The Queen is not amused by Duchess Kate’s “laziness” and vanity

This In Touch Weekly story gave me an enormous amount of pleasure. Not that I’m cosigning it, and not that I think it’s 100% genuine, but I just enjoy that the tabloids are playing catch-up on the fact that Duchess Kate is much less than the sum of her propaganda. In Touch’s “royal sources” claim that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, thinks Kate is rather dull. And lazy. And dumb. And vain. This actually isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Queen’s questioning of Kate’s work ethic – it was widely reported (by legit and tabloid sources) that several years before William proposed to Kate, the Queen wanted to know if Kate was ever going to get a real job. The Queen thought it was unbecoming for a young, unmarried woman to simply spent her 20s waiting around for a prince. And now that Kate has married into “The Firm,” the Queen is still wondering, “Seriously, is this woman ever going to do anything?”

As if it wasn’t bad enough to be called Waity Katie for eight years, poor Kate Middleton is now known in the royal inner circle as Duchess of Dolittle! Though Kate has appeared at dozens of charity events since marrying Prince William last April, that’s not good enough for Queen Elizabeth II, who’s been complaining of her “laziness,” a royal source reveals.

Stuck at home while William is in the Falklands, Kate is under pressure to be more like Princess Diana.

A source says, “The Queen maintains a full schedule of events,” and huffs that Kate isn’t doing the same.

Some of the other complaints?

“She doesn’t get out enough!” – In less than a year, Kate has made 35 appearances at charity events, but that’s nothing to the Queen, who recalls Princess Diana’s superhuman efforts as a new royal – 170 engagements in a year!

“She’s much too vain!” – With all eyes on Kate – and women all over Britain copying her famous hairstyle – she is under tremendous pressure to look her best. Indeed, a royal source shares that she spends four to five hours getting her hair cut and styled.

“She spends too much money!” – Kate caused a stir when she shoed up at a charity event carrying a $1,300 Mulberry bag, and often wears expensive clothes during her few charitable outings.

“She isn’t very bright.” During a viewing of her wedding dress at Buckingham Palace with the Queen, Kate raised royal eyebrows when she asked if priceless antique Faberge eggs were still being made. An uninformed statement for an art history major. Still, Kate will be the first queen to have graduated college!

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Basically, the Queen and I are the same person. We have the same complaints, only mine are centered mostly on how Kate prioritizes shopping and salon appointments much more than any royal duty. And of course, I’ve been calling Kate “hilariously lazy” for years. It’s true – she is. Sigh… I wish I could hang out with Liz and the corgis. We could Mean-Girl the Duchess of Dolittle. “OMG, her eyeliner,” I would say to the Queen. “Quite right. She needs to get off ‘er arse!” the Queen replies.

And before The Duchess Patrol comes and cries about how Kate is STILL LEARNING, etc, let me just say – sure. I do believe she’s still learning. As I’ve said, there’s a learning curve for new royalty, and I do applaud her for not making any major (or even minor) fumbles when she does do an event. But there are two big issues: one, she isn’t doing enough events. At all. Because she’s lazy. And two, Kate is kind of vapid. I mean… William married her, and she does seem like a “nice” girl, but she’s not some bright, shining, independent role model. She just… waited. She’s patient. And dull. As we were discussing in the earlier post, when Kate speaks, it’s not like she’s ever blowing people away with her insightful comments or sparkling wit. She says things like, “I love chocolate. I think all girls like chocolate” and admitting that she doesn’t know how to make a cup of tea. And of course, there’s this video which highlights her lack of… something. Lack of preparation. Lack of concern. Lack of interest. Lack of ability to do anything but stutter talking points.

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  1. sm255 says:

    The Queen is the most amazing octogenarian woman I’ve ever read about at this moment.

    GO LIZ!

    Edit: Not that I haven’t read about her before…but still!

    • Hootysgram says:

      She’s a very proper OLD FART but I love her…Kate seems to be very glad to be part of the royals..but I sure wish someone would dress her. Her taste in clothes SUCKS! She dresses in the ugliest stuff..and enough with the navy blue..put some young clothes and colors on her…Jesus!

      • Cricket says:

        I thought it was common knowledge that the Queen didn’t like Diana…guess now she’s realizing what a wonderful, hard working, warm hearted person she was. A little too late…It’s baffling that Will would fall for such a Waity.

      • Selena Castle says:

        You’re kidding right? I am so totally bored with all this rewriting of history as far as Diana is concerned. Her husband had one mistress. She had multiple lovers! One of whom fathered her second child. No-one will ever convince me that that boy is Charles’. She tried to break up Oliver Hoare’s marriage to the extent that he attempted to take out a restraining order on her. She used the press to try to bring down the royal family. She saw her sons only on school holidays and then made sure the press was there to get the “good mother” dross. She likely had profound mental health issues, probably a borderline personality disorder (going by her manipulative behaviour). So please be realistic about the woman, just because she is dead doesn’t mean that we can discuss her in terms of some kind of saint. She wasn’t, she was a media tart when it suited her and a professional victim and a master manipulater.

      • LAK says:

        @Serene CAstle – ‘She had multiple lovers! One of whom fathered her second child. No-one will ever convince me that that boy is Charles’.

        HOw do you explain the fact that Harry is a full two years older than the well documented start date of his mother’s affair with his alleged father.

        And if you say ‘red hair’ then you really are an idiot because red hair is a Spencer feature. Diana’s siblings and many of the Spencer cousins are red heads.

        Harry has Charles’s eyes, eyebrows, and nose. Overall he has very strong Spencer genes. He resembles the McCorquodale cousins ie kids of Diana’s sister Sarah.

        If we are going to try and use the ‘he doesn’t have strong Charles resemblance’ as the argument for disqualifying Charles as his parent, then you might as well use the same argument to disinherit William because his face is all Diana.

  2. Boo says:

    I’d like to see ol’ Queenie issue a posthumous apology for how she treated Diana and her general “meh-ness” about her death. She is now, perhaps, appreciating that while not perfect, Diana did a hell of a lot of good for The Firm, and any negative stuff associated with her time there was all the fault of her dork-ass son and his rottweiler-faced mistress.

  3. Kate is lazy says:

    You are on to Kate ! Lazy vapid vain ! The queen knows th public is paying for Kate and she knows that at some point they will ask why she does so little, less than one engagement a week. With will away there is no excuse she should be working hard out in the limelight. And that figure for Diana is not right she did at least two to three times those engagements a year.

    • maemay says:

      Kate is not on the Civil List, so no the public is’nt paying for Kate. Prince Charle’s estate is responsible for William, Kate and Harry. Plus William has Diana’s estate. The Public pays for security but would you rather something happen to her?

      • An Englishman Abroad says:

        Kate may not be on the Civil List but where do you think Prince Charles’ money comes from?His 18millin a year income comes from the Duchy of Cornwall which belongs to the nation but he takes the profits. William’s own money came mainly from Diana but most of that was from her divorce settlement which came from Charles which came from the Duchy which comes indirectly from the taxpayer. Also the Govt refuse to tell us how much is spent on Royal security but it’s understood to be in the high tens of millions.Kate will get expenses from the Civil List whilst on official functions too. And yes she’s lazy and vapid.

      • Sachi says:

        It’s a trickle down effect: Charles’s money from the Duchy of Cornwall comes from the nation. William gets some money from him, Kate gets money from William.

        So really, Kate is still being funded by taxpayers, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that she is not.

        I should know. I’m part of the public who pay their taxes to fund the Windsors.

      • Umlaut says:

        My understanding is that the Royals contribute far more to Britain (which takes the rental money from all their properties) than they receive.

        The United Kingdom earns 160 million pounds in profit, every year from the Royal Family.

        This site explains it:

      • Kate #2 says:

        Umlaut, that’s a little like saying that the US government make a profit from the Presidency because he lets them keep offices in the White House.

