Angelina Jolie covers Vogue Turkey, does interview with Al-Jazeera

This isn’t going to be an epic post about Angelina Jolie and The Leg of Conspiracies And Awfulness. I just wanted to throw this March cover from Vogue Turkey out there because it’s just a striking image. It was shot by Mert & Marcus, as part of a real photo shoot for the magazine it seems. Mert & Marcus shot Angelina last year for Vanity Fair, but I don’t think these are “extra” photos from that older shoot. Here’s a poor quality snap of the magazine pictorial:

Nice. Sort of. I’m impressed that Angelina did a photo shoot for Vogue Turkey – a magazine that isn’t on every American celebrity’s radar, you know? Angelina has been promoting In the Land of Blood and Honey in several Islamic-heavy markets lately – she even did an interview with Al-Jazeera too. Don’t worry – it’s just as boring as her interviews with Western outlets:

In other Jolie news… eh. Bill O’Reilly was yelling about Angelina’s body at the Oscars, saying on Monday, “Is it just me or is she looking mighty slim these days? Emaciated even? I was kind of taken aback. Look at the arms on her! Once again the media largely ignoring Ms. Jolie’s physical profile, but she is a role model for some women. I mean, she is slight.” Meh.

Oh, and I guess Brad Pitt has been sent out to do some damage control on Leg-gate, because he was talking about babies with Access Hollywood, post-Oscars. He was asked if he and Angelina plan to have more kids, and he said, “We average about two a year, so I guess we’re overdue, aren’t we?” And Angelina concurred: “If they come our way, we’d be happy to have them all. We love children.” Wait, what? “If they come our way”? Like, if a neighbor child strays into their yard, Angelina is like, “MINE!”?

Vogue Turkey images courtesy of The Fashion Spot. Additional pics by Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kooky says:

    Love her to bits 🙂

  2. Lis says:

    Stick to acting, love.

    And that leg was High-Lair-Eee-Us. Just not in the way some think she intended.

  3. lisa says:

    The Access interview was not done after the Oscars. Brad and Angie were out to dinner with his parents then they went to the George Clooney party.

    And that part about averaging 2 kids per year is OLD taken from a past interview. Same with the Angie quote.

    It always that way. New outlets and magazines take quotes out of context and put them together to create “a new interview”

    The cover is beautiful. Love the Black and White shot.

    And really are we now going into day 3 of the leg conversation.. Gosh Get over it. I’m sure there has to be more interesting things happening then Angie’s leg.. but maybe not.

    • Lis says:

      “And really are we now going into day 3 of the leg conversation.. Gosh Get over it. I’m sure there has to be more interesting things happening then Angie’s leg.. but maybe not.”

      But it was soooo ridiculous and funny. She just did it all night long.

      People enjoy seeing someone who’s full of herself being mocked. And, frankly, she seemed high and/or drunk to me.

      • sian says:

        Lol, I think you couldn’t find a more less full of herself, less self-deprecating person than Angelina. One of the reasons I like her is because she is not stuck up or full of herself like other actors/actresses.

      • anonymous says:

        Don’t know what dog you have in that fight. But yesterday is dead and gone, today is a new day, time to move on! Angelina Jolie is still Angelina Jolie beautiful in and out. Knox and Viv looks so cute they are so adorable, Knox looks like his mama.

    • Esmom says:

      Our local morning news show is not letting it go. Actually they are getting all their material from the internet so I guess no one is letting it go. Made me seriously wonder if she knows what a big thing this has turned out to be.

    • unless she kicked a puppy with that outstretched leg, I don’t really care. But that’s just me.

      • Camille (The original) says:

        Exactly. It was funny at first, but now its just old news. Its not like she exposed her boobs/nip slip, or beat someone up or slurred her way through the presentation. It’s time to move onto the next thing IMO. *shrugs*

        On topic: Love the cover shot, she is an utterly beautiful woman (no matter what her body looks like, after all a ‘nice body’ is a dime a dozen in Hollywood).

      • jham says:

        imo @Camille is totally right about this, its not like she slurred her way through presenting (ahem anniston, cough cough)

  4. watchingyoubitchh says:

    love the neighbour comments,MINEEEEEE .so funny

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      I ROFL too! ‘Neighborhood kids wandering into Angie’s yard – “Mine”, all mine, finders keepers! So silly.

