Lindsay Lohan through the years: the unnatural evolution of her 3.0 face

It’s been clear during Lindsay’s big SNL “comeback” lead-up (we’ll see) that she had a fresh round of fillers and work done to her face. She looks like a chipmunk, and she’s beginning to resemble Janice from the Muppets with her new ridiculously long wig. Kaiser already mentioned Lindsay’s latest nose job and the fact that everyone is noticing that she has too many fillers in her face. So we sort-of already covered this, but I think it was worth its own post for the photos. Radar also has a bunch of quotes from a plastic surgeon about the obvious work Lindsay’s had done, and it’s hilariously bitchy. Particularly the part about how she looks like a chipmunk and how “hard living” has affected her looks. Here’s some of Radar’s report:

Lindsay Lohan claims that she has kissed goodbye to her hard partying habits, but the troubled actress looked far from wholesome and natural on Wednesday night, prompting speculation from an expert that she has substituted an alcohol and drug addiction for a plastic surgery addiction.

“Unfortunately it looks like it,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not treated the 25-year-old star, told in an exclusive interview.

“She appears to have a classic, over-plumped pillow face. Her cheeks look like she’s storing nuts for the winter. I suspect that she’s undergone multiple injections of filler like Sculptra or Restylane,” he explained.

“While these treatments can create a very youthful, natural look, when overdone they can make a person look like a Cabbage Patch Doll.”

It’s not the first time Dr. Youn has commented on the Mean Girls star’s appearance recently. Just last month he voiced concern that she was going overboard with plastic surgery treatments.

“I suspect that hard living combined with some plastic surgery is causing her to look virtually unrecognizable,” he revealed.

“Her lips look plumped and stiff, possibly from injections of Restylane. Her forehead is also excessively smooth, consistent with injections of Botox or Dysport.”

[From Radar]

This is what addiction does to a person, and I’m talking about serious drug addiction, not plastic surgery addiction, although obviously that’s played into this situation. Drugs change someone’s personality and they mess with their appearance. Lindsay’s situation is not as dramatic as “faces of meth,” but there are parallels here.

Remember, this woman is 25! I had to look it up to remind myself, and I’ve been writing about her for years. Holy crap. She looks like she’s at least 40.

2003, Original nose:









January 2012, Yet another nose, fillers, drugs, etc.

2012: even more fillers:

photo credit: PRPhotos, Fame Pictures,

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  1. marlee says:

    To me, this is just sad more than anything else. She was so beautiful back in the day. I loved her auburn hair and freckles. What happened to her freckles, by the way??

    • Marjalane says:

      I agree. I actually said to myself- this is sadly hilarious. You’de think seeing herself with the red hair and healthy face would help her to get herself together, but I guess she’s too far gone to care. What a waste.

      • The Bobster says:

        She looks over 65. That’s what a hard life will do to you.

      • autumndaze says:

        Those earliest two photo transformations of her nose look more like the normal thinning out that many young women experience when they transition from adolescence to adult.

        From there on it looks like the work of Dr. Cocaine.

      • Annie says:

        I agree Marjalane, I think she is just too far gone/out of it to notice or care. She only gets all these cosmetic procedures to hide the evidence of her habit after everyone heckles her over it – and even only got her rotting teeth fixed because Playboy demanded it. Personally I like the picture of her in 2006 with the reddish brown hair best – but these days that color would only highlight how little of her own hair she has left. She still has her freckles, only now they are liver spots.

    • duncecap says:

      She lazered the freckles off, I think. Either or chronicled the process. (I forget which). She definitely did it in a series of treatments but it took less than a year.

    • Elizabeth Rose says:

      I could not agree with you more. It is incredibly sad, so much so that I am getting tired of it. She was such a stunning woman and the combination of red hair and her tan in the younger years was so youthful. Most redheads don’t tan as naturally if they are able to tan at all without burning themselves to death. Anyway, I just feel sick about the slow gradual “burn out” of this once vibrant and youthful flame. I don’t want to see her go the way of Whitney and countless other celebs but her early demise seems an inevitable consequence. Incredibly sad to witness. That is all.

  2. sm255 says:

    Confession Time: I used to utterly HATE this girl when she was in her golden years. Just because she was beautiful, talented and funny and I wasn’t. I was jealous. Everybody loved her to bits. I wished karma on her for a very long time.

    Now I’m scared that it worked and now I hope that she really gets better. Lindsay, I am sorry. Terribly sorry.

    On that note, I miss that pretty red hair of hers.

  3. Relli says:

    Dear gawd that is about the saddest photo montage i have ever seen.