        The Crown Estates were controlled by the monarch because s/he used to pay for all the army, the civil service, the costs of running Parliament and the courts and so on. Traditionally taxes were raised for wars, and additional expenditure, and the Crown Estates defrayed day to day costs. When we have a criminal court case over here it’s The Crown vrs (Defendant name). It wasn’t seen as spending money for the Royal Family because it wasn’t their own personal cash, though they did also use it to fund their lifestyles as the monarchy and the state were indivisible at that time. (In the days immediately after the February Russian revolution it was noted that the same issue existed – Nicholas and Alexandra had no concept that government funds weren’t theirs to take out of the country into exile.) The royal family nowadays argue that they nobly handed all that cash over and thus don’t cost us anything but it’s frankly exceedingly close to being a bare-faced lie.

        George III agreed to hand over the Crown Estate revenues in exchange for Civil List funding because it was increasingly necessary to raise taxation, and it wasn’t popular at all. The payoff between popularity/control of the state expenditure was just one more staging-post on the long, and mostly non-violent, road from an autocratic monarch to a constitutional one. To claim the Royals own the Crown Estates – you might as well claim they have a divine right to rule by decree and wasn’t it good of them to let us have a democracy, or that Cameron “owns” all the government money and is being really generous to “let” the next Prime Minister have it. It just isn’t the reality.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Kate (the poster, not the duchess), you’re awesome. That’s all.

  4. maemay says:

    Kate will be damned either way…if she did tons of public appearances she would be labeled a fame hogger and Diana clone.

    if we believe In Touch regarding this and their “source” with the Queen then all the crap they post about Angelina being bad mom is true also.

    • Raven says:

      It’s clearly a pack of lies, the first one being that they have a royal source. No one in that setting would have anything to do with this rag.

      • bluhare says:

        Bingo. They had a source who told them Kate was pregnant too. They even said in print it was a reliable source because other things the person had told them were true.

      • Liz says:

        What if the source was correct and Kate had a miscarriage though?

      • Carolyn says:

        No-one with any real Royal connection would be speaking to gossip mags. William is universally adored throughout the Commonwealth and most are hoping the Queen abdicates and passes over Charles to make William King. I think Her Maj is happy with Kate as long as she toes the Royal line and doesn’t cause any scandal and be too independent. Oh and she and Wills have a happy stable marriage with an heir and a spare. That’s all to be expected from her.

    • jamie says:

      I agree with everyone who thinks this story is total bs. Could this girl be doing more? Sure. Could she be handling the position a lot worse? Oh heck ya. I imagine the Queen is thrilled to have someone who is not a complete embarrassment. Nobody is perfect.

    • Zvonk says:

      Exactly. The last thing the Queen wants, is another Diana. Diana overshadowed Charles, and it peeved off all the royals. Kate is allowed to do events that other royals are also attending. Under no circumstances do they want her doing event on her own. Not yet at least.

      • Addison says:

        Zvonk — Completely agree with you. I know there are many complainers out there about how little she does. NO ONE wants her to outshine the royal family like Diana did. The family learned that. Chuck was jealous that Di was more popular. Kate is being held back by the “Firm” on purpose. Besides she (Kate) unlike Diana will not be Queen until after Charles dies. Diana would have been Queen once Queen Elizabeth died. Charles and Camilla do more work than the other royals because they are up next. Once Chuck and Cam are on top Kate and William will see an increase in their duties NOT BEFORE! So stop it already people!

      • Snappyfish says:

        Well said Addison!! I’m sick of all the Dutchess hate.

  5. HoustonGrl says:

    “…Though Kate has appeared at dozens of charity events…”

    Um, we’re talking about more than one year. Roughly 400 days. So I really don’t think they can use 35 charity “events” in her defense.

    • Em says:

      Last time I looked a year was 365days you just added 5weeks, but I doubt kate could tell the difference.

      In 10mths Kate has officially appeared 35 times, that means she only pops her head over the wall for a few hours 3 times a month. The rest of the working Royals often do 3 engagements in one day.

  6. badrockandroll says:

    Stuff and nonsense … I thought that kate was being criticized for her high street clothes, not for her expensive one. I hardly believe that the Queen, who must view the whole Diana debacle as a low point in her professional and family life, is comparing Kate to Diana in an unfavourable way. I think that everyone associated with the firm believes that the high demands made on Diana right out of the gate were a serious error.

    And being married to Phillip for all these years must mean that the Queen has a very high tolerance for inappropriate conduct. And being the mother of Andrew must mean that she has a high tolerance for stupidity.

    • Jenna says:

      Yeah… I have to admit, the second a paper starts saying the Queen is openly and loudly bemoaning the loss of Di’s work ethic – you have to know it’s a farce.

      Seriously. We’re supposed to buy that she suddenly loved and respected Princess Diana? They loathed each other. Makes me think the much more likely truth is the Queen is thrilled to finally have a quiet, biddable, obedient, and most important UNIMPORTANT little girl sitting in the corner, just happy to be allowed tea with the grownups as her backup royal breeding program.

      • Liz says:

        Actually, the Queen was quite fond of Diana, especially during the early years of Diana’s marriage of Prince Charles. There are letters back and forth from the two of them that are friendly, and if you just compare the reaction of HM the Queen to Diana on her wedding day (The Queen smiles lovingly at her) to how the Queen reacted to Kate on her wedding day (Grimaces and hardly acknowledges her), it’s quite apparent the Queen liked Diana a whole lot more.

      • JulieM says:

        Thank you, Liz. The Queen was actually quite fond of Diana until the Wales marriage went into the crapper.

      • maemay says:

        Actually she was fond of Diana until the Martin Bashir interview.

  7. kit says:

    I call BS on this one, total BS.
    Its from In Touch, they are about as reliable as the Enquirer.

  8. Molly says:

    I don’t think the Queen really cares, so long as Kate’s hooha doesn’t show up on the internet and she doesn’t go clubbing anymore.

  9. ladybert62 says:

    Oh please – like the Queen had a real job before she became Queen?

    Leave kate alone – at least she is not camilla.

    The only legitimate complaint the Queen can have (in my opinion) about Kate is that there is no little willie running around – now that is what her job is and she seems to be lagging behind on that duty.

    • sm255 says:

      HEY. Queen Elizabeth actually did have something to do – and that was during WWII, where she joined the women’s auxiliary service and was trained as a mechanic to help out.

      That’s what I call a monarch takin’ action!

      • ladybert62 says:

        Say what? I never heard of this – will have to look it up. If so, kudos to her and I take back my comment.

      • JulieM says:

        Yes, it’s true. The Queen trained as an auto mechanic to help out during the war.

        Also remember, The Queen was brought up in an entirely different society than exists today. She and her sister were home schooled, and were not able to interact with other children their ages. They were protected princesses. Kate , on the other hand, is a university graduate who decided to sit on her *** and wait for William to get around to marrying her.

    • molly says:

      I think you will find the Queen has no cause to complain about there being no “little willies” because she is the one that has ORDERED no babies until after MY JUBILEE.

  10. BK says:

    So new and already under attack. How could anybody possibly succeed when under such intense scrutiny? Every single thing this young lady does is picked apart, piece by piece, and I think it’s pretty sad, really.

    This world still has a “Build Them Up and Tear Them Down” mentality, and she might end up being a victim of that process.

    I sort of wonder if she and her husband should just sort of step back from the whole thing and decide they will remain private citizens, not becoming the public face of the monarchy.

    That’d teach those silly critics 🙂

    • Jean says:

      You are lovely to be kind to Kate but I think she is a tough cookie that would never give up her dreams of being Queen – just like Camilla no wonder they are in a ‘love in’ two b****** together! She’s been a good actress at trying to be Diana but sadly she is no such a really kind person, which I think Queen E actually is despite making mistakes due to what she considered as dutiful. I think the public expect Royals to be Royal – not like the two waiting to step into shoes they will never fit – Pity Anne couldn’t take over – much more genuinely dedicated.

    • Anne says:


    • Anne says:

      Sure, and then the British public can stop paying them money or let them stay at the palaces. Give the commonwealth another reason to abolish the monarchy, why don’t you?

  11. Letty says:

    omg – tabloids stirring trouble. It is nice to see the 3 generations of women together and happy. Each are admirable in their own way.