      O’Reilly is a major asshat, but, uhm, I agree with him just this once that Angelina is emaciated and kinda is in the Demi Moore territory body wise. I know stress pulls weight off her and Kiera Knightly, but if you can’t handle eating much due to whatever reason, Girl, go to the drugstore and buy some “Ensure”, for pete’s sake! A week of drinking in some much needed nutrition will round Ange out and make her feel and look her best.

    • Miffits says:

      Loved it too!
      ‘Hi, Miss Jolie, sorry to bother you but have you seen our little Timmy?’
      ‘No, but have you met our new addition, Pox? He’s Guatamalan.’
      ‘Wow, he sure looks like Timmy covered in Fake Bake….’
      ‘Nope. He’s Pox.’

      • ruokmiss? says:

        ROTFLMAO!! Thank you. I needed that!

      • I Choose Me says:

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Funniest thing I’ve read this week so far.

        Oh and thank you too Kaiser for the hilarious write up.

      • Az says:

        It’s GuatEmalan, thank you very much. and A. Not all Guatemalan children are dark. My son is blonde and has green and if he sparkled in the sun, I’d be very worried. And B. Guatemalan adoptions have been suspended by the U.S. since a few years ago due to the discovery that children were being bought and sold and this was passed off as legal adoptions. But other than that it was pretty funny.

      • aprayerforthewildatheart says:


      • call_in says:

        AHAHAHHA! Pox. Love it.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      SNL Angelina tried to take SNL Beyonce’s baby so why not.

  5. vaylont says:

    Mert of Mert&Marcus is Turkish and he pulls lots of strings to keep the Turkish Vogue afloat. Bringing Jolie is huge though.

  6. lisa says:

    When I looked at the first photo, the first comment that escaped my lips is,
    “God this woman is beautiful”.

    • HadleyB says:

      She is. Cover pic is fantastic. But her face looks much fuller there than Oscars. Photoshop I guess?

      But still, lovely.

  7. Marjalane says:

    While I think it’s pretty wonderful they’ve been so pro-adoption, they really need to keep populating the world with more of their biological super babies because they are uber cute!

  8. Wendy says:

    Has anyone else noticed that she has been shilling for parts via her appearances lately? If this cover isn’t a blatant “I’m trying to look like Elizabeth Taylor” I’ll eat my hat. And she dressed up as Malificent when she was wearing that red and white dress to whichever awards show that was.

    Which makes my personal theory on why she was doing her ridiculous leg-jutting poses as follows: There’s a part she wants that we don’t know about yet and the hard posing “Look at my leg” stuff was supposed to make whoever the Director is think of AJ for the role. Maybe it’s someone who fences…

    • Tapioca says:

      Oh, you mean that upcoming Colonel Sanders biopic?

      You know, ‘cos they’re going to be auditioning for chicken legs…




      • Wendy says:


        🙂 🙂

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        OMG! Tapioca, that was hysterically funny! Thanks for the belly laugh, and I hereby award you with the ‘Net Comment of the Day’ award that you can put in your virtual trophy room.

        Seriously, you should send is some of your best bits to Leno, Lettermen, Fallon, Kimmel, Handler, (ugh), and of course, Mr. Sexy and Sober Himself, the ever delightful Craig Ferguson!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:


    • spinner says:

      @ Wendy
      Maybe the studios would have a difficult time insuring Jolie at this point because she is in such poor physical condition, especially for action films. Just a thought.

      • Wendy says:

        That’s entirely possible.

      • Emma says:

        Jolie gets offered action roles…she doesn’t ask for them. Amy Pascal loves her…

        Jolie got offered the role of Bond Girl twice, while some other actresses (not even age appropriate) are begging for that role but unfortunately must stick to rom coms, dramas, etc.

      • Wendy says:

        If you look at her box office, she gets offered action roles because those are the films that she does that sell. She’s just as much a “niche” actress as any rom-com stalwart.

        The thing is, she’s gotten herself to a place physically where she’s no longer credible as an action star. Unless she does a spoof where they knock her over with a feather after she pulls a gun.

        She hasn’t acted in a film for two years and even the last one was a last minute deal for which she wasn’t the first choice. Giving examples of offers she has received several years ago doesn’t change that. It looks to me like the woman has dieted herself out of her niche.

