Sacha Baron Cohen pours ashes on Ryan Seacrest: funny or dumb?

Shall we discuss what went down on E!’s red carpet last night? No, I’m not talking about how ABC allegedly shut down everybody’s live coverage from the red carpet, thus destroying a rather innocent pleasure and inadvertently emphasizing how lacking and budget ABC’s own red carpet coverage was. No, I’m talking about Sacha Baron Cohen’s stunt with Ryan Seacrest. The back-and-forth between the Academy and Cohen went on all week, and finally the Academy gave “The Dictator” his Oscar tickets. So Sacha arrived in character, of course. And E! was one of his first stops. He was holding an urn with what he claimed were the ashes of Kim Jong Il. And the stunt happened (I’m including two videos, in case one gets pulled!):

Now, was this a funny, memorable moment? Was it planned? I don’t know. I don’t think it was planned on Ryan’s part. I have to give ol’ Dame Seacrest some credit – he seemed pissed off, but he also kept his professional face on. I ended up feeling bad for him, sort of. But, as far as stunts go, getting ashes/Bisquick on your fancy suit isn’t that terrible. I don’t know… blah.

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  1. Overrated says:

    I vote DUMB

    • DeeDee says:

      Sacha/Borat maybe was funny but it works only for first time. It’s old joke. Get over it. Not funny.

      • CooCoo Catchoo says:

        SBC – obnoxious. Time to grow up. Humiliating people for a laugh is juvenile, mean-spirited and base humor. It’s downright bullying behavior. Is he THAT desperate for attention? SBC, you’re more talented than that. It’s the Oscars, why would you try and ruin an evening for people who are celebrating? No wonder his wife is thinking about dumping him. No one wants to be married to a bully – he’s setting a terrible example for his kid.

  2. Stoney says:

    I was not impressed.

  3. Cherry says:

    The whole idea of this sketch was funny, but it feels like we’ve been talking about it for over a week now. Everybody knew SBC would show up as the dictator, so when he finally did it, the spontaneity had already been sucked out of the joke. So no, I didn’t think it was funny. That little bit that Meryl Streep said, about everybody going: ‘Sigh, not HER again’- THAT was funny. Cause it didn’t feel rehearsed, you know.

  4. brin says:

    I didn’t find it funny but I also think everyone takes the Oscars so seriously so I’m kind of “meh”.

  5. paola says:

    I HATE Ryan Seacrest, he’s such a little girl and he can’t handle things, he’s such a pussy!

    • Zimmer says:

      I agree. He kept mentioning it to everyone afterward, like an insecure baby. Apparently, he did know something was going to happen, just not what, so he should have been cooler about it. That being said, it was dumb.

      • Tiffany says:

        Agreed x100 about Seacrest. It would have just been a dumb stunt that no one would be talking about anymore had Seacrest not whined to EVERY celeb that he interviewed afterwards, but now it’s hilarious.

      • Betsy says:

        Can’t you picture little Ryan running home to his mommmy after the show. I bet he spent all night with his head in her lap, clutching his blankie and sucking his thumb. Go, Sacha!

    • Samster says:

      If Ryan Secrest wasn’t such a little girl he’d have played up the joke but no he was miffed and tried to play it off but failed. I don’t see why they were pulling Sascha away like that though in the video i mean come on its freakin Bisquick no need to seperate two dudes like they are about to brawl.

      • paola says:

        Because Little Girl Ryan owns the tv channel that’s why, so he is allowed to be the drama queen in every f-ing broadcast and he was probably envious because he didn’t have the chance to wear glitter and sequins along with all the other women.
        if i was the owner he’d be unemployed, that’s for sure.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        haha I know – they carried SBC off like he had just poured a bucket of anthrax on an elected official. Like, calm down people.

    • Lindy says:

      While I agree that (a) stunt was dumb and boring and (b) Ryan S. should have just rolled his eyes and moved on, can we please PLEASE retire the words “pussy” and “little girl” as insults and as ways of demeaning and attacking men?