    • Jackie says:

      admirable??? how on earth are camilla and kate admirable?

      I will let the queen slide because at least she seems to work, if you call cutting ribbons and giving a few speeches work.

      • JulieM says:

        Actually, Camilla is quite active in her duties. She and Charles are out and about all the time. It’s Kate who doesn’t do much.

        The Queen is remarkable for an 85 year old woman.

  12. anya says:

    I really annoys me that this woman is set up as any kind of role model. She has hair and she wears clothes- that’s ALL she has going for her.

    I find the press obsession with her really sexist- she’s a trophy wife, end of story.

    Vapidity personified.

    • The Original Mia says:

      Yep. I agree. She’s vain, vapid and empty-headed. Perfect princess material, except this is 2012 & people expected the modern monarchy to actually have a modern Queen. Waity Katie/Duchess Dolittle ain’t that modern Queen to be. She’s a kept woman. Plain and simple.

      Who doesn’t know how to make a cup of tea?! Hot water, tea bag, steep…it’s not nuclear physics.

    • GoodCapon says:

      Preach it sister! 😉

  13. spinner says:

    sniff sniff..I call bullshit. The Queen hated Diana. Also, the Royals do not release information like this, especially to publications such as In Touch. If the Queen disapproved of Kate so much, she never would have given her permission for Will to marry her. Geez!!

  14. Helvetica says:

    Kate doesn’t know how to make a cup of tea ?
    Oh lawd

    • Hmmm says:

      Astounding. Perhaps Duchess Dimwit thinks that it shows off her status- there’s always a slave someone else to do the “common” work. Or she thinks it brings her down to the level of a commoner so they can share a moment. Dimwit.

    • Em says:

      Total BS on the ‘can’t make a cup of tea nonsense’ it’s been well documented that Kate can cook, she does the cooking in Anglesey, William’s favourite is steak and kidney pie which she makes from scratch pastry and all.

    • Kate #2 says:

      I think it’s pretty obvious she was making friendly, polite conversation off the cuff with some nervous employees. They sell tea, so she asked them to show her how to make the perfect pot using loose tea leaves because it was just something to say. I think that because she’s someone with the leisure, money and seemingly interest in good food, and that would include tea, so I don’t think she was actually being truthful, merely polite.

      But having said that, you’d be amazed how many British people have never made tea with leaves and have only ever used bags. I hate teabags because you can taste the damp paper, and the tea is really low quality as well, but hardly anyone buys the loose kind. I think the US are far more fussy about their tea because it’s not such a staple. About half the UK population get almost all their daily water from tea, believe it or not! So I suppose it’s not surprising they use bags for convenience.

  15. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Patience is a virtue….. bwahahaha I feel like she’s always on vacation!

  16. dorothy says:

    Well the Queen didn’t like Diana either and she was involved in everything! That’s just one mother-in-law that no woman would want.

  17. benny says:

    She’s the doormat they wanted in Diana but didn’t get. I guess they didn’t anticipate what a dullard a doormat can be.

    I believe the stories, because just looking at Kate’s eating disorder makes me think she isn’t happy and at peace inside. And it seemed to start at the engagement.

    Maybe Kate is trying to hold on until the Queen dies, then unpopular Charles will push William and Kate as the “savior” of the monarchy and Kate will get more respect. Respect for being a doormat — I mean, for being skinny, liking to wear nice clothes, and playing with her hair.

    • bluhare says:

      Charles won’t push them forward at all. He’ll be too busy being King.

      • Jill says:

        There’s a possibility he might never be king. He’s already over sixty and could die before his mother does. Then William would succeed directly.

  18. Catherine says:

    I don’t beleive this. The Queen is very careful in what she says to anyone. And I also think they are not throwing Catherine to the wolves of the media right away because they don’t want another Diana episode. I also believe that the Queen does like her, she always kept quiet and never caused any issue for the Royal Family even when they broke up before they were married and I think that was respected. She also seems to handle the stress fairly well of being under the microscope. Just my opinion.

    • ladybert62 says:

      Hi Catherine – I am with you! Your comment makes a lot of sense. Thanks

    • P.J. says:

      I’ve read that the Queen wants William to have a happy marriage, more than anything, and that is her No. 1 priority. Charles’s divorce almost brought down the monarchy! I don’t remember Camilla picking up royal duties all that fast either.

    • MoMo says:

      I agree. If the Queen wanted Kate or anyone in her family to do anything, she could order or request them to do it. They would pretty much have to comply, since she’s their boss. She has the final word on everything and they have to ask her permission for doing certain stuff. If she wanted Kate to ‘do more’ she need only give the word and it would happen presto. Yes I think Kate sounds/acts vapid and clueless, but I also believe she does everything she’s told, and only what she’s told. She’s not independently minded enough to do otherwise. If people in Britain love her, and are happy with her, and she’s not getting trashed in the tabloids, then she’s pretty much doing the job right- Even if she seems to be doing nothing. “I like chocolate. All girls do. This is my puppy Culo. Here is a picture of a red snail I painted.” Lol. I still think she has an intellectual disability so I won’t rip on her too badly.

      • MoMo says:

        Sorry the dog’s name is Lupo. Apparently culo is Spanish for butt. I’m really bad at names lately.

        But yeah, Kate isn’t a role model, except maybe for people who want to marry into the British royal family. Also she might act the way she does because it’s how William wants her to act (Stepford geisha) as other commenters have pointed out.

      • nobodystan says:

        That video was the first time I’ve heard either of them speak, so I can’t jump on the vapid/intellectual disability train just yet. But yeah, she seems…something, lol. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to fear. I mean, if I had been ridiculed as “Waity Katie”, a “Wisteria sister”, and now all these other things for going on a DECADE, I’d be hesitant to speak as well. But what do I know, I don’t really follow them, so I could be wrong.

        “Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, thinks Kate is rather dull. And lazy. And dumb. And vain.”
        OUCH! Don’t buy this. QE doesn’t seem like the type to let something like this slip from her tight ship even if she does feel this way.

  19. Elena says:

    It’s obvious Kate never wanted any of this. She just wanted her prince. But the man comes with the job, and these “taking it slow” explanations can only be valid for so long.

  20. Kate says:

    Not buying this at all. Among the reasons why they hated Diana was because she totally overshadowed Charles and the rest of them right out of the gate. Then Diana got savvy and really stuck it to them. I’m guessing that Kate not being “out there” enough is (a) by design and (b) perfectly fine with them. We’ll see how it all plays out with the Olympics, but my guess is that it will be a package deal — William, Kate and Harry — Kate won’t be on her own for a long long time.

  21. Ell says:

    What a load of BS. So disrespectful to the Queen too to print such lies.

    I love the smile the Queen gave to Kate when her and Willian knelt in front of her majesty on their way out of Westminster after they took their vows, very warm.

  22. Luise says:

    So our queen thinks that the Duchess is dull, lazy, and vain. She should have warned her grandson about this before he popped the question. Everyone knows what happens if you are saddled with someone like that. Big Mistake.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      Long before the wedding, stories would come out in the British press that the Queen thought Waity was an unsuitable match, that she was lazy and that William should move on. Charles even wanted someone else for William.

      There’s a reason William told her about it right before it was announced and not sooner, no? The Queen of all people should have been right up there with Charles, if not the first on the contact list. Face it she dictates her families’ lives. Is it fair? No but they can choose to abdicate if they want a life that is wholly their own.

  23. Linney says:

    Besides the fact that this is made up tripe, am I to understand that the Queen living off her minions is fine and dandy but Kate doing it, which is no surprise to anyone, is unforgivable? Just want to make sure I understand completely.

    • JulieM says:

      The Queen is Head of State and has been on the throne for 60 years, “working” alot harder that Kate ever will.

  24. Reece says:

    Hold up. The tea thing means she makes it too strong or too weak right? I mean how can you not know how to make tea?

    • Seagulls says:

      If we’re talking loose leaf, I can’t say I’d do a very good job. Does it go in the pot? Do you use a kettle, I’m assuming? I’m not Englsh, so I’m perfectly happy with tea made with bags.