  9. DetRiotGirl says:

    Generally, I find her boring. But, the leg meme is hilarious and I think that cover shot is really beautiful.

  10. PHD in Gossip says:

    Defining moment of AJ’s career. That absurd, look at me pose. That scrawny, pale, chicken leg. Sheesh- pathetic attention seeking attempt accomplished with worldwide media focus on her scrawny limbs. For the first time in ages – media attention that was unflattering!
    Wonder what she does next to erase this awful memory.

    • Jill says:

      She and Brad probably got some good laughs out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she acted it out at home for the kids.

      The thing Angie’s fans admire most about her is her ability not to take herself seriously. It’s only haters like you who call her stupid names like “Saint Angie Ho”. Her fans never considered her a saint and like her more for not being one. Nobody can relate to a saint. She’s a flawed human being like everybody else who’s not afraid to laugh at her own mistakes.

      Actually, you should be thanking her for helping you forget that Wanderbust is a major bomb and has probably killed Aniston’s movie career once and for all.

      • Camille (The original) says:

        +1 :D. Great comment Jill.

      • Angelique says:

        +2, I’m pregnant 😀

        hahah JK

        Love Angie. These pics are beautiful

      • Heine says:

        Jill: What does Aniston’s movie have to do with this?

        You get on Aniston fans, calling them ‘haters’, for ragging on Jolie yet here you are bringing Aniston’s film flop into a Jolie thread that is totally unrelated to Aniston because…you saw an opportunity to rag (hate) on her? Who is the ‘hater’? Someone who gleefully mocks someone when they see their name and picture or someone who drags an unrelated entity into the conversation and then says something negative?

        ‘Angie did something pathetic and attention seeking’

        ‘No she didn’t! She laughed about it and she isn’t perfect! Aniston’s movie bombed and her career is over!’


        Why do people do this?


        EDIT: And when has she EVER ‘not taken herself seriously’? She seems boring to the nth degree, especially in interviews, because she takes herself waaaay too seriously.

  11. Dalstongirl says:

    Simply beautiful. I love her. Leggate has gone way overboard. I thought it was funny, but must admit I did think what is she doing. Anyway, haven’t we all done silly things at parties etc? It’s no bigger. No one died.

    • Rosina says:

      @Dalstongirl, that should be the case but this is a peculiar industry. Look at what happened to Tom Cruise after jumping on Oprah’s Couch, when he was just trying to visually demonstrate the level of his elation in his relationship.

      • Jill says:

        Oh good lord have mercy, if you’re trying to compare Angie with Tom Thumb you need to get a major grip. It wasn’t jumping on the couch that turned people off Tommy, it was his spouting off about Scientology. People thought he was a freak show behind that and it’s dogged him ever since because he’s still very much into it.

      • Wendy says:

        The couch jumping moment was a study in “try too hard” for a (probably) gay man who was trying to convince the world that he’s madly in love with his new “contract player”. Bad acting.

        Ditto for the leg thing. Big time “try too hard” and bad acting.

        Both leave me a bit baffled, since you would expect more from both.

  12. di elepha beth says:

    The Cover!
    the Jolie and leather!
    soooo much better than Mother Earth image. I mean her Mother Earth style is not the worst that can happen to a woman (even though some of her choices on this subject are sometimes suspec; she has some good choices, like the green maternity gown, etc). But the Jolie and le Leather, another thing entirely.

    On a complete different tangent, I have to say the green one is one of my favorites. And it speaks of Lush Earth Mother full of abundance and life.
    The Earth mother that appears Oscar 2012? Not so much lush, as on its last leg, dying of famine and hunger and general aridness. So if Golden Globes attire is Maleficent-bating, then Oscar attire is… um… next Al Gore movie?

    So, Pitt! Be the responsible husband and knock yer wife – ahem – partner up, get her add some weight to the frame that way. At least that’ll stop the “weight”-talk for a while. Unless, some random stray follows you home. Come on guy, get them swimmers moving.

    Anyway, that’s all besides the point. Should give Legsanity a rest. And maybe I should ease up on this good thing I’m smoking.

    Jolie and Leather… yeah.

  13. madpoe says:

    Can never tell who the twins look like more, Ang or Brad? Guess it depends on the pix?