      I mean, most little girls I know–before the get old enough to realize how girls are “supposed to” behave–are funny, independent, feisty, and interesting.

      None of which describes Ryan Seacrest, right?

    • Tim Whatley says:

      I totally agree, except for the “little girl” comments – many little girls are pretty tough cookies. I don’t like it used as a pejorative.

  6. TruthTella says:

    On anybody else it’d be boring but seeing DOUCHEcrest try to controll his inner bitch fit was hilarious.

  7. Riana says:

    Dumb. If I wanted to watch an idiot in a costume spill something on someone I’d tune into The Kids Choice Awards.

  8. Jo says:

    I HATE that Cohen did this. I think it was just stupid. It was more of a turn-off than a ringing endorsement of this movie, for me, at least.

  9. Rachel says:

    Ali G was so funny back in the day.
    Best bit he ever did was with an animal activist who wouldnt kill one chicken to save 100 chickens.
    Cohen is just to well know now to get away with this now days. If it was the first time you saw his antics I bet it would be funny.

  10. neelyo says:

    The stunt was dumb but watching a sour, visibly pissed off Seacrest try and act cool was funny.

  11. Penguin says:

    It looked staged to me. Reckon seacrest was in on it.

  12. bea says:

    I love SBC, but that was a little weak. I did enjoy the obvs discomfort RS was experiencing – too bad it was funnier.

    Honestly, ALL the attempts at humor fell short last night. Goop and RDJ – painful. Billy Crystal – can’t sing, not funny. Ben Stiller and some girl – not funny. Just present the awards and get on with it!

  13. Adrien says:

    Funny…and here’s hoping it wasn’t fake like that Eminem bit at the MTV. Remember that Eminem also acted convincingly pissed by the Bruno stunt.
    It was only funny b’c it was Ryan Seacrest, purveyor of the Kardashians, Paris and so much more. If it was someone else, then dumb.
    “If somebody asks you what you’re wearing, you say Kim Jong-Il.”, hahaha.

  14. dorothy says:

    It wasn’t even funny in a slap-stick way. Just dumb all around.

  15. Boo says:

    I dislike Seacrest, but I *LOATHE* SBC. The whole thing was vastly unfunny.

    • LakeMom says:

      Could not agree more. Ryan is wa-a-a-ay overrated to me but I don’t get the SBC appeal at all. He’s not funny.

  16. TXCinderella says:

    It was stupid, just like the rest of his antics. This guy is just not funny. I do like the fact that he said they were Kim Jong Il’s ashes though, that part was funny.

  17. aquarius64 says:

    Dumb. If he had done that to a woman on the red carpet he would be in a local hospital now.

    • Riana says:

      Lol, I thought the same thing.

      I just think anyone over the age of 10 spilling anything on anyone for some laughs deserves a good kick in the balls.

  18. GoodCapon says:

    It was a bit lame, but the Kim Jong-Il part was pure gold.

  19. JudyK says:

    Contrived, stupid, not funny.

  20. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    I think SBC should’ve surprised everyone by arriving as himself in a tux with his beautiful wife and acting perfectly normal and gracious. Now that would’ve shocked!

  21. reg says:

    Love Sasha Baron Cohen, he is the best.

  22. Aiobhan says:

    With anyone else I would have felt sorry for the person and feel that the joke was lame. But I HATE Ryan with the passion of ten thousand suns so by default it is HIlarious. Not as funny as AJ looked on the carpet (I am an Angieloonie by the way ,so no shade)but still memorable. We are talking about it. Or typing about it.

  23. Nev says:

    uncomfortably funny.

  24. gloaming says:

    I loved it. I found the interview funny. Watching Seacrest’s – contorted with anger face, trying to crack a smile was priceles. Deadline call him ‘The Viscount of Vapidity.’ He was a little whiny bitch to every single celeb he met after.

    I didn’t know ABC had shut down everyone else’s coverage, was that why Seacrest didn’t come back? I thought he was having hissy fit……

  25. Marianne says:

    I think the whole thing was tacky. You’re at the Academy Awards, don’t promote your movie. Do this at like the MTV Movie Awards or something.