      • LAK says:

        you put the tea leaves in the tea pot, add hot water, stand for a few minutes to allow the tea leaves to brew/stew to desired strength.

        Then you pour into cup. Don’t forget the tea sieve over the cup to catch the leaves.

        If its too strong, add hot water to tea in cup, never to pot.

        Of course, you cuould just save yourself the bother and simply use tea bags.

  25. Maria says:

    crazy.. the Queen was Diana’s mom-in-law…she is NOT Kate’s mom-in-law…

  26. Chatcat says:

    The Queen needs something to bitch about and Kate is the latest/greatest target. Really how many people (men or women) would work if they could be solely supported by their spouse? She is not Diana nor I would hope would any Brit’s want her to be. What are Ang and Brad doing this weekend?

    • flan says:

      You must be mad if you don’t work when able and live off your spouse in these days. Yeah, housewives make their own choices yadda yadda.

      And then they are suddenly very surprised when the guy wants a divorce and a younger woman he met at work (because that NEVER happens) and they are left with kids and no career skills.

      Who are you going to live off then? The ex? The state?

      No pride at all.

  27. P.J. says:

    Here’s 3 good reasons why Kate is not a full-time royal:

    (1) William is not yet a full-time royal. It would look bad for Kate to usurp her husband by spending all her time in the public eye without him. Kate should not go full-time till William does.

    (2) William (and no doubt the Queen too) want Kate to slowly move into her royal role in order to ease the transition from commoner to princess. They are trying to avoid the problems Diana faced adjusting to life as a royal.

    (3) Logistics: they live in northern Wales, hundreds of miles from London. Should Kate leave her new husband alone in Anglesey to run off doing royal engagements? That’s not a good idea.

    • maemay says:

      Thank you!! She wants to be a wife for now and just be married. She is not going to spend the majority of her time away from her husband. I think women just want her to be as unhappy and stressed as they are….cut your hair, wear dresses at your knees, stop smiling!!??…never take advice from another woman.

    • Sachi says:

      But that’s the problem, isn’t it? William doesn’t want to be a full time royal until well into his mid-30s, probably 40s. He’s said so already: he wants to stay at the RAF for several more years.

      Until he does, Kate will do nothing but show up for one or two charities, stay for one hour, and then leave…all the while wearing new coats, dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. that over time, accumulate to tens of thousands of dollars in expenses for doing bare minimum of a royal’s job. These royals are already leeches on the taxpayers’ money and are only here because of the public’s goodwill. The least they can do is to actually assume some responsibility and act like they’re serious about their ‘jobs’.

      William is reluctant to step into his role as the heir’s heir. And he most likely doesn’t want Kate to be more than what she is now. I’ve always had the inkling that William wants Kate to be at his beck and call, to be a Stepford wife and cater only to him and his needs.

      Kate does fairly well without him. In fact, she seems better at it when William is not around and she doesn’t have to please him and follow his cues. When she’s out on her own, she can do whatever she wants, and if she is motivated enough, she can carve her own profile and agenda. But with William around, he takes the lead, and she looks like a lost little girl. I still remember that video of them visiting a hospital, and Kate pulled the curtain to reveal a plaque engraved with the hospital’s name.

      Right after pulling the curtain, she turned to William with a look of yearning, her face said it all with a, “See? I did well! Yay! Are you happy?” smile, like a child who just learned how to tie her shoelaces and is seeking approval from an adult.

      William is like his father, they’re both spoiled. But unlike Charles who has an incredible work ethic and dedication, William wants to have fun well into adulthood and shirk his royal responsibilities. He’s doing minimum royal duties now. Harry does more royal duties than William, and Harry is also in the military.

      As long as William is lazy about his royal duties, Kate with her absent work ethic, will be just as lazy, too.

      And oh, forget about Kate becoming another Diana. I don’t know why anyone else worries. Kate will never be like Diana even if she tried. She doesn’t have Diana’s charisma, charm, and genuine warmth and sincerity. Kate almost always looks bored out of her mind when talking/listening to others. She doesn’t care. She’s just there to pose and smile, and show off new clothes.

      • maemay says:

        So your definition of lazy is a man who is part of a rescue team?

      • Alti says:

        yes, Will is part of a rescue team and (when he works) he does well. He is just a lazy “royal”, his army-career is just a plea. So he is free from the daily royal job: smile, handshake etc. He don´t want to be a “real working” royal. In every interview he says: “I´m not ready!” But, let´s face it, he is 30 years old, when will he be ready? It´s sad, but he is neither a full-time royal nor a “real” full-time helicopter-pilot.

      • maemay says:

        So you want him to give up the military and just go around shaking hands and cutting ribbons? He seems to have a balance between doing meaningful work as a rescue and search team and then this summer he will resume his royal duties. I’m not sure what the problem is?

      • Umlaut says:

        Whether you love them or hate them, the royals aren’t leeches on the taxpayers. It costs 40 million pounds to maintain the family, but Britain gains 260 million pounds a year from their properties…plus all the tourist dollars that come with having a royal family. It’s actually an excellent deal for the UK.

      • Alti says:

        “So you want him to give up the military and just go around shaking hands and cutting ribbons?…” You´re funny. That´s not what I want, it´s HIS destiny!

      • molly says:


      • LAK says:

        @PJ etc – Here are some facts:

        1- Harry is also in the military, and yet he manages more ‘Royal’ duties than William

        2- William is allowed to keep his civilian job if he does not/can not/ will not take on ‘Royal’ duties. He has said in countless interviews that he is not ready to do so, and has now applied to extend his civilian activities further than the planned 2013 which would have made him a full time royal.

        3-It’s a myth that Kate lives in Anglesea these days. I have a sister who lives very close to kensington Palace, and Kate is sighted regularly on Kensington High street [this is the main high street right next to the Palace]more often than she is seen in Anglesea. And by that i mean during the week. Perhaps she lived in Anglesea more prior to the engagement, she certainly wasn’t seen around london much after they re-united and moved in together, but since the wedding and the move to KP, she is always in London.

      • badrockandroll says:

        Saachi: what is the role of the heir’s heir? Charles was just an infant when his mother became Queen, so he was an heir, not an heir’s heir. I think that Elizabeth was in more or less the same position when her uncle abdicated and her father was made king. Queen Victoria lived forever, and her son was quite old when he became monarch. While being an heir’s heir, William (Elizabeth’s grandfather) was a sailor, with a bit of balcony duty, waving and all. This whole ribbon cutting and patronage of charities etc is a relatively new phenom for the british royal family, and William appears to be following his great great grandfather, the last heir’s heir, to a tee.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        @LAK, yep, as we’ve said before, she isn’t in Wales. She’s at KP in their suite of rooms. She’s seen on KenHigh St and Sloan.
        How can you NOT know how to make tea? Totally false. I think every Brit knows how to make tea.

        BTW, am NOT missing the weather. CA has been gorgeous. No more need to kit up.

        This is the first time she looks like she has a weave in to me. I can almost see how her hair is unnaturally thick at the top.

      • LAK says:

        @Kate #2 – The Duchess has spent the majority of her year since the wedding in London. This isn’t rumour or speculation, she is regularly seen near KP. During the week, irrespective of William’s movements.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      Oh Waity fangirl just like your idol you’re not too bright. Waity is pictured in London during the week pretty much weekly for the past few weeks, she no longer lives in Wales. She spends more time at KP then she does in Anglesy.

      • maemay says:

        You spend alot of time monitoring Catherine.

      • Kate #2 says:

        William’s in the Falklands. Why on earth would she be sitting alone in a farmhouse in Wales while he’s away? That doesn’t mean she isn’t there usually.

        I also see no need to be so unpleasant to someone who holds a different opinion to you. That’s the other poster’s right. Your comments were pretty classless. Fair enough to slate a celebrity, but another poster is a bit much.

  28. irishserra says:

    So which is it? One moment she’s wearing cheap pauper clothes and the next, she’s being criticized for spending too much money.