    • Jackie says:

      when you see the pics one after another it really hits home. how terribly sad.

      addiction is an awful disease. i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

      • Carolyn says:

        I hope Lindsay is cleaning up. With you all in noting how sad her situation is. She was gorgeous waay back then. Shocked she’s only 25. I’m 41 and she looks older than me.

      • polk8dot says:

        @ ‘addiction is a terible disease’.

        NO! Addiction IS NOT a DISEASE!!!
        Cancer is a disease. MS, Diabetes, spinal cord damage, HIV/AIDS are all diseases. Addiction is a lazy, entitled a$$hole’s CHOICE, and giving it the ‘disease’ label is purely a fakeout to excuse it for the rest of us.
        Disease happens to you. Addiction you invite and control. Disease leaves you helpless, hopeless, and without a chance to choose that you do not want to be sick anymore, and boom! stop it.
        Addiction you can stop ANY TIME! All you need is some will, some dedication, some backbone, some love of yourself and/or others. All you need is to DECIDE to stop it! Try that with a disease and tell me how you did.
        Think I’m being too harsh? Go to a hospital, talk to a cancer patient going thru chemo, look at someone whose future it is to waste away for the rest of their life, in debilitating pain, with no hope for reprieve. Ask them if they chose to be sick, and if they’d choose to be healthy and stop the illness if only they could.
        Then try telling me that some lazy, spineless, spoiled, entitled assh0le has a disease because they are a drunk, a drug addict, a sex addict, etc.
        Disease is a sentence life passes onto you, addiction is a choice you make!!! Now fricking wake up and make that choice, or go the hell away and stop asking for my sympathy and support, because you’re such a poor, poor soul.
        People with diseases are some of the most selfless human beings on this planet, dedicating their life, their limited time, their dwindling health and strength to still helping others deal with their problems. Adddicts are the the most SELFISH, SELFISH, SELFISH pieces of garbage ever spawned by the human race.
        It is a huge disservice to his country and nation, for all the ‘TV Doctors’ and all those with vested interest and stakes in rehab facilities, etc. to try and excuse the addicts’ behaviors by giving them the excuse of calling their choices a ‘disease’. This takes away any remaining will and hope for working towards geting better, because it removes the ‘human factor’ from the equation, and substitutes it with happenstance or a cosmic joke. Telling an addict his addiction ‘happened to them’ leaves them blameless and therefore removes any possibility of accepting responsibility, which is a first step in trying to heal addiction. Until you acknowledge that you are choosing addiction, each single time you use, over and over again, you will never stop it.
        The culture of victimhood in this country is rampant and getting out of control. Addiction is a disease?? What’s next? Being a ‘survivor of divorce’??? Oh, wait, that already happened…Exactly….

      • some bitch says:


        clearly you have not dealt with addiction firsthand or within your immediate family. If you have, you missed the hard lessons you learn.

        Addiction isn’t a choice and certainly can’t just be “stopped”. I wish we could just choose to “stop” cancer with some hard will and dedication but it’s a DISEASE just like addiction.

        Addiction is a brain disease. Just because it’s not visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

  4. serena says:

    oh my god. it’s inexplicable. what IS that? seriously, i just can’t fathom what is going on here. personally, i see no difference in her nose though. and she needs to go back to red hair.

  5. Mouse says:

    Frightening. She really did have great potential :(

  6. eileen says:

    Oh. Emmm. Gee. Does she think she’s playing Liz Taylor in her 80′s?? She looks GOD awful & in her 40s!!

  7. QQ says:

    Id feel bad if she wasn’t an utter through and through a-hole

    • gab says:

      That’s what I was thinking too. Also, wondered if that was “loaned” jewelry in that header pic and if she felt she deserved to keep it. How did it get so bad so fast? I blame the parents. She was so young.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        WO basically left her to her own devices in H-Wood at the tender age of 16, I believe.

        By 17, she was partying with the Hilton sisters and any number of others, including Wilmer (if I’m not mistaken).

        Leave a “starlet” to her own devices in H-Wood for awhile; party with her (as a lame excuse to “keep an eye on her”); let her do whatever she wants because she’s the sole wage-earner in the family of 6; and this is what happens.

        Then cry to the media (and the bank) whilst making sure to collect your 15% as her “momager.” And be sure to keep your eye on the “prize”: the life insurance policy.

        VIOLA! Linnocent!

      • dena says:

        Geez, Bellaluna. When you say it like that, I actually feel sorry for her. How sad.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        dena, I’m sorry; that wasn’t my intention. :)

        It’s just that when people wonder “how it got so bad, so fast,” I feel the need to point out that it really wasn’t a matter of it getting “so bad, so fast.”

        It was a perfect storm of lazy, selfish, delusional, narcissistic, unhappily married parents; who created a selfish, delusional, narcissistic, unhappy child; then allowed her to do/get away with whatever she wanted, because they were afraid of getting thrown off the teenage money train.

