe anything coming from them.

    Second, Jennifer tweeted that this never happened.

    And it’s very possible that Jennifer lost all that weight from Weight Watchers. I lost 51 pounds on the program. No surgery needed. Not everyone who is overweight ends up with a lot of loose skin. I don’t even have any from my pregnancy.

    Grow up, haters, and find something good to do with your lives.

    • Petunia says:

      Of course you can lose that weight with Weight Watchers. My sis (who is tiny) joined and lost and she talked about how larger people lost too. She’s very pro-Weight Watchers as it taught her how to eat better.

  69. JessSaysNo says:

    Adele is beautiful and only needs to lose weight if SHE wants to. But… I’m 8 months pregnant and I weight 165 right now. I know without doubt that Adele weighs closer to 185. Sorry, 165 is complete BS.

  70. gag says:

    She might as well have walked up to Adele and asked her when she was expecting. #noclass

  71. Wendy City says:

    I love Adele as mich as the next person, but it’s damn lie that she is 165 pounds! She is over 200 lbs. So be proud but tell the truth!

  72. Lauren says:

    JH should STFU. Adele is gorgeous. I would trade my size 4 body any day to have her voice and career. Those awful I am YOu, you are Me, dumbass WW commercials make me want to eat a box of brownies by myself. Stop the Madness.

  73. renee says:

    The tabloids always seemed to get the weight wrong. I remember when Kirsty Alley was very large on all the tabloids. One of the heading was, “Kirstie balloons to 220lbs!” The picture was her at her heaviest. She was closer to 300lbs. So, I don’t know if the writers are all skinny-minnies, who think 165 is obese. But, her being 5’9 and 165 would make her much more smaller.
    I am 5’7 and curvy..I wear a 6-8 in regular clothes (Gap and banana republic) and I weight 160.

  74. YEP_ITS_HER says:

    Considering I believe JHud DID NOT lose weight using weight watchers -um gastric band/lipo alert, I somehow I doubt this story being true.

  75. poopsicle says:

    Sorry… but Adele really needs to lose weight. It’s unhealthy to think it’s okay to be overweight. I’m not saying she needs to be anorexic or anything but be a more healthier weight. I’m all about having high self esteem and all but if you are that heavy you should try to exercise and take care of yourself.

    • Sammi says:

      oh grow up. When you are a nutritionist and work with Adele, then you can give her advice because you’ll know her health stats. If you saw her on the street you would think she looked just as normal as anyone else. Its just next to Jennifer Hudson and Leann Rimes types that Adele looks extremely overweight. She’s already lost some weight compared to older pictures so cut her some slack. Adele is classier and more talented than much of hollywood as it is.

  76. Rose says:

    OK. I do like Adele. But I hope she won’t keep talking about how she’s so happy with her weight when she is drastically losing weight every second we see her.

  77. Kimberly says:


    People could save tons of money by flipping ofF jenny craig AND jennifer hudson! SIMPLY stop eating processed foods. It makes you lose weight a lot faster and it’s WAY HEALTHIER!

    Jennifer Hudson lost tons of weight grieving from her loss before she went to jenny, so suck it Jennifer hudson!

    IF Adelle wants to lose any weight, and I don’t think she needs to at all b/c she’s beautiful, she won’t do something more smart like learning to eat properly if she already doesn’t.

  78. Oy. If that is true…inappropriate timing alert. Sheesh Jennifer.

  79. Lisa says:

    If it’s true, the timing was tacky. “Congrats on your award! Now here’s who I want you to call…” if it had come up in casual conversation, it might be different.

  80. Fabgrrl says:

    Oh, good lord! Stop talking about her weight! Everyone. I have never heard Adele sing. I don’t know her age, background, anything. But I ALWAYS hear about her weight! Fat Adele and her Fat life. Did you know she is Fat? This is what so-and-so said about her Fatness. She is do Fat that she Fat and Fat-Fatted, and then Fatty Fat to the Fat with her Fat.

    • I Choose Me says:

      LMAO! I wasn’t going to comment (so tired of the comments about weight and I don’t believe for one second JHUD said this) but I just had to thank you for making me laugh. It’s been a long ass day and I needed the chuckle.

  81. Kelly says:

    Jennifer Hudson looked better with more weight on her

  82. Dhavy says:

    why is Adele’s weight even an issue?

    Every time an artist is not the size of a toothpick their talent is not the focus anymore, it’s the weight AND the talent

    Yes I know the name of this website but I for one bitch about bitches and their attitudes/actions not their weight

  83. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    So, Adelle complained to her friends, and then the same friend(s), says that Jennifer’s been annoying “people” with her weight loss “preaching”, and was probably just jealous. A friend who knows both women well enough to know what happened, their motivations, and knows the secret exam to tell when someone is seething on the inside? Right…

    Just another contrived story aimed at pitting two talented women against each other because, regardless of talent, all women are nothing but jealous, catty bitches. I don’t think so.