    However, I will say that watching her in that video was extremely awkward. She really does appear to know/care very little for the cause for which she and Will are making the appearance. Perhaps she’s just nervous, but I can’t imagine that if you were speaking about such horrendous atrocities that you wouldn’t be a bit more passionate.

  29. eileen says:

    I can’t concentrate on anything after I read Kate spends so much time on her “famous hairstyle” that everyone is copying….??? eh? Where is the style exactly? Its one length with no style. What takes 5 hours to do to that? Do they have 5 virgins delicately blowing on it until dry while curling it with their fingers??

  30. Sunny says:

    Oh right, In Touch is so believable that they’ve had Kate pregnant prior to the wedding, during the wedding, after the wedding and then after the wedding again but that time with TWINS. If anyone literally believes In Touch Weekly would have a scoop on anything, you are the one that’s vapid and daft.

    Pure garbage. Kate not doing a ton of engagements is purely by design. In addition, she and William are not on the civil list therefore they are not receiving a check from the taxpayer(who by the way only pays 60 pence for the royal family) and they’re PART TIME royals. In a hereditary monarchy you can’t just leap frog people because the public doesn’t know what you’re doing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Queen and DOE are not stepping aside anytime soon and neither is Prince Charles, it’s all a part of the family’s plans.

  31. Jill says:

    Her Royal Snootiness is a trip. Let Kate morph into Diana and see how she likes that.

  32. melmel says:

    Prince Harry`s ex girlfriend Chelsey might have been a party girl and a bit lushy but she is a hundred times smarter than Kate. She is a lawyer and did not want to live her life in a fish bowl. I think the Queen is a hard worker and she expects others to be as well and seh is right. After all Royals need to earn their keep.

  33. eny says:

    Yes, Queen seems such a lovley old lady devoted to her country,BUT don’t forget that this is a woman who has never spent a quality time with any of her children.
    She is a good Queen but was a terrible mother. She was always intrested only in her job and duty.

    • Jill says:

      That’s how she was raised.

      • sm255 says:


        Plus, you thought she was a bad mother? Take a look at the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria (Marie Antoinette’s mom). Queen Elizabeth II’s opposite in this case could be Queen Victoria, though.

  34. Anna says:

    I agree with the vapid,lazy part. But sticking around for the man you love sometimes is the only thing to do. I had to do that. If it wasn’t for me waiting and fighting for our relationship, my boyfriend would have been long gone. We are now about to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

    Kate and Willy seem truly in love. And love trumps all. But then again I am a hopeless romantic.

    • Vee says:

      aww…i agree with u anna, im a romantic, too, and personally, the Prince of England would be good enough for me to wait around for…i guess everyone else has done better! as for Katie being lazy, believe me, i’d be even lazier, i dread pulling on pantyhose, i’d just stay in bed till Prince came home so he could bring me tea. Serves him right making me wait all that time, jerk. who got the last laugh!

    • Vee says:

      aww…i agree with u anna, im a romantic, too, and personally, the Prince of England would be good enough for me to wait around for…i guess everyone else has done better! as for Katie being lazy, believe me, i’d be even lazier, i dread pulling on pantyhose, i’d just stay in bed till Prince came home so he could bring me tea. Serves him right making me wait all that time!

  35. Tazina says:

    I wonder if Kate is having trouble getting pregnant. Isn’t that what she’s there for, to continue the line? Otherwise, she’s pretty useless if all she does is show up at charity events and primp her hair.

  36. wunder says:

    A woman NEEDS to be vapid to marry into the royal family!

    I thought it was a requirement.

    • Sachi says:


      Many future Queens are well-educated and had real careers before marrying Princes.

      Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was a bank executive specializing in microfinance.

      Princess Letizia of Spain was an award-winning journalist who covered the 2000 US Elections, 9/11, and the Iraq War.

      Princess Mathilde of Belgium was a speech pathologist who had her own practice.

      Princess Masako of Japan worked for the Japan Ministry of Affairs and was educated in Harvard and Oxford.

      All these princesses/future Queens/Empress have achieved a lot before they turned 30. They were all independent and carved their own profiles before marrying into royalty.

      They make Kate look empty, vapid, and useless. Someone who has done nothing by the time she’s 30 years old.

      If Kate’s fans think she’s so classy because she wears nice clothes and have pretty hair, then these other Princesses must be goddesses since they actually did something of merit and contributed to society well before being required to do their job as royals.

      • maemay says:

        Princess Mette-Marie of Norway was a single mother with a druggie baby daddy and more than likely used drugs als… does’nt matter what they did, it is who they become.

      • JulieM says:

        That’s right maemay, she made a mistake. A big one. But she sure learned from her mistakes and turned her life around. I love redemption stories.

        Kate is a stick person.

      • maemay says:

        So Kate is a stick person NOW, while Mette Marie after ten years a royal proved herself. Do we even know what Kate will do in ten years a royal?

      • Kate #2 says:

        Maximilia was incredibly controversial because her father was a member of a fascist junta. Mette-Marit has been covered. I agree both have done beautifully in their roles, but let’s not pretend there were no concerns beforehand. Princess Letizia did train as a journalist, but she worked as a television news anchor, not a journalist, for almost all her career so she did not cover those stories in the sense you imply; she read an autocue on air. She was also a divorcee which was a huge deal in Catholic Spain. I don’t know anything about what sort of job she’s done since as they aren’t really covered in the media over here very much.

        And Crown Princess Masako was indeed an incredibly accomplished, well educated and erudite young woman. Unfortunately she’s been a severely depressed recluse almost from the beginning and performs almost no imperial duties.

        All in all, I don’t think that’s the best set of examples. And while Kate could certainly do more, I’m pretty sure that her schedule and plans are being directed by the Palace and this is how they’ve decided to go.

        Frankly I’m more bothered by the fact that she looks dangerously emaciated and it’s being brushed under the carpet, to be honest. Very few women are that slim naturally and photos of her in her late teens and early twenties make it rather clear she is not one of them. I’m no expert on eating disorders but she doesn’t look well.

  37. pita says:

    In Touch is just furious at Kate for NOT being pregnant as they reported she was. As for Kate and her usefulness, the royals ought to kiss her little patootie for bringing some life into their dull and stuffy image. And as for that hideous Camilla, why does she always look like she’s been goosed? I cannot stand the sight of that tramp.

  38. Hmmm says:

    I think the Queen is a pragmatist. As long as Dolittle is useful and biddable, then she has performed her duty. It’s all about appearances anyway. Noblesse oblige began fading a generation ago; in its place, a blatantly careless gang of wastrels. Dolittle fits in well.

    • Jean says:

      Agree with you – they are no longer necessary – unless they do ‘work’ and the pair of love birds Kate and Cam don’t seem to – they do seem to like taking the piss out of ‘commoners’ though – really thnk they are awful awful people

      Queen E does work that is the difference –

  39. DB says:

    You know what’s dubmber than this totally fabricated story? The fact that there is still a freaking royal family that does not actually rule, but lives off of commoners’ taxes. #archaic

    • sm255 says:

      Even if they don’t have any power, they’re there just for traditional and ceremonial (national) purposes.

    • nobodystan says:

      This is why I’ve never really followed them. I was sad when Diana died because she was AWESOME. Anyone who visited AIDs patients back when we didn’t know exactly what it was, how it was spread, etc. is amazing in my book. I’ll never forget the pictures of her hugging all manner of sick people.

      But yeah, royalty? In 2012? Y’all need to gwon wit that nonsense!

  40. Cathy says:

    After the Queen and Philip got married, he was posted at some out of the way military post for a couple of years before she became queen. For that time, neither one did much “royal work” She played the housewife for a time. She got to have her quiet time with Philip without working to much, so why can’t Kate and William have the same thing.