        So WO let Blohan do whatever she wanted, and pretended it was under the guise of offering “parental supervision” while Blohan partied her crack off & slept with a dude who was 6+ years older than she.

        From there, it was all down the delusional, narcissistic hill.

      • Curious says:

        Her parents may be assmasters, but the bitch was full grown when she started circling the drain. This is completely and totally her fault and hers alone.

  8. Linney says:

    Oddly enough, of all the things she’s done, I don’t think her nose looks different at all.

  9. Jules says:

    The old Lindsay I would recognize anywhere. This years model, not art all.

  10. Lenna says:

    The 2004 photo is beautiful, she never should have dyed her hair…but that’s the least of it. Looks like she started messing with her lips as early as 2006…tragic

    • zinjojo says:

      I agree, she looked so great in 2004 and by 2006 it looks like she’s starting to mess with her lips.

      And from 2010 on, the decline in her appearance is really sad. The horrible hair, way overdone lip and cheek fillers, plus her face is so bloated. The other thing that really strikes me though, is how dead her eyes look, especially when compared to her earlier pictures where she looked so vibrant.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I agree about 2006 being the probable first year of lip injections, and she never really looked as pretty and healthy as in the first two pictures, but I think up until 2009 she looked decent. You know, a bit unkempt and unhealthy but NOT rough and, well, unattractive. After that, it all went downhill. I guess she started doing something harder and more dangerous in 2010? Meth? Is she still doing it? Is she mixing up? Why is her body still functioning?

    • mollie says:

      The 2004 picture is so beautiful. What she has done to herself is tragic. Her first step needs to be getting rid of the Victoria Gotti hair-do.

  11. Hypocricy says:

    She was a naturally beautiful girl (hair, eyes, features) who had the advantage of being red headed in a world and industry where there are just a handful of them.

    She was beautiful and looked like noone her generation. There were nothing wrong to change, just everything to pamper and take care of.

    What a waste !

  12. Obvious says:

    God, I forgot how pretty she used to be. this is so depressing. And marlee is right, wth happened to her freckles?????

  13. dorothy says:

    You can really see the wear and tear of her life on her face. If she would change her hair color back to red it would be an immense improvement. Still, she is on the downswing, no doubt.

  14. Eleonor says:

    She was still cute around 2006/7, but the last three years, she got 30 years old.
    Drugs are helluva bad.

  15. Listerino says:

    This is so sad. What a waste of talent and beauty. People may think I’m crazy but I really think if she wasn’t so screwed up she could have made a successful music career. (or movie career for that matter). I don’t understand how anyone can look in the mirror and see that face and think it’s an improvement over her old looks.

    • jwoolman says:

      Movies, yes. Music – no. She decided she was a singer only after she played a role requiring that she pretend to sing. She thought pretending with digital assistance meant she was really a singer, but she isn’t. No sign that she’s ever done the work ever to become one. All you’ve heard is a digital composition loosely based on her voice. Kudos to the engineers…

  16. ladybert62 says:

    Dang, what a difference. And those lips look painful and awful. The wig is ridiculous.

    This girl needs psychological therapy.

    It is shocking to me that this female is only 25? She looks closer to 45.

  17. Emily says:

    She was so pretty before, I don’t understand the need to pump your body full of fillers and botox when you’re so young.

  18. jamie says:

    she went from gorgeous redhead to bleached haired ,puffy faced crackie! very sad . How does she figure she looks better now? she must never look in mirrors!

  19. imabrat says:

    She’s reinventing her face the same as she’s “reinventing” her career. Failure. I used to feel sorry for her but her narcissism makes her very unlikeable.

  20. Nessa says:

    In the 2004-2005 timeframe, she was gorgeous. She didn’t need to do anything to her face. He was beautiful, an unique looking, which set her apart from the other starlets. So many of them are interchangeable these days…

  21. wunder says:

    She obviously CAN’T see herself the way everyone else can!

  22. Incredulous says:

    So she’s appearing on next season of The Walking Dead, then?

  23. Mark says:

    What makes a person unique is the ‘character’ they are born with.
    She had adorable teeth and a unique smile which she traded in for chicklet teeth like everyone else in Hollywood.
    Your smile is what makes you endearing when it’s even a bit wonky, it’s YOU.
    Now, she has degraded everything that she was gifted with and make her likable to the public. She isn’t Lindsay anymore. She is a poor imitation of a smart cute and adequately talented girl who got caught up with the Paris Hiltons of the world and ended up being a poor imitation of them. She shoulda stayed in school and out of the Hollywood clubs. I hope it was worth it.
    Now they are trying to make Jean Dujardin change his smile. THAT’S WHAT GIVES HIM HIS CHARISMA!
    God forbid he should do that.
    I can’t even watch LL anymore. Sad, I used to be a fan.

