Christina Hendricks’ leathery V Magazine shoot: awful, tacky & nonsensical?

In the April issue of V Magazine (the one with J. Lo’s CUP), Christina Hendricks has this pictorial and interview, likely to promote the upcoming season of Mad Men. MARCH 25!!!!! OMG. Less than a month away!!! I might need to re-watch Season 4 just because I think I’ve forgotten some stuff. Anyway, Christina, leather, bad styling. Damn, I really hate this photo shoot. What can I even say about Christina at this point – I really like her on Mad Men, and I think she’s an underrated actress. But she’s not stylish. And she often looks like hell on the red carpet and in magazines. I just don’t know anymore. Christina’s full V Mag piece is here, and here are some highlights:

Christina on going unnoticed: “Oh, I can totally go unnoticed. I ran around all day today. Not a mention. In Los Angeles you know the neighborhoods where you’re more likely to get noticed. And then you probably put on lipstick.”

Joan’s pregnancy: “It probably surprised a lot of people. It certainly surprised me,” she says. “Joan certainly has motherly instincts—at least in a bossy way.”

Learning how to wear a girdle: “Now I put moleskin underneath the rubber so it doesn’t rub against my skin,” she says. “I still get a little bruised up, but I’m learning the tricks of the trade.”

Life before Mad Men: “I used to play characters more naïve than Joan, who is so sophisticated and…not jaded, but worldlier,” she says. “I’ve definitely learned from playing a character that is so confident and resilient.”

She’s playful: In the past several years, she has donned a motion-capture suit to star in Need For Speed: The Run, an installment in a massive racing-simulator-video-game franchise; judged an episode of Top Chef Masters (with her husband, actor Geoffrey Arend); appeared as a Latisse spokeswoman for a special project to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation (“I have long, beautiful lashes right now,” she says); and is currently the voice of the Baskin-Robbins “Flavortising” campaign (“I’ve always been a butter-pecan girl”). She has also admitted to enjoying a drive in her PT Cruiser and, it should be noted, appeared twice as Saffron, a seductive outer-space con artist, on Joss Whedon’s 2002 short-lived but slavishly followed Firefly (fanboys never forget).

Getting more parts because of Mad Men: “It’s amazing to even get these opportunities,” she continues. “I didn’t have them before Mad Men—it opened up so many doors. I feel like a kid in a candy store and I want to try everything.”

[From V Magazine]

Wow, an interview where she doesn’t discuss her boobs! Shocking. But now my Mad Men interest is starting to build… I’ve been keeping it tamped down for so long… it’s coming in waves now. Draper! Sterling! Joanie! Peggy! OH GOD. How am I going to manage these next four weeks?

Photos courtesy of V Magazine via The Mail.

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  1. Jessica says:

    ?????? lol

  2. Liz says:

    She loks like Chloe Sevigny or whatever her last name is.

  3. Lairen says:

    Aw, she’s so excited for the Hunger Games! That must be her midnight premier outfit with the crossbow. They probably won’t allow her to take that into the theater though, considering it’s a weapon. Somebody should let her know.

  4. fancyamazon says:

    I like this shoot a lot. She looks gorgeous.

  5. Darlene says:

    dude. what is that about???

  6. Amanda says:

    So glad she’s not going on and on and on about Balloon Boobs and “I was a teenage outcast”

  7. Sisi says:

    too bad that you don’t release that type of bow with a bare hand -_-” fail…

    oh well, it’s more technically accurate than Beyonce in Video Phone, who was holding a right handed bow left handed. Now that was really looking stupid.

  8. Lee says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if she’s just a terrible model – she looks lovely in theory, but there’s no expression or intention in her eyes at all. That really ruins it.

  9. vic says:

    Awful, tacky, nonsensical. Describes almost everything this woman has worn while not filming Mad Men. I just don’t get it.

  10. Photo lab says:

    At least her breasts aren’t hiked up to her chin here.

  11. spinner says:


  12. ramona says:

    This woman is using that bow all wrong. Listen, if you’re going to use a prop, make sure someone on set can hold it correctly and teach the talent. And even in a photo, pointing an arrow at your face is a really stupid thing to do.

    Archery rant over. Apologies.

    And the photos are hideous. No apologies.

  13. Happy21 says:

    Mad Men!!! Mad Men!!! Mad Men!!!

    Just finished watching Season 4 and I am super-super stoked.

    I think Christina is beautiful (lol, I started to type she is breastiful – seriously!) but she doesn’t do photoshoots to well.

    I’m stoked for Joan’s pregnancy. I did have a feeling but it still surprised me…I wonder how they will make her look when she is preggers? Just a belly or big all over a la Jessica Simpson?

    I think her hubby is going to get it though. I don’t think he’s coming home…

    Ok thats enough. I couldn’t stop myself as I’m obsessed with Mad Men right now 🙂

    • Unbeweavable says:

      I think since they made Peggy pregnant all over when she was secretly knocked up, they should do the same for Joan. Although the fake chubby face on Peggy could have been better.

    • Jackie says:

      can’t wait for MAD MEN *squeals*

      i need more betty. she is such a beautiful bitch, with the best wardrobe ever!

      they better bring bert back.

  14. marie says:


  15. anti says:

    Oh man! Hello 1990’s!

  16. Ashley says:

    While the photoshoot was TOTAL nonsense – at least they put her in flattering clothes. It’s the small victories!

  17. Camille (The original) says:

    Awful photos.

    Shouldn’t Mad Men have been cancelled by now? Some of these shows just go on for too long.

  18. Kate says:

    It’s very unfortunate but she has yet to find a decent photographer, or more importantly, a stylist. She really does look absolutely awful in anything except Mad Men, including real life.

  19. ohiogirl says:

    It seems like something the goth kids I went to school with in the late 90’s would put together. Her face is beautiful but other than that, eww.

  20. blah says:

    Who gives a s-it what she’s wearing and if she’s “stylish” when she’s built like a brick sh-t house. With tits like hers she can wear a f—ing garbage bag.

  21. LeeLoo says:

    Yeah the outfits aren’t good. However, I would still totally become a lesbian for her.

  22. anytime says:

    her face looks infinitely prettier when she doesn’t do that fake “i’m at a premiere” smile!

  23. ichsi says:

    That’s right, Browncoats never forget! YoSaffBridge forever! 😀
    I agree with the people who say she’s beautiful but doesn’t do photoshoots very well. Some people just don’t look that good frozen in a still frame, no matter how stunning they are…