    • Suz says:

      This comparison is really not valid. The queen has worked her ass off for her country since she was 14 years old – even a quick Google shows how hard she has worked:

      “…In 1940, the 14-year-old Elizabeth made her first radio broadcast during the BBC’s Children’s Hour, addressing other children who had been evacuated from the cities

      In 1943, at the age of 16, Elizabeth undertook her first solo public appearance on a visit to the Grenadier Guards, of which she had been appointed Colonel-in-Chief the previous year. As she approached her 18th birthday, the law was changed so that she could act as one of five Counsellors of State in the event of her father’s incapacity or absence abroad, such as his visit to Italy in July 1944. In February 1945, she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service, as an honorary Second Subaltern with the service number of 230873. She trained as a driver and mechanic, and was promoted to honorary Junior Commander five months later…”

      And that’s just the beginning, all during the war, all before she was 18 freaking years old. It doesn’t even touch on everything she did during her twenties.

      Her two years “off” (and they weren’t really “off”, she was still engaged in some public affairs) were well deserved and don’t compare to the life of comparative leisure that Kate has been able to lead up to and during her marriage.

      And I say this as someone who likes the duchess, and thinks the queen does too. It’s just that their early marriage situations are not remotely comparable.

    • molly says:

      Yes but HM was 21 years old when she was married and less than a year after her wedding, she was already a mother. She became Queen at 25 years old when she had two kids. Times were also different back then. Kate is 30, has a uni degree, and waited 10 years. HM and Philip waited a while but they both worked their asses off during that time.

  41. Christine says:

    I wonder what the private relationship is like between the Queen and Camilla???

    a. can’t stand each other but still attempt to get along

    b. best buddies

    c. something in between

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      I don’t think the Queen likes Camilla much. The Queen changed the order of precedence for private functions to boot Camilla (who should have been the highest female after the Queen, being that she’s married to the heir), down below Princess Ann and Princess Alexandra (the Queen’s cousin). She did not do this (demote) Diana, and she wouldn’t have done it to Camilla if she liked or had any respect for Camilla.

      Like others have said, I’ll bet Camilla is just biding her time, hoping the Queen will kick off soon.

      • Christine says:

        No I mean in private. How do they interact with each other when no one else is around? The demoting of Camilla may have been just for appearances, to please the public.
        The Queen and Camilla may get along really great in private. We just don’t know. And probably will never know unless they are secretly recorded.

      • LAK says:

        Actually, she changed that because both Princess Anne and Princess Alexandra kicked up a fuss and refused to bow, scrape etc for Camilla, and insisted she changed the order.

        Like Diana’s funeral it demonstrates that the Queen can be pressured into stuff she doesn’t like just to keep the peace.

        I don’t think Camilla particularly cares for her position, even though she understands the public function.

        The reason i say this is that Camilla has absolutely stood her ground NOT to give up her private life completely to be Charles doormat, whatever public appearances. She’s kept her own house that she goes to most weekends, and she isn’t always at Sandringham for CHristmas even though all senior Royals have to be there.

        So there is a little of her own space even if she appears the perfect doormat in public.

        BTW: once again it’s a myth that THe queen doesn’t like Camilla. There is photographic evidence of Camilla spending time with the royals as a young lady, right up to the time she was outed by Diana in that Andrew Morton book. The Queen then refused to be seen with her on decorum grounds. All the evidence that has come into the public arena about their relationship has only demonstrated that The Queen is more concerned with duty and public perception. That is why she also doesn’t meet any of her children/grandchildren’s dates until or just before engagement ie it’s serious, not just a passing fling.

        If anyone dislikes Camilla it’s Princess Anne who was in love with Andrew Parker Bowles and was furious to be passed over for Camilla, so given the fuss she kicked up over status, one can speculate that she still holds that grudge.

    • kibbles says:

      I imagine the Queen is wary of most of the women who catch the eye of Charles or her grandsons. Probably just like any mother who is critical when their child dates someone less than perfect but even moreso because the wrong choice could threaten the future of the Royal family. The Queen isn’t stupid. She knows that there are gold diggers and social climbers galore who would love to marry into the family for all the wrong reasons. I think I had read a while back that the Queen did not like Carole Middleton and it took a while for her to accept her. Many people online accused the Queen of being a snob who didn’t want William with a commoner. Who really knows her reasons though? Maybe the Queen had the same doubts most of us here have and knew from the start that Carole and her daughters were nothing more than nouveau riche social climbers. She is probably also unforgiving of the women who have succeeded and have damaged the image of her family in the public eye and that would include Diana, Camilla, and to a lesser extent Kate. The Queen has probably learned how to deal with Camilla and Kate in an appropriate manner after learning from her mistakes with Diana, but I wouldnt be surprised if she disliked both women.

  42. Kimberly says:

    Am I the only person in the world that had access to view the wedding, but chose not to because I don’t give a sh-t.

    It was fucking obvious that despite their prestige in another country, the couple are young and will live a young lifestyle. Kate’s a lazy young person that doesn’t like to put effort into anything? NO WAY!

    lmao . . . like we’ve never seen a lazy pretty girl sponging off a guy? Isn’t Hollywood full of them?

  43. The Other Katherine says:

    This is so silly. The Queen had to put up with Sarah Ferguson for years. FERGIE, FOR GOD’S SAKE. I’m sure Kate is a breeze by comparison.

    • molly says:

      The royal family actually liked Fergie at first, and it wasnt until she got real goofy that they wanted her out. Fergie didnt have issues from the very begining that were this obvious. Before a royal proposes, they MUST ask for the Queens permission, and William didnt. He told her three hours before the announcement when the press had already been called. I dont think she would have allowed it otherwise. I do not think that William even wanted to marry Kate. He just relalized that no other girl was desperate enough to want that royal life as Kate was. He never looks happy with her and he never shows her affection like he did with other girlfriends. They do not look like a newlywed couple.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        Quite right. William wanted many others but Waity was the only one who needed the money and title. All of his other girlfriends had money and/or titles.

        It wasn’t even until the engagment that Charles really got around to Waity. He wanted William to marry Isabella Calthrope.

        Any way the press hounded William into marrying her. There were many times when they broke up and he was painted as the bad guy. When they were together it was all “poor Waity, William is stringing her along”.

        However I think he’s finally coming around. Do I think they’re madly in love? Not by a long shot but maybe they’re good friends. Besides William’s allowed to have affairs, so he only really needs Waity for appearances. And I think she’s fine with that.

      • Jaxx says:

        William gets to have affairs? Did Kate get that memo? I don’t think Kate would tolerate that and I KNOW the public won’t tolerate it. They want their fairy tale, dammit, and William would be run out of town on a rail if he cheats on Kate.

      • Betty says:

        And you personally know when Prince William told his grandmother the Queen about his planned engagement?
        If it had been so awkwardly timed as you say do you really think they would be blabbing about it?
        These are two people famous for being discreet.
        I just love how people “know” things on this site.

    • LAK says:

      Once again, another myth. The Queen liked and still likes Fergie. It’s Prince Philip who once liked, but now dislikes Fergie.

      The Queen defers to Prince Philip in all family matters, so Fergie isn’t allowed to public events and or public rendez-vous, but she is still very much welcome at Windsor to visit with the Queen.

  44. Holly Hobby says:

    Sure now QEII appreciates Diana – after the woman has been dead for more than 10 years. She didn’t exactly sing her praises when she was married to Chuck. She was also not very supportive. However, I guess you gain some perspective when you find out your granddaughter in law is much worse.

  45. Leek says:

    What “hairstyle”?? That is a brunette bore. My hair is as long as hers so I’m not bashing it but it really isn’t a style. She does nothing for me and I don’t think she or her sister are hot stuff like everyone else. They’re pretty girls but that’s pretty much it. They couldn’t compete in a city like New York or Paris.

  46. Alti says:

    “So you want him to give up the military and just go around shaking hands and cutting ribbons?…” You´re funny. That´s not what I want, it´s HIS destiny!

    • maemay says:

      True but the point is he has to wait in line, Prince Charles is next in line. Once Charles becomes king then William’s duties will increase, until that happens he has a chance to live his own life.

      • LAK says:

        you are absolutely right. Except that William agrees to dates, Press releases are put out saying that he will become full time royal at that date, and then when deadline is looming, he asks for extension on grounds that he is not ready yet. Latest example, deadline was 2013, he has now applied for extension.