  24. Maripily says:

    What I see is a heavy drug user using plastic surgery to hide the damage the alcohol and hard core drugs have done to her appearance. I imagine that without the plumpers, fillers, etc, her cheeks would look sunken in, the skin around her mouth and eyes would look dark and drawn, her skin would be either overly greasy or paper thin…she’d look more like a street addict. So, even though she looks awful, she’d probably look ten times worse without the botox, lip injections, etc… because then you’d really be able to see the excessive drinking/drugging. Either way, it’s tragic. Her nose looks like cocaine damage, not like plastic surgery, at least to my untrained eyes.

  25. Jayna says:

    I almost cried at those last four or so photos. She’s only 25. What the F?

    She was once unique. Buxom naturally, sprinkle of freckles, auburn hair. She stood out amongst the pack. She even looked good in the last 2009 photo with blonde hair with her freckles. At least she looked like a young natural girl. She has destroyed what made her a star.

    Why would someone so young want a fat face?

    She didn’t have a nose job.

  26. Amanda G says:

    She was so pretty back in the day! EVERY man I knew had the hots for her healthy body, her freckles, and her amazing red hair. Now? She looks like a below-average porn star. I think it all went wrong when she lost weight and went blonde. I think it’s safe to say that she will never get her career back. Sure, some will throw her a bone (like SNL) but she will end up like Macenzie (sp?) Phillips, Tatum O’Neil and other child star drug addicts with little work.

  27. Shelly says:

    Sad. She still looked like herself in ’09. WTF happened?! The 2004 and 2006 pics have always been my faves of hers. She was so pretty.

  28. Happy21 says:

    She looked adorable in the 2004 photo but you can see her already looking old around the eyes. She would have been what like 17 or 18 there?

    Drugs are horrible. So is too much plastic surgery to soon. I find it so unfortunate that in all of these years she has not had any clarity – she has not realized that she is now a joke, that she is not beautiful, that maybe she is delusional. I would have thought it would happen since then.

  29. birdie says:

    She was so pretty back in the days.. pretty shocking how awful she looks!

  30. G says:

    She looks ill, not just jacked.

  31. BRE says:

    After watching the Oscars this last weekend and seeing SO many actors and actresses with jacked up faces, I truly believe that hollywood has lost touch with what beautiful is anymore. My hope is that the rest of us don’t follow suit and Lindsay’s face isn’t considered what “beautiful” is for future generations

    • hunter says:

      ^^ Agreed.

      I think if I lived in LA I would most certainly have done some crap to my face by now (!!).

      Instead I live in NYC where it is perfectly acceptable to be pale in the winter and maintain your natural face.

      While I DO get Botox & some light fillers, no one would ever guess as my doctor has a light touch & I’m not a moron.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        C’mon now. I’ve lived in LA my whole life until 2 years ago, I’ll be 43 soon and have never touched my face with anything. I haven’t even had a facial in a million years.
        And I couldn’t look as bad as Crackie with the flu, no makeup and having just puked. An insult to 40 yr olds everywhere, she doesn’t even look healthy or normal in any way. That picture progression ends in a coffin. Honestly.
        I don’t think you can blame LA, maybe the entertainment biz, but not LA. I mean, you are in NYC and have had more procedures than most girls I know.

    • Candyland says:

      Girl ain’t it the truth? And most of them were much more pretty before the jackin’.

  32. Neelyo says:

    I predict that within a year she’ll be starring in an ill-conceived reality show about her ‘comeback’ which will resemble Edie Sedgwick’s CIAO! MANHATTAN.

  33. girl says:

    Holy faces of meth! That is incredibly sad.

    My guess, and yes, I am totally talking out of my ass: Any further need for rehab will be explained away as an addiction to prescription medication because of the plastic surgery she’s had done. So naturally it is someone else’s fault and not her own /sarc.

  34. Neelyo says:

    Eek, I didn’t think my comment posted. Double post whoops!

  35. Cathy says:

    As my brother would say, she’s gone to hell in a bucket. Gawd she looks horrible compared to 2003/2004. What a waste.

  36. Skins says:

    Is there an actress in hollywood who looks less like Liz Taylor than crackie?

  37. Nanz says:

    Jesus. She looks like she aged 15 years just between 2010 and 2011. I usually don’t feel sorry for her these days, but the photo line up is kind of heartbreaking. I can almost see the alcohol/drug-induced personality change in the ’05 photo. Sad that in some very important ways she can never go back. I have some regrets from my “active” days, but none that are so obviously permanent. From an empathy standpoint, I kind of do pity her.