  26. postaldog says:

    Dumb. That they let Cohen come in costume to pimp his movie is ridiculous. Where do they draw the line now? The point of the Oscars is to celebrate the previous season’s movies. SBC isn’t nearly as funny or edgy as everyone wants to believe. It was a cheap publicity stunt on a par with Howard Stern and his butt-baring pants at the MTV Awards. Is that what the Oscars want to become? Dumb.

  27. Jacq says:

    I think that the MOST disrespectful part is that he was there for the nomination for Hugo. He wouldn’t have been invited if he hadn’t voiced a part. But no one is talking about that – he turned it into a personal publicity stunt & ridiculous self-promotion. If The Dictator is anything like Brüno, I sure won’t be seeing it.
    Also, what’s wrong with Isla Fischer for being with such a weirdo?

  28. sarah says:

    Not funny. Nothing I have ever seen from Cohen is funny. I don’t get his appeal.

  29. Jacq says:

    He should have supported the film he was there for, instead of stealing their thunder.

  30. Mia says:

    I hate plugs for things, so I found this dumb. Then again I find most things SBC does, dumb.

  31. The Truth Fairy says:

    Sacha Baron Cohen needs to give it a rest already. He is NOT funny and his antics are tiring. Seriously, save that lame crap for the MTV Awards!

  32. Samster says:

    I think the Oscars is a pretentious circle jerk of hollywood where many of the movies nominated are boring pieces made by hollywood elite. We watch them for the pretty dresses. So to me Sascha brought some ad lib humor to it and i appreciated it.

  33. Asli says:

    ”This is your definition of LUCK?!?!”

    OMG, hilarious. He WAS pissed.

  34. jc126 says:

    It would be dumb, but I can’t stand Ryan Seacrest and heartily believe that he deserves to have ashes dumped on him.
    I just wish SBC had done it to Billy Crystal.

  35. missanne says:

    who cares if it was planned or not. it was funny…i giggled. I really like SBC, cant wait to see his new movie.

  36. WOM says:

    The Dictator Sexy-Guard on the left of the screen is so funny! She’s clearly befuddled by what’s going on — maybe she thought SBC was a REAL despot? I don’t think Seacrest knew what was going on, and he did handle it with more grace than I would have.

  37. anytime says:

    he’s seriously unfunny… one flop character after another… it’s a little embarrassing

  38. Kim says:

    REALLY dumb. The whole schtick was unappropriate & distasteful for the Oscars. Not to mention just not funny at all.

  39. Mariangelita says:

    It wasn’t funny at all, it was totally RUDE!! What an obnoxious man that Cohen guy is.

  40. Jules says:

    It was obnoxious and dumb. I don’t find him entertaining.

  41. The Truth Fairy says:

    Too bad he didn’t do it to Tom Cruise! Tom would have said “Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?! Why did you do that?!” and then he would have made a citizens arrest. Ha!

  42. Jordan says:

    Juvenile. With so much build up, at least come up with a gag that hasn’t been done at elementary schools across the nation better.

  43. Poodlemom says:

    I think Ryan should sue Sasha B. Cohen! This was such a horror…and I felt really bad for Ryan. S.B.C. was a total ass…you should behave with class and good taste at the Oscars. W.T.F. was he thinking??? I hope Hollywood big shots punish him accordingly…and that his nice wife leaves him! I have no respect at all for Borat…what a jerk!

  44. Jean says:

    He’s only funny in his own mind… I would rather watch paint dry and find it funnier than any of his tired shtick.

  45. TaraRichmond says:

    Am I the only one thinking that the hired models look like Kardashians?

    Ali G had funny moments back in the day but the only thing SBC accomplished with that stupid little stunt was to remind me of his talent for self-sabotage.

  46. Onyx XV says:

    Dumb – I cannot STAND Sacha Cohen. His one-note style of humor is so over. At least, I’m over it, and have been since the first time I saw his stupid show. He’s like a mentally deficient 5 year old. I wish he would just have a total bomb of a movie, stop getting hired, and go away forever. That would be nice!