        The thing is HM is 85, POW is 60+. Charles took up some of HM duties more than 20years ago. I don’t think this is a job that can be learnt in a conventional sense. It is very much dive in at the deep end and see how you swim or sink. He can be in the military until he retires at 65, it still will not make him ready.

      • Diana says:

        @meamay: why do you bully everyone who doesn’t like Kate?

  47. Holden says:

    I’d hit it.

  48. Romeo Montague says:

    Nonsense, Kate’s work is to do the princess. She have to learn to do the Queen one day, that’s his work.

  49. anytime says:

    lolll her question about faberge eggs while being an art history major… lol the middleton sisters… and btw other european princesses hold steady full time jobs and are far more culturally inclined… i guess the brit princes just don’t care anymore so why should their brides am i rite?

  50. MoMo says:

    To be fair though, has Philip done anything since he left the military? (I mean apart from making dumb ass racist remarks). Doesn’t he just go everywhere the Queen goes, walking a few feet behind her?

    • Sachi says:

      Philip is patron of more than 100 charities. At his age, he still does royal duties every week. He’s dedicated all his life as the Queen’s consort and nobody can deny he has worked hard with the duties he’s been given.

      I don’t give a damn about his gaffes. He’s a goof, but I don’t think he’s harmful in the way true, ardent racists live their lives.

  51. JulieM says:

    This story is probably bs but I love it anyway. Her Majesty does not suffer fools.

  52. Karen says:

    The Queen is fierce, if William is happy with Katie she is probably just staying out of it for now…
    As for Lady Diana and the Royal family, she wanted out for a long time. When she was killed with her boyfriend, it was Charles who went and got his ex-wife’s body back to England. How much would that have sucked? She wasn’t a Saint but I admired her work on banning landmines and meeting and touching people with AIDS.

  53. Sumodo1 says:

    Waity seems to have the IQ of George W. Bush!

  54. Anne says:

    BS article. I can’t see the Queen ever wanting someone to be more like Diana.

  55. Lizzie says:

    No woman who birthed two such deficits in the intellectual gene pool as Charles and Andrew needs to be low-rating ANYONE’S IQ.

  56. molly says:

    Thank god!!!!!
    Kate is incredibly lazy. She doesnt do those public events out of the goodness of her heart- she does it because someone has to pratically throw her over their shoulder and carry her out of the house. I can picture their conversations now, Kate: “But I dont want to visit poor helpless children suffering from AIDS…they are so dirty and its going to get all over me!”
    Palace aid: “But you get to wear a new dress!” , Kate: “Oh, ok!”. She is a pathetic vulgar creature.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      ^^^ This

      And the article doesn’t say the Queen wants her to be more like Diana, ie the public adores her. It says she wants her to have Diana’s work ethic.

      Say what you want about Diana personally but her work ethic was hardcore. Kate is and never wil be a Diana. Hell Kate could never even be a Camilla, who actually goes to events every week. This girl is vacant and you can tell she abhors mixing with the plebs. Call her commoner all you’d like but it’s obivous Waity has never thought of herself as a commoner. This one has a high opinion of herself. Hell the affected accent gives it away (her accent is more posh than William’s!)

      • maemay says:

        No Kate will not be Diana, left abandoned and alone without any real support. I’m sure the decision to give Kate more time as a WIFE is because of the failure of Charles and Diana’s marriage and also Sarah and Andrew(Sarah complained about never seeing her husband). They can’t afford another failed marriage, nor can they have Kate going off the deep end like Diana did.

      • Flan says:

        Usually those who feel secure about their class, don’t care about seeing to mix with all kinds of people.

    • Bobby the K says:

      How do you know that?

  57. lo says:

    Oh, leave her alone, ya jealous dipsh*t.

  58. Jaxx says:

    I don’t believe a word of this. If the Queen wanted Kate to be doing more, she would be doing it. More hate thrown at Kate, which is a mystery to me.

    The word from the palace has been that Kate would be eased into things as they did not want a repeat of Diana. They tell Kate when and where so I doubt they would be griping about her following their agenda.

  59. Kim says:

    She is to vain and spends to much money on clothes etc BUT she is young & newly married & getting used to royal life. It would be hard to navigate the whole world looking at you. I do think she puts to much effort onto her appearance in a vain way as did Diana.

    Its funny how this article makes it seems that the Queen liked Diana and her work ethic which I dont think she liked Dianna much at all. Funny though it doesnt say the Queen says Camilla does this or that charity work but instead the Queen mentions Diana? Dont know if Im buying any of this article.

  60. iseepinkelefants says:

    Puh-lease like she wasn’t practicing for those 9 years?

    She’s an empty headed muppet.

    • kibbles says:

      Agree. If I knew that I’d be marrying the future King of England, I would have started “easing my way into royal duties” years before the engagement. I’d probably take elocution lessons, devote time to several charities, and read up on several subjects of interest such as art, poverty, education, etc so I’d seem very well informed when interviewed at charity events. It is not as if she met William two years ago and hasn’t had enough time to adjust. Realistically she’s had a decade. If this is all we are going to hear from her then her popularity will continue to decline. Even though Diana wasn’t particularly bright, she really did try to improve herself both for PR purposes as well as to connect with the public when she gave speeches and interviews. And even though the queen didn’t like Diana, I think she also realizes how hugely popular Diana was with people around the world and what is expected of a young modern woman. I believe that the Queen isn’t very pleased with Kate either.

  61. kittles says:

    I think she spoke beautifully in that video. What more could she say? SO many people who would be watching mainstream news are absolute morons so if she went into detail about all the statistics, all the political, economic and social issues in East Africa ppl still wouldn’t listen. I think she did a good job of emphasising that she wants ppl to give money to charities and that she is there to put the spotlight on the issue that most people don’t even care about.

    • Susannah says:

      Poor Kate, she was just a newbie when she did that unicef video. I would be nervous too. But that was 6 months ago and the best she can do is “I like chocolate”?

  62. anne_000 says:

    It seems to me that the major royals in today’s world are expected to do work for charitable causes as well as work on their own business endeavors. The image of the major royals spending their days doing nothing but pleasing themselves seems to be an older concept.

    I think people expected Kate to be a modern royal. But unfortunately Kate is not intellectually and emotionally up to it, imo. No matter who she married (but of course it would have been someone very well monied), she still would have spent her days doing nothing productive. Her life would have been one of just shopping, going to beauty salons & spas, going out to eat with friends, partying, etc. She and her sister were raised to do little else but find a rich guy to marry and then ‘retire’ to a life of care-free luxury. That’s it.

    I think she had this type of life-style in mind even when considering marrying into a ‘working’ Royal family. I think she figured she could get away with doing as little as possible. And it seems like she’s getting her way.

    So I would be very surprised if she started doing weekly appearances at charitable organizations that didn’t include fancy dress dinners.

    For some reason, I find her vapidity & low level of intellectual curiosity very amusing.

    • maemay says:

      You must have missed the announcement that she is the patron of several charities.

      • anne_000 says:

        @maemay – Yes, I did previously read about the announcement that she is now officially involved with about 4 or 5 organizations.

        Since I have yet to read of her doing appearances at them on a weekly basis, as I said I would be very surprised if she does show up on a weekly schedule esp. if it didn’t involve fancy dress dinners.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Yep maemay. FOUR charities. And she took a year to make up her mind to decide on these four charities. Whoop dee doo!

    • Susannah says:

      Right on Anne. She is not a good choice future queen consort. William should have chosen someone else. Kate would have had a better (easier) life and Britain might have had a true princess.

  63. jferber says:

    I find the whole royal family to be hypocrites. They as good as killed Diana. She was their Jay Gatsby. They stuck together and treated her abominably. I’ve lost all respect for all of them.

  64. Bobby the K says:

    She can’t really say anything relevant because she’ll end up saying something politically controversial.

    And there is no way the palace would let her near a mic without some training in media relations. What to say what not to say etc.

    She’ll get better at it like Diana did.

    So the queen shows up at a pile of events and gets treated well, like a queen, and this is considered work? And if you do a certain amount it’s hard work?
    Doesn’t it cost a lot to drag the royals around like that?