    One more thing, I really do get this eerie feeling that we are watching/documenting the end of LL. Unless something drastic happens soon, I really do feel like this is it for her. I sincerely hope not. She may be an a$$hole, but she’s a human a$$hole.

  38. Sonia says:

    She looks like Kate Hudson when she was 9 months pregnant (in the face!)

  39. Boo says:

    The nose clearly seems to get bigger and flatter in the middle in some pics and now seems to have some sort of built up thing on the tip. But the eyes are the most troubling of all–her big, bright blue eyes are now dead and sunken into a puffed up face so that you can’t even see what color they are. And they are cold and dead already.

  40. Elke says:

    She was so pretty with red hair. It really suits her.

  41. the other mel says:

    What a heartbreaking photo montage. I can’t get over how gorgeous she used to be with her red hair and glowing skin. That poor girl. She has her issues but drug addiction is no joke.

    • Original Lucy says:

      agreed…looking at those photos, I felt incredibly sad…if I were her mother I would be doing everything in my power to straighten that girl out…so sad that her family enables her so…Did anyone see that picture of Ali Lohan in the Enquirer this week…she looks like she has lost even more weight…a walking skeleton…this family is amazingly messed up!

  42. Dani says:

    Girl peaked in 2004….when she was 17!!


  43. Buffy says:

    Untill 2005 she really was a cute kid and dare I say, growing into a very pretty young woman. Talent or not, she probably would be quite gorgeous now. It is truly sad and puta it into perspective just what she has done to herself.

  44. Alexis says:

    She actually looks really good in the 2009 photo. The blonde isn’t as severe and she looks sober-ish. It really is a shame what she looks like now. SMH.

  45. Ally says:

    2004 she looked so wholesome. Beautiful smile. That look is coveted now, and she had it, and lost it.

  46. Jackson says:

    Oh well, Linds, 2003 and 2004 aren’t coming back for any of us. The only thing you can do now is go back to red hair and work on your makeup. Oh, and lay off of the face work and drugs. Good luck.

  47. Candyland says:

    Whoa. Girl looks bad from 2005 on. That’s a new one on me.

  48. Holly Hobby says:

    I’m still scratching my head as to why the producers hired her to play Liz. She looks so unhealthy. Liz looks more healthier when she was heavier.

    You can slap a brunet wig on her but that doesn’t make her ET!

    Her sister looks worse. I blame Dinah for turning those girls into cheap looking hos.

  49. Anon73 says:

    it’s interesting to note that 2 naturally pretty girls (Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian) have both ruined their good looks

    Lindsay seems to have ruined it with hard living (IE drug use), followed up by cosmetic procedures to “erase” the wear / tear of drug use on her face. So while she looks bad, I wonder JUST HOW BAD she would look without the plastic surgery patching.

    Kim on the other hand does not have the drug issue, but clearly has some self-image issues that inspired her to get all of her work done. Completely unncessary in Kim K’s case given she was so gorgeous.

    • Annie says:

      I agree, it’s not the plastic/fillers that are ruining her face and body per se, it’s those damn drugs (I suspect mostly methamphetamine and dilaudid, the combo of which would surely melt anyone’s face). I notice she only gets these nip tucks, fake teeth etc after HARD CORE criticism through the media and folks online, as if she’s too far gone to even notice it herself. She only got the new teeth after Hugh Hefner demanded a reshoot! Playboy probably paid for them. Wanna know how she’d look without the botox, fillers, prosthetic teeth, hair weave and the contraceptive pill to prevent acne? Look no further than Faces of Meth – she’d look like any other street addict. These “quick fixes” are probably making her look less frightening than she would otherwise, but I worry will be only be making things worse long term. I think Lindsay was just the cutest thing up until 2009. You would think that for someone whose looks are their source of income that this would be a wakeup call to get their ass to rehab, but I guess addiction really is THAT powerful.

  50. Sara says:

    This is simply amazing. Although she was a beautiful girl, even in 2004 pic when she would have been only 17 years old she has under eye bags and eye wrinkles. Weird.

  51. Tweakspotter says:

    I’ve said it a million times before. When Britney had her meltdown Lindsey was watching all that exposure and said to herself “yeah I want that!”.

  52. Awkward Yellow Balloon says:

    Gosh, she used to be a pretty girl!

  53. G says:

    You can see fillers from 2005 on.

    Shocking how fast she’s deteriorating in her last “sober” year. I think there’s more going on. Wish someone in her life cared enough about her to get her well first and generating income afterwards.

  54. Holden says:

    She has successfully transformed herself into middle aged Liz Taylor! *ducks*

  55. Amanda says:

    cut out the blond. She looks horrible with the blond. It makes her look like a trashy drug attic.