    • jc126 says:

      It looks to me like Vivienne has Brad’s face, Knox has Angelina’s, and they both have Brad’s hair, at least the color anyway. Very cute, and it cracks me up that the girl looks like her dad, the boy like his mom.

  14. dorothy says:

    I’m kind of burnt out on Angie.

  15. Eve says:

    Gorgeous cover.

  16. waq says:

    The leg posing exposed her lack of self awareness that. That’s what people can’t stop talking about. How could she not know how unhealthy she looks? She stuck that leg out thinking it looked sexy, all it did was earn her flack for being boney and skinny. She looked ridiculous and I say this as someone who likes her.

  17. flan says:

    First nipplegate and now all the fuss over a leg? People laughing at it, okay, that’s one thing.

    But the hate that some people spill over something like THIS? Truly baffling, like mass psychosis.

    Bill O’Reilly should take a look at his own body and find there is a lot to complain about. But yeah, we are not supposed to complain about famous people’s bodies if they are male, are we?

  18. Cerulean says:

    I like her but I am burnt out. I don’t like her thinness. I thought the leg thing was funny and awkward which I found endearing. She wants to get her vamp back but doesn’t quite know how anymore. She did seem a little tipsy…
    But she is waaaaaaay too bony to look sexy or appealing now. She looks sick.
    Makes me wonder what is really going on with her sometimes.

    I think she is laughing about the attention. She needed to DO something different and she did.

    Still…cozy up to a fatty meal. It’s not healthy for your daughters.

    The twins are adorable.

  19. Sara says:

    Cover is heavily Photoshopped to hide her gaunt face. It is a beautiful cover though.

  20. alw says:

    nobody makes remarks about overweight actress and that is extrememly unhealthy,but slim one make news.

    • Wendy says:

      “Slim ones”? How about “looks like she’s starving herself to death”? This woman has gone wayyyyyy past slim.

      • alw says:

        i was talking about all slim woman.

      • alw says:

        nobody says anything about melissa mcarty, did she eat a whale? food is not your friend,the remarks would be,”but she is pretty and very friendly,you might be right,but still fat,or should i say full figured.

    • Wendy says:

      I can’t say that I agree with you about “slim women” getting ragged on. There is a big difference between being naturally slim and starving yourself. Mostly, naturally slim people don’t usually have the muscle wasting look that starving people do.

      As for the backlash currently going on concerning underweight women, I say “good”. Mostly because the media has been pushing models and actresses towards looking like prepubescent boys for a couple of decades. That’s not normal or healthy, not for them and not for the kids who grow up thinking that’s what they should look like too.

      I’m sorry if that sounds heartless to those women who have a difficult time gaining weight, I know you’re out there. And once the media starts pushing obese as the new “norm” for everyone to aspire to, we’ll start ragging on that too.

  21. Jayna says:

    The leg thing was cringeworthy. It was a very akward leg pose to get it out there.

    She is too thin. But she is stunningly beautiful. The only woman that rivals her is Charlize Theron. They are both breathtaking when dolled up for award shows.

  22. The Original Mia says:

    Gorgeous cover.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Her face is amazingly beautiful.

      She’s always had full lips. My husband’s family has them as does my daughter. Wish I had them.

  23. Sakyiwaa says:

    ROFL! omg! Kaiser, you’re funny!

  24. ladybert62 says:

    Look at those inflated balloon lips – yuk.

  25. meme says:

    What a fool St. Angie Ho has made of herself. Al Jazeera? This media ho will do anything for attention.

    • di elepha beth says:

      it’s for Al Jazeera Balkans, a TV Station that serves for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. her movie is about Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

      so you’re saying that she can only talk to US TV stations? don’t the “lowly” TV stations in the country where the film is shot, about which the film is about, have a right to interview her? It’s definitely within the context.

      It’s not like she’s media-whoring for some completely unrelated movie.

      sure, the TV could interview the “local” casts instead, but didn’t discount the fact that she wrote and directed it.

      there are many flawed things about Angelina Jolie that you can criticize and be within sense to do so. But nitpicking about this interview being held? say that it’s boring and saying nothing new, if you want. how she looks like crap there (like she really needs some hibernation, sleep, and food), but not why this interview is taken at all, methinks.

  26. Kooky says:

    Four hours later and only 43 comments? It seems people are finally getting tired of this leg talk. Me too.


    • Sakyiwaa says:

      they were bound to. Julia Roberts makes valid points about fame. No one lets you off the hook easy.