  84. major says:

    wow, fat -and- arrogant.

  85. Tracy says:

    Adele has already lost quite a bit of weight as evidenced by the older photos in this piece:

    • Lisa says:

      Wow, yeah, I remember seeing her on TV like this when Chasing Pavements came out. She looked like Susan Boyle.

  86. Ashley says:

    If at 22 I was 60 ponds over weight I would have been offended when some one told me “hey fat girl you need to eat less and exercise more and loose some of that fat around your tummy.,,,” It’s hard to lose weight and not everyone is up for it. She obviously doen’t want to diet and nobody can make her, end of the story!!!

  87. Nikki says:

    If at 22 I was 60 ponds over weight I would have been offended when some one told me “hey fat girl you need to eat less and exercise more and loose some of that fat around your tummy.,,,” It’s hard to lose weight and not everyone is up for it. She obviously doen’t want to diet and nobody can make her, end of the story!!

  88. ViktoryGin says:

    I cry bullsh*t.

    You’d be hardpressed to hear the word “gosh” come out of a black person’s mouth. (American black, that is.)

    • Lisa says:

      lol, you haven’t watched enough Tyra. She loves to say “Oh my goodness!”

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying this but Tyra is black in ethnicity only.

        She grew up in the same area I grew up in and she sounds like a total surfer beach girl. We all talk like that. It’s a multi-culti area so we end up being “Californians”. I was going to say Valley Girl but we are from LA proper.

  89. Hetty says:

    I dunno you guys.. people who lose a lot of weight tend to preach a lot. My sister actually lost 17 kg’s and she can’t stop talking about how I (and everybody else) should have breakfast with pumpkin soup and stuff like that! “why don’t you try this and that? blabla” Love her to death and I know she means well but it’s sooooo annoying :p Healthy eating seems to be like their new religion that they want to convey to other people

  90. Maritza says:

    I understand how Adele must have felt because I myself hate when people suggest to me how to lose weight. Adele is beautiful how she is, but if she were to lose weight she would look amazing.

  91. ZenB!tch says:

    Adele has lost a lot of weight. Leave her alone Enquirer – JHud may have been congratulating her.

    I like Adele at whatever size she is now. She has real curves (vs euphemism for fat) but still has that gorgeous face.

  92. Barbara says:

    love love LOVE Adele but there is NO WAY she’s 165 lbs unless shes under 5′. Come on!

  93. Mario says:

    Newsflash Adele: YOU’RE A FAT PIG, YOU HAVE A HUGE HEAD. I can’t stand Adele, she’s overrated and arrogant.

  94. Ogechi says:

    I love these two women but I adore Adele. Jhud looks sick.

  95. crtb says:

    I just don’t want to hear in six month that she lost 50 pounds and talking about how unhappy she was as a big girl. I hate when celebrities do that.

  96. maemay says:

    Not that the truth matters especially when you can pit woman against woman with a good dose of fat vs. thin. Jennifer states that the report is not true and that she did not even have a chance to meet with Adele that night.

  97. vivien says:

    All the body policing Adele is subject to is sickening. It’s just sad that a woman can be as talented as Adele, but all anybody is interested in is scrutinizing her body.

    I hate when people pretend to be concerned about her “health”. Please, Adele(or any other woman’s health, except maybe family members) has no impact on your life so stfu and stop criticizing her body.

  98. Michelle says:

    Why are we even talking about this at all? She’s beautiful just the way she is, but it’s irrelevant. Her talent transcends all of that.

  99. Radar says:

    J-Hud keep your comments to yourself! When you song a tribute to Whitney, you looked heavy in the back (you had gained a few lbs back). Keep your comments to yourself! I think I see a green-eye monster.

  100. Jennifer needs to know the time and place. She knew exactly what she was doing,jealous Jen should be her new name. What a hater,also Jen still needs work because she is not fly at all.

  101. Missy says:


  102. Ashahmal says:

    There is no way she weighs less than 200 and there is no problem with that. But I’m just saying I’m 5’5, two inches shorter than Adele and when I weigh 165, I am skin and bones.

  103. Amanda says:

    Adele is so much prettier than Jennifer Hudson anyway. I’d much rather look at and be with a woman who is confident with the way she looks, than someone who is obsessed with how skinny she is. Adele rocks those curves and J-Hud can take her bony butt somewhere else!