  56. anytime says:

    tbh she never looked that great. her face was always kinda weird. huge forehead, weird features and all. and she always kinda looked smug (and she was). but at least she looked clean!

  57. bagladey says:

    Does she think she looks better now? And does her mother think so too?

  58. mimsy says:

    wow – the white hair looks bad. shes a beautiful girl with darker hair. the white hair makes her look really trashy, kinda like she needs a bath….shame.

  59. Amy says:

    This is so unbelievably sad. I never understood Lindsay’s obsession with dying her hair blond. The red hair made her stand out. She was so beautiful when she was younger. Now after God knows how many procedures… she is turning into Janice Dickinson!

  60. Jane says:

    Very sad. She was a beautiful young woman with a pretty face and eyes. Now, she looks like what Anna Nicole and Marilyn and all those others looked like before they all died. Horrible. and sad.

  61. normades says:

    You didn’t go back far enough. She was already busted in 2004 (and dating Wilmer Fezerrama).

  62. Cat says:

    Wow. That last shot she looks like Courtney Love…

  63. Stephanie says:

    This is so, so sad to me. She was stunning in 2004. It’s hard to believe that is the same girl with the same brainin her head.

  64. Kevin says:

    That girls been shot out ever since she got Fez’d up!

  65. Elizabeth says:

    I can hardly believe she is only 25.

  66. ZenB!tch says:

    She’s been ruining her lips sine 2006. Which one is her natural skin color?

  67. Sam says:

    so you can see her nose job, but doubt whether AJ had one? Hmmmm…ok

  68. Lisa says:

    There once was a time when I was jealous of Lindsay, Britney, and Christina… not anymore! Seriously, none of them have aged well. Hard partying has taken its toll.

    • Sammi says:

      Christina held out the longest and I thought she would make it to being somewhat normal in her 30s but no…she had to mess it all up within the last year. Its sad really…I’m happy I had a normal childhood and lifestyle. I would not want any part of hollywood.

    • Hypocricy says:

      I don’t have respect for her anymore but among all those starlets who came around the same time at the same age, only Beyonce and her Destiny Child colleagues have aged properly.

      And it’s not just because ‘Black don’t crack’…see little Kim…

      Beyonce for all her stupid moves lately has led a very decent peaceful youth, barely partying and stuck in a long term relationship with the same man 13 years her senior when she was still in her teens.

      I think, that relationship with an older man has had the same effect than the one of Megan Fox with her husband. They both had an older type of relationship with older men, which prevented them to waste their youth in dangerepus adventures.

      Britney has been there since she began dating that Jason guy. She is more serene but her previous excesses have had a serious toll on her youth and freshness.

  69. Nix says:

    I have a feeling she’s not going to see 30.

  70. jamminatorr says:

    I don’t know if that’s rhinoplasty or just a collapsing coke nose.

  71. Gizmerelda says:

    Sorry if already been said before but up to 2008 she still looked pretty good, beyond that it is just sad to look at fillers, surgery or just plain hard living – for whatever reason it’s just not good to look at.

  72. Dana says:

    All of the injections and so on can’t hide
    just how dead her eyes are. There was vitality and sparkle in the earlier photos, and now, nothing.

  73. hillbilly in the corner says:

    This is what happens to spoiled narcissist self-center asshole…..and that is what she was at 17 in that first picture and because of her narcissist know it all no body can tell me what to do and what I can’t do..this is what she has turned into …Yes its sad and horrible to see all that natural bueaty wasted..but noboby but Lindsay Lohan did that to her…she’s the one who could have said No and didn’t….She not Dina not Micheal but one person Lindsay Lohan….Yes they spoiled her and had a early impact on her fondation but I have a feeling this girl has never heard the word No or heeded it anyway…Shes know she was in the catbird seat since she was 5 and started modeling…..
    and she is the only one to be blamed……Yes its sad do I feel sorry for her NO.!..

  74. Gia says:

    This chick is the female version of Corey Haim. He also did rediculous videos after he had gotten into drug troubles…trying to convince everyone he was clean ans sober and he was clearly wasted… I give her 10 years. That may sound generous to some, but I think she has a pretty strong constitution for narcotics! The Haim video is called ‘Me, Myself and I’.

  75. Lisa says:

    Everything went downhill after ’08. I’m having a hard time believing she’s only two years older than I am. Most of the hard partying girls I go to school with don’t even look this bad … yet.

    I doubt she’ll see 30, and that’s really sad.

  76. G says:

    Honestly, would it be the worst thing in the world if she just got out show biz and it’s pressures altogether?

  77. Allons - y Allonso says:

    It’s really sad to see her like this. She and I are the same age and it’s horrifying to see what she’s done to herself. The worst bit is that her mother didn’t do a thing to help her! Congrats Dina Lohan, you truly are the real monster in this

  78. annie_grey says:

    No more cheek fillers!