  65. mew says:

    Her family is known for interpreneurship in partying. Pippa was famous at school for partying. Lots of pictures from “old time” Kate are from her partying. Party party party. I wouldn’t find it surprising if she wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, if she really was vain (hair extensions, teeth whitening, constant diets….), and that if she was lazy (what she needs to do but to please her man?). Too bad Queeny, you just have to bully her out too if you hate her.

  66. Um…”women all over Britain copying her famous hairstyle”…..are you freakin’ kidding me? I think not! I had that hair in the late 80s! Surely you jest.

    • Bobby the K says:

      True. It’s like the media hype around pippa’s rear end – as if anybody cared in the first place.

  67. Elgar says:

    Diana was a sad, sad person who constantly needed the validation of others. Her upbringing had a lot to do with that. I don’t envy her. When she married into the Royal Family, she was admired and loved for how she looked (like Kate) and it went to her head. It was the constant validation she needed.

    Much like the new Duchess of Cambridge, Diana wasn’t doing much career-wise, either. She was basically a babysitter (not that that is a bad thing) and happened to marry Charles at a very young age. Would Diana have waited for HIM, playing cat-and-mouse?? Probably. The only difference between Catherine and Diana is that Di had the advantage of being around 30 years earlier, when society looked upon things a little differently. To me, they are the same, but Kate doesn’t do the retarded doe eyed “looker me, I’m so sad” routine.

  68. Shannon says:

    Getting on her for not being more like Princess Diana is messed up. Diana was miserable and lonely, her husband cheated on her, and when she eventually got a divorce she tragically died. Diana was a great person who did wonderful things, but her personal life was not one to aspire to. The stress of her public life didn’t help matters any. We would do well to remember that before throwing Kate under the bus.

  69. Kate #2 says:

    This is actually rather funny.

    The Queen comes from a background where women didn’t work at all. Kate’s generation are the first to have been expected to. One of the interesting things when reading Edith Wharton is that American upper class men were expected to have careers even in the 1870s; if a contemporary Englishman worked for financial reward he was not a gentleman. It’s taking the American attitude to work and translating it to a woman from an era and a class that doesn’t match it. It’s also the case that the Queen took years off when she first married, and so did her mother. I just don’t believe In touch have access to the kinds of contacts that would know this stuff, and if leaks started to happen it wouldn’t originate there.

    I agree she doesn’t do that much, but this story is laughably obviously by someone who reads American blogs/fora. Maybe it sounds like Kaiser because, you know – they read Celebitchy. 😉

    The propaganda is annoying, though, agreed. I remember when they tried to swear blind Charles and Diana were just lovebirds really, and then her ghosted book came out, and then the recording of Charles wanting to be Camilla’s tampon hit the tabloids here. Kind of hard to keep insisting there was no problem after all those revelations.

  70. sam blake says:

    Please, please, tell me why you British keep supporting and sacrificing for these ridiculous “royals” who bleed you to death, and then detest you because you are the “underlings”, as you are referred to by Philip and Charles and others. They don’t care about you or your hardships. I have read many books on these people. They are horrible, horrible, horrible. You need to get the books and read about them. It is the 21st Century. Time to grow up and leave the fairy tales behind.

  71. ViloDeMenus says:

    I wonder if the Queen has enough time left to torment this princess to an emotional breakdown like she and her son did to the last one? I know the Queen is trying to keep the Royals valuable in terms of the people seeing them not as the anachronistic burden they are by being charity shills, but really? Complaining about a girl who is from an obscenely wealthy family who wouldn’t have worked anyway if she didn’t choose to?

    Believe me she was checked out from vagina on up to make sure she was going to pass muster and make babies, that’s her main job to keep the monarchy line going, anything else she chooses to do is a bonus. Funny how the Queen is comparing her to Diana, who she hated so much she thought she could get away with barely acknowledging when Diana died. The more I read about the Queen the more odious she is.

  72. dahlia1947 says:

    I say ‘Give her a break!’ Ok so Diana did that many events. Fine. (But who really knows if it was that many.)

    Anyway, I think she’s still learning and um, there are other princesses and duchesses to look at and examine to see how lazy THEY ARE!

  73. midnightmoon says:

    please. she was hired as a brood mare. that is what royals do. they breed, so they can keep the goods inside the family. all this bullcrap about her ‘working’ is just so much a waste of time. she is waiting until william comes back so she can get pregnant. they should worry more about her eating habits, as she will already be giving birth to a child so inbred it ain’t funny. good lord almighty, leave the girl alone. she chose her career-professional mother to a child who might inherit a throne.

    • marlio says:

      I dont believe William married Kate just to bear his children, as he could have had his choice of many women. He wanted someone who loved and adored him, who would be loyal to him, and be there to offer support to him, as he has been very insecure since Diana died. I believe he truly loves her as she does him and I think they appear to be very happy. I think many of you are just JEALOUS of her and are being vapid, YOURSELF!!! She will do just fine when she gets grounded but she was not born into a royal family and is not used to giving speeches, or visiting charities, except the ones she is interested in. Give the girl a BREAK. Im sure they are holding her back until Williams Faulkland tour is over. William has taken a good look at his parents, aunts and uncles and has learned from them and, as he told his father, “he doesnt intend to MAKE those mistakes”!!! And one isnt dull and shallow who graduates college with honors, she is just shy but gaining confidence!!!

  74. Kyle says:

    What a contradiction. So they complain about her spending money on items but then also expect her to do hundreds-more engagements each with the high cost of security, travel expenses, staff, proper attire befitting a royal?

  75. Melissa says:

    I’m not buying it. HM would never say anything like that to someone likely to spill it, and furthermore she’s probably relieved that Catherine isn’t as dense as Diana.

  76. marlio says:

    Kate wishes to make a good impression on Britains people and the Royal Family and Im sure they arent that easy to get along with, being a commoner, as if they have different blood in them. Not everyone knows everything about art history, even though they have a major in it. The Queen only knows about it because of her age most likely. I never learned about it in school at the secondary or college level but I do believe they havent been made since the early 20th century. Kate is not dull Im sure and she is definitely intelligent or she wouldnt have graduated college with honors. SEems I have never heard camilla say anything at all. The only people in the royal family , people are interested in our Prince WIlliam, Dutchess Catherine, Prince Harry and the Queen. Perhaps some may be interested in Prince Charles. And it is going to Prince William and Catherine to bring this monarchy through the 21st century, although Prince Charles may rule for a short time. I dont think anyone is excited about that, even the Queen these days.

  77. Lorrie says:

    Katie shouldn’t have any “learning curve.” She has been hanging onto Wiliam’s tailcoat for the last 8 years. She should know how the Royal world works by now. If not, she is completely dense.

  78. Britain says:

    The Queen is definitely the a most fascinating person! You gotta love her!

    In case anybody interested, some cool facts about our cool monarq… 🙂

  79. Lulu says:

    Why is everyone surprised? She waited 8years for exactly this. A life of leisure.

  80. marlio says:

    Kate is not a working member of the windsor family yet and they dont expect her to do anything. Beatrice and eugenia arent doing anything either.

  81. Ann says:

    Even if the Queen didn’t utter the words herself, that doesn’t take away from the truth that Kate was a privileged girl who did nothing for a decade after college but shop and get her hair done. Now her “job” is to go to the Olympics and tour the world, which are activities that 99% of people consider dream vacations… all footed by taxpayers mind you. Of course, because watching the Olympics is exhausting, she needs to take a vacation. And, on the rare occasion when it would behoove her to read up on the causes related to the charity events she attends (or read anything at all), it seems that she just can’t be bothered. I mean really… does anybody know what she cares about at all? No, because she has no interests and no passions. All we know about her is that her hair is perfect and her clothes are nice. I don’t care if she likes to get her hair down and wear designers dresses (who the hell wouldn’t), but it appears to me that she has done nothing to deserve such privileges. She’s simply a girl, comes from a well-off family and who thinks she can get by on her looks and a bleached-smile.

  82. Jecca says:

    Kate you LAZY LAZY “BONES” get off your arse!