“The Simpsons Trailer” Links

You think they could come up with a better trailer. It seems like the film is still being written which is why they had to resort to a throwaway opening and a tired old bit. I’ll still go see it no matter how bad it is.

– More pictures of Angelina Jolie in blackface on the set of “A Mighty Heart” [I’m Not Obsessed}
David Lynch sits on the corner in Hollywood with a live cow and one of his movie posters [The Blemish]
Nicole and Keith outside the Betty Ford clinic [Gossip or Truth]
Pamela Anderson explains that the paparrazi were saying mean things to Denise Richards. Ok then, that’s all right that she threw their computers off the balcony. [Gabsmash]
– Did Nicole Richie have to get her gastric bypass reversed? [Mollygood]
– The musical based on Bob Dylan’s music sucks [Celebritology]
Claire Danes is looking good [yeeeah]
Madonna’s next stunt is ripping off more Abba tunes [Spank Cheeks]
– Gratuitious Insincere Tom Cruise Photo Of The Day [Agent Bedhead]
Tom and Katie at Isabella’s soccer game [Celebrity Puke]
– Sexy Cassie photoshoot [Bastardly]
Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are not BFFs at this point Victoria tried to set a water-endamame-pretzel example, making tsk tsk noises whenever Katie tried to eat a meal [Celeb News Wire]
– Another far-away picture of Suri Cruise [Socialite’s Life]
– British official fears alien attacks [Shallow and Tacky]
– Harley couture [cityrag]
Edward Scissorhands: the musical premieres [Suicide Girls]

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  1. Viv says:

    Thanks for putting up the trailer for the Simpsons… I can only infer what is going on since something is wrong with my speakers. =/

  2. AC says:

    Im so mad that they made a movie of the simpsons while the simpsons are so f@$#$%ing stupid now. Not when they were absolute genious in the early 90-s till like 97. Idiots. Its going to BLOW.

  3. Viv says:

    Aww, I still like them. Although I don’t have a TV and can’t watch them. I remember when they were on the Tracy Ullman show… does that make me old?