  79. darkladi says:

    Holy crap. I forgot she used to be beautiful.

  80. Dena says:

    She started looking like a reanimated corpse in January!

  81. Spicy says:

    Interesting. Looks a lot like the Evolution face posts I do.

  82. PamelaJudy says:

    I just did a quick Imdb search of actresses the same age. Emmy Rossum, Diana Agron, Amber Heard, Lea Michelle… Just to name a few Lindsay couldn’t even come close to looking the same age as these girls. Sad. Really sad.

  83. Beatriz says:

    I honestly don’t think she has had a nose job, I think her nose is just collapsing from all the cocaine abuse, which also explains the excessive bloating. I read that a lot of addicted celebrities do unnecessary plastic surgery (like lip-fillers), because it’s a good and “easy” way to get drugs, aka painkillers.

  84. tadow says:

    Poor thing. This is really sad.

  85. backwards says:

    I was watching Mean Girls a couple of days ago, I can’t believe this is the same adorable girl

  86. Renee says:

    Not to be rude but are you people BLIND? She very obviously had a nose job tweak. That is either a VERY obvious implant at the tip of her nose, or it was carved in way that it drapes over her bone and youcan clearly see that its tinier, and has amuch more dainty and defined tip. What can I say about her, Yes she was beautiful, but so are a lot of people. She had MANY chances to clean up her act, and she courted a lot of the problems that were brought her way. If I were her I would slowly REMOVE myself from the magnifying glass starting NOW. Get out of showbusiness for good. It no longer suits her…to say the least.

  87. april says:

    so sad. i am 25 too. she looks so young in 03, at 17. beautiful in 2004, at 18, then by age 20 all the vibrancy, youth and natural beauty is just slowly starts to deplete. I just feel bad.she was stunning and stood apart in such a beautiful way..That isnt really something she can get back now. and she needs the red hair, not blonde. she can get better, but she cant go back.

  88. lucky says:

    right! She is like the lady Mickey Rourke!

  89. skuddles says:

    It’s like she’s gone from being a lush rose in bloom… to roadkill.

  90. the original bellaluna says:

    If this photo-montage isn’t a slap in her (ever-changing) face, I don’t know what will be.

    Her crimes haven’t phased her. Her drug/alcohol abuse haven’t phased her. Her “legal troubles” and the court system haven’t phased her. Her lack of a career hasn’t phased her.

    I don’t think Blohan will be the living recipient of a wake-up call.

    • gab says:

      I agree about the wake up call. By the way, how many wake up calls does she think she will get? This really does make Dina Lohan look horrible. Living off of her daughter, pushing the other daughter into the toxic world of modeling when she couldn’t pass the acting test. What have you done, Dina? I hope it was worth it to you. *shiver*

  91. Kiki says:

    Perhaps she’s trying for Liz Taylor’s ‘look’ in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (yikes!)

  92. crtb says:

    She was such a beautiful girl! I liked her most as a red head. Now she looks like she is 20 years older that 25. I hope she can get her life back on track. I think she was once a very talented actress.

  93. Chrissy says:

    She was still lovely in 2004. There was a big change in the 2005 picture. There were alot of small changes, but then more big changes from 2010 to 2012. What a shame, she looks so bizarre now.

  94. aud says:

    She needs sobriety, healthy eating, a gym and a long vacation somewhere sunny and far far away from her family.

  95. Penguin says:

    I always thought her looks were overrated Always thought of her as the chubby, ginger girl from mean girls. Rachel mcadams and Amanda seyfried were much better looking than her in that film.

    • Zooyork says:

      ok me too… and all i could see in freaky friday was chubby legs. i never thought she was that pretty during any time she was a legitmate movie star. Now, comparing what she is now to what she was then, i definately thought she looked wayyyyy better than when she was younger… is it only hindsight that makes her seem so “beautiful” back then?

  96. Shelley says:

    Exactly what Hillbilly and Renee said. She makes choices every morning to continue to glory in living and looking exactly as she wants to. She’s arrogant, entitled, and places the lives of many people at risk every time she drives DUI. This is not a sad, sweet person pulled under by drugs and drink, this is an aggressively nasty person whose minimal talent shown in one movie years ago is still allowing her to ‘skate.’. Remember the “Move that cone! I’m Lindsay Lohan!” night any time you’re inclined to feel sorry for her. This is who she chooses to be, and you damn well not get in her way.