    • Jess says:

      Are you seriously counting the hours? If you are so sick of her why did you comment? I’m sick of kim kardasian and many others celebs so i don’t waste time to read about them or make a comment.

      • Kooky says:

        Calm down sheesh! FYI I love Angie and was happy that the leg hoopla must be dying down as evidenced by the low number of posts 4 hours later.
        And yes I counted the hrs because I was the first one to post on this thread.

  27. Ara says:

    I think that’s a beautiful cover. Pretty sure Bill O’Reilly probably hate Angelina because she and Brad visited President Obama at the white house for crying out loud and have no concern about her health. The leg thing was just Angeline playing around as all of the other presenters like JLo and Cameron Diaz. It’s hilarious the way the people that hate Angelina daily faking concern about her size. If Angeline was a bigger you would poke fun about that. Seriously these haters wake up each day looking for some nastiness to throw her way. To bad you don’t have hard hitting problems in your life so you can let go of the petty anger for Angelina Jolie.

  28. Sakyiwaa says:

    I love the cover here too.

  29. sassy says:

    She is hot!

  30. Trek Girl says:

    Knox and Vivienne are so adorable! I love the way Angelina is looking at them in that picture (well, I think she’s looking at them), and I love the looks on each of their faces.

    The pictures and Vogue cover are beautiful. There’s not much else I can say about them – they’re just beautiful.

  31. Jessica says:

    Brad said: “We average about two a year, so I guess we’re overdue, aren’t we?”

    Um. No. Seven years together equals 14 children at that rate. Since they have 6 and they’ve been together seven years that’s not even one a year. He’s pretty, for sure, and I love his political views and what he has done in New Orleans (clearly he has a big heart), but….maybe not so bright. Or maybe he was just being tongue in cheek.

    • CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:


      That quote is from an OLD interview of Brad’s and Angie quote is old too.

      He can count I am sure up to six or else he would have a hard time counting his hundreds of millions $$$, but if you must bash him, go right ahead but be careful in saying HE is not bright.

      Copy and paste jobs have been a staple for the JP’S since they are not always giving interviews. The industry is good at recycling and passing it off as new news.

    • LAK says:

      @Jessica, that is an old interview that’s being presented as new. Plus, they did get the kids two a year. Brad adopted the first two in first year of the relationship. The next two came along in the next year, twins obviously come along in twos, no?

  32. Sammi says:

    her leg made the oscars as far as I’m concerned. Other than Ryan Secreast and the Kim Jong Bisquick incident. Everything else was boring

  33. mia girl says:

    She looks amazing on that cover shot.

  34. yep says:

    Kaiser, that last line made me laugh out loud.

  35. aprayerforthewildatheart says:


  36. lisa says:

    Just got to see the scans of the other shots. Very nice. A few in color and the rest in black/white. this cover has been out a while. I think the fan saw it a week ago. Well I did anyway. hehehe

    but lovely cover. She is just very photogenic. Not saying she has not taken some unflattering pictures. But I will bet there are far few of them

  37. mln76 says:

    Simply stunning… leg game is a bit lame….will they take away my loonie card if I wonder if it was a set up to garner interest in Malificent?

    • Camille (The original) says:

      No, it won’t lol. I have been wondering the same thing myself. I guess time will tell when/if the movie is made and what the part is like.

      • Jill says:

        According to it’s in pre-production scheduled to be released in 2013. Is this supposed to be live-action or animated?

  38. sm255 says:

    Booooo. Bring back Tomb Raider Jolie.

  39. original sandy says:

    beautiful cover.

  40. Moreaces says:

    Call Angie.

  41. hopeso says:


  42. cameron says:

    I’m crediting JJB for reminding me of Angie’s quotes over the years.

    1) “People say that you’re going the wrong way when it’s simply a way of your own.”

    2) “If I make a fool out of myself who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.”

    3) “I’d rather be hated for who I am than to be loved for who I’m not.”

    4) “It’s not my responsibility to have a personal life that everybody’s comfortable with.”

    I’m sure she’s sensitive like everyone else. But,if it’s not affecting her and her family why should she care what people think.

    • Trek Girl says:

      Thank you for posting those quotes. I heard or read one of them before, but not the others.

  43. Maya says:

    My god, that cover photo is gorgeous.