  97. badrockandroll says:

    Has anyone seen the new pics of Lohan that Michael has posted at d-listed? She’s wearing a hoodie and a hat so that none of her luxurious blonde tresses show. Either she is wearing a laughably budget version of a turban a la Liz taylor, or she is going to unveil a new look on SNL…

  98. meme says:

    hohan needs to disappear for a long time. she sounded like an incoherent druggie on the today show. she looks like crap. i think her early film success was a fluke. she’s talentless.

  99. Seymour Butts says:

    The lips look like over-cooked hot dog wieners about to burst, lol. Gah …

  100. Bjd says:

    How old is this girl? She’s got jowls!

  101. Onyx XV says:

    This reminds me of Michael Jackson’s evolution from handsome black man to unrecognizable alabaster monster. LL was a beautiful freckly redhead. She should have owned her unique look and celebrated her beauty instead of destroying it in an effort to look like every other chick in LA. She looks absolutely horrid now. Shame.

  102. jwoolman says:

    Her role models may be actors who manage to work even though using a lot of alcohol and other drugs. But obviously she can’t do that – her body and mind deteriorate too fast. Also she probably never had enough self-discipline to begin with, since we were hearing about problems with her on set way back with Herbie (was she 18?). She had probably been drugging and boozing for at least 2 or 3 years by then, but maybe it took a while to really affect her ability to work. When she’s kept away from the booze and other drugs, she has always looked better, such as when she was in jail for a couple of weeks. Saw the same thing with Paris Hilton, actually- she looked wonderful after 3 weeks in jail. Best spa treatment around, apparently. If she looks better tonight on SNL than in the beginning of the week on GMA and in SNL promos, that could mean she’s sober for the duration. I do think she looked better on Jimmy’s show Thursday, for instance.

  103. sabine says:

    she bleached her skin to get rid of freckles and ended up looking pale and dull. She had some sort of fillers in her face and it’s awful and aging. She had her lips done. The new hairstyle with the heavy bangs makes her face look fat and is totally unflattering. And rugs and alcohol did the rest. It may be too late to turn this around.

  104. Newtsgal says:

    Oh dear god!
    The Cracken is going to sing in the opening of the show tonight…..

  105. Ck says:

    I feel like her parents suffer from munchausen by proxy, to a degree… In addition, her mother is probably encouraging this awful transformation because Lindsey was once a beautiful success that she never was. The kids are monsters. But the parents are getting the attention they crave, too. (none of this is an excuse for lindsays awful personality..)

  106. sarah says:

    This is really sad. And actually she looks like a really rough forty to me. My mom is almost fifty and looks better than that.

  107. Curious says:

    She looks like Bret Michaels now.

  108. anna says:

    That is one f’ed up girl there

  109. OriginalTiffany says:

    WOW! What a cracked out mess this SNL is turning into!
    So, she looks a mess, with saggy tits and a saggy ass in that dancing skit with half her butt hanging out and her picking her shorts out of her crack. She’s READINg the lines off cards and it looks like
    1. NBC called in every prop they have or someone who is promoting something like Hamm and Fallon.
    2. Looks like they have kept her in minimal spacing roles or acting chop skits because she looks wasted and is reading her lines.
    Total crack disaster. Husband got home from work, turned it on and said, Damn she looks different.
    I showed him this post and he could not believe the faces of drugs pictorial.
    crack delusion is flowing! She’s not in many skits.

    • sm255 says:

      The SNL episode was bad, but at this point it wasn’t even her fault: it was the writing that was atrocious as well.

      My god SNL, what happened to you guys??? I thought you were funny…

      Still, I think she actually did decent (not spectacular, but not downright horrible-except with the Jail skit with her wandering eyes, haha. But hey – they did say that the whole SNL cast do work off of cue cards – they just make it look less discrete) with what she had to work with. So I applaud her for trying.

      Btw, I loved how they kept giving her dark colored wigs, as though giving her an anvil-sized hint.

  110. samab says:


  111. Jag says:

    Don’t forget that some said Michael Jackson got so much surgery to be put under and then get painkillers afterward. Perhaps she has the same addiction.

  112. Jenna says:

    Alcohol problem? From the looks of her, I’d say meth…

  113. chris says:

    She is still hot. This is just a bump in the road. A little crack here and there. No big deal. She will be hot again. She likes to party. I love her.

  114. AJ Rich says:

    Her nose change is not the result of a nose job, but of snorting “coke”. I’ve seen this before. The nose changes shapes after a while.

  115. LC25 says:

    God she was so beautiful. Now, I can’t even look at her. It’s so sad. Why would she destroy her face beyond recognition? She was so pretty and natural looking. Now she just looks fake, bloated and ridiculous. Her beauty is completely destroyed, beyond the point of recovery. What’s even more sad is, she’ll probably have more work done until she looks like a poster child for Plastic surgery Don’ts.

  116. emily says:

    she looked her prettiest in 2009. but thats just